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THE SOONER WE BLOW UP THE MOON, we can start living longer

during the course of my research I found an interesting anecdote :

in biblical times, before the great Universal Flood of Noah, humans enjoyed long life spans of around 1000 years.

After the flood, the life spans dropped off to around 40 years.

I realized, just like a flash of lightning during a thunderstorm, that the reason for the drop in human life span is quite simply due to our humble Moon.

Before the flood, the Earth had no Moon.
God suddenly introduced a Moon into our solar system, for the simple reason of shortening our lives.
This life shortening happens by the unnatural imposition of added gravity to our body.

Pre- Flood, humans were like giants ( even the bible says so )
huge man and women making huge babies living for several hundred years like Mathusala.

Since the additional lunar gravity was introduced, our bodies shrunk and we needed 500% additional food to eat and fuel and energy to get around.

Without the lunar gravity, our cars, trains, trucks and aeroplanes would need only 1/10th of the fuel and energy we are using today.

Governments and the Illuminati and TPTB, they all know this.
This is the reason why they have been stockpiling nuclear weapons.
They will not be used to blow other Countries up, but they are ready to go at a moment's notice in a concerted effort by all nuclear countries to blow up the moon.

This epic event will be the much awaited advent of the Millennium.

CYRIL, Give Me Gossip 29 Comments [8/31/2015 4:08:56 AM]
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Americans are idiots to keep sending billions of dollars in financial aid to struggling countries (all in the form of continuing federal debt mind you), who are deliberately kept in ruins by the same Council On Foreign Relations that professes to want to help the poor. It's all a big scam! The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is sold out to the New World Order agenda, i.e., the Beast system of the coming Antichrist.

We are living in the last days, and are increasingly headed for a cashless society, a global police state, a one-world New Age religion, and the massive extinction of human life. Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as many others, are committed to the population elimination agenda. Don't believe it? Paul Watson, Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, wants the world's population reduced by 85% to only one billion people. The rich are still having children, but are secretly sterilizing poor women to prevent them from ever having any children. Many sickos today see no harm in this.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 9 Comments [8/31/2015 4:08:43 AM]
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Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!

Whatever is on the controlled US state-run news, let it be known that the AmeriKan populous is purposely designed to be witness of the event.

Words can’t describe how bad of a hoax the Virginia Shooting was. A guy walks up within feet of the woman he supposedly kills and stands there for over 20 seconds pointing a pistol and a camera at her …and she doesn’t even notice him?

Not only does she not notice, but the woman being interviewed and the cameraman somehow fail to notice him too. This is also assuming there were no other crew there apart from these two employees.

The woman’s reaction to being shot is laughable at best (wake up sheeple). Your world is scripted.

By showing this LIVE people will assume it is real. But anyone with brain cells left can clearly see its all TOTAL BULLSHIT (no statistics available on the amount of the US population who’ve lost their brain cells via MSM propaganda, however, I’m certain the Tavistock Institution has that information).

Why doesn’t the gunman utter one word in the 45 seconds he is there?

Of course most people will feel sorry for our wonderful US state-run media, who would NEVER lie to us, when one of their own is murdered by these CRAZY GUNS and hence the need for gun control. (getting old)

This is another hoax for the ongoing attempt at a gun grab and also a diversion to the BS that’s going on in the world right now e.g Global Economic Crisis, the Ponzi scheme called Wall Street, Forced Vaccinations: SB277 PASSED and (ones on the way for adults, too), the War on Syria for another regime change, etc etc.

“In the cam video, it showed plainly that no bullet struck the female reporter. She did not react physically. She never winced, fell back, bent over or even grab at the wound to which everyone does. There was no blood, no rips, no hole or any sign that a bullet had hit her at all. Not only that, she remained upright, turned and ran away full speed with no sign of injury.” – PK

Per CNN, as usual, they use Zionist Wolf Blitzer as their pawn to exploit the lies; seriously, he’s not that bad of an actor. See here: http://money.cnn.com/2015/08/26/technology/facebook-twitter-virginia-shooter/index.html?sr=twmoney082615facebooktwittershooter1pstory

Then Hilary Clinton, as if right on cue, comes in calling for anti-gun legislation (the gun grab I posted about on August 21st regarding how the Hegelian Dialectic is utilized against a populous in preparation of the next false flag shooting). See Hilary’s performance here: http://www.redflagnews.com/headlines-2015/clinton-exploits-virginia-shooting-to-call-for-gun-legislation-video

Source: A Sheep No More

Now after reading the above, I’d like to add what actually threw up the red flag for me. Below are two photos, one is a still shot of the POV video supposedly filmed by the shooter and the other is the still shot that was supposedly taken from the news crew’s cameraman as he lay on the ground. Notice that in the POV photo, the shooter’s hand is white, and so is his arm. Does his arm start turning black after the sleeve starts? Highly unlikely. Also notice he’s wearing a blue plaid shirt. In the second photo from the camerman’s view, it shows a black man with all black clothing. Someone should explain that to us. A wardrobe change in the middle of this filming? Highly unlikely.

You decide.

AE44, Authentic Enlightenment 4 Comments [8/31/2015 3:36:55 AM]
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They are coming..

The watchers are coming. This will play out like this;

- Financial collapse (sept)
- Lots of chaos will follow (no food alot of people die)
- They will arrive at the perfect time as our 'saviours'
- They will pretend too be good
- They will give us knowledge about healthcare and free energy etc etc too gain trust
- Their leader will be the antichrist
- 95% of the population will be deceived and harvested by them
- NWO will be put into place
- Our leaders will be rewarded for making the deal complete,
they sarcrificed us too them too create the NWO with less population too make it easier to control
- Earth will still be harvested by them
- You will probably still be harvested as they have their reincarnation system in check (ie the moon) You will return without any memory and you already did this cycle a million times its just that you dont remember.
- Also don't go on their ships, also if you die (your physical body) dont go into the light!!! go as far away from it as you can as that is the reincarnation system you will go into.

Lost Watcher, Godlike Productions 8 Comments [8/31/2015 3:35:03 AM]
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The Wright Brothers were 2 "bicycle shop mechanics" turned aeronautical engineers. They are credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight. The brothers were called the "Bishop's Boys" because their father was a "Bishop" in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. He never read the verse in Genesis that says that "spies are despicable" (Genesis 42:31).

The "Bishop's Boys" were 2 British Secret Service agents licensed to ground U.S. and French airplanes.

They were as phony as "Discoverer" Christopher Columbus and "inventor" Thomas Edison.

Unless you are a born genius like Nikola Tesla, invention takes years and years of trial and error.

The Wright brothers reported to 2 men in London: Baden Fletcher Smyth Baden-Powell and Patrick Young Alexander. Baden-Baden Powell was "Mr. British Empire" personified and he was the brother of the Boer War Colonel Robert Baden-Powel–founder of the Boy Scouts Movement. He was extremely interested in developing the airplane as an instrument of war for expanding the British Empire.

