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OH SNAP...that was fast...Canadian shooter said to be PRO TRUMP...FALSE FLAG!


Friends and those who knew him online said he had extreme political beliefs, but was not known to be violent. Eric Debroise said he called police after the shooting and told them Bissonnette is “very right and (an) ultra nationalist white supremacist,” the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Quebec reports. “He really liked Trump and had a permanent discontent with the left.”




psyoptics, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [1/31/2017 2:41:34 PM]
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The 29 January 2017 attack in Quebec came after days of protests in America over Trump's 'Muslim ban' executive order.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that refugees and Muslim immigrants are welcome in Canada.

What might the government of Quebec know about inside-jobs?

Quebec's Premier Philippe Couillard will lead an economic mission to Israel in the spring of 2017, becoming the first Quebec premier to head an official visit to the country.

Couillard made the announcement "during the annual cocktail for members of the National Assembly held at the legislature by the Quebec branch of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), with Federation CJA and the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, on Nov. 30."

Couillard spoke of the long and important contribution of the Jewish community to Quebec. “Your history is that of Quebec’s, and the history of Quebec is your history.”

Couillard described Israel as "the only democratic state in that troubled region.

"Israel and Quebec have much in common and together we must reinforce the ties that unite us," he said.

Is the terror attack in Quebec linked to mind control?

The Allan Memorial Institute is located in Montreal in Quebec.

The Institute is known for its role in the CIA's Project MKUltra, an initiative to develop drug-induced mind control.

MKUltra experimentation was undertaken by its founding director Donald Ewen Cameron.

Aangirfan, Aangirfan 0 Comments [1/31/2017 2:41:25 PM]
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False Flag? Muslim Ban, Quebec City & Texas Mosque Attacks to Start War

As this is being written, Congress is experiencing extensive and dramatic hand-wringing as it decides between doing what is best for the new world order or doing what is best for America. The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. There have been many American False Flags That Started Wars. The recent Muslim Ban and attacks on Quebec City and Texas Mosques could be a false flag to overthrow Trump and throw America into World War 3. All because we are taking the fight to the elite globalization. Trump, Brexit is just the beginning. Be awake. Be vigilant. Stay Strong.

hackingliberty, steemit 2 Comments [1/31/2017 2:41:11 PM]
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[Re. the Quebec City mosque massacre]

This False Flag attack--given that so many of these scenarios have been perpetrated on humanity...I have taken to calling them False Flags immediately...with the unlikely proviso that I will retract that assessment if anything proves otherwise in a subsequent "investigation". So far in the last half dozen or so "mass shootings of innocent civilians in urban settings" I have never had to retract calling any of them "False Flags".

It would take a moron not to see this coming. What with Trump banning Muslims from the US for 90 days while Americans take stock of the situation there...a situation which includes numerous False Flags involving Muslim shooters...similar to the one above...Canada, IMO, is being set up as an ad hoc opposition to the Trump Presidency...with "le dauphin" Prime Minister Trudeau being set up to be the spokesman for this ad hoc opposition. Canadians see through this scheme...which is why support for Trudeau is imploding...much like support for previous PM Stephen Harper...when he performed mouthpiece services for the globalist perps.

Frankly, I can't waste my time pouring over all the main$tream media (aka "Fake News") disinformation on this latest False Flag. I will simply ask any readers who wish to do so to watch for the following:

1. Involvement by CSIS in any "investigation"
2. Evidence of a "drill" going on
3. Narrowing down the shooters to one "lone nut"...it appears this is already happening.
4. Evidence of previous police involvement with the "lone nut"...ie., mentoring and surveillance

In Summary, this is yet another in a dreary parade of False Flag shootings to spark terror and divert attention away from Trump's other initiatives and to focus on the anointed opposition leader, Justin Trudeau and his "compassion" towards Muslims...and highlight his "leadership" in a crisis.

greencrow, Greencrow As the Crow Flies... 0 Comments [1/31/2017 2:41:03 PM]
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In Capitalism a man gets to keep what he honestly earns. This is Biblical. Our text verse from Ecclesiastes contains the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon said that it's good for a man to work hard, and then to be able to enjoy the rewards of his labour. But what we have here in the United States today is economic banking fraud. The Federal Reserve Banking System since 1913 is a big fraud, a cruel hoax perpetrated upon all American citizens!!! If a man desires to buy a home, he must become a slave to the banks, entering into a 30 to 40 years mortgage agreement. A $350,000 home will cost the average American an additional $500,000 in tax interest to pay for the home, over the next 40 years. THAT'S INSANE!!! This is criminal, highway, robbery!!! Capitalism didn't do this to Americans... the criminal Wall Street banks did, the Federal Reserve Banks did, and our own treasonous government did... They did all this evil, worse than death, to every American citizen.

