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Lol you keep inventing and changing your lies again and again and again. Asians don't do well in Socal, and every person whom I have known have reported that the interracia relationships are low and Asians are the bottom of the barrel there, and get ignored by other race women (especially white women) for even black guys. Mongoloid down syndrome features are ugly and uneasthetic to other race women in general, and asian mongoloids usually get the bottom of the barrel of other race women in general, unless he is rich or well connected, in which case he still would get slop of other race women. Because white women are the minority in areas like socal, their value skyrockets and they tend to look down on Asians more. And the "exotic card" is over hyped and hyper exaggerated beyond any shadow of a doubt on the internet when reality is different, and it's not major of a factor. Generally the more mongoloids there are in an given area, the less likely women of other races are to take interest in them, and that pretty much applies to california as a whole. I have never seen an 8+ women of a non-Asian race go for or like an mongoloid ever before.

Aiurtime, Reddit 2 Comments [4/16/2017 4:51:07 PM]
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Let me guess: you've never been close to a woman, of any race or any numerical beauty rating, yet you feel qualified to assess people using the broadest of generalities as if race and looks were all that mattered. You forgot to factor in intelligence and personality, both of which you appear to lack.

4/16/2017 6:57:47 PM

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4/16/2017 8:03:48 PM

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