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Right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson reacted to the news that a lesbian had been elected as mayor of Chicago by blaming what he views as an unfortunate outcome on the fact that women are being allowed to vote without men instructing them how to do so properly.

Peterson, who has long insisted that “one of the greatest mistakes that America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote,” complained on his radio program yesterday that elected offices are being filled with gays and Muslims “because of the women’s vote.”

“I am blown away how there are people in our country who have no shame about being wrong now and that wrong is being accepted as right,” Peterson griped. “You have mayors [who are] lesbians—I think we got more than one in the country—and we have homosexuals, and men and women who are living together without being married, and Muslims and all the wrong kinds of people running our country. It’s like they’re becoming first class citizens while Christians, the men and women of God, are becoming second class citizens.”

“The reason all of this is happening,” he added, “is become of the women’s vote. There are more women voting … and they are voting for the wrong things, folks, the wrong people, the wrong emotional reasons. And the reason they’re doing it is because they don’t have men to say, ‘No, don’t vote for that person, that’s wrong, and here’s why it’s wrong.’ They don’t have men leading the way and then women have convinced the men to vote for the homosexuals and other people.”

Jesse Lee Peterson, Right Wing Watch 5 Comments [4/9/2019 8:35:54 AM]
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Re: REMINDER: The Racepill.

Women for comparison: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DcSsuW5XcAAZ1ao.jpg

Source: http://gss.norc.org/get-the-data

IT retard spazzing out after being confronted by an incel: https://i.imgur.com/3TcNX7R.png

Ethnic women are fucking more than white women, and in the other hand ethnic males are fucking less by far than white males.

JBW theory confirmed. And women can’t be incels/femcels confirmed.

Man, black women are having the least amount of sex and have the highest rate of STDS. That's rough.

Meanwhile Noodlewhores are noodlewhoring to an extreme.

Well noodlewhores are disgusting, as the perspective of a white european point of view. Even if I had a chance, I wouldn´t one of them, they are golddigger from the finest, no differents if you go to a hooker.

If I am seriouse, who would fuck a black chick, someone can call me a Vocel, but I am not suicidal. I would never stick my dick in black biological weapon, you may get Aids or I don´t know maybe they are hidding Anthrax in their pussies.

so black femcels are real?

Sort of real but not so really. I’ve kept up with Black women bitching and moaning about their sexual situation with quite keen observation, and this is what I can tell you: black “femcels” are often middle class black women who grew up in predominantly non-black environments, and can’t attract the non-black men in their (predominantly non-black) social circles and workplace.

Many of them look down on black men the way Asian and White women do. If you actually look at online dating stats, Black people in general fail when they go for other races; the black “femcel” problem could resolve itself if they stuck to Black men. The disadvantage faced by Black women in online dating however is peanuts when compared to what Asian men (East and South) face. If Black men held higher social value then Black women could be compared to Asian men more accurately.

Black “femcels” exist for the same reason any “femcel” exists: their hypergamy goes beyond their own reach.

Black women are the most unattractive by a rather large margin. Simple as that.

Both sexes prefer lighter skin but also prefer a physique in line with their preferred sex. Asians are very feminine in general and blacks are very masculine in general, so asian men and black women are the least desirable. But black women have the double whammy of having dark skin and a more masculine physique. Asian women hit the jackpot with light skin and feminine physique, and white chads get the masculine frame with light skin. That's why asian women and white men are the most preferred among their sexes.

Black women are just ugly, that's all there is to it.

Mayocels are mostly just mentalcels with far-right issues. Blackcels are mostly too smart, nice, geeky and introvert to fit in with their primal low-inhib negroe community. The only real trucels are Asians and Indians.

Hitler's dream is coming true. Only whites reproducing

I suspect the romantic prospects for Asian men were always poor. Early surveys probably skewed towards newly arrived/immigrant couples or men with strong connections to the old country where they could find a partner.

In the mid-2000s, it seems we begin to see that the sons of these couples are feeling the full brunt of the racepill as they lack any of the advantages of their parents.

How the fugg are there more sexless blacks than whites

you obviously don’t hang around a lot of black people. most black men get zero girls. serious. black women don’t like black men these days or are only going for hyper athletic, rich and tall blacks.

black people use hookers more than any other race. vast majority of women will never date or have sex with 99.99% of black men.