Baden-Baden Powell was a British officer in the Boer War and he realized the military implications of the airplane.

He was determined to keep French avation grounded at all costs.

In 1902, he dispatched his spy, Patrick Alexander, to Dayton, Ohio, to give the 2 "bicycle shop mechanics" their marching orders!!

Here is an excerpt from an address given by Major Baden-Baden Powell to the British Aeronautical Society on December 4, 1902:

In his address Major Baden-Powell, speaking as a professional soldier, also offered the company his opinion of what the future might hold when a "practical flying machine" was developed at last. He said: "One can scarcely imagine any invention which could have a greater effect on the conduct of warfare ..."
In the audience on that December evening was a curious and remarkable man. His name was Patrick Y. Alexander, a prominent member of the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. Patrick Alexander made it his business to investigate personally the latest developments in aeronautics wherever they took place, in any part of the world.
He was so interested by what Major Baden-Powell said about the Wright brothers that he left London, almost upon the instant, and travelled to Dayton, Ohio, in order to interview Wilbur and Orville Wright about their experiments. Such was Alexander's ardour and keenness in the matter that he actually called upon the Wrights in their home in Dayton during a family holiday on Christmas Eve, 1902, only three weeks and one day after Baden-Powell had spoken of their latest achievements in his Presidential Address to the Aeronautical Society in London.
As a result of this singular initiative Alexander was now able to tell his friends in the British Army what the Wright brothers had actually accomplished, and what they planned for the future. (Golin, No Longer An Island, pp. 26-27).

It is plain for anyone to see that both men were working for expansion of the the British Empire.

In December 1903, the Wright brothers brought their disassembled "airplane" and a catapult from their bicycle shop in Dayton, Ohio, to Kitty Hawk in North Carolina.

From Dayton, Ohio, to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is a distance of about 680 miles (1,090 km).

A "real plane" would have flown in Ohio, saving them the long arduous trip.

The "plane" was just a glider plagiarized from Chanute and Langley.

Before setting out, the brothers consulted the U.S. Weather Bureau about the area's steady winds and they found out that it was the perfect location for gliding....They also valued the privacy provided by the location, which in the early twentieth century was remote from major population centers.

Supposedly, the first manned flight took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on Dec. 17, 1903.

In reality, a catapult launched the "plane," it glided for a few feet for the photograph to be taken, and that was the world's first powered flight!!

No newspaper reporters were present for an independent verification of that epochal event. It never occurred to the 2 bicycle shop mechanics to put WHEELS on their aircraft in order for it to take off as a powered flyer . . . and not as a glider.

In 1904, the brothers hired a patent lawyer named Harry A. Toulmin and asked him to file a patent covering every aspect of manned flight . . . except wheels. All they had to show the lawyer was the phony photograph from Kitty Hawk.

Lawyers can be deadly and they never invented anything to improve the condition of the human race.

One such lawyer was Harry A. Toulmin, who filed the Wright brothers patent in 1904.

Toulmin patented the idea of manned flight to cover almost every aspect of manned flight.

Toulmin also filed the Wright brothers patent in England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, and Belgium:

The application Harry Toulmin filed with the United States Patent Office in March 1904 would set the course of American aviation for the next thirteen years. Rather than simply specify the elements of Wilbur's wing-warping system as a mechanical construction, Toulmin expanded the notion of wing warping to cover any system where the angle of any device at the wing tips varied the "lateral margins" in opposite directions from the angle of wings at the centers. Thus Toulmin altered the patent from seeking exclusivity for a device to seeking exclusivity for an idea, the principle of lateral control itself. If such a patent was granted and ratified by the courts, it would apply to configurations that the Wrights themselves had not employed or even conceived of and so virtually no aircraft could subsequently be flown without licensing by Orville and Wilbur, precisely the breath they were seeking. (Goldstone, Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtis, and the Battle to Control the Spies, pp. 86-87).

The stage was set for a monumental international legal battle that would delay aviation development in the United States . . . and France.


By 1910, France desperately needed a bomber to reach Berlin!!

By 1910, the French Republic was threatened with invasion by "Kaiser Bill"–the grandson of Queen Victoria. What the French needed was a few bombers to reach Berlin and threaten the Kaiser with retaliation. The Wright brothers patent suit delayed the development of the aerospace industry until after the war started in 1914.

Brazil-born Alberto Santos-Dumont was a naturalized French citizen and a brilliant aviation pioneer.

He was the first person to circle the Eiffel Tower in a dirigible.

In 1906, he flew the Demoiselle over Paris

Louis Blériot was another brilliant French aviation pioneer with so many firsts in his repertoire.

Louis Blériot was another brilliant French aviation pioneer.

He invented the monoplane and he was the first man to cross the English Channel in an airplane.

Unfortunately, his company was also grounded by the Wrights' patent.

Incredibly, the Wrights' patent was also enforced in France:

The preliminary injunctions issued by Judges Hazel and Hand gave the Wright brothers an effective monopoly in the flying-machine business in America for the first six months of 1910. Even when the restraints were removed in June of that year, the Wright patent suits continued to threaten American pilots and aircraft builders. Having forced the Herring-Curtiss Company out of business and placed Glenn Curtiss and other competing aviators in legal jeopardy, the Wrights, through their foreign licensees, launched a direct attack on their European competitors.
Late in 1910, the Compagnie Générale de Navigation Aérienne brought suit against six rival aircraft manufacturers (Blériot, Farman, Esnault-Pelterie, Clément-Bayard, Antoinette, and Santos-Dumont) for infringement on the Wrights' French patents. The case was tried before the Third Civil Tribunal, composed of three judges and a substitute, a state's attorney boasting special technical qualifications. (Crouch, The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright, pp. 415-416).

At the very time that the French Republic was facing her greatest peril, aviation development was stalled in the French courts.

Queen Victoria's grandson would never have invaded France in 1914 if that country had an air force capable of bombing Berlin.

The cowardly Kaiser would have hesitated before starting the war if he knew that his palace in Berlin would be bombed.

According to experts on the pioneer days of aviation, the Wright brothers' lawsuits in the United States and France delayed the development of aviation by at least 5 years in the crucial years before World War I. It was only the defeat of the British-Prussian axis that allowed the aviation industry to soar once more in France and the United States.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 12 Comments [8/30/2015 7:24:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

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Many Illuminati members are elite Jews (which has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism). I love Jewish people, but I love Arabs just as much. God is NO respecter of persons (Romans 2:11). Jews are NO better than Gentiles (Romans 3:9). This is why the Jews hate the New Testament, because it gives equal ground to the Gentiles, which makes the Jews extremely jealous (Romans 11:11). Many of the names you've often heard from Hollywood are fake, hiding the actor's real Jewish name. This was done on purpose to prevent the American public from realizing just how “Jewish” Hollywood really is—the number one source of immoral, Communist, Anti-Christian, Anti-family, Anti-American, blasphemous, pedophile, sicko, brainwashing propaganda in existence.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 11 Comments [8/30/2015 3:50:25 AM]
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Absolute Proof Virginia TV Anchor Shooting is a Gun Control Zionist Plot

With revelations thanks to our posters

The Zionist criminal minds are at it once again, attempting to purge all guns from the hands of the American public. Thus, they paid off yet another set of pro-Zionist moles, who have attempted to set into motion the basis for gun control confiscation schemes.

