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Bundestag slams far-right AfD, reaffirms Holocaust remembrance
Parliamentarians minced no words about the right-wing populists' increasingly radical statements about Germany's dark past. The discussion was sparked by AfD calls to ban the Stumbling Stones remembrance initiative.

Bundestag slams far-right AfD, reaffirms Holocaust remembrance

Parliamentarians minced no words about the right-wing populists' increasingly radical statements about Germany's dark past. The discussion was sparked by AfD calls to ban the Stumbling Stones remembrance initiative.
Jewish people take part in a rally against anti-Semitism in front of the Berlin Cathedral (picture-alliance/dpa/B. Pedersen)

In a special discussion in Germany's parliament, the Bundestag, MPs underscored the country's commitment to remembering the Holocaust and the other crimes of Germany's Nazi past. The session was called by the Greens after increasing agitation from within the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party to end Germany's culture of remembrances.

Members of Germany's other political parties excoriated the AfD for insulting the memory of history's victims and using racist terms and ideas.

"You from AfD employ Nazi vocabulary on a daily basis and try to divide our society," said Green MP Konstantin von Notz. "These statements express contempt for humanity and are incompatible with the values of this house. You are growing more radical by the minute. You are in the tradition of the worst sort of people who brought death and shame upon this country."

AfD MPs tried to interrupt Notz's brief speech with catcalls and insults and were officially called to order. Speaking for the conservative CDU/CSU, Marian Wendt didn't mince words either in condemning the far-right populists.

"Democracy is impossible without a culture of remembrance because responsibility grows from memory," Wendt said. "The AfD treads upon the memory of the victims of the Holocaust. That's the lowest of the low. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Members of the Social Democrats, the center-right Free Democratic Party and the Left Party echoed those sentiments. The unenviable task of responding fell to AfD MP Marc Jongen.

"It was obvious that criticism of extremist incitement would turn into incitement against the AfD," Jongen said. "We are fighting against the elimination of the West. Sometimes in the heat of battle, individual voices have gone too far and strayed into the red area of distortion. We need to remember the crimes of the past but we shouldn't have a cult of guilt."

A pattern of increasing radicalism

The open session was sparked by a growing number of incidents in which AfD politicians, particularly on the local level, have attacked Germany's culture of remembrance and have flirted with racist and Nazi vocabulary.

In early January, the AfD leader in the eastern state of Saxony, Björn Höcke, derogatorily referred to the Holocaust memorial in Berlin as a "monument of shame." That and other statements by Höcke led moderates to try to ban him from the party - without success.

Saxony-Anhalt AfD head André Poggenburg has repeatedly used Nazi jargon and last week referred to Turks living in Germany as "caraway seed dealers and camel drivers." An official complaint against him for "incitement to violence" has been filed with the police.

And last week, AfD member of the regional parliament of Baden-Württemberg Wolfgang Gedeon called upon a local mayor to ban the laying of a so-called Stolperstein, or "stumbling stone," memorializing an individual victim killed by the Nazis. In a statement on his website, Gedeon dismissed Germany's culture of remembrance as a "dictatorship of memory." Late last year, twelve of the stones were stolen from a Berlin street in what police regard as an example of right-wing extremism

'Anti-Semitic, right-wing extremist politics'

Jewish groups have followed with concern the increasing expressions of hostility toward remembering the past.

"The attacks show that more and more people think they can now say out loud what they previously only thought for themselves," the vice-president of the International Auschwitz Committee, Christoph Heubner, told DW. "The right-wing populism represented in local parliaments and the Bundestag is behind this. Ennobled by (their success in a) democracy, people now think they can attack, discredit and ridicule sites of remembrance."

Stumbling stones continue despite AfD

The latest attack on the stumbling stones has caused particular outrage because of the special nature of the project. Since 1993, German artist Gunter Demnig has been laying small brass cobblestones with the names and dates of birth and death of killed under the Nazi dictatorship on sidewalks in front of the houses where they once lived.

As of April 2017, 61,000 stumbling stones had been installed at more than 1100 locations throughout Europe. The project keeps history alive in two senses. The stones remind people in their everyday lives and routines about the extent of Nazi genocide. And because private citizens, in particular school pupils, research the histories of the victims and play an active role in laying the stones, the project encourages people to learn more about the past.

Demnig is defiant about the right-wing populist attacks on his project in particular and the culture of remembrance in general. He says his initiative has more momentum than ever before.

"I always thought that interest would diminish, but it's increasing," Demnig told DW. "Attacks from the AfD were only to be expected, but I know that (the project) will continue."

Demnig was invited to Berlin for Friday's parliamentary debate but chose not to attend. Instead, he remained in the southern part of the country, where he was laying further stumbling stones. They are part of a lifelong effort to prevent people forgetting the millions of people butchered in the name of German nationalism and illusions of racial superiority.

