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Is this BS story back again? More of the rewriting of history to make this stupid teenager from up North in Chicago a martyr instead of a fool who was warned by his cousins to leave her alone and not to be whistling at her. He was also bragging he had a white girlfriend back home. There was a PBS Special called the American Experience where they already did this his story and went into full detail of the events leading up to this murder. PBS being Progressive would have changed it to make him look like a totally innocent person in his death.

I suspect this co@cky teenager would have grown up to be a rapist of a white women or a Pimp back home in Chicago if he had lived.

Jake West, CBS News 12 Comments [3/19/2017 1:53:29 PM]
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I'm just going to leave this here in the FSTDT section because I don't know whether I should put it in RSTDT or SSTDT. I suspect that's also what the submitter did.

3/19/2017 1:54:54 PM

Psycho Tits

Emmett Till was 14 fucking years old! I'm sure he bragged about a lot of shit that wasn't true.

His accuser certainly did.

Nothing erases the fact he was murdered based on a total lie.

3/19/2017 2:15:35 PM


I suspect this co@cky teenager would have grown up to be a rapist of a white women or a Pimp back home in Chicago if he had lived.

Well then, following your logic, I suspect you will be a thief and a wife beater in a few years, so you deserve to be murdered immediately. I'm sure you agree.

3/19/2017 3:25:46 PM


I'm literally seething right now. I'll come back to this when I've cooled down.

Posting so I can edit later

3/19/2017 4:46:56 PM

No One In Particular

Emmett Till was murdered because of a false accusation. End of story. You're delusional and clinging to a false reality. Get over yourself. I bet you also condone the killings of black people by racist police officers all across the country, too. Asshole bigot.

Also, "co@cky"? Really? That's the best attempt at censorship you've got? Fu@ck you.


Eh, it's sick and twisted wherever it is, though I personally would have put it in RSTDT.

3/19/2017 7:00:46 PM


Dear, Mr. West....

....Thank you.

3/19/2017 8:42:00 PM

Insult to Rocks

Wow, just...wow. Fucking slime. It's way too late at night to deal with the besmirchment of Emmett Till.

3/19/2017 11:27:16 PM


I never heard of this case before (being from Germany and not being that educated about certain events in american history, although I'm interested in them). Now I've read a bit about what happened and I must say: Fuck you so very, very much. He was a 14 year old kid who entered a store to buy some candy and left it whistling at a checkers game across the street. He bragged about having white friends and indeed, a white girlfriend to his friends (whether that's true is not important here). He bragged because at that time it was something special for a kid like him. They dared him to speak to the shop owner, Carolyn Braynt, but he didn't do or say anything suspicious or lecherous (two sources point towards this, with Carolyn herself admitting later on that she lied about being molested by him).
Her husband and one of his friends then lynched him horribly later on, shot him and dumped him in a river. Worse, they weren't punished, found not guilty by an all white jury and then openly BRAGGED about killing the boy. Even in 1996 when Braynt was interviewed about this (without knowing that Tills mom was listening) he said that he had done nothing wrong and Till should just stay dead. He was unrepentent, violent and a murderer. He is suspected to have been abusing his wife (who probably told lies about the event in court because she was afraid of him and whom he divorced years later) and never understood why everyone was making such a fuss about him brutally murdering the boy.
And now you come along and try to revise history via victim blaming and racism. You obviously have no shame at all. I don't say that about many people, but I really despise you as well as Braynt. And I am glad that both of you are on the losing side of history, where you belong.

3/20/2017 1:07:16 AM

You suspect it because you are fucking racist

3/20/2017 1:15:15 AM



A lot of guys do stupid things when they are 14; that's no reason to kill them all, and very few grow up to be rapists.

You think whistling at someone deserves a death sentence?

3/20/2017 1:31:57 AM

Mister Spak

I suspect you own a pillowcase with eyeholes, and voted for Donald Trump.

3/20/2017 5:50:48 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

@shy: I would have picked RSTDT.

3/20/2017 11:56:33 AM

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