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[on the death of Charles Manson]

Here was a man who was deceived by Satan, and claimed allegiance to him to the nth degree, never repenting. How many of us have family members and dear friends who have done the same.........maybe not even close to the same degree, but even so, sin and the rejection of Christ? Shouldn't we feel remorse for him (and them) when they never get themselves right with God through the blood of Jesus? And, they go to hell for eternity?

I know for a fact that God is not pleased that Manson will now spend eternity in hell...........He wishes that NONE would perish. He made the way for us not to perish through His Son. He extends that to all people, regardless of the level of their sin. I am disheartened by the anger and lack of remorse shown here. God meant us to be better than this.

kathymendel, Rapture Ready 2 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Damned at Random

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Is sex with underage girls so bad?
Before we start, I don't mean 8,9,10 or anything younger than that. That is disgusting and wrong.
When I say underage, I mean 14, 15, 16, 17.
I mean, the way I see it, these girls are old enough to understand sex and the consequences. They're old enough to get behind the wheel of a car, why aren't they old enough to decide who they want to have sex with?
Lets take a COMPLETELY hypothetical situation:
I'm a 20 year old dude. I got to college, I got a job, a car, I might live with my mom or a friend, or I got my own 1 room shack or whatever. Lets just say I make friends with a 16 year old girl. Its innocent enough at first, but we one night shit gets steamy and we wind up makin' whoopy, and its completely mutual on both sides. Now, society and law would call me a sick perv, throw me in the slammer, and then make me stick a sign outside my house.
So my question is: Is this really such a horrible offense?

Alright. So a lot of people have been bringing up some cases like "young girls are immature and can't relate to older men, older men just want easy sex, etc etc." And while yeah, thats the case sometimes, its not ALWAYS the case and it shouldn't used as a reason to why two people can't date just cause they got a little age gap.
I had a friend who's parents had a BIG age gap between them. The mom was like in her late 40s, early 50s and the dad was around his mid 30s. Is the dad dating the mom just cause he's into older chicks? Did the mom just want some easy sex? No, it was nothing like that. It was two people who just GENUINELY had an attraction towards each other.
My aunt and uncle, same story, they got about an 8-11 year gap between them. Started dated when my uncle was like 20 something and my aunt was still in high school, like 15-16. Now they're married with children, with a huge house, and 3 cars. Think my uncle just wanted some easy poontang? Nope, nothing like that. Just a genuine attraction.
Age COULD be used as a GENERAL indication of maturity, but its mostly the person themselves that should be judged on their maturity, because theres too much of a variation. I know older chicks that still act like they're in middle school, and on the flip side they're plenty of young girls that KNOW THEIR SHIT.

toadthroat, pso-world 7 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:40 PM]
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. I'm in my late 30s and if saying I'd fuck a hot willing 17 year-old makes me a pervert in someone's eyes then that's their damage, not mine.

DrDeth, The straight dope 3 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:37 PM]
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Being sexually attracted to 16yo girls is not a Perversion. It's illegal to act on, yes, and it should be, but it doesnt mean you're a pervert. Let me put it this way: you are at a bank. You see a bank employee wheel a cart loaded with cash into the vault. Are you a sicko pervert if yu think "Man, I'd like to get my hands on that cash?" No. What's wrong is when you act on it. 16 yo girls are sexually mature. Some few are even mentally mature. You can even marry one perfectly legally in many states. But you cant have sex with one outside of marriage. If a 21yo man marries a 16 yo girl legally, is he some sort of pervert for consummating the marriage during the honeymoon?

Now, being a true pedophile is being a sick pervert. That's being attracted to a person who is not sexualy mature.

DrDeth, The straight dope 3 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:35 PM]
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Well- of course- the MAKING of hard-core child porn is harmful to the child, and is a heinous crime.

But then after that you get into waters where things aren't as clear. If the "kiddie porn" only involves nudity- no actual sex- it that harmful to the child? Some would say it's just our Victorian prudishness that says "the naked body is an obcene thing", an dthat "nudity is a natural and good thing".

I know one can argue that buying kiddy porn aids ands abets the person who makes it, who possibly wouldn't make it except for the chance someone would buy it. But since there were penty of sites where perverts would download for free their "work", it seems like a lot of the current kiddie porn swirling around out there isn't commercial in it's original purpose. Then again- if one doesn't buy it, but just looks at it- it's going to be hard to say that that hurts the child who was the victim.

It has been hotly debated- even here- whther or not simple "possession" of "kiddy" porn should be such a serious crime.

Note- I am not advocating "free kiddie porn"- I am just playing the "Devils Advocate" and pointing out that not all agree that "child pornography is a bad thing". It's a complex moral subject, not a simplistic one.

DrDeth, The straight dope 0 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:31 PM]
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Almost all people can recall exploring themselves sexually in private in their youth and not being harmed by it. It's not sensible to believe that such activities would suddenly and inexplicably become distressing somehow just because another person who happens to have been alive for more years than they becomes involved. It isn't reasonable to believe it's extremely likely sexual activity would cause harm. There is a power imbalance between children and adults in literally every possible way and yet children aren't harmed by all the other normal activities they do with their parents and caretakers.

