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Career commercial pilots are screened for recklessness and immaturity. Not just anyone becomes a pilot. Nevertheless, qualities involved in risk-taking are needed in an emergency: fearlessness and an ability to act quickly. That risk-taking tendency is an advantage for men. Diligence and conscientiousness don’t matter much in emergencies.
Also, women do not outscore men on the sort of mechanical diligence involved in the operation of machinery. If so, then women would be better car mechanics and engineers. The truth is, men are more highly motivated than women to work with machinery. After all, airplanes were conceived, developed and built by men. Are you telling me women are better equipped to fly machines they never could have built? I’ve never met a single little girl who was fascinated with planes as machines. I have met quite a few little boys who were. Which brings us to yet another reason why women shouldn’t be pilots. Men are avid about flying. And the field is infused with a masculine esprit de corps. If that is destroyed, it should be of necessity, not simply for the gratification of a few.

Laura Wood, The Thinking Housewife 41 Comments [12/31/2014 4:16:53 AM]
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People are wondering if my post about the disease was serious

Of course it was

I’m pretty sure once carnists saw other carnists dying from eating meat they’d stop

It’s not a matter of forcing beliefs

It’s a matter of stopping injustice, quit being a whiny little fuckbaby just because it’s a little inconvienient for you to perceive the suffering of another sentient being

If you’ve snapped out of this desensitization, and really felt how horrid the act of depriving a soul of sunlight for your tastebuds is, but brushed it off and still continued to do it, you deserve to die.

So yes, I hope one day scientists invent a fatal disease that is only dormant in non human animals and only transferred by the consumption of their flesh by humans.

The world is overpopulated anyway and I’d rather be in a world full of empathy than a world soiled with bloodmouthed carnists.

damnitmikey, Tumblr 42 Comments [12/31/2014 4:14:49 AM]
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Dear Mr DiMartino and Mr Konietzko,

I admire your creative effort tremendously. I watched your shows, bought your merchandize, and supported and lauded you. I made your work a part of my imagination and a part of my life, and introduced your show to my children.

And this is how you repay loyalty and affection?

A children’s show, of all places, is where you decided to place an ad for a sexual aberration; you pervert your story telling skills to the cause of propaganda and political correctness.

You sold your integrity out to the liberal establishment. In a craven fashion you deflect criticism by slandering and condemning any who object to your treason.

You were not content to leave the matter ambiguous, no, but had publicly to announce that you hate your audience, our way of life, our virtues, values, and religion.

From all the fans everywhere worldwide let me say what we are all feeling:

Mr DiMartino and Mr Konietzko: You are disgusting, limp, soulless sacks of filth, you richly deserve to burn in hell forever, inch by inch, starting with the scrotum working outward, or starting with the eyelids and working inward, therefore it would be best to pray God treats you with mercy.

You have earned the contempt and hatred of all decent human beings forever, and we will do all we can to smash the filthy phallic idol of sodomy you bow and serve and worship. Contempt, because you struck from behind, cravenly; and hatred, because you serve a cloud of morally-retarded mental smog called Political Correctness, which is another word for hating everything good and bright and decent and sane in life.

I have no hatred in my heart for any man’s politics, policies, or faith, any more than I have hatred for termites; but once they start undermining my house where I live, it is time to exterminate them.


A lifelong fan.

John C. Wright, John C. Wright's Journal 56 Comments [12/31/2014 4:14:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Yama the Space Fish

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An international flight from New York to Tel Aviv was delayed for half an hour after ultra-Orthodox men refused to sit between two women

The flight crew of Delta Flight 468 departing John F. Kennedy Airport on December 20 attempted to find other seats for the haredi men. But other passengers refused to swap seats in protest at their refusal to sit next to female passengers, according to a Friday report by Israel Radio.

The men were finally accommodated by an American passenger who agreed to switch seats.

According to Federal Aviation Authority regulations, a flight is not permitted to take off until all passengers are seated.

Haredi men, Times of Israel 39 Comments [12/31/2014 4:14:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

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Ahh… The Internet Atheist. The prime example of a keyboard warrior and hypocrite. They feel strong and all powerful when on the internet and have a bunch of their buddies from other Atheist sites, or in YouTube case from other parts of the world like the disgusting cesspool that is Europe which amazes me that it still exist given whats going on over there, to come to their aid and spam the comment sections but when confronted in person they come off as a angry, hateful and joyless loon who no one takes seriously.