This is why I get all bent out of shape, when I discover that President Donald Trump is filling the “SWAMP” in Washington DC (you know... the “SWAMP” that Mr. Trump promised “drain” once elected). Trump has already broken numerous campaign promises. He promised to have Hillary Clinton arrested for her growing list of crimes and allegedly crimes. Sadly, once elected, President Trump changed his mind and admitted that his rhetoric toward Hillary was all just a big show, for the benefit of the public, just to get elected. Trump said he isn't going to prosecute Hillary. A liar is a liar!!! Trump has already made himself a liar.

Much worse than Trump abandoning his prosecution of Hillary, is Trump's decision to fill Washington's “SWAMP” with two-headed creatures from the Goldman Sachs septic tank on Wall Street, overflowing with bottom-dweller creatures of all type!!!

In Communism, the government forces the “haves” to support the “have-nots” (i.e., wealth is transferred from the rich to the poor through social handout programs). Communism never works in the long run, because it is dishonest, unbiblical and discourages personal ambition). Socialism is the road to Communism. Democracy is not freedom; but rather, is majority rule (which overrides individual liberty).

Film Maker Michael Moore did an excellent job making a 2009 documentary called, CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY (bless his soul). If you care about people at all, you'll get angry watching the film, as you see greedy and dishonest Wall Street banksters trick people through predatory lending schemes, and then send thugs to evict them onto the street from their homes. In many cases people were evicted out of homes and property that were generationally had belonged to the family. The banks are masters of financial deception, whereas the average American like me knows very little, and nothing of all the regulations that can hurt you, costing you everything you've ever worked for.

, and then have the police throw those victims out onto the street helpless to defend themselves against the powers of the government

Capitalism cannot work in a rigged financial system like in the United States, where we have a funny money system (fiat money) based upon fraud. The fractional-reserve banking system (aka, federal reserve) is fraud, plain and simple. The federal reserve is privately owned, which in itself is a total violation of the U.S. Constitution, giving the private banks control over our entire nation. President Woodrow Wilson was a traitor to his own country and an evil man who sold his soul to the banking cartel for pleasures and wealth. Shame on Wilson!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 2 Comments [1/31/2017 2:40:50 PM]
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Staged mosque shooting in Canada

When the media feeds you fake news and staged events like this is, they always follows the same pattern
1st thing that happens is conflicting reports was it 3 gun men ? Really cause I head 2 and others thought it was a solo act
Then next thing you see is the crisis actors some times the same people just happen to be at these mass shootings that happen all over the world
And that's cause there all acting
It blows my mind how the media becomes experts on the suspects in a mater of minutes and every news stations will start saying whatever the elite want them to say about the particular event
And that's always followed by a well read script by the president or prime minsters

This event is not good for Canada and the world

This event was staged for a reason
with President Trump closing the doors and boarders on millions this has lead Canada to open there doors and boarders and they open it to all the criminals, gangs, terrorists and drug pushers that the United States don't want
What better way to open up the boarders and instantly get the support of the entire country you ask?? Well how about a staged event with someone opening fire on a bunch of Muslims
Oh and by the way he just happened to be a trump supporter.

The prime minster of Canada has quickly and openly said that Canada will take all of those Muslims and terrorists and criminals that the United States don't want. That's the unity you want ??? Maybe time to leave Canada's big city's

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [1/31/2017 2:39:40 PM]
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Illuminati Got it Wrong/Receive Deadly Blow

They are in full panic now, whipping their flying monkeys into a terror froth

We could have avoided all this if you brainwashed liberal maggots understood it when you were told about it in the 60's

You fucking idiots, every last one of you responsible, ALL madonna fans, infact ALL the people who watch the MSM, this is archetypal programming, Madonna is used as an archetype along with her fellow demons gaga and cyrus the virus, they don't need to control each and every one of us, they just need to completely control ONE celebrity/ popstar, and like a champagne fountain, the top glass is filled and all the others below in turn, madonna being the top glass

The first mind control archetypal programming we saw was Elvis and Marylin Munroe, these are champagne glasses, overnight they created a little army of Elvis's (teddy boys...lol how pathetic) and a whole army of suicidal blondes programmed to sleep with niqqers, they all wanted that peroxide alluring sex whore....boo boopy doo!

Almost overnight these fake ass people were creted in the image of Elvis, idol worship, and you would go down the street the following week and find some greasy leather idiot hanging around on the street corner acting like he's always been there, "oh yeah, i'm a teddy boy, yeah we all got these hairstyles, yeah elvis is one of us, maybe you heard of him?"