AfD, Deutsche Welle 1 Comments [2/23/2018 4:24:43 PM]
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Why be nice when being nice doesn't matter?

Being nice just allows people to walkover you. being nice is the essence of the blue pill mentality

"he man that girl needed 5 bucks, its only 5 bucks im just being nice i would have done the same to a guy"(he wouldn't)

don't be nice. you'll still be assumed evil because you're ugly

TheVman, incels.me 3 Comments [2/23/2018 4:23:47 PM]
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Are you tithing? God deserves ten percent of your income – the more you give him the more he will repay you.

A young woman I know called me to say that she could no longer afford to tithe because of the cost of her daughter’s cancer medicine. I explained that she should stop buying the medicine and give that money to God. That lady thanked me for her advice and committed to saving her daughter through the most powerful medicine known to mankind: Prayer.

What a wise women. She understood that the only debt that really matters is our debts to our true father and creator Jesus.

NP, Nevada Patriot 1 Comments [2/23/2018 4:23:39 PM]
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From a Judeo Christian perspective, we are to honor our parents. Period. Even in cases of abuse. It is a hard truth. There is an epidemic in the United States, and ONLY the United States, of adult children dishonoring, disrespecting and emotionally murdering their parents. There is NO excuse. Our society is excusing and creating an entire population of ingrates and wounded elderly persons. Think about it. God put honoring your parents up there with not murdering, lying, stealing, committing adultery, yet our society, and even our churches are making excuses for this particular sin which in the top ten of commandments! Why is that? Why do people make excuses for this? The burden of HONOR is ONLY on children. I also believe this means ADULT children. Small children are to OBEY their parents. Adults are to HONOR. Of course it is going to be more difficult for some than others…but that is life. I personally know several adults who have been horribly abused by their parents and they CHOOSE to HONOR and RESPECT them. They are incredible people!

Of course it is easy to love the loveable…anyone can do that. Children have become spoiled, ungrateful, entitled little brats…and these are the ADULTS that I am talking about!

There is NO excuse to dishonor your parents. NONE. Honor your son and daughter is NOT in the top ten.

As I said, this phenomenon of disowning your parents and dishonoring your parents is epidemic only in The United States. We need to be asking ourselves why.

bgsawyer, Tina Gilbertson.com 1 Comments [2/23/2018 4:23:14 PM]
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Billy Graham Just Died and Went to Hell On February 21, 2018

How do I know Evangelist Billy Graham (1918-2018) went to Hell? It is because Mr. Graham taught a false plan of salvation. Instead of solely trusting upon God's righteousness, Billy taught that faith really meant following Christ. In a video presentation of a Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade in Oklahoma, Billy says:

The word “believe” implies commitment, surrender. It doesn't mean that you believe everything, or just anything—You believe in the person of Christ. And that word “believe” means, that you commit your life to Him. You're not trusting anything for your future. The little boy that I heard about. He said, “You know, this life is short, but from what I've heard, eternity is awfully long,” and said, “we better spend our time getting ready for eternity.” So when you come to commit your life to Christ, you commit your mind, you commit your emotion, you commit your will, you commit your body. The whole person is involved in this act of commitment.

SOURCE: https://youtu.be/C5cfCpzjJ3M?t=20m10s

Folks, that is NOT the Gospel!!! Is this not what the workers of iniquity did in Matthew 7:21-23? Remember, they preached in Jesus' name. They did many wonderful works in Jesus' name. They cast out devils in Jesus' name. They even called Him their “Lord.” This is exactly what Billy Graham teaches! He says that to be saved you must commit your mind, emotions, will, and body to live for Christ. This is NOT the free gift of eternal life, which is without works! There is not one verse in the Holy Bible that tells a man to turn from sins to be saved. There is not one verse in the Bible that tells a man to commit his whole person to Christ to be saved. There is not one verse in the Bible that tells a man to make a full surrender to Christ to be saved.

Billy Graham, in the same crusade, stated to 50,000 people in Red River Valley, Oklahoma:

But the great decision of total surrender to the total Lordship of Christ, you must make. In which you say, “I would like today to reconfirm my confirmation vows. I would like to reconfirm what was promised at my baptism.”

...God has a set of tapes, in which everything you've ever said, and everything you've ever done, and everything you've ever thought, is there, and will be played at the Judgment; but if you come to Christ, and surrender totally to Him, He wipes out the tapes, He erases the tapes, and no one will ever hear them. Even God forgets!

...But the choice involves a price! It cost God His Son. ...

