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[If you care more about the life and safety of an embryo and not the life and safety of a Syrian refugee, adult or child, you’re not pro-life.]

I care more about the life and safety of an UNBORN CHILD because they are not potential terrorists trying to kill all of us. Dumbest argument I’ve ever read.

prolife21, Tumblr 36 Comments [11/24/2015 3:46:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Da Rat Bastid

"Unborn child" is a contradiction in terms, not unlike "rational argument from you".

11/24/2015 4:09:13 AM


Threat of dying from a terrorist attack < Threat of dying of illegal abortion/ medically unsound pregnancy / unwanted children

11/24/2015 4:22:55 AM


But what if it was the embryo of a Syrian refugee family, huh? That little bastard practically crawls out of the womb brandishing a gun.

11/24/2015 4:29:56 AM


Every terrorist, serial killer & despot was fetus at one point. But not refugee becomes a terrorist. In fact the vast majority of them don't.

11/24/2015 4:38:03 AM

Mister Spak

Because life begins at conception and ends at birth.

11/24/2015 5:12:33 AM


Uhm, no. Every fetus is a potential terrorist. Or are you a bit unclear about what "potential" means?

11/24/2015 5:30:21 AM


The life of unborn children is paramount. It IS more important than the life of the mother. Just because these "mothers" had their chance to repent and accept Jesus' gift of Salvation. Depriving the child of that chance sends the child directly to hell.

In the name of the Lord,

11/24/2015 6:14:17 AM


So, in the words of Carlin, if you're pre-born, you're fine, if you're pre-school, you're f*cked.

@ Jerry

Wasn't the original sin repaid by Jesus'death? If not, what was the point?

So, innocent children get sent to hell for something they did not do and everything is dandy to you?
That is so twisted, you do not even need a colourful mat to play.
So, take your god, take your book and shove it.
Your whole life revolves around the words of conmen who have died centuries ago and brought countless deaths. And you approve. You are complicit to all those murders. Congratulations, you are just as vile as the next islamist.
You and your ilk are just a pathetic bunch of crybabies who graduated from their teddy bears, only to take a bronze age story book as comforter. Nice way to go about life without taking responsibility. You are children, you do as you are told.
Well, now, shut up, the grown ups have to talk. Go play make believe in your corner, we have to decide how we make the world work. Meanwhile, you can invent all the tall tales you want about life after death, but do not disturb those actually preoccupied with putting food in everyone's plate and preserving peace on this planet.
Your imprecations are just the ravings of a child afraid to own up to his responsibility. You are just an offensive, obnoxious brat, who cleans up his snot in the drapes and messes up the plates of other people because he did not get his favourite meal. The only thing you deserve is scorn and a spanking. And no desert before being put to bed.

11/24/2015 6:29:34 AM

Doubting Thomas

Don't you get it by now? Pro-lifers only care about people BEFORE they're born, not after. Jeez, I thought everyone knew that.

11/24/2015 7:23:59 AM

Da Rat Bastid

"The life of unborn children is paramount."

See my previous post. There's no such thing as "unborn children", even according to your bible.

"Just because these 'mothers' had their chance to repent and accept Jesus' gift of Salvation..."

"Accept me as your one true Lord, or else suffer forever in Hell." That is your precious Nazarene's deal.

If this alleged "salvation" truly were a gift, there would be no "or else" since, by definition, a gift is given unconditionally. This alleged "salvation" is actually nothing more than an extortion attempt by the cosmic equivalent of a Mafia boss. That you dare call it a gift is an insult to the intelligence of not only me, but of everyone with more working brain cells than fingers.

Also, of what possible good was the whole "dying for our sins" thing if Jesus didn't even have the decency to stay dead? In previous decades, when political correctness wasn't much of a going concern, there was a derogatory term used to describe someone who gives a gift, but later takes it back: Indian giver.

Fortunately for everyone, this is all moot, since we're ultimately discussing a work of fiction here.

In the name of reality,
Da Rat Bastid

11/24/2015 7:25:53 AM


@Doubting Thomas
Everyone DOES know that, they're just too brainwashed by Christianity to understand. I mean, that's pretty self-evident.

11/24/2015 7:35:15 AM

rubber chicken

How about if you allow in only pregnant refugees and then deport their babies postnatally ?
Would that make you happy ?

11/24/2015 8:06:10 AM

Phil O'Macedon

Why are you looking at me that way? Oh, I said something repugnant and didn't even realize it- again!

11/24/2015 8:12:56 AM

Rob aka Mediancat

So no unborn child is a potential terrorist . . . so in 80 years or so terrorism will disappear from the face of the Earth?

