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I have also signed up for some other dating websites, to search for a prospective Christian wife. It appears that women outnumber men on paid websites (like e-Harmony, which is why they gave me such a cheap rate), but men outnumber women on free websites (by a ratio of SEVEN to ONE!). There are a lot of pigs on the internet, men who only want a whore! If I were a woman, I don't think I would look online for a husband, unless I was desperate (and evidently many women are). Women are so unrealistic nowadays. One woman said she doesn't want a man who enjoys listening to rock music. She specifically said she wants a man who enjoys listening to classical music. Do you know that queers love classical music! I love ALL KINDS of music! A lot of women literally having a SHOPPING LIST online of the type of husband they are seeking. It doesn't work that way ladies. Good luck with that! I like rock music, sorry! I don't listen to AC/DC and other music that God does not want me to hear, but I don't see any harm in some secular music. I like some Crosby, Stills and Nash. What some women really want is a religious partner, to play church together, to dot their i's and cross their t's, but she doesn't want an actual HUSBAND! I run from any woman who posts a SHOPPING LIST of qualities that she expects in a husband.

I'd like for ONCE to see a woman who posts a list of all the positive things that SHE WILL BE FOR HER HUSBAND! I mean, isn't that how it is supposed to work?

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 7 Comments [4/17/2019 7:55:47 AM]
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As A Rich Femcel Should I Avoid Marriage At All Costs ?!

I’m a 26 year old femcel. My mom passed away and left me 9 million in trusts and 3 million in property. I think I give up on dating.

Being a rich femcel is the worst.

Because instead of being FA you DO attract men. Lots of them. Especially ones who want to marry you but it’s legit only for money.

Being a rich femcel is the absolute worst because all you attract is the sort of mother fucker who is predatory enough to want to marry you and hopefully bump you off or divorce you quickly. This sort of person could commit murder for money.

I have no motivation to marry. Seriously.

Being ugly is a curse but tbh I think being ugly and rich is more trash because you’re even more acutely aware how awful people are. People will happily fuck and even marry you if they think there’s a dollar at the end of it. This is the worst feeling on earth.

I’m known in the country club scene in my town and I literally have sociopathic chad types hit on me who aren’t attracted to me hoping for somewhere to live.

I’m ugly AF.

I know I AM

I also live in a penthouse apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world and I’m not short of pretty bums trying to bum off me. I had a chad try and pump and dump me then he saw my apartment and asked me move in.

I’ve literally had Chads hear where I live and hit on me. It’s gross.

Women get a wrap for being gold diggers and being willing to marry short ugly men but in this economy I’ve found many men willing to do the same.


Being a rich femcel is trash. The fact you are acutely aware there’s a sociopathic bummy chad willing to fuck and impregnate or marry you for a dollar is the worst feeling

I’m not paying for a man so I’m staying alone.

All I attract are men with a motive. Usually sociopathic predatory creeps.

I’m staying single I think

Props to you for being able to recognize fakeness and not being gullible. You still have a lot of things going for you TBH. Obviously, don't let any of these guys move in with you quickly, that shit is sketchy as fuck. And if you ever do get involved in anything serious, get that motherfucker to sign a prenup no matter how much he protests, no matter how much he "loves" you.

On the upside, you have the resources to take care of a child if you want to have one, even if the father abandons. You have the ability to have a daughter with Chad genetics mixed in, as well. You have a chance at having a pretty daughter, pinkpilling her on moids, and giving her a shot at the life you could never live. Hell, it sounds like you have enough money to choose the sex of your baby as well (so that you don't end up having a douchey Chad son, lol).

I really do wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. You don't need those leeching assholes in your life. You sound a lot like me + a bunch of money lol.

