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Quote# 114940

The only thing wrong with these wasted sacks of flesh getting shot is that the shooter missed their heads. Also now they’re going to get more attention and more undeserved sympathy.

BLM is a terrorist group, plain and simple. If you want to go around the country inciting racial division and violence against whites and the police, harassing and physically attacking people, and systematically trying to silence and economically harm anyone who disagrees with your racist extremism, especially on college campuses, don’t be surprised when someone stands up to your shit.

There is little to no difference to this event than if a KKK protest in full garb walking down the streets of Chicago holding nooses and burning crosses got shot at.

Hell, even a KKK march is more innocent than these people. Even the protesters admitted that they physically struck and chased down the guys with the gun before they fired at them.

Paradoxed, Know Your Meme 24 Comments [11/30/2015 4:28:11 PM]
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Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 114928

(continuing to deny evolution)

"What I have are facts." "Evolution explains how living things change over a long time" A time noboby observed, they BELIEVE that's how it happened - faith, as there are NO FACTS proving that's what happened. A cow slowly turning into a whale is just a fairytale.

"We know that living things have changed over time, because we can see their remains in the rocks. These remains are called 'fossils'." Hardly, you have faith that whatever you see is not merely an extinct or undiscovered creature, you can't even prove it procreated let alone "evolved" into anything.
"S o we know that the animals and plants of today are..." No you BELIEVE that's what happened - faith again. It's not proven by anything.

Evolutionism shoves any "evidence" into a preconceived box, and whatever doesn't fit is tossed out. Two people are in a room and suddenly it goes dark, the evolutionist would claim the other person in the room turned the light out completely ignoring any other possibilities because they are so emotionally vested in believing it could never be the bulb that burned out.

Yet again exploding dot boy/girl/whatever, ad hominem attacks o n others STILL doesn't prove your religion.

You website is a laughable joke, "Facts" "This is very strong evidence..." hardly a fact.
1. The universal genetic code. Could also be "very strong evidence" of a common designer.
2. The fossil record. I covered that, no proof there.
3. Genetic commonalities. See number 1.
4. Common traits in embryos. "all these life forms have gill slits" FRAUD ALERT, it's folds of skin, humans never had and never will have "gill slits" And they call that crap "science".
5. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Yet it's still bacteria which revert back to their original state when the adaptation is no longer needed. If anything it's proof evolution NEVER happened.
What else do you have?

Oboehner, Christian News Network 24 Comments [11/30/2015 4:24:32 PM]
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Quote# 114927

[On the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood mass shooting/hostage taking attack]

Per the FBI definition, abortion clinics and those who run them fits "domestic terrorism" to the tee. Those who work for them are complicit and accomplices to these murdering terrorists. To the tune of 3000 unborn babies per day. Be not deceived, their reservations in Hell have already been confirmed.

Watchman on the Wall, Yahoo! Comments 35 Comments [11/30/2015 4:24:27 PM]
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Submitted By: Yuu

Quote# 114925

(1-star review for the show Transparent)

I tried watching this show but it just seems like another push by the media industry to force me to be ok with something I personally am not ok with. First they pushed for homosexuality to be the norm now it is transexuality. What will be the next step once everyone sympathizes and every gender is having sex with every gender not knowing which gender is which. I imagine thanks to hollywood my kids kids will be watching shows about beastiality and after they win that battle i am sure the next push will be for pedophiles to be the norm. What happened to the normal being the norm.

E.H., Amazon 21 Comments [11/30/2015 4:23:15 PM]
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Quote# 114914

MULTAN: A pir was arrested on Wednesday for killing a follower to prove his claim that he could bring him back to life.

A Saddar police spokesman said Muhammad Sabir, a pir of village Mubarakabad in Bahawalnagar, gained popularity over the last five years for his ability to perform ‘miracles’.

He said on Tuesday, he announced that he could breathe life back into a dead man. The pir gave the condition that the victim must be married and have children.

