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Quote# 112425

Indian Tribunal Orders 2 Sisters Raped As Punishment For Brother's Elopement

The unofficial council says the man ran away with a married woman of a higher caste.

An unelected, all-male village council in India has decided to punish a man who eloped with a married woman by ordering his two sisters to be raped. The two women, ages 23 and 15, fled their village in the Baghpat district after the decision was handed down on July 30.

The Times of India reports that the brother ran away with a woman who belonged to a higher caste.

Now, a petition from Amnesty International is calling on the Indian Supreme Court to help the sisters return home. The NGO has slammed the "disgusting ruling," made by a so-called kangaroo court. These tribunals operate outside of the country's legitimate legal system, Amnesty International said.

"More often than not they are made up of older men from dominant castes, who prescribe rules for social behavior and interaction in villages," the group said.

Other family members who fled with the sisters say they fear for their lives should they return, and their home has already been looted by other villagers. According to Amnesty International, they have filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking for protection, and say they've also experienced harassment from local police.

The petition has garnered more than 40,000 signatures in protest of the rape punishment. The unelected council also mandated that the sisters be paraded naked with blackened faces around their town.

Despite government efforts to address India's high levels of rape, sentences from local tribunals have continued. A similar incident made headlines last year when a 20-year-old woman was ordered to be gang-raped after village elders objected to her relationship with another man. The unofficial court said her actions violated local codes, the BBC reported at the time.

The Washington Post notes the number of reported rape cases in India skyrocketed nearly 900 percent in the 40 years leading up to 2012, when nearly 25,000 incidents were reported. The outlet cites a societal disregard for sexual violence, a lack of police action and familial pressure to keep rape quiet as a trifecta of opposition towards further action against the crime.

Indian village council, Huffington Post 38 Comments [8/31/2015 4:08:38 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN

Quote# 112424

[Re. the “Gettin' You Home” music video by Chris Young]

The entire video centers around seductive camera shots of the woman getting in and out of the bathtub. Dozens of promiscuous scenes sexualize the viewer. Is this the man of God that Chris Young professes to want to be? I think not. This is not what GOOD men do! This is certainly not what GODLY men do. There are always consequences for every action. Only God knows the families who suffer, and the irreparable spiritual damage done, because of the sensual filth being promoted through music video today to corrupt U.S. society. If you were to take the euphoric secular music away, and play a Christian song like “At Calvary” instead, you'd see the evil of such videos. Most music videos are of the Devil. It is tragic that I cannot get most my web visitors to listen to preaching. Hardly anybody listens or watches the sermon videos that I promote, but tens-of-millions watch the world's filth and garbage. In eternity, most people will be very regretful, and that includes most Christians. We all need hard-preaching!!!


Chris Young's video seduces the viewer with the attractive woman's sensual, mostly naked, body, showing everything but her private parts. Her legs are sticking out of the bathtub. There's not much water in the tub. Clearly, the producer(s) of the music video wanted to sexually seduce the viewer with suggestive content. The video focuses on the woman's buttocks, which she rubs her hands over. The entire music industry, of all genres, is saturated with sexual immorality. Again the Holy Bible says in Colossians 3:5-6, “Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.” Americans treat sexual immorality like a form of sport, toying with the idea in music videos, literature and every form of media. The Bible warns that sexual sins bring the judgment of God. Late Night TV is saturated with sexually distasteful jokes, laughing at homosexuality and making a mock of sin. Proverb 14:9, “Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.”

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 33 Comments [8/31/2015 3:37:24 AM]
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Quote# 112423

(in a thread about the on-camera slaying of a TV reporter and cameraman.)

Oh great, the dad of one of the victims is going full fledged gun-grabber now. It is sad to see a dad use his daughter's death to push his political views and bask in his 15 minutes.

MJJersey, City Data 30 Comments [8/31/2015 3:37:10 AM]
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Submitted By: ScrappyB

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The Elite/Globalist/Lucefarians, are planning a fake alien disclosure/invasion. 3 things will be achieved, when the fallen angels, masquerading as “aliens” come to earth.

1. It would cause the world to reject God.
We’ve been sold this erroneous idea that if aliens exist , God doesn’t.
So, the headlines the day after would read “God proven wrong”
The whole world would be united in its rejection of God, overnight.