Some incels, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/9/2019 8:33:24 AM]
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Just as Eve was weak and vulnerable to demonic influence, so are many women today susceptible to snake tongues and self-righteous hypocrites who are busybodies in other men's matters (1st Timothy 5:13). A fool-headed wife is rottenness to her husband's bones. Proverb:12:4, “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.” Did you know that the concept of a “No Fault Divorce” originated in Communist Russia? It's true! No fault divorces didn't come to the U.S. until 1969.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 2 Comments [4/9/2019 8:32:42 AM]
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Quote# 141091

oh by the way i am in the genetic study and well i am the REAL TRANSSEXUAL it is blaire that is a homosexual male fake. NO TRANSSEXUAL EVER SAYS THEY ARE A GAY MALE AND THEN HANGS OUT AT CLUBS AND THEN DECIDES THEY ARE A TRANSSEXUAL.
those are called shemales they normally keep their dick. OK We are driven to surgery. and we will not date until post op. So again you are listening to a male homo and insulting the real transsexual.
See as i said i was 3 years old. when i told mom. but you being one of those buggers that can not comprehend actual academics and has not clue being the hood rat you are. can not say shit about anyone go sell your crack on the street corner and stop trying to insult real intelligence.

Dee Price, Kiwi Farms 3 Comments [4/9/2019 8:32:08 AM]
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Quote# 143173

Offering Asian girl Fake $1000 to date me

I’m gonna post an ad under a fake profile on Facebook buy/sell groups and craigslist to try and coax a super hot asian girl into dating me.

Then I will hand her a $1000 dollar bill drawn in green crayon.

I will start this experiment tomorrow as I need to get up early but I’m just throwing my idea out there while it’s hot on my mind

Actually Autistic, incels.co 10 Comments [4/8/2019 8:06:10 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143168

i blackpilled a feminist women

we were discussing about gender isues (she was talking and i was pretending to listen) the convo was:

SH: women have it worse in every aspect of life

M: not at all

SH: in which not?

M: in average life is worse for men that women

SH: explain

M: men are the only creature who isnt unconditionally loved, a child, a pet, a mother or a woman just has to be there to be loved, or at least liked. but a man has to prove his value as a provider to be loved. Either in a cavemen way, with manly physical traits or like we do in modern society: with money or status.

SH: not really

M: just think about 2 average dudes, one has a job and the other is a NEET. who you find more appealing? or think about 2 CEO, one is strong and tall and the other is weak and femenine. which who would you rather have sex?

the convo changed the subject about sexual harrasment and salary gap, but next day she admited i was right at least in that aspect

SpanishDdoc, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/8/2019 8:05:47 AM]
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Re: a l p h a w i d o w

Imagine being such a privileged retard that you can boast about fucking a 0,1 percentile guy and still claim you are ”””femcel”””. I have no sympathy for these idiots. If they were born men they would have something to feel shit about.

Being a femcel is like being born a white man in 1800s America and complain that your slaves don’t actually want to be owned by you. It’s a non-issue and they try to play the victim to feel better about themselves when they fucking know they could easily solve their ”””problems”””. Thing is, they fon’t actually have to self improve, just lower their standards. UNLIKE US.

Probably LARP to trigger us but wouldnt be surprised if it was true

why we would triggered to this.
this is entire shit we all want to point out.

I think many of us here (and people in general) derive some enjoyment out of being disillusioned, even when it is a superficially painful experience. I think many of us are addicts to pain and marginalization; we somewhat enjoy being victims, whether we admit it or not

Confusing IQ

People enjoy pain, they kind of indulge in it, even if it seems counterintuitive. We love looking at blackpills because it painfully confirms our ideas about the world. Maybe the logic is that if we own the pain, it can’t hurt us without our consent or catch us off guard.

Isn't that the whole point of the blackpill? If you disown the bluepill, you ready yourself for the truth, you accept reality and all the horrible shit it brings with it and cast away the illusion you, and the rest of the world has built up to guard/shield you from the shit reality of the real world. No sugarcoating, no virtue signalling, just the truth. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you know that your failures in life aren't only a result of your own actions. However this might make you indifferent and unmotivated since this basically means that you were disadvantaged from the start. It's a double edged sword which is very hard to wield correctly.

Sockerpiller, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/8/2019 4:52:06 AM]
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Re: Cracked article of lies tells you how you 'get sucked into the 'incel' trap'

JFL no article about “incels” will ever put anything less than a 9/10 Chad in the image

I’d sell my fucking soul to look like that dude

around a dozen occasions where a woman flirted with me, but it didn't "count" because they weren't (to my eyes) solid in the looks department

Direct quote from the article. Not a truecel

LARPing woman. They always like to pretend men actually do this to excuse their own behavior. Even chads will hook up with a 4/10 if she asks unless he has something better to do, like a 7/10.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it is idealist. It says that the problem is "People are thinking the wrong things, and need to think the opposite things." The things that people think matter. But the things that people think are logically dependent on the physical environment they occupy. Not the other way around.

