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Quote# 97958

Cops are bursting into homes, seizing computers and other “evidence” while groups are being hit with subpoenas that require them to turn over voluminous and sensitive information - including the names of political donors.

The crime of being conservative is being prosecuted with vengance.

In Wisconsin, special prosecutor Francis Schmitz is going after conservative groups that were involved in the fight over the recall of Governor Scott Walker and Walker’s union reforms. Subpoenas are requesting “all records of income received, including fundraising information and the identity of persons contributing to the corporation.” They are seeking lists of conservative donors.

This is political terrorism at work and the special prosecutor in this case is a political terrorist.

Obtaining donor lists for conservative organizations is a long time goal of left wing groups. The IRS, when it went after the Tea Party, wanted donor information, which they are legally precluded from having.

Does anyone believe that if these donor lists were turned over to a special prosecutor they would remain secret?

A great example of what the left is doing is California in 2008 and 2009. California passed Proposition 8, which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The left went nuts.


Liberals obtained copies of the donor list for a number of groups that supported Proposition 8 and then went on a rampage. Donors where harassed. Several either lost their jobs or resigned because of the harassment.

Irate liberals harassed businesses.

There is a legal description of what they did. It is called intimidation; at one time the balliwick of thugs and mobs.

The goal of the left in Wisconsin has been to find out the names of donors who helped Scott Walker. Walker’s reforms crippled the left by drying up a cash cow from forced union dues.

The left never forgives nor forgets. They want payback and they are not beyond using the law, the government or terror to intimidate those who stand against them.

Conservatives need to stand up against this kind of tyranny. Every conservative group that is served with one of those subpoenas should publicly say they have, refuse to comply and take the Wisconsin special prosecutor to Court.

Judson Phillips, Washington Times 7 Comments [11/30/2013 6:40:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

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The higher education boondoggle has done an excellent job of shifting jobs from the private sector into the public sector through government or government subsidized jobs. The shift is as much cultural as it is economic, its mainspring is the perception that ordinary jobs are worthless and the truly meaningful jobs are their kinds of jobs. The culture extends to the kind of people that they seek to create. Out with the working middle class, in with the college graduate who has spent an extra four years being programmed by the more sophisticated model of their indoctrination machine and who will think more like them and live more like them, who will share their values and politics.

Mass education also devalues the actual education being received. Today's college students know less than yesterday's high school graduates. Today's high school graduates know less than a middle schooler from 50 years ago. And there is no way around that. Tossing everyone into the same system and expecting the same results leads to a lower quality system. The more education is universalized, the more it is simplified.

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish 7 Comments [11/27/2013 4:08:30 AM]
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Quote# 97867

Flu season is here, and this week Dr. Savage reiterated his skepticism about the flu vaccine.

For one thing, he told listeners, “The vaccines contain harmful ingredients that the Centers For Disease Control lists on its own website: formaldehyde, detergents, allergens and more. I recommend you study this topic before you listen to the federal government on flu shots.

“Are you really going to trust the same people who told you could keep your health care plan?” Savage asked.

After ultra-leftist Bill de Blasio was elected mayor on Tuesday night, Savage reminded his audience that de Blasio was a pro-Sandinista progressive who’d visited the U.S.S.R. during the Cold War.

With this new mayor, Savage predicted, “Tammany Hall will be back in New York City.”

Michael Savage, World Net Daily 12 Comments [11/25/2013 4:18:21 AM]
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I'm kind of trying to follow what [Pope Francis'] agenda is. You know, I'm surprised he came out with a couple of things in the media. But, then again, I'm not one to trust the media's interpretation of somebody's message. But having read through media outlets … he's had some statements that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me. Unless I really dig deep into what his messaging is and do my own homework, I'm not going to just trust what I hear in the media.

Sarah Palin, Washington Post 14 Comments [11/25/2013 3:57:57 AM]
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At this point, I think it is perfectly reasonable to question if Lanza had anything to do with the shootings beyond being one of the victims of the real shooters. But what about those grief-stricken parents? And why is the media still going on about assault rifles when they have nothing to do with what supposedly happened at Sandy Hook?
I was entirely willing to reserve judgment, but the inexplicable anomalies are rapidly piling up again. The pattern is readily apparent and given the facts at hand, Occam's Razor increasingly suggests a false flag. I don't understand why anyone finds it hard to believe there are elements in the US government who don't hesitate to murder US citizens, given that the Obama administration openly asserts its legal right to kill citizens at will without due process.