Sabir said 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz, a daily wage worker and father of six children, volunteered for the miracle.

On Wednesday, Niaz was placed on a table in a square and his hands and legs were bound.

The police spokesman said Sabir then sliced his throat as people looked on.

Meanwhile, an anonymous caller informed the police about ‘the miracle.’ The spokesman by the time police reached, Niaz had died.

Witnesses said Sabir uttered some words to bring him back to life. They said when he realized his ‘miracle’ had not worked, he tried to flee.


A FIR against the cleric has been lodged in Saddar police station. The body of the victim was taken to the tehsil headquarters hospital for autopsy and later handed over to the family for burial.

Samina, sister of the victim, told The Express Tribune, that her brother had sacrificed himself for the spiritual leader.

“Why should I mourn when I know that my brother is in heaven?” she said. “He will be rewarded for his services for the spiritual leader in afterlife.

She said her brother had volunteered for the miracle and that the pir should not have been arrested.

Muhammad Sabir and Samina Niaz, The Express Tribune 22 Comments [11/29/2015 11:24:10 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 114911

What in the name of John Blutarsky is happening on our university campuses?

A new survey from the Pew Research Center reveals that a shocking number of millennials support curbing free speech.

According to their findings, 40 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 believe the government should be able to ban any speech that is offensive to minority groups.

We have apparently raised a generation of snowflakes so fragile that their psyches can't handle offensive words or photographs or images.

It seems the only free speech this perpetually offended generation supports is speech they agree with.

And it appears our nation's public universities have become breeding grounds for such anti-American and un-Constitutional beliefs.

Websites like Campus Reform have done a tremendous job documenting the methodical way in which our public institutions have been turned against us.

Administrators, faculty and student government leaders who do not agree with the rampaging mob of anti-free speech protesters are threatened—their voices silenced.

From the University of Missouri to U.C. Berkley—where they are creating safe spaces to protect persons of color and those who identify as gender queer.

The University of Michigan added a three-year diversity requirement to its undergraduate curriculum in the school of business. As Campus Reform reported, they will teach students "how race, gender and sexual orientation connect to larger systems of power, privilege and oppression."

At Dartmouth, Black Lives Matter protestors invaded the library—verbally assaulting white students.

"(Expletive) you, you filthy white (expletive)!"

That's what they screamed at the kids trying to study for exams.

And at the University of Vermont white students were carted off to the woods for a three-day retreat on white privilege.

Universities are now judging students on the color of their skin, instead of the content of their character.

Oh, what have liberal educators unleased on our great nation?

We are watching the coming of age for a new generation—a generation of intolerance—a generation that will one day shutdown free speech, a generation that will purge dissenting viewpoints, a generation that will shutter our churches and burn our books.

We are watching the generation that will destroy America.

Todd Starnes, Charisma News 72 Comments [11/29/2015 11:22:55 AM]
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I used to observe this holiday, until I started researching it only to find that it is actually a Pagan holiday, it had nothing to do with JESUS birth or the jolly old man in the red suit. Nothing to do with mistletoe, or holly, nothing about wreaths or decorations, or trees inside the house adorned with silver and gold.
No, my research let me to an emperor named Constantine. He was the one who was instrumental in changing the holiday in order to get people to come into the church (the HRCC). I furthermore discovered that JESUS is NOT the reason for the season, as He wasn't born in December, but it was at the Fall Feast of the LORD that He was born which was in September.
You see, it was too cold in the Holy Land area for the shepherds to be out in the fields keeping watch over their flock by night as Luke 2 has told us. They put away the animals in to barns back in October and left them there until around March or April when the weather warmed up. They were out in the fields it says keeping watch when JESUS was born (which was in September), as I said, it would have been "too cold" in the month of December for them to be out there.
Another thing we might keep in mind is that JESUS "never" told us to keep His birthday special. NO, what was important to JESUS was to remember His death...He said, "This Do In Remembrance of Me"! He never wanted us to do what we do today, so He is in effect NOT the reason for the season.
Christmas has NOTHING at all to do with Him or His birth, it's a traditional holiday that stems from the Pagans and Heathens and JESUS warned us NOT to have anything to do with them or their traditions or their ways.
Today it's merely just a tradition. We've been doing it all our lives b/c those before us did it too and it all started with Constantine. A little research goes along way if you want to learn the truth, and it's the truth that will set you free of these burdensome holidays that we celebrate here on earth.
It's all commercial, from Easter (another pagan holiday), to Halloween, to Christmas, it's all about $$$$$ (that almighty dollar). Shop til you drop, charge everything so you can be in debt for another year at least.
We teach our children about pagan beliefs and instead of honoring JESUS (who didn't want all this in the first place), we honor traditions of old.
May we learn the truth so that we can be set free...