Why is the Alek Minassian one still incel related? Wasn't that a troll post from a mock profile, plus he's an Armenian who killed people on the Armenian Day of Remembrance.

Instead we get this false incel narrative while the Armenian Genocide gets forgotten again.

Because him being an incel helps normies push their narrative even though he was never confirmed to have been an incel at all.

Some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/8/2019 4:50:30 AM]
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Quote# 143136

Re: FTM blackpill

A small selection of men have it very well made. The rest wallow in a sea of desperation. As many writers and philosphers have remarked.

I wouldn't be surprised if she ropes soon. Trannies have a high sucide rate afterall, because most of them don't pass as the gender they wish to be.

Women turning into men look a lot better than the opposite. It's pretty damn hard to undo the effects of testosterone and increased human growth hormone. Hell a lot of females turning into males get ripped fast, because they are basically on IFBB pro steroids, medicial grade ones with endocronilogists there to make sure it all goes well.

Men turning into women. God help me. Not to mention the disproprortionate amount of male to female transgenders, (another sing it's being over diagnosed)Sadly a lto of those male to females are fellow brocels, at the very least mentalcels who got sucked and udped into the alluring tranny trap, that all the negatives and bad feeligns they experience, isn't your fault. It's that you were born in the wrong body. Now wear this tape over your occk and balls permenantly damaging them, and start a diet of phytoestrogens Before we find you a "sympathetic" psychiatrist who will give you a diagnosis and we can start chopping bits off and pumping you with hormones.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Sadly true. So many copers, especially mentalcels falling in the tranny trap.

Legit transgenders do exist. They are so rare though. Hardly existing on the scale we're seeing mentally ill, often vulnerable lonely, damaged by trauma or bullying, people being pumped full of hormones and having cocks lopped off today. Damn fucking sad

This is like changing the difficulty level of a game from Easy to a Legend.

SUddenly I'm a creep unless I say the exact right words with the right body language and keeping the right diatance from everyone else. And there are always other fellow "bros" pushing me around, excluding me fro conversations with their shoulders. I thought we were all bros in this club, wtf. Being born a male is struggle from womb to tomb. It's why so many kill themselves, or check out as rannies, or mgtow, or run off to hippie communes of "free love" where it's their partner just fucking hippie chads and they get to stop worrying and competing and get fed, and live basically.

The struggle and will is all.

The foid is starting to realize that she gave up her privilege just to become a manlet. JFL at her stupidity.

You'd think they would've realized this a lot earlier? If I was transitioning I'd be THOROUGHLY researching shit women go through and putting myself mentally in their place day to... oh wait I'm a guy, I already do that naturally without thinking, it's called empathy.

That's how this place predicted the blackpill and can predict posts like this, because we have empathy and a generally objective understanding of how people and the world works.

Apex fallacy

Exactly. A LOT of women have it made vs how many men have it made. Men have it made by having the luck of being born good looking, born with enough drive to work hard enough to make a nice amount of money and / or be born into money.

wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

There were 3 articles about exactly this a few months ago. All female to male, all saying life has become a cold, lonely nightmare compared to the friendly, safe world they lived in as a woman. They now say they feel invisible and like if they mess up they're on their own.

Yeah, no shit. Welcome to being a man. Did they think we were lying about this stuff?

I've heard this a million times from female to male. Another complaint is that "they suddenly feel alone in the world like if something goes wrong nobody will help" they ALSO all tend to say something along the lines of "before transitioning I didn't really think about men's issues or what they go through or care about them but now I realize life is a lot harder for them."

They basically admit everything. Funny because when I was told about women's issues I felt empathy for them and I would alter my behavior to make their lives a little easier. Meanwhile they didn't even consider men human.

Administrative_Worth & jeremyjimmy, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/7/2019 3:56:30 AM]
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Quote# 143153

Re: Percentage of business leadership roles held by women

There is actually a fairly noticeable correlation between the promotion of equal gender opportunities and less women in high up positions. It also leads to a smaller percentage of women in STEM fields. The graphic seems to note that. It's interesting.

It’s a phenomenon where you act up to stereotypes you’re exposed to. You tell a girl that everyone in life is against her and people think she sucks at math and no one will ever pay her and they end up being miserable. While an Eastern-bloc girl is told to pass her entrance exams like everyone else and get on with it and they do just as well as their male peers.

Have you ever considered the possibility that perhaps in a perfect country with truly equal opportunity the gender split between things like these won't be 50/50? That perhaps gender is an aspect which fundementally shapes your character and thus affects what kinds of professions you are likely to pursue, even on a biological level, and that trying to superficially impose this 50/50 outcome is the true source of inequality?