Let's engage in a little outlandish legal conjecture and assume that the shootings were real. What, one wonders, would have prevented the administration from legally placing the children of Sandy Hook elementary school on its secret kill list and then ordering their assassination?

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 23 Comments [11/23/2013 3:30:58 PM]
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The sign up for the ACA/Obamacare website prooves both of his elections were complete frauds!!! Everyone who voted for him would have signed up to support him and its not anywhere close! America has been stolen via fraud and the media helped them do it by spreading a lie about the elections. Revolution is coming!!!

tk-3839, Before It's News 11 Comments [11/23/2013 3:29:04 PM]
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Some very credible people are reporting unusual UFO and other activity in southern North Carolina. Reportage of frequent UFO activity, a city sized underground base with possible ET residents, and other "anomalies", including contact and holographic projections.

drakke1, Indigo Society 14 Comments [11/22/2013 7:00:28 PM]
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Two possibilities: Jeffrey Curley or Jesse Dirkhising.

Crimes against gays become national headlines for months, e.g., the vicious, nightmarish murder of Matthew Shepard, the poster boy for hate crime legislation. His death is used to this day by activists to justify all kinds of oppressive legislation and activities against "homophobia". The fact that there was little evidence to support the charges of gay-bashing never interfered with the shameless, opportunistic exploitation of his death to support gay "rights".

OTOH, crimes BY gays are invariably suppressed or ignored. From the link above:

Jesse William Dirkhising (May 24, 1986 – September 26, 1999), also known as Jesse Yates, was an American teenager from Prairie Grove, Arkansas, who was kidnapped by two men who bound, drugged, tortured and repeatedly raped him. Dirkhising died from drugging and positional asphyxia during the ordeal.

Dirkhising's death received only regional media coverage until a Washington Times article ran a story nearly a month after his death, noting the lack of national coverage in contrast to that given to the 1998 death of Matthew Shepard.

Shepard died violently and became an idol solely because he was gay. Dirkhising died violently and his murder was ignored because his murderers were gay.

This same P/C-darling syndrome affects the coverage of black crime. When a black is killed by a white, it's nationwide news, e.g., Saint Skittles. The OAKM liberals trip over each other in their frenzy to find new ways to call the killer a racist.

When a black kills a white, e.g., the two monsters who shot to death a white baby in a stroller, or another black (over 90% of black murder victims are killed by their "bruthas"), the OAKM hacks put their fingers in their ears, sing "LA DE DAH DE DAH", look out the window and watch the pigeons.

The basic principle: if a member of a politically correct minority commits a crime, any crime, it is not news; if a crime is committed against one of them, cover it to the saturation point. It has become far more brazen and obvious since the Magic Nigga was crowned. The OAKM don't even pretend to be objective any more.

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 12 Comments [11/22/2013 2:57:50 PM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 97791

[WorldNetDaily article says that newspapers were directed to "cover up black violence."]

This is not new. I remember hearing on a radio show in Maine that all the bird cage liners in the country have to get the green light from the NYSlimes for what will be published and what not. And black and homo crime is right at the top of the list of DO NOT PUBLISH. I think this came out in the wake of that young boy who was tortured and murdered by homos. Sorry, can't remember the details.

Atty Tude, Where Liberty Dwells 12 Comments [11/22/2013 4:42:53 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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nuclear reaction is not necessary to create that kind of explosion. Big explosion were already acheived using 'fuel and air bomb'. Germans used them on the russian front, with 4 mile blast radius. No nuke necessary. We have been lied to by governments who want to embezzle public money. Also, fear of radiation is perfect thng to scare people. If u wanna evacuate area, tell people that its contaminated and they will run away, not necessary to force them. But Hiroshima & Nagasaki were repopulated immediately so, yes, we have been lied to. Cold fusion, and free energy from magnetosphere possible 100 yrs ago, so nuclear fission totally unnessessary for electricity production.

momonga, Nuke Lies 10 Comments [11/22/2013 3:57:27 AM]
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Barack Obama's press conference from the White House yesterday spoke volumes about what kind of man this president truly is. Our narcissistic, manchild, petulant president used terms like “holding hostage,” “ransom,” “burn down your house,” “chaos,” “a nuclear bomb,” etc. Obama was unhinged and barely in control, lashing out at Republicans in Congress (that he refuses to negotiate with) because they won't just roll over and give him everything he wants. Simply put, the press conference yesterday was a temper tantrum from a very narcissistic baby.

