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How females flirt: LOL if we did this we would get shitted on for not even trying.

A friend of mine sent me this article

7 signs a girl likes you:
1) Her Voice Gets Faster And/Or Higher: voice become more high-pitched and quick-paced when she’s talking with you? If so, she’s probably flirting.

2) She Uses Flirtatious Touching: She’ll show her interest with a romantic touch (on your shoulder, middle back or knee).

3) She Gives You More Intense Eye Contact: Intensely holding eye contact is a surprisingly intimate action. So naturally, we seem to hold eye contact longer with people we like.

4) When She Smiles, You See Crow’s Feet.

5) She ‘Flirts’ With Her Body Language: Mimicking and direction of her feet.

6) She Shows You Her Hands.

7) She Talks A Lot.

If any of us did this shit all the normies would accuse us of not trying but when females do it and it doesn't work. They are comforted and assured it's not their fault:

roastie enabler: It's not your fault, men are just too dumb and oblivious to notice obvious flirting.

feminist cuck: Hahaha yeah us men are retarded. When I look back at the obvious signs I missed. I go: D'oh.

No cuck, none of these signs are obvious (seriously who the fuck looks at crow feet or pay attention to the direction of her feet?) This is just ambiguous, plausible deniable bullshit because females are to dumb to directly ask a guy out when its almost guaranteed to work. Also some females do this just to be friendly. Like the old saying goes "one woman's flirting is another's hello" (hint: sub 8 looks it's hello, above it's flirting).

Whatever no woman will do this for us. We'll just get this look. I just wanted to point out the hypocrisy and double standard.

dontcryimalreadydead, /r/incels 7 Comments [4/18/2017 12:53:44 AM]
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Did....did he just think crows feet meant her actual feet and not the eye wrinkles someone makes when they are truly smiling?

4/18/2017 5:06:07 AM

Hu's On First

"Her voice gets faster and/or higher?"

Like Napoleon XIV's?

4/18/2017 5:44:59 AM


Well, I guess I must be a "feminist cuck" because I lost a bunch of weight after I graduated from college and I ran into a former classmate I had been crushing on and she did quite a few of the things on that list.

It didn't hit me until later that, "Holy shit! She was TOTALLY flirting with me!" Unfortunately, because of my low self-esteem and the fact that I was still dealing with trust issues from a relationship that ended badly, I didn't pick up on it.

And what the hell is this dumbass talking about how "None of these signs are obvious"?! If it was anymore obvious, she'd have a sign around her neck that said, "Take me! Take me now!" It may just be that she's counting on the guy to pick up on these signals and be confident enough to ask her out.

And there's good reason that no women will ever have anything to do any of that for you "incel" manbabies; they can pick up on the fact that you're a creep who hates them.

Oh, and please, by all means, continue to call other men "weak"; because someone with a SN that screams, "I'm a wangsty, emotionally-stunted, immature edgelord teenage boy" who identifies as an "incel", amongst the biggest bunch of crybaby professional victims on the Web, is one to talk.

4/18/2017 5:51:21 AM

Doubting Thomas

OK, just ignore the signs and keep whining online about how you can't get laid. That's all you really want to do anyway.

4/18/2017 6:09:48 AM


Stop reading magazine articles for adolescents.

4/18/2017 7:37:38 AM


>Did....did he just think crows feet meant her actual feet and not the eye wrinkles someone makes when they are truly smiling?

These dipshits think that having large or protruding labia is a sign that a woman has lots of sex. does it really surprise you that these manbabies know nothing about biology?

5/9/2017 7:57:50 AM


Here's my other question for that dipshit; if a guy is savvy enough to pick-up on the non-verbal signals and see that the woman is into him which will presumably lead to him spending naked fun time with her, how exactly does that make him a "cuck"?

Oh that's right, he's likely a "beta normie" and his girlfriend/wife will likely regularly "cuck" him with the "Chad" boogeyman/strawman.

5/19/2017 6:52:56 AM

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