2. We would believe ourselves to be god.
The idea would be that aliens, in an evolutionary type of way, evolved. It could be sold to us that they were somehow our creators in the sense that they genetically modified us, or they might have some type of excuse of the origin of life or something to that effect.
Ultimately, we would see them as gods, in the sense of their abilities, or technological advancements. It really depends on how and what they say about us, or , in the discovering of them, it is applied that we ourselves can be like them and therefore be as gods.

3. Eliminate Christians.
I think that this concept of evolution is crucial to so much of what the anti Christ system does, especially for the “genocide based on belief” system.
It really requires, as it did in Hitlers third Reich, an idea of evolution, a concept that there are certain people that are not fit for the new system, the new evolution and , they were helping humanity evolve by the elimination of those who weren’t ready for the new system .

No longer will you have to have this underground preaching of theosophy, but rather the whole world is united in this perceived understanding of potential evolution after all “the aliens are here” people will say “we can be like them” “they just evolved like we have the potential to do” “we can communicate telepathically”

but it will all be under the context of God has just recently been dis proven . but yet there are people on the earth who cant go with the new system because they are still stuck in the old paradigm of “God does exist” the bible was accurate” “These aliens are a deception” and these people will be presented enemy #1 , and will be viewed as the ones holding the world back from evolving.

Also, the Pope, the false prophet, has gone on record and has said that if he was given a chance, he would baptize aliens.

For a number of years now, Vatican astronomers have been at the forefront of scientific speculation about the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Astronomers such as Guy Consolmagno (a Jesuit like Pope Francis) have been preparing the way with bold statements about baptizing extraterrestrials and its compatibility with Catholic theology. Consolmagno has been working closely with the U.S. scientific establishment such as NASA and the Library of Congress where he discussed baptism of extraterrestrial life. On Oct 27, 2014, Pope Francis released a statement where he referred to “beings of the universe” (extraterrestrials) as a major part of God’s evolutionary plan. If it was disclosed that extraterrestrials, rather than an all-powerful God, were the creators of humanity through advanced genetics, the Pope could now simply claim that this is part of God’s plan and not a major concern for the religious community.

Source: http://exopolitics.org/tag/pope-francis/

With all this being said, it is likely, that there is a plan in place to create a NWO through the disclosure of “alien life”. Aliens are demonic spirits and Satan will use his minions into fooling the population.

malakiix, Exposing Truth 27 Comments [8/31/2015 3:35:09 AM]
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Quote# 112417

How Donald Trump Figures into the Illuminati's 2016 Election Plans
Every week since the Donald has filed, we've heard stronger and more incendiary comments against immigrants, war heroes, and women; yet predicted consequences continue to elude the controversial candidate. In fact, the opposite is happening. Mr. Trump continues to gain support. His poll numbers are rising faster than a souffle on steroids, and his popularity knows no bounds leaving us here at IW to ponder what all of this means.

Initially, we thought that Hillary Clinton would capture the electorate. She's an established Illuminati candidate and a conspirator for both 9/11s (World Trade Center and Benghazi. For more, see our article). Her campaign logo also indicates this connection with the arrow flying through the two vertical lines of the "H" which more closely resembles a plane flying into two towers than a letter. Given the imagery and her past, we figured she was an obvious favorite by the secret order.

Then Trump entered, which came out of nowhere. And what makes this so perplexing is that he is a senior Illuminati member. He's one of the guys who pulls the strings from the shadows. Now, he's shaking up the political scene by offsetting the establishment candidates. What could the purpose of all this be?

One theory is that he has run afoul of the secret order and is "going rogue" to show what he can do. This would explain his unusual campaign strategies and the media's relentless pursuit to assassinate his character. He's so familiar with standard political brainwash that he knows how to break through it and get a message across. Maybe, he had a falling out with the Bilderbergs or wanted to go with an alternate plan for introducing the NWO. Regardless of the reason, he could become a real spoiler if elected.

Another idea is that he is the Illuminati's main choice and is intended to usher in Armageddon. This would fit with his aggressive personality and jingoistic foreign policy. Instead of diplomacy, the Donald would negotiate with smart bombs and tactical nuclear missiles, exactly what's needed to end the old order and begin the new. Can you imagine Hillary dropping the nukes and ordering legions of tanks into endless war? We don't think so either.

A third possibility is that Trump is merely a shadow for the order's "real" candidate, and given how much press he's getting, this is also a viable explanation. There are currently 17 Republican presidential hopefuls, more than we've ever seen. One of them will become the nominee and maybe win the general election. Trump's bombastic campaign may be little more than a screen for someone like Jeb Bush or Rand Paul to cement his allegiance with the Illuminati honchos.

