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White - White - White Revolution!
Mass murder is the only solution!
Worldwide genocide, death to all the Jews!
Heil! White Pride! White Man Rules!
Israel's on fire, as the Jewish Race falls!
In the name of Hitler, we kill for the Cause!
Kikes make me sick, I hate them to the core!
Wipe out the vermin - More and more!
A people of Mud, a people of lies!
I laugh hard as poor Jew cries!

Piles of Dead Jews - Piles of Dead Jews!

Piles of Dead Jews - Just taking up space!
Hideous creature of a lower race!
Piles of Dead Jews - A White man's bash
Stinkin' rotten filth - Heaps of human trash!

We've got to put an end to this non-white curse
Eradicate the Virus, women and children first!
Jew kids are sick, they resemble rats
Subhuman offspring of a non-human snatch!
Jew cunts are foul, and they stink of greed
Kill them while they're young - before they breed!

Piles of Dead Jews - Piles of Dead Jews!
Piles of Dead Jews - The death moves faster!
That's the way it goes - Shyster Jew bastard!
Piles of Dead Jews - A Kike bloodbath!
It's a celebration of White man's wrath!

Piles of Dead Jews - Piles of Dead Jews!
Piles of Dead Jews - White man's answer!
You cut off the limb with the Cancer!
Piles of Dead Jews - Rotting in the sun!
Wiping out their race is tons of fuckin' fun!

Piles of Dead Jews - Piles of Dead Jews!

Fuck you!

Let's shoot the fuckheads and gouge out their eyes!
I won't fuckin' rest 'til every Jew dies!
Show no mercy to these Worms as they cower!
Blow out their brains and laugh, "White Power!"
This is my dream, so glad it's coming true!
Negro, you're next! We haven't forgotten about you!

Ethnic Cleansing , Song lyric 8 Comments [4/18/2017 12:52:58 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Hu's On First

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I guess the site is NSFW, could anyone provide context for where this pile of $h*t is found?

4/18/2017 3:32:24 AM


Did a frog write these lyrics?

4/18/2017 4:21:28 AM

Hu's On First

It was a band called Ethnic Cleansing, who were affiliated with a white power record label called Resistance Records. They were active around the turn of the millennium and this song is actually from 2000. But, predictably, alt-rightists love it. There is even an article on Kings Wiki about this band, so at least one person who writes there is a fan.

4/18/2017 5:16:57 AM


I've heard belching that sounded better than this!

4/18/2017 8:11:34 AM


Any person or group of persons writing such hate-filled utterances should have his mind examinated by a doctor.

Even the name of the band lends to this conclusion.

4/18/2017 12:13:08 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

What happened to my comment?

To repeat myself:

What's up with all those poetical atrocities lately? And am I the only one who thinks of that song the Orcs in the Misty Mountains sing after capturing Bilbo and the Dwarves?

4/18/2017 2:09:23 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

Fuck, the Vogons are Nazis now?

4/18/2017 3:16:38 PM


Sad pathetic dream
Fourth Reich will never happen
Haiku beats racist

4/18/2017 6:17:40 PM

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