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Non whites are more likely to put their own group interests first. Ex. A non white Hispanic leader would put his people before whites. Why?

And why do whites erroneously think a non white leader would treat races equally? Only whites are more predisposed to treat races equally.

TheTruthIsRacist, Yahoo! Answers 2 Comments [3/16/2017 1:45:43 AM]
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How do you know he would? Give real-world examples.

3/16/2017 7:12:02 AM

THX 1138

Oh, yes, because only a nonwhite person would do that(Ian Smith,Jan Smuts, every American president at earliest Lincoln). And its not like tribalism doesn't discriminate even further(Rwanda, Yugoslavia...)
I assume that this person is using this also as an excuse to justify a white ethnostate, in which case I'd like to ask them:
How does that make you any better then the people you are railing against?

3/16/2017 11:10:21 AM

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