I have also seen internet Atheist come to the defense of other “religious” groups like those Satanist *coughPaganscough* who wanted to put up that statue in that Oklahoma courthouse next to the Ten Commandments just because they think it would piss Christians off when real normal Atheist would have said that having a statue of Satan is just as stupid as having a statue of the Ten Commandments. But Internet Atheist don’t care. All they care about is pissing Christians off and picking fights with them and will willingly side with anyone even if it means betraying the core fundamentalist belief of Atheism. For some reason they think that being a bully and acting like a arrogant ass will win all of their arguments when it doesn’t. It makes them look like petulant and obnoxious children. And Atheist wonder why so many people are so hostile to them. They have their Internet Atheist brothers to thank for that.

rangerboo, Douglas Ernst Blog 39 Comments [12/30/2014 4:18:43 AM]
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[rawlenyanzi is a commenter who is turning away from atheism.]

Atheism cannot determine what is “right” or “wrong” or what we “ought” to do. It can only tell me what is. All talk of ethics or morality defined by what is rational or evolved is nonsense, since it is ultimately arbitrary.

The atheist only has two methods of enforcing obedience to his arbitrary ethical code: rewards and punishments. If the subject or subjects aren’t dependent on the rewards and can avoid the punishments, the atheist’s “moral code” has no force at all (this perhaps explains why the Communists expanded state power and forbade anyone from leaving.) On top of that, what is “right” can change according to the fancies of the ruler or ruling class.

Also, if you’re an atheist, what’s wrong with, say, believing that the nuclear family, with the traditional division of labor between man and woman, is positively good? It’s not like you’ll go to Atheist Hell (a.k.a. Utah) if you’re an outright reactionary. Sure, the dominant progressive culture will punish you, but that’s hardly the same as something being “good” or “moral.” It shows that atheism, not religion, is based on the principle of might-makes-right — because it is the only way it can make right.

That sky fairy is looking more and more appealing each day.

rawlenyanzi, Douglas Ernst Blog 34 Comments [12/30/2014 4:18:05 AM]
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Gunther is a rhinoceros. Today, he finds himself in the middle of a jewelry store. Being a very excitable rhinoceros, he has obliterated the jewelry shop within 10 minutes of entering it. The aisles are skinny, but Gunther is plump, and a jewelry store is just a terrible situation for a rhinoceros to find himself in. He's going to break something.

As you might guess, rhinoceroses (rhinoceri?) don't end up in jewelry shops by accident. Specifically, Gunther finds himself in this jewelry shop because David put up roadblocks to herd him into this shop, and even opened the door to let him in.

In this situation, who caused the destruction of the jewelry shop?

1. Gunther, who broke the stuff in the shop
2. David, who herded Gunther into the shop
3. Both of them

One more, for good measure: let's say that I make arrangements for Butch, a very large man with a temper problem, to come into contact with several very offensive hooligans. Nature takes its course, and he gives those hooligans a sound beating. Who caused the beating?

1. Butch, who actually threw the punches
2. Me, who arranged for Butch to come into contact with these hooligans, knowing what would happen
3. Both of us

This is how God can cause things without having to pull puppet strings.

Timothy Dukeman, Deeper than Sound-Bites 32 Comments [12/30/2014 4:17:46 AM]
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When I just think of a wedding between a Jew and a non-Jew, I always see Hitler and his kind sitting in the front rows of the church. Where the family should be but isn't. That's all I got to say.

Karen Jones, Chabad.org 43 Comments [12/30/2014 4:15:33 AM]
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Ropens in general mostly eat fish, birds, bats, and carrion, to the best of my knowledge. I believe that modern Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs (AKA ropens) live in a number of species, probably specializing in a variety of uses of bioluminescence and in what each type of ropen eats. Humans are not a common prey for any species of modern “pterodactyl,” but the apparent exceptions now deserve attention.

The investigative journalist David Paulides wrote Missing 411 – Western United States & Canada, a captivating nonfiction that I am now reading. In fact I am compiling data that seems to strongly suggest that some of the strange missing-person cases have no reasonable explanation except for one: A person can get carried away by a large flying creature.

Jon Whitcomb, Pterosaur Eyewitness 24 Comments [12/30/2014 4:15:23 AM]
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Submitted By: solomongrundy

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I'm not talking about THAT atheism, I'm talking about the version of atheism that the United States government and the rest of the elite invented to motivate people to torment anyone that disagrees with them.