Make no mistake about it this is absolutely an arch-fake, just like all the others.

Moreover, it is easy to prove. The video itself offers glaring proof that this is nothing other than an arch-scam where, once again, no one died, and no one was injured.

How could the gun be right there in real life without anyone noticing? Obviously, this was a set-up, the gun being a mere prop. Of note, the woman being interviewed, the reporter, and the camera-person never react to the gunman, not once, not even after the first shot is fired and surely never while he is moving the gun back-and-forth on camera.

Talk about a canned reaction; this is about as canned and staged as it can get. Yet, this reaction occurred after at least two of the phony blank shots were fired.

The in-house TV anchor was obviously in on the gig, with her supercilious reaction and response, saying, ‘Don’t know what that was all about; we’ll fill you in later.’

Here are the hoax associates, including a homosexual fake shooter. No one can believe he was doing anything other than perpetrating an act.

Clearly, this is a total scam. That was a blank gun that the actor was firing. There’s no way he could fire that many shots into the woman without knocking her down and without blood flowing. There was no blood that flowed in this case, and by no means was she knocked down.

Sequential screenshots prove this. These will be posted shortly, as the Internet upload is slow here at this time. Never does she react to actual shots fired. Nor does anyone else. Nor is there the slightest proof that anyone was injured to any degree, let alone killed, by real bullets fired.

It’s a set-up to solicit a public and governmental response for gun control. The Satans are active, once again. There can be no other conclusion.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 7 Comments [8/30/2015 3:49:13 AM]
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DR. FRANKENFOOD WANTS TO DESTROY ORGANIC FOOD If Dr. Frankenfood was in charge, he would create biological warfare crops that would destroy organic foods, destroy the competition. Just as the evil genius would have hoped, the USDA has allowed genetically altered foods into the conventional market which threaten organic farmers. Scientists of virtually every persuasion realize that Bt soy, corn and potatoes predictably will create Bt resistant insects. Organic farmers use Bt as their main line of defense against insects. Bt resistant insects could wipe out organic crops and organic farming. Destroying the competition just makes good business sense, reasons Dr. Frankenfood.

CONSIDER STOCKING UP ON SAFE FOODS Frank Ford, in his book, "The Coming Food Crisis," says that events are pointing to a food crisis of unbelievable proportions. With genetic engineering of the food supply, only a relatively small part of the total food supply can be known to be safe. Since 95% of the food supply contains conventional corn or soy, the rules of supply and demand show that there could possibly be a shortage of safe food over the next several years. You may consider taking advice from Frank Ford's book. He advises stocking up on organic or safe conventional dry foods that are low in oil content--wheat, beans, lentils, grains, dried fruits. If possible, stock enough for yourself, your family, and if possible your friends to live comfortably for two or three years. Create local food co-ops so you can pool resources and make large bulk orders, saving everyone money.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 7 Comments [8/29/2015 6:15:46 AM]
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Had A Stroke Yesterday - Chemtrails

I just had a stroke yesterday, and lost almost all sensation and strength in my right arm. I was having an argument with my neighbor, interestingly about chemtrails, when I felt a pop and the cool rush of blood in my brain, at the lower right rear base of the skull, just above the hairline on my neck. I was showing him the blizzard of particles and aerosol in a high-power LED flashlight, and got upset from his constant and insistent delusional denial that it was "chemtrails". Then pop. I can't write anymore, and can only type with my left hand. This is not a joke story, it is not funny, and I am not going to argue with idiots that debate this. After looking up "chemtrails" and "strokes", there definitely appears to be a strong correlation. I am only 40, I eat perfectly healthy (brown rice, some cheese, vegetables), drink only filtered water and coffee, slim and formerly very athletic. I never drink or do unhealthy things. I have never had any health problems at all until this.

[link to www.google.com]

I know this is killing us. Enjoy. I am not going to comment further, unless I see a legitimate question. I was the planes all night - they have shifted from a mix of day/night spraying, to just 3-5 during the day, and about 20 at night (all in the same flightpath). I do not live in an area where any commercial jets have any routes at all. Everyone is going to pay a heavy price for this, guaranteed.

Stroked, Godlike Productions 12 Comments [8/29/2015 4:33:02 AM]
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I think our creators are super advanced aliens from another dimension and i believe they are evil...

Some of their fantastically advanced creations we call our rain,wind and snow...

I think those evil aliens occasionally adjust the wattage of their super advanced,holographic light bulb we call the sun with some kind of remotely operated,super advanced computer controlled dimmer switch,creating advancing and retreating ice ages in the process and so those diabolic entities are directly responsible for our mass extinctions and natural disasters...

Whenever they get bored playing with certain species, obliviously living and dying beneath an artifical sun thats suspended above the aliens massive petri dish,human soul farm terrarium science experiment we call earths biosphere...

Just like we do with the heat lights that so many of us hang up inside our little glass tanks,shining down to illuminate and warm the oblivious little pets we like to keep trapped and controlled within them...

And that holographically projected artificial sun up there in the holographic sky is a lot smaller and much closer that we are misled to believe it is...

I believe that those who rule and control us,the royal bloodline elites throughout the ages,were and still are are well aware of whats really going on and they know whos running this show we call life and death on earth and those elites are implicitly involved in aiding and abetting the super advanced evil aliens,who command our human leaders to harvest ever more human souls through fabricated wars and orchestrated genocides...

and unfortunately,that very well may be the brutal truth of our unknown reality...

mike, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [8/29/2015 4:32:54 AM]
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Quote# 112344


I've been a NASCAR fan my whole life. So I understand it and understand the things that are going on in the sport and the file berate destruction of the sport, the fake killing of Dale Earnhardt Sr, and the audacity it them to say we can't bring a Comfederate flag to the races. I think they forgot who started NASCAR??? Southerners!! This is a conspiracy that I have thought about ever since Kyle Busch got this sponsor a few years ago. Kyle Busch sponsor in Xfinity and Cup and Kurt Busch both using the Monster Sponsorship and Monster is 666... Ok stay with me here.. Kyle Busch's number is 54 in Xfinity races, and 5+4=9... So with his Monster 666 logo and his car Number 54, you get 6669.. The number of the beast and the number of completion. And on Kyle Busches Cup car, he is 18.. You can add 1+8=9, you can also do 1-8=7... And so he has the number of The Beast on his Xfinity car and God's number 7779 on his cup car because the number is on the two sides and the roof. And also, the Busch brothers are from Las Vegas (Sin City).. Coincidence?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 12 Comments [8/29/2015 4:32:41 AM]
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Virginia Shooting and the esoteric agenda behind

We all know what is a ritual, a staged act that refers to an archetypal fable wich represents a real forgotten story, A ritual serves the purpose of bringing back the feelings associated to something deeper wich are of course connected to an archetypal figure.