wandakate, Charisma News 31 Comments [11/29/2015 11:21:46 AM]
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Quote# 114905

From violent video games filled with bloody action to blockbuster films that focus on teens fighting in a contest until only one "winner" survives, today's youth have been raised in a culture of death—even becoming desensitized to disturbing images and concepts.

It's impossible, says author and religion and culture expert Dr. Alex McFarland, to be embroiled in this culture of death and at the same time, embrace Christianity—the epitome of new life and hope.

McFarland speaks to and works with thousands of young people every year, and communicates to them the hope of Jesus Christ. In his newest book, The God You Thought You Knew: Exposing the 10 Biggest Myths About Christianity, McFarland dispels the myths and untruths about Christianity and replaces that with the truth of who God really is.

"Young people are leaving behind their faith at alarming rates, and it's no wonder," said McFarland said, who recently penned the column 'Valuing Life, in a Culture of Death' for CNSNews.com. "Very little shocks our youth anymore, as they are faced with violent images all their lives. We know that hope and life only comes from Jesus Christ, and His way of living is the only way. Through The God You Thought You Knew and events geared specifically toward youth, we hope to renew their faith in Christ and give them reason to embrace life in Him rather than hopelessness and death."

According to a new study released earlier this month by the Pew Research Center, young people entering adulthood are growing in the ranks of nonreligious adults. Millennials, the study found, are, in many ways, far less religious than their parents' and grandparents' generations.

"For example," according to Pew Research, "two-thirds of adults in the Silent generation say religion is 'very important' in their lives and that they pray every day, as do about six-in-ten Baby Boomers and more than half of Generation Xers. By comparison with older adults, Millennials exhibit far lower rates of involvement with religion. Fewer than half of older Millennials (adults now in their late 20s and early 30s) and roughly four-in-ten younger Millennials (adults now in their late teens and early 20s) say religion is very important to them and that they pray daily. And a majority of Millennials say they attend religious services a few times a year at most."

Oftentimes, McFarland adds, young people leave their childhood beliefs behind or shun Christianity altogether because of the myths and untruths they've heard about faith. In The God You Thought You Knew, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats, McFarland works to dispel those myths with 10 truths:

Myth #1: Christianity is intolerant and judgmental toward others.

Truth: Christianity teaches to love neighbor as self and to share the love of Jesus with others.

Myth #2: Christianity cannot be true because of the evil and suffering in our world.

Truth: Christianity offers the best hope and power to deal with suffering.

Myth #3: Christianity is untrue because it is based on faith instead of facts.

Truth: The claims of Christianity are based on historical facts that can be tested.

Myth #4: Christianity has been disproven by modern science.

Truth: The latest scientific evidence points to an intelligent designer behind all creation.

Myth #5: Christianity is not a religion for the educated.

Truth: Many of the world's top past and present scholars are Christians.

Myth #6: Christianity is boring and would be a waste of my time.

Truth: Christianity is the most adventurous life a person can experience.

Myth #7: Christianity isn't real because it didn't work for me.

Truth: The Christian faith is difficult, yet also the most rewarding way of life.

Myth #8: Christianity is false because it is based on the Bible, which is filled with errors and contradictions.