Early this year we read about the theory that perhaps Barack Obama's absence the night Benghazi burned could explained by the notion that the president was getting high on cocaine with his pal Reggie Love. This theory was put forth by a blogger named Kevin DuJan, who suggested the president's behavior was consistent with what he knew of the behavior of someone who is addicted to illegal drugs, perhaps cocaine. Obama himself, in his autobiography, admitted to past cocaine use.

I have no doubt that yesterday's behavior at that press conference could well be the behavior of a cocaine addict. This web site, in part says such an addict would, “Over time, crack/cocaine abusers may become secretive, unreliable and dishonest. They may exhibit dramatic mood swings, depression, or psychotic behavior, due to the neurological effects of the drug.”


This president is not only addicted to drugs, but he's addicted to power. He must control everything, regardless of who is victimized by it. Giving power to this president is exactly like giving a bottle of booze to an alcoholic. This is precisely the reason why this president needs to not be president. Republicans in Congress need to show some spine and propose the impeachment of this president.

Dean Chambers, Examiner.com 15 Comments [11/20/2013 5:28:54 AM]
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If you pull up the list of all the symptoms - that is, adverse vaccine reactions - in the VAERS database and arrange them in order of the frequency reported, peppered among the top 5% - among the ones we’d expect to see, like nausea, swelling at the injection site, and so on - are the following, which I’ve also listed in order of frequency of report. I didn’t continue through to the top 10%, because this list alone damns the industry’s constant characterization of serious vaccine damage as extremely rare, and when you consider that actual serious adverse reactions are grossly underreported, all bets are off:

Herpes zoster
Loss of consciousness
Viral infection.
Febrile convulsion
Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Otitis media
Unresponsive to stimuli
Speech disorder.
Anaphylactic reaction
Grand mal convulsion
Upper respiratory tract infection
Bacterial infection
Respiratory disorder
Multiple sclerosis
Gastrointestinal disorder.
Lung disorder
Abortion spontaneous
Cardiac arrest
Hepatic function abnormal
Respiratory arrest
Skin disorder
Immune system disorder
Rheumatoid arthritis.

vaccinationinformation, Tumblr 21 Comments [11/20/2013 5:28:38 AM]
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Submitted By: domirossi

Quote# 97732

Dutchsince recorded the HAARP ELF seismic prior to the manipulation of Yolanda [aka. Typhoon Haiyan]. What I see was inconsistencies in the Isobarics of this storm in the path of it landing.

I’m glad the evacuations were done but I fear the poorest of citizens have been devastated and the purpose is to bankrupt and destabilize the region which TPTB have succeeded.

Looking for the analysis the AM. Hoping for better news than I expected.

Puddy Dune, Coalition of the Obvious Wordpress 11 Comments [11/19/2013 3:48:54 AM]
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Quote# 97731

Cannabis only became illegal after the Marijuana tax act was passed in 1937 as a result of a Masonic propaganda campaign. The campaign sensationalized false claims about Cannabis. The film Reefer Madness spread hysteria and false information.

The medicinal and religious use of Cannabis dates back to 5,600 B.C. Hemp was a crop that the founding fathers of this nation grew and traded. It is intellectual insanity that the American people have allowed this conspiracy to continue for so long. The tenants of the Freemasonry cult are in direct opposition to the ancient practice that promotes Cannabis for spiritual development and health. The conspiracy to suppress and prohibit the use of Cannabis and Hemp is an act of Racketeering and a violation of the RICO ACT.

The ultimate aim of Freemasonry has not simply been the intellectual confusion caused by their "marijuana" propaganda to support their conspiracy against Cannabis and Hemp, but ultimately they seek the total spiritual, physical and moral destruction of their victims by making the Holy Herb of Cannabis illegal for use in daily prayers, depriving the people of the single food source that contains all essential amino acids required to sustain human life, placing the treatment of cancer outside the reach of the common man, and "marking" those in possession of or trading with it with lifetime stigma that robs them of the general benefits afforded to the rest of society.