LMAO! How did you know?! My plan is to do gender selection and raise 2 daughers alone and pinkpill them. That is my life goal. Any man I marry will likely fuck off anyway. I AM NEVER MARRYING. AT BEST I'LL LIVE WITH SOMEONE. I'm doing gender selection to have 2 girls and putting my money in trusts for them till they're 35. lol

Haha, I'm a bit blackpilled myself. You stated some of my viewpoints in the OP; great minds think alike they say ;)

Never marrying is an excellent idea sister. What good could ever come from getting government agencies involved in your romantic affairs? Divorce proceedings are used to fuck moids over routinely. You can bet these guys are looking to turn the tables on you at the first opportunity...That is if you don't "accidentally" drown in the bathtub one day, leaving him with all of your money.

After my experience with the last one. I've come to the conclusion I can't put them in ANY position where me dying will benefit them. There are simply tooooo many ways for a man who lives with you daily to fake your death as accidental. The sociopathic chad actually TOLD ME 'I'll bury you and no one would ever find you' so yah. I don't put it past anyone to kill their wife for money. If people do it on 48 hour mystery and date like for a few hundred thousand dollar life policies I don't doubt what someone would do for 12 million.

I also have NO family left so he could bump me off and no one would realise quickly.

luxeluxeluxe, r/Trufemcels 8 Comments [4/16/2019 1:19:40 AM]
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I am Honestly Starting to Think I'm just Too Intelligent for Women

I honesty think that's it, im no Chad but I've seen guys way worse than me get laid. I mean im probably a 4/10 but i've seen threes get more action than me. I think the difference is that im intelligent, too intelligent for women. Women are genetically programmed to want big dumb gorillas, not intellectuals. I understand science, I understand reason, philosophy, society, how the world works. I understand it too much for their minds. It's intimidating.

This sounds like an r/iamverysmart but the more i think about it the more it literally makes sense. Women start disrespecting me after i say something very intelligent, maybe it's because they become scared i might outsmart them into dating me or something?

red_establishment, r/Braincels 8 Comments [4/16/2019 1:19:26 AM]
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holy shit the comments are ragefuel. is this seriously what the average person believes?

“Yeah... no, being attractive is nothing but a side effect of a healthy lifestyle, good looking people look good because they put in the work.”



you’re ugly because you didn’t put in the work, sweaty.

People deny this because they just can't imagine being morbidly ugly.

Have you ever seen some brutal IRL scene, like a body, or someone jumping from the roof and turning to a pulp? Well, I've seen two cases of suicide, both bloody because they just jumped over the wheels of car or on the railings of speeding train. Your vision goes automatically blur and after a while you forget the details. And it doesn't feel horryfying or anything, as long as you don't overthink it.

It's just your mind flipping the switch so you can stay sane. I'm pretty convinced when normie looks at actual incel, not fucking teenage in his crisis, his mind does the same 'trick'.

Just look how people react to passing by you on the street. Slight disgust for third of a second, then face goes blank like it's rebooting and she/he is back to normal expression, but straight up not looking at you like you're in her/his blind spot or something.

Put female pronouns first because it's more common to them jfl. That said, even if these actions are subconscious, you are fully ent1tl3d to hate them for it because it directly affects your well-being, just like you hate the rain pouring down on you when you don't have hoodie on.

Sleepcel, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/15/2019 8:18:40 AM]
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JFL all the copers saying they’d rather be born rich than attractive. Being attractive is far superior in every single way. If you are an ugly but rich motherfucker, sure you will have foids all over your dick but your subconscious knows that they only want you for your money, and it will be difficult to find true happiness in a relationship. However, a lower class but highly attractive person will easily be able to become wealthy, through modeling, acting, business, etc., while maintaining the benefits of having foids loving you for who you are. At least that’s my take in the matter.

JudenPeterstein69, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/15/2019 8:17:09 AM]
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[caption: Heterosexuality is Stockholm Syndrome. All heterosexual women are hostages and they don't realize it.]

And homosexuality is Dopamine slavery and wearing a diaper in your 40s because your ass muscles are so weakened that you can’t hold the shit in your body.

