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[On the discredited prophecies of Mother Shipton]

As always you have to fight your way past author's eager to cast doubt on whether she even existed, but then she's English. 'Scholarship' plays the provenance card to nothing like the same degree elsewhere in folklore. Nostradamus is too famous and publisher-friendly to suffer lasting critical damage while those from designated victim-cultures are simply considered untouchable. One only hopes the the judeo-oirish criminal syndicate that runs Hollywood never alight on these stories. Placing the old girl in County Cork and casting LIam Neeson or Gerard Butler in drag wouldn't really do her justice, though they would certainly be ugly enough.

Antony, Anglo-Saxon Foundation 9 Comments [7/31/2013 6:42:01 PM]
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Obama Splashes Gasoline on Trayvon Violence

No intellectually mature adult could consider it appropriate that this irresponsible demagogue is President of the United States:

The president delivered extensive remarks during a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room. He went far beyond his remarks a year ago in which he stirred controversy by saying if he had a son, he’d look like Martin.

“Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” Obama said.

Somebody get this guy an I Am Trayvon Martin shirt.

We already know that Obama was a pot-head like St. Skittles, but does he mean he was also a violent hoodrat with a penchant for burglary who was suspended three times, who referred to people with lighter skin as “creepy ass crackers,” and who apparently assaulted bus drivers as well as neighborhood watch captains? Of course not; the red diaper baby spent his teen years at a hoity-toity prep school. He means that all blacks (including half-blacks like himself) are the same; they must remain united against their racial enemies.

His purpose is classic Alinsky. The Community Organizer is doing what community organizers do — he is getting people riled. “The worse the better,” as Machiavellian left-wing revolutionaries like to say. In a country that would work fine if the government and media would just leave it alone, you can’t exploit a crisis without first creating the crisis, or at least the perception of a crisis.

By whipping up mobs that are already out of control, while simultaneously denouncing stand-your-ground laws that had nothing to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting, Obama appears to be setting up a row of dominos that will inevitably fall when one of the sociopathic punks he so openly identifies with attacks someone with a gun who defends himself. The aftermath will be Newtown + St. Skittles, hyped to the last extreme of absurdity by the cultural Marxists who run the media, with the short-term goal of attacking our fundamental right of self-defense and the long-term goal of creating a social divide so deep that liberals will be able to keep exploiting it indefinitely.

A leader attempts to unite his people. A ruler divides and conquers.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 17 Comments [7/29/2013 3:14:05 AM]
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I commend Malala for stepping out in the midst of this hypocritical tyranny which is trying to take over the world. BUT!!! Who is to blame for this lack of education world wide? There is only ONE organization that is and always has been so anti education they even tried to burn Rome, and also burned the largest and most knowledge filled historic library ever in Alexandria Egypt. Rome has been at the forefront of this tyranical cause since it overthrew Greece after Alexander the Great died and split the nation between its generals. I have always asked if the world would be different today if Greece was the final world ruler instead pf Rome. And the answer I always come up with is a resounding YES! Greece was all bout knowledge and furthering education to the point of pushing geniuses to their limits. Rome wants the world. The only way they will have it is with a dumb population, YES I am calling the world and its education DUMB! Shools today are nothing more than a way to incite selfishness in everyone. Me and mine is the norm all around the world. It was quite different when USA was in its infancy, and education was true, and encouraged. Today Rome has the world again. Within 1 year with a catholic POTUS the world will be on their knees before the pope, deceived, as usual by it's devices!

masmpg, WND 28 Comments [7/25/2013 3:35:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

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Have you been processed through the NWO / Illuminates secret ceremony performed through altered states of consciousness / transcendental meditation and been forced through methods of witchcraft to accept the worship of one of the NWO's many "Gods" / Demons yet?

How many people have experienced the Illuminates witchcraft / demonology?
Have you been approached by members of a secret society who worship Satan and or one of the many other demons of the New World Order? Did this Satanic Mafia try to seduce and or force you to worship their Lord lucifer and or one of their many other demons? Did they use witchcraft to try and force you to worship the Devil along with subversive acts of terrorism? Did this satanic cult use magic to summon the dead to attack you while you slept?

