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[What is perhaps most depressing here is that this girl's primary studies at "University Texas" are Psychology and English. The original has NO paragraph breaks.]

Hi, I'm Daina Gibbs and I have something that's astounding! At least I think so. I've compiled nine categories of a wide array of rocks and/or objects that I have found on the Martian surface. From my observations of the images sent by the rovers that are presently located there now and from several other missions as well, Mars is proving to be a treasure trove of marvels. Most remarkable is this Little Mars Man that I found from the Spirit rover navigation cameras taken on sol 118. He's peeking out from the shadow of a unusual, shaped 'rock' that appears as shelter. He's staring directly at rover as the camera snaped this candid picture of him. And what's extra cool, is that there are four objects that look exactly like tools laying, I'd say, ten feet away from him in good view of the cameras. One precisely shaped one the smallest, looks as if it has moisture surrounding it!

There's so much stuff. I've found a picture of a giant snail that is about a foot tall that looks very much alive. Very recognizable horseshoe crabs are seen. There's a giant scallop and smaller sea shell. Four species of familiar sea (and land) shell creatures rest within feet from each other. Plus, I found an entirely new species of animal unlike any earth creature that I'm aware of. They come in various sizes and shapes that look like shells and fat bladder or pod shaped things. They all exhibit the same feature that looks like a proboscis or tube appendage that stretches outward and down in order to protrude into the ground. It's purpose seems obvious...to siphon...that's suspect for there being the availability of water.

That's not all. I found so many wonderful objects that I had to start categorizing them into a CD, and soon a website, gibbsmarsdiscoveries.com. that is underconstruction. The categories of my CD are: Humankind, Human Art Forms, Animal Life, Animal Art Forms, Architecture, Artificial and Manufactured Objects, Lakes, Pods, UFOs. Over 179 images when last counted. All rights reserved copyright 2005, 2006. I'm still finding and categorizing the most couriously, stunning objects that I have ever seen. I dare not state it plainly for fear of ridicule. Really folks, Mars is a thriving planet. All images are courtesy of NASA/JPL. Mars was and still is inhabited from what I see on it's ground.

What you will learn when you see my mars discoveries, and discoveries found by others like me who are finding the same things. Not just fossils...which even that is indication enough! You may very well revolutionize your perspective on how you will regard the relevancy of 'commom things' pertaining to their size and dimension. Even in Mars' skies, I've found objects with something similar to our UFO phenomenon. I've only a sample here to show and tell you.

As I present these images that I've taken from the mars images released by NASA, I lay out my theory as to what they all may be. Not every single image I present can be an illusion because there occur repeated themes that really couldn't be random. The only illusions seem to be the ones where most of the images released to the public appear plagued with obnoxious smears and blurrs that's highly indicative of image tampering, unfortunately. It doesn't take too long before you start to see it. But they can't mask everything all the time...I'm hoping.

My 'Gibbs Mars Discoveries' CD is essentially twenty or more webpages, and the list keeps growing. A possible ongoing, life long pursuit of finding and labling every noteworthy object I find. It makes me feel as if I'm becoming a more enhanced human. It's like graduating from Earthling to Earthian, or something like that. Seeing that the existance of life forms on another planet in our solar system is likely quite common place, may it be bestowed on us to find ourselves to be as "solarversal" humans who share the solar system with others of like-kind and with those who are startling similar, yet a vastly different form of human specie.

Daina Gibbs, Myspace 2 Comments [10/15/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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The new CBS drama Jericho, which follows the lives of small-town residents who survive a nuclear attack on America, will eventually reveal its anti-white, anti-religion agenda.

Here’s the plot spoiler: America was not attacked by the Russians or Chinese, but by a cabal of white supremacists and religious fanatics who infiltrated the military and dropped bombs on American cities to kill the large numbers of blacks, Hispanics and homosexuals in metropolitan areas.

The early episodes offer a number of clues. Atlanta, a black-dominated city, was identified as one of the first targets while the mostly white Seattle apparently escaped destruction. The surviving community of Jericho appears to be about 95 percent white and the leading African-American character is building a safe room in his basement, probably because he suspects the genocidal war is not over.

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 2 Comments [10/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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A nuclear reactor, on the other hand, has "female" characteristics: it provides a long continuous release of energy, like the female orgasm. Instead of killing by penetration (like a bullet) or by explosion, the reactor in a meltdown kills by radiation poisoning. Poison is the traditional weapon of the female. Note the double standard: male weapons that kill by penetration or explosion are deemed acceptable in war; female weapons that kill by poisoning, such as germ or chemical warfare, are considered abhorrent.

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 6 Comments [10/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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Two donuts That leaves the fusion reactor as the one incomplete part of the nuclear equation. Current fusion experiments use a chamber in the form of a torus or donut. The donut is a classic "female" geometric shape as it is all curves and no straight lines. However, as a donut represents only one female, one may conclude that a successful "lesbian" reactor must incorporate two donuts, perhaps one on top of another.

A dream I had suggests that my concepts may lead to success. In the dream, I have decided I must obtain a patent on my idea. As I begin to draw an illustration of a double torus, a corporation offers me a million dollars for my concept, although I know the idea is worth a billion dollars.