They're unattractive so no man ever showed interest in them and they developed an illness. Their sole purpose in life is to infect attractive women with their illness to exact revenge on all men who turned them down.

user9713, Sexinandflexin and Anonymous, Reddit - /r/CringeAnarchy 5 Comments [4/14/2019 10:19:33 PM]
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Submitted By: WarGoatHK417

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Re: Based cameraman knew what the real shot was...

Women writing code reminds me of women playing football (soccer) alongside boys. There is a big incentive to have them there to show that men and women are the same, which, if that's the case, why do you need women there if they're just the same as men? Also, the momentum is to encourage them, to reward them for joining in, to mollycoddle them, to patronize them, to suck up to them.

On the other hand, men who try to get into "women's stuff" like teaching children are considered to be paedos. And are usually better teachers to boot.


Come to think of it, all the good teachers I had growing up were male. They just seemed to be more calm than my female teachers who seemed to be more neurotic and unpredictable.

Enjoyed ur livestream btw, listening to that Irish chad at the end was a srsly brutal moment that I’m still recovering from. When ur an incel that doesn’t get out much it’s hard to believe there are chads in the surrounding area living ur dream life. But they definitely exist. Looking forward to ur next one.

FACEandLMS & Poacher3145, r/Braincels 7 Comments [4/14/2019 3:21:15 PM]
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Re: I know just from looking at this picture that the right one had the best time of his life in high school while the left one rotted away. JFL. Genetics is literally your life. You can see it in their eyes.

What is the harm in trying to make someone feel better

Oh sweet summer child, the cope that incels simply don't work hard is one that helps sustain the illusion of a fair and just world at its' very core, but the sad truth is that, while some of us can make something good out of our lives despite the enormous disadvantages in happiness and social life that come from being ugly and short, due to other things we've got going. There's some less fortunate ones that after years at the gym, after so many self improvement books, so much effort, realize the truth, that genetics has no mercy, and at the whim of bad luck, can create someone who had no chance, doomed from birth, due to a combo of lacking enough inherent looks, height, smarts and talents to succeed. With no respect from other men, no affection from women and no solaces in life, they succumb to the numbness and rope.

In short, CRISPR please come soon.

Describe you as a human yes, but a being, no

Listen. The end game of every organism ever created is to reproduce and to further spread it's genetic material. There are no exceptions, so it counts for us humans too. It's just the way life works. If selection for some reason wasn't a thing, we'd still be microbes swimming around in the ocean.

The genetic material you carry is therefore absolutely essential to this process. If your genes are good, you get to pass them on. If they aren't, you don't. Now, how this selection manifests itself in our societies has become very complex (we humans are by far the most intelligent species around), so it's not as readily apparent as with some wild animals, but the point is that it's still there.

Therefore, for our society to survive your genes LITERALLY have to define you. If women selected for something irrational like kindness or compassion in men instead of the ability to protect offspring, we would have gone extinct in a couple of generations.

Now, the problem, and the raison d'etre for this sub is the fact that the modern dating landscape has shifted irrecoverably in favor of women. Some 50 years ago, a 5/10 woman would have gotten a 5/10 man. Today, for various reasons, average women can easily shoot WAY above their league, leaving subpar men (read: this sub) in the dust.

ItsOver4Maymaycels & Big_Iron_PP, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/14/2019 6:32:35 AM]
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i wish women hated men more. i wish we didn't care about having the moral high ground over men or being better and more reasonable than incels. i wish men would get stalked and harassed until they cry just for daring to post on female majority subs, instead of smugly expecting women to accommodate their voices. i wish we'd see a femcel shooter

I do too, I feel like things nowadays have gone backwards and gen z I think in particular has a lot of girls that are willing to accomodate the vulgar tastes men have. Men refuse to reflect on their disgusting behaviour and cry and stomp their feet like little kids when women dare call them out. I wish women did hate men more make them suffer.

lol they think women saying "i hate men" is the apex of terrorizing, sadistic behavior

I hate men, I don’t pretend to be soft and accommodating to these assholes nit now not ever. A femcel shooter. Lol.

valerie solanas had the right idea tbh

The last thing we need is more hate. Honestly that gets us nowhere.