The Illuminati has placed occult material into society in the form of games and or practices to spiritually enslave society. These practices are strictly forbidden by God, documented in the Bible, and cause spiritual bondage / captivity Revelation 13,10. Many people are unaware of this but are in for an evil surprise. Some of the occult practices include Ouija boards, tarot cards, mirror gazing, even the eight ball with the pyramid in the center, role playing games such as dungeons and dragons and magic art which is the precursor to transcendental mediation which is the method for the secret ceremony used to enslave society. The list is endless and these are but a few.

Stung, Y! answers 18 Comments [7/25/2013 3:34:16 AM]
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Ultimately, the best way to resist the pro-vaccination tactics used by Pediatricians is to just not go! The Pediatric medical specialty was created primarily to administer vaccines to children. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an alternative Pediatric MD in your area, please realize that the typical Pediatrician’s career goal is to have all his/her patients fully vaccinated! Resist vaccination in a Pediatrician’s office and you are going to get read the riot act. Be ready for it if you choose to go.

In my experience, Family Doctors are a much better choice as the primary caregiver for children than Pediatricians. Family Doctors are usually much more open minded when parents express misgivings about vaccinations and either want to opt out completely or delay the vaccination schedule for a few years.

I have not heard of any Family Docs dropping patients for not vaccinating for religious reasons. There are probably some out there, but it seems to be a much less prevalent practice than with Pediatricians.

Family Doctors do not answer to the American Academy of Pediatrics, whose primary purpose is to execute the bidding of Big Pharma and administer vaccines to all children based on the overly rigid and excessive vaccination schedule. This gives Family Doctors a greater degree of freedom in assessing their patients individual needs, not just the assembly line approach to vaccination taken by Pediatricians.

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist 22 Comments [7/23/2013 3:25:52 AM]
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Quote# 95642

FYI, my opinion is that the attack on Fort Sumter was a false flag set up by Lincoln’s operatives, because the overall sentiment of the North was that the South had a right to secede.

Clytemnestra, Occidental Dissent 18 Comments [7/23/2013 3:25:14 AM]
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Quote# 95641

I will repeat what I said before the revelations of complete NSA ease dropping of all communications. Rand Paul is being blackmailed. The dysfunction in Washington is much deeper than Republicans switching views after election. They are being forced too. They’re blackmailed. He probably got caught with some girl. So easy. How many of us Men can reject sexy Women? Women who say they just want a little fun. No serious relationship. Very attractive Women. Tough to say no.

They also purposely give money to politicians who have known weaknesses BEFORE they run. Easier to control.

As for Lincoln. We don’t know what Lincoln would have done. A Jew killed him. His pronouncements were that of a White nationalist. He put into place a system to repatriate the slaves back to Africa. He founded a currency system based on Ben Franklin’s free money system. What if he lived? What if he repatriated the slaves to Africa and did his best to mend the separation of the North and South? What if we had a currency system not based on debt? Lincoln was never a friend of Blacks. I believe he meant what he said and fought the war for union. Looking at the wars between the States of Europe which ultimately led to the two World Wars his notions were not necessarily bizarre. I read a set of sci-fi books that were based on the South fighting the North to a draw in the first war. The other books were about the progressive slaughter of the wars that followed.

Maybe we’re better off we lost. It is possible that the overreach of the Omnipotent Evil Empire will eventually trigger a counter current. I hope so but it doesn’t look good at this point in time.

Sam2, Occidental Dissent 15 Comments [7/23/2013 3:24:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Dr. Duche

Quote# 95608

[Should George Zimmerman be found innocent] we are expecting martial law declared, similar to Boston or Katrina Hurricane, in any area affected by riots or that Obama feels wants to control. Unless you like the idea of spending anytime in a FEMA Camp, I would recommend bugging out of the area at the first sign of unrest if you live in an infected area. Plan on having to be on the the move within 15 minutes of an riot.

The government recently published plans for the use of deadly force and martial law in case of riots.

Don’t be surprised if Russian or other foreign troops come to help the DHS! Rumor has it that Obama has positioned at least 15,000 Russian troops.

Everett Wilkinson, National Liberty Federation 18 Comments [7/22/2013 3:29:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Zagen30

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(Regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing)

This "bombing" is pure propaganda and anyone susceptible to that will be likened as complicit or more than the Germans were during Hitler's day. The main stream news media is no longer a credible source for news. People need to unplug from the mind screwing and turn to alternative news sources, ones not driven by corporate profits. Who blindly believes something just because they saw it on CNN is shockingly disturbing . Sandy Hook woke me and my rage has not subsided over that lie. Today's technocrat, tomorrow's journalist.