Inb4 explanation to as why east Europe leading the chart is in reality actually bad and why barbaric and uncivilized east Europeans are actually sexist and misogynist filth.

Yes yes and emancipated west europeans are well known for their honesty and unbiased media!

Here an explanation on why east Europe does so well:

"When interviewed by the Guardian newspaper about life in Poland, Maya Mortensen, a women who grew up under communist rule in the 1950s and 60s, commented: “The regime made absolutely no distinction between men and women. I never even thought about the division – all advance in society was open to men and women equally.”"

Interesting and I didn't even realise it. I was born in mid 90s in Poland and it wasn't until 2006 when I moved to the UK when I became familiar with the terms like gender equality. It was as if someone was trying to explain to me that water is wet or grass is green.

I don't feel like this is a common stereotype in Western Europe. Most acknowledge that the former communist countries are ahead in gender equality issues. It's mostly racism and xenophobia which are perceived to be more prevalent in Eastern Europe. Same between west and east Germany.

Okay, but are those same people aware that white supremacy was pretty much a Western thing that didn’t have much to do in east Europe and that there is a reason most Jews and Gypsies lived in east Europe before a German tried to wipe them out from there? There’s a lot of revisionism in the West that tries to paint itself as having a tradition of anti-racism and human rights founded in the Enlightenment yet their concept of anti-racism and human rights is very new and it is already being questioned as a concept with a resurgence of the far-right in the West.

You're the same guy who told me yesterday that black people aren't as French as white people and you come talk to us about racism? You are a great example of a racist.

That’s not racism and I didn’t say that either way.

It's probably because of the gender equality paradox.


Nah, the paradox is about STEM fields, it has nothing to do with leadership positions.

The logic is the same tbh. Women don't go into STEM because they don't need to in order to make a decent living the same way women don't get into the highest echelons of bussines because there is no need for it.

Not saying is acurate just that the same logic can be applied fairly easily.

Some commenters, r/Europe 4 Comments [4/6/2019 10:37:12 AM]
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Quote# 143151

We all share a common value: We hate that the meritocracy is a farce.

It's no secret that people get along when their value systems align. While at the surface level all the posts here are memes about being subhuman they can all be reduced to one common thread: There is no such thing as a real-world meritocracy.

In the dating world it's not about personality; it's about looks. In the work world it's not about what you know; it's about who you know. You get the idea.

Look no further than the 'advice' we're always given: 'just try harder', 'just have a better personality', 'just improve yourself'. These are all predicated on the belief that if you put the effort in, you will reap the appropriate reward. We all know that's not true - that line of thinking even has it's own fallacious cognitive bias: The just-world fallacy.

So why do others fervently preach and defend this flawed line of thinking? I believe it's just a selfish desire to take credit for their own success. Since they lucked into their success they subconsciously need to convince themselves that they deserve it. They will claim they're a 'good person' who has 'worked hard' for what they have.

In order to complete this flawed narrative they need to perform additional mental gymnastics to explain why others have failed:

'They must be shitty people.'

'They must not try.'

'If they tried as hard as I did and was a good as I am they'd be fine it's not even hard.'

The judgmental outsider on this sub is nothing more than a delusional narcissist with a compulsive need to defend their own success by continuously lashing out at us failures.

Why us in particular? Because our directly-competing worldview is that their self-assuring 'meritocracy' is a complete sham. It's a subtext in our memes and our shitposts. It's the essence of the blackpill.

tatoff, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/6/2019 10:36:51 AM]
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Quote# 143146

Re: Cues of upper body strength account for 70% of the variance in men's bodily attractiveness (Sell et al. 2017)

Funnily, rated strength is correlated very strongly (r ˜ .8) with rated attractiveness (as per title), but attractiveness is only moderately correlated with actual strength (r ˜ .25-.4), so once again likely some amount of Fisherian runaway and fakery at play, i.e. men evolving wide shoulders (presumably without additional muscle mass), merely to look more dominant in order to meet women's preferences that are under runaway selection, and to look more intimidating to other males too…

Closely related study: https://psyarxiv.com/edw4f/

Women are attracted to aesthetic men who appear to be strong in their eyes. Not actual strong men who have Dad bods, wider hips, higher body fat %, short arms etc.

Yes, but the fact that women select by perceived strength so strongly, should imply that actual strength is very important to them (bodyguard hypothesis), because women actually think they choose a strong man.

Then the question is why are women fooled fairly easily by men who appear stronger than they really are, and why do women misjudge strong men as weak on a fairly regular basis. Why didn't women evolve to be more suspicious provided that strength is (presumably) such a critical factor?

