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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is a subset of rhetorical communication specifically designed to target the subconscious. Properly employed, NLP allows you to bypass critical thought to implant ideas, emotions, or lines of thought into the subject.


Common NLP Phrases and Patterns

Some common phrases and patterns of communication associated with NLP follow:

"_______, because ______".

This exploits the subconscious tendency to trust anything which has a reason to be true. The statement following "because" can be directly related to the first statement, or it can not - it makes surprisingly little difference.

"_______, which means ______".

This is basically "because" in reverse.

"______, and _______, and _____".

The human brain can only store between 5 and 9 unique thoughts at a time. Connecting thoughts together bombards the critical factor of the mind and allows some of those thoughts to enter the subconscious without criticism.

"You don't have to _______ right now".

This phrasing turns a command into a suggestion, which is less heavily scrutinized. The phrase "right now" directs the subconscious to consider doing that action immediately, but also grants permission to wait for a time. It's a common sales tactic - "You don't have to decide to buy this car right now."

"Now, you can choose whether or not to _______."

This is a sort of false choice - you are implanting the command without providing a real alternative. The mind is bombarded with the course of action, and the fact that it is not a direct command allows the subject to internalize it without heavy scrutiny.

"Many experts agree that ______."

This is an appeal to unspecified authority that causes the subject to weight the statement more heavily than they naturally would. We see it all the time in media.

"Albert Einstein/A friend of mine/My father once said something like ______".

This shifts the communication from the actual communicator (you) to a non-present entity (Albert Einstein). While you can be questioned and grilled, the non-present entity cannot, so the statement is often received more readily.

"I can see you doing ____."

This prompts the subject to do some imagining, whether or not they realize it. Because an imagined scenario is somewhat real to the imaginer, this influences them toward that action in the near future (until the image is forgotten).

"I cannot imagine that you would ______."

The negatives are often ignored in rhetorical communication. While you say you cannot, they are prompted to imagine that they can.

"[bad option], or [good option]"

We tend to heavily weight the last option presented in a list. By placing the good option last and playing up the badness of the bad option(s), you increase the odds that the subject will pick the option you want.

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I can't decide whether they intend this to be a warning or an instruction manual. Kings Wiki is paranoid and manipulative in equal measure, so both would fit.

3/19/2017 5:21:26 PM


If you find yourself noticing that people have been using language to "bypass" your critical thinking and "implant" your "subconscious" with ideas you object to, then language can't actually do that to people. I'll leave it up to you to figure out why and what's really happening.

3/20/2017 9:42:13 AM


Some of this is well-worn propaganda technique, some of it "reframing." Possibly useful in edging some suspects closer to a confession, but not as sneaky as the NLP used by say, the MOS formerly known as 97E.

3/20/2017 8:21:48 PM


Belgium because Tuesday

Twilight Sparkle, which means Best Pony

Curry and Rice and Lager

You don't have to Fart right now

Now, you can choose whether or not to Fart

Many experts agree that Fart is the worst president

I can see you doing that. Stop it, or you'll go blind!

I cannot imagine that you would vote for Donald Fart

Donald Fart or Hillary Clinton

Subvert the options, you will increase the odd answers that the OP will pick his nose. X3

3/21/2017 8:44:39 PM


Another one from the old nutter vintage. And look, it's the wiki that actively discourages anything resembling thought promoting it.

Man, I haven't seen NLP in ages... even if this time it's being used to discourage listening to anyone but who they're told to.

3/22/2017 11:08:44 AM

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