Victoria Kreuger Cole, Huffington Post 24 Comments [7/19/2013 3:37:34 AM]
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Submitted By: The Mocking Bard

Quote# 95570

actually the USSR was a conservative force compared to Zio-capitalist America.
and fighting the Cold War did not help Euro-American interests in any meaningful way.

amspirnational, Occidental Dissent 16 Comments [7/19/2013 3:10:19 AM]
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I recently came across several articles commemorating the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson's HIV diagnosis. I still remember the screaming headlines in 1991, the abrupt termination of his NBA career at the height of his powers, and his subsequent and short-lived come back.

One would have expected pictures of Magic, taken 20 years after this life-sentence diagnosis, to be a withered, shriveled version of his former self, his life force eaten away by this killer virus.

But pictures of Magic show him to be as healthy as the proverbial horse. He's considerably bulkier than he was in his playing days, and as the saying goes, seems quite comfortable in his own expanded skin.

So why is Magic the picture of health 20 years after this supposedly terminal diagnosis? Easy: the HIV virus does NOT cause AIDS. Since, as one of the world's leading virologists, Peter Duesberg of U.C. Berkeley, says, HIV is a "harmless passenger virus," Magic is likely to carry HIV with him to the end of a long and healthy life.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America 18 Comments [7/16/2013 3:14:03 AM]
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Quote# 95495

It is estimated that by the year 2050, half of the planet's population between the ages of 0 and 24 will be African.

This is an extremely alarming statistic for Europeans and the Global Elite. If this trend continues, their lineage will be virtually erased from the planet by 2150, unless they are artificially preserved.

This is why western powers are promoting Sexual Perversion, Abortion, Vaccines, GMO foods, and Fluoridated Water on the African Continent.

Bill Gates has plans to completely fluoridate and poison the entire Nile River.

These Europeans are at war and are racing against time. They are trying to hold back the African population so that their lineage may survive past the year 2150.

Brothers and Sisters it will not happen. If all of the variables are in place within the next 100 or so years, these folks are finished.

Mfon Amun Ptah, Kushite Kalkulus 38 Comments [7/15/2013 3:31:31 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

Quote# 95491


The origins of Feminism and the destruction of 20th century Pan-Afrikanism go far far FAR deeper than Gloria Steinem and the CIA.

Try looking into Karl Marx and Freidrich Engles and the Communist Manifesto

Try looking into The Tavistock Institute and their associations with the Rothschild Bank.

Look Into The Vatican, the institution called “The Black Pope" and the collapse of Moorish Spain.

Look into the 19th Century Geopolitics, Georg Wilhelm F Hegel, along with the Hegelian Dialectic

Look into “Fabian Socialism" And the workings of Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays.

Look into the workings of Charles Darwin and Francis Galton

Oh yes, “the strong indeoendent Black Woman who don’t need no man"

"The Effeminization of The Black Male"

"The Destruction of Black Womanhood"

"Population Control Through Abortion"

All of this was planned 200 years ago, if not all the way back to 1492 and the fall of Moorish Spain.

There are small groups of global elitists like the Council of 13 and the Council of 7 who sit in round tables and plan our fate along with the fate of the planet.

How they do it, the mind control and geo-political turbines that they use…..

I can’t explain all of that in one status post but I will say that the rabbit hole goes DEEP!

Mfon Amun Ptah, Kushite Kalkulus 17 Comments [7/15/2013 3:30:36 AM]
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Submitted By: Wykked Wytch

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I live in the United States. I purposefully let my Driver's Lisence expire as I do not believe it is right to be forced to contract. In fact, we are protected from being forced into contracts. To be forced to contract is called entering a contract Under Duress and is in fact a feasible defense to void a contract entered into in such a manner. I recently got my Driving Without a Lisence ticket, truth be told; I was waiting for the day. Now it is time to go to court. I suppose I am making this post to hear other's opinions on the situation, and perhaps; for advice.

Now for some background on why I am choosing to fight this battle.

