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"Christianity" is following the commands and teachings of Christ and His apostles, which are counter to killing ANYONE. Hence, your claim that "Christianity has killed more people than any other religion in world history" is utter bunk. The Roman apostasy, which is the antithesis of the teachings of Christ and His apostles, is responsible for millions of deaths, to be sure, but let's not forget about Islam, which has AT LEAST butchered as many people as the so-called "Catholic church."

Here's another thing--if a "Christian" kills "in the name of Christ," he is an apostate, because he is disobeying the commands of Christ. If a Muslim kills "in the name of Allah and His prophet," then he is OBEYING the commands contained within the Quran and the Hadith.

John Beam, Christian News Network 33 Comments [7/31/2015 2:51:38 AM]
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I am a true Scotsman.

7/31/2015 3:04:51 AM


This based off your long study of the original text in it's original language, right?

'Cause it sounds like you're talking out of your arse.

7/31/2015 3:11:50 AM


No True Scotsman FTW

So every time a Xtian kills someone, they immediately become an apostate and don't count. Neat trick if anyone is gullible enough to buy it.

7/31/2015 3:24:58 AM


Are you a Mennonite, an Amish, a Quaker? Because if you are, you are talking out of your arse, but I'll listen politely. Otherwise you're a damned hypocrite whose face desperatly need percussive remodelling.

7/31/2015 3:40:46 AM


Funny that. It tends to be the Protestant evangelicals that are most in favour of bombing dark skinned foreigners and torture.

7/31/2015 3:47:51 AM

Hasan Prishtina

If the Catholic church apostasized for killing people in the name of Christ, then Protestants also apostasized for conducting the Religious Wars in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. You also seem to be forgetting the words of Jesus in Matthew 10:34: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

7/31/2015 4:21:37 AM

Mister Spak

Mormon is the real religion.

7/31/2015 4:59:22 AM

Say what?

So, John, did you follow Jesus' command to give up all your belongings?

7/31/2015 5:51:14 AM

Doubting Thomas

$100 says that John is also a strong supporter of the U.S. military and is pro-death penalty.

If killing someone makes you not a Christian, then why does the military need chaplains?

7/31/2015 6:06:23 AM

Goomy pls

Islam and Christianity have both been violent and damaging--in my opinion, Christianity more so historically. Both holey books have commands for and against killing, so anyone who stakes any position on killing whatsoever based on the books is cherry-picking. Call it "exegesis" or "progressive revelation;" it's still cherry-picking.

7/31/2015 6:07:43 AM

Thinking Allowed

Chances are John barely opens his bible and has never seen a Qur'an.

7/31/2015 7:35:33 AM


Oh, I'm not gonna bother to look up the biblical commands to kill people, but I'm sure someone will find them for you. You seem to think yourself capable of speaking for both the bible AND the Koran now, but since you got the bible wrong, I don't think I'll trust you on the Koran either.

7/31/2015 7:38:43 AM


On one hand, I agree that murdering, witch-hunting & pogroms are very un-Christlike & un-Christian behavior.

However, the OP is an idiot because the Roman Catholic Church is a Christian Church Denomination. The whole thing is stupid!

Abrahamic religion is by it's very nature, Patriarchal & violent. Much of the N.T. may be an exception but even then, there's the gruesome imagery of Revelation.

So much wheat & chaff to separate. Too tiring. Better to be a Mod-Pagan, Deist, Agnostic or Atheist......Or at least apply the "Demiurge" concept to all faiths and ignore the passages that are Demiurgic.

7/31/2015 8:15:16 AM

Insult to Rocks

Your entire religion is based around a man's sacrificial death. You don't get to play the peace card after that.

7/31/2015 8:26:03 AM


If it looks like a murderer carrying a Christian banner, and quacks like a murderer carrying a Christian banner, well, I'm pretty sure it's not a Buddhist.

7/31/2015 8:34:06 AM


The old "let's redefine the word 'Christian' to exclude anyone who does anything that embarrasses us."

7/31/2015 8:40:43 AM


The Quran and the Bible are both saying very similar things, as they are both religious books within the Abrahamic religions. "Allah" is merely the Arabic word for "God", like "Dios" is the Spanish word.

There are people of both Christianity and Islam, and Judaism too, who interpret the scripture to mean that they ought to kill dissenters, like gays, women adulterers, witches, unruly children, unbelievers, etc. All three groups are seeing themselves as OBEYING the commands contained within the Quran/Bible/Torah/Talmud/Hadith/etc. All three groups have people saying that "No, the scripture does not mean it like that; they are apostate".

7/31/2015 8:51:01 AM


Be careful how you denigrate the Catholic church. Your religion had to start from somewhere.

7/31/2015 9:20:50 AM


You might want to read your Bible and see what god commands his believers to do. Also you might want to read a Qu'aran and compare to Old Testament. And this seems way too convient that they are suddenly not Christians though they did what they did in the name of Christ.

7/31/2015 9:47:59 AM


Well then. I guess that just proves that Jesus was either a myth or a liar seeing as NOBODY can actually lived up to the standards he preached. Several of his and Revelation's prophecies talk about what will happen to Christians, after all, including that end times persecution you all cream your pants over. So it looks like you'll have to give up screeching about non-existent persecution, too.

7/31/2015 10:18:06 AM


If Protestants haven't killed as many people as Catholics have, they can't be far from catching up.

7/31/2015 10:26:43 AM


let's not forget about Islam, which has AT LEAST butchered as many people as the so-called "Catholic church."

The Tu Quoque ("you, too") Fallacy: Defending oneself by accusing someone else of something as bad or worse. It's a fallacy because whether someone else is guilty of a similar thing is irrelevant to whether the original accusation is true or false.

7/31/2015 12:32:09 PM

"the commands and teachings of Christ and His apostles, which are counter to killing ANYONE."

If you believe that, you aren't following your bible. So Christ isn't god? What about that trinity thing? What about the "I and my father are one"? I thought they all (father, son, ghost) were god. Are you saying god didn't command all of the genocides in the OT? Are you saying the entire bible is not the word of god? Are you saying god didn't command or perform any killing in the bible?

"If a Christian kills "in the name of God," then he is OBEYING the commands contained within the Bible." The bible clearly sanctions and has been used by christians to justify killing followers of other religions, killing witches, killing those that commit adultery, killing homosexuals, killing women that aren't virgins on their wedding night, killing children that disobey their parents, killing those working on the sabbath, killing those that wear mixed fabrics, killing those with tattoos, killing the Midianites, killing the Amalekites... Where do you think those killing abortion doctors and killing by bombing abortion clinics get their justification?

7/31/2015 12:52:12 PM


Everything this guy said is completely reasonable, RIIIIIIIIIIGHT up until that last sentence, which is blatantly false, as anyone who's read much of the Quran should know.

7/31/2015 12:59:36 PM


One just needs to read the Bible to see all those commands to kill. Kill the gays. Kill adulterers. Kill the disobedient. Kill the unbelievers. It's almost like reading the Quran.

7/31/2015 1:25:14 PM

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