In August, the month of the Lion, we saw the killing of Cecil the Lion. Now we're entering the Virgo sign, and of couse, there's a killing in Virginia.

Now take a closer look at the reporter's left leg.

She's crippled, like Haephestus, the greek old god of fire wich represents old age, senility (a lot of elderly people are crippled and/or need a staff to walk around or a wheelchair).. and of course, when the sun approaches the autumn equinox, now, the sun crosses 4 equinoxes, solstices: christmas (death/rebirth), spring (youth), summer solstice (adulthood), autumn equinox (old age) and again christmas.

Now, about the video, do you realize that he misses the shot from 6 feet right? Do you see the reporter running away? is that normal? How many murders by gun do you have ever seen in tv or youtube? did you ever see the victim running away like that?

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 5 Comments [8/29/2015 3:58:43 AM]
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the trumpets blown and the two witnesses
Hello everyone do you guys know about the youtube videos where people was hearing strange noises coming from the sky worldwide. Okay when I lived in Detroit in a townhouse there I said I know that wasn't the..... and I didn't finish My sentence because in my head I was thinking I know that wasn't the trumpets and I received a vision Immediately about the angels that were sent to the four corners of the Earth. Can you people really tell me if that's the trumpets that's been blown because the two witnesses could be on this Earth now and I want to be ready for my father's return.

mcafee, godlike production 6 Comments [8/28/2015 6:11:53 PM]
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Submitted By: undie not fundie

Quote# 112326

B'nai B'rith, meaning "Children of the Covenant", claims to be the oldest Jewish “service” organization in the world. It was reportedly founded on October 13, 1843, in New York City by 12 German Jewish immigrants who originally named it “Söhne des Bundes”, meaning “Sons of the Covenant”. This is imperative to note because the group is intimately affiliated with the World Jewish Congress in Basel, Switzerland which primarily consists of German speaking Ashkenazi Jews. Nevertheless, the term “B'nai B'rith” (B+N+B+R+T+H) acronymically and/or consonantly speaking equates to “Bear North Babylon Rome to Infinity” which is indicative of whom the group unwittingly serves. Although B'nai B'rith originally developed from a system of fraternal lodges, the organization has evolved into a dual system of both lodges and units, the latter of which is generally used to describe military-related organizations. Since its creation, B'nai B'rith has launched 3 of the world’s most prominent Jewish organizations (i.e., The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Hillel and BBYO), all of which likely feed intelligence back to B'nai B'rith. This intelligence network is only possible because B'nai B'rith has more than 200,000 members in more than 50 countries. As is standard operating procedure for secret societies, B'nai B'rith’s constitution states that is mission is "visiting and attending the sick" and "protecting and assisting the widow and the orphan". Overtly good acts within the community are publically touted in order to provide the necessary political cover so that the secret and criminal aspects of a given secret society (should they ever be discovered) seem unfathomable. Because B'nai B'rith is a private Jewish intelligence organization, it has played a crucial role in transnational politics. For example, in 1903, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Secretary of State John Hay met with a B'nai B'rith committee in Washington, D.C. in response to the Kishinev Pogrom. B'nai B'rith President Simon Wolf presented a draft of a petition to be sent to the Russian government. Roosevelt, at the behest of Wolf, subsequently agreed to transmit it. In other words, B'nai B'rith was dictating U.S. foreign policy. B'nai B'rith was present at the founding of the United Nations (UN) in San Francisco in 1945 and has “taken an active role in the world body ever since”. Two years later in 1947, the organization was granted non-governmental organizational (NGO) status and is now has full-time representation at the UN. Predictably, the organization is credited with the UN’s reversal of its 1975 resolution equating Zionism with racism. Just prior to the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, U.S. President Harry S. Truman, resisting pressure from various Jewish organizations, declined to meet with Jewish leaders. However, when B'nai B'rith member Eddie Jacobson, a long-time friend and business partner of the president, appealed to Truman for a favor, he reneged, meeting secretly with Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann. The meeting was said to be instrumental in turning the White House in favor of the de facto recognition of the state of Israel. B'nai B'rith has also worked extensively with the U.S. State Department (whose seal and flag coincidentally depicts the Jewish Star of David), the U.S. Congress, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Needless to say, the power wielded by B'nai B'rith over the United Nation, U.S. Presidents and the U.S. government confirms that it is directly affiliated with the highest echelons of the world power structure.

David Chase Taylor, Greenland Theory 5 Comments [8/28/2015 6:11:08 PM]
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Submitted By: TimeToTurn

Quote# 112320

All of the political mudslinging each election time is all staged, to divide and conquer the foolhardy public. Behind the scenes there's not a dime's difference between Democrats and Republicans. They're simply two separate legs both walking in the same direction of a New World Order, both parties being subject to the Illuminati's money, threats and blackmail. The CIA are the private police force of the Illuminati. History shows that Wall Street bankers and attorneys started the CIA while Harry Truman was U.S. President. Zionism, Freemasonry, CIA, Wall Street, Pentagon, Rothschilds, puppet Washington DC politicians, complicit newsmedia, Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, The Vatican, Masonic false religions, Hollywood, the music industry, and thousands more collaborator groups, are mere puzzle pieces all fitting together to form a satanic hierarchal power structure striving to achieve a New World Order.

I could give you a hundred examples of controlled opposition, which is intended to mislead and deceive the public. For example: in 2011 when President Barrack Obama ran for his second term in office, Goldman Sachs didn't back him for President, when in reality Mr. Obama has hired a few dozen former Goldman Sachs employees right off Wall Street into The White House. They're not fooling everyone! They love Obama! Goldman Sachs is The White House!!! So don't be stupid! Question everything you hear from the media and the government. Be objective! Always ask yourself, why are they telling me this?

