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TULSA, Oklahoma - Controversy is still brewing around Tulsa's upcoming Veterans Day Parade.

A group in our area that supports the Confederacy said that it was not allowed to join the event this year, and now it plans to file a formal complaint against the city.

The group Confederate Veterans Lives Matter wanted to be part of Wednesday's parade, flying their Confederate flags, but the committee said no.

The group called it unfair, but parade organizers said they have rules that weren't being followed.

Arlene Barnum and Allen Branch, with the group, are hoping to get answers from City Hall.

They had planned to add their float to Wednesday's Veterans Day Parade to honor what they said is an often-overlooked group, Confederate veterans.

"Just a regular old float, have the Confederate flag up there like we have mounted on our trucks, and have some people on the float, and wave our flags and have some visibility," Barnum said.

The Confederate Veterans Lives Matter formed this summer after hearing South Carolina banned the rebel flag.

The parade would have been their first opportunity to showcase their cause to the public, but they claim the parade's leaders turned them away.

Branch said, "I'm here for, to get a Confederate Veterans Float in the Parade, and he said, 'Well, you're in the wrong building.'"

But parade organizers said Confederate Veterans Lives Matter didn't follow the proper guidelines.

For one, the group tried to submit an application merely a week before the parade, much too late. On top of that, the committee said it does not allow any group that pushes its own personal agenda, and it believes "Confederate Veterans Lives Matter" is a political message in itself.

The group is planning to file a complaint of discrimination, saying the parade accepted a Muslim group, the Council of American-Islamic Relations, but never gave them a chance.

Confederate Veteran Lives Matter, News On 6 (KOTV) 37 Comments [11/14/2015 4:12:18 AM]
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Princess Serenity

edit: oops, reading comprehension fail

11/14/2015 4:59:42 AM


I'd like to see a confederate veteran who could actually March in that parade.

11/14/2015 5:34:43 AM


Aren't all the confederates dead from old age though? How could they march in a parade anyway?

11/14/2015 5:49:47 AM


An "OFTEN-overlooked group"? Hell, you just now FORMED the damn thing! Prepare to be overlooked some more.

11/14/2015 6:03:11 AM


Whoa! You Americans are much more long -lived than I thought...Us Finns are quickly running out of war vets, and the last war ended only 70 years ago!

11/14/2015 6:11:56 AM

Da Rat Bastid

"Aren't all the confederates dead from old age though? How could they march in a parade anyway?"


No matter what someone thinks of the CSA, or of which side should have won the Second American Revolution (for that is what the American war of 1861-1865 was; a true "civil war" is fought differently, with different objectives than this war had), the fact is indisputable that everyone who was old enough to remember that war (let alone fight in it) is long gone, so no, their lives no longer matter.

11/14/2015 6:17:44 AM


I think they mean that there veterans and they are confederates(?) In my opinion, thats a fucking betrayel to everything the US government and military stands for.

11/14/2015 7:07:29 AM

Doubting Thomas

The group Confederate Veterans Lives Matter

Do they realize exactly how stupid this sounds? A veteran of the Confederate army would have to be at least 165 years old.

what they said is an often-overlooked group, Confederate veterans.

Because they're all dead for one, and secondly, they were all traitors.

11/14/2015 7:33:13 AM


Why would we honor veterans of a country that declared war on the United States?

11/14/2015 7:35:06 AM


A group in our area that supports the Confederacy said that it was not allowed to join the event this year

Nazis aren't allowed to parade in Germany, either. A bunch of people attempted an armed insurrection against the constitutional government of the United States because they wanted to keep black people as slaves to pick their cotton for free. And now some people want to "showcase their cause"? What cause? Their cause is dead. They made war against the United States and lost. People aren't going to have sympathy for a group that still thinks the insurrectionists were right and wants to continue the argument. If you're an American, put the anti-American, anti-black Confederate flag away.

11/14/2015 7:47:53 AM


I'd allow them to enter as long as they are prepared to participate in a civil war reenactment with real bullets.

11/14/2015 7:52:34 AM


Confederate veterans are dead though...

11/14/2015 8:23:34 AM


Perhaps the Council of American-Islamic Relations supplied their application in time?
American-Islamic Relations sounds like its "agenda" is cooperation, acceptance, equality; the very opposite of a personal agenda.

Muslim is a religious affiliation, Confederate was the losing side in a long-ago war over whether it's OK to profit on owning people or not. There can hardly be any veterans left alive to honor...

11/14/2015 8:41:52 AM


Question: Did they fight in the US Civil War, for the Confederates...?!

...oh, and - according to a 'Fly on the Bulkhead' documentary I saw several years ago - there's a weapons officer on board the USS Abraham Lincoln who is a Muslim. NEXT!

11/14/2015 8:46:52 AM


If you can get official support from an actual Confederate Veteran, you can have your float.

11/14/2015 8:51:03 AM

Insult to Rocks

Confeterate veterans already did get honored, alongside their Union opposites, back when they were still alive. Veterans day is for living veterans, Memorial day is for the dead.

11/14/2015 9:16:37 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Confederate vets. Now that's longevity.

11/14/2015 9:19:29 AM


Okay, guys! You can have your float....and I'll have my float dedicated to Benedict Arnold and Martin James Monti!
Also, there's no Confederate vets alive today, so why should you care? This isn't about honoring vets (even ones from treasonous groups). This is about annoying sane people who believe in equality.

11/14/2015 9:28:35 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

Do these people not realize that his is exactly like if CAIR made an al-Qaeda float?

11/14/2015 9:39:25 AM

Well, it would be a show to see centenarians marching

11/14/2015 9:47:11 AM


In a way, this is a logical next step from the uncritical adulation for veterans and the military that has become the only acceptable opinion. Since the causes for which the military fights are immaterial, why isn't a confederate veteran equally praiseworthy? Perhaps this explains why so many ardent fans of our military also appear to favor the confederacy and the "Lost Cause."

Of course, the same logic would support allowing a Nazi float, but that's different, because we are Americans.

11/14/2015 10:09:45 AM


White supremacists should ask themselves why they are to ashamed to state their true opinions out loud.

11/14/2015 11:10:53 AM


I'm pretty sure that it's a crime to dig up bodies from graveyards, and second to necrophilia, using those corpses of dead soldiers to support your nowadays political cause is a pretty damn sick use of grave robbing.

11/14/2015 11:41:27 AM


Elsewhere, the "Sons of Confederate Veterans" do have parade floats and piss off real veterans.

11/14/2015 11:56:59 AM


Well, one reason your group may not have been allowed to join the little soiree may have been that your veterans did not fight for the U.S.A. They fought for a foreign government. As a veteran myself, I'm not so sure I would want to have groups representing the military members of Paraguay, Slovakia, the Confederate States of America or Mexico participate in a celebration intended to honor U.S. military veterans.

11/14/2015 12:20:29 PM

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