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[I'm the King of Fence-Sitting, but this is an issue even I don't think can be sat on. Either homosexuality is a perversion against God and nature, and therefore cannot be tolerated, or it's simply another expression of perfectly natural human sexuality, and therefore MUST be. I don't see the compromise here - and I also don't see how accepting the rights of others to express their own sexual identity leads to a nightmarish dystopian future or communism.]

You don't see the long term result because you not looking far enough ahead with the patterns of history. The progressive/liberal is always finding something to progress with or make "equal." It seems culture means absolutely nothing to them and some utopia of equality, fairness, and rainbows is achievable. This is the domino patter that started a long time ago but seemed to speed up in the 60's. Once gay rights are in place, what's next? There will be temporary satisfaction for this then it's time to move on to the next. So what's really next gay polygamous marriage, straight polygamous marriage, married taxes rights to single parents, teenage marriage, marriage to animals for tax purposes, I don't know but it's always progressive. Heck wouldn't surprise me if marriage eventual meant nothing, that would solve the problem right..... Thus my very extreme example " Brave New World."

Destruction of culture breeds deterioration of society.
( please don't equate all I said to just gay marriage that is only a small part of it.)

[It is telling that the best argument you can use, is the logical fallacy of the slippery slope. Oh and throwing bestiality into the mix, always a classy move; because a legally binding contract between two consenting adults who love each other is exactly the same as a person marrying a rabbit.]

You've elaborated on my hypothetic extreme example, which by far is the easiest to refute and my weakest example. Why don't you refute why polygamy or a young teen marrying a older adult isn't okay, why not insest, they are just people who love each other.

It's not bigotry, its reality. I know prejudice I'm jewish, but because someone doesn't like me or approve of my lifestyle, I don't go into attack mode by demanding equality for me and make those against me seem like bad people. An example would be me demanding that all grocery stores have a kosher section and if they don't they are treating us unfairly and are "Jewaphobs." This is the tactic your side uses, it's almost like reverse psychology, your bad because you don't agree with my lifestyle.

[No, because there you are demanding a special privilege, not demanding to be equal with others. Let me put it this way. Imagine if there was a law to the effect that because kosher slaughter is "unhygenic", no kosher meats are allowed to be sold in the United States. In other words,not even Jewish grocers could stock kosher meat. You would be first trying to raise awareness that kosher slaughter is not unhygenic, and second you would demanding that kosher meat be allowed to be sold.
Do you understand that your demand that gay people be made inferior by law is the same?]

gays demanding special privileges to be married in church's and synagogues that don't or never have approved it isn't a special privilege? Now this isn't equality this is superiority to invade people's customs and try to shut them down.

Also the Jews revolution was different, people were blaming them for all sorts of problems. People aren't blaming gays in this matter at all, they are asking people to approve their life style.

I don't support it, thus it seems this brings passionate anger/hate out in the opposition, thus lets make all who don't agree wrong. I never said your wrong I just don't support it.

Kadosh7, Religion Forums 18 Comments [1/12/2016 4:04:43 AM]
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He ought to put a warning sign up for that slippery slope.

1/12/2016 4:14:28 AM


"It seems culture means absolutely nothing to them and some utopia of equality, fairness, and rainbows is achievable"

1/12/2016 4:21:41 AM


It's always funny to see someone say "LOOK AT THE BONES" with regards to homosexuality and history. So... let's do some boner-watching. I mean, bone-watching.

The first examples of homosexuality in western society were in Ancient Greece, appearing at around the Mynoan period. Men were expected to be married for children, but to love other men for friendship and beyond (although it was thought to be unmanly to be a bottom in those days). They lasted for centuries and their achievements stay with us to this day: democracy, philosophy, art, theatre, poetry (Athens and other sophist cultures); welfare, equality, being very snarky and witty, incredibly fancy hair on men, and even the first form of equality between genders in those times (Sparta)! They lasted for HUNDRED of years, and of course directly influenced one other culture...

The Romans! So damn gay, a straight emperor made them panic! So damn gay, your teacher was also your lover. So damn gay, they invented the SAUNA. And conquered most of the known world. And built roads, aqueducts, bathhouses (this'll be important later), and other nifty things we still love them for. That and gladiator tapes.

Then, came the goths, who said 'fuck all that' and allowed the church to have more power for itself. Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Empire... all very interesting times, with advances of their own, but with differences. No gays, and no bathing.