Those who make secret oaths must never be allowed to serve in government. Without knowing the nature of their secret oaths, we can never know if their "secret interests" conflict with the interest of the American people.

All Freemasons must be removed from our government, investigated, and if warranted, prosecuted. They must be stripped of their assets and their assets used as reparations for all those who have suffered harm and incarceration as a result of the laws that prohibit cannabis and hemp.

Charlotte Harrison-Smith, Whale.to 18 Comments [11/19/2013 3:47:47 AM]
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Quote# 97730

NIH clearly demonstrated willful and wanton ignorance of the benefits of Cannabis by altering their original post. I knew then and there, that the laws prohibiting Cannabis were the result of a Racketeering Conspiracy so large and pervasive that no one wanted to speak about it in public. When you become knowledgeable of something you are then responsible to do something about it. It was then and there that I remembered something that my father had told me when I was still a small child.

My father was a high-level Freemason who was responsible for training 33rd degree initiates in this lodge. He told me the story of how man's knowledge of seeds were the "key" to controlling the Kingdom of not just heaven, but also the Kingdom on earth. He told me that there was sacred knowledge in understanding seeds.

At that time, I didn't understand. But now, after reading the Scientific American article, his words meant something. I had finally figured out what the secret oath of the Freemasons was all about. It was about suppressing the cannabis and hemp seeds so that those Freemasons in control of Big Pharma, Big Chemcial, Big Food Manufacturing and Big Oil could profit. These are the four pillars of Satan's Kingdom. And for that much, I thank my father.

Until Americans stop the Illuminati racketeering in suppressing Cannabis and Hemp, nothing will change.

Charlotte Harrison-Smith, Whale.to 8 Comments [11/19/2013 3:47:34 AM]
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Quote# 96946

Kimvodkastan the thing you need to understand first is the connections between the words Left, Liberal, and Authoritarian, within the context of politics.

Liberal at one time stood for liberty,
Today Left and Liberal are commonly associated,
And within the last 50-100 years Authoritarians have taken to calling themselves Liberals.

Authoritarians took on the False banner of Liberal because the old methods of state control over the populace had become unpopular so the only way to bring these methods back involved pretending to be what is considered popular, as well as to smear the reputation of the most liberty aligned ideology of that time.

As a result left in some peoples mind gains the reputation of old Liberal, but due to modern influence of Authoritarians that hide behind this banner that reputation gets falsely placed onto ideologies that rely on some form of Authoritarianism to function, Communism and socialism being so closely associated with the Left and historically with Authoritarianism.

This whole site is a monument to the confusion of ideologies so expect there to be a lot of bias on this site and in the game that will be pro statism but will not admit to being pro statism.

Nationstatesology, Nationstates 14 Comments [11/18/2013 4:17:44 AM]
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Submitted By: zyr

Quote# 97698

David, it's pretty clear you are a homosexual, goes without saying. You are a bitter, recriminatory, vile, vicious, evil little *man*.

But to the preceding point, no, Obama WAS NOT elected legally. He won because of rigged voting machines, located at places guarded by the Black Panthers. Said machines were created by (Brandon was his name) who even ADMITTED before the Nov elections that they could be rigged for a different outcome. And what was pouring in from all across the country? Reports of peoples' Romney selection being recorded as an Obama selection, with those who oversaw the polling places being told to instruct people to expect that it will record for Romney nonetheless.

And there were the widespread reports of Obama's army of vans that kept arriving to polling places with out-of-state liscence plates. And the innumerable reports of campaign contributions from other nations (to Obama) and people voting twice for him. All told, Obama isn't the U.S. president "legally", no.