I think it is a gross injustice to force the Citizens of a State to Lisence themselves and their respective conveyance(s). In a sense, they are charging us extra to travel on our roadways. The road work in my State is funded by taxation of the fuel we use to propel our conveyances. That being said, simply by purchasing fuel we are paying for the Right to use the roadway. We should not be forced to do any sort of registering to use the roadways we fund. The Government, without regard to what body, has no right to know what conveyances I own, and therefore I am making the choice to stop registering my conveyances. I also am able to provide them with identification beyond that of a Driver's Lisence should they need it via a Passport or a State Issued ID.

I have court in early December. It is a Municipal Court as the Law I broke was in fact an Ordinance. An Ordinance is a Law enacted by a Municipal Corporation. Yes, a Corporation. A Municipal Corporation only has the power to conduct business within the private sector. They only have the right to contract with you, and if you know anything about Contractual Law, that means they must have your consent. A consent I refuse to give them.

So now for my defense.

When I am asked to plea, I will reply;

“I do not plead to courts of contracts. An Ordinance is a Law enacted by a Municipal Corporation. A Municipal Corporation only has the power to conduct business within the private sector, in which case I am not a Corporation but a natural born person and I am reserving all rights and benefits without prejudice provided for me under Uniform Commercial Code Book 1 Section 1-207, whereby I can reserve my Common Law Right to not be compelled to perform under any Contract or Agreement, that I have not entered into knowingly, voluntarily, or intentionally, and that reservation serves as notice to all Administrative Agencies of Government, Nationally, State, and Locally, that I do not, and will not, accept the liability associated with the "Compelled Benefit" of any unrevealed Commercial Agent. I am here today under protest and duress as I have only appeared under threat of imprisonment and refuse to allow you to create a joinder between myself, the natural born person, and ****** **** ****, the Corporation created for me at birth.”

I am thinking this alone should have the case dismissed, but should the "Judge" wish to carry on I will ask for the courts to provide an Injured Party with a Verified Complaint. Should the "Judge" fail to come forth with an injured party I will remind him/her of Uniform Commercial Code 1-103, "The Code is complimentary to the Common Law, which remains in force, except where displaced by the code. A statute should be construed in harmony with the Common Law, unless there is clear legislative intent to abrogate the Common Law." I will remind the "Judge" that the Code cannot be read to preclude a Common Law action, which I took by reserving my Rights under U.C.C. 1-207.

If the "Judge" tries to carry on with a charade I will state, "Sir, I can sue you under the Common Law, for violating my rights under the Uniform Commercial Code. I have a remedy, under the UCC, to restore my rights under the Common Law. I have exercised the remedy, and now you must construe this Ordinance in harmony with the Common Law. To be in harmony with the Common Law, you must come forth with the damaged party."

Namaste, Above Top Secret 37 Comments [7/12/2013 4:01:57 AM]
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Quote# 95456

I don't know if you are referring to me about "not wanting to pay taxes", but that wasn't the issue. If I am liable for a tax I'll pay the tax. If you enjoy paying taxes, that's fine with me. But I will not pay a tax if I am not liable for it. A friend told me to take my UCC-1 to my employer. I did it to prove him wrong. I proved myself wrong. If you are too scared to make your life better, then don't. I told everyone what I did, and what the results were. I found out I'm not the first to do this, many have.
And that brings up another issue --there is no lawful money to pay debts at law. You can not use a fiat currency to "pay" anything. FRN's are debt notes. Read "Modern Money Mechanics" by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.
Do you own your car? No, you don't. You have a "Certificate of Title". Sooo, who has the actual title?
Biiiiig rabbit hole!

Bildo, Above Top Secret 12 Comments [7/12/2013 4:01:30 AM]
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Quote# 95420

[But wait. If scientists would have backstabbed hitler, doesn't it make them the good guys?]

That is exactly what they want you to think, US fell for the trap long ago. Google Plum Island. Corporations for example(scientific ones obviously ones with Lab experiments) another prime example of Dystopia like in movies. There are scientists that steal other peoples inventions(mainly from inventors) for granted(fame). That is how Corporations/other greedy mad scientist do it to rule the world.

Example: You think that person invented the tank, but really he gets rid of the other guy and say he/she invented it. Everyone allows he/she to do other random(suspiciously evil) expecting him/her to make something really good. Prime example of Nazi Germany.