it would get us everywhere. it would be amazing if hatred towards men was so potent that men became afraid of women enough that they hurt women less. we are only as nice as we are because we have been conditioned not to offend men, the population in power. as it is, men constantly expect women to bend over backwards socially for them while having zero standards for themselves (fucking lol i always get moids bitching about my tone, as if they are owed kind, patient explanations while they're the intruders, and some even think they DESERVE to be here. meanwhile moids tell me "kys cunt" elsewhere and i don't even blink). men have been talking over women for millennia. they need to be told, maybe even forced to shut the fuck up more, and if that's hate? so be it

Comment removed by moderator

lel this mad wurstie crawling over from braincels to comment because he's sooo upset by the idea of women possibly wanting him dead when his own sub is filled with moids fantasizing about enslaving and torturing women. i think you yourself could use a castration tbh :)

I think the better thing would be learning to stand up for ourselves and not just take it when they treat us that way. I don't agree that men constantly expect women to bend over backwards for them, but if they say shit like that, fight back and don't just take it. Mutual fear of each other isn't a good thing. Think Cold War.

If we treat men awfully, they'll only end up resenting women. The better thing would be to encourage respect and not tolerate anything else. Society is better when people are trusting of each other, and so I think that's the ideal we should strive for.

Men already resent women.

While I'm against hate that occurs for no reason, you just sound weak or protected enough to be weak.

Women are already more benevolent across the board. Softer, more empathetic, more openminded statistics reflect how many of us are dead and battered for being defenseless idiots who don't understand the value of strength and pushback.

Considering what comes from the opposite sex and considering we already have no female equivalent of that shit, your comments encouraging more female weakness angers me.

I would not change female nature for all the good things but I would empower and strengthen women by force and remove people like you that weaken women.

Technology is evolving and the men are getting mentally weaker, angrier, less conscious, and more dangerous with it. Because that is what they use to cope with growing up.

Your attitude might have done something nice 60 years ago but yeah, women can't afford any more of this.

tiniestlion & gigababejfl, r/Trufemcels 1 Comments [4/14/2019 6:32:15 AM]
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“Life is a gift.”

No the fuck it’s not. Life’s shit and you don’t get to choose who you become let alone how life will turn out to be. It’s a gamble where you could be a woman raped by men in India or a feminist who’ll be beheaded in Iraq. Fuck life.

LetMeBeYouLittleShit, r/Trufemcels 2 Comments [4/14/2019 6:31:57 AM]
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The 'everyone is beautiful' liberal feminism platitudes need to end. It's done nothing for people's self esteem and makes them blame themselves for 'not feeling good enough' about their body. It's just there to keep ugly people in their place so others aren't threatened by more competition. And for average+ people to get an ego boost for being 'such a good, non-shallow person'.

So much of "body positivity" seems to be just to put ugly women in their place. I hate it.

They're saying if you're a woman you HAVE to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful! We literally can't just exist as we are, we can't be ugly and be ok with it. And notice even the plus size models cake their face and photoshop their cellulite... it's so insidious, it was never about body positivity. Just reminding women that their value is first and foremost beauty.

Yes, exactly. Plus so many conventionally attractive women post basic selfies and tag it body positivity, like who the fuck are you being positive about, your skinny white blonde haired blue eyed self?

oppositetechnician3 & kwallio, r/Trufemcels 0 Comments [4/14/2019 6:31:19 AM]
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Re: This only applies to incels, right?

Women want to walk around half-naked to offer potential Chad's their assets, but criminalize the sexuality of all non-attractive low-status men. Non-attractive low-status men will now even be criminalized for daring to look at half-naked women in tight yoga pants etc.

Feminism cannot be outargued, women can only be oppressed.

Cucks will apologize for this shit.

Cucks and white knights are the problem. Women will always be amoral and subservient to their dominant culture and it’s fashions/ideals. Women don’t care about what’s fair or right, they care about status and out competing other females for high status men; Most women honestly don’t care about much more than what other people think of them.