One answer is that strength is important, but not as important as it could explain the degree of attraction, rather, Fisherian runway explains why it is such a strong selection criterion (i.e. other females also select men who merely look strong, so passing on this trait to the offspring is beneficial, perhaps more so than actually being strong).

It could also be that the DNA that encodes the brain simply does not have more capacity to differentiate more precisely, and feature detectors for tallness and wide shoulders etc. get the job done to choose a bodyguard.

Another explanation could be that due to a sedentary life style, some men who look strong have the potential to be strong, but are not necessarily strong because they can be lazy nowadays.

Though recent results have struck such a massive blow against the honesty of attractive features about qualities important for survival (health, strength, locomotion efficiency, intelligence etc.), a.k.a. good genes, that I've grown very pessimistic.

I don’t think women are choosing them purely because they perceive them as strong, there’s other variables at play here. They’re choosing them because they’re aesthetic/attractive, and by that, the side product is that these women assume that person is strong, but it isn’t the fact they’re strong that is making women attracted to them, it’s the broad shoulders, low body fat, 6 pack, etc. All things that are seen as conventionally attractive on a man almost everywhere worldwide. Women don’t just want what they’re attracted to, they want what other women are attracted to, it’s almost a status thing.

A man who’s in good shape also oozes confidence and the fact he’s clearly someone who doesn’t lack desire/dedication to be better.

This is actually very analogous to the halo effect regarding intelligence. The correlation between attractiveness ratings and perceived intelligence is also around r = 0.8 (but the correlation with actual IQ is very low, around r = .07-.3).

I'm wondering whether this is related to the ad-hoc explanations that people give when their arms are moved by electrically stimulating neurons in their brains (link). In a similar manner, when some sexually selected circuitry makes someone stare at a beautiful person, the brain finds a plausible explanation in terms of an actually useful quality (moral, intelligence, strength, etc.).

I don’t think women are choosing them purely because they perceive them as strong, there’s other variables at play here.

Not purely, but perceived strength explains the vast majority of it (70%).

broad shoulders, low body fat, 6 pack […] Women don’t just want what they’re attracted to, they want what other women are attracted to, it’s almost a status thing.

Women do copy mate choices, but I'd bet preferences for very specific things like toned muscles etc. are >95% genetically determined and >95% of it evolved by runaway sexual selection, much like antlers and the chicken's comb. Preference for the size of muscles, OTOH has likely actual advantages for survival.

SophisticatedBean, r/BlackPillScience 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:35:44 AM]
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Quote# 143145

Re: Bullying behavior predicts an increase in sexual opportunities even when accounting for age, sex, and self-reports of attractiveness, likeability, and peer victimization

I think it has to do with being more assertive. Bullies are less likey to no for an answer and keep pursuing. This would lead to inevitably more sex

You must be still bluepilled, with this concept of just world where positive traits are rewarded and where people appreciate people with good behaviour. Assertiveness is more attractive than a pushover but still agressiveness and crime and violence are superior in attracting strongly a portion of the population in the same way that so many people love voting for criminals

I agree with that 100% but would love to know why?

One of the few good quotes from old school gen 1 pua is "you are new software running on old hardware"
Culture developed very fast especially in the last 6000 years but dna and lizard brain portion of brain are superold and evolve superslow, and we have also gretaly reduced natural selection pressure because medical advancements and state and welfare and jobs specialization and cities protection from animals and farming etc allowed more and more people to live and reproduce, but gene selection through sexual selection is still strong nad incredibly old and outdated, just like we live in a society where most would benefit from being altruistic and behaving legally but most end up messing up with either legal greed or illegal greed

"you are new software running on old hardware"

I love everything you said but I think that quote is backwards and not worded right. we are old hardware living in a world running new software. the new software being flimsy social models and a civilization outgrowing where we came from. the software being our views and beliefs and mental fabrications. This is why when normal people (such as women) say they want something or this or that its nonsense and ultimately doesn't seem to matter.

But in no way are 'we' the new software. You aren't your thoughts or your beliefs or values. Or am I confused about this?

The quote meant dna+brain = old hardware (genetic evolution time is slow)
New software = modern (last few thoudands years) culture and morals and principles and ideas
Our aspirations and ideals and conscious thoughts and desires fly very high but in the end we are held back by the old hardware that takes control over us and overrides those thoughts

BitsAndBobs304, r/BlackPillScience 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:35:38 AM]
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Quote# 143143

You're asexual

Women look at ugly men like they're asexual beings and are disgusted by the fact that they could even be sexual. If you're ever friends or know a female and you decide that you want to get to know them romantically and then ask them out on a date then watch how fast they grow disgusted by your presence and never want to associate with you again (even if you just nicely ask them once without being pushy, "creepy", etc.).