Anonymous coward, Y! answers 19 Comments [12/30/2014 4:14:33 AM]
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[Comment to the Q: What Do Americans Think of Sen. Feinstein's "Torture" Report? post]

So the Dems have expanded the definition of torture to include "rectal hydration".

So the enemas administered to me by my parents stain them as torturers and me an unwitting part of the growing culture of victimhood.

mjs, Crime and Consequences 25 Comments [12/30/2014 4:13:18 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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I wouldn't give you a dime for a so-called “church” that doesn't preach on Hell, fire and damnation. If your church is dead, please leave. What's the use of going to a church that doesn't have preaching? Why waste your time? Why attend a church that has fallen prey to the Lordship Salvation heresy? Why attend a church that uses a satanic modern Bible version? You won't change them, they'll corrupt you! I'm not saying to leave an imperfect church, God forbid. Albeit, when a pastor is so arrogant and distant from God that he is following heretics like Ravi Zacharias, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, John MacArthur and other ecumenical false prophets, it's time to get out!

Most churches today are DEAD spiritually. I'll tell you, I'm totally disgusted with a capital “D” at today's pathetic churches, especially our Independent Baptist churches. They're no longer truly fundamental with few exceptions. What has happened in America? I'll tell you what has happened. Luke 16:13, “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Very few pastors who serve money are aware of it, because denial is a part of our sinful human nature.

This is why the Bible teaches in Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Most of today's churches are DEAD. I'm talking about the Bob Jones crowd. I'm talking about the Northland Baptist University crowd. I'm talking about the Southwestern Baptist Seminary crowd. I'm talking about the Southern Baptist Convention crowd and Dallas Theological University. I could list thousands of dead theological institutions, Bible colleges, seminaries and groups.

It was Evangelist Billy Sunday who rightly said a century ago...

“It would be a godsend if the Church would suffer persecution today; she hasn't suffered it for hundreds of years. She is growing rich and lagging behind. Going back.”

SOURCE: Billy Sunday, The Need for Revivals, From "Billy Sunday: The Man and His Message,” by William T. Ellis, Philadelphia: John C. Winston Co., 1914

In 2014, a century later after Billy Sunday's indictment of modern churches, nothing further can be said except that Billy Sunday didn't know how right he was!!!

If I had my way, I'd fire every pastor who doesn't preach on Hell. I know a Baptist pastor who won't preach on Hell, but he invites out-of-town evangelists who'll do the dirty work for him and mention Hell. Still, I have more respect for that milquetoast preacher than I do for those shameful preachers who dare not even allow others to mention Hell, fire and damnation from the pulpit. The love of money has destroyed our churches. And by the way, you don't have to be greedy or covetous to SERVE money, you just need to prioritize money over the truth. Notice in Luke 16:13 that the Bible contrasts who you are serving: God or mammon (wealth).

Most religious people fail to understand that only God decides who or what comprises a “church.” Mormons are a satanic cult, not a New Testament church. Seventh Day Adventists are a satanic cult, not a Biblical church. Roman Catholicism is a satanic cult, not a Spirit-filled church in any way. Catholics are two-fold the children of Hell, both because they are blinded by false religion and also need to get saved. You can't get saved until you first realize that you are lost. That's what repentance is all about. Repentance is realizing that you are a woeful sinner in the eyes of a holy God, which causes you to see your need for the Savior, Jesus Christ.

There is a Path to Heaven That Leads to Hell

It depresses me when I think about the world's one billion Christ-rejecting Muslims. They're all going straight to Hell when they die. That thought should depress every soul-conscious Christian. Islam (whose UNholy book is the Koran, or Quran) adamantly deny that Jesus is the Christ. 1st John 2:22, “Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” The Holy Bible calls Muslims “liars” and “antichrists”! May I say, Judaism (whose UNholy book is the Talmud) also denies that Jesus is the Christ. Judaizers are also liars and antichrists! There are many ways that Satan blinds and misleads people away from the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ by which we are saved (2nd Corinthians 4:3-4) . . .

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 29 Comments [12/30/2014 4:12:54 AM]
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Quote# 105550

“Christians can’t use ‘circular reasoning’ by trying to prove the Bible by quoting from the Bible!”

