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On Tuesday, GOP state Rep. David Moore introduced a draconian bill in the state legislature that would amend the state’s indecent exposure laws in a way that would turn Montana into a puritanical society that the Ayatollah of Iran would be proud of.

HB 365 makes it illegal for a person to knowingly expose,
any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region or exposes any device worn as a cover over the nipple or areola of the female breast that simulates and gives the realistic appearance of a nipple or areola while in a public place or visible from a public place without taking reasonable precautions to prevent exposure, and disregards whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by the act.

In short, even wearing yoga pants in public would be outlawed. How do we know this? Because Moore specifically said so.

“Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,” he said according to the Billings Gazette after a committee hearing. Retired professor Walt Hill, who co-wrote the legislation, also made a statement.

“I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children and associates from degrading and indecent practices. I believe this bill is written preserving that reputation.”

David Moore , addicting info 31 Comments [2/14/2015 5:07:47 AM]
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I... I have no words.

2/14/2015 5:19:00 AM

Killed before it got out of committee, Moore claims it was a joke. Yeah, right.

2/14/2015 5:23:24 AM


Yeah, easy to claim it was a joke after it gets rejected by everyone with a brain.

2/14/2015 5:38:57 AM


Am I the only one that thinks that people should be even angrier with him if he actually was joking? It would mean he spent hours writing a bill then wasted valuable time and taxpayer money putting it to vote for his own amusement with no thought to consequence if nobody got the "joke" and let it through.

When covering your ass try to think of lies that don't make you look like even more of a tool.

2/14/2015 5:51:47 AM

Yossarian Lives

Tommy Wiseau claimed that The Room was a comedy after it got panned; it's easy to claim that your ideas are supposed to be humourous after you've put your ideas into the public sphere. Also, I second @Passerby's thought.

2/14/2015 6:07:47 AM


Montana is one of the three US states I can claim loyalty to.

This guy is saddening me.

2/14/2015 6:34:27 AM


So this idiot just fucked his own political career.

2/14/2015 6:34:33 AM

Hasan Prishtina

Ayatollah is a clerical rank and there are many of them, but let that pass...

A serious case of IS/Taliban envy.

2/14/2015 6:53:53 AM


What is so horrendously scary about the human body? My siblings and I took showers together when we were small, so we all knew how a body looked, whether it was male or female. Let's face it; they're not that different, really. There are men with breast muscles that are similar to breasts, and there are women with large clitorises that are similar to a small penis, and (almost) everyone has nipples. You do know that when a woman is cold, her nipples can become hard, right? No reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by the act of freezing in public, surely...?

So, no swimming trunks or suits at the beach any more? We should go back to bathing costumes like these:

Why not prescribe burqas for all, while you're at it?

2/14/2015 6:58:51 AM


Some joke, especially since the bill was co-written.

2/14/2015 7:04:54 AM


Don't stop at Yoga pants. Ask Davie all Pants are evil for women to wear.

Why not cover women from head to toe with only their eyes uncovered? Oh wait that's too much like the "enemy" for your taste.

2/14/2015 7:47:20 AM


I think I'll drive up to Montana when I'm out west this summer, and I think I'll be taking my entire collection of yoga pants with me.

2/14/2015 7:52:24 AM

Doubting Thomas

This is small government in action.

2/14/2015 8:15:15 AM


I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children

As opposed to a police state that tells people how to dress? Why does the GOP yell for less government, then turn around and support more government?

2/14/2015 9:19:44 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Oh it's a joke all right, just not in the way that Moore intended. It's a joke just like he is.

There must be something about the name Moore.

2/14/2015 9:45:56 AM


This is so poorly worded I can't understand what he's talking about. What "simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region" besides a theatrical prosthetic? Would a woman wearing a prosthetic after a mastectomy be jailed if it were somehow detectable?

Tight clothing, such as yoga pants, does not "give the appearance of or simulate" any naughty bits, with the exception of a few novelty t-shirts.

2/14/2015 9:53:23 AM


Smokescreen legislating.

How much corruption is going down that you have to be misdirecting actual concerns with shit like this?

“I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws,,,"

Then put some money into schools and health programs, get on the polluters and corruption in the police forces, follow through on Constitutional standards and keep the church out of governing.

2/14/2015 10:03:39 AM


But the minute same sex marriage is suggested these people shout tyranny.

2/14/2015 10:26:09 AM

Philbert McAdamia

“I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws ... and sheep must protect their own virginity from them.

2/14/2015 10:38:23 AM

Dan Onymous

I'm pretty sure no reasonable person would be offended by, let alone alarmed by, simulated pubic hair...

2/14/2015 1:04:54 PM


What Passerby said.

This guy is practically saying that he is either a bloody liar or that he wanted to waste vast amounts of the taxpayers' money instead of doing his damn job.

And is it just me, or are they not even trying to hide their "Taliban envy" anymore?

2/14/2015 1:22:46 PM

Goomy pls

I want to go to Montana someday, but if these guys keep up this wingnut streak, I may have to bring my money to Oregon instead.

2/14/2015 2:46:13 PM

The bill died in committee. Now Moore's trying to do a parody retcon:


2/14/2015 3:02:41 PM

Old Viking

Is there a lot of that exposing and simulating stuff going on in Montana?

2/14/2015 3:20:09 PM


David Moore, David Moore riding through the land,
David Moore, David Moore dum, dum, dum, da dum.
He writes stupid laws, to make us guffaw.
David Moore, David Moore, dum, dum, dum.

2/14/2015 4:11:02 PM

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