I doubt your thought processes there, bucko.

11/24/2015 8:19:48 AM


Neither did your 'God': Hosea 13:16.

A time machine. Temporal co-ordinates set to a certain date. Spacial co-ordinates: Austria.

If you're as pro-Life as you claim, a choice: one life: Hitler's, or millions more in WWII?

A moral question based on the premise of the film "The Final Countdown": what would you do...?

All those American lives at Pearl Harbour. Your choice, 'prolife'(IQ)2.1.

@Pro-abortion Jerry

"The life of unborn children is paramount"

Hosea 13:16. Which means your 'God' is a worse-than hypocrite, thus he is a contradiction to himself, therefore you yourself have admitted that he doesn't exist. NEXT!

...oh, and there are drugs that can treat that God Complex of yours; even Joan of Arc could've been cured of what she actually had: Schizophrenia.

You're just a fucking loony, Jer. The Christian owner of a coach company ('Good News Travel') in my locale went loopy, his business went to the wall, and even his Christian shareholders had him sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Fortunately, his business was sold to National Express, the biggest coach network in the UK; 'GNT's vehicles were assimilated into NE's fleet, and fortunately the staff, drivers et al potentially facing unemployment were taken on by NE.

The CEO of National Express plc is an Atheist.

...and you're still a fucking loony, Jer. But then, you cannot spell 'Right-wing Fundamentalist Christainity' without the word 'Mental'. You just keep proving that, and why Secularism's star is on the ascendant.

Your ways are dying, Jer. And what we're seeing here by the likes of you are it's death rattles. Otherwise, why isn't the world exactly as you would wish it...?! >:D

11/24/2015 8:43:15 AM


@ Indicible
May The Goddess & God bless you....for they are nothing like Jerky's Demiurge! You are....

....Utterly DIVINE!

Like the lovely & very beautiful....

....I know you don't believe that spiritual stuff. Well, I don't believe the Divine exists as literal super-beings floating around, either. They're just archetypes. I'm a spiritual Pantheist. Matter, Psyche & Spirit are different aspects of one reality, which is one with Deity....but that's just MY world view.

11/24/2015 8:52:03 AM


Okay, and the unborn child was born, and 40 years later grew up to be the worst domestic terrorist since Timothy McVeigh. Huh. And it gets worse from there.

11/24/2015 9:10:14 AM


If you call yourself "prolife" but are obviously NOT, isn't that a lie? One of god's little nonos, on his list of Thou-shalt-nots? Life means all life, nationality irrelevant, or else the term is utterly meaningless. And according to your handy-dandy Li'l Black Book, it isn't life until they breath.

11/24/2015 9:13:39 AM

Insult to Rocks

Just you wait. The fetal suicide bombers will kill us all.

11/24/2015 9:18:44 AM



Princess Celestia = Amun-Ra/The 'Aten':

Also, Princess Luna as Diana/Artemis:

Your argument is valid. /)^3^(\

11/24/2015 9:18:58 AM


@ SpukiKitty

Well, as an atheist with pagan ethics I do not mind the ponies, there is place and mead for everyone in Valhöll. So, thanks for the compliment.

11/24/2015 9:42:04 AM


But they are potential terrorist. As well as potential CEO, lawyer, Muslim, Pagan, atheist, Christian, etc.

And Jerry shows up, makes god look evil and tyrannical giving unbelievers reason not to follow his god yet again. So far

1) every other belief system is satanism. Thus the Nine Noble Virtues are satanic. Living well and respecting life and considering it as precious (and for some of us treating it as a soul) is satanic. Living the best because this is our only life is satanic. All according to Jerry

2) god sends the unborn to hell because they had not been able to accept Jesus. So they're sent to hell. So much for god being just.

3) he knows little, if anything of his own Bible. He even has mistaken it for a Qu'aran.

4) he tells us Jesus hates us not thinking this gives us yet even less reason to follow his god.

5) he has often referred to "false Christians" even though many are a compliment to Christianity and do far better as proselytizing than he ever did.

Seems he is either a horrible failure of a Christian or a troll.

11/24/2015 1:09:50 PM

Ultimate Paragon

Proof that not all of Tumblr's extremists are left-wing.

11/24/2015 1:42:28 PM

Da Rat Bastid

"Seems he is either a horrible failure of a Christian or a troll."

11/24/2015 1:48:56 PM

common sense pls

Wait a second, you don't know that fetus isn't going to grow up to be the new Unabomber. Let's be careful with the word "potential".

11/24/2015 2:19:54 PM

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