The “circular reasoning” argument is absurd. That’s like saying you can’t prove that the President lives in the White House by looking into the White House. It is looking into the White House that will provide the necessary proof. The fulfilled prophecies, the amazing consistency, and the many scientific statements of the Bible prove it to be the Word of God. They provide evidence that it is supernatural in origin.

Ray Comfort, Ray Comfort's blog 46 Comments [12/30/2014 4:12:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 105546

Once upon a time, the Evolutionists assure us, a “simple single-cell life form” spontaneously emerged out of a protein-rich “primordial soup”, which, they assure us, also existed. Through the process of binary fission, single bacterial cells divided into multi-cellular organisms. Over billions of years, the family tree branched out to include all living things; from blades of grass, to maggots, to Marilyn Monroe. It’s amazing what a “simple” cell can do!

Charles Darwin had proposed that the very first cell, the universal common ancestor of all life forms, could have formed "in some warm little pond." One of Darwin's supporters, the German biologist (and proven forger) Ernst Haeckel, examined a mixture of mud removed from the sea bed and claimed that this was a nonliving substance that turned into a living one. This so-called "mud that comes to life," is an indication of just how simple life was thought to be by the founders of "The Theory of Evolution" (bow your head in solemn reverence as you say that).

By invoking the simplicity of that original simple cell, Evolution is made to sound somewhat plausible, at least to the easily impressed. The mispresentation of the original simple cell, slowly “evolving” into more complex cells, and then into actual creatures over time, is the only way that the Evolutionists can even begin to sell their junk-science. So, let’s attack the theory at its very root, "the simple cell".

To make life easier for the Evolutionists, let us grant them a generous 'head-start' by not even asking where the “Primordial Soup” came from, or the Sun, or the amino acids and protein building blocks, or how the Earth and its chemical components all got here. Let’s focus only on the cell. The word cell comes from Latin, cella, meaning "small room", which is essentially what the cell is. The cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. Cells are the smallest form of life that can replicate independently.

Prokaryotic cells were the earliest and “simplest” forms of bacterial life on Earth, as they have a self-sustaining process built into them. A prokaryotic cell has three regions, each with its own components. On the outside, flagella and pili project from the cell's surface. These structures are made of proteins that facilitate movement and communication between cells.

Enclosing the cell itself is the cell envelope – which consists of a cell wall covering a plasma membrane and a further covering layer called a capsule. The envelope gives rigidity to the cell and also serves as a protective filter and barrier against exterior forces. It also prevents the cell from expanding and bursting from environmental pressures.

Finally, inside the cell is the cytoplasm region that contains the complex coded genome (DNA). Prokaryotes can also carry extra-chromosomal DNA elements called plasmids, which encode antibiotic resistance genes.

So you see, dear reader, this bacterial “simple cell” which accidentally, randomly, and “unintelligently” popped up out of the “soup” is not so simple, at all. It's actually a multi-functional, multi-component, integrated, well-oiled and living machine that cellular biologists can spend an entire lifetime studying. If it were possible to shrink yourself to the size of an atom, and enter the walls of the “simple single cell”, and gaze about this microscopic world-within-a-world like some awestruck tourist, you would marvel at the suddenly visible nanotechnology enveloping you. Only this bit of orchestrated technology actually lives, mends itself, protects itself, feeds itself, and, get this, reproduces itself!

Sorry Chuckie D., but integrated complexity and living nanotechnology does not spring up without intelligence behind it. Even the atoms, the tiniest particles of matter within the "simple" cell, demonstrate an ordered and integrated complexity of their own. Every atom is composed of a nucleus made of protons and neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. The electrons are bound to the atom by the electromagnetic force, and the protons and neutrons in the nucleus are bound to each other by the nuclear force. Nothing "simple" about nuclear physics, Chuck!

All "simple" life is complex and integrated; and cannot come from non-life. Intelligence cannot come from non-intelligence. Consciousness cannot come from non-consciousness. The Darwinists and the Big Bangers need to go back to the drawing board and ‘check their math’. They won't though, because Godlessness and conceited arrogance walk hand-in-hand.

The mathematical "fingerprints" of an intelligent creative force are everywhere - snowflakes, galactic swirls, insect wings.