Cucks and white knights are raised/trained to worship women and empower them to gradually oppress and demonize men for essentially lacking status smh, since that’s what most women are focused on and lust for. Cucks and white knights think doing this is literally the same thing as being a good man, they are brainwashed.

I honestly feel like I'm the crazy one when I see a post like this and it has gotten so many likes and retweets. It actually affects me inside. There's a rage because its so absurd to me Women walk around with half their asses out everywhere. Their smelly bellies and boobies rubbing in our faces. As I began to accept I was incel I found it criminal that they can walk around like that. Forcing us to see that and then punish us for even staring.

They know exactly what they're doing, too - and every so once in a while, they'll admit it.

No woman wears short shorts or hip-length skirts because it's comfortable (spoiler: it isn't). They do this because they enjoy men's attention and because they want to draw more attention than the Beckies in their peer group.

They dress to provoke, and they're fully aware of this. But they actually have the gall to get angry when you point out that their behaviour has consequences.

Some incels, r/Braincels 6 Comments [4/13/2019 7:04:02 AM]
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Re: Pretty Waitresses Earn Bigger Tips, From Women

Perhaps it's just me, but I've noticed how women can be very deferential to the more attractive members of their own gender. Even more than how regular guys may look up to the prototypical Chad. Perhaps the women's generous tips to pretty waitresses is an expression of this deference?

In the trufemcel sub, it's clear the women there deeply resent/envy the photogenic "Stacies" as they call them. But in real life, they likely behave very graciously in any interactions with these Stacies.

Maybe women are inclined to equate "pretty" with "good" or "deserving" moreso than men. And for both genders.

On reddit ugly fat cunts can pretend like they hate Stacy, but "femcels" (a make believe term but whatever) would lick Stacy's pussy clean if told too because women care about hierarchy more than men.

Men want authority to feel special.

Women want authority to make others feel like shit.

For them this is a constant concern where they are placed under the hierarchy. So there's no way in hell even the ugliest most crass bitch imaginable would pull the hair out of a Stacy. Shed much rather bide her time as a servant, and hope for a middle status male she can take her frustration out on all while increasing her stature.

uthant123 & SCTN230, r/BlackPillScience 1 Comments [4/12/2019 5:21:56 PM]
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Quote# 143230

Brutal Chadstralia Tinder blackpill.

Women do not deserve rights. Men gave them rights, men gave them security ... and what did they with all these rights and all this safety and security men gave them? Destroy everything, whore around. Women should NOT have rights.

IQ high enough. Women were given rights on the false pretenses that they are equal samaritans, willing to use those rights to chase opportunites, contribute, be responsible, working adults etc.

What have they done since they got those rights? Nothing but whore around more and more and keep leeching off of men. They have utilized their rights so much in fact that being completely starved of female accomplishments, society is now falsely and misleadingly flagpoling that hole Katie for the black hole pictures. It's blatantly clear how much use the primitive reptile brains of women have for all their equal (read: tilted in their favour in every aspect) rights. It was never more than just another thing to bitch about.

FavelaSmegma, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/12/2019 5:21:28 PM]
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Quote# 143222

Truly, women today are frightening! I've looked at several hundred women's dating profiles. Some women's arms are thicker than my leg. What man wants to marry a fat obese cow? Obesity is epidemic across America! A lot of Philippine women are looking for a husband, but they just want a one-way ticket out of poverty! There are 20 year old Filipina girls who would marry a 60 year old man in a wheelchair just to gain U.S. citizenship. That's not what I'm looking for (She must be at least 25!) I'm just being funny, of course. I am leery of the whole idea of marrying someone just so they can become an American.

I was reading about the famous preacher named Gipsy Smith (1860-1947), who was 78 years old when a 26 year old woman married him (see an actual news clipping to the right from June 30, 1938 - Click picture for a larger photo). She was a going away present for him, I'll tell you Brother! I'm envious! Gipsy died in 1947.