Yes, and it's a price for you to pay too! Because when you come to Christ with all your heart, you must repent of your sin, and that repentance means change—change your mind and change your way of living! [emphasis added]

SOURCE: https://youtu.be/K3S9PmhPwo4?t=22m51s

What a son of a devil!!! Mr. Graham is sadly burning in Hell this moment, realizing how wrong he was, for believing that salvation required a personal price to pay! Billy Graham often talks out of both sides of his mouth, contradicting himself in his sermons. He is a two-faced preacher, a chameleon who changes colors to fit with the particular crowd he is influencing. My friend, if you think that you are required to change your way of living to be saved, or to confirm that you are saved, YOU ARE NOT SAVED!!!

Tragically, we've got a bunch of deceived pastors in our churches today, who are serenading the Devil's modern Bible versions, which agree with Billy Graham's damnable heresy! Case in point is the Easy-To-Read-Version (ERV) used by Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, and other horrible churches. Apostasy has crept into most churches today! Billy Graham is burning in Hell forever!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 1 Comments [2/23/2018 4:23:11 PM]
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jesus loved the demons more than the pigs and the pigs more than you...awwwwwwwwwwwww
: (
atheists were made from communists who were made by albert pike and other satanists wahhhhhh!
the blinding hatred comes from predestination. Jacob i loved but esau i hated. Two teams are being chosen: my team captain is Holy Father inventer of quarks and positrons, galaxies, and dark energy, your's is satam, the dust eater. problem for you, my dad is picking teams for both sides and chooses only his kids on our side, Holy nepotism. cloyed much? sorry not a drop for your tongue. thanks for the persecution, my 401J retirement account is sweet!

Demetrius Jones, Dwindling In Unbelief 2 Comments [2/23/2018 4:22:50 PM]
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Tom Hughes, Twitter 1 Comments [2/23/2018 4:22:48 PM]
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Bolded emphasis mine. Male dominance is the yang to female submissiveness. And male dominance hierarchies are a natural and healthy self-organizing behavior among young and old men. Hierarchies keep the peace and enable male cooperation for the greater good. Women and male shitlibs of womanly disposition don’t understand this inherent property of manhood because the former don’t compete to establish useful hierarchies and the latter are always on the bottom of male hierarchies and so seek to destroy them and the need for them.


Victimhood culture is the outgrowth of a feminizing (and feministing) nation. As our institutions have caved to the deluge of the Great Menstruation, boys have been severed from their innate biological predispositions, with no outlet of expressing their inborn male-ness. The result has been a massive retreat of boys from school and of men from public life, and a terrible overrun of our institutions by women, particularly women who harbor deep wells of spiteful man-hatred.


[Right here he's talking about bullying crackdowns restricting schoolyard fighting]

Great insight. The protection of the feminized State protects the tyrants from their deserved humblings at the hands of boys who are proud to be boys and not some twisted tranny genderfluid simulacrum of a male-thing. We’ve created a real monster in our zeal to defeat an imaginary monster.


This aligns with Jon Haidt’s moral foundations research which uncovered that liberals stress fairness and harm in their moral calculations, while conservatives place equal emphasis on all six moral dimensions (fairness, harm, liberty, authority, purity, and loyalty). What this means is that shitlibs are constricted in their world views, seeing all violence as against their notions of harm-based morality, instead of having the more nuanced moral view of conservatives who better understand that some violence is necessary to preserve societal health.


Social norms exist for a reason, even if liberaltardians don’t have the mental capacity to see those reasons beyond “Ugh, stop harshing my buttplug mellow, man!”. As we add more Diversity, we add more competing norms, and we take away more of the national cohesion that makes America a real country and not a bus depot for international frugalists and their buffer zone third world pets.


Liberals may be slightly better than conservatives on tests of abstraction, but I’ve normally found that conservatives are much better “big picture” thinkers than are liberals who are hidebound by their pinched individualistic morality to focus exclusively on short-term affronts to their lifestyles.


Conservatives rely more on their gut instinct, which is why they tend to lose media-framed sophistic shitlib “debates”, but also why they are smarter about foreseeing the downstream effects of social policies favored by liberals.


A rootless nation substitutes one form of social pressure — family and neighbors — with another form that accommodates the atomized existence — pressure from fake news media, entertainment, social media, and BIGCORP. It’s a malignant trade-off in the long run.

Diversity™ of course exacerbates rootlessness and the problems that come from population churn. White people constantly fleeing encroaching Diversity can turn an entire nation into a rootless mob of psychologically frayed zombies doped up on SSRIs and opioids.

It’s not a shock to learn that almost all the school shooters were taking anti-anxiety drugs. Cause and effect are hard to disentangle — it probably goes both ways in a vicious feedback loop of degenerating evil: rootlessness brings on the anxiety which is prescribed BIGPHARMA drugs which with chronic use mentally destabilizes the user and makes him more susceptible to the problems arising from rootlessness and social isolation.

