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(On interracial relationships)

It create people with no homeland or folk. For that reason, I find it reprehensible. My libertarian tendencies want me to say that it should be legal, however.

I have had sex with a mulatto girl (60%+ white) when I was 19. I am not proud of that.

RP student, Reddit 14 Comments [3/10/2017 11:20:50 AM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep

I do not get how anyone can be so simpleminded that he cannot hold more than one identity.

3/10/2017 11:20:08 AM


How can you be roughly 2/3 something? Even Gilgamesh didn't explain that.

3/10/2017 12:43:08 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

A god did it?

3/10/2017 1:45:15 PM

Hu's On First

There's this thing called the 14th amendment. If you were born in America, your homeland is America.

3/10/2017 3:50:04 PM


I can't believe people like this can get laid.

3/11/2017 6:32:58 AM


So, my children will be the descendants of Vikings and West Africans. They will be part of two different Völker.

3/11/2017 7:16:06 AM

Pink Jackboots

Find other interrace children. There's your Folk

3/11/2017 10:41:15 AM


I think you'll find she's not proud of it either.

3/12/2017 4:30:55 PM


Mulatto? People still use that word? And 60+%? What, did he have some sort of genetic analysis done on her?

3/13/2017 9:30:39 PM


Maybe I'd have a different outlook if I was of another race, but I don't really consider being white as a significant part of my identity. It's just something I happen to be. I'm a white guy...so freaking what? Doesn't make me better or worse than anyone else, or unique at all, either. I'd rather identify as things that reflect my interests, desires, accomplishments, etc.

3/13/2017 9:50:36 PM

THX 1138

These people don't have any uniqueness, so they clong to their inborn traits.

3/14/2017 8:30:55 AM

Mr. Mann

This person is one of the reasons why I laugh when someone says "I can't be racist! I've dated/slept with someone of another race".

3/14/2017 8:45:25 AM

Well, if you have 5 white great-grandparents and 3 nonwhite ones, you'd be 62.5% white. Not that it matters.

3/17/2017 11:13:27 PM


Give me a europe filled with mulattos over these degenerates any day.

6/13/2017 2:38:33 AM

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