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Hitler destroyed the German nation. He took one of the greatest civilizations of mankind and plunged it into a war that killed millions of its civilians, led to its occupation for 2 generations, and, even worse, created a contemporary political class that has shed any notion of national pride and flooded its nation with millions of third-world--forever destroying the ethnic makeup of its people. If Hitler won, the Germans would have dominated the world for centuries. He gambled, they lost, and now Germany is a joke.

ps Goebbels is a beta faggot

Rameses2, Reddit 4 Comments [3/11/2017 8:13:05 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

Hitler destroyed the German nation. He took one of the greatest civilizations of mankind and plunged it into a war that killed millions of its civilians, led to its occupation for 2 generations,

You should have stopped there.
In reality, Nazi Germany was an oppressive nightmare, ruled by an incompetent megalomaniac and financed by scams and pillaging, while the Federal Republic is the best Germany that ever was. We were totally destroyed and disgraced. Large parts of our territory was lost. And yet, we rose from the ashes to greater glories than ever before. Within years, our social market economy boomed. We shouldered the responsibilties for the atrocities of the past, something many nations are still lacking (*cougharmeniangenocidecough*). We broke the circle of Francogerman violence, instead allying with the old Erbfeind to become the paragon of the united Europe. Eventually, the division ended and the GDR joined us. We are one of the most advanced and respected nations in the world, and one I feel most comfortable to be patriotic about.*
Needless to say, the reemergence of the Nazi scum in recent years has been most disturbing to me.

I would not wish being sent to the KZs onto my worst enemies, but for Nazis and their apologists, it is tempting to make an exception.

* Note: Of course, that's not to say there are no problems, both in the past and in the present.

3/11/2017 8:35:34 AM


What Pharaoh said. Also: Despite what alternate history series like to show us, Hitlers NS regime would not have survived for long. The whole point of fascism in general and the nazis specifically was to keep going to war, ideologically as well as to amass more ressources and land because, as has been said before, it was horribly incompetent in economical questions too. People always scoff at the appeasement policy before WW2, but in reality Hitler was furious about it. He always wanted a war, that was the whole point. Instead he had to wait much longer, giving the allies time to prepare for it. If the fighting had ever stopped or even worse (but mighty improbable given the militaristic incompetence of Hitler himself) if he had dominated the world, the financial crash would have followed very soon. Fascism always has these problems: They can't win wars since they have lost their ability to evaluate enemy strength rationally, they always have to keep going to war since lasting peace would contradict their own ideology and their anti-intellectualism will always lead to them not making rational decisions or accepting dissenting opinions. Hitlers Germany would have crashed and burned. Our federal republic has lasted longer than any other unified german state in history already. And I personally like living here. So screw you and your power fantasies.

3/11/2017 8:58:28 AM

Demon Duck of Doom


3/11/2017 3:19:41 PM


I bet "The Man in the High Castle" is fapping material to you.

Reality proves otherwise, though. "The World At War", narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier - and considered the definitive WWII documentary series - proves there was never an 'If'.

Simple fact is, it was started by a subhuman twat who thought he had the right to have ideas above his station. Hitler was a joke. He should've stayed exactly what he was, way before he started having delusions of adequacy:

Less than nothing.

3/21/2017 11:27:37 PM

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