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Thank you. Finally I get a good answer without someone blowing their top and calling me a racist. You've outlined a very useful framework here.
My problem is, my father was a self-hating White man. That was more of an issue for me than having a White worshipping mother.

I've seen race relations fail in my parents' marriage and countless other examples of Hapas. That's caused me to believe in separation as the best answer. There can be some cohabitation, but too much probably causes serious problems for the reasons you've explained.

And I'm not 100% against miscegenation because there are always exceptions. But I see most instances of miscegenation having serious problems like my own family. That's why I'm against supporting multiculturalism.

But most people on this sub seem to support multiculturalism. They see the problem as external racists telling them that they're no good because they're mixed race. I can see how this is a problem, but it wasn't so much for me.

What I see as the problem are those promoting miscegenation. These liberals promote a multicultural worldview as if race-mixing has no consequences. I hate that narrative because it feels like a lie; race-mixing does have serious consequences, and most of the time the results are bad.

Abcdavid01, Reddit 0 Comments [4/16/2017 4:52:13 PM]
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