As of now, we can't say for certain what Donald Trump's true purpose is. We can certainly say that he is grade A entertainment, which is likely intended to draw in the masses for obvious brainwashing. Hopefully, we'll have a better idea as the Iowa caucuses draw nearer and the Republican primary field shows some more definition. Until then, we'll be watching.

Illuminati Watchdog, Illuminati Watchdog 28 Comments [8/31/2015 3:34:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Pokefrazer

Quote# 112415

[On article "Ultra-Lib Lizz Winstead ‘Will Not Cower’ to CMP’s ‘Thuggish Fetus Pornographers’"]

Cosmo loves to highlight women like The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead: sex-obsessed, profane, offensive and unabashedly pro-abortion.

In an article published July 30, the women’s magazine lauded Winstead for potentially sacrificing her career in order to be a “USO of reproductive rights, visiting clinics and boosting the morale of the ‘troops.’” After all, her “vocal advocacy for reproductive rights can make it more difficult to get mainstream work.” Yes, you read that correctly.

Winstead—who grew up in a conservative, Catholic family—has been an avid abortion advocate ever since she had her own teenage pregnancy terminated. But just last year, she created an organization called Lady Parts Justice in order to support abortion workers throughout the U.S. Her “mobile justice unit” travels to many states, replete with food, microphones, cameras and even a singing plush pink uterus puppet named Eunice. I didn’t make that up.

It gets worse. After its creation in 2014, “the group faced immediate backlash from activists who argued that the organization's name and barrage of uterus jokes was transphobic and non-intersectional, or even simply too crass to play well in more conservative states.” Yep, you read that right, too.

In a Slate article, concerned transgender activist Parker Molloy responded that “Lady Parts” was an inappropriate moniker for the group. “Not all women are the owners of a uterus, and not all owners of a uterus are women,” Molloy corrected. “A person should not be defined by what reproductive organs they have or don’t have.” Gosh, being as progressive as she is, how did Winstead ever get away with that transphobic, bigoted, non-intersectional move? She might as well have named the group “Cis-Parts Justice!”

“As for being ‘crass,’ she has no problem with that reputation,” the Cosmo article read. Then, quoting Winstead: “I'm not afraid to say things crassly and in a 'f*ck you' manner, because sometimes this just needs to be said. Sometimes you just need to say, 'This f*cking sucks and it's f*cking outrageous and it's got to stop.” What a gem. Take out those f-bombs, and I wish she’d say that to Planned Parenthood.

But that won’t happen. Throughout the recent scandal, Winstead has tweeted repeatedly #IStandWithAbortionCareProviders.

Moreover, she has continued to inject her crassness into tweets attacking the Center for Medical Progress. On July 28, the date CMP released the third Planned Parenthood video, Winstead tweeted: “I simply will not cower to these thuggish fetus pornographers.”

Other tweets called CMP an “illegal and immoral outfit” and its videos “amateur propaganda.”

And yes, this is the kind of woman that Cosmo likes to highlight.

Sarah Stites, MRC Culture 17 Comments [8/30/2015 7:24:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 112412

Equal rights was never the real goal.

Full acceptance of any and every possible deviant lifestyle was the goal.
In addition to full acceptance, they expect the government and social intimidation to FORCE people to accept any deviant lifestyle.

Atheist-LGBT-NAMBLA actually made people reluctant to complain about young boys being convinced they need to cut off their penis, take hormones to stop their growing into a man, and begin wearing women's clothes.

NAMBLA really liked that one.

LGBT is not a useful acronym, because it changes every so often to include another disgruntled deviant group.

Just call them, "Confussexuals". They are confused about sexuality.
That should cover it.

Ordinary America 2014, Breitbart 42 Comments [8/30/2015 7:23:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 112410

Time to ban and burn the HETEROPHOBIC Rainbow Flag: SYMBOL OF BIGOTRY & MURDER!

(For a quick primer on the odious history of "turning" the American heterosexual super-majority, read this quick analysis of the LGBTMafia's long-term blueprint for pinking America: massresistance dot com, "Analysis Of The Homosexual Agenda: The homosexual propaganda campaign in America's media". It's CHILLING reading, but quick with in-depth research...YIKES!)

