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Christian Soldiers - UKIP, The Mirror 21 Comments [9/22/2016 2:43:14 AM]
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New proof that the UKIP is a treacherous organisation. Could the head of the Anglican church, Her Majesty Elisabeth II, offer them her forceful hospitality? Because it would seem it is only a question of time before they turn terrorist. They sure have the peace disruptive speech down pat.

9/22/2016 3:48:25 AM

Mister Spak

At least this god isn't obsessed with the US.

9/22/2016 4:08:53 AM

Hasan Prishtina

1. The EU has been around, in one form or another, for nearly sixty years and it has done nothing to abolish the nation state or any ancient laws or freedoms. If you want to blame someone for the loss of legislative force of Magna Carta, then blame the settlement in 1688.

2. There is nothing about the nation state in the Bible. Jesus said "render unto Caesar" when he was talking about a supranational, undemocratic empire whose rulers made themselves gods.

3. There is no nation state called the Kingdom of God, so what happens to any nation state is of no consequence to it. "No man can serve two masters," Jesus said, yet you are making the UK equal to the Kingdom of God. I've lived in the UK; they're not the same.

4. Your graphics are terrible and that shield looks unusable. The perfect symbol for your cause, in fact.

9/22/2016 4:22:22 AM


@ Hasan Prishtina

More than sixty years, in fact, since the Treaty of Paris on the Coal and Steel Community was signed in 1951.
Next year, we will celebrate the sixtieth aniversary of the EEC and Euratom.

9/22/2016 5:00:53 AM



[chanting]Off with their heads! Off with their heads![/]

9/22/2016 5:02:04 AM


@ Indicible

they already have. One of their flock stabbed and shot an MP.

9/22/2016 5:23:56 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't know if I'm frightened or relieved to know that Christian nationalists don't just exist in the United States.

9/22/2016 5:32:07 AM


Okay, I knew Farage liked to think of himself as a King Arthur figure battling the EU's evil Morgana LaFey, but this is ridiculous.

9/22/2016 6:30:10 AM

@UKIP: you won. Now STFU.

9/22/2016 7:17:41 AM


...and then you wonder why UKRAP are tearing* themselves apart?

Besides, why does the Church of England still exist, even when we entered the EU in the early 1970s to the moment after the decision on the 'Brexit' referendum was declared?

...and anyway, you'd better take it up with the head of the C-of-E: Queen Elizabeth II.

But then, just the police at the entry gates with their H&K MP5s, never mind the guardsmen with their SA-80s - would dissuade you from taking the matter up further with her.

Never bring a spiritual sword to a physical gunfight. Y'see, 9mm & 5.56mm NATO rounds have no concept of imaginary 'armour', and Kevlar is a dead giveaway to said police.

*- Don't be surprised if, should this be taken up further by the rest of the print/TV news media, this is the tipping point for their sole MP who has threatened to defect to the Conservatives at any time.

You can't be a political force in Parliament without an MP; more like a Whitehall Farce, with Nige FaRAGE caught with his political trousers round his ankles. [/Brian Rix]

They are learning to their cost that, just like Sir Alex Ferguson was Manchester United, UKRAP is nothing without FaRAGE.

The phrase 'Be Careful What You Wish For'. Now you've got what you lot wanted: 'Brexit', how can you justify your existence?



I would like ROCOG to continue their operations, at least re. merchandising, and such to be made more widely available.

As I prefer Rio's Paralympic mascot - Tom - to their Olympic one, Vinicius, therefore...! X3

9/22/2016 8:10:34 AM


@ Anon-e-moose

Could you elaborate on the ROCOG thing?

Euratom is the abbreviated name for the European Atomic Energy Community. The treaty was also signed in Rome in 1957. Not that it amounts to much, now, but still... At the time it was a big step.

9/22/2016 8:24:55 AM


I read that the Brexit thing isn't binding and that there's still a possibility that it won't go into effect.

I'm sure there's people working to fight Brexit.

It isn't over!