Also, Pastor Keith Gomez in Elgin, Illinois. A young Christian woman in her 20's married him in his 60's. Lucky dog! I am sincerely happy for them both (but envious...lol). Wow! They are both avid hunters, having gone on multiple hunting safaris to Africa. I think that is cool. Love knows no boundaries. I just don't like that Pastor Gomez has an errant view on repentance, saying that it means “turning from sinful ways” to be saved. The gift of God is without obligation, except to receive it by simple childlike faith. Many preachers have a difficult time understanding repentance, especially since God expects every believer to live a holy life in Christ Jesus. Albeit, the honest Bible student will never be led astray if they always keep in mind that eternal life is the “free gift” of God (Romans 5:15).

If a woman divorces her husband, she is CAUSING him to commit adultery when he remarries. Staying single after a divorce is Scripturally recommended, but optional (1st Corinthians 7:27). It is cruel and selfish for any hypocrite to tell a lonely divorced person that they are out of luck, as one rotten Baptist missionary told me. I have not had any dealings with him since. Proverbs 14:7, “Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge.” I have been alone for 13 long years, and thought about suicide for awhile when things were rough several years ago, but God has seen me through. Just as “David encouraged himself in the LORD his God” (1st Samuel 30:6), so have I done.

Another big issue that I see (literally) is that women simply DON'T CARE how they dress in public! I'm frustrated every time I see independent fundamental Baptist women adorned in sexy tight spandex and other inappropriate attire. Shame on them! Even unsaved Mormon women have higher standards of modesty than most Baptists. Bob Jones University permits female students to wear halter tops. THAT IS REALLY SAD!!! We are too tuned into the world today. We live in a mousetrap society today in America, where careless ungodly women can wear next to nothing, but a man has to pretend like he is castrated. And sadly, professed Christian women aren't much better! Women ought not wear pants, it is the practice of a heathen culture! Personally, I am far more attracted in my soul to a Christian woman wearing culottes! I wish I could find such a woman to marry!

(Emphasis original)

David J. Stewart, Jesus Is Precious 10 Comments [4/11/2019 11:51:43 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143220

[OP of "[RageFuel] Even in slavery, women have it on easy mode"]

Slavery itself accentuates the inherent value of each gender.

Enslaved men ---> physical labor

Enslaved women ---> sex

I cannot trick myself into believing that being forced to work hard manual labor is in any way "equal" to being kept to dispense periodic pleasure. Easy mode is not even a meme to me anymore, foids really actually do have a lower difficulty setting aura that follows them through life. All of their greatest successes and all of their greatest hardships are padded by special treatment.

Would anyone on this forum ever object to being a sex slave?

ControlledInsanity, Incels.co 8 Comments [4/11/2019 3:54:10 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 143219

Just found out that my sister went on a vacation with 3 of her guy "friendds"

She's the only.girl.in.their.group.

What a fucking slut.

I cannot believe that we are blood related. While I actively avoid the opposite gender like a a plaque, most of her "friends" are dudes.

And now I just found out that she's on a week long vacation with them.


Funny thing is mommy is even encouraging her degenerate behavior.

She's fine with her daughter vacationing with bunch of dudes. Lord only knows what they must be upto right now. Fuckkkkkkkk

give_me_sugar, r/Braincels 11 Comments [4/11/2019 3:53:05 PM]
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Quote# 143215

Women should not be allowed out without a man.

Women are dangerous whores who will have sex with Chad unless they are escorted by a man all times. If a roastie goes out unescorted and an ugly Male looks at her, she will accuse him of having raped her. Women are like adult bodied children and should thus not be allowed out without a chaperone to protect men from their degenerate sluttery.

JackAutismo, incels.co 11 Comments [4/11/2019 8:46:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143213

unpopular opinion: it's not 80/20% it's more like 98%/2%

First off, if you don't think tinder is real life, then this thread is not for you. RSD nation or whatever PUA forums are left might appeal more to your form of mental illness.

Second, if you approach tinder with anything less than a very good looking guy, he doesn't get matches.

