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Can someone please explain why I should respect women?

It's something I've always wondered because my whole life I've been told to respect women no matter what, but I really can't detect any reason to respect them, as a gender.

Women are not moral beings at all. They're completely amoral & there's no line they won't cross. They have to get their morality from men. This is why fatherless girls tend to be wild, because they don't have a natural moral code to understand objective good & evil. Whereas girls with good fathers tend to be good themselves, because the men taught them morality.

Women are also traitors by nature. They have no sense of tribal loyalty & will always side with whomever is most powerful, even if the powerful one is evil. They will sell their own nation out to an evil nation if the evil nation is more powerful. They will trade up on a good man if the bad man is more powerful.

Women naturally hate things like discipline, honor, dignity, virtue & earned respect, those are all things males naturally value. But women are hedonistic by nature, and love to be degraded & dishonored. They absolutely hate the concept of discipline & see no honor in it.

Women can't truly love others. They can only love themselves & view men & children as disposable assets. Of course individual women deserve respect when they earn it, but I mean as a whole, it doesn't seem like the female half is respect worthy.

Explain if & why I'm wrong & convince me (with logic, not emotion) why women deserve respect by default.

Anonymous, Yahoo! Answers 13 Comments [4/19/2017 12:22:51 AM]
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Mister Spak

"Explain if & why I'm wrong"

Your argument is based on emotion, not logic.

4/19/2017 4:56:01 AM


Who hurt you?

4/19/2017 5:26:39 AM


Because they're sapient beings and all sapient beings deserve a base level of respect? Even with your twisted view, you acknowledge that they are thinking, feeling beings.

What causes someone's view of half of their species to get distorted like this? Fuck's sake, I've been on the receiving end of abuse from that gender and I never thought like this.

Show me where any of these views have any support from actual evidence. Hell, I'll even take statistical trends if you have any legitimately sourced and formulated. But you don't have those, because they don't exist. Your misogyny is on you, not some objective, outside source.

4/19/2017 6:11:38 AM


Women deserve a base level of respect because we are people.

4/19/2017 6:20:18 AM

Rob aka Mediancat

Musicalbookworm: You'll never get these bozos to admit it, though.

4/19/2017 6:32:45 AM


Explain if & why I'm wrong & convince me (with logic, not emotion) why women deserve respect by default.

Because your premise is false.

4/19/2017 7:19:26 AM


Because you get what you give when it comes to relationships? Because no matter what gender you are, a certain level of respect makes interactions easier? But you're clearly an "manosphere" type, most likely an incel, so logical views of women are clearly beyond you. If I had to guess, you lost an argument on this subject, and are looking for ammo for a round two. Or are you a certain Croatian?

4/19/2017 7:20:51 AM

Crimson Lizard

Historically it was the other way around: men viewed women and children as disposable assets. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu risked his life to save his friend Liu Bei's son, Liu Shan. When the rescue was complete, Liu Bei bounced Liu Shan off the ground! Why? Because his friend might have died saving the kid. Wives and children were like clothes; you could always buy replacements. Male friends, on the other hand, were individual people whose lives were irreplaceable.

No one needs to prove anything to you, because you're not using logic; you're just whining. No one needs to dump a load of evidence proving women's humanity at your feet, only for you to sneer and kick it aside. No one needs to waste their time on you at all, since you'll give nothing while demanding everything. In short, no one needs or wants you.

4/19/2017 7:32:29 AM


You're not describing women, you're describing adolescents, of either gender. So I'll assume you are one of them too. When you grow in and meet real women, check back with us.

4/19/2017 7:45:56 AM

Doubting Thomas

Can someone please explain why I should respect women?

You know, if you really have to ask that question, you need serious, serious help.

As an aside, it would appear that incels are infecting Yahoo! Answers now, as every thing this moron said is exactly the same kind of crap you read on /r/incels.

4/19/2017 7:48:34 AM


I'd like to think that it's just a small group of teenage boys/guys in their early 20's, Thomas.

But if "incels" really are becoming that widespread, it is disturbing to think that there are that many men with such a warped mindset.

4/19/2017 10:31:44 AM

The Crimson Ghost

So the Incel Virus is rapidly spreading as well. I find this trend rather disconcerting, although I can't claim surprise. The Incel Virus is just a mutation of the Authoritarian Virus.

I wonder if these poor little vectors have any idea that they're only spreading the infection, like human shaped ticks, by constantly vomiting up nonsense like this & by treating women like crap in reality. I wonder if they have any idea that they make it...difficult at times for women to respect men. This carrier certainly doesn't deserve any respect, or basic courtesy, or even acknowledgement. What he does deserve however, is a swat in the face with a cricket bat.

One last thing-there is no "honor" in discipline. He's a fucking idiot just for stating that the 2 are mutually exclusive.

4/19/2017 12:28:39 PM


I'll answer your question just as soon as you answer mine: How is babby formed? How girl get pregnit? (yahoo answers is automatic poe)

4/24/2017 1:08:48 AM

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