Missie Anthrogynyvous, Breitbart 16 Comments [8/30/2015 7:11:56 AM]
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Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 112409

It is not a war on women. It's a war on women that refuse to accept responsibility for their own decisions.
That being said, from my profile:
Life starts at conception. I don't care what you think. You can use all the logical tricks you want to try and justify it. Abortion is murder, plain and simple. That being said, I don't want women having crotchfruit that I will eventually have to pay for via taxes. I mean, a woman that is so unconscionable to even consider having an abortion is so morally depraved that I wouldn't want her to try and be a parent. I'm sure she will fail just as terribly at that as her parents were.
So, I propose we fully fund PP. We should absolutely provide low-cost, if not free abortive services to any woman at any time for any reason.

ewiap, Fark 19 Comments [8/30/2015 7:11:42 AM]
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Quote# 112407

If you throw all the ingredients for what could be the greatest soup the world has ever tasted, a *one time only* combination of stuff in the pot, then five minutes on the burner, turn and heave it out the window, there's gonna be people biatching about the lost opportunity, the absolute waste of the potential and the food in general. They aren't waging a war on cooks. We're talking about human life, not just a meal, so the passion is far stronger and it's no more a war on women than the previous was a war against cooks and it didn't matter that the soup was made or just mixed in a pot.

CanisNoir, Fark 20 Comments [8/30/2015 7:11:18 AM]
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Quote# 112406

[Ben Carson] is right of course. War on women is a narrative as abortion is not *just* about the health of the mother but also the unborn. The narrative could just as realistically be The Democrats are waging a war on humanity since they fervently support snuffing out the spark of human life.
Not that I expect most to understand "narratives " and their purpose.

CanisNoir, Fark 15 Comments [8/30/2015 7:10:57 AM]
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Quote# 112405

There have been no cures for ANYTHING using fetal tissue. If there has been, then prove it. That's so ironic that you talk about Human suffering. Do you think the babies that are killed may have suffered? Even just a little?? Have you ever watched an ultrasound of a 8 week old baby? They have a heart, they have a brain, they feel pain. They wince when poked, so lets talk about that HUMAN suffering? Are you so blind that you don't see that we are killing one human being to donate it's body parts for research to try to save another? Humm, sounds awfully familiar, as in Germany during the Holocaust when Hitler did experiments on the Jews to establish a superior race. Remember that? Everyone at the time turned their heads just like you are doing. People can be given information in a way it may look okay, when it's not. PP has been doing this for years, so tell me what diseases have been cured from this practice? Another lie from PP! And, how are the videos misleading? The day the first "edited" video came out, the full version was also released. You can watch it. It is what it is. Planned Parenthood themselves did not deny ANYTHING in the videos. All the President of PP said was that the "tone" was not what PP represents. No denial, so why are you denying it? Have you watched any of the videos?? And, YES, I am very proud, not of myself, but of the fact that people are seeing abortion for what it is. It's human life extermination for the baby, and the Mother if she has a conscience, will for the rest of her life live with the fact that a baby she grew inside of her, she let someone kill because it was inconvenient. That is the top reason for abortion. So you ask am I happy? Yes I am happy that it's stopped. I'm happy that fetal tissue donation has stopped!! Absolutely. Pro abortion people have really been brainwashed into thinking this is okay! Where is your humanity and compassion?? What happened to the argument that a fetus is just a clump of cells?? If that is so, how is a "clump of cells" now so important?? How is it that the precious little baby is important enough to you to be used for so called research, but not important enough to allow it to be born. It is NOT part of the Mother. It lives within the Mother's Body, but has it's separate DNA, heart, liver (as PP says is so valuable), it's own heart, brains and is it's own person. Please really think about what you are defending and do some research on what happens during an abortion, and with the medical knowledge we have now, Roe V Wade it outdated and needs to be reversed. We know so much more about babies in utero now, that we can see what happens to them. I have no hidden agenda other than the trying to save the lives of these babies.

Lynne Meadows, mediamatters 15 Comments [8/30/2015 4:06:51 AM]
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Quote# 112404

More disasters are coming, so mankind must stop killing the babies and stop spreading Sodomy. Mankind must repent of sins and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation. Mankind has only some limited time on Planet Earth.

Grace Kim Kwon, The Christian Post 17 Comments [8/30/2015 4:06:40 AM]
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Quote# 112402

(on story about Christian Clerk Kim Davis continuing to defy order to issue same-sex marriage licenses)

"Guess who's going to be out of a job soon."