We’ve got a long way to go to make America great again. Trump was only the opening salvo.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 0 Comments [2/23/2018 4:22:24 PM]
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After a lot of research, Ive come to the startling conclusion that Walt Disney and his company are secretly a sect of satanists.

I started noticing this when my cousin was watching Peter Pan the other day. she wanted me to look up the 'second star to the right' lyrics, so I did.

And I'll realized: It's all Satanic.

Here are the lyrics:

The second star to the right shines in the night for you, to tell you that the dreams you plan really do come true.

The second star to the right shines with a light so rare; and if its neverland you seek its light will lead you there.

Ok, nothing bad, right? Wrong.

The 'second star to the right' is talking about the morning star or LUCIFER. Plus, the star is the global symbol of witches and devil-worshipers. 'Neverland' refers to HELL, nad Peter is a child-stealing demon!!

And that's just one movie.

I looked up the rest of them, and re-watched a few. I'll just list some examples of blatant Satanism in the movies:

--In The Lion King, there is no God, and everyone worships their ancestors. that's blasphemy.

--in The Little Mermaid, Ariel goes around naked but for a sea shell bra!! That directly violates the bibles instructions to dress conservatively. its no wonder so many women get raped.

--Do I even need to start on Hercules? It says all the Greek gods are real. Again, goes wayyy against the bible. What if your kids start worshiping Zeus?

--The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the WORST. It makes Christianity look evil(The only Christian is the only villain!) and promotes Witchcraft. How could anyone not notice this any sooner?

--Mulan has the same ancestor worshiping crap that the lion king has.

--Beuty and the Beast makes it look like animals can be smart and equal to humans. That's just plain retarded. not to mention beastiality.


--Cinderella also encourages Witchcraft.

--Snow White is probably the least bad, but i havnt rewatched it yet to make sure.

--Sleeping beauty has fairies.

--A ton of these movies have talking animals, which also makes it look like animals are equal to humans. Don't kid yourselves, people, they're here to eat.

In addition, I found this website

it's about Narnia, whose movie Disney helped make.

I'll keep you updated on my research.

Anyone agree, or have anything to add?

xXiloveshoppingXx, Deviant Art 0 Comments [2/23/2018 4:22:11 PM]
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It looks like the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of America’s premier ethnic shakedown organizations, is running low on donations again. This week, they announced the new edition of their “hate group” list, a record of supposed white supremacist, far-right terrorist organizations operating in the United States. Most notably, Return Of Kings has been added to the list as a “male supremacy” organization, alongside men’s rights’ group A Voice For Men:

Also, for the first time, the SPLC added two male supremacy groups to the hate group list: A Voice for Men, based in Houston, and Return of Kings, based in Washington, D.C. The vilification of women by these groups makes them no different than other groups that demean entire populations, such as the LGBT community, Muslims or Jews, based on their inherent characteristics.

This isn’t the first time that ROK publisher Roosh has been targeted by the SPLC: in 2012, he was named in one of the organization’s “Intelligence Reports,” alongside A Voice for Men and my old site In Mala Fide. Roosh later cited the experience as the final push that moved him to the dissident right.

It’s clear that the SPLC is going after AVFM and ROK in an attempt to scare liberal old biddies into giving them more money, because their attack was sloppy and poorly-handled. For example, the SPLC claims that ROK is headquartered in Washington D.C., even though it’s a website with no physical address or full-time employees.

Most hilariously, the SPLC’s dossier on alt right figure Richard Spencer confused him with Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch, suggesting they outsourced the research to a stupid intern.

Having said this, the SPLC’s attack can’t be handwaved away. Much like the Anti-Defamation League, the SPLC’s purpose in naming organizations as “hate groups” or individuals as “extremists” is designed to incite violence against them. Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the left in America has become increasingly violent, and the SPLC’s list is a dog whistle to antifa and other groups with the intent of hurting or possibly killing Roosh and other targeted individuals.

How The Southern Poverty Law Center Fuels Leftist Violence

The SPLC, ADL, and other related organizations like to masquerade as legitimate news organizations who are merely calling attention to violent, anti-government extremists, but this is as far from the truth as possible. In actuality, the SPLC functions as an intelligence-gathering operation for antifa and other violent leftists, compiling dossiers on chosen targets with the implicit message of, “It’s okay to hurt, maim, or kill these people: they’re Nazis/misogynists/homophobes, after all.”

“Hate group” lists compiled by the SPLC have been used by leftist criminals in the past to identify targets for assassination. For example, in 2013, a left-winger committed a mass shooting against the Family Research Council after seeing them named by the SPLC as an “anti-gay” group. More recently, we’ve seen leftists openly going after Republican politicians and public figures, such as the attempted assassination of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise by Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson.

This is not the first time that figures in the dissident right have been targeted in such a way. Last summer, the ADL released a hit list of alt right and alt lite figures such as Mike Cernovich, Richard Spencer, and myself, with the purpose of inciting violence against us. In response, Cernovich and several other alt lite figures launched the #ADLTerror hashtag on Twitter with the intent of bringing attention to the fact that their lives were now in danger.
Lies, Damned Lies, And Lists

Moreover, the SPLC can’t even be consistent with the criteria it uses to evaluate “hate groups.” In response to their attack on A Voice For Men, ex-feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye (creator of the documentary The Red Pill) revealed that in 2016, the SPLC told her that AVFM didn’t fit their criteria for a group since they lacked an “official group policy,” due to the fact that AVFM was just a website and a forum. The SPLC has not yet revealed to Jaye why they changed their policy.

Regardless, it is clear that the international left is ramping up for a broader attack on the dissident right. While the alt right was the focus of much of the left’s ire last year, the movement has been weakened due to systematic deplatforming, failed stunts such as Charlottesville, and personality conflicts between its major leaders. As a result, the left now feels confident in going after sites like Return Of Kings that had previously been out of the line of fire.

Dissident right and alternative media figures should prepare themselves for an onslaught from the globalists in the coming months. With the 2018 midterm elections coming up and the Russia investigation in the U.S. unraveling, the left is looking to strike out at anyone who challenges their power or narrative. As the SPLC’s actions show, they are not above physically hurting or killing their enemies to achieve their goals.

Matt Forney, Return of Kings 0 Comments [2/23/2018 4:22:09 PM]
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I can guarantee you that this cable is only one of many – hundreds if not thousands – along these lines, so the effect from this particular one is not that important as it’s simply a part of a larger concerted effort.

The effect of this effort is pretty much the same as it is here in the US when these people organize to get what they want. First, they start hectoring people through their various forms of leverage, and in the beginning the people resist a bit, but through persistence you eventually arrive at little liberal power centers staffed by utter degenerates, moral midgets, misfits and assorted others who detest the native population.

After some time you have a budding San Francisco in some place like Prague or Riga, and the poor rubes never know what hit them.

It’s not really so great for America, because while we gain some allies among the muck, it makes us look kind of disgusting to the natives, much as big city liberal politicians tend to disgust flyover Americans.

Bill P, Unz 2 Comments [2/23/2018 1:04:06 PM]
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Of course I understand what you are saying, but can you not discern a potential difference between physical determinism, defined entirely by the aimless nature of scientific laws and material properties, and non-physical determinism which is driven by something outside nature and is not constrained by the uncontrollable forces of nature.

The enormous creative potential within every human being offers ample evidence that the driving forces behind this potential come from a source which is not restricted to the outcome of the aimless uncontrollable forces of nature.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 4 Comments [2/23/2018 12:52:10 PM]
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I can't help thinking about it when the gay community keep whinging for "equal rights". They don't want equal rights, they already have them. What they really want is to get their perversions legalized.

Mark, Patheos 22 Comments [2/22/2018 7:45:28 PM]
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Quote# 136839

Honestly this is why Incels ascend in studies. They NEED to force themselves to be good in academics if they want anything in life. Chad never has to because he'll be naturally okay and do decently. Incels who get the same grades as Chad in uni are probably much more likely to be better in their field (unless it's a social field).

Poor iqcels though.

ropecel, incels.me 14 Comments [2/22/2018 1:03:45 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 136831

Why do you boast in evil, O mighty men. The goodness of the LORD endures forever. But your tongues devise destruction, like a sharp razor, working deceitfully. You love EVIL more than good, lying rather than speaking righteousness. You love all devouring words, you and your deceitful tongue. GOD WILL LIKEWISE DESTROY YOU FOREVER; HE shall take you away and pluck you out of your dwelling place, and uproot you from the land of the living. The righteous also shall see and fear, and shall laugh at him saying, "here is the men who did not make GOD their strength, but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened themselves in their wickedness". But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God; I trust in the MERCY of GOD forever and ever. I will praise You forever , because YOU HAVE DONE IT; and in the presence of Your saints I will wait on YOUR NAME, for it is good. PSALM 52 The FOOL has said in his heart "There is no God" You have deceived yourselves. It is not too late to turn from this wickedness. Repent and turn to the Lord. He is FULL of mercy and forgiveness. You are resisting HIM! Think of righteousness, compassion, peace, joy and love. Call upon His name while it is still called " Today". DO NOT continue to harden you heart. Think of ETERNITY. You KNOW how this ends. DO NOT REGRET THIS FOREVER...."weeping and gnashing of teeth"

BannerOfTruth, /r/greatawakening 11 Comments [2/22/2018 10:36:36 AM]
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Submitted By: pyro

Quote# 136827

US State dept. bullying of Eastern Europeans – particularly compliant, obedient ones like Estonians and Latvians – was commonplace during the Bush and Obama regimes. They pushed homosexuality, diversity, tolerance — all the usual stuff. This included upbraiding the natives for not being nice enough to the Russians who invaded them in the 40s.