YOU FAKE FUCKING MONKEYS, you were mind controlled, they changed you, and you can't admit it, you gotta act like you always been this way, thought this way, wiggled my pelvis this way.

and in the same way they created feminism and gaydom cults exactly the same way...."yeah we always done this, terry sticks his dick in Toms shitpipe, and us blondes we sleep with niqqers and produce black babies, and sometimes we sleep with other women, but only if and when the black boy allows it, yeah maybe you heard of miley cyrus? she is like us"

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [1/31/2017 12:06:07 PM]
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Re: Vaccines are a TROJAN HORSE

Not for the reasons anyone is willing to say:

If Reptilian Aliens exist, and if the stories of them liking to eat humans, in particular human babies is true, then it makes sense to poison infants with mercury, and to poison adults with GMO's that have pesticides built in. pesticides are stored in fat cells, reptilians eat fat cells, then eventually die from the poison, as they are more sensitive to such things.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [1/31/2017 11:55:42 AM]
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Feminism is a Depopulation Program

The world birth rate has halved in the last 50 years from roughly 3.6 births per woman to only 1.8 This coincides with the rise of feminism as the official world gender ideology.

Makow - "I am one of many who missed the opportunity to have a normal family thanks to feminism. Depopulation strikes close to home for countless millions."

We have been conditioned to scoff at the idea of conspiracy. The idea that people might plan to harm others without first warning their intended victims is too preposterous to consider!

We are like the passengers on a bus that keeps having "accidents" which cause untold death and suffering. These are wars, depressions and epidemics etc. We have just completed the bloodiest century in human history: Auschwitz, Dresden, Ruanda, Hiroshima, Cambodia. Over a hundred million people were murdered, and that's not counting abortions.

We keep changing the 'driver' but the accidents do not cease. This is because the drivers all take their orders from the same diabolical source.

Because the human race keeps running off the road, we are not reaching our destination. The road is God's plan. For Christians, this is Jesus' Gospel of Love. The destination: to know God.

Mankind evolved for this purpose. God wishes to be known by His Creation.

A reader "Pat" wrote last week that he has "a hard time believing that a group of elites could agree on anything, let alone a far reaching evil agenda...[It] seems like the process of achieving this agenda is too slow for any bad people...requires too much flawless, seamless, secretive, cooperation...The only entity with that kind of plan and patience with that kind of plan and patience would have to be the devil himself, wouldn't it?"

I replied that he was on to something. At the beginning of the 20th Century, huge fortunes were built by monopoly capitalists like J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller. What is monopoly but the desire to "have it all," and to drive everyone else out of existence. Evil is the spiritual cancer that seeks to "fulfill" itself not in God, but in limitless material acquisition and sensual excess.

It was not a large leap for a J.D. Rockefeller to go from owning the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the banking industry etc. to wanting to own the whole world. Rockefeller and his foundation have been in the forefront of the population "control" and eugenics movement. Ultimately the goal is to reduce the earth's population for the simple warped reason that the less there is for you and me, the more there will be for J.D. and his cronies.

The elite just loves birth control. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Ted Turner are among the ultra rich that have donated billions to spreading the gospel of contraception, abortion, vaccines and feminism using the United Nations and "US Aid." Rockefeller funded the invention of the pill, the IUD and owns the rights to the abortion drug RU-486. In the last 50 years, billions of public dollars have been spent on "family planning" designed to limit population by deceit and coercion, including compulsory abortion and infanticide.

In "The War Against Population" (1988), Dr. Jacqueline Kasun writes that in 1981, a directory of population control agencies in Washington DC listed 92 private (but mostly publicly funded) agencies, 12 United Nations and 57 agencies of the US government (p. 198). "The real problem of government family planning is not one of families out of control but of planners out of control," she wrote ( p.211).

For the same reason, the Illuminati are behind "sexual liberation" and mainstreaming homosexuality. Through funding and media control, they make us regard sex as a recreation/physical release rather than as the expression of a spiritual bond (i.e. a loving marriage) resulting in children.

The modus operandi is to finance and promote disgruntled minorities in order to destabilize and undermine the world. Feminism is a prime example. It pretends to be about giving women equal opportunity in the workplace when in fact it is devoted to discouraging women from seeking fulfillment in motherhood.

In the bible of modern feminism, "The Feminine Mystique" (1963) Betty Friedan makes this obscene comparison between housewives and Nazi concentration camp inmates:

"They were reduced to childlike preoccupation with food, elimination, the satisfaction of primitive bodily needs; they had no privacy, and no stimulation from the outside world. But above all, they were forced to spend their days in work which produced great fatigue...required no mental concentration, gave no hope of advancement or recognition, was sometimes senseless, and was controlled by the needs of others..." (306)

Clearly Friedan is talking about mothers. Comparing the nurturing of their children to the brutal slavery and poisoning of Auschwitz inmates is psychological warfare of the most vicious kind. Friedan, who hid the fact that she was a paid Communist activist, should have been denounced as a hate monger. Instead she was celebrated as the new oracle and received honorary degrees and fellowships at Harvard, Yale and Columbia. Saturday Review called her book "a scholarly work, appropriate for serious study" and anthropologist , fellow Jew, Ashley Montegu said it was "the wisest, sanest, soundest, most understanding and compassionate treatment of American woman's greatest problem."

Do we need further proof that the world is one-horse company town, and J.D. and his cabal own the company? They decide which politicians, universities and academics get funding, which books get published and reviewed, which movies get made. We are condemned to look into mirrors that don't reflect reality. That's why we are so skeptical of conspiracy. That's why I am self published. On the other hand, Eve Eisler, is reading her pornographic play "The Vagina Monologues" on HBO. This "play, " which features women looking at their genitals with hand mirrors and describing steamy scenes of lesbian sex with minors, masquerades as feminist empowerment. In fact, it is an invitation to lesbianism.


Feminism fits the elite's depopulation agenda. Since 1963, when "The Feminine Mystique" was published we have experienced an unprecedented breakdown in the family. More than half of all children are now born out of wedlock; the number of single parent households has tripled. In "The Broken Hearth," William Bennett writes: "Most of our social pathologies, crime, imprisonment rates, welfare, educational underachievement, alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, depression, STD's, are manifestations, direct and indirect, of the crackup of the American family (p.4)."

We are now suffering from underpopulation. The US birthrate has been cut from 4 to 1.88 children per woman, the European and Canadian is 1.5. (We need 2.2 just for replacement.) Russia (1.6 children) has remained steady. In the "Death of the West," Pat Buchanan argues that population decline is responsible for the inevitable extinction of the West.

Reproduction requires the most delicate care. In the case of human beings, the female must be prepared for motherhood and honored for her contribution to society. The male must be shown that the standard of manhood is to provide leadership and sustenance for mother and children. Both mother and father must be able to give their children intellectual and spiritual guidance.

Instead, in schools and universities, the tender shoots of feminine sexuality are crushed under the feminist jackboot. Young women are taught that heterosexual sex, marriage and family are inherently oppressive. Homosexuality on the other hand is an act of rebellion that is "chic" and "normal."

Friedan's comparison of mothers with concentration camp inmates is perfect. Betty Friedan, agent of the Illuminati cabal, put mothers in the concentration camp. Mothers!? The ultimate aim indeed is genocide. The Elite want the world's population to be much smaller. Can there be any question that this is the devil's work?

Henry Makow, Henry Makow 1 Comments [1/31/2017 4:02:57 AM]
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My alien online contacts known as Hagel and Valugua have sent me an email confirming that doom and destruction is ahead. The country of North Korea has developed a super weapon which will be used to destroy the world. The North Koreans have developed a super weapon and once it is used on humans, it will turn them completely BLACK. Their facial features, arms legs and genitals will dissolve. After the disolution is complete, they will begin to replicate themselves and then spawning huge fangs and swords for legz, and then they will come after every human alive excluding North Koreans. Then they will begin to emit a negative energy which forms in outer space and then will form a blackhole which will swallow the earth which will take it to another dimension and then it will be caught in the orbit of a blue star which the star in this other dimension will form a huge face and then will open it's mouth which will let a lot of aliens out which will spew these mini aliens which look like stars all of the earth which will blow it apart and destroy the earth.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [1/30/2017 6:56:39 PM]
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Quote# 124070


The timing of this is perfect.

Vilify the whites, demonize Trump, boost Muslim immigration...

Over the weekend, together with everyone else who is smearing POTUS TRUMP for issuing an Immigration Executive Order, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted that Canada loves refugees, and they should all come to Canada, where they will be welcome! It was all over the news, and even in the USA.

The Canadian government realizes that a lot of Canadians have always hated Trudeau and his father, and that Trudeau was only elected because the previous PM, Stephen Harper, was somebody everyone was really sick of looking at, plus he and his faggy cohorts were no longer fooling anybody while they paralyzed the country and administered the incremental death of the healthcare system up here.

So - shooting up a mosque is really productive for TPTB in Canada. You encourage more and more bleeding hearts who want to support stuffing the beautiful vast lands of Canada full of Muslim ghettoes.

The country needs more people, all right, because millions of babies have been aborted in the past 20 years - a population loss which has decimated the future of Canada.

Justin Trudeau gets to prance around, and the government is setting up Pro-Muslim parades everywhere, in solidarity.

The kicker is this... wait for it....

As reported in half the media, most of whom we know are liars, one of the shooters shouted "A-Ackbar" or whatever that is, according to a witness.

The shooters were government-paid Muslims themselves.

No trick to figuring this one out. The MO for Muslims in the Middle East has been to terrorize their own people, in order to do a Mafia-style recruitment. Boku Haram (wrong spelling, sorry) does the same in Africa.

The Canadian government, like the German government, like the Swedish government, like the EU, like George Soros, and like Trudeau's Illuminati Buddies where he spends vacations (10 in the past year) --

Govenments want Jihad Terrorism.

The USA under Obama wanted Jihad Islamic Terrorism in America. That was and is the whole point.

So Trudeau paid Radical Muslims (the RCMP has informers in all the mosques and knows who is radical and who will play along, for their own ends) - these guys went into that Quebec City mosque to do the job they were hired to do.

Get it?

Just to help people who may not have seen through the fog yet...

Governments want internal Muslim violence because the "end game" for the globalists is the destruction and desecration of the supports of our civilization, namely:

- destroy economy, by bankrupting the system with welfare payments to each Muslim of thousands of dollars per month, oh yeah!

- destroy democracy, because none of these Muslim immigrants have an understanding, background, or loyalty to democracy in any form, as the countries they came from are all dictatorships.

- Christianity and Judaism, obviously, since the core of Muslim religion and Sharia law (once you get past the lying stooges who are there to pull the wool over your eyes) -- it's one world religion, which means Islam.

- destroy the family structure, by traumatizing a generation of young women by vicious rape. Those girls won't be marrying and having children, because they are psychologically basket cases now.

- destroy what's left of Western culture, by destroying museums and libraries, for the sake of political correctness, and because Infidels were behind it all.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [1/30/2017 6:56:08 PM]
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ZERO Chemtrails Last 3 Days - What a Coincidence

Last 3 days here in my area, NOT ONE chemtrail, or even a contrail. Nothing but pure blue skies and the occasional puffy real cloud. I can breathe again just like the old days.

Maybe one of those contracts Trump froze was in the chemtrail budget...

Anybody else NOT seeing chemtrails since Trump took office?

Chemtrailess, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [1/30/2017 6:55:53 PM]
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Quote# 124045

[Commenting under "Are these antifa types and anti-capitalist protesters professional provocateurs? It seems like the evidence is mounting they often are."]

(((George Soros))) is the man who funds most BLM and loony leftist protests. He profits from collapse.

Pinochet-Heli-Tours, Reddit - r/Anarcho_Capitalism 4 Comments [1/29/2017 7:40:14 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 124018

[On Bernie Sanders]

You fake bitches no one talks about how he gave in to evil Hilary because she gave him $millions and now you believe he's good person. He's just grumpy old man!

Elvis Hople, Facebook 2 Comments [1/29/2017 5:34:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 124006

OK so it's been a while since I have been on DA, but it appears that some people are still following my page + some new watchers even though I haven't uploaded anything since 2012. Given that, I have decided that it is past time I let people know what is going on.

First of all, I just got married earlier this year. It was the result of a long distance relationship, using an online match making website (shaadi . com in case anyone is interested). I brought my wife all the way from India in order to dodge the bullet of feminism and the general corruption and lack of values which is pervasive among my generation in what is left of western civilization. So I had my wedding, honeymoon, and all that.

I also spent some time looking for work in my field, so that I could have a better paying job, but I failed at that. Thankyou Democrats, for improving the economy so much that it's easier than ever before to find work. Lot's of change but no hope.

On a brighter note, I have succesfully published my first book. I want to try to become an author. If I can't have my first career of choice then I would like to have my second career of choice, which would be writing. I have been working on the story and illustrations during the time I was absent from DA. But I didn't post any of the new artwork here because I'm publishing under a false name. I'm going to have a secret identity, like Batman, and for similar reasons. I am opening another DA account for that identity, which will contain the full color illustrations I created for my story and links to places where my books can be purchased. If you are interested in seeing that then please send me a private message. Given how paranoid I am I will probably only share with a select few, but do let me know if you are interested all the same.

jmsnooks, Deviantart 4 Comments [1/28/2017 11:15:53 PM]
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Submitted By: Raygun Dude

Quote# 123999

[In response to the immigration ban and the omission of Saudi Arabia]

Trump just showed his cards

He's NWO

Can you name the 7 countries that have central banks not under control of the international banking system?


Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 4 Comments [1/28/2017 12:10:36 PM]
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Quote# 123998

No other conspiracy has produced as much censorship by TPTB as Pizzagate has. Think about what that means for a second.

It means Pizzagate is more damaging to the Elites than the truth that the government murdered a democratically elected President.

It means Pizzagate is more damaging to the Elites than the truth that the government staged the murder of thousands of civilians on 9/11 to justify going to war on false pretenses.

It means Pizzagate is more damaging to the Elites than the truth that the government staged a school shooting at Sandy Hook in order to neuter the second amendment.

What could be more damaging to the Elites than the truth they committed these horrific acts?

It is the truth that they are all initiates of an ancient cult that molests, tortures, and sacrifices children.

Fuck them all, and may they all await an end even more severe than the final hours of their child victims. The fires of hell do not burn bright enough for these monsters.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 3 Comments [1/28/2017 12:10:15 PM]
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Quote# 123997

I have heard many rumblings that the Port Arthur incident was a huge coverup. The gunman was right handed and Bryant was left handed. There are people who were there that question the validity of what we have been told. He has an IQ of 66 but he killed that many people with perfect head shots in such a short time?

Scott, Listverse 1 Comments [1/28/2017 12:10:09 PM]
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Quote# 123996

People who ask flat earthers why they need to fake a globe earth. Here is your answer.

Reagan stated that the world would become United (think of United Kingdom and United States which was formed through bloodshed) if an alien attacked earth. This would bring humanity together to fight off the aliens. Willam (Bill) Cooper warned of a fake alien invasion.

In order to make the alien invasion seem real, they have to prove space and space travel. Then they have to put into your imagination that existence of aliens could be a real potential.

So what does this have to do with faking a globe Earth? As mentioned above, they have to prove space travel right. Have you ever noticed that every single rocket launch, the rocket ends up moving horizontal rather than straight up? Well if you have not, try to search for footage of a rocket going straight up. The fact is, rockets move because the gas they emit pushes off the atmosphere. At a certain altitude, the little to no atmosphere prevents the rocket from accelerating. The rocket must start to move sideways for the rocket to stay in controlled motion.

So if the earth was flat, one would question how does the rocket get to space if the rocket is moving horizontally and not straight up. So the globe Earth will answer that question. The rocket start to move sideways on purpose in order to obtain orbit around the Earth. And people ate the bullshit and believed in space travel.

Hence the globe earth. They made textbooks and taught through government education that a globe earth was discovered thousands of years ago. But that is all BS. The elite control the education and we must question everything.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [1/28/2017 12:10:04 PM]
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Quote# 123994

bergoglio's imagi~c~nation

We all imagine that things are real that are not...

They are real in the imagination... these are imaginary things... but they are not real in the real world... in reality...

Take a straight-forward example like "gender theory"... this is obviously false... but may demonically possessed people -- and we all have our demons -- would like this ridiculous "theory" to be true...

So they imagine it is true... that it is real... but it's not... but still they act as if it was real... and they start to build this imaginary world around this false idea (a false religion devoted to worshipping a false pagan god)...

... and then what do they do...

And then they begin to transfer this imaginary model of this false ideology into a real cult... they transfer there plans from their imagination to the real world...

The only problem is that the real world is not like their imaginary world...

the real world is... real

their imaginary wolrd is... not

In their imaginary world if there is some part of the model that is messing up the model they can just rip it out... or modify it to their liking...

In the real world... they can't just rip out people... whole countries... economies... "natural resources" aka the rape of nature as an act of violation of God because God created nature and a natural order... an act of rebellion... a "revolutionary" act...

And in the real world there is also a real and natural order... which by the way cannot be changed... no matter how hard you try... it's called reality... vs. imagination... see the difference?

When your imaginary ideology cult bumps into the natural order... that's when the plan falls apart... or rather it is the lives of the victims of this super-religion that fall apart... isn't that what we are seeing happen all over the globe in one way or another?

~ ~ ~

So how does bergoglio fit into all this...

bergoglio is part of the club... yes, it's a private club... and it's official membership is secret... but there are some powerful members of this secret club that are quite public in revealing their membership...

They don't do this by making a public statement saying, "i am a member of a secret society... "

They reveal that they are part of the club through symbolic acts... signals... clear unmistakeable signals... you would have to be blind deaf and dumb in order not to be able to see these signals and understand their meaning....

An example of such a signal... "who am i to judge?"... "don't breed like rabbits"... "don't obsess over abortion and marriage"...

So is bergoglio a freemason?

... whatever...

bergoglio is working to implement the plans of this super-religion... reality be damned... the open revolt against God...

Their super-religion is a magic cult... disguised by layers of magic pseudo-science...

They actually have come to believe their own lies... and they cannot see reality... the two cannot coincide... the two cannot "co-exist"... "side-by-side"... in a "cozy paradise"... a cozy hippy paradise... where everybody shares everything... everything... no private property... no wives... no husbands... no children... no families... the state is the super-family.. is the super-religion... is the super-cult... in this super-world of the near future... which, however, never materializes... only wars... famine.... natural disasters... widespread massive human suffering... and widespread destruction of the family... and widespread disbelief in the one trinitarian God -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
(Last post of this Guy's Pope Francis hate. The blog always had conspiracy element, but Pope Francis brought it all to the top.)

Public Vigil, Public Vigil 3 Comments [1/28/2017 11:26:34 AM]
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Quote# 123993

more of the bergoglio-baal effect

In my previous post I asked, "Who are these people and why do they call themselves "catholics"... "


And the answer is...

They are a bunch of communist infiltrators that call themselves "catholics" so that they can corrupt and destroy the Church from within... at the same time they use the Church to further their diabolical political objectives...

... a double-win for the communist infiltrators and a crushing blow to Body of Christ...

... check out the commie-catholic lingo in that Boston Pilot article... after 50 years they have perfected their diabolical double-speak...

... its not bad enough they are using the Church to further the communist-inspired UN population control agenda...

... do they have to pervert the language of the Church as well...

... well, yes because they have to maintain a thin facade of being Catholic in order to not jeopardize their positions of power within the Church...

... although you can see that they barely feel the need to maintain a facade anymore... with bergoglio in charge they can speak their blasphemous minds freely... with no fear of repercussions... and to the thunderous applause of the world...

Public Vigil, Public Vigil 1 Comments [1/28/2017 11:26:29 AM]
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Quote# 123989

Let's start with an obscure premise--God has no opponent.