Stock market financial advisors?
Caitlyn Jenner? (Is "I am Cait" even STILL ON!?)

"If you think that there is any way this lady remains in position, you're simply delusional."

Remain in her position?! Heavens no!
This bold and very public stand for the Word of God and loyal faithfulness to Christ just ensured for this dear woman a PROMOTION when her Redeemer arrives.

Remain in her position!! Hee, hee!
You folks just don't get it. (face palm)

Good news my friend! If you are one of those people who really likes surprises THEN you are in for a BIG one very SOON!!
Don't say we didn't warn you!

Really should read your Bible more. It's all in there! Very long wait for messiah's return during a generation of apostasy and godlessness who are financially and morally bankrupt, engaging in hedonistic practices of sexual anarchy at a time when Israel is a nation once again after a 2000 year wait, surrounded by enemies committed to her destruction which inevitably climaxes at the battle of Armageddon.

Yeah, nothing to see here.
The Bible is WAY off! (?)

The Last Trump, Christian News Network 16 Comments [8/30/2015 4:06:29 AM]
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Quote# 112401

I just sent an email to Wal Mart's corporate office, demanding that they stop selling gay pride rainbow flags which following their reasoning concerning the Confederate flag, is a symbol of hatred against White people.
"Wal Mart supports the murder of White people" by black racist anal sex fetishists.
I'm preparing an email for the Target corporate office next.

rondogg9, Breitbart 21 Comments [8/30/2015 4:04:11 AM]
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Quote# 112400

(Comparing the Confederate flag to the Rainbow flag)

Our flag has red fields to represent Christ Blood. The white border is the Protection of God. The blue cross is St. Andrews cross, the first desciple of Christ, and Patron St. of Scotland. The 13 stars are the States in the Confederacy. Thus, OUR Flag symbilizes ; Consecrated with the Blood of Christ, with the Protection of God, We, the thirteen states stand united in our fight for Liberty!! I was not a debater, but common sense requires some consideration of both sides of arguement. They lied to you in public school. You are clueless to history. Our flag wins!!

southern son, Breitbart 29 Comments [8/30/2015 3:50:30 AM]
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Quote# 112397

BILL O'REILLY: After the brutal murders of TV reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward in Virginia yesterday, the liberal press reacted in a predictable way, calling for stricter gun laws and more mental health monitoring.

Sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing people. And because of America’s history, there is no way total control of firearms will ever happen.

Americans have a right to bear arms in order to defend themselves. That is not going to change.

And because all of us have that constitutional right, criminals and maniacs will abuse it and destroy innocent human beings.

It is worth noting that Chicago and Illinois have ultra-strict gun laws but cannot stop the gang violence that has brought shame to that city.

But there is something else going on and Senator Marco Rubio identified it last night.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL): "What has happened to us as a society that we now devalue life to such a level? What has happened in our society that people have become so violent? That's the fundamental question we need to confront."

What Rubio is spotlighting is a rise in nihilism and a decline in spiritual belief.

A person practicing nihilism believes in nothing but his or her own desires.

Those folks have no loyalties, no purpose outside of their own gratification.

Nihilism is a close cousin to narcissism, where a person believes he or she is never wrong and lacks empathy for other human beings.

In 40 years of covering the news, almost every killer I’ve reported on has been a nihilist.

For example, I just finished writing about the would-be assassin John Hinckley in my upcoming book Killing Reagan. At the time he shot Reagan, Hinckley believed in nothing.

There is no question that America is now turning away from spiritualism and embracing the culture of “me” … what “I” want.

Since 2007, Americans describing themselves as Christian have declined almost 8 percent while those who believe in no religious doctrine have risen almost 7 percent.

In many media precincts, religious folks are openly mocked, considered to be fanatics.

That message is seeping in, especially to younger Americans.

The killers in Colorado, Charleston, Connecticut and now Virginia -- all young men who had few restraints in their lives.

If you do not believe in anything, anything goes.

So the next time you hear a pundit saying gun control or stricter mental health monitoring or whatever else they come up with is going to stop the senseless murders of human beings, know you are being deceived.

Only a society that insists all human life is valuable and a mass media that promotes that will begin to see a turn-away from violence.

It's all about the philosophy of loving your neighbor. Not the myth that a centralized government can prevent barbaric behavior.

It can't.

Bill O'Reilly, Real Clear Politics 25 Comments [8/30/2015 3:48:19 AM]
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Quote# 112396

[On the WDBJ shooting]

I hope the victims were Born Again.

Cash, Rapture Ready 25 Comments [8/30/2015 3:48:07 AM]
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Submitted By: documentingtehcrazy

Quote# 112393

The disciples went to prison for being true to their faith. In the old testament - some went into a lion's den and into a fiery furnace. Later Christians were fed to the lions for sport. In the middle east some have their heads cut off. If you trust in God - then let your faith stand with you - even in jail. This will show how evil our system has become.

Mr. Avatar, Christian News Network 9 Comments [8/30/2015 3:47:36 AM]
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Quote# 112392

Half of all young people in Britain are now queer:


You people claimed same-sex “marriage” wouldn’t have any negative consequences but now it has turned half the population gay! Homosexuality was also common in Britain during the 1920s as a result Britain lost the resolve to stand up to Hitler. When the next Hitler races across Europe same-sex “marriage” supports will have blood on their hands.

Franklin Daley , Lawyers Guns and Money 31 Comments [8/30/2015 3:47:22 AM]
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Quote# 112390

Number 2 - The First Amendment guarantees the RIGHT of Peaceable Assembly (Free association). The flip side of that coin is to be free FROM FORCED ASSOCIATION.

No business should be saddled with having its business reputation destroyed by having a disgusting lisping homosexual answering their phones or interacting with the public.

Nor should the public be endangered by the presence of an HIV, HPV and Hepatis-infected homosexual handling their food or looking after other people's children.

Homosexuals have higher than average incomes and already have a dense business network that caters specifically to other homosexuals.

Let the homosexual associate with other homosexuals. Let the homosexuals leave the other 98 percent of America alone.

Conrad, cnsnews.com 22 Comments [8/30/2015 3:46:41 AM]
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Submitted By: KingOfRhye

Quote# 112388

The hot steam of a deadline breathes down your neck. It’s two o’clock in the morning, and you are alone in your office completing a last-minute project. As you viciously beat away at the keyboard, you pause and turn to the Internet as a resource. While browsing the Web, you notice an ad: “Free Porn.” You look at the popup appalled, yet intrigued.

In the isolated dark office, sin disguises itself as “free” — free of cost, free of accountability, and free of consequences. Don’t believe the lie. Deconstructing the phrase “Free Porn” may save your marriage and ultimately your relationship with Christ. Here is a truth we desperately need today: There is no such thing as free porn.

Free Porn Is False Advertisement

Satan, the world, and the flesh combine to make a perverse, yet persuasive marketing firm. Satan is the source and father of lies (John 8:44). The world is under his control (1 John 5:19), and the flesh swindles us to believe God may be mocked while our hearts deceive us as well (Galatians 6:7–8; Jeremiah 17:9). It is clear then that spiritual warfare has much to do with battling the lies of this unholy trinity. It should not surprise us that Satan, the world, and our own flesh feed us lies to enhance the temptation of sin.

A wise Puritan said, “Satan presents the bait and hides the hook.” He is a crafty enemy that presents immediate pleasure, yet hides catastrophic consequences. There are few lies greater today than the myth that porn is free.

There is always great cost in viewing porn. It is never free. It always costs money. It will always demand we surrender integrity. It will always force the corruption of Christ-centered character. Many men have paid for so-called “free porn” with salty tears, broken marriages, and hours of counseling. Many women have paid for so-called “free porn” with vicious memories, broken bodies, and shattered souls.

God frees us by giving us the truth (John 8:32). The simple truth is that porn always costs us dearly, and it is never a victimless crime. Peer-reviewed research suggests that porn is highly addictive, negatively affects our behavior, and functionally operates as a destructive drug.

Porn has also been proven to ruin marriages, stress relationships, and decrease the desire for true intimacy with monogamous mates. In other words, porn kills relationships and diminishes our very being.

Porn also leaves a trail of tears and scarred victims. Many in the porn industry have testified of disease, drugs, violence, rape, and even sexual trafficking plaguing the business.

And above all, porn dishonors God. It perverts the sacred creation of God and exchanges it with lust, selfishness, and greed. What God created for good, porn perverts for evil. It takes his good gift of sex and devalues it. Porn makes sex about deviant pleasure, cheap romance, and gross satisfaction.

God intends sex to be so much more. God created sex for the purpose of cultivating intimacy between a man and his wife, and to be the means by which the blessing of children arrive. It is no coincidence, then, that both children and marriage are now devalued in today’s porn-ified culture.