Mike King, Tomato Bubble 19 Comments [12/30/2014 4:10:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 105537

Both Satan and Allah are called “deceivers”; by the Transitive Property, Allah = Satan
Satan is described as the deceiver in the Bible (Rev 12:9); Allah is described as the greatest deceiver in the Qur’an (Surah 3:54); by the transitive property of equality, what do we have?

“And they (the Jews) planned and Allah (also) planned, and Allah is the best of planners.” Surah 3:54

The word translated “plan” by most English translations of the Qur’an is actually the Arabic word “makr” meaning “To practice deceit or guile or circumvention, practice evasion or elusion, to plot, to exercise art or craft or cunning, act with policy, practice stratagem.”

I only found one translation by Dr. Ghali that didn’t obfuscate the meaning completely, although it is certainly laundered for non-Muslim sensibilities:

“And they schemed, and Allah schemed, and Allah is The Most Charitable of schemers.”

Furthermore, Surah 8:30 offers reinforcement to the notion that Allah deceives:

“And [remember, O Muhammad], when those who disbelieved plotted against you to restrain you or kill you or evict you [from Makkah]. But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners (‘makr’, deceivers).“

An early Islamic commentator Qurtubi observed that some scholars have considered the words ‘best of schemers’ to be one of God’s beautiful names. Thus one would pray, ‘O Best of Schemers, scheme for me!’ Qurtubi also reports that Mohammad used to pray, ‘O God, scheme for me, and do not scheme against me!’ (Qurtubi, IV, pp. 98-99; cf. Zamakhshari, I, p. 366).” (Ibid., p. 166)

The Quran unashamedly calls Muhammad’s god the best liar and deceiver of them all! It even dares to say that ALL deception belongs completely to Allah:

“And verily, those before them did deceive/scheme (makara), but all deception/scheming is Allah’s (falillahi al-makru). He knows what every person earns, and the disbelievers will know who gets the good end.” S. 13:42

In fact, the Quran states that Allah actually raises wicked individuals to deceive and scheme:

“Even so have we placed in every city, ringleaders of its wicked ones, to scheme therein (liyamkuroo): but only against themselves shall they scheme (yamkuroona)! and they know it not.” S. 6:123

Moreover, the Qur’an calls Allah a liar, because he has no problem using guile, “kayd“, in Surahs 7:182-183 and 68:45. For back-up on the claim that the Qur’an describes a deceptive and lying god Allah, where much of the above information was found, see here.

The Bible calls Satan the deceiver:

“And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Rev 12:9

It also calls Satan a liar:

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44

By the Transitive Property of Equality, i.e., A=B, B=C, therefore A=C, we can know that Allah is actually Satan in disguise, whom the Bible calls an “angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14)

(No name given), Prophesite 45 Comments [12/29/2014 4:26:58 AM]
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Submitted By: Pokefrazer

Quote# 105531

Re: Dear Blacks and Libs: Stop being so stupid and falling for the NWO propaganda

also remember:

Every ism you love and admire is just a

twisted and complete takeoff of Christianity.

Treyon Martin = secular saint

Obama = secular Savoir

socialism, all the isms = the Gospels

giving to liberal candidates = your offering in church.

yup, a ripoff and takeoff intended to replace the original

beeches, Godlike Productions 39 Comments [12/29/2014 4:21:24 AM]
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Quote# 105529

As I was resting this afternoon, I pondered how horrifying it will be for most people when they die—realizing for the first time in their existence that the Holy Bible was 100% true, but they rejected it, and now it is TOO LATE and they cannot go back! What a horrifying thought. Can you image dying, and then finding yourself in Hell, tormented in flames of fire, and you know that there is no way out, no escape, no rest, no relief, no water, no mercy, nor compassion, no love, no joy, no peace, no friends, no second chances, no end in sight... DAMNED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!! It will be just like being buried alive! That thought should scare you immensely if you've never been born-again by faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

All of today's boastful atheists, blasphemers and God-haters will one day bow and confess in eternity that Jesus Christ is Lord of all (Philippians 2:9-10). They will weep bitter tears of regret and sorrow, and gnash their teeth in shock and agony, as they realize they could have spent eternity freely living a life that those in Beverly Hills, California, today could only envy. If you die in your sins friend, how will you feel when you see Christians in Heaven enjoying all that is good (Romans 8:32), but yourself spending eternity suffering without rest in the horrifying of the Lake of Fire? You will be tormented, miserable and wishing you had never been born. You will be terrified beyond imagination!!!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 47 Comments [12/29/2014 4:20:47 AM]
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Quote# 105528

Your hairdo and wardrobe have nothing to do with this. Atheism brings nothing positive to society. It can't give us guidance on important issues and does not lead to peace. If you want to see what atheism looks like as its worked out in politics just look at Russia when Stalin was in power. Its horrible.