Todd Dyke , WND 21 Comments [11/17/2013 5:13:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 97697

Choom-In-Chief, a foreign-born usurper who is the puppet of Iran controlled Valerie Jarrett. He is the manchurian candidate, puppet-in-chief, sent here to destroy America. He is doing a dandy job so far. 'Only' three more years to go. Half of us will most likely be dead or in prison camps by then.

antiliberalcryptonite, Freedom Outpost 13 Comments [11/17/2013 5:05:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 97689

Why does this existential, invidious racism against minorities who achieve outside the slave chains of affirmative action still exist in the twenty first century? Because the original intent of affirmative action was NOT equality, but egalitarianism (tokenism, racial quotas, and statistics), not real equality, but hypocritical counterfeit equality that for example, allows the Left to set up thousands of so-called "Office of Diversity" at colleges and universities all over America. White people aren't stupid. They are fully aware that these leftist bureaucracies don't further racial diversity, but on the contrary establish a progressive, socialist Groupthink throughout higher education because on average professors holding a conservative worldview (like me) are hired at the 0-10 percentile while those professors holding to a liberal, Marxist, progressive or postmodernist worldview are hired at the 95-100 percentile. Ergo, what type of students will American college propaganda factories likely produce – me or a Barack and Michelle Obama?

Is this affirmative action? Is this justice or is this White Democratic Socialist Party hypocrisy and invidious ideological racism? If it is the latter, it must be exposed and eradicated by more and more people in a power position to do so. America, stop allowing racist liberals, reactionary progressives, delusional evolution atheists and unhinged postmodernists the power to set up these phony institutions like affirmative action, Offices of Diversity, speech codes, hate crime statues and phony LBJ 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Acts which LBJ cynically bragged to two governors aboard Air Force One if he could pass through Congress "I would have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years." Stop this insanity.

Let all people of good will rise up and with the Michigan voters who in 2006 passed Proposal 2 and say No to affirmative action. Let every Black American say No to the slave chains of White guilt, servile tokenism and racial quotas and have enough honor to say, "If I'm not smart enough to go to Harvard, then I'll go to Howard, but at least wherever I go to college I won't have the sword of Damocles hanging over my head, over my career telling all who view me that I didn't earn my education, my vocation, my rightful place in society."

End affirmative action, end affirmative slave chains!

Ellis Washington, Renew America 10 Comments [11/17/2013 5:02:44 AM]
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Quote# 97673

I'm writing this because not only do I enjoy reveling in the schadenfreude and chagrin of your ilk, but I feel as though I'll be contributing something constructive to your forum rather than the usual irrelevant and mundane rubbish. Whether or not your moderators will approve this depends on how much confidence that your moderators have in you and the white nationalist/right wing dogma as a whole.

Let me get to the point: you've lost. And that everything to do with your leaders and ignorance. In fact, the only thing any of your leaders has ever gotten right, is the communist threat that is now more imminent than ever in your already increasingly socialized society (socialism being the pretext to communism).

Seventy years ago, communist ideologues planned how they'd deconstruct the west in order to impose their dictatorial system of control - America in particular.

There were two schools of thought. There were the reactionaries who maintained that a violent revolution was the only way to impose communism on a nation such as America. The other, more realistic school of thought, was that communists would infiltrate every aspect of society and transform it incrementally from within. As you can plainly see, the latter school of thought [has] prevailed.

The level of success that we've achieved over the past half century allows me to openly say what was once considered ideological suicide. It also allows me to critique your movement and the right wing/nationalist movement as a whole - which is exactly what I'm about to do.

Let me start by addressing the stated [white nationalist] claim that there's a Jewish or Zionist conspiracy. When I first read that, I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes (funny stuff). While you people have and continue to argue over the Jewish boogieman, you've been up against a communist conspiracy that has been taking place quietly behind the scenes the entire time. Of course, I anticipate the obligatory argument that communism is essentially a Jewish phenomenon, and in the most technical sense of the word that could be argued using anecdotal evidence; however, making that argument is akin to arguing what caused someone's cancer rather than taking the correct measures to stop it from metastasizing.

While a disproportionate amount of Jews were certainly at the forefront of the Bolshevik movement in Russia (the premise for your fallacious 'communism-is-Jewish' argument), communism later became with rife with antisemitism. Communist ideologues of many ethnic persuasions in the west saw the value of the anti-antisemitism taking hold in the former Soviet Union. So in an [ironic] twist, it was antisemitism that arguably served as the framework to developing a strategy of divide and conquer in the west.

Communist ideologues correctly hypothesized that by pitting diverse groups people against each other and empowering minority groups, they could create the social environment necessary to divide and conquer the white majority - while at the same time incrementally tearing away at the moral fabric that was holding your nations together (morality being the backbone of all successful societies).