Truth: The Bible is the most accurately preserved book in history.

Myth #9: Christianity can't be true because it is based on a dead man coming back to life.

Truth: If the best explanation for the empty tomb of Jesus is the resurrection, then Christianity can be true.

Myth #10: Christianity isn't real because a loving God wouldn't send anyone to hell.

Truth: God has made great efforts to make sure many will spend eternity with him.

Deborah Hamilton, Charisma News 36 Comments [11/29/2015 11:18:42 AM]
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Quote# 114903

(Responding to this barb: "Ridiculous, pompous and inflated language doesn't give you the moral high ground. That's point one. Smugness and ignorance are a bad combination, point two. "Valri" is a woman's name and I am a woman. That's three. And "microscopic numbers" still mean that being 100% pro-life is idiotic. Four points - all of them which you will "hee hee hee" your way out of because everything you say is exactly the same every single time.")

Yeah, it would be the same, see, because truth doesn't change.
It's you liberal extremists that keep changing your stories.
You know, "I support the slaughter of 50 million innocent children because 10 or 11 cases might have been rape related"!?
Ooops! I mean, "I support the cold blooded murder of 50 million unborn children because, who knows? There may have been 5 cases where the mother's life may have been in danger"!!? Wow. Pretty weak bub.
And you're a WOMAN! Yikes! Sure don't sound like a woman. (A monster, maybe). And if you don't want to be seen as ridiculous, pompous, smug and ignorant you should stop acting that way. Might have something to do with frequenting undesirable, intolerant hate sites like fstdt.com, Muffin.
Just sayin'.

The Last Trump, Christian News Network 22 Comments [11/29/2015 11:17:20 AM]
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Quote# 114901

You're lost, I'm afraid, because you're shackled to your rationalist way of thinking, which has been the downfall of the West. It's quite obvious from your posts on this thread and your one dimensional thinking.

ad_orientem, Religion and Ethics 19 Comments [11/29/2015 11:16:42 AM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 114899

It isn't me saying the planet was tidally locked for a time it is the Holy Bible...Genesis to be specific. There we are told that when Almighty God's active force surveyed the planet it was void...No active life...but darkness was on the face of the watery deep. Now we wouldn't expect Almighty God to choose a planet like Mars for his project would we?? But a recently lapsed life supporting planet would be ideal. A little push here and there and a fully functioning, life supporting planet, could be retrieved from a Mars like end to its usefulness.

It is likely that the holder of such an advanced science already had planet Earth under observation but that a sudden catastrophe caused the forces of Almighty God to investigate the full extent of the damage and so the planet was quickly restored after God's authority had been given.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 14 Comments [11/29/2015 11:16:01 AM]
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Submitted By: Nearly Sane

Quote# 114892

Why don't homosexuals accept all the consequences of their own choices?

If they believe that gay sex is equivalent to normal sex, and they want children, they should use their gay sex to produce children. Why do they want to adopt children that are the result of normal sex?

crass, islamicity 25 Comments [11/29/2015 11:14:20 AM]
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Submitted By: satan

Quote# 114891

DEHRADUN: In a short span of 45 days, the second instance of dalits being allegedly thrashed for entering a temple in Gabela village in the outskirts of Dehradun has been reported. However, this time the victim includes a pregnant woman, who along with her father and husband had gone to the renowned Kukarshi Maharaj temple to seek blessings for the child.

The matter was reported to revenue police and on the complaint a case under sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of IPC has been registered against the accused.

A resident of Mallawala village Tikam Singh along with his wife Kavita and father-in-law Daultu Ram went to Gabela village to offer prayers in the temple on November 18. While Daultu preferred to remain outside, Kavita and Tikam entered the temple. Some locals identified Daultu and thrashed the trio. As per the allegations, the locals instructed them to give a goat for sacrifice. However, after a payment of Rs 501, which had been slapped as cash penalty on them and a warning to never enter the temple again, the three were given permission to leave the temple.

A similar scenario had been witnessed in the village on October 5, when a group of dalits led by Daulat Kunwar were denied permission to enter the temple. After days of protest and fast, the dalit group was made to offer prayers in the temple in the presence of police and administrative team on October 12.

When contacted SDM Chakrata Prem Lal told TOI, "We have received the complaint and an FIR has been registered. In the next few days, we will record the state of the victim and the probe would be taken to the next level." He pointed out that the complainants have identified three residents of Gabela village. "Once we question them on the issue, we will proceed further in the matter and if required arrest the accused," he added.

Kavita told the district authorities that she and her family members had been publicly humiliated. She maintained that the entire family was "terrified" after the instance and was looking forward for justice in the matter.

This is not for the first time when such allegations have been made in Gabela, which is about 130kms from Dehradun and has the temples of two villages gods - Mahasu devta and Kukarshi.

On October 5, Quansi resident Daulat Kumar under the aegis of his organization Aaradhna Gramin Vikas Kendra took out a 10 day procession for "the welfare of dalits." He first reached Quanu village where he was reportedly denied an opportunity to address a gathering following which he reached Gabela village on Monday evening.

A high voltage drama was witnessed at the village as "a group of locals under the influence of village god" did not permit them to enter the temple. Hundreds of villagers gathered at the spot claiming that the almighty did not want them to enter the "holy place."

First Kunwar held a protest at Gabela and thereafter shifted it to Dehradun. After much hue and cry, he and his team offered prayers at the temple in presence of police and district officials.

Residents of Gabela Village, Times of India  12 Comments [11/29/2015 11:13:57 AM]
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Quote# 114890

Israel has extreme Western liberal movements and trends. Israel frequently "gives peace a chance", allowing terrorists to return from abroad (Yasser Arafat and crew), ceding land to those openly declaring their intention to destroy Israel (Gaza and Hamas), even giving work permits to 'Palestinians' so they have economic opportunity...between periodic spurts of terror attacks (including rounds of car bombings, bus bombings, suicide bombings, and the most recent stabbing spree).

Israel also has an extreme feminism movement, demanding the "right" to perform any and all religious rituals at the holiest sites in the world that are restricted by gender, an extreme gay rights movement that has even convinced the government to give asylum to gay 'Palestinians' that flee areas under PLO or Hamas control to avoid being murdered for their preferences, etc etc.

Yet all of these movements and trends in Israel quickly get smacked in the face by aspects of reality. Give peace a chance has repeatedly ended with threats, attacks and innocent deaths. Ceded land is turned into rocket and attack launch pads. Work permits turn into pathways of entry for attackers, and more dead innocents. The feminists push their demands on Jewish sites, but never on Muslim or even Christian ones - for their lives would immediately be at risk from Arab worshippers. (At Jewish sites, the Jewish 'extremists' might yell at them - or even throw a plastic chair! Oh my. The Arabs will start throwing cinder blocks and work up from there.) The gays will march to their hearts content in Tel Aviv, and sometimes in the Jewish sections of Jerusalem - but never even consider marching near, and certainly not in, Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem - their lives would be at risk.

Reb Akiva, Mystical Paths 27 Comments [11/29/2015 4:34:44 AM]
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Quote# 114883

[On the board for "Spotlight"]

This film is complete garbage. I'm sick of another anti-Christian Hollywood propaganda movie. The Muslims are literally trying to destroy the entire world yet Hollywood would rather make a film about a small group of "Catholics" molesting children. Of course, they'll conveniently ignore the fact that it was gays pretending to be Catholic on a large scale, not true catholics because they want to continue to push anti-Christian beliefs onto its viewers, while at the same time giving the Muslims a free pass as they continue their conquest.

Screw this movie and everyone who helped make it and everyone who supports it.

americaisthebest86, IMBb 22 Comments [11/29/2015 4:24:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Kevin Klawitter

Quote# 114882

I believe the Bible is the literal word of God.

Thus I believe there truly is a firmament, the sky is the firmament.