Jay, Friendly Atheist 31 Comments [12/29/2014 4:20:36 AM]
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Submitted By: AJ Williams

Quote# 105525

To say that atheism is a lack of belief in God and thereby excuses the atheist from showing atheism to be true with facts and sound reasons is a fantasy. That would be like me claiming Mexico doesn't exist. I can do what the atheist does and just dismiss all evidence for it out of hand.

Have you ever studied the gospels with an open mind? The life of Christ is the best evidence for the existence of God and they tell us what this God is like. Billions of people over the centuries have been convinced by them that God does indeed exist. Many of these people are some of the smartest people who have ever lived have come to believe in them.

Jay, Friendly Atheist 31 Comments [12/29/2014 4:02:30 AM]
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Submitted By: AJ Williams

Quote# 105523

So it is now “society” that is holding females back. “Society” is made up of people. So people, both men and females, now hold females back from achieving their full potential. It’s everyone else’s fault. Females are never to blame. That’s why females have still achieved nothing in comparison to men. Females have had an eternity to invent things and build things and make empires. Apparently, females are so good at management that every company should have at least one.

What you highly intelligent females don’t seem to realise is that whoever makes the most money gets the promotion. This is called “free capitalist enterprise”. Apparently, tho, females are unable to reach these giddy heights on their own. Females are unable to create global empires. Men do it all the time. You can count the number of females on one hand. Yet these super intelligent females who are naturally super communicative and naturally able to run countries and corporations and have a natural urge to merge who are naturally better managers don’t ever seem to be able to put their super skills into practice. Maybe it’s because it’s all lies and females are virtually useless. Like females say they can do 2 things simultaneously and do them each as well as if they had done one at a time. This is nothing more than outright lies and not one psychiatrist in the world would agree with it. But that doesn’t stop females making these fairy tales into their “reality”

If females were actually intelligent they would solve the problem. They don’t. Females just introduce yet another third party to blame for their ineffectiveness.

The greatest piece of technology ever produced on this planet to date is the Hadron Collider. For all the resources poured into the project it has given us a return on our investment which is simply outlandish. We now know how many theories are incorrect. We now know that Professor Doctor Higgs’ calculations in the 60’s were correct. Mr Higgs was present in the lecture theatre when the second confirmation came through. He was sure his calculations were correct but did not expect it to be proven in his lifetime. Amazingly, there were no intelligent females on the project. One would think that when spending those sort of resources the best of the best would be warranted. And they were. And still no females. And why? Well, it’s society (meaning other females) that are holding females back because females have to be unambitious and talk drivel instead of intelligent conversations that men have. Intelligent females can’t have these conversations with other females because other females are as thick as 2 bricks. So intelligent females must dumb down their conversation. Funny that no intelligent females have ever thought to go against the mold but are forced to comply with it. This is yet another excellent example of why there are few females at the top.

Pat Riarchy, Practical free spirit 39 Comments [12/28/2014 5:54:53 AM]
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Quote# 105522

Satan's Attack on the First Marriage

The First Marriage

Man was created to resolve the prehistoric Angelic Conflict. After Satan sinned, he was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to the Lake of Fire (Matthew 25:41). Man was created with a volition and placed in the Garden. Satan was allowed to cross examine him. Since Satan was not thrown into the Lake of Fire after he was found guilty and since man was created with a volition to choose between good and evil, it can be deduced that Satan appealed the guilty verdict. Man was created to resolve the issue in the appeal trial. Adam was created and placed in the Garden of Eden. He was perfect, with a body, soul, and spirit; and his environment was perfect. The Lord made for him a perfect mate. 'Ishah, the woman, was beautiful, intelligent, and perfect for Adam.
The Divine Institution of Marriage was established as the basic building block of the human race. Before there were children or cities or nations, the perfect relationship was marriage. The man and the woman were complete with each other. The man represented life and the woman represented love. They bonded with perfect coalescence of spirit, soul, and body. Recreation wasn't badminton or tennis, hiking or fishing. It was sex - the most beautiful expression of love and intimacy ever created under the stars by the light of the moon. Before sex was for procreation, it was for love, recreation, and exhilarating happiness so that the angels came from billions of light years away just to watch the daily ritual. Incidentally, they still do. Angels are watching you.