Except matches don't even mean anything, so basically you need to use pictures of a chad tier guy to even get women interested enough to respond back with more than "hi".

And what if the guy doesn't look as good as his probably cherry picked photos? The girl (who probably frauds everything) will give him the cold shoulder.

So basically it's all or nothing. Either you have god like genetics or you have no chance.

mylifeistrash, incels.co 3 Comments [4/11/2019 8:46:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143212

I'm finally losing my sanity at 25 because of zero female touch/validation/interaction

I never thought I would suffer the effects of lifelong loneliness and lack of female intimacy those studies report. I was blackpilled from the very start back in the puahate days. I was okay up until around 22/23 when my inceldom made me only miss having sex, however now I purely desire female touch and validation, and the suffering due to lack thereof is immensely greater than that of missing sex. I am convinced my face is severely deformed because I have no female validation to suggest otherwise. My brain is fixated on skin to skin touch with a female so much I am incapable of focusing on even menial tasks. My last positive female interaction was just before puberty at 12 years old when a girl said she liked me. If this continues for another 5 years I will either be dead or more terrifyingly in a straightjacket locked up in the nut house with key thrown away.

VileGeneticTrash, incels.co 8 Comments [4/11/2019 8:40:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 143203

Women Have Significantly More Mental Problems Than Men

Don't get mad at me ladies, I'm just giving you THE FACTS! Look at this nutcase in the photo to the right! (Click on the photo, go ahead, see what she is bragging about!) According to a 2016 medical study in England, women have significantly more mental problems than men...

Women are more likely to have mental health problems than men, with young women at particularly high risk, the biggest survey of mental health disorder and treatment in England has found.

The Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, conducted every seven years and based on interviews with a cross section of the general population aged 16 and over, found that one in six adults (17%) had a common mental disorder—one in five women (20.7%) and one in eight men (13.2%).1 Common mental disorders were classified as generalised anxiety disorder, depression (including mild, moderate, and severe), phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and non-specified disorder.

The prevalence of mental health problems has been growing since the survey was first undertaken in 1993. ...

SOURCE: https://www.bmj.com/content/354/bmj.i5320

Read about the insane wife of Evangelist Ted Pike! Sadly, she ended up committing suicide. I am not down on women, God forbid. I am simply pointing out that women today are MESSED-UP, largely due to feminist indoctrination by the Rockefellers. The average churchgoing female doesn't even realize that she is also a victim of feminist re-engineering! Proof of what I say is that there are MILLIONS of young single women today, many of whom were mothers before they dropped out of high school, and now they cannot find a man foolish enough to raise their bastard children!

This includes messed-up Christian women, who are so liberated and messed-up these days that they cannot find a husband! Many women in churches today are unfriendly, ungrateful, snobby, self-righteous and unapproachable. They want a perfect man who doesn't exist. They are too darn picky, and they'll end up as an old maid in just a skip and a hop in time. We live in perilous times of effeminate queers, murdering abortionists, perverted sodomites legally adopting children, rebellious wives filing for divorce, and single Christian women who are spoiled little brats! Romans 3:18, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 7 Comments [4/11/2019 6:18:37 AM]
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Quote# 143198

[Bolding added.]

Teacher accused of sex with 8th grader says she's the victim

A former middle school teacher is on trial for sexual activity with a student.

Justine Nelson, 33, is facing two felony counts -- one for sex acts with a boy when he was 13 and one for sex acts when he was 14.

Nelson admits to committing sexual acts on an 8th grader, but she's admitting to no crime.

"You can't find someone guilty if they're mentally or physically coerced to do something," said her defense attorney Roger Nuttall.

He says Nelson finally gave up and sent nude photos and engaged in sexual activity with the boy after repeated threats to expose their close relationship.

"She wasn't the aggressor," Nuttall said. "He was the aggressor."

He highlighted testimony from a psychologist who said the former teacher isn't a sexual predator, so he told the jury the boy was the real predator.