What is undeniable about sexual activity is how enormously beneficial it is. It builds some of the strongest interpersonal bonds people are capable of making. For humans, making bonds with others is arguably the most important thing a person can do. Sexual activity is also beneficial because it's immensely pleasurable. And because being in a sexual relationship is one of the most universal of human experiences, familiarity of it from an early age with responsible and loving caretakers would better prepare them for the future and it would also cure much of the immaturity and unsafe behaviors that plague so many people's sex lives. The secrecy and embarrassment which surrounds so many people's sex lives is counterproductive to addressing public health concerns like unwanted pregnancies and STD's and sexual bullies and violent rapists. Raising children into a sexual culture that treats sex as the normal activity that it is and not with shame and embarrassment would enrich lives and allow for a more effective way of combating sex related public health concerns. As with all things that people do which benefits them, learning about it from as early an age as possible better prepares them for navigating our world. Laughing, walking, talking, reading, writing, mathematics...

All are good to do as soon as one is able, and sexual feelings and activities, something humans can experience from even before birth, are no different. If it was any other activity we were talking about that built powerful social bonds and was immensely pleasurable and better prepared children for the future and helped them to live safer, happier lives, it would be considered indispensable by parents and the community.

AetherApologist, reddit 4 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:28 PM]
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It doesn't matter how many medical professionals claim sex with children to be harmful. No matter how many people say something is true, if evidence and reason prove them to be wrong, then they are wrong. There is no evidence and reason to back up the claim that sexual activity with children causes emotional distress irrespective of cultural conditioning.You show me such evidence, and I'll change my beliefs. Can you even say what evidence would change your beliefs? If it were proven that the violence you are a supporter of is the reason why children experience trauma from harmless sexual activity and that sex acts themselves do not inherently cause any degree of emotional distress whatsoever by way of showing that when punishments are not present there is no psychological harm but that when punishments are present there is psychological harm, would you change your beliefs? If it were really true that you cared that children were harmed, you would not support punishments for having sex with children if it were proven that punishments were the only thing causing them harm.

Are you aware that many religions believe choosing the wrong faith can have permanently negative consequences lasting all of eternity? Can a child make an informed decision about that? In order to justify the claim that engaging in sexual activity requires informed consent and that children can't engage in sexual activity because of their inability to provide informed consent, it would need to be true that there is some feature to sexual activity that makes it importantly different from all the other things kids are brought to be involved in such that informed consent is a relevant requirement. There is no scientific investigation that can be performed to confirm or falsify the claim that sexual activity requires informed consent because the belief is a moral one; it's not a fact about the world that can be checked to see if it is true. Moral beliefs require consistency to be able to justify their application. You cannot apply a moral belief in one case and not in another for no reason. If children shouldn't be allowed to engage in sexual activity because they can't give informed consent, then explain what makes it different from all the other things they do for which you believe informed consent isn't needed. Don't just say it's different; explain yourself.

Are you aware there is a power imbalance in literally every conceivable way between children and adults, and yet that doesn't make all the other things adults do with children wrong? In order to argue that a power imbalance makes sexual activity with children wrong, it would need to be explained what makes sexual activity different from all the other things children are brought to be involved in.

Because all people, without exception, can recall being forced into doing various things as children against their will and not being traumatized from it, it is impossible to make the argument that I am wrong to claim that unless a child is forced into something to the point of unbearable anguish, they aren't traumatized for it. You don't need to be a psychologist in order to explain human psychology, and you especially don't need to be a psychologist in order to make this claim.
Approaching someone while armed with the intent to forcibly confine that person into a prison cell and shoot and kill them if they fight back absolutely is violence. You are a supporter of that for pedophile sexual activity. Sexual activity with minors is not violent. In fact it's undeniably beneficial to them. You are a supporter of violence for non-violent activities.
Don't unjustifiably punish kids and pedophiles, dude.

AetherApologist, reddit 6 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:25 PM]
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Sex with children isn't non-violent or harmless. Talk to the majority of victims of sexual molestation and ask them if they weren't emotionally harmed by the people who attacked them. There are small children who literally die from internal injuries after being assaulted by adults. Children usually don't have the knowledge or ability to protect themselves from STDs, pregnancy, or any other injury that might happen. Anyone of ANY age is usually negatively impacted by another person coercing sneaky, non-consensual sexual interactions on them. You can try and call it societal conditioning if you want, but this is the society you live in and neither children nor adults are going out of their way to endorse molestation.

I'm not convinced your last sentence contained an argument. It gives the appearance of explaining why my criticism of cultural conditioning is somehow irrelevant, but I fail to see what that explanation is. Are you saying my criticism is irrelevant because I live in the culture I'm criticizing? Why do you think that? Do you believe all activism is wrong because those who try to incite change live in the communities they are trying to change? And are you saying my call for change is irrelevant because no one is saying they want to be molested? I am not arguing to permit forcing anyone into sex against their will and so your criticism doesn't apply. You are arguing in the unimaginative way people do when they aren't interested in using reason to win an argument but instead only rely on outrage to bully the other party into feeling intimidated.
The way you dismiss my cultural conditioning argument gives the impression you believe all that matters is children are being harmed by sexual activity and it doesn't matter why it's happening. In order to justify criminalization of pedophilia for the reason that it doesn't matter if cultural conditioning is the reason why children experience trauma from sex, but that the fact trauma is caused is all that matters, it would have to be true that punishment for breaking this taboo is in and of itself sufficient a reason to criminalize it. Children are traumatized because of cultural conditioning. In what universe is threat of punishment for breaking a rule a good reason to punish those who break it? That's literally the same thing as saying pedophilia is wrong because it is punished. That's what it means when you claim societal conditioning makes sexual activity with children wrong.

You need a better reason to punish than just saying, "If you don't do as I say, you'll be punished." Cultural conditioning does NOT mean something benign like being taught the difference between right and wrong or learning about the "right" way to live through example. It specifically means punishment and threat of punishment. The specific claim I am making is children are traumatized because of the ultra severe punishments people suffer for breaking this taboo. If a child didn't show guilt and shame and fear and trauma, or some deep sense of wrongness for the sexual activity, but instead expressed positive feelings about it and a defiance to authority and of their condemnation of it, they would be punished harshly. And that punishment would get worse and worse as they got older until they became positively vilified and ostracized by society. They would be a pariah rejected by almost everyone they know. The punishments you are a supporter of is the reason why children experience trauma from harmless sexual activity.

If you are going to allow the accounts of people who report deeply negative experiences from sexual activity with a pedophile to inform your beliefs about the inherent harmfulness of it, then you are obligated to allow the reports of positive experiences to shape your beliefs as well. The reason why it takes hard work to find personal accounts of those who report positive experiences with a pedophile, and why almost all of them are anonymous, is because of the rejection and vilification people face from doing so. Anyone who gives a positive account of engaging in sexual activity with an adult as a child is treated with dismissiveness and condescension. They are belittled and treated as though they have nothing of value to say and they become a pariah. On the other hand, when someone says they had a negative experience, they are listened to and their opinion is valued. That is hypocritical. The fact that sexual feelings and activities are not inherently distressing in childhood, but that they are instead inherently pleasurable, is proof that you're wrong to believe it was the sexual activity which traumatized the people who give accounts of being harmed by a child molester. They were either forced against their will by a heartless and uncaring rapist, and possibly even injured in the process, or they weren't forced into sex acts but only later came to learn of the severe disgust and hatred everyone has for pedophiles, and so the sickening fear of being severely punished for not feeling a deep sense of wrongness caused the child to feel a deep sense of wrongness for the activities. It is systems of rewards and punishments that give humans their sense of right and wrong for whatever society they live in. But things aren't right or wrong simply because they happen to be rewarded or punished.

There is no stage during human development when a child cannot express willingness or unwillingness to be involved in whatever they're brought to be involved in. Physical injury would result in an immediate distress reaction and no responsible caretaker is going to heartlessly ignore cries of pain. It's already the case that parents and caretakers who fail in their duty to keep their children safe and who cause them harm due to negligence or cruelty are punished for it. And so you are foolish to believe sexual activity would result in internal injuries to a child.
Children do not need the knowledge or ability to protect themselves from anything. That's what caretakers are for. Children are protected on a daily basis from drowning and car accidents and abduction in public places. For the same reason there is no need to criminalize swimming and car rides and traveling through busy public places, there's no need to criminalize sexual activity in order to protect children from unwanted pregnancies and STD's and sexual bullies and violent rapists. There is no danger inherent to sexual activity that a responsible caretaker cannot protect their child from.
Children are forced against their will into doing a very lot of things, and yet they aren't traumatized for it. I'm opposed to forcing anyone of any age into doing anything ever, but apparently, unless a child is forced into something to the point of unbearable anguish, they aren't traumatized for it. Sexual activity doesn't possess any feature that makes it uniquely different in some important way from all the other things kids are brought to be involved in. You are unjustified in your support of violence for non-violent activities.

Aetherapologist, reddit 0 Comments [11/30/2017 11:03:22 PM]
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Quote# 134714

Consent means to express a willingness to be involved in whatever one is brought to be involved in. There is no stage during human development when a child cannot express willingness or unwillingness to be involved in whatever they are brought to be involved in. It's practically a young child's job to let you know if they don't like something. If you believe that sexual activity requires some "true" form if consent that children cannot give, well you're just wrong. In order to justify treating sexual activity as something that needs a special kind of consent, it would have to be true that it is importantly different from all the other things kids are brought to be involved in. And it would have to be importantly different in some way that makes a special form of consent a relevant concern.
Children are brought to be involved in a very lot of things against their will and they are rarely traumatized for it. Sexual activity possesses no feature that makes it importantly different from all the other things they do. I'm opposed to anyone of any age or level of mental fitness being forced against their will into doing anything, but apparently, doing so doesn't result in trauma in children. But as opposed as I am to making kids do anything they don't want, I'm infinitely more opposed to causing them life destroying psychological trauma. Cultural conditioning is the only reason why something inherently pleasurable would become traumatizing. Decriminalization of pedophile sexual activities is supremely important to combating that fear conditioning. If I believed decriminalizing sexual activity with minors wouldn't result in many parents and caretakers treating sexual activity the same as they treat all the other activities they do with their children and involve them in it even if they are unwilling, then I would be delusional. Hopefully, laws which punish non-consenting sex would still be enforced in those cases, but I wouldn't count on it. But since it's true that there is nothing inherently harmful about sex and that it is instead inherently pleasurable, then that means public hate and disgust for treating it as just another activity parents do with their kids is based in moral beliefs about sexual purity. If the laws aren't about concerns of children's well-being, then they have to be about the hate and disgust people feel for pedophiles and nothing else.
In order to justify treating sexual activity with children as uniquely different from all the other things parents and caretakers do with their children, there needs to be an argument for what that difference is and why it is relevant. Everything depends on being able to argue what that important difference is. If you can't say what they difference is, then you can't win the argument.

Aetherapologist, reddit 0 Comments [11/30/2017 11:01:46 PM]
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Quote# 134713

It blows my fucking mind that you think sexual activity is harmful to children somehow.

That's not what /u/Sunfl00 or /u/pilarholt said. OP's story is about an adult taking non-consensual sexual photographs of a child, which is not identical to the term "sexual activity", it's more specific. Sunfloo is talking about the same thing with the phrase "pornographic pics of kids".
You do agree that adults who desire sexual activity with children are fucked up, right?

I am perfectly aware of what the conversation was about. I wasn't commenting on the subject being discussed. I was interjecting sense and reason into the conversation by pointing out the deeply flawed beliefs which allowed the discussion to come into existence in the first place. It would be like an atheist interjecting into a theological argument between two people with the statement "your god does not exist". No, I would not agree that adults who desire to engage in sexual activity with children are fucked up. You are fucked up for supporting the cultural conditioning which causes children to be traumatized by something that is not only harmless, but immensely beneficial. Sex is not wrong and it does not psychologically harm children. Punishment causes distress. There is a causally direct correlation between the degree to which an individual experiences distress for breaking a rule and the degree to which that individual's community punishes those who break that rule. Pedophilia is one of the most punished things on earth. There is no magical time during human development when sexual feelings aren't possible or when they crossover from being distressing to being pleasurable. Fear conditioning through punishment and threat of punishment for breaking a deeply vilified sexual taboo is the reason why children experience trauma from harmless sexual activity engaged in willingly.
I have never heard a single good argument that justifies the criminalization of sexual activity with children.

How about the fact that virtually all sexual activity with children is non-consensual?

Even if it were true that the vast majority of instances were not consensual, that wouldn't justify criminalization of consensual sexual activity. If 99% of sex acts among adults were the result of rape, that wouldn't somehow make the consenting examples wrong.
Sexual feelings are pleasurable at every stage of human development. Almost everyone on earth can recall doing sexual things in private in their youth and not being harmed by it. Most parents can report observing their toddlers playing with themselves in their diapers at some point. There are sonogram video images of fetuses masturbating. There's every reason to believe the vast, vast, vast majority of children from the youngest possible ages would want to experience sexual pleasure with others but for the threat of ultra severe punishment for it. If anyone who was involved in sexual activity with a pedophile as a child didn't express fear and guilt and shame for it but expressed positive feelings about it, they would be positively vilified. No one is even allowed to not be traumatized or otherwise express a deep sense of wrongness about their childhood sexual experiences with an adult without being punished for it.

Aetherapologist, reddit 3 Comments [11/30/2017 11:00:26 PM]
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Quote# 134712

Is it harsh to say we'd be far better off without this little fuck on earth? A fucking 11 year old, man that's fucked
Edit: alright let's clear my point up a bit. The dude took a pornographic picture of an 11 year old. Not only is that morally wrong in every way it's invasion of privacy, and child pornogrophy. Maybe he don't need put to death, but he certainly needs put in jail for quite a while.

Yes, that is harsh. What he did was obviously wrong and deserving of punishment, but in terms of lasting harm done, he's way, way, way the fuck down on the list of people who've been a detriment to society. Muggings and thefts and regularly more traumatic.

It only blows your mind because you're not reading intently. He said he was busted for an upskirt picture, a gross invasion of privacy but not full blown pornography.
Regarding your experiences: Have you ever been robbed? Had your home broken into? It typically feels far worse than getting creeped out by a creepy guy.

The ickiness of the crime alone isn't indicative of its likelihood to traumatize.

Leaves_Swype_Typos, reddit 0 Comments [11/30/2017 11:00:21 PM]
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Quote# 134710

[ Keep in mind this guy works as a as a youth group leader with small children and has even admitted to being sexually attracted to the children in his care

you could choose not to be a pedophile would you?

No. Being a paedophile is not a problem for me, it’s just an unchosen part of my identity. It’s not something I feel I need to get rid of. It doesn’t hurt me or anyone else, the only real negatives are caused by society, not by paedophilia itself.It’s something that brings me a certain amount of joy too, seeing a beautiful boy makes me happy, I wouldn’t want to lose that joy. It’s one of the only consistent sources of joy in my life.
If there was a way for me to be attracted to adults as well I might consider it, but I wouldn’t choose to stop being a paedophile.

dean-the-map, tumblr 2 Comments [11/30/2017 10:59:35 PM]
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Quote# 134709

Most of the practitioners in our Fa study group are elderly and have practiced Falun Dafa for over ten years. They have experienced miraculous things and all have expressed their gratitude for Master's protection.

Practitioner May went to a hardware center in the summer of 2013 to purchase some parts to repair a water heater. A salesman in his 50s asked, “Elder sister, what are you here to buy?” He said: “I should call you younger sister because I am already 58, and you must be younger than me.” The practitioner said: “Can you guess my age?” “Are you 50 yet, ” he asked. May said, “I am 73 already.” The salesman was shocked, “You are over 70?”

He called his coworkers to come over and see her. “Look, this lady is already 73. She doesn't look that age.” Five people circled May. May said, “I practice Falun Gong, so I look younger and have a healthy body.”

She told them: “Falun Gong is a high-level Buddha school cultivation practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and we learn to be good people. Don't believe the lies that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has said about us.” The employees said they felt that Falun Gong is miraculous, and after they learned the facts about the practice, all five of them agreed to withdraw their memberships from the CCP. After May finished her story, other practitioners in our Fa-study group shared their experiences.

Practitioner Yu is 65 years old, has a very healthy body, and people tell her she looks like someone in her 50s. Practitioner Jing said that she used to weigh about 160 pounds, but after cultivating dropped to her normal weight of 130 pounds. She said she feels light when walking. Practitioner Hui finished her lunch around noon one day in November 2012 and remembered she had some cooked ribs that needed to be warmed up, so she put them in a pot, added some water, turned on the stove around 12:30, and left the kitchen. She left to go to the supermarket forgetting the pot heating on the stove.

At around three o'clock Hui left the supermarket and suddenly remembered the ribs in the pot. Her heart sped up. She was so worried that she forgot how she got home. When she arrived, she first looked to see if there were any fire trucks around her home, then she looked for smoke coming out of the window. Everything looked normal. She struggled up the stairs and with shaking hands unlocked the door. She went to the kitchen and found the pot was still steaming with about 2 centimeters of water in the pot. Hui turn off the stove and went into another room to bow to Master's photo. She said, “Thank you, Master.”

Practitioner Hui's daughter had been married for ten years but hadn't managed to get pregnant. Although she had been to the hospital and received some treatments after consulting with a physician, she still hadn't conceived. Hui told her daughter to recite “Falun Dafa is Good, Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance is Good” sincerely. The daughter did so and in 2012 became pregnant. When she started bleeding she quit her job so she would get lots of rest. Unfortunately, she had two large episodes of bleeding, which scared her. Hui's daughter kept reciting, “Falun Dafa is Good.”

The intermittent bleeding lasted for over a month. During this time she went to the hospital for an ultrasound and continuously recited “Falun Dafa is good” while inside the examination room. Her husband recited the same words while waiting outside the exam room. The ultrasound showed that the fetus was fine but there was a tumor in the uterus. Hui understood that Master was cleansing her daughter's body to create a good environment for the fetus.

Because the tumor was growing alongside the fetus, her doctor felt that she needed a Cesarean section at about eight months into the pregnancy. The doctors involved in the surgery said that they were surprised that she was able to conceive. Falun Dafa can perform miracles and is an extraordinary practice. Her daughter had a five-pound baby boy. Hui named him “Fuer” (which means a child from a blessing). Fuer is almost two now. Whenever he heard Master's voice, he would put two palms together in front of his chest, kneel on the ground, and bow.

A few days before the 2014 Lunar New Year I tried to hang up a curtain but was unable to reach the curtain rod. I put one stool on top of another one and climbed up. When I finished, forgetting that I was on two stools, I stepped down with one leg. In the second it took to realize how high up I was, I felt myself floating in the air. I had time to adjust one leg and put my foot on the lower stool. I then came down safely. The stools were about one meter high. If I had fallen, I could have either broken a bone or twisted my ankle.

I truly felt I was in the air for one or two seconds. At that moment, I didn't feel worried and had enough time to step solidly down to the ground. I was moved to tears whenever I said: “Dafa disciples are truly the happiest.” Dafa disciples have cultivated to today with Master's protection—everyone feels the Buddha's mighty virtue. There is only one sentence among thousands of words to express our happiness: “Thank you, Master.”

Yangfan, Minghui 0 Comments [11/30/2017 10:57:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134708

They still don’t get the problem do they, that the trust is gone because they mix politics with science. Climate Science and it’s “leading” scientists aren’t just reporting facts and data they are trying to dictate actions and the bring in other factors like world social justice, renewable energy and green agendas.