The Garden was full of delicious fruit, which symbolized the genitals and sexuality. However, the fruit of one tree was forbidden. The Lord warned Adam and 'Ishah that they could eat of the fruit of all the trees of the Garden except the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; for the day they ate of it, they would die. Since the man and the woman were perfect, they could sin in no other way. They did not have old sin natures because there was no sin in the world. The animals without contamination from sin were docile and completely friendly. Even the serpents were beautiful and charming.

Larry Wood, Bible News 1 44 Comments [12/28/2014 5:35:38 AM]
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As you continue to watch the video of Bill Nye telling an obvious fairy tale, you will hear him explain how “imperfections” are what enabled life to evolve more “complicated things!” Explain to your children that only slight imperfections in our genes (because of the effects of sin) can cause major problems! Think about some of the sad consequences of imperfections in human genes that result in disabilities, degenerative diseases, and so on. In other words, Bill Nye is claiming that life was built on a series of imperfections—this is nonsense! Imagine a child being told that the more mistakes they make in mathematics, the better their math scores will be!

Notice that he says the key to evolution is time. He states, “The key to this is time, time, time, time . . . ” This is why he goes on to dismiss that the earth can be young and makes a claim that it’s 4.54 billion years old. You can explain to your children at this point that really the belief in billions of years is part of Bill Nye’s worldview—or religion. You see, children can easily see that complicated life can’t be built up on the basis of mistakes, and also that life just can’t come from non-life. So how does Bill Nye even try to get people to believe his fairy tale? Well, he has to get people to believe in billions of years. You see, to believe a process that is unbelievable, you have to get people to believe that given enough time, “somehow” (that’s the word Bill Nye used) it could happen.

Bill Nye is really saying that “somehow,” given his belief in billions of years, life evolved.

And then he states, “Get a mirror, take a look at yourself. We are all a result of evolution.” In other words, he wants kids to look in a mirror and say something like, “I’m a result of billions of years of processes involving imperfections that ‘somehow’ made me by natural processes and there is no God involved.”

Ken Ham, Around The World with Ken Ham 30 Comments [12/28/2014 5:30:36 AM]
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Being a donor of blood is a sin as sins transfer. Similar thing with egg and sperm donation.

anonymous, Y! answers 39 Comments [12/28/2014 5:30:22 AM]
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As for girlfriends; I do get the occasional lead, or the occasional girl making a move, especially now a day [sic] as I'm fit like hell and feel great. But I'm trying to avoid relationships as it would only complicate my plans and it may jeopardize my operation.

Human males are imperfect by default as they are plagued by their biological needs. Nevertheless, screwing around outside of marriage is after all a relatively small sin compared to the huge amounts of grace I am about to generate with my martyrdom operation and it is essential that you do what is required to keep moral and motivation at a high level

Anders Behring Breivik, Daily Telegraph 32 Comments [12/28/2014 4:41:40 AM]
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The court in the northwestern city of Nouadhibou sentenced the man, identified by the Reuters news agency as 28-year-old Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir, to death for apostasy in an article he published almost a year ago. Some other agencies gave other variations of his name, but it was clear they were referring to the same individual.

The AFP news agency cited a judicial source who said that the defendant fainted when the ruling was read out in the court, He was subsequently revived and taken to prison. It wasn't immediately clear whether he intended to appeal the sentence.

The same source said that in the article in question, the blogger had questioned some of the decisions the prophet had taken during holy wars.

During the trial, the defendant had pleaded not guilty, telling the court that it was "not his intention to harm the prophet."

The prosecution called for the death penalty to be carried out in keeping with Shariah law, recommending that he be shot.

Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir had been in investigative custody since January 2, when he was arrested over the article, which briefly appeared on a number of websites in Mauritania, and sparking street protests against it.

The reading of Thursday's verdict drew cheers outside of the courtroom.

Mauritania hasn't executed a prisoner since 1987, and according to AFP, it has not delivered a death sentence for apostasy since it gained its independence from France in 1960.

Mauritanian court of Nouadhibou and unnamed demonstrators, Deutsche Welle 21 Comments [12/28/2014 4:41:04 AM]
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