The only way you can associate with women is if you're a good little beta who is her emotional tampon or does things for her, if you try to escalate any further from there then you're going to be considered a creepy weirdo no matter how gracefully you do it.

bwag711, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/6/2019 10:35:19 AM]
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Quote# 143142

Uh, thats not how it works!!!! Beta cucks seething

Well, that's indeed not how vaginas work.

Yes the vagina is indeed made of a magical material that cannot get loose no matter how many horse dicks you shove in it.

Cucks actually believe this.

Reminder that muscles such as the sphincters can get loose causing incontinence. Faggots often get fecal incontinence because of too much anal pounding.

Your sphinkter doesn't get loose from using it what it was 'designed' for (shitting), right?

The vagina wasn't designed for giant cocks every day either then

Then why do women with new partners who have huge dicks have to get "used" to them? Why is it recommended for them to "get used" to huge dicks with huge dildoes?

Go check out r/bigdickproblems if you don't believe me.

Well, because it's a muscle. Of course you can train it to go wider if need be. But that doesn't necessarily 'loosen' it, at least not permanently. Ever heard of kegel exercises?

Look, I'm not a vagina expert, but I've had my dick in a reasonable sample size, and from my experience, the tightness doesn't correlate with age or number of penetrations.

At least not to the extent of 'she's had sex this many times, so her vagina will be loose'.

You didn't offer a counter argument. "It's a muscle" ok and? You can pull and stretch muscles, too. It can get loose. Ever wondered why women literally get surgery after childbirth? Because it destroys their vaginal canal

Seems like neither of us is a doctor. If you can offer me any scientific proof of vaginas getting more 'loose' through intercourse, I'll be glad to accept it.

Until then, I'll rely on my experience.

Literally the first google answer tells me that "after a while the organ regains its shape and becomes tight again".

Obviously implying that it gets looser during sex. Do you not think that repeated exposure to an object far larger than itself (vaginal canal is about 4 inches at most) would stretch it loose? Come on, I know you gotta white knight for muh women, but this is just plain ignorance.

Dorkydor & TheColdColdAbyss, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/6/2019 10:35:15 AM]
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Quote# 143141

I farted on a foid co-worker today. She moved and held her nose after I walked off and I felt so satisfied. Indian Gas is the deadliest

She was sitting down and I was talking to her standing up and right as I turned around to walk off I let a silent one rip right in front of her face. It was silent but deadly. I walked about ten meters then looked back at her, she suddenly looked disgusted and walked off with her hand on her nose. She must have smelt that deadly Indian Gas.

currymanletcel, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/6/2019 10:34:14 AM]
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Quote# 143140

Why rape "traumatizes" femoids.

Humans have no built-in way of rejecting sperm from their reproductive tracts.

Other animals, such as hens, can reject most or all of the sperm from an unwanted (read: low status) male. If they were taken and raped, it would be of no consequence to them as their body has natural mechanisms to remove/deactivate sperm.

Humans don't. Therefore, rape is of a greater consequence to them since they must carry a child from a low status male to term.

This is also why they are all abortion/free birth control advocates. It is an artificial way of rejecting sperm, avoiding birth. It's their biological instinct to evolve a way to prevent carrying low status male's children to term. Rape laws also assist them.

C0nserve, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/6/2019 10:34:05 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 143139

Part 23434 of birth control revealing women’s true nature

redpill me on birth control

There are two (primarily) female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones contribute to hypergamy and make women want the tallest, strongest, most sought-after male. It also makes them HATE betas.

Birth control is nothing but a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. The depo provera shot that the foid is posting about is 100% progesterone. Having such a high dose of this is making her hypergamous instincts skyrocket and she now sees her boyfriend for the short, weak beta provider that he is.

I thought birth control made women like effeminate men

I honestly believe it depends on the hormonal state of the woman beforehand. If her hormones are out of wack, birth control can act as a balancer. If her hormones are already balanced, it can put them out of wack. But wtf do I know

040211092616, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:33:59 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 143137

Re: FTM blackpill

I'm a mentalcel so I do sympathize with her. Or him.

Imagine having this realization, that you just lost all your privilege and your life is going to become irreversible hell as an ugly manlet. Her fault and her choice fully. Yet I can't not feel bad.

The most ironic/saddest thing is, if the blackpill wasn't so controversial with brainlet normies and she was familiar with it, this could've been prevented.

Basically picture being a Chad since birth and one day waking up as yourself, your present incel self. Fucking brutal.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Exactly. Assuming all humans have the capacity to tolerate a certain level of hardship why do people think the vast majority transitions are male to female?