We are living on a flat disc earth, surrounded in a physical firmament, in which God's watches over all of us, like a snow globe.

I believe the rhetoric that Earth is a spinning ball moving a millions miles per day around the sun, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a universe, is a complete and utter lie, to try to hide God from us, and take away the relevance of planet earth, God's main creation.

MaxR1996, Christian Forums 21 Comments [11/29/2015 4:21:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Allan

Quote# 114869

A.) So, the French Flag, the Tricolore, or the three vertical fields of red, white and blue IS THE FLAG OF THE SATANIC FREEMASONIC REVOLUTION. Did you not watch my presentation about the French Revolution and the Vendee Genocide? The Tricolore flag is the flag of the BAD GUYS THAT GENOCIDED THE VENDEE AND TOSSED LIVING BABIES FROM BAYONET TO BAYONET. Oh my gosh. Will you PLEASE stop superimposing the Sacred Heart of Jesus over the Tricolore. It is so blasphemous I can’t even quantify it. If you are wondering, THIS is the French Flag most commonly used before the Freemasonic Revolution:

B.) Charlie Sheen has HIV because in his demonic slide to the dark side, he, like all sex perverts, had to keep pushing into freakier and more evil perversions in order to maintain “pleasure levels”. Female porn stars with fake breasts failed to arouse him after a while. And so, Charlie Sheen started having sex with men dressed and surgically mutilated to look like women. Except with penises. Yeah. Charlie Sheen got AIDS from homosexual anal sodomy with drag queen prostitutes. Because no one is BORN GAY. That is all a lie. Men having sex with men is an acquired habit resulting from a demonic descent into pathological narcissism which perverts the psychosexual drive into something that you and I should pray God we never actually understand.

Ann Barnhardt, Barnhardt.biz 22 Comments [11/29/2015 4:20:53 AM]
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Quote# 114868

Democrats and leftists will be thanking their many gods (Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc, etc.) this Thanksgiving for all the blessings bestowed on them. Blessings such as: abortion, homosexual rights, all manners of perversion, worshipping animals instead of the Creator who made them, high taxes, increasing the welfare state, Marxism, pandering to and loving Islamic terrrorists, hating America, hating and removing our freedoms, hating our founding fathers, loathing our military, establishing more sanctuary cities whereby innocent Americans can be freely gunned down by illegal aliens, the destruction of the free market, the destruction of small businesses, despising Judeo/Christian values, hating the God of the Bible and rejecting Christ the eternal Savior of mankind, establishing humanism as the religion of the world.

Keys Barnes, WND 17 Comments [11/29/2015 4:19:08 AM]
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Quote# 114867

"Have your read about the Lensky experiments? Pretty much proves that evolution happens, not to mention nylon-eating bacteria."

Bacteria is still bacteria and when left alone reverts back to it's original state - just like your messiah's finches. Typical evolutionist, just like fabricating an entire "caveman" out of a pig's tooth (Nebraska Man) you people take an adaptation and fabricate a whole series of mythological events that have to be taken on faith (a religion).
Constantly yammering on about other's beliefs only makes you look more and more desperate.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 21 Comments [11/29/2015 4:19:00 AM]
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Quote# 114865

[I have honestly been raped by a chick. Passed out after a party and woke up with some fat chick on top of me. Scary **** . ]

Wow you ******* dickbag. I will never be able to express how much this post has made me rage, but i'm sure as hell going to try.

When women get drunk at parties and end up having sex with strangers, later regretting that decision claiming rape e.t.c, people get mad and call her out, saying that it's her fault for getting drunk in the first place. Now suddenly when the same happens to a guy, everyone is supposed to feel bad for him?!

I'm looking through the comments here and not a single person suggested that it might be partially your fault for passing out. What the actual **** . Go ahead, thumb me down. Frikkin hypocrites.