I heard news reports this week (August 2015) from the Zionist-controlled U.S. government that Syrian leaders are raping women and children. I don't believe that for a second. The truth is that the CIA created ISIS as a tool to overthrow the Syrian government. Of course they're going to demonize President Bashar al-Assad, because he has sided with the victimized Palestinians against Israel's thuggery. Israel is the Illuminati's whore, just as we read in Revelation 17:1-2, 18. The kings of the earth have fornicated with the Illuminati-controlled United States and Israel. When the Beast comes, he will burn the whore (Revelation 17:16). Israel is being pimped-out, just as the U.S. is. The Luciferian-worshipping elite behind the Illuminati have no regard for mankind nor God.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 5 Comments [8/28/2015 6:06:28 PM]
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Quote# 112319

[Re. the WDBJ7 reporter shooting]

Watch teh fucking video you goddamn sheep! There is no (what appears to be Glock 19) in teh video but yet appears on the screen image used here? Plus she looks like she has been nudged from her left but is supposedly shot from the front? No blood? Another fucking media hoax... quit being so goddamn stupid!!!

Santini Air, ZeroHedge 7 Comments [8/28/2015 3:03:08 PM]
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Quote# 112318

[Re. the murder of Alison Parker and Adam Ward]

Another manufactured staged shooting hoax, this time involving a filthy rotten lying news reporter. Looks like the masses have been sending members of the media hate mail, as they begin revolting against their propaganda, imagine that.

This false flag event makes it appear as if the media are victims of a random hate crime against journalists, who just happen to be co-conspirators in the willful destruction of this country.

The motive behind the conspiracy being reported by mainstream and alternative media is because the suspect was a disgruntled citizen and or employee. Not to mention, the shooter in the video happens to be white and not black based on the photos below.

PeoplePower, Before It's News 4 Comments [8/28/2015 3:02:53 PM]
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Quote# 112317

Train Attack in France by Crazed Muslim Gunman is a Ridiculous Arch-Zionist Hoax

Did the Zionists of France not learn anything from their arch-treachery of the Charlie Hebdo hoax? They are the worst hoaxers, the most supercilious and inane, of all. Why would they go back to the same schemes and attempt yet other scams and farces? Did they not learn that they will be in their immense acts of treachery thoroughly exposed?

This is an arch-fake, that is this claim of a mad gunman, a purportedly Muslim lone wolf: this claim that such a one shot people up on a train in Europe. There is nothing real about it. This is mere make-believe, a total fabrication.

U.S. Ambassador Hartley is pleased. She is thrilled to realize the phony as being represented as real, without the slightest bit of resistance, that is other than that being generated by Internet investigators.

The arch-fake heroes seem to be thrilled to the extreme. What were these U.S. agents, obvious associates of the cabal, paid for their participation in this scam? Regardless, the number of smiley faces alone associated with this ‘event’ are simply too great for this to be regarded as anything other than a supreme fake.

It’s gold medal time, or gilded ones: black and white, too. That’s the new mantra. Regardless, it’s gold, right? For what purpose? Is it nothing other than the medal of honor for the telling of great lies? It is this for which human beings are internationally honored? Who can find any of this conceivable: that anyone could be degenerate to such a degree? The grimace of the man, right screen, tells all. Surely, there is nothing real about the claims of this being an actual event with a real deranged gunman.

Moreover, it all occurs in gun-free Europe. No one can find this plausible.

drkresearch, No Disinfo 4 Comments [8/28/2015 3:02:44 PM]
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Quote# 112306

did the moon block the sun during ice age?

Was just reading about the possibility that the moon was built so to speak. If this is true and it was put into orbit at the exact place to cause eclipse is there a chance the moon blocked the sun during the ice age for whatever reason.....

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [8/28/2015 3:07:41 AM]
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Quote# 112305

Confirmation – Tianjin was nuked

This was no chemical fire, this was China's 9-11.

Two weeks ago a devastating explosion took place in the port city of Tianjin, China. Official reports claimed a chemical storage facility had caught fire and exploded. Mobile phone footage taken by residents showed an enormous blast and fireball.

Within days, aerial photos revealed the stunning extent of the damage. A steaming black crater marks ground zero, while the apocalyptic surrounding landscape is charred and flattened. Rows of burnt-out cars and twisted shipping containers stretch into the distance on all sides.

The total burned area spans 20,000 square meters and continues to be dangerous—more explosions were reported by Chinese authorities on the 15th of August. Residents within a 3-mile radius have been relocated; at least 85 victims of the accident have been reported dead.

We were immediately suspicious, such huge explosions have to be viewed with suspicion these days when tactical nuclear weapons can and are used with alarming frequency – 9-11, The Khobar Towers, the Haiti Earthquake and most recently, air dropped on Yemen.

The mobile phone as radiation detector

The key clue that allowed us to identify the use of a nuke in Yemen was the presence of scintillating pixels – white dots that flashed on and off briefly in the mobile phone videos of the explosion. The CCD imaging sensor within the camera phone is being struck by radiation thus causing a pixel to overload and appear white; in this way a mobile phone can serve double duty as a crude but effective radiation detector.

When the Tianjin blast occurred I immediately looked at the mobile phone footage of the blast and tried to find scintillating pixels; I couldn’t find any, but the huge white hot fireball and sheer size of the blast effect apparent in the footage (shaken buildings, breaking windows etc.) certainly didn’t feel like a conventional explosion to my relatively untrained eyes.

It was actually VT Contributor and expert on all things nuclear, Jeff Smith who taught us about scintillating pixels and the use of a mobile phone camera to detect radiation; therefore I consulted him about the lack of scintillation in the Tianjin footage:

Scintillation is based on the distance from the blast. The farther you get away from the blast the less neutron exposure you get. CCD Cameras will detect scintillation but only at high levels. They are not sensitive to far field radiation patterns. All CCD cameras were too far away to be sensitive enough to show scintillation properly.

So you have to look at the white out in the centre of the photo. This is where the brightness is so great that it overloads the ccd pickup chip causing a clipping effect. The fact that the fireball was whited out or clipped indicates that the colour temperature was over 4,000 degrees C. Only achievable in a nuclear blast. The cameras auto gain circuit clips the video level for being too bright so you get a white out on the screen.

No scintillation but a clear piece of evidence indicating a nuclear explosion in the form of the huge white fireball – once again, mobile phone footage proves useful in deciphering the truth.

The parking lots full of toasted cars

As reports and images became available, we studied them carefully for evidence of the use of a nuclear weapon and sadly, it was not long before we found it – the first big clue coming with the pictures of the thousands of toasted cars that looked eerily like those seen on 9-11.

While a layman like myself can recognise the overall similarity, it takes an expert to fully analyse the evidence contained in the pictures; luckily, at VT we have such an expert in the erstwhile Jeff Smith who provided the following analysis:

Normal people are not trained in what to look at so they simply ignore the obvious. However, once you see enough explosions like this you begin to spot the artefacts in the photos real fast. Unfortunately all of these people that know this stuff usually work for the government. Just like I did.

The big clue is in the ash produced and the exploding radiators on the cars. They show the radiation and the blast patterns the best. All melted rubber, glass, and aluminium but no melted steel? This tells you it is from radiation and not from a gasoline fire. Temps between 1500 degrees C for melting aluminium and less than 3,000 degrees C for melting steel. Everything organic ashes below 450 degrees C.

This had a plasma fireball that was over 4,000C! Only a nuke can do that. The clue is in the white ash leftover from the thermal blast.

A. The fuel tanks did not explode.

B. The rubber tires were ashed not burned see the white powder residue around the cars.

C. The radiators are all gone; indicating Freon explosions.

D. All the glass is ashed or melted; also the the glass was blown out not in.

E. All new white cars show extreme effects from very high temperature heating. The paint is badly damaged due to a very high oxidation rate effect.

F. Silicone rubber tires ash at 500 degrees centigrade. Glass ashes at 1500 degrees centigrade. Gasoline at 250 degrees centigrade. Tires melted but no gas tank explosions; just like on 911.

G. Yellow Volkswagen Beetle cars untouched due to location indicating radiation shielding from a nearby building. Just like on 911….

H. Finally and most important is all of the nano particle sized ash on the ground everywhere. Purple haze in photo is an indication of toxic levels of the gases fluorine, chlorine and sodium.

Conclusion; The damage to the cars was produced by neutron radiation damage and not by conventional explosives or a fuel-air explosion. The distance from ground zero is too great for a standard blast to melt the glass and tires. Also the cars fuel tanks were shielded from the heat of the ignition source.

So there you have it, the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of a nuke is to be found among the smoking wreckage of those incinerated cars. However, the pictures of burnt out cars contain more evidence to be analysed before we move on to the other evidence.


The Crater at Ground Zero

Once again, Jeff Smith was able to provide detailed analyses of the available imagery of the blast crater at ground zero and the damage to the surrounding area:

This was NOT an accident, the fracture pattern around the crater proves a to be a shallow sub ground burst. If it was a sub ground burst, then a small nuclear weapon is the biggest possibility because once a nuke has to push dirt, the blinding flash will not be seen. A slightly subsurface detonation would explain why camera sensors did not get strange artefacts. And if it was not a nuke, it was something else incredibly huge, but not a fuel air bomb because fuel air bombs will not leave craters. They also leave an oily carbide residue on everything.

A little bit more of a detailed explanation: If the blast happened at ground level, almost all of the energy would go upwards and the blast would not have made a large deep crater, especially one large enough and deep enough to make that lake. If you look to the right hand side of the lake, you can see fracture patterns in the earth, which were caused by the earth being compressed sideways and not downwards. This would only be done with a sub surface blast. After the blast, the earth bounced back towards the centre of the lake, which opened up the cracks.

Look closely at the ground around the lake. Those who claimed it was not a nuke cited the fact that if it was, everything around the crater would be vaporized and wiped clean. Now that we have the real crater pic from the big blast, YEP, it matches that perfectly. Take a look at the containers laying in the lower left corner of this picture – they have no paint or colour, which means they had the surfaces incinerated by intense heat only a nuke or other super weapon would reach. If this was a carbide blast, they would be black or have their original colours to some degree, complete colour change to only gray proves this explosion was FREAKING HOT.

That type and size of blast crater will only happen if a massive bomb goes off a few feet underground, such as a tactical nuke in a drain pipe which leaves scant few alternative options. No chemical blast did that, PERIOD. The building that is still standing in the upper right hand side of the frame is a typical example of what is left after a nuclear test, concrete buildings seldom get levelled, but they do get gutted by nuclear blasts. Just look through pictures of the soviet nuclear tests and you will see this. Bottom line? The aftermath is completely consistent with a nuclear blast.

Even to the untrained eye, the imagery of the aftermath of this awful event cannot be mistaken as anything other than horriffic; when you also have expert testimony that explains the true nature of what you are seeing the imagery becomes even more shocking and disturbing. Destruction on this scale will become commonplace if the perpetrators are allowed to get away with this as it will signal to all parties possessed of tactical nuclear weapons that it is possible to put them to use without disclosure of that fact by the media. Perhaps more concerning is China’s silence on the nuclear aspect of this great crime – they are still sticking to their story of fire setting off explosions of stored chemicals. As we have shown, this story is about as credible as the one about hijacking airliners with boxcutters; given state control of the media in China, it might be a while before people learn the truth.

Ian Greenhalgh & Jeff Smith, Veterans Today 8 Comments [8/28/2015 3:07:22 AM]
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The Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 was the most diabolical false flag operation in the entire history of the world. The British Secret Service and Nikita Khrushchev called it "Operation Anadyr," after the Anadyr River in Russia, and it was designed to justify a first strike U.S. thermonuclear attack on Russia.

The small island of CUBA is named after Cuba in Portugal–the birthplace of Portuguese Christopher Columbus.


By 1957, Russian missiles threatened to make LeMay's bombers obsolete!!

This massive nuclear bomber buildup all happened during the Presidency of general Eisenhower.

All during the Eisenhower Presidency, Lewis Strauss urged the President to launch an atomic attack on Russia.

Eisenhower resisted such madness and he had a "heart attack" and "stroke" during his Presidency.

LeMay was confident that the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis would provide an opportunity to use his arsenal.

The 1956 Suez Canal Crisis and the Hungarian Revolution looked like a good opportunity for LeMay to use his bombers. However, that crisis was resolved peacefully by the President when he forced the British and French to back down.

Then, to the dismay of LeMay, there was more back news in store for him from Russia.

In August 1957, a Russian ICBM (NATO SS-6 Sapwood) flew from its launching base in Pletesk to Siberia.

In October, an SS-6 missile booster carried Sputnik 1 into orbit around the stationary earth.

Time was running out for LeMay's bomber fleet.

Winston Churchill, Lewis Strauss, and LeMay went into panic mode as they saw the handwriting on the wall for the nuclear bomber fleet. Churchill, whose entire life was dedicated to the destruction of Mother Russia, was 88 at that time and he was also running out of time.

In October 1958, austere, imperious Pope Pius XII was given the poison cup and sent to St. Peter.

A friendly, smiling Pope John XXIII eased the way for John F. Kennedy into the White House.

In 1959, British Secret Service agent Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba.

British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev was already premier of the Soviet Union when "Communist" Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. Ukrainian Nikita Khrushchev came to power upon the sudden death of Joseph Stalin in 1953.

Bombastic British Secret Service agent Nikita Khrushchev embraced fellow agent Fidel Castro during his visit to the United Nations in September 1960.

"Communist" Castro urged Ukrainian Khrushchev to protect Cuba from "imperialist aggression" by sending nukes to the island.

With the help of his father's millions, Jack Kennedy was "elected" President and inaugurated on January 20, 1961. His brother Bobby was attorney general and Robert McNamara was secretary of defense.

To the amazement of many, general LeMay was appointed Air Force Chief of Staff by President Kennedy.

LeMay was sworn in on June 30, 1961.