Next, I am in a tunnel that is part of a fusion experiment. A strong wind blows through the tunnel. Scientists are excited by the wind; they believe it means the experiment is a success. Scientists then find a plate-size metal disk that has the name of a scientist, "Antichrist," engraved on it. However, the word is spelled slightly differently, as if it was in a foreign language. Again, the scientists are enthusiastic, believing the word "Antichrist" to be a sign of success.

Finally, in the dream, I see a complicated equation. I don't remember the formula, but I believe the letter "e" is repeated several times.

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 5 Comments [10/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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I am not the only person who dreams of a fusion reactor. Let us visit the nuclear power plant in the town of Springfield, where supervising technician Homer Simpson sits at a control panel. He begins to daydream, not realizing that his subconscious is pointing to the creation of a fusion reactor . . . "Mmmm donuts."

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 5 Comments [10/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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Your grandfather died in the holocaust?

O.K. He could be one of the 60,000 victims died of epidemics in Auschwitz. You should blame on Nazi who did not use sufficiet Zyklon B to sterlize the camp. Gas chamber has got nothing to do with his death.

You should blame on Nazi who sent your grandfather to the camp. And you should realize Nazi is a dettached force of Zionist Jew. I repeat Nazi is composed of Stealth Jewish. Adolf Hitler is a grandson of Barron Rothschild.


Ther person responsible for mass-murder is Eichmann. So blame on this Stealth Jew who spoke fluent Yiddish. You should realize Nazi helped Zionist to establish Israel after the war. Nazi was controlled by Zionists.

Those who murdered Jews were Jewish. Remember this fact.

Richard Koshimizu, 9-11 and Stealth Jewish 2 Comments [10/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Richard C. Mongler

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[Warning: What you are about to read is the single most coherent paragraph in this entire long, long page. You have been warned.]


Richard S. Tolley, Beyond-Science.com 8 Comments [10/11/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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Tonya Harding assassinated John F. Kennedy in her previous life as Lee Harvey Oswald. Both Oswald and his victim, President Kennedy, have returned in this life as figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.


Consider the evidence of reincarnation. Both Tonya Harding and Lee Harvey Oswald have the letters "Har" in their names. Both of their victims were Irish Catholics from Massachusetts whose last names began with the letters "Ke": John F. Kennedy and Nancy Kerrigan, and both were attacked in cities beginning with the letter "D": Dallas and Detroit. Time magazine also saw a connection in the assaults on Kerrigan and Kennedy. Margaret Carlson wrote in the February 21, 1994 issue, "The videocam verite of the clubbing [of Kerrigan] provides the same gritty realism that the Zapruder footage brought to Oliver Stone's JFK."

Robert Urbanek, Tonya Harding is Lee Harvey Oswald 14 Comments [10/11/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Scott

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Water, if you watch the video I justed linked, has secret powers that defy the rules of science because they go against the 2nd law of thermodynamics. The video is on Victor Schauberger, the Austrian Naturalist who was forced to design water vortex turbines for the Nazis and later for Brookhaven Labs in the U.S. His turbine engine is shown in the end of the video.

drew hempel, unexplained-mysteries 3 Comments [10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: AWP

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A few months ago I was eating breakfast with an old colleague of mine,
Mamadou Diouf, a professor of African history at the University of Michigan when he suddenly said, “That is truly an evil looking man”. I looked up in surprise and asked what he meant. “Look at this,” he answered pointing to a Kellog cornflakes cereal box. “Have you seen a more evil looking being?”

He handed me the box and what I saw sent a chill down to my soul. There
was a grainy black & white photo of Will Keith Kellogg on the side of the
box. I have seen many photos of capitalist white men who spent their
lives oppressing the masses but never had I seen one so devoid of life or
any without any sign of human warmth. Kellogg’s cold stare seemed to be
focused on me and I had no doubt for a moment that this was a white man
who hated Africans.

Link to photo of Kellogg:
<a href="http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~dav4is/images/WKK.jpg" target="_blank">http://freepages.history.rootsweb.com/~dav4is/images/WKK.jpg</a>

“I must research this, Mamadou," I said. ‘Kellogg made his fortune with
this cereal and surely he must he have abused our people in some manner.
What do you know of him?’

“I’m afraid I have no knowledge of this white man’s crimes but I do not
doubt they are out there to be found. If anyone can find out what they are, it is you, my friend.” Mamadou answered.

And so I started my search of the truth about Will Keith Kellogg. I
enlisted of the aid of my students. For extra credit, they would look
into the history of Kellogg and the crimes he committed against the people
of Africa. What they would find in the following weeks surprised even

Truth_First, IMDB 5 Comments [10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I think a lot of the research into that is still pretty sketchy. I'm also sure that there is a lot of politics involved in the journal articles and documentaries done on the subject. My understanding is that bottlenose dolphins live segregated lives. The sexes come together during mating seasons. That's when they have the opportunity to have heterosexual sex. And they do have heterosexual sex at those times. The other parts of the year the males aren't with the females. Their segregation may have biological advantages. Perhaps it makes them all the more horny when mating season rolls around. Or maybe it keeps them from overpopulating. Their situation would be sort of like people in prison. A lot of homosexuality goes on in prison, but that's just because there are no women around. It's the same thing I mentioned about the dogs humping people's legs. My cat used to hump blankets. That's because he was an indoor cat. He was obviously deprived and needed any gratification he could get.

Michael Flowers, Myspace 2 Comments [10/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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