[How is he a dickbag for getting raped? You're being such a **** right now. ]

He is a dickbag for claiming rape after getting drunk and passing out at a party he willingly went People need to take responsibility for their actions, also im pretty sure if the chick wasn't the size of a truck that he wouldn't regret it.

I don't know the whole story, only based on what has been said here, but i know for a fact that when you go to a party, you decide how much alcohol you're going to have, and if you can't handle your liquor, then that is your fault.

Brisen, FunnyJunk 23 Comments [11/29/2015 4:18:44 AM]
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Submitted By: randy

Quote# 114864

Satan's dark, spiritual firepower is directed at destroying America's moral fiber. The national fabric is literally unraveling as each volley slams against our most basic institutions and against the Constitution God gave our founding fathers the wisdom and discernment to form.

The family is torn apart, with unwanted babies murdered in their mother's wombs by the millions. Marriage is redefined as same-sex couplings to be equal to - even superior to - heterosexual unions. Mention of Jesus Christ is becoming the equivalent of hate-speech. At the same time, Islam, whose holy book says it is acceptable, even incumbent upon Muslim men, to rape non-Muslim women - and even children - is protected and shielded by a governing system gone mad with sin-sickened, reprobate thinking.

Terry James, Rapture Forums 15 Comments [11/29/2015 3:41:15 AM]
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Quote# 114863

Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver spoke recently at a "Standing for Jesus Christ Conference" in Delaware where he discussed his work defending Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis in her fight to prevent her office from issuing marriage licenses because she disagreed with the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision.

Staver declared that Davis could not simply resign from her position just because she was unwilling to carry out her duties as an elected official, but had to remain in office because otherwise she would be sending a signal that Christians are not allowed to run for or hold public office.

We cannot "just cleanse our elected officials of Christians or those who believe in what everyone has believed through millennia of human history that marriage is a union of a man and a woman because five people — because five people! — disagree with God," Staver bellowed.

This sort of "persecution" of Christians will eventually spread to all levels of society, Staver warned.

"It's coming to every facility, every organization, every person that has deeply Judeo-Christian beliefs with regards to marriage as the union of a man and a woman," he stated, before declaring that the lighting of the White House in rainbow colors in celebration of LGBT Pride Month was a devastating shock to the entire world and "put a deep, solar plexus punch in their gut."

"What is happening in our country is happening around the world,"Staver asserted. "This is the greatest attack in our modern times on the church that we have ever seen."

Mat Staver, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [11/28/2015 5:28:17 PM]
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Quote# 114862

There is no question but that we are long past the time when many mosques in America should be shut down. They foment hatred and violence against the United States on a weekly basis and many have become recruiting and training centers for the most radical elements of Islam.

We likewise should ban Islamic chaplains in our prisons, which have become little more than recruiting centers for jihad. Couple angry, bitter, violent inmates with a religion that legitimizes violence against the country that put them behind bars? What could possibly go wrong?

Any discussion about restricting the practice of Islam immediately counters First Amendment objections. Why, we are told, "Muslims have freedom of religion in America under the Constitution just like Christians do! You can't shut down a mosque! That would be unconstitutional!"

Whether it is unconstitutional or not all depends on whether we are using the Constitution as crafted by the Founders or the one mangled beyond recognition by the courts.

As I have written before, everything hinges on what the Founders meant by the term "religion" in the First Amendment. If by it they meant "any supernatural system of belief," as activist judges contend, there may not be much we can do to close mosques or keep giant statues of Satan off government property.

But if we understand "religion" as the Founders did, to refer specifically to Christianity, then there is a perfectly constitutional way to shut down mosques starting today.


So while Congress is flatly prohibited by the First Amendment form interfering with the free exercise of the Christian religion, the Constitution is silent regarding Islam. This means that Islam has no fundamental religious liberty claims under the First Amendment. In America, while Muslims may enjoy the privilege of religious exercise until they misuse it, they have no fundamental constitutional right to it.

Since the Founders' Constitution is silent with regard to Islam, this means, according to the 10th Amendment, dealing with Islam is an issue that is reserved to the States.

Bryan Fischer, Barb Wire 32 Comments [11/28/2015 5:27:01 PM]
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[From part of a series of articles called "God, Guns and America in the End Time - Gun Facts and What the Bible Says":]

In line with their globalist impulses - impulses that coincide with the preparatory steps necessary to usher in the one world empire of the antichrist after the rapture - liberals also push the false narrative that America is an extremely violent nation that leads the world in murders due to the wide availability of guns. The goal of this lie is two-fold; to shame fence-sitters who haven't yet bought into the gun grabber deception that America is the most violent nation on earth due to guns, and to denigrate a nation they despise.


The gun control impulse is at odds with God's truth in the Bible. It is yet another sign of the movement of many Americans away from Gods truths toward unrepentant sin in our increasingly secular, pagan culture.


Before America's breathtaking decline at the hands of the secular progressive/liberals, which is nothing more than a morally bankrupt, arrogant multicultural elite, this issue never came up. Since we have become a morally fallen nation, we had to replace personal responsibility with legislation to control our behavior. This approach invariably treats the symptom, not the cause, and gun control is no exception. That is why study after study documents those nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not.

Dean T. Olson, Rapture Forums 18 Comments [11/28/2015 5:26:24 PM]
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As a shepherd of the flock, your job is to keep the flock focused on God. You can hardly succeed at doing this when you’re confusing God with Satan. Just look at those New Testament Pharisees: what a train wreck. You don’t want to be like those morons. And yet the prophet who is going to be playing a Moses-type role during the end times is going to look and sound a lot more demonic than Jesus did to the Jews. Of course this is only because the litmus tests we’re using to tell God from demons these days are completely irrelevant. We think that anyone who gets off on God killing people can’t be aligned with Him. Why ever not? Shouldn’t a true prophet of God be displaying a zealous devotion to God’s agenda? We all know that people don’t die by accident in this world—God kills them. If God is killing people, He obviously has good reasons for doing so, and any prophet who is truly aligned with Him will not be publicly beefing against His Divine agenda. Because God is going to be doing so much killing during the end times, His devoted prophet is going to come across as a rather bloodthirsty sadist, especially when the media goes to work with their usual biased reporting. This is going to result in a bunch of wide-eyed parishioners coming to you asking, “How can someone like that really be from God?”

As we explain in some of our other end time preparation posts, God is going to be performing all kinds of devastating and destructive miracles through His end time representative. You are going to see film footage of this person appearing to kill and maim people merely by pointing at them. You’re going to see stereotypically “good” targets like emergency workers and hospitals getting nailed by God’s destructive power. Efforts to help the hurting will be dramatically sabotaged. Impossible alterations of matter will occur: skyscrapers being turned into ice, asphalt morphing into molten lava, sidewalks behaving like quicksand. Don’t believe it? Read your Bibles. If you can believe in a worldwide flood, God causing the sun to stand still in the sky for Joshua, and Him creating a dry path through both the Red Sea and the Jordan River, why is it so fantastic to think that He can cause a city street to turn into a carpet of stinging insects? Didn’t God turn all the dust in Egypt into a plague of gnats? If God could open the earth to swallow up the rebellious Korah, then close the earth again immediately afterwards, why can’t He perform similar feats down a city street? He can and He will. If you’re going to blow off prophetic warnings of the end times, make sure you’re not blowing off the wrong ones. The end times are not going to be at all like these idiots in the Church are saying. All of this guff about America turning Islam or President Obama cooking up evil conspiracies behind the scenes. You ought to know better than to believe any prophecy that turns your focus off of God and onto idiot demons and their foolish humans. While countless false prophets are filling your heads with a bunch of theatrical rot just to try and make a name for themselves, we are telling you what is actually in store so that you can start seeking the Holy Spirit’s wisdom now about how He wants you to guide your flock when the theological crisis begins.

Anna Diehl, The Pursuit of God 13 Comments [11/28/2015 5:26:09 PM]
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