So any rebellion against God will be proven an illusion and vanish from the face of he earth no matter how "yuge" the lie may appear.

President Donald J Trump (Drumpf) is such a lie.

He was groomed by his German/Jewish Father to be a real estate magnet in New York City, to later become an American political operative for the dark nobility of Eastern Europe (remember his candidacy was long foreshadowed in the media over several years).

The Chinese had long discovered the cabal's plot to run Trump for President in 2016, and allowed Putin and Russia to capture incriminating personal evidence against him dating back to 2013.... stay with me if only just for a moment.

Trump's dark pension for weird sex with under aged girls is very well known in intelligence circles--as we discovered during the campaign--so Putin's KGB ran a sting operation during one of Trump's own Miss Universe Pageant while in Moscow.

In the meantime, the Chinese silently began absorbing all of Trump's prized property debts as well as his primary lending banks to corner his real estate empire.... again stay with me if only just for a moment.

With Trump's name reputation and worldwide business interests cornered, the Chinese approached Trump in his own building (they were tenants) back in the Spring of 2015 with all the evidence--and offered him a choice that would change the world:


Run for President as planned, win because the Chinese had the technology, intelligence and legal right due to appoint the next President after the default of the USA, Inc. in 2013.

Trump would follow the Chinese script of political talking points which included not claiming Russia as the enemy--even accept their Vice President and Chief of Staff picks that the Republic White Hats and hand selected for him.

Then once elected, Trump would act as if he were actually going on a 4 Year Presidential journey, signing any and all executive orders placed before him, orate any speech written for him, even appointment a cabinet hand chosen for him... until one day, they decided to dismiss him via an orchestrated scandal say two months into his administration that involves elements of Russia hacking into the election results and Trump refusing to divest fully from his business interests.

The combination would logically bring on a resignation of his comet-like Presidency for the unawakened public.

Please rewatch this SNL "comedy" sketch... and understand this is how the cabal has long told us what's coming.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Now in exchange for accepting such a deal, Trump and his family get international legal amnesty for past crimes against humanity (9/11), get to keep all his properties, get to keep his good brand name and even get to convert that 30 million of Iraq Dinar currency at a contract rate of $32.00 USD like other cabal Senators and Congressmen.

As an additional or negotiated bonus, Trump asked for prime real estate projects in both Russia and China, which he got, as long as he performed through the entire term of his deal (which he has thus far and suspect he will).

Art of the deal right?


Globally, Trump will be shamed for being a known pedophile, and possibly imprisoned, which would overnight destroy his precious brand name, plus he would lose all his existing properties because tenants would flee from their building leases, and all new construction projects would die instantly. He and his family would be destroyed.

Which would you choose?

European dark nobility leadership long ago sign off on sacrificing Trump as a political transition patsy, but the die hard US faction of the cabal wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about this plan and tried to derail it--and still are to this day.

So as we progress further into the Trump Presidency, look for him to begin pivoting on a host of serious issues as well as notice how the "Russian hacking" story continues to build strength and ultimately develops impeachable teeth--forcing Trump to ultimately resign in favor of VP Mike Pence and/or Paul Ryan as new Republic President

Using Trump as the short term transition patsy allows Russia, China and the White Hats to leave the US election cycle undisturbed in the minds of the population, yet stay in control the White House without skipping a beat, similar to how they quietly took control of the US Congress and Pentagon back in 2015 after the international sovereignty courts gave the Republic of the United States to its largest sovereign debt holders.

Having a Republican majority in both the House, Senate and White House have the Republic White Hats two years to fix all that was broken with the country in terms of policy--without political interference--including resetting the balance of power on the Supreme Court.

Hillary Clinton was never a serious factor in the 2016 election because her treasonous activities were so overwhelming, the Clinton's gladly took the Chinese amnesty deal and happily played the loser role to Trump (just as Hillary had successfully done for the Barack Obama in 2008).

The RV was patsy Trump's first executive order of business once sworn in, and the Republic is now in store for unprecedented growth and long-term resurgence that will guarantee a Republican majority in all branches of power for at at least one, and maybe two more terms.

Believe it or not.

Ooh Rah!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [1/28/2017 11:26:08 AM]
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Quote# 123988

Why Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America:

Mexico is desperate to keep the illegals in America, because effectively in Mexico, there is a racial caste system based upon skin color.

Mexico has spent the better part of 20 years, radicalizing the dark skinned Mexican's, to get them to illegally move to America. Accusing White American's of racism, for the most trivial of things, while in Mexico, in order to get a job, you have to attach a photo to your resume(to keep the darkies out).

Look at the former Mexican president, and even the current one: They look nothing like the millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Heck, "Carlos Slim", is Lebanese/Semitic origin.

If the illegals are sent back, it means an end to the Mexican caste system. The light skinned Mexican oligarchy, is DESPERATE, to keep that from happening.