The big standout is world social justice and how and why that ever got involved. For most areas of science the process of how that gets translated into the wider world is up to individual governments, economics and companies and entrepreneurs. Our entire human history is built on inequality and the inclusion of that into a science field created a situation the field is doomed to fail until it is reformed. We have seen religious groups trying to put themselves at the centre of science and they fail for the same reason.

The fact they don’t understand why they are failing is actually very funny and I think sums up those in the activist group.

LdB, Watt's Up With That 3 Comments [11/30/2017 10:57:20 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134707

The Climateers go back and forth on whether it is better to frighten people, or to give them hope that changing that lightbulb and recycling that plastic bottle will help “save the planet”. Good propaganda does both which is what they’ve been doing, but lying to people eventually fails, and that is what’s happening now. It is hilarious to watch them agonize over which is better, and moaning and groaning about why “the message” still isn’t getting through.

Bruce Cobb, Watt's Up With That 0 Comments [11/30/2017 10:57:09 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134705

I visit so-called “denier” blogs because they bring to light the “unhelpful” facts that somehow fail to get a mention in climate science press releases and friendly media interviews and comment pieces.

The authors of “denier” blog posts don’t need any scientific qualifications, so this just looks like a priesthood getting its robes into a twist because the game is over for them, the inevitable fate of all priesthoods.

climanrecon, Watt's Up With That 1 Comments [11/30/2017 10:50:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134702

[From "Alt-South Lexicon"]

American/Federal Empire

Refers to the United States since forcibly annexing the Confederate States in 1860-64. Hated in the South for sending Southerners to fight in futile wars for interests not their own. More concerned with pushing a globalist agenda to benefit the oligarchy than acting in the interests of its native population. Synonyms: The Great Satan, Zog.


“Small-souled creatures that look barely human, believe strongly in having modeled “rational” takes, and are defined completely by their choices as an alpha-consumer. (Courtesy~Borzoi Boskovitch)


A person who holds the beliefs of their particular church or denomination to be sacrosanct. They will often reject teachings of the Bible that don’t align properly with their church’s ideas concerning modern societal issues.


A person who purports to be a Confederate, but is in actuality reconstructed. These people are easily identified by excessive posting of the battle flag in Facebook groups and a need to signal to everyone that they are not racist. They can often be observed to condemn the racist viewpoints of their confederate ancestors. Favorite phrase: “Heritage, not hate.”


A negro. Referred to as such because they dindu nuffin. All criminal and degenerate actions they take can be explained away because of the systematic oppression inflicted upon them by the evil white man.


Also called Southerners (esp. when affixed with “unreconstructed”), Southern people, Dixians, Dixie people, Dixie nation, Confederates. A European-derived, Christian nation and ethnic group native to Dixie, biologically descended primarily from the British and Scots-Irish peoples who settled the region during the Colonial Period and Plantation Era, who remain distinct from other branches of the British diaspora and without significant admixture from African or Amerindian races. Ethnic Dixians speak their own widely recognized dialect of the English language and retain other cultural distinctions apart from the North Midlands and East Anglia derived cultures of North America.


A modern male with a low testosterone level who acts with beta tendicies. These “men” include but are not limited to male feminists, soyboys, and beta orbiters.


A term which refers to people or things that were originally Southern in nature but have fallen prey to the policies imposed by the federal government and progressive culture post Civil War. A physical manifestation of this is the removal of confederate monuments and memorials to appease minority groups and progressives. A cultural manifestation of this is people, who are Southern by heritage, apologizing for the racism of their ancestors.


A term which refers to people or things that have not capitulated to being reconstructed. Southerners who are unreconstructed eschew modern societal norms and mores in favor of a more traditional culture from the antebellum South.


An urbanite who is also a NEET. A NEET is a low agency individual who usually still lives with their parents and whose sole ambitions are obtaining food and playing video games. A genetic dead end, as they will likely never produce offspring.


A person residing in an urban area. These people usually have beliefs modeled after the progressive trends of modernity and are deeply afflicted with the sickness that is Cultural Marxism. They tend to view Southerners as a recalcitrant people whom they must force to do what they perceive to be the right thing.

Identity Dixie, Identity Dixie 14 Comments [11/30/2017 10:45:15 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 134697


You ask some good questions, and you will receive Godly-inspired answers relative to what is contained within our Christian Bible. Now remember that the Christian goes by the Bible, and not by some "traditional" presuppositions about the Bible when examining the directives within.

One of the principles by which we examine the Bible is what the esteemed Pastor JJ Hunter called "what came first". In this regard where we have something that appears contrarian, we look towards the directive that came later, and not at the previous instances which we only use for historical reference. Take for example the Jew's laws for kosher food. Since these were cancelled out later, we no longer need to follow them, in the name of Jesus. Relative to the verses you cite above, as found with Col., Matt., Titus and Romans, we likewise use the directives from the later books of Bible, e.g. Timothy. Bottom line is that some things may have been permitted by Jesus at some point, but then an adjustment was made, and from then on, we're just to follow the standing directive, and not the one that was called off.

