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Women should be banned from driving

Some slut almost rammed into me because she must text chadious dundercockus at red light whilst having her feet on the gas, needless to say i almost got out of the car to tell her exactly what she is, - an inferior creature who is inferior compared to me in every way and has the intelligence of an inbred ape, she has the luxories to drive a goddamn benz suv provided vy her fully cucked husband yet she was too stupid to use the cars functions to not let this almost happen, but i didnt, and i regret it so much, im thinking of kicking my bumper and claiming it was her to milk her off for some juicy $

throwaway680603, /r/incels 26 Comments [1/24/2017 11:25:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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I automatically dismiss anyone who uses "cuck" as an insult.

Even more so when it's an "incel". A whiny, crybaby professional victim is really one to talk.

1/24/2017 11:31:40 AM

Mister Spak

Thanks fer describing your cuckedness at the hands of a gurl.

Also move to Saudi Arabia, they don't have this problem.

1/24/2017 11:56:51 AM

Thinking Allowed

...and they wonder why they are not getting laid.

1/24/2017 1:08:39 PM


Some slut almost rammed into me because she must text chadious dundercockus at red light whilst having her feet on the gas

provided vy her fully cucked husband

Nice baseless assumptions, brah.

im thinking of kicking my bumper and claiming it was her to milk her off for some juicy $

Wow, that totally isn't petty at all!

1/24/2017 2:02:00 PM


Not so different from radical muslims. They too ban women from driving.

1/24/2017 2:14:06 PM

Kat S.

Oh, just move to Saudia Arabia already. I'm sure everyone here is willing to chip in for a one way airline ticket there. Then you can whine how life isn't fair over there instead of here.

1/24/2017 2:22:24 PM


Yes, we can see what an idiot was involved in this ....er....whaddya mean, "almost" rammed into you? NOT an accident? And that not-an-accident got you this outraged about ....well, I see what you were enraged about. And it didn't have anything to do with the accident or the woman.

1/24/2017 3:22:03 PM

Happy Atheist

You say she was inferior to you in every way, and stress intelligence, yet you can't seem to get a grasp on grammar or spelling at all.

1/24/2017 3:55:52 PM

Churchy LaFemme

Well, I was almost hit while crossing the street by a teenage boy who was obviously texting, so I guess no teenage boys should be allowed to drive either.

1/24/2017 4:00:11 PM


The driverless cars - 'Pods' - coming online this year in Milton Keynes use sensors as anti-collision measures.

I suggest you watch the anime miniseries "eX-Driver": the scenario created by manga supremo Kosuke Fujishima.

It features four women in that future society who save people from when their driverless cars' AIs go haywire, via their driving skills in non-computer controlled cars; one on a motorbike.

The creator of "Ah! My Goddess" was quite the seer, if he predicted what would happen in the future.

There's an extremely good reason why insurance companies' coverage of women who drive cars costs less than men. And even the males in said insurance companies will tell you that statistically, women are more careful drivers.

Have you ever figured out as to why the premiums charged on teenage male drivers is exorbitantly high...?!

1/24/2017 4:14:06 PM


That an immature of thinking.

1/24/2017 5:13:31 PM

Shepard Solus

Same here. Unless it's being thrown back in someone's face or used during a discussion of sexual fetishes I just immediately tune out upon hearing it. It's like when someone starts an argument with "god says". I immediately know that they have nothing of value to say.

1/24/2017 5:19:11 PM


"Incels" are obsessed with sex, Uilleam.

It's only natural that's where this manbaby's mind automatically went.

1/24/2017 7:12:30 PM

Psycho Tits

Insurance adjusters give zero fucks about political correctness.

Which gender pays higher premiums for insurance? I've read some stats about women being in more fender benders where damages fall beneath what insurance will cover. Even if that's true, however, minor accidents rarely require lengthy and costly hospital stays (where part of the burden is borne by what is most likely the same insurer). Unhurt people don't lose much if any work time. City crews, police and fire don't have to bleed thousands of dollars in redirecting traffic while rescuing the living, recovering the dead, and hauling the whole fucking mess off the roadway. Every major accident is a potential million-dollar calamity, and that isn't counting personal damages and loss of life.

In short, fuck off.

1/24/2017 7:49:19 PM


an inferior creature who is inferior compared to me in every way and has the intelligence of an inbred ape

And you still don't get why women won't give you the time of day.

Or why you feel this overwhelming need to be with someone when they're "inferior to you in every way" and "have the intelligence of an inbred ape". Why would you want yourself attached to someone you feel that way about?

1/24/2017 8:05:57 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

Is this the same throwaway who made that bestiality post on the old r/IncelHeaven?

1/24/2017 8:25:10 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

an inferior creature who is inferior compared to me in every way and has the intelligence of an inbred ape

An inbred ape would still be far more intelligent than you.

1/25/2017 12:13:49 AM


So, she didn't actually hit you. And despite that near hit, you still didn't get out to yell at her and prove your masculinity? Methinks you know, somewhere that isn't controlled by the lizard hind-brain, that you would be seen as the wrong party and carted away in handcuffs with a possible 3 day involuntary commitment.

Go ahead. Damage your vehicle and send in a false claim. You better pray this happened at a stop sign and not a traffic light. They have cameras, ya know.

1/25/2017 12:54:17 AM

Philbert McAdamia

"You've filled all us geeks with rage and hate,
and someday we're going to...um...retaliate."

______________the Geeks' Revenge

1/25/2017 1:13:49 AM

Jamaican Castle

So you almost - keyword here - got in an accident with a woman, immediately resorted to baseless slander, contemplated both road rage and insurance fraud, and she's the one who shouldn't be allowed to drive?

1/25/2017 3:45:05 AM

The Reptilian Jew

"chadious dundercockus"
Come on, be a bit more creative.

1/25/2017 7:04:12 AM

Doubting Thomas

It's not women who are the problem, it's idiots who insist upon texting while driving.

And I'd have laughed had she run over your ass after you got out of the car to confront her.

1/25/2017 7:41:02 AM

Doubting Thomas

....well, I see what you were enraged about.

That women exist in public but still won't fuck him.

1/25/2017 7:43:30 AM


By your logic, men should be banned from driving because of the shit teenage boys do.

1/25/2017 9:33:17 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Back in the days of yore, I used to work in the claims dept for a fairly big insurance company. The ratio of accidents caused by male & female drivers was pretty even. I will add this though-the majority of the fatalities that crossed my desk were caused by men.

One last thing, boy- you may want to learn how to type & spell properly before you call anyone stupid or inferior.

1/25/2017 2:37:24 PM

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