From prosecutor Liz Owen's perspective, Nelson was supposed to be the grownup in the situation.

"Mr. Nuttall wants you to believe the 13- and 14-year-old eighth grader had all the power," she said. "Please. He was scared to death to tell what was happening."

The boy's age is a point of contention, and an important one because it could be the difference between eight years in prison or three.

He testified he was 13 when the sexual activity started and 14 when it happened for the last time.

But Nuttall called the boy a liar who changed his story -- from saying it happened three times, starting when he was 13, to saying it happened dozens of times, mostly when he was 13 -- all to make money in a civil lawsuit.

Owen says the boy has consistently said it happened when he was 13 and when he was 14.

And she says what Nuttall seems to call threats is just a persistent thread of sexual conversations and photos and talk about her giving him money or clothes, but making sure his mother and her husband didn't find out.

"They want you to believe she had to do this, she had to orally copulate him because he was threatening her," she said. "There's no evidence of a threat. He never said if you don't give me these shoes I'm going to reveal this."

Nelson's teacher's credential was suspended after her arrest in 2016 and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing revoked it in January of this year.

The jury in her felony case started deliberations late Monday afternoon.

Justine Nelson, Roger Nuttall, ABC13 Houston 12 Comments [4/10/2019 2:14:44 AM]
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Quote# 143195

Brutal Blackpill I Witnessed With Gymcel Friend. This One Is Hurts.

So one of my incel friends (who is worse off than me somehow) is a total gymcel and mentalcel. His body is like a greek God's. He's not super tall, but average height (short for women) about 5'9 or 5'10". But he's in gym hours every week and very OCD about his calories and nutrition. His body is phenomenal. But he can't talk to girls. Stares at the ground. Barely speaks. Total mentalcel.

Anyways, we have a Chad lite friend. He was humble bragging to me about some fat disgusting girl that likes him. He said she was annoying. Because she talks about not being able to get a man, while simultaneously trying to get my Chad lite friend to hook up with her.

The girl is fat, but like we say here; shouldn't be an issue. But not only that, she doesn't even try to look good. She doesn't pretty up. No makeup. Doesn't take care of her hair. Other than the basic hygiene like teeth/bathe/deodorant, she does nothing. In addition to this, she has a shit personality. Just a real bitch to most other than my Chad friend.

Anyways, he was trying to get her to leave him alone and throw her off on someone else. So he used my gymcel friend. He asked her to talk to him since our friend is so socially backwards. But she declined and said gross. Said he was too ugly for her.

Here's a guy that works on his physique 24/7 and at any given time, has one of the top 3 bodies at any gym. He dresses nice. He is a very nice guy, just painfully shy.

And yet a disgusting fat, unkempt, abrasive, annoying bitch of a woman won't even give him time of the day.

Oh it's brutal.

Brazi1ianSigma, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/10/2019 2:14:09 AM]
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Quote# 143192

Re: kid gets bullied severely by a chad in school, his sister decides to date and marry the bully. JFL.

Fucking whore.

Goddamnit why does shit like this gets me so triggered. What unloyal cunt, FUCKING CUNT!!!!

That's nothing, you should see that story about a woman who fell in love with Tyrone in prison who murdered her brother. JFL, not even death can save you from getting cucked.

Can't emphasize this enough. I don't have much respect for incels who let themselves get "bullied". That's soyboy shit. Do whatever it takes to fight back and/or get revenge.

how are you going to fight back against a guy twice your size and half a foot taller than you?

Have you ever fought before? If the fight is no holds barred, size becomes significantly less important.

Went to the original thread to see the rest, that's what OP got after the email:

"Parents were quick to swing by our house and reprimand me for being so harsh/childish"

Of course. If it was his sister the one who sent the letter, I bet she would receive all the support nevertheless. Women always win.

You know those porn suggestions where a bully fucks a boy's sister/mother in front of him to make him mad?

That shit happens in real life, apparently. Never underestimate women's capacity to fuck the enemy

Brutal. Can you link me the thread bro. I want to see all the soