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By the way, the person who runs this web site used to be a christian, and used to defend YEC, then went OEC and then theistic evolutionist, but then, from something he read in the Old Testament, he went agnostic, I do believe he still believes in God.
So, anyways, I'ld appreciate it if you'ld pray for him

Job19:25, Rapture Ready 4 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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is this is like a religious stalker? weirdo.

11/1/2009 10:47:56 PM


Sounds like a sensible person, whoever you're talking about.
Now, what business of yours is his religiosity or lack of again?

11/2/2009 12:22:39 PM


Translation: The guy that used to run this site grew a cerebral cortex.

12/6/2009 9:05:46 PM

Table Rock


I'd say more like a religious sniper.

12/7/2009 10:54:42 AM

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