9/22/2016 8:56:43 AM


Just because you have a state religion (almost universally ignored) doesn't mean you are a Christian nation. Now you've screwed yourselves with that Brexit nonsense, the world is closer to war. Hey, you need those guys next door. The EU isn't perfect, and is still a work in progress. But that's not your concern anymore, and you no longer have any influence on their actions.

Your. Fault.

9/22/2016 12:21:17 PM


I thought UKIP was a campsite for tents.

9/22/2016 1:04:53 PM



...oh, sorry. ROCOG is the Rio Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, and when you mentioned 'Euratom', I was hoping that their merchandise, particularly of the Paralympic mascot 'Tom', would be more widely available: especially here in Europe.

...or not, seeing as UKRAP got their way: UK out of Europe.

But when it comes to sustainable energy, should those at the Joint European Torus here in the UK finally perfect Fusion power...!

9/22/2016 2:45:53 PM


I understand quite well that Queen Elizabeth has to stay totally neutral in politics, but as head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith, can't she ex-communicate these people? And those nutjob North Irish Orangemen while she's at it?

9/22/2016 3:00:15 PM


UKIP rendered itself obsolete when we voted for Brexit. It would seem that this is their remake, trying to make themselves relevant. Bad news for them. We are a majority Atheist nation now.

Although there is a role that UKIP can now do. Be the home for all lunatic conspiracy theorists. They always did attract far more than their fair share of crackpots, now it seems, it's where they all reside.

9/23/2016 2:20:31 AM

Yossarian Lives


With their current leader openly counting Putin as one of her heroes I fear that they have gone further down the rabbit hole (I know Farage was a Putin admirer, but he wasn't quite as explicit). My worry is that if the Conservatives don't satisfy the Brexiters' demands in the future then they'll make their way back to supporting UKIP, or a populist right wing party like them, with nuttier ideas than before when they had Farage's charisma to mask the idiocy elsewhere in the ranks.

Unfortunately, UKIP aren't the only home to conspiracy theorists at the moment. Labour seems to be home to quite a few loons obsessed with Zionists, MI5 and Portland Communications at the moment.

9/23/2016 3:02:34 AM

So, a religion whose centre of action is Israel has some kind of commandment against the participation in the political sphere in a continent 4000 km away

9/24/2016 7:28:38 AM

And Brexit killed Britain's economy. Seems god wanted Britain to stay EU

10/12/2017 12:53:09 PM


So many companies who will up sticks and leave Britain should a 'No Deal' Brexit happen: and what's just happened with the diplomatic fuckup by the current Chancellor in an interview on Sky News - coupled with a 'Lobster Plot' with him & the then Chancellor & now editor of the "Evening Standard" newspaper: who coined the post-8th June phrase 'Dead Woman Walking', re. Theresa May Not - the chances of that aren't looking good for so many Conservative voters in the financial district of London.

Your pathetic problem with the EU has made you many powerful enemies: and a year after what you stated in the paper that'll be taking over the right-wing rag (and pseudo-"Daily FAIL") "Daily Express".

Should what Philip Hammond said about the EU on Sky News - and his association with previous Chancellor George Osborne: who was as ultra-'Remain'ist as you can get outside of yours truly - have the desired effect, the EU 'Project' abolishing your so-called 'Christian State' will be the least of your problems: because is your 'God' going to pay the mortgages & put food on the tables of the families of all those Conservative voters who lose their jobs: as a result of your throwing your toys out of your prams about what teh nasty ebil EU supposedly do to the apparent 'Sovereignty' of the UK? Because to my knowledge, since we entered the EU in the 1970s, our Sovereign & head of the Church of England Queen Elizabeth II hasn't been affected in any way; still the same constitutional monarch she's always been since the 1950s.

As proved by what happened the year after this statement by you, all those Conservative voters got their revenge in first. Nine months later, UKRAP is dead. Where is your 'God' now...?!

All those lost UKRAP voters. All those new Labour voters.

Jeremy Corbyn saying that, as Prime Minister, he would renegotiate a trade deal with the EU. Thus Nige FaRAGE's - and therefore your - work all for naught.

Moral: Status Quo is not just a band name.

10/13/2017 9:16:18 PM

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