So, when some rats carrying plague arrived on the coasts of Europe, only those who bathed were spared. Now, I'm not SAYING persecuting gay people causes bubonic plague... I'm just saying that, from the patterns of history, god seems to be on their side! :p

1/12/2016 4:45:20 AM


Where are all these gay couples demanding to be married in churches that don't want to marry them?

1/12/2016 4:53:04 AM


If you use the slippery slope "argument", all you are doing is admitting that you don't have anything to say about the actual issue at hand.

1/12/2016 5:14:27 AM


In fact the US has laws specifically protecting ritual slaughter although a fair number of European countries enforce stunning first.

1/12/2016 5:25:25 AM


1/12/2016 5:26:57 AM


Kadosh7: "It's not bigotry, its reality. I know prejudice I'm jewish!"

Non-fundie (rolls eyes): "One more case of 'THIS is *different* because *I* am ME!'"

Kadosh7 (personally offended): "EVERYTHING I've suffered because of being jewish was based on MYTHS and HATE! What I've got against gays is based on VALID REASONS!!!"

1/12/2016 6:45:13 AM


Well, it obviously isn't a "perversion against nature", because it has been a feature of nature in many, many species since Christ was a corporal. And "god" being entirely optional, it isn't a "perversion against god" for those smart enough NOT to buy that whole talking snake thing. I guess we're left with option 3: it's none of your business what somebody else does and who they do it with. STFU.

1/12/2016 6:52:52 AM

Doubting Thomas

Keep fighting this lost battle, as long as it keeps you busy. History has shown that the United States has trended toward more freedom, not less, so don't think you're ever going to reinstate anti-gay laws.

If this debate had taken place back in the 1960's, Kadosh7 would be arguing how giving blacks equal rights is going to cause the destruction of society.

1/12/2016 7:18:29 AM

Oxymoron's Razor

<gays demanding special privileges to be married in church's and synagogues that don't or never have approved it isn't a special privilege>

Except that's not what they're demanding at all. They're demanding equal access to a legally-binding arrangement commonly referred to as marriage, with all the applicable rights and protections that are granted under that arrangement, which heterosexuals already have access to.

Asking to have something everyone else has is NOT "special privilege"

1/12/2016 7:36:31 AM

Hasan Prishtina

No, gays make a request to get married in a church or synagogue. As a private organization, and with the protection of the First Amendment, the church or synagogue has every right to refuse their request. If the church or synagogue accepts their request, they get married. The only people who are not allowed to refuse are employees of the state, because equal rights are protected by the Constitution. The End.

1/12/2016 8:03:36 AM


What's wrong with the ideal of an "utopia of equality, fairness?" If your "culture" includes inequality and unfairness then I'd say a change is in order.

1/12/2016 11:15:49 AM


But they are not making churches and synagogues merry them. They just want to be allowed to be married anywhere. There are places that will merry gays if they are allowed, that's all gays ask for. A place of worship has every right to not merry gays. There are still churches in America that refuse to merry interracial couples.

1/12/2016 11:24:19 AM

Old Viking

Now, now, you're getting needlessly upset. Churches are not affected by the ruling. They can remain judgmental with impunity.

1/12/2016 4:45:49 PM


It's not a perversion.

1/12/2016 6:32:47 PM


Either (check one):

[ ] homosexuality is a perversion against God and nature, and therefore cannot be tolerated


[ ] it's simply another expression of perfectly natural human sexuality, and therefore MUST be

David and Jonathan; the fact that this part of the OT - despite that tiny titbit of Leviticus - is not condemned in that particular section of the Bible. Also, Jesus hanging around with twelve men, two of whom were sailors; one of said twelve kissed him. Hardly associated wit women, if ever, nor did he marry one. Never had a girlfriend. Told others to 'Love your fellow man'. Wore a dress.

If you don't agree with the above, then you aren't even wrong: you're worse.

Choose wisely. [/mega-paradox]

Are you a KJV-onlyist? Question: If homosexuality is wrong, why is the Prostate Gland - a major male erogenous zone - placed where it is, and the area it's in precisely shaped so as to be stimulated via a certain form of sex? Why, it's 1) as if Homosexuality was designed or 2) we are the result of Evolution, so either way you're fucked: and in more ways than one.

I do support it, thus it brings passionate anger-hate out in the opposition, therefore by your doing so, you admit you are wrong.

...or you can admit that your entire religion is inherently gay. I refer you to the KJV, and who authorised such. Gay king, thus Gay Bible, therefore Gay God.

And by your own logic, you're still wrong. >:D

1/12/2016 6:48:49 PM

They want equal rights. Not sure what the problem is

11/19/2016 11:51:12 AM

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