In short: had your leaders been focused on the real enemy during and after the 1960s, your ideology quite possibly could have prevailed - at the very least, as far as the core tenets of traditional conservatism is concerned. The entire right wing movement has failed miserably because of ignorance, infighting, ideological divides and greed. White nationalism is merely one example of right wing ineptness.

I'll pause shortly, as I do not wish to waste much time on something that may not be posted. If this should be posted, I'm willing to continue this discussion and elaborate - but only with your more rational members. I will not respond to any reactionary nonsense. At the risk of sounding condescending, this post is more for your benefit. I say that knowing that you have been thoroughly defeated with absolutely no chance of ever morphing into any sort of viable threat.

Perhaps we could discuss how the left owns your children? Perhaps we could discuss how the average liberal or self-defined 'anti-racist' is nothing more than a well-meaning useful idiot, and how minorities have been used as pawns? Perhaps we could discuss the role of global corporatism and the international money handlers? Perhaps we could discuss the reality of the egalitarian illusion that those on the left have created?

Better off Red, Stormfront.com 16 Comments [11/15/2013 4:24:17 AM]
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Submitted By: HEIL SATAN

Quote# 97638

It's a form of mind control, probably set up by the Global Elite, or New World Order, as the conspiracy movement calls them, to divide and conquer us. It's just another way they use to set us against each other, so that we don't unite and rise up against the real enemy, which are the Global Elite who are running the show. Aaron Russo, in an interview with Alex Jones, revealed that Nick Rockefeller of the infamous Rockefeller dynasty, told him that the Rockefeller Foundation created and funded the feminist movement, for instance.

But even charismatic conspiracy leaders like David Icke, who are passionate and relentless about exposing the ways in which this Global Elite or NWO control and divide us, are afraid to bring up modern feminism as one of the culprits of this engineered chaos and disorder. Probably it's because they have a large female fan base and do not wish to lose them, so they avoid this taboo. Not even they, being passionate truth seekers, dare to violate it. Only Men's Rights leaders like Tom Leykis and others have dared to expose this taboo issue.

Winston Wu, Happier Abroad 13 Comments [11/14/2013 4:24:29 AM]
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Quote# 97634

Prince Charles Blames Global Warming for Syrian Civil War

Some consider British royalty to be useless. But as the tragedy of the West’s self-imposed decline and fall continues to unfold, comic relief can help prevent us from succumbing to despair. Once again Prince Charles steps up and provides:

In remarks to the World Islamic Economic Forum meeting in London [last] week, Prince Charles described the bloody Syria conflict as a “terrifyingly graphic” example of the negative effects of climate change.

According to climate dogma as espoused by Prince Chucklehead, when it doesn’t rain in the desert Middle East, it is because of global warming, even if the slight warming trend ended back in the 1990s. This lack of rain somehow caused farmers to flood the cities, join a terrorist insurgency affiliated with al Qaeda, and become backed by the Obama Regime in their attempt to overthrow Baby Assad’s government and install in its place a still more malevolent Islamic theocracy.

Charles not only identifies the problem, but provides a solution: sharia-compliant banking. Evidently this works by being so ineffective compared with economic freedom that it generates less productive activity and therefore lighter carbon emissions.

Add Syrian civilian wars to the long list of problems real and imagined that are blamed by fools on the nonexistent global warming crisis.

We can also thank Prince Charlie for drawing attention to the dangers of inbreeding.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 12 Comments [11/14/2013 4:14:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 97632

Muslim Brotherhood on the Rise in USA

Muslims don’t have the numbers in the USA that they do in Europe, but already the Muslim Brotherhood is winning in America, according to the Clarion Project, where we learn that at least 2,000 US nonprofits are linked to this malevolent organization.

The framework for planned conquest was been constructed before our eyes. Now the federal government itself has been thoroughly infiltrated at the top levels of the national security apparatus, thanks to our first anti-American president, the aggressive pro-Muslim Barack Hussein Obama. The strategy is to use our own ideologically compromised if not openly treasonous leadership to destroy us from within, in what Muslims call “civilization jihad.”