Also note that in 1 Cor. 11 Jesus (via Paul) didn't tell us that women are to be prophesying within churches! Relative to prayer, the female may indeed pray in church--but silently!

You say, "The issue was of dominating or leading men." This is a common legend that came from Cathlics. Nowhere in the Bible does it state that this was an issue. Do correct me if I'm wrong. There are those that like to make it out to be a rebuke to some female rebellion at Corinth, but there's no indication that such ever happened. Not within our Christian Bible. Rather, Jesus (again via Paul) tells the female to learn in silence, with subjection, to not even ask a question at the church, and overall to be modest, "with shamefacedness and sobriety". Why? The reason given is not that of womanly rebellion, but of her place. To wit: "For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." 1 Tim 13-14

Tony Demarcus, Ph.D., D.D., Christian News Network 7 Comments [11/30/2017 10:42:38 PM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 134685

Hello Readers of Medusa Magazine. My name is {redacted} and I own ageofshitlords.com. Before I begin, I just want to state that yes, this website is satire. It has always been and will always be satire…. but I don’t blame anyone for thinking otherwise. Myself and the fellow Shitposters who operated and published articles on this website while it lasted pride ourselves on writing fairly believable satire with just enough retardation to keep our readers in constant doubt. This has been fun, but all good things have to come to an end. I am shutting down this website because recent events have proven to us that it is no longer possible to satirize the Feminist left.

To prove that this was a hoax all along, a couple months ago when I first got the idea for this website, I posted about it on my Facebook page.

The post is still visible on Facebook today:

Naturally, we waited a couple weeks before putting our plans into action, but the motive remained the same; to create a website to satirize the far left and the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” who infect it. Since starting the blog, our articles have been featured on several media publications like Info-wars, The Federalist, The Gateway Pundit, and several other websites that fell for our prank, including one Russian website that covered our article calling for “White abortions“, as proof of how politically correct the west has become.

But while everyone else was falling for our satirical articles, others weren’t buying it. Some users of Reddit’s r/kotakuinaction subreddit took it upon themselves to investigate and prove that the website was indeed owned by the same people operating Age Of Shitlords. Also, a special hat-tip to the nosy writer of the blog why evolution is true, who kept pestering and gathering information to prove that this site was indeed a parody. But then again, they were only able to come to that conclusion due to my own personal clumsiness.

As a general principle and for security reasons, I always use a fake name and identity when buying a domain name online. I just so happened to use the same fake name to buy medusamagazine.com that I had used to buy ageofshitlords.com a year ago. Ba Dum Tss. The rest of the deduction was easy from there. A few people made the connection between Age Of Shitlords and Medusa magazine and concluded that the later was probably just the owner of Age Of Shitlords taking a piss. In my defense, I didn’t bother hiding the ageofshitlords-medusamagazine connection because I didn’t expect the website to go viral so fast and as much as it did.

But back to to the original topic, we are shutting down our rather hilarious project because we can no longer compete with our competition. We have come to realize that our competition is not other satirical websites, but rather the people we are trying to satirize. About a week ago, after a short hiatus from the website and in light of the recent sexual assault allegations currently afflicting Hollywood, we put out another article titled “Why we should believe women who accuse right wingers of rape more than those who accuse liberals”. The article is a total caricature intended to be as ridiculous as possible, basically arguing that because liberals are good people, we should forgive them when they rape women. We thought no one in the world could possibly hold views as ridiculous as that, so we wrote it as satire and published it.

So imagine our surprise when an actual Feminist and self-proclaimed expert on “rape culture” wrote an article for The Washington Post no less, using the same rational and reasoning as our satirical article that was written just a few days before:

And this batshit-insane Feminist isn’t alone in her thinking, others seem to share her views on the topic:


And that is why we are shutting down this website. Because there is no point in operating a caricature website of Feminism anymore when real life Feminists are now more insane than any caricature we could ever dream up. If you enjoyed our content and are sad to see us go, then just go follow any legitimate Feminist blog or any of the many obnoxious Feminists on Twitter. Their content is the same as ours.

Age of Shitlords, Medusa Magazine 22 Comments [11/30/2017 3:48:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 134681

The left is making my jokes into reality.

Mick Williams, Disqus - Faith & Religion 23 Comments [11/29/2017 9:47:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Jocasta

Quote# 134680

Trump was chosen by God and can be proved.

Use Calculator to confirm dates for proof.