Alarmingly, his position as head of SAC was taken by an even more dangerous lunatic named general Thomas Power.

As Air Force Chief of Staff, LeMay was part of a 4-man commission called the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with HQ at the Pentagon. The commission consisted of a chairman, the Chief of Staff of the Army, Air Force, and Naval Operations. The only 2 people above them was secretary of defense Robert McNamara . . . and President Kennedy.

The CIA showed Kennedy "proof" of Soviet missiles in Cuba!!

At a special meeting at the White House on October 16, Arthur Lundahl presented his "proof" of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba to President Kennedy's Executive Committee (EXComm). Unlike President Eisenhower, Kennedy was in over his head and he was clueless about reading high altitude spy maps.

British Secret Service agent John McCone was head of the CIA during the Cuban false flag operation.

British Secret Service agent Arthur Lundahl was his "expert" on aerial photo reconnaissance.

On October 16, Lundahl presented his "proof" of Soviet ballistic missiles in Cuba to President Kennedy.

President Kennedy was shown high altitude photo reconnaissance images of Cuba taken from a U-2 spy plane. Kennedy was skeptical and told the CIA to take a closer look.

Little did the President realize that the Russian "nuclear missile" sites were just dummies constructed by the Cuban army.

The CIA supplied the Cubans with detailed plans of what a Russian launch complex should look like!!

Except on submarines, nuclear weapons were never permitted outside Russia.

The only nuclear weapons that the Russians allowed out of their great country were on submarines. Even then, they had a fail safe system to prevent unauthorized use. A madman like Curtis LeMay or Thomas Power could never launch nuclear weapons in Russia


Fidel Castro was eagerly awaiting the U.S. invasion of Cuba!!

"Communist" Fidel Castro was fervently praying to Minerva a.k.a. Maria or Mary for the U.S. invasion to occur.

The stage was set for the perfect false flag operation if the U.S. invaded Cuba.

A small U.S. nuclear warhead, fitted to a "Soviet" cruise missile, was aimed at Guantánamo Naval Base.

At least 6,000 U.S. military personnel would die immediately, but that meant nothing to LeMay, who was looking forward to killing hundreds of millions of Russians and Chinese:

The stand-down of U-2 flights over Cuba continued, pending an investigation of Major Anderson's shoot-down. Early on the morning of October 28, U.S. Air Force RF-101's and U.S. Navy F-8U low altitude reconnaissance planes were again over the missile sites. This time, however, they were escorted by fighter aircraft armed to the teeth–both alongside and prowling offshore. There were also fighters flying cover. There was no attempt to disguise the mission of the escort aircraft, which were prepared, on orders, to strike any antiaircraft gun or surface-to-air missile site that fired on the unarmed reconnaissance aircraft. General LeMay was eager to avenge Major Anderson's death. He was also prepared to go to war. There were not only a substantial portion of his bombers in the air, but SAC and TAC crews were on alert status in ready rooms, their aircraft fueled and loaded with appropriate ordnance, including nuclear weapons. External power supplies were connected to the aircraft. That morning 1,576 U.S. Air Force bombers and 283 missiles stood poised to strike the Soviet Union. (Brugioni, Eyeball to Eyeball, pp. 483-484).

To the great disappointment of Castro, LeMay, Power, and SAC, Robert McNamara refused to allow the invasion, so the false flag operation had to be cancelled. Castro gnashed his teeth while he cursed and damned his fellow Russian "Communists."

Curtis LeMay ordered the assassination of both Kennedy brothers!!

President Kennedy, his brother Bobby, and Robert McNamara were the 3 men who postponed Armageddon in October 1962. Of the trio, only Robert McNamara lived to old age and died a peaceful death.

Robert Kennedy was attorney general during the Kennedy Presidency.

He was the President's most trusted adviser.

Robert Kennedy was not a Cold Warrior, and he was not anxious to start WWIII because he had 11 children.

The President had tremendous health issues all during his life and the Cuban Missile Crisis just exasperated them. It was really the work of the 2 Roberts that restrained LeMay from launching World War III.

LeMay said that Kennedy "chickened out" of ordering the invasion of Cuba so LeMay gave the order for his assassination.

Robert Kennedy ran for President in 1968 but he was the last person in the world that LeMay wanted in the White House.

President Kennedy was assassinated by his British Secret Service Praetorian Guard in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968. As a Presidential candidate, Robert Kennedy was also entitled to "protection" by the British Secret Service.

Robert Kennedy might have been President In 1968 but LeMay wanted Republican Nelson Rockefeller in that position. LeMay retired from his position as Air Force Chief of Staff in 1964 but he was still very, very active behind the scenes in trying to start World War III.

Right after the assassination of the President, the Rockefeller Amendment was introduced which almost allowed Nelson Rockefeller to become President by appointment only. Had Rockefeller reached the White House he would have have definately ordered a first strike on Russia.

Armageddon was just postponed in October 1962

Thankfully, when wicked men like Adolf Hitler, Lewis Strauss, Curtis LeMay etc, etc., die, they cease troubling the world, but the demons that inhabit them just leave and seek new hosts!!

Our great JEHOVAH postponed Armageddon because 2 great prophecies had yet to be fulfilled:

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased (Daniel 12:4).

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come (Matthew 24:14).

When the space age was introduced with the launch of Sputnik 1, the Russians helped to fulfill those 2 great prophecies.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 11 Comments [8/28/2015 3:06:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 112294

We have seen so many false flag operations recently everywhere across the planet, and yet most people simply just do not get it.... Our Jew spew media picks up on these false flag operations and runs countless hours of brainwashing programming into the minds of gullible sheep, telling them that these false flags are somehow real and that we must be afraid of the very phony "terrorists".... It is so mind boggling to see and hear fools and morons continue to believe this horse crap!

And yes, we just had the latest false flag operation take place on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris, last Friday, August 21st, 2015..... In this ridiculous episode, a lone "crazed' Muslim Moroccan (I wonder why Morocco? Did that nation do something to piss of Israel and the US?) gunman, named "Ayoub el-Khazzanis" (note the great name, and the usual false flag method of vilifying Muslims...) got up in one of the passenger cars that just happened to be strangely empty considering the rest of the train was full, and pulled out an AK-47 (yes, they allow these assault guns on French bound trains supposedly...), shooting and wounding one passenger, before some "brave" passengers (just happen to be American and one supposed Israeli-American.. Just a "coincidence" of course...) quickly subdued him and prevented further "shootings".... It was indeed a marvelous and brave act, and so full of crap that I do not even know where to start....


And of course today, we find these three "heroes" receiving decorations and medals for their acts of "courage"... It is enough to honestly make me sick....

Yes, this latest "terrorist" attack in France is so full of holes and is definitely a bullshit false flag attack...The purpose of course is for not only distraction from all the troubles that ail our planet (including the economy now in full meltdown) but is again a propaganda operation to brainwash gullible fools into the belief that all Muslims are somehow evil.....