Freedom in Jesus

Porn is sinful, and the saying about sin is still true: It will cost you more than you can pay and make you stay longer than you can stay. Sin is not controllable or stagnant. Sin is decadent. First you are walking in sin, then you are standing in sin, and before you know it you are sitting in it (Psalm 1:1–2). The same is true with porn. You think you can quit whenever you want. But you can’t. Porn is increasingly addictive, readily available, and like any other addiction more is needed the longer the practice continues. For many, porn has evolved from a curious click into a crippling addiction.

Here is the good news: There is freedom from “free porn” in Christ Jesus. The false security, enslaving escape, and luring lust of porn will only leave you empty. But in the good news of redemption in Christ, we find concrete security, promised perseverance, and true water that quenches the soul.

In Christ, we find the intimacy we truly desire as reconciled children to an almighty Father. In Christ, we find the free offer of grace that comes without any strings attached or any webs that deceitfully entangle us into bondage.

May Jesus truly set you free with the true freedom that exposes the lie of free porn.

Cam Triggs, Desiring God 23 Comments [8/30/2015 3:46:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 112387

Nakuru - Tens of young men suspected to be homosexuals were arrested on Sunday night at a popular Nakuru bar known to be gay friendly.

The young men, mostly university and college students, were arrested by police in the wee hours of the morning as they partied.

According to police reports, officers carried out the raid at the popular bar after residents complained about the students' indecent gay acts.

Confirming the incident Monday morning, Nakuru police boss Bernard Kioko said that those arrested were openly engaging in indecent sexual acts in the bar.

“We have been hearing of these things (homosexuality) happening at this place and people have been complaining about how increasingly young men in Nakuru town are turning towards that line and that is why we decided to ambush them today and what we saw there was despicable and if that is the route our young men are following then in the next few years there will be no society,” said Kioko.

Kioko added that the Kenyan constitution outlaws homosexuality and sexual indecency in public saying that those arrested will be arraigned in court on Tuesday.

Kioko cautioned bar owners against allowing outlawed acts to be practiced within their premises and warned that such bars will be closed down.

Nakura police, News24 Kenya 9 Comments [8/30/2015 3:44:33 AM]
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The homophobic comments, made on a public platform earlier this week by Umzinyathi District Mayor, James Mthethwa, that he intends clamping down on homosexuality and that gay people spread AIDS, have no place in our society.

The DA [Democratic Alliance] will report Mr Mthethwa to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and ask the commission to investigate his offensive and unconstitutional comments. The SAHRC, which is tasked with supporting constitutional democracy and with promoting respect for the human rights of all South Africans without fear or favour, is the appropriate institution to probe these comments.

Mthethwa reportedly made the comments at the launch of the Umzinyathi Community Health Work Training Project in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal. According to the Sowetan newspaper, he said he was concerned that homosexuals were bringing shame to communities and were responsible for the spread of HIV.

He also said homosexuality needed to be stopped "before spreading to other places". Alarmingly, he went on to say that community health workers would run a door-to-door campaign to educate locals "about the dangers of homosexuality".

James Mthethwa, allAfrica.com 7 Comments [8/30/2015 3:44:02 AM]
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The Daily Telegraph has learned that “police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag” from the apartment of Vester Lee Flanagan Wednesday. In an apparent hate crime, Flanagan is the 41 year-old black journalist who murdered two white Virginia reporters on live television Wednesday morning before turning his gun on himself.

In a manifesto faxed to ABC News, Flanagan, an Obama-supporter, claimed that his motive involved a “race war.” Flanagan was black and gay and apparently angered by the fact that he had been a victim of racism and homophobia at the hands of “black men and white women.”

Both of Flanagan’s intended victims were straight.

The gay pride rainbow flag reportedly found in Flanagan’s apartment is seen by many as a symbol of anti-Christian hate.

After a white racist terrorist in South Carolina murdered nine innocent black churchgoers, photos of the racist with the Confederate Flag resulted in a media frenzy to ban the flag.

Like the Confederate flag, the provocative gay pride flag, a symbol of religious oppression, has flown on government property.

The Confederate Flag has since been taken down in South Carolina.

Thus far, other than a mention in the Telegraph, the media has not reported on the fact that Flanagan might have owned the LGBT rainbow hate-flag.

John Nolte, Breitbart 17 Comments [8/30/2015 3:43:39 AM]
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