Makemap, RelicNews Forums 13 Comments [7/10/2013 3:32:06 AM]
Fundie Index: 11
Submitted By: OhJohnNo

Quote# 95355

[the article is How the Jew gave us AIDS]

On April 12, 1955 Jonas Salk’s [Jew!] polio vaccine was first licensed for public use in the U.S. In the years afterwards 90 million Americans were vaccinated in the largest mass vaccination campaign ever. Polio virtually disappeared from the continent and Jonas Salk became a hero.
But not long after, 260 children who were vaccinated with Salk’s vaccine became sick. Eleven of them died. An investigation showed that some lots of the vaccine were defective and confidence in it was shaken.

Two scientific greats, Dr. Hilary Koprowski [Jew!], director of the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Dr. Albert Sabin [Jew!], a physician at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, raced to replace the Salk vaccine. Dr. Cecil Fox, a pathologist at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases remembers that it was an intense competition.

Both Sabin and Koprowski’s vaccines were derived from monkey organs. They needed to test them in large, non-immunized population groups, no longer available in North America.

Sabin traveled to the U.S.S.R. and vaccinated more than 6 million people in Latvia, Estonia and Kazakhstan between 1958 and 1959. No AIDS cases emerged in the U.S.S.R. where Sabin did his testing.

Koprowski moved his study to the Belgian Congo which had one of Africa’s more modern health care infrastructures at the time. Between 1956 and 1960 more then 1 million African people were ‘encouraged’ to receive Koprowski’s vaccine called CHAT.

Sabin analyzed Koprowski’s vaccine in 1958 and found it be be ‘unstable and contaminated by an unknown virus’. He told Koprowski about his discovery and then went public with his findings.

Since first being broadcast in 2003 the Origins Of Aids has yet to be aired on UK television. Despite winning many awards and being hotly debated the reason is because of the barrage of legal assaults made on potential screeners by Dr Koprowski (and his legal network), who strongly denies causing the Aids epidemic during his 1950s trials of an experimental polio vaccine in Africa. Doc-Film-Net has also been threatened with more legal action for showing this important film than any other!

http://drey.orgfree.com/Political – Visit the Ocular Stream’s political section, for dozens of hard-hitting documentaries and films, all packed with physical evidence and sworn testimony.

See also: Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine, exposed as criminal-minded scientist who conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients

LordKalki666, Lord Kalki 17 Comments [7/7/2013 3:23:52 AM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: Lord Chaos

Quote# 95346


I watched a great documentary on it called "The House of Numbers" and I thin kit proves as pretty much fact that theres no such thing as aids and that your more likely to not catch anything.

Aids is not even really a disease its just symptoms that u get like a cough or a runny nose. But the thing is that they say aids exists because they need to make a lot of money from selling anti virals and raising money you know?

You see aids is really big business now and many people make there complete living from aids. here is a list of people who make a lot of money from aids:

Robert Downy Junior
Whoopi Goldberg
Barack Obama
Mit Romney

Those are just 4 people who make a lot of money from aids. They make it from things like fundraisers and taxpayers money.

The truth of the matter is yes you can get disease from having sex but mostly just chlymedia and gonorrea and herpes. Aids is really just a bunch of symptoms that any1 can get.

the proof is by a dr named dr deusenberg and he has proven many times that aids is a fake illness that most people have hiv in them and that if you test them they will have hiv.

so really hiv does NOT equal aids. most people in africa have "aids" because by saying a lot of people have aids they can keep funding aids programs. do you understand what im saying?

I can explain this more if you guys need to and i would also link to the video I watched but I dont know if thats against the rules is it agianst the rules for me to link to the video i watched on this?

You can trust me when i can say its basically proofen that aids is just a myth and it was a myth created out of anti gayness because aids was originally called grid which stands for gay related immune dieases with then they called aids because it hurt peoples feelings because it was a mean thing to say that only gays get aids even though thats true because gays get aids because of the fact that many of the party lifstyles in urban areas cause aids symptoms but there really not exclusive to gays anyone gets the symtpoms of aids if they do too much partying like drugs and drinking and alcohol.

But a virus called aids no it doesnt exist its a conspiracy born out of greed and gluttony of the hearts of men. Sound familiar LOL!

I'll explain more if you people are intertested but i thought i'd just let you guys know that YES AIDS IS NOT REAL DONT WORRY BAOUT IT DONT BE TOO AFRAID LOL.

