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Open letter to the women in my life.

Why don't you like me?

Why don't you talk to me the same way you talk to every other guy? Whenever I've tried to make small talk, you stare away, or don't seem interested, or make an excuse to leave.

I just want to know. I want to know what it is I can do. Or is it something out of my control, like I'm not handsome enough? Not tall enough? Maybe I just give off a weird, uncontrollable vibe.

All of my male friends have girlfriends. I have no one. It makes me feel like a loser.

I just want to know what's wrong with me. What makes me different from my friends.

I remember being 18 and asking the internet how to get a girlfriend. Everybody told me, "you're young. It'll happen eventually."

That was 10 years ago.

Oh well, no sense in wallowing. I'll probably never get an answer as to why you don't like me, but at least this letter was somewhat cathartic.

andiswearrrr, /r/incels 15 Comments [3/16/2017 8:37:34 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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You could probably start working on your social anxiety.

3/16/2017 9:13:24 PM

Guys like you writing open letters never ends well.

Get some help.

3/16/2017 9:55:09 PM


I mean...

On the one hand, I know the feeling of being late to the dating game and everyone around you being in a relationship. I know that feeling of worthlessness that comes with strings (or ropes...) of rejections.

On the other, I went to a therapist and worked to improve myself and know women are people not possessions.

3/16/2017 10:22:01 PM


But we genuinely would help you out if you`d only let us. True, you`d have to let go of all your idiotic notions and preconceptions, but hey, since your sacred and tried way isn`t working any time soon, maybe check out the alternative? Hell, I`m not even normally the one to throw a punch after having my hand bitten when I can see through fear and discomfort, just quit biting already and let us finally help you guys out(those we can anyway).

3/17/2017 12:33:58 AM

"Why don't you like me?

They try to answer and you don't ever listen. You are so convinced of what women want you never bothered to ask them

3/17/2017 2:04:19 AM


You're 28 and still doing this? Well, at least you're asking for advice... even if you won't take it.

Dude, get a hobby! Find SOMETHING else to fixate on.

3/17/2017 6:16:48 AM


The first line in that "open letter" sort of reminds me of the title of one of the "supreme gentleman's" videos.

This again makes me hope that LE is monitoring the "incel" subs.

3/17/2017 6:45:13 AM


In all seriousness, have you addressed personal hygiene issues?

3/17/2017 9:46:57 AM


To be fair, this one isn't as bad as the usual "ALL WOMEN ARE EBULLLL" crap we normally get from some of these guys.

3/17/2017 10:50:38 AM


Do you walk up to women, even those you haven't met before, and say "Hello. Why don't you like me? Because if you like me you'd let me fuck you."

No? OK then, it must be that weird uncontrollable vibe.

3/17/2017 12:59:06 PM

"Whenever I've tried to make small talk, you stare away, or don't seem interested, or make an excuse to leave."

Where are you approaching these women and what are you trying to talk to them about? Bad timing and being a bad conversationalist can stop you dead in your tracks.

Rather than trying to make small talk with a random woman at a random place about a random topic, get a hobby or learn a new skill. If you take some classes or go to some workshops, it'll give you the opportunity to converse with a woman on a subject you know you have in common in a semi-social environment.

3/17/2017 6:14:44 PM

No One In Particular

When you and incels like you hate women, they are perfectly well within reason to hate you back. That's just how it works. It also kind of depends on what type of conversation topic you're approaching women with; being up-front about wanting sex without getting to know them is probably going to elicit a negative response. Just a quick tip.

3/17/2017 8:56:15 PM


Open letter to the women in my life

...and here is the reply on behalf of all women, by Ranpha Franboise:

Nothing more needs to be said, really.

3/17/2017 9:59:19 PM


I'm gonna be honest, this doesn't strike me as particularly sexist. Kind of whiny sure, but I'm not gonna grudge a dude for taking an opportunity to vent his embarrassing frustrations in a harmless way.

3/18/2017 4:32:20 PM


Started off sounding the reverse of Crave You by Flight Facilities.

3/19/2017 2:35:39 PM

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