We need to expose this angle, and demand an end to Mexico's racist, ethnic caste system. We need to radicalize the dark Mexican's, against the light Mexican's. Remind them how wealthy Mexico is, and how the light skinned Mexican's are actually hoarding all the wealth, not paying their fair share of taxes, and deliberately discriminating against Mexican's that are too dark or Mestizos looking.

It can readily be done. We need to encourage protests at the Mexican embassy's, akin to the protests at the South African embassies in the late 80's, early 90's, to end Apartheid.

The dark skinned Mexican's, must be radicalized. We are at war, with Mexico's light skinned, roman catholic, upper class. We tried peace, but they aim to kill us.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [1/28/2017 11:25:44 AM]
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Quote# 123969

While monitoring Cracked.com (a frequent antagonist for conspiracy theorists), he was surfing through one of its photoplasty articles, the link is posted below. The piece pretty much puts together numerous examples of how Hollywood gets science completely wrong. Most of the images are fairly innocuous, but #9 tells a different story.

What the reader sees is a scene from "The Empire Strikes Back" of Luke, Leia, and the droids standing before a giant window watching the Millennium Falcon fly away. In the image's text, a passage about how windows in space could not be possible due to the lethal doses of radiation that would enter the spacecraft.

Of course, the comments section was lit up with people saying that the image was junk and should never had been there, and they all said the same thing, that the Apollo command/service modules all had windows and no ill effects happened to their crews. Now, that's where the Illuminati's mistake is. The fact checkers at Cracked were right about the radiation and the windows. The levels would have become lethal and fast. However, the people commenting actually believe that the Apollo missions left low-Earth orbit.

What we have is a nice little Illuminati mistake. According to "moon landing conspiracy" debunkers, the radiation from outer space had no effect on the Apollo CSMs because of the aluminum fuselages and low exposure. Recent science says otherwise. Probes and shuttle crews have reported extremely dangerous levels lurking just beyond low orbit. The Cracked.com piece is totally right, radiation in outer space is way too dangerous to have windows. It's the brainwashed commenters who have their facts wrong, but they're too far gone to ever realize that they've been duped.

Bruce, Illuminati Watchdog 5 Comments [1/27/2017 6:39:53 PM]
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Quote# 123915

he malady, common among political leaders who commit heartless crimes while craving popular adulation as heroes and misunderstood saints, is ‘Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy’ (PMSP).

PMSP best explains the pathologic drive of politicians and policy makers who inflict relentless, systematic mass destruction and then intervene in a most theatrical manner to save a few victims – thus drawing gratitude from the victim and public support for their ‘humanitarian intervention’ – ignorant of their fundamental role in creating the mayhem in the first place.

The actions of the outgoing President Barack Obama in the last three days of his administration present an example of PMSP on the domestic front.

Throughout his eight years as President of the United States , Obama exhibited many symptoms of PMSP – both abroad and in the US . For his cynical crimes, he was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ among other honors.

PMSP – The Abuser as Savior

Each of Obama’s relentless military interventions, including Libya , Somalia , Yemen , Iraq , Afghanistan and especially Syria , were characterized by the deliberate and total destruction of the means of normal civilized social existence for defenseless civilians – the bombing of homes, factories, markets, weddings, funerals, schools, hospitals – leading to the deaths of many thousands and the uprooting of millions into desperate flight. In each case, Obama would proclaim that he was saving the victims from imminent genocide by an abusive ruler or ethnic group. He would rush in to provide a few baskets of relief and a few blankets to some bedraggled survivors of his own bombing campaigns and bask in the glowing praise of mass media propagandists and fellow imperialists. Choreographed applause and adulation would seem to follow America ’s First Black Presidenteverywhere.

Obama’s bombs, arms and mercenaries drove hundreds of thousands of families into the streets, into the mountains and most horrifically onto rickety, overloaded boats on the seas. In each series of destruction and chaos, he would calculate the point at which his ‘humanitarian intervention’ would most effectively reflect on his heroism.

He destroyed the entire nation of Libya, shredded its institutions and infrastructure, bombed its cities and villages, even deliberately sending a deadly missile into the home sheltering a half dozen of President Muammar Gadaffi’s small grandchildren and finally ended up with the public death by torture of the wounded Libyan president sodomized by stakes documented in a imperial-pornographic snuff film that should have revolted the entire world. That the main victims of Obama’s ‘liberation of Libya ’ were hundreds of thousands of black Libyan citizens and sub-Saharan African workers did little to detract from his public persona as the first ‘African American’ world hero. The capsized boatloads of fleeing black Libyans and the bloated bodies washing ashore on the beaches of Spain and Italy were never linked to the criminal policies of our Nobel Prize recipient! He even urged Europe to accept the miserable refugees fleeing his war – in a gesture of supreme PMSP. He could do no wrong. This serial political killer had an unquenchable thirst for sympathy and admiration – and a wholly corrupt propaganda machine to polish his halo.

Prof. James Petras, GlobalResearch.ca 2 Comments [1/27/2017 6:23:12 PM]
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