It's because many men cannot tolerate the natural level of hardship thrust upon them whereas women can. Why? Because they are by default on easy mode

wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

FtM trannies genuinely think that men are extremely privileged, so they transition thinking that they'll 'become privileged', but in reality, all they become is depressed.

They're too stupid to realise that they have it easy, not us

Oh absolutely, they're the aristocracy complaining that the peasants have too much grain.

FTM rates are the actual trans rates in the population, that's roughly how many MTF there should be. The reason there's so many more MTF is because a bunch of non-dysphoric incels are tryna see if they can switch life to tutorial mode

If tech ever advances to make gendermorphing flawless, there'll be like 8 guys left, each with their own harem nation

Last sentence is supreme unintentional blackpill truth.

How many nanoseconds before a woman manipulated the truth to benefit women and trannies and continue to gaslight men with blame?

I knew an ftm a few years ago. 6 months after surgery and successfully passing, s/he got their first false rape accusation. If he wasn't rich, he'd be the only vagina in a male prison right now and you can guess how that would've turned out. Last I heard he went back to being adrogynous female appearing so as to avoid being treated like a man by strangers

My sister in law transitioned to a top lesbian (as opposed to bottom). One year later, she was blackpilled as F. Made a meme about how women were all the same on tinder, posted a couple of tweets about how basic women were and basically came off as a redpilled/blackpilled misogynist bastard. Got severely depressed and told me she felt like killing herself from time to time, that life as a man is hell compared to a woman.

ROPE OR COPE BRAH, i swear more of these degenerates who call us scum and such should go through test. therapy and see how living as a man is like playing the game on hardmode, not only do we have to provide for ourselves but we have to be sustainable, we have to persevere through any fucking object, and while being hated by society, being sub 5 male is truly one of the hardest things in life with the exception of living in a 3rd world country but as far as 1st world goes it's being a male.

No wonder so many guys want to become girls in hope of being treated like human beings for once.

Some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/6/2019 10:20:03 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

What A Wonderful Person Award

I have no idea why he's still single. Must be his looks.

Quote# 143135

i Don't want some "strong independent women", i want a pet, i want property

fuck this strong independent liberated women bullshit, i only want a damn pet to keep me company and that i can fuck once in a while to make babies.

i don't want a equal partner to have mindful conversations with, i want property, i want somethings that is mine, and that i can lock away to avoid it being stolen by other men.

i don’t want someone, i want a THING, a female object that i can control and whatever i please with it, i don’t her to have her own job or own her own property, or to have her own thoughts, i only want some thing that i can keep in home and give me comfort once i’m back of wage slaving.

fuck this egalitarian bullshit, i just wanted to be able to “own” a girl, i wanted her to be mine property, mine and mine alone, i want to lift and hug her, while i keep her tight in my arms so she can’t run away.

i want to get out home and just lock her up, so it can’t go out, would leave your house open for your dog go out and do whatever it want? NOoo, because your dog is property and you don’t want it stolen away.

i want to be able to discipline her, if your child do something bad you beat it up, same thing should apply with foids, just look at this new generation of children raised without getting beaten by their parents, they are spoiled and mentally weak.

i wanted to have her young, when she wasn't totally developed yet, so i could watch her grown and be sure she won’t grown into a degenerate whore.

feminism killed all of it.

GameDevCel, incels.co 10 Comments [4/4/2019 12:41:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143134

A way to make institutionalized sexual slavery safe and humane

Surgically insert a microchip that makes them more comfortable with their situation into their brains. We would call it "The Empathy Chip" or "The Friendship Chip". It would be installed through a safe, pain-free procedure with a failure rate of less than 10% through exhaustive testing on irredeemably defective subjects. It would cure them of their cluster B personality disorders, allowing them to assess the attractiveness of themselves and others more fairly, improve their listening and communication skills, and empathize with their life partners, all without the need for negative reinforcement.

In fact, "sexual slavery" wouldn't quite be the right term for it with this sort of arrangement in place, as their participation in the system would be voluntary and without cruelty, not to mention how vulgar the term is. More accurate would be terms like "equitable companionship" or "shared sexual liberty".

Your thoughts on this?

KingOfRome, incels.co 15 Comments [4/4/2019 12:39:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143132

Uhh, being a female is disgusting. Do you think they ever feel disgusted at themselves?

Think about this creature, this human female we speak of.

While indeed extremely cunning and manipulative, what she essentially does still boils down to selling her body in exchange for resources and social status. Such is the female fate, even the smartest and most evil of them all are still at the core the same whores that their lesser sisters are.