The approach is working so well that a senior Homeland Security advisor has apparently declared victory on behalf of Islam:

A senior advisor to the Department of Homeland Security, Mohamed Elibiary, says that America is “an Islamic country” and continues to argue that the Muslim Brotherhood is comparable to Christian evangelicals.

Elibiary is a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council and was promoted in September. He also served on the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group and the Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.

Massive numbers of Muslims will need to be imported for a conquest to truly take hold; our prison system doesn’t produce enough converts. No doubt Obama and his allies are working on it.

This gives an idea of the kind of people we are dealing with:

Three puppies were rescued from the Muslim Brotherhood before they were used as “puppy bombs” at a protest in Tahrir Square two weeks ago. The group planned to dip the dogs in gasoline and set them on fire [before] using them against their opponents.

Normally something this over the top would be laughed off as a hoax, but it appears to be on the level. Apparently nothing is too cartoonishly evil for our government’s Islamic allies.

Obama was so enraged when these folks lost control of Egypt despite his support that he uncharacteristically put the squeeze on foreign aid. He also supports them and their al Qaeda allies against the government of Syria. The USA would currently be at war on their behalf if not for public resistance.

Dave Blount, Moonbattery 9 Comments [11/14/2013 4:14:06 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

Quote# 97602

The fact that the ObamaCare website is a complete clusterbungle that is totally inoperative is 100% INTENTIONAL.

This reminds me exactly of the Ukraine under Stalin in the early 1930s. The Ukraine is the breadbasket of eastern Europe. Tremendous farming and wheat production was centered in the Ukraine. Under Lenin, and then Stalin, all farms and food production were seized and controlled by the state. The Soviets hated the Ukrainians and wanted them all dead.


This ObamaCare website is similar in tactic. You are going to be punished for failing to comply with ObamaCare, even though the regime has specifically and maliciously seen to it that compliance is impossible – not that any person of conscience should even attempt to comply with the satanic ObamaCare anyway.

It’s intentional.
It’s intentional.
It’s intentional.

History rhymes. Like an Irishman’s dirty limerick.

You people had better man up and do something real and concrete to depose these neo-Stalinist psychopaths. Mere talk and hand-wringing leads straight to mass graves.

Ann Barnhardt, Barnhardt.biz 23 Comments [11/12/2013 4:01:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Hasan Prishtina

Quote# 97587

Can America survive even one more year of the treasonous Magic Nígger and his DOJ MiniMe working in warpdrive to destroy her?

When a cancer is discovered, it can be fatal to hope that it doesn't metastasize for three more years. Obastard and his gang of thugs are far worse than any cancer. They need excision ASAP, by any legal means necessary, and if they fail, then by powers in high places in Washington using extralegal methods.

The Constitution is very clear on the subject of treaties, but the traitor Obasshole has been very clear on his utter contempt for the Constitution and his oath of office. IMO, he has no intention of leaving the People's House on 1/20/2017. Before then, he and his America-loathing horde of barbarians will instigate a national crisis. They will use it as an excuse to declare martial law and suspend indefinitely all rights and priviliges. There will be no 2016 elections. Obasshole will pronounce himself President for Life.

Who will stop him when he has the race card to play whenever anyone says "NO!" to him? He has been in power for 1745 days and not a whimper of protest has been heard from anyone in Washington when he repeatedly demonstrates that he is an enemy of the state and a clear and present danger to the Republic. Why? A: for the same reason that he was elected and reelected. That reason is the color of his skin.

Ah, yes, his presidency is "historic", so his fawning OAKM idolators told us. But then Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tse-Tung, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Il-sung, Pol Pot and others were also "historic". The fact than the Kenyan-born nightmare established a precedent by being the first black to be elected as the POTUS in no way means that it was a Good Thing, especially when he was elected ONLY because of his race.

We've seen it all before in other countries and other times. Obastard is studing the playbooks of tyrants of past and present. My fervent hope is that the people in very high places in DC, although they most likely don't give a shit about this country, will decide that Obasshole's continued rule will imperil their cushy jobs and will take steps to eliminate the threat. They may have no loyalty to America, but neither do they have loyalty to a treasonous bastard who is threatening their political, social and economic well-being.

I still wake up every morning hoping to read that the Kenyan cancer has been removed.

DoctorDoom, Where Liberty Dwells 19 Comments [11/11/2013 3:58:50 AM]
Fundie Index: 17
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