NTS, Northern Truth Seeker 9 Comments [8/27/2015 1:33:55 PM]
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Quote# 112290

As of August 2015, Presidential candidate Donald Trump was 100% pro-death concerning abortion a decade ago, but now mysteriously has become pro-life to run on the conservative Republican ticket. It's all staged. Trump knows he'll never sit in the oval office as our nation's commander. He's not evil enough. It's a puppet position anyway, beneath Trump's caliber. The job of U.S. President has apparently been reserved for pot-smoking, pedophile-pervert, cocaine-using, draft-dodging, lying, satanic, murderous, homosexuals. I think Trump is like World Trade Center building #7 imploded on 9/11, thrown into the mix to add confusion, dissonance and act as a red-herring, to distract everyone from the truth that two criminal families have hi-jacked The White House. Trump has turned this into a media 3-ring-circus (as I believe he was asked by his Illuminati buddies to do)! I am very confident that Jeb Bush will be U.S. President in 2016. I could be wrong, but that's what I see from where I sit as a caring Christian citizen.

Hillary, a Democrat, likely won't win. If she did, it would be the first time since 1836 that a Democrat won after a seated two-term Democrat. I think this whole e-mail ordeal with Hillary is another red-herring. Hillary is so popular with the sicko public that they need an excuse for her to lose, and this might be it. Legally, Hillary could get 600-years in prison for obstruction of justice. The fact that she is laughing and joking about breaking the law shows that this is all staged. It's not a coincidence that Jeb Bush is quietly lurking like a snake in the background, staying out of sight for now until election time. The mainstream newsmedia lost credibility a very long time ago with smart Americans, but the majority of people are dumb fools marching-on to their destruction!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 5 Comments [8/27/2015 1:32:31 PM]
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Quote# 112277

ISS Hoax - The International Space Station Does Not Exist!

The International Space Station, just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a Freemasonic hoax, a complete fabrication done with special effects, models, pools, zero G planes, and various camera tricks.

Anonymous Gossiper, Give Me Gossip 15 Comments [8/27/2015 3:33:52 AM]
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Quote# 112276

The Blue Beam Project is taking effect! September watch

[link to rationalwiki.org]

Step One

Step One requires the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. This will apparently be accomplished by faking earthquakes at precise locations around the planet. Fake "new discoveries" at these locations "will finally explain to all people the error of all fundamental religious doctrines", specifically Christian and Muslim doctrines.

This makes some degree of sense — if you want to usurp a current way of thinking you need to completely destroy it before putting forward your own. However, religious belief is notoriously resilient to things like facts. The Shroud of Turin is a famous example that is still believed by many to be a genuine shroud of Jesus as opposed to the medieval forgery that it has been conclusively shown to be. Prayer studies, too, show how difficult it is to shift religious conviction with mere observational fact — indeed, many theologians avoid making falsifiable claims or place belief somewhere specifically beyond observation to aid this. So what finds could possibly fundamentally destroy both Christianity and Islam, almost overnight, and universally all over the globe? Probably nothing. Yet, this is only step one of an increasingly ludicrous set of events that Project Blue Beam predicts will occur.

Step Two

The sky projections will appear to people as their god.
Step Two involves a gigantic "space show" wherein three-dimensional holographic laser projections will be beamed all over the planet — and this is where Blue Beam really takes off. The projections will take the shape of whatever deity is most predominant, and will speak in all languages. At the end of this light show, the gods will all merge into one god, the Antichrist.

This is a rather baffling plan as it seems to assume people will think this is actually their god, rather than the more natural twenty-first century assumption that it is a particularly opaque Coca Cola advertisement. Evidence commonly advanced for this is a supposed plan to project the face of Allah, despite its contradiction with Muslim belief of God's uniqueness, over Baghdad in 1991 to tell the Iraqis to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Someone, somewhere, must have thought those primitive, ignorant non-Western savages wouldn't have had television or advertising, and would never guess it was being done with mirrors.

In general, pretty much anything that either a) involves light or b) has been seen in the sky has been put forward as evidence that Project Blue Beam is real, and such things are "tests" of the technology — namely unidentified flying objects. Existing display technology such as 3D projection mapping and holograms are put forward as foreshadowing the great light show in the sky.
This stage will apparently be accomplished with the aid of a Soviet computer that will be fed "with the minute physio-psychological particulars based on their studies of the anatomy and electro-mechanical composition of the human body, and the studies of the electrical, chemical and biological properties of the human brain", and every human has been allocated a unique radio wavelength.

The computers are also capable of inducing suicidal thoughts. The Soviets are (not "were") the "New World Order" people. Why NASA would use a Soviet computer when the USSR had to import or copy much of its computer technology from the West is not detailed.
The second part of Step Two happens when the holograms result in the dissolution of social and religious order, "setting loose millions of programmed religious fanatics through demonic possession on a scale never witnessed before." The United Nations plans to use Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" as the anthem for the introduction of the new age one world religion.

There is relatively little to debunk in this, the most widely remembered section of the Project Blue Beam conspiracy, as the idea is so infeasible. Citing actual existing communication technology is odd if the point is for the end product to appear magical, rather than just as cheap laser projections onto clouds. This hasn't stopped some very strange conspiracy theories about such things popping up. Indeed, the notion of gods being projected into the sky was floated in 1991 by conspiracy theorist Betty J. Mills. And one US general, Edward Landsdale, actually floated a plan to fake a Second Coming over Cuba to get rid of Castro.

Step Three

Step Three is "Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication." It involves making people think their god is speaking to them through telepathy, projected into the head of each person individually using extreme low frequency radio waves. (Atheists will presumably hear an absence of Richard Dawkins.) The book goes to some lengths to describe how this would be feasible, including a claim that ELF thought projection caused the depressive illness of Michael Dukakis' wife Kitty.

Step Four

Step Four has three parts:
Making humanity think an alien invasion is about to occur at every major city;
Making the Christians think the Rapture is about to happen;
A mixture of electronic and supernatural forces, allowing the supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics, coax, power and telephone lines to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances, that will by then all have a special microchip installed.

Then chaos will break out, and people will finally be willing — perhaps even desperate — to accept the New World Order. "The techniques used in the fourth step is exactly the same used in the past in the USSR to force the people to accept Communism."

A device has apparently already been perfected that will lift enormous numbers of people, as in a Rapture. UFO abductions are tests of this device.
Project Blue Beam proponents believe psychological preparations have already been made, Monast having claimed that 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars and the Star Trek series all involve an invasion from space and all nations coming together[4] (the first two don't, the third is peaceful contact) and that Jurassic Park propagandises evolution in order to make people think God's words are lies.

CuriousG, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [8/27/2015 3:33:46 AM]
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