Date Calculator: https://www.timeanddate.com/date/duration.html

Donald Trump D.O.B: 14/06/1946 Donald Trump First Day of Presidency: 21/01/2017 Day Israel became a Nation: 14/05/1948 Donald Trump electors who voted for him: 304 (with 2 defectors) Hillary Clinton electors who votes for her: 227 (with 5 defectors)

1. Donald Trump was born 700 days before Israel was a nation again

2. Which would mean when Israel was 77 days old, Trump would have been 777 days old.

3. Which would also mean Israel’s 70th Birthday will come 700 days after Trumps 70th Birthday.

4. Trump won by 304 electors, Hillary lost with 227 electors. 304 – 227 = 77

5. Also 3+0+4 = 7

6. Trump was 70 Years, 7 Months, and 7 days old on his first day of presidency.

7. Trump became president in the Hebrew year of 5777.

Number 6, 1, 2 & 3 are the most significant.

If Trump was born 1 day earlier or later, or Israel became a nation again 1 day earlier or later, then these numbers wouldn't match.

Only an all mighty God could have made Trump be born 700 days before Israel was a nation again, & make Israel a nation again on that specific date, make and know the 45th Presidency would be on that specific date (21/01/2017), & that Trump would be exactly 70 years old, 7 months old, and 7 days old on his first day of presidency. These are facts, these dates happened and can be calculated by you.

knowledgeispower88, r/TheCalmBeforeTheStorm 15 Comments [11/29/2017 9:46:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: dxdydz

Quote# 134679

My husband and I went to a nearby hill to harvest silk from our silkworms in August 2016. While walking to the hill, a poisonous snake bit me. My husband, who is not a Falun Gong practitioner, suggested that we go to the hospital. I dismissed that thought and said that I would be all right because I practice Falun Gong.

After harvesting the silk, we returned home for lunch. My arm was swollen by then and my husband said, “We have to see a doctor now. I know you are not getting sick as a Falun Gong practitioner. But this is snake venom.” Without another word, he took me to a clinic. The doctor said the bite could be fatal if not treated and since it happened hours ago, I had to go to the city hospital. The clinic lacked the expertise when it came to treating poisonous snake bites.

Without hesitating, my husband took me to the emergency room of the city hospital. A doctor said that it was beyond his medical skills and that I had to go to Anshan Hospital, as there were doctors there who specialized in snake bites. When we arrived at Anshan Hospital, I could no longer bend my arm because of the swelling. One doctor said the bite had happened too long ago and there was nothing she could do. She recommended Suzigou Hospital.

When we got to Suzigou, it had been 15 hours since I was bitten. A surgeon ordered surgery, but the nurse could not inject anesthetics because my arm was too swollen. The hospital president was the lead surgeon. He told me it would be painful once the anesthetic wore off. I nodded but kept in mind that I am a Falun Gong practitioner. They made a six-inch incision.

The six-inch surgical wound sustained by the author after being bitten by a venomous snake. Seeing the big wound, many patients and their visitors asked if I felt any pain. They were surprised when I said no. I explained to them how Falun Gong could improve one's health and changed one's life for better.

I further explained, “There was a heavy rainstorm and flooding in my area a couple of years ago. All the houses in my village were destroyed except for mine.” One of the people there had heard about this and said that he thought it was extraordinary. As I'd been bitten by a poisonous snake, the wound could not be sewed up until the venom came out completely. When going to the bathroom, I felt a little dizzy. I reminded myself to maintain righteous thoughts, and I was no longer dizzy.

Eight days passed and I did not feel any pain. When the doctor examined my arm he was surprised that the wound had closed. “How did this happen?” he asked in disbelief. Without stitches, the wound cured itself in 8 days.

I explained to them that I am a Falun Gong practitioner. “If you read Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong cultivation practice, you will understand what has happened,” I said. Many people, including the doctors and nurses, witnessed the power of Falun Gong through this experience.

Unknown author, Minghui 6 Comments [11/29/2017 9:46:50 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134678

Many people believe dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and died before humans were alive. But when we read the Bible, we find that isn’t true. GENESIS 1 tells us that God created all land animals on Day Six of Creation (the same day He created Adam and Eve). Dinosaurs are land animals, so they were created on the same day as Adam and Eve, only six thousand years ago!

Unknown author, Answers in Genesis for Kids 12 Comments [11/29/2017 9:46:44 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134673

I suggest an international group of freedom fighters to take out so-called nations' "leaders" who insist on invading other countries for personal profit. They could start with the German occupation of Great Britain and it's corrupt form of government.

Tim Bailey, Twitter 13 Comments [11/29/2017 9:45:23 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 134670

I saw a news story (can't remember where) that said an agnostic said this experience (surviving the LV horror) made him take notice that God is real and he is thankful to God he lived. That's how I pray these tragedies are used for good; turn people to God, then the next step see salvation. I think it's interesting how even with forewarning hurricane Irma ended up hitting paths that people thought they were escaping to!

With LV they keep saying they couldn't have prevented this. People were out in the open, vulnerable. God is saying lean not on yourselves; seek Me! Is anyone listening? How much will it take to wake people? How much more sorrow can the awoken believers in us handle? I felt just a deep, dark sadness yesterday and still do today. How can people be so obstinate and not see these judgments for what they are? How much more can our hearts take? I've just been crying out to God, please, please gather the last souls...

BlessdMomUv5, Rapture Ready 20 Comments [11/29/2017 1:56:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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