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You guys are bi-polar. One minute you complain about God for not doing anything about the evil in the world. And when he does do something about the evil in the world. He get call out for it. Make up your minds you big babies.

sweetride, fstdt comment 38 Comments [8/3/2015 2:36:28 AM]
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And when he does do something about the evil in the world.

Remind me, when was that?

8/3/2015 2:45:15 AM


You'd think an all powerful, all loving being would have made it so evil never existed...

But I guess that's just the price we pay for our great, great, great, great ancestors fucking up once, right?

8/3/2015 2:45:31 AM


You mean when he misses and hits people in Asia when he's aiming for Europe? When he drowns thousands of kids when he's pissed off at American cities? Yeah, that's not doing anything about evil. That's just a petulant little child throwing his toys out the cot because people don't give him all the attention.

Doing something about the evil would be stopping child porn and molestation and exploitation, stopping murders and rapes, genocides and dictators, famine, hunger, death and disease. Stopping the horrible way his own followers go crazy and slaughter for the lulz. Don't see that happening.

8/3/2015 5:09:45 AM


Sweetride believes that ordering the deaths of the Amelekite children was God doing something about evil.

8/3/2015 5:20:30 AM

Doubting Thomas

It's called "hypothetical." We don't really believe your god exists, but we don't want to have to type "If God exists..." every time.

And the main problem when God "does do something about the evil in the world," it's usually sending tornadoes to wipe out bible belt towns for people being gay in San Francisco, or sending earthquakes to Japan to punish secularism in Europe.

If there is life on other planets, I really hate to think of what terrible calamities they are suffering for our sinful behavior here on Earth.

8/3/2015 6:34:45 AM


He's your invention. Why don't you go back to the drawing board and build a better god next time.

8/3/2015 7:21:09 AM


"One minute you complain about God for not doing anything about the evil in the world. And when he does do something about the evil in the world. He get call out for it."

The Jim Carrey film "Bruce Almighty". Also the upcoming Simon Pegg film "Absolutely Anything": 'What Ifs'.

Question, Weetryhard: What would you do if you were God?

Because, as proved with your 'God' hardening pharaoh's heart, there is no such thing as 'Free Will, therefore I would completely erase the whole concept of Evil from peoples' minds; 'Thou shalt not KILL'*, and all that jazz.

An ultra-easy question for me to answer. So what's your - and his - excuse?


'Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too.'

-"Imagine", John Lennon

*- Hosea 13:16. Those Samaritan unborn, who had done nothing to your 'God' at that point in time, to warrant their terminations. Ergo, God IS Evil. [/Isaiah 45:7, Amos 3:6]

8/3/2015 8:05:11 AM

Causing earthquakes in asia, killing thousands, just because homosexuals get married in the US isn't punishing evil at all, jackass.

It's just a spoiled child stomping some random ants because he didn't get his way for once.

8/3/2015 9:17:21 AM


The use of the term bi-polar here represents the average American's comprehension of mental health issues, and helps explain why our police frequently shoot the mentally ill.

8/3/2015 9:39:48 AM


Still resentful of the use of Bipolar here. And still not sure what, exactly, the Creator is doing about the evil out there. Pretty sure doing something about it is our job.

8/3/2015 9:43:59 AM


That's not what bi polar means. And anyway, most of us are atheist/agnostic here so it's all hypothetical.

8/3/2015 10:38:32 AM

Hasan Prishtina

1) Learn what 'bipolar' means.
2) It's not so much complaining about God as complaining about the claims made for God by religious texts and their followers. If you crow about God helping you to find your car keys while others are dying of terrible diseases, one is entitled to wonder a) about God's priorities, or b) about whether the claims for God's glory made by his followers stand up to scrutiny.
3) You'll have to give an example of what you mean by "when he does do something about the evil in the world."

8/3/2015 11:40:10 AM


@nazani14, Azereaux

...or Weetryhard has an aversion to arctic ursines that swing both ways. Bi-polar! X3

8/3/2015 1:35:47 PM


He sent hurricane Katrina after sinful new Orleans yet pretty much missed the French Quarter. He needs to work on his aim.

8/3/2015 2:09:02 PM


He could prevent it like a reasonable authority figure instead of causing more destruction like the dick he'd have to be (provided he existed).

8/3/2015 2:39:07 PM


When he does do something it gets worse. Read your Bible. He kills most of the world. Gladly the Bible is false. However god could do more. Assuming he is real

8/3/2015 4:58:43 PM

Old Viking

God doesn't have an ant-evil mode. Inaccurate wrathfulness is about the best he can come up with.

8/3/2015 5:40:59 PM


"And when he does do something about the evil in the world. He get call out for it."

You yourself have tried to justify various genocides God called for in the Bible by claiming the targets "deserved" it, simply because God said they did.
Or, for a non-you example off the top of my head, a certain crazy archbishop claiming that ebola outbreaks in Africa - one of the most homophobic continents in the world - are a punishment for tolerating homosexuality, while the much more accepting Europe is let off scott-free.

We call your God out for hypothetically doing something about the evil in the world because he fucking doesn't. All he does is prove how much more evil (and petty) he is than they could ever be.

Also, good job on immediately giving up with the whole "never coming back" thing I recall you said before.

8/3/2015 6:36:54 PM

Goomy pls

Maybe, just maybe, Ronald God just isn't doing it right.

8/3/2015 11:11:20 PM

rubber chicken

God's problem is, he's using a Geocentric model, which explains why his aim is off.

8/3/2015 11:19:16 PM


When has he ever done anything about evil? Those stories of mass murder and omnicide in the OT? Saying "I can do better than that" and one-upping evil acts doesn't constitute a positive resolution.

8/4/2015 11:49:55 AM


And when he does do something about the evil in the world. He get call out for it

Unless you mean the flood, which was 90% innocent people dying, you'll have to remind me when your god got off his all-powerful ass and did a damn thing.

8/4/2015 8:48:31 PM

Exterminating Maalakites is not making something for the evil in the world. It's evil

8/6/2015 7:43:12 AM


You guys really are.

9/9/2015 3:22:10 PM


People like you are of the devil. Away from me you evil spirit.

9/9/2015 3:28:58 PM

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