The US embassy even went to the trouble of helping organize gay pride marches in these countries.

Also, ambassadors typically hailed from a particular ethnic group that doesn’t happen to like Eastern Europeans very much. It’s pretty amazing the amount of abuse these people put up with from State, but perhaps that’s the point of power: you use it when and where you can.

Bill P, Unz 9 Comments [2/21/2018 7:20:38 PM]
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Quote# 136826

I was alerted to a potential bombshell in the de Jesus Cruz shooting story by Ricky Vaughn’s Gab feed (@Ricky_Vaughn99). David Hogg, one of the self-proclaimed survivors who made an infamous tape while hiding out in a closet during the shooting, may have been caught lying on tape.

The media is telling us David Hogg interviewed his classmate in a closet DURING the shooting. In this video, he clearly states the time as 9:30 A.M.


But, as the timeline from the Sheriff’s office shows, the shooting did not start until 2:21 P.M.


What the hell is going on here? These student activists are LYING to us.


Folks, I have archived the video, so they cannot get away with this.

We need the truth, the public deserves to hear the truth.


I am NOT saying this is a false flag. I am NOT saying that these are crisis actors.

I am saying that these student shitlib activists are LYING to us, and we need answers. The public deserves to know, just what the hell is going on?


Here’s what I think happened: They had a drill that morning in order to scare kids into gun control. During the drill, they made these videos.

Then, that afternoon, there was an actual shooter.

They lied and said, “we made these videos during the shooting.”

First of all, why did they lie to us?

Second of all, were FBI agents online posing as Siegetards and goading this idiot, Cruz, into doing a school shooting that afternoon?

That way, they would have all the video and students who were anti-gun activists and media-trained all ready to roll for their massive anti-gun psy-op.

David Hogg, who is the face of this group of charlatans posing as “concerned activists,” is the son of a prominent FBI agent. What the hell is going on here, folks?

If true, this whole post-shooting “march against guns” activist movement is a HUGE chaimstream media-driven hoax, probably financed by that agent of Satan himself, George Soros.

More suspicious details about David Hogg that lend credence to the claim he’s a hired crisis actor tasked with pushing a major social movement to repeal the 2nd Amendment:

Hogg works for John Podesta’s Center for American Progress
From that same link, an antifa member claims Hogg didn’t go to Parkland HS; he went to school with him at Redondo Shores HS in California
Hogg really is the son of an FBI agent

Most hilariously, Hogg is seen feeding shitlib boilerplate scripted lines to a “schoolmate” in a video “interview” he supposedly shot “during” the Cruz shooting.


The whole hacktivist clown show has the feel of a top-down, rather than bottom-up, managed movement. A BIG LIE. Who’s behind the scenes, funding and directing the show? (((Curiouser and curiouser))).

Crisis actors and false narratives. It’s not like the Degenerate Leftoid Mob doesn’t have experience recruiting kids to tell whoppers. Turning out an army of child soldiers to shill for the cause du jour is the Left’s specialty.

America is drowning in lies. This age of chaos and spiraling decline will end, but not before the globohomos have tried every gaslighting weapon at their disposal. When the truth outs, the rats scurrying for cover will be a marvel to behold.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 18 Comments [2/21/2018 7:20:16 PM]
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Quote# 136825

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Trump Derangement Syndrome: An American Epidemic"

(Note: no actual story follows, despite this being called "News Network" - only a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD0CYKK_mMo)

I wasn't going to watch this but based on the comment below I glad I did. She's funny and cool

Lady Checkmate:
LOL...I LOVED this video :)!!

Conservatively Unambiguous:
I'm crying

Lady Checkmate:
Hilarious, isn't it??

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Gay Mulatto used to say after a school shooting that “this just doesn’t happen in other countries”. Various leftoid media outfits picked up on it and the like-minded chaimchorus kicked into action, singsonging the Big Lie that mass shootings are a peculiarly America phenomenon. After the de Jesus Cruz shooting, NPR apparatchiks slipped into hysteria, challenging guests who were insufficiently anti-2nd Amendment with references to “this one study, and so many other studies if we had the time to cite them, that proves mass shootings only happen in America”.

Lies lies lies lies lies…all in service to the ultimate goal of disarming law-abiding White Gentiles who are the ONLY group in America capable of organized revolution against the globohomos.

