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(on a story about a gay couple settling with a clerk who refused to issue them a marriage license due to her Christian faith)

I'm sorry this poor woman was forced to be in contact with such reprobates. In the interests of her own health, I hope the homosexuality choosers didn't touch the clerk when they got their license, and that she disinfected the area after they left... because male homosexual choosers are notoriously diseased. Here's hoping these wayward men stay obsessed with their lust for each other, and leave little kids they like to hunt alone.

SoundMind, Christian News Network 23 Comments [8/21/2015 3:01:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 25

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The poor woman shouldn't work for a job that requires her to set her faith aside if she can't do it. The only one choosing is her.

They want to be married they might want kids but they might not. You don't know that. They just want the same rights a straight couple has.

And if they do want kids you don't know that they want to abuse them. If they do have some sinister purpose in mind then I hope they are caught and jailed. But being gay and wanting to raise children is not a crime in and of itself, no matter how badly you want it to be.

8/21/2015 4:06:34 PM



8/21/2015 4:16:39 PM


Your name is either a Poe or a lie. Pick one.

8/21/2015 5:15:33 PM


Please be a Poe.

8/21/2015 10:15:09 PM


Dehumanising speech like this led to the Holocaust. Some Christian.

8/22/2015 1:19:03 AM


I'm sorry this commenter does not know any gays.

8/22/2015 2:29:58 AM


You sound like a 10 year old kid: "Don't touch them, they got cooties!"

8/22/2015 3:12:17 AM


The government, local, state & federal, should send out a questionaire to civil employees, asking them if they have any "faith issues" or "crisis of beliefs" that would prevent them from doing their job in serving the public equally. If they're honest and say yes, then tell them that k you fir your service, here's a severance package, seek employment elsewhere. If they lie and then refuse service to someone they think I icky, they should fired on the spot, no benefts, don't pass go.

If they are earning a living off of tax payers, they damn well better serve them with a smile. If serving someone different from them causes the vapors, maybe they shouldsee if their church has a job for them.

8/22/2015 6:19:59 AM

Thinking Allowed

Along that note, I hope that clerk disinfects every time she goes shopping, handles money, orders off the menu at her local sit-down restaurant, and puts gas in her car. After all, how many homosexual people touched various objects during the course of the day that she also touched.

8/22/2015 8:36:19 AM


Nobody gives two shits about her Christian faith. I don't expect the lady in the line at a grocery store to refuse me service because she's Hindu and I don't share her faith. Why not? Because she's paid to do a job and I'm a customer.

8/22/2015 8:55:23 AM


Gays have cooties now. Hahahahaha! Fuck me, you people are even more childish than I could ever have imagined.

8/22/2015 9:54:25 AM

Demon Duck of Doom

Gay skin is no more or less filthy than other human skin.

EDIT: Fixed some wording issues.

8/22/2015 12:38:40 PM

Old Viking

It's discouraging to know that people like this wander our communities freely.

8/22/2015 5:16:58 PM


Yeah, yeah. Go back to 1940s India.

8/22/2015 11:15:43 PM


I hope this moron never touches anyone. They might catch her fundie.

8/23/2015 7:27:10 AM

You never put a foot in Pasteur instituye, for sure

8/23/2015 7:47:45 AM


Yeah, gay men totally have the cooties...

What are you, 6?

8/24/2015 12:17:47 AM

Doubting Thomas

Yeah, you don't want to catch the gay cooties.

8/24/2015 8:41:55 AM


Sadly, she is not a poe. She's just a cunt.

8/26/2015 6:41:50 AM


WOW, this is something else. It's actually kind've scary people actually think like this.

8/26/2015 7:14:43 AM

Goomy pls

And the woman is the correct one here? DARVO taken to its logical extreme.

9/14/2015 10:24:10 AM


You know, SoundMind, i'm pretty sure homosexuals wouldn't want to touch you, but that's because you're frothing at the mouth screaming about how THE LAWD HATES SINNERS

9/15/2015 10:44:49 AM

SoundMind does not have a Sound Mind

7/14/2017 8:51:54 AM

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