EdwardKill, Above Top Secret 28 Comments [7/5/2013 3:15:29 AM]
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Quote# 95343

It’s ironic because the only reason why a gay population exists is because of closeted, conservative policies. In the past, families discovering a child was gay would simply tell the kid to man or woman up, get married and have grandkids. This policy led to the continued spreading of the gay gene which is why homosexuality keeps appearing within every generation of human beings.

Now that homosexuality is out in the open, homosexuals can sort assortatively among themselves. The result is an eventual collapse of the gay population due to the collapse in couplings with unwitting heterosexuals. The result is a future with far fewer gay people, at least among whites.

Who will mourn their disappearance?

I feel sorry for gays because they do not understand how they are being used. Gay marriage is all about reducing the costs women face from being caught being unfaithful. Gay marriage is supposed to usher in the “no fault” open marriage, where women can take lovers into their marriages all they want and men cannot deny them any resources. Divorce if initiated by a man in such circumstances will never result in a denial of alimony, child support or split assets to the woman. It is the final nail in the coffin of hetero marriages, at least for those still inclined to marry.

map, Lion of the Blogosphere 18 Comments [7/5/2013 3:14:07 AM]
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Quote# 95308

[Disney to have show with lesbian parents]

Speaking to an audience of Jews, Vice President Joe Biden praised Jewish leaders for helping change American attitudes about gay marriage, immigration, feminism, etc..

Since the past three CEOs of Disney have been Jewish could one conclude that they are working on the same agenda through Disney?

How would Walt Disney have felt about that?

Or should Joe Biden apologize to the Jews for making such an anti-Semitic remark to their face? But how can it be anti-Semitic is he was praising them rigth?

Please help us undersand Time 2.

Let me add if I may, that the attributes which Biden was praising them for ar all tennents of Marxism and the Destruction of the Family unit..

And you think this is all being orchestrated by a bunch of dumb liberals who just got lucky and one an election or two? lol

Lordy lordy folks.. I can’t express in words how much danger this country is in.. You just have no idea what lies ahead.

You either wake up and learn of the conspiracy at play or you & your loved ones mostly Christian conservative Constitutionalists who stand in the way of International Marxism will suffer the same fate as those faced in Russia an Eastern Europe in the 20th century.

Techengineer11, The Blaze 13 Comments [7/2/2013 3:22:25 AM]
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Quote# 95305

*On an article about the origins of certain urban legends*

This is why I hate this site and quit. They are always "debunking" conspiracy theories and making fun of them, using the "funny" site as a dis info agent. If anyone wants to know the reality of this occult, draconian, orwellian satanic world; go to youtube/bringersofthetruth or vigilantcitizen

odcrl, Cracked 10 Comments [7/2/2013 3:21:11 AM]
Fundie Index: 18
Submitted By: Johnny Derp

Quote# 95302

The Federal government, including the pentagon and the supreme court, works for the international Bankster cartel, so this is no surprise.

Eventually, Americans will realize that we haven't had a representative government since 1860, when big business got Lincoln into office and then declared war on the States. Free market capitalism died at the same time, we just didn't realize it until 1913 when the Bankster cartel took over the Federal monopoly on power and money. We've had a fascist dictatorship since then and your vote has meant exactly squat. The only way to return to a Jeffersonian representative Republic is the way our Founders did it in 1775.

Eventually, when Americans find that every person in the world is entitled to a job in the USA, except for them - all in the name of diversity. When they find themselves a dirt poor minority in the country their fathers founded. When they find out that diversity is not THEIR strength, but the strength of their enemies.

Eventually, but not today. Today many Americans will go to work at their corporate jobs touting the slogan, "Diversity is our strength;" until is isn't.

WarriorClass III, WND 7 Comments [7/2/2013 3:20:35 AM]
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Quote# 95287

The F.B.I. implants microchips all over the body including the genitals of their experimental victims that can be any US citizen. The sick minded criminals FBI agents? radiate there. To Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, George Bush, Chaney, Oprah, and everyone else: Would you want the FBI to get into your vagina or penis? Loud? and? clear: the FBI and CIA are CRIMINALS and so is US Government that allows these atrocities to happen. Take me to court if this is untrue! Go to? HELL USA

yod sun, i-news 24 Comments [7/1/2013 3:23:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Junkers "hornesse" 465
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