John Lott already researched this issue, and concluded that the US, on a per capita basis, falls in the middle of the mass shooting pack when compared to European nations. Remarkable, considering that most European countries are….wait for it…”gun-free zones”.

The US is NOT uniquely violent in the world. Shitlibs are lying through their teefs.

The Leftoid Lie is even more pronounced when one controls for race. Nearly half of the mass shootings in the US between 1982 and 2017 were perpetrated by nonWhites, (and this number could go higher if we account for the disproportionate number of mischling mass shooters), which means that the native White mass shooting rate compares even more favorably to the mass shooting rates in European countries most of which are still predominately White populations.

So the next time one of these anti-White bigot haters sheds a Fake Tear…

…for the chillun, just remember that Chicago has had 60 murders by gunshot in 2018 to date, almost all of them the result of black-on-black or black-on-nonblack violence. Where are the Fake Soros-Funded Marches against the 2nd Amendment for all of those Chicongo murders?

America doesn’t have a gun problem; America has a n[REDACTED BY GOVERNING AUTHORITIES] problem. We need n[REDACTED BY GOVERNING AUTHORITIES] control, not gun control.

But this is a raw uncut truth that doublespeaking shitlibs…

…would rather hide from the public because it undermines their Get Whitey Narrative.

A conspiracist book written in 1991 by a former Naval Intelligence member gets much closer than the Gaystream Media to the truth behind the leftoid push for national gun control:

So far, the White middle class has held strong in defense of 2A. But the anti-Whites have turned up the heat following Parkland High, and the puppeteers and their puppets spy an opening to take on lawful gun ownership and mold the nation in their vision: an unarmed impotent babel of squabbling tribes rules over by a gated community elite.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 18 Comments [2/21/2018 7:20:01 PM]
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This is just sick and shows how far down we have fallen. We still have a way to go before we hit bottom.

Transgender issue is a weapon to change society norms and enact legislation facilitating LGBT access to potential sex partners, especially the mainstreaming of pedophilia and enabling sexual predators

The end result will be a NAMBLA pedo engaging in a homosexual “ relationship” with your 12 year old child and when you try to intervene YOU are the one that gets arrested and drug through a court system hostile to you and allied with the Pedos ( who will no longer be pedophiles, they will be lionized members of society exercising their basic human right to engage in beautiful, meaningful sexual relationships with your pre teen children)

We are almost there. A strong argument could be made that we already are there

rdcbn, Free Republic 15 Comments [2/21/2018 7:19:27 PM]
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While imprisoned due to the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Falun Dafa, I saw a frightening scene. The shocking vision sent me a clear message: only when we meet the required standards of a cultivator can we reach Consummation. I saw scenes in another dimension a little after midnight on December 31, 2007. Many people were gathered in a wide, open square. They were waiting for something. Some held flowers, some looked around, some were in deep thought, and some were discussing among themselves. A line of sapphire-colored buses was waiting outside the square. Each of the golden-colored seats had a big red number on the back.

Soon, those gathered in the square moved to open a path. Out walked Dafa practitioners who had reached the standards for the Fa-rectification period. They wore golden clothes with a number on the back. Each practitioner was young, beautiful, calm, and radiant. They walked to the coaches and took their respective seats. Practitioners who hadn't done well the three things and hadn't cultivated to the required standards also walked toward the coaches. However, an invisible line stopped them. When they got closer, the line gave out dazzling light. A stereo voice from another dimension called out: “He has not reached the standards of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. He has deceived the Lord and failed to fulfill his oath. He has not fulfilled his responsibility and mission to save sentient beings. Drag him out.”

Four Fa-guardian gods immediately came to the practitioner. Two pulled him by the arms and two by his legs to throw him back into the crowd. Those practitioners who were thrown out got up and ran toward the buses again. They were thrown back again. After several attempts, they gave up. They knelt and wailed with desperation. Some kept kowtowing until blood dripped down their faces. “Master, please give me another chance,” they begged, “Please give me another chance. I will do well this time for sure...” One practitioner kept pulling out her hair while knocking her head on the ground, “Master, I am not worth your care. You have given me so many opportunities, but I missed all of them. Why am I so hopeless...”

People surrounding them also ridiculed and looked down on them. This scene told me that cultivation is a very serious matter and that we must treat it seriously. There is a standard for Dafa disciples that applies to every practitioner when the cultivation period ends. In this last opportunity for cultivation, we practitioners must be diligent.

Unknown author, Minghui 3 Comments [2/21/2018 7:19:11 PM]
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I read today in the news[1] that singer Taylor Swift spent $13,000 to rent a bunch of sadomasochistic gear and clothing from a sex shop to make her “Bad Blood” video. That is so evil! The Scriptures teach that the Word of God makes sin EXCEEDINGLY SINFUL. That's why Luciferians (aka, Illuminati) have removed the Holy Bible from the public school system since 1963, that is, because they want children to grow up amoral, confused and ungodly. The Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:13b, “that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.” This is why the most important thing every child needs is constant preaching and teaching from the inspired Word of God.