They would never admit it, no, the human female is proud, arrogant and extremely vile. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and nothing can scorn her more than trying to reveal or discover her true ugly, wretched form that is the essence of all women. But is it possible that they too feel ashamed about what they truly are?

anon1822, incels.co 4 Comments [4/4/2019 12:38:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143131

All incels are entitled to women caressing them

The lack of platonic human touch kills people. So, following the logic that the government must subsidize things for people not to die (i.e. food, healthcare, etc), they must also subsidize it. And who better than women, who are so above us, toxic-masculinity-ridden barbarian men, in emotional stuff, to provide this invaluable public utility service?

Go to your local government office and demand your foid to caress you today.

Mainländer, incels.co 8 Comments [4/4/2019 12:37:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143110

Re: When I joined this sub V.S. now

If you get treated like a human being by most ppl then you're not welcome

The normies on here act like we're their free therapists lol, wE nOrMiEs DoNt GeT MuCH rEsPecT! They couldn't even begin to understand what it's like to be an ugly woman.

Also I noticed how on the glow up subreddit all the most attractive women got upvoted and complimented the most, whereas women who actually needed advice and weren't as conventionally attractive didn't get as many upvotes or attention. It just defeats the entire point, I'm fed up of attention whore Beckies who constantly need validation and invade spaces like ours for this very reason.

Your art posts always make my day.

Also, this seems to be quite recent. I swear it wasn't as bad LAST MONTH. It's getting out of control.

I'm glad you mentioned it I'm fed up of all these Beckies on here who are mad they aren't being treated the same as a Giga-stacy. They have absolutely no idea what it is like to be an ugly woman, a GENIUNELY ugly woman and honestly I would be really happy if all these vapid morons got blocked from this subreddit right now. They're so bitter and it's astounding how they viciously fight with us to try and stay here. Like fuck off and go make your own subreddit, enough is enough. It got extremely annoying when I saw a load of women on here going on about all their relationships, friendships, or male attention they got but it just wasn't enough for these attention starved morons!They just want to be treated as more attractive than they already are. Absolutely ridiculous.

The crazy thing is I bet some of them are Stacies too. Insecurity knows no level of beauty but I had to tell a friend to look around at the guys and girls who constantly called her beautiful. I had never seen a girl get so much attention from sober guys at bars and parties. Shes had boyfriends, shes been the one tk dump them and rejects guys shes slept with. She still complained that she was ugly. How much attention does one person need??? Most women don't have 20 boyfriends and an army of moids at their beck and call smh

I feel like social media has partially caused them to have this unrealistic view and competitive need to constantly have all eyes on them. They see these exaggerated stories online from other Stacies (humblebrags about 100's of men asking them out giving them gifts etc) compare themselves to them, and think they are lesser than. It's absurd to witness.

ive been thinking this for ages, thank god you said something!

im so sick of seeing beckies with low self esteem thinking theyre femcels because none the 6 niggas that like her sent a good morning text... normies just think this sub is nothing short of entertainment but they can relate because *~they went to junior prom without a date!~*

they all need to be blocked! if i see one more post about how some stacy is a femcel at heart even though theyre constantly showered with male attention and love from friends and strangers im going to lose my fucking mindddd sis

I'll never forget the girl with a boyfriend, a history of dating and guys flirting who said she could relate because she hated her cankles

Its so insulting that they'd come here and rub our face in their history because they have low self esteem or are annoyed that the world doesn't bend over to worship them.

We're told to love ourselves and some of us do but these attention seekers do nothing but put themselves down and are fawned over. Almost as if looks are important

Isn't that classic life though? Always had beckies as friends because I made them feel better. Next to me they were beautiful, but I understood the struggle of being unattractive so they could bitch to me and so I was the emotional labor friend on top of being used as a way for them to not feel ugly about shit like cankles. They're just doing the same shit here.

Basically. I think that's what I told her too

Milkymoon245 & RareSorbet, r/Trufemcels 5 Comments [4/4/2019 12:31:25 PM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 143106

Re: Beauty in simplicity

I don't hate women because of their sexuality, I hate women when they use politics to impose or express their sexuality, and I hate women when they let their sexuality dictate their behavior and by doing so they do damages. All women have the same base for sexuality, but not all of them go around breaking stuff every day.

I also don't believe they select the "best genes", I believe they're pretty shitty at selecting genes. Would you ever let a woman decide what are the best genes? I may not interfere with their selection but I'm not gonna agree with it.

The image is really funny though

basically whatever let you be a more dominant monkey in the jungle is what they consider “good genes”

when men curbed women’s primitive desires and rewarded intelligent men with careers and families, we had the industrial revolution

now we will descend into an idiocracy ruled by moronic chads and stacies

MobilePenor & ENTP, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/4/2019 12:30:40 PM]
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