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A team of Democratic voters can be built without deliberately taunting and alienating other voters. If the Democratic Party engages in bullying behavior, then the party just becomes what it says it abhors. It is always tricky to avoid becoming like the opposition, but it is better to strive for that and stay true to your values rather giving into the opposition’s. I am not talking about going high when they go low, either. I am talking about punching up rather than downward. One of the things that always attracted me to the Democratic Party was that it was supposed to be the party of the little guy whereas the Republicans were constantly abusing the little guy. If Democrats end up being the party that abuses the little guy because Trump, then we’ve lost our way, imo.

The bullied cannot become the bully. We are the victims, not them. We are fighting back.

DROzone, Daily Kos 27 Comments [3/20/2017 1:42:47 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

No. Just no.

3/20/2017 1:42:35 AM

The bullied can very easily become the bully

3/20/2017 1:54:24 AM


He Who Fights Monsters.

3/20/2017 2:15:17 AM

Happy Atheist

Many bullies act out in the ways they do because they're bullied.

3/20/2017 2:27:53 AM

Mister Spak

This is true. I've found that when I do to conservatives what they're trying to do to me they're unable to deal with it.

3/20/2017 5:08:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

The bullied can very easily become the bully. They just find someone weaker than themselves to take out their frustrations on.

3/20/2017 5:11:11 AM


Why would Democrats abuse the little guy because of Drumpf? He's the one abusing the little guy, while whispering soothing words in his ear.

3/20/2017 5:13:52 AM


Because using the tactics of bullies is not bullying when the "good guys" do it...

Any time you find yourself saying "It's Okay when WE do it", go look in a mirror and stare the opposition in the face.

Fucking political teams, man...

3/20/2017 6:10:02 AM

Some Christian Anon


There have been stories (albeit, rare) of people going and attacking random white people because they assumed that all of the whites voted for Trump. Remember the story of those four monsters kidnapping a disabled person, cutting them with a knife and yelling "f*ck white people" and "f*ck Donald Trump"? Or that story of dudes attacking a limo and it's driver because limo=rich=oppressor?

Yes, Trump is doing worse, but you can't just assume that him and his party are the ONLY ones screwing the little guy over.

3/20/2017 6:11:30 AM

The Crimson Ghost

I was unaware that the Democratic party was doing anything of the sort. Any republicans that are whining are doing so only because they can dish it out, but they clearly can't take it. I'm sure it's one of the many things that influenced them to vote for President Evil; they see themselves in him. Which says far more about them then they think it does.

3/20/2017 6:25:45 AM


Hes actually completely right in a way. Anyone who doesn't support Donald trump is persecuted today, and trump supporters are objectively evil, so it's not bullying as much as it's self-defense. Bullying is done to innocents, but no Trump supporter is innocent.

3/20/2017 7:14:15 AM



Even assuming that's true (a Trump supporter could easily just be misinformed), you still need to put the time and investigation into figuring out who is who. It's why the limo driver was such a dumb person to attack: that guy is probably just there for the paycheck, and could very well have voted against his now-boss.

3/20/2017 7:25:53 AM

No One In Particular

False. The United States has been right-wing for far too long, thanks to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and the Bushes. Republicans are heartless bastards (for the most part), and they are the oppressors here, not us. We're the ones fighting back. You, the Drumpf supporter, are the enemy of civilization, along with almost every one of your kind.


Mostly true, though I wouldn't automatically write off every single Drumpf supporter as 'evil', per se. Some are just horribly misinformed, though you're right for the most part.

3/20/2017 10:16:18 AM


Of the people on this thread who agree with this, only NeoMatrix is going to take any heat, so the others don't have to. I don't always see eye to eye with him, but truly he is the hero we deserve.

3/20/2017 10:42:41 AM


Ladies and gentleman, I give you the attitude behind everything wrong with the modern left. "Oh, black people can't be racist because power plus privilege!" "Oh, punching Richard Spencer wasn't senseless violence, he deserved it!"

3/20/2017 12:25:03 PM

Honestly I would say some are misinformed or may thought (and possibly still think) they voted lesser evil. They are/were misguided but harmless. Though I disagree with them and think they made a horrendous mistake (I voted against Trump but I am not pro Hillary), they might just be anti Hillary.

3/20/2017 12:31:53 PM

No One In Particular


Exactly this. I do wish he wouldn't enjoy the deaths of believers who may not have done anything wrong, like those 60 Africans who died in the church, but almost all of his comments on religion by itself are dead-on.

3/20/2017 2:54:43 PM


@No One In Particular

As an atheist living in a religious place, complete with a practicing Presbyterian mother, fuck you and fuck NeoMatrix. With Christians alone, there are plenty of people out there who really do feel happy believing there's a God looking out for them and treat Jesus as a symbol for kindness and good works, the way he should be viewed. The bad apples just spoil things for the rest, and people like you who tar religion on the whole because of those bad apples do not help one bit.

3/20/2017 2:59:23 PM


NeoMatrix is proof that the bullied can and will become an even bigger bully if he believes that it his only choice. And he is proud of that fact

3/20/2017 3:00:52 PM

No One In Particular


Yeah, I guess you're right. I just kinda went off the rails for a moment. Religion really doesn't do that much damage at times, now that I think about it. It's just that I've seen the the harm that can come from it, and it infuriates me to no end. I've seen the bigotry and hate that can come from it with people who live around me who are intolerant of gays and all that, and that's what I was talking about. I'm sure that there are plenty of people across the world who don't think like that. I sincerely apologize.

3/20/2017 3:09:57 PM


@No One in Particular

I understand. Americans are naturally going to view Christianity through the filter of the strain of it that's most relevant to them, and for most that's going to be the insane wingnut strand that's infected the Bible Belt. Where I live in the UK, the Christianity, while almost as prominent, is not nearly so deranged.

3/20/2017 3:12:47 PM

No One In Particular


Thanks for understanding. I live in the States, as you might have guessed, and we've got a bad case of nutjobs here. You get your good Christians in a lot of cases, but the bad ones...they're not fun, I'll just say that.

3/20/2017 3:21:25 PM


@No One In Particular

My one visit to the US was a two-week family trip to Florida, where we stayed in a log cabin at Disney World. Our one encounter with American Christianity there was with a guy waiting at a bus stop in Disney who we struck up friendly small talk with; you could instantly tell he was Christian because every third sentence or so was "Gahd bless y'all" in a thick Southern drawl. Seemed nice enough, but who knows what private beliefs that guy might have held?

3/20/2017 3:29:24 PM

I'm Pagan and while not in the most religious area, did go to college in Bible Belt (in North Carolina). From my experience the vast majority of Christians were good people though some did give me shit for my beliefs and here in Maryland my parents have gotten some slack for being atheists, it is not all or even most who are bad. The problem is extremists write the script for how people will see both from without and within

3/20/2017 3:34:32 PM

Kid Cthulhu

Hey DROzone, you're staring a little too deep into the Abyss and it's starting to stare back.

3/20/2017 4:05:50 PM

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