Notice in our text verse above that God warns us about worldly thinking, which steers us away from Jesus Christ. Young people, Taylor Swift's ungodly music and music videos are not of Jesus Christ, they are preparing the world for the Anti-Christ!!! Miss Swift has openly shown her support for the reprobate homosexual community. Swift's song “Welcome To New York” has been adopted by the gays as their theme song. James 4:4, “ Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?” Homosexuality is a sin, an abnormal deathstyle, and a form of child abuse when adopted youth are involved.

The sexually suggestive videos of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus (aka, Hannah Montana), Adriana Grande, Madonna, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and hundreds of other sleazy entertainers are of the Devil. They have all signed Illuminati contracts with Satan! They've all sold their souls to do evil in the sight of the Lord. 1st Kings 21:20, “thou hast sold thyself to work evil in the sight of the LORD.” The reason why so many parents and youth tolerate the wicked filth of singers like Taylor Swift is because Americans no longer abide in the Word of God. Most people are not even born-again Christians. And so the spirit of the Devil works in them (Ephesians 2:2).

The Bible Warns About The Sin Of Lasciviousness!

As a grateful born-again Christian, although I admit I am far from perfect, I abide in the comforting promises of God's Word (Romans 15:4), and I see the wickedness of Taylor Swift's raunchy music videos (Colossians 3:4-5). The Bible uses a powerful word to describe Taylor Swift's sensual videos. It is the word “LASCIVIOUS,” which means “Driven by lust; preoccupied with or exhibiting lustful desires.” The following passage of Scripture practically gives us Taylor Swift's address...

Ephesians 4:17-20, “This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. But ye have not so learned Christ.”

If Taylor Swift has any guilt or conscience at all about her ungodly music videos, it's not enough to compel her to stop doing it. The Bible warns us about such wicked people, who are PAST FEELING, who have GIVEN THEMSELVES OVER UNTO LASCIVIOUSNESS, TO WORK ALL UNCLEANLINESS WITH GREED! Miss Swift's net worth as of 2016 is an astounding $280,000,000! Just as the Word of God warns us, Miss Swift has greedily given herself over to LASCIVIOUSNESS, TO WORK ALL UNCLEANLINESS!!! Throughout history, people have sinfully sold themselves to do evil for money! They are evil to the core!!! It is the love of money that fuels Hollywood and the sexually suggestive music industry. The love of money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL (1st Timothy 6:10).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 25 Comments [2/21/2018 7:18:14 PM]
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You can't ignore the vast amounts of evidence for the miraculous intercession of saints. I have personal experience of someone very close who has recently had a miraculous cure after asking for help to intercede from a deceased friend who was a very devout Christian.

Alan Burns, Religion and Ethics 12 Comments [2/21/2018 10:33:51 AM]
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That’s a highball of truth right there. The peculiar Jewish psychological profile of neuroticism coupled with psychopathy predicts this exact sort of behavior toward the majority culture. From a historical vantage, it’s incredibly short-sighted.

And we see this jewish predilection playing out in every imaginable way. Today, Jewish provocateurs assemble groups of child soldiers in Florida, following the de Jesus Cruz shooting, to agitate for gun control, which is really goyim control.

If the thesis that diaspora jews are most paranoid about a White Gentile uprising against them is true, then OF COURSE jews would want their Gentile hosts completely disarmed.

Yet instead of wisely reflecting on their own motivations and simmering resentments, jews prefer to take the moon shot of rendering the goyim toothless and impotent.

RIP Auster, you had a critical word or two to say about this blog, but you are honored here because your writing will be looked back on as prescient during a time of turbulence. You were one of the few jews who could cast a judgmental eye at the flaws and foibles of your own tribe. If only there were more like you in positions of influence.


Given that this post meandered a bit into the topic of gun control, a word from your esteemed host:

Trump should not concede an iota to the shrieking shitlibs on their “gun control” issue.

As sure as snide follows gay, that first tiny concession will lead to more concessions, and bigger concessions, until the 2nd Amendment is a historical relic.

This is because the goal of shitlibs is total disarmament of Heritage Whites. If it was about stopping violent crime, shitlibs would be all for effective methods like racial profiling and long prison sentences. But they aren’t. So they’re lying about their real motive.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 14 Comments [2/21/2018 12:17:58 AM]
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The irony is that people think science tells people to disregard their gut instinct, when it is in fact the engine behind all advances.

sickburnbro, Gab 8 Comments [2/20/2018 3:51:37 PM]
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