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Vibrational movement is perceived as the sensation of “swirling” within the etheric (emotional) field. Our emotions our guided by our thoughts, and our thinking determines our vibrational movement within the etheric. Because of this, our emotions determine the “shape” of our spiritual bodies, and it is the shaping of our emotions that give us the sensation of “swirling”. The etheric field has yet to be proven by science, but we all know that it is there. The etheric field is the vibrational relationship of emotions that human beings share. It doesn’t see to be an external field that can be scientifically measured, but an internal one that all of us feel and sense. This is probably why we are unable to detect it. Quantum nonlocality, string theory, the zero-point field, singularity, etc. all point to a vibrational reality that may exist outside of this reality. The sharing of emotions and telepathy probably exist outside of space/time, and we aren’t sure exactly how to get more information on it.
In the book “Far Journeys”, Bob Monroe used the slang term “curl”, which was a not only a friendly way to relate to other spiritual beings, but also a descriptive account of what the spiritual body is.
Further, the concept of Kundalini yoga is based upon “serpent energy”, which is the sensation of twisting and curling.
When two people are sexually attracted to each other, they can feel the curl of each other’s emotional (spiritual) bodies, which happens to be nonspatial and nonlocal. Our spiritual bodies exist in another reality beyond time and space. Because this is true, it also tells us that telepathy is real. We can perceive the thoughts of other people, even when the body is physically distant – especially when sexual attraction is involved.
Sexual attraction will prove to human beings that telepathy is real. It’s time people got real about it. Once everyone admits that telepathy is real, we can end tyranny on Earth quite rapidly. We develop low tolerances to anger, fear, and hatred. We stop following fearful people. We show more love.



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Pharaoh Bastethotep

IsItBullshit: Chakras?


3/18/2017 3:54:10 PM


The etheric field has yet to be proven by science, but we all know that it is there.

Speak for yourself, buddy, I don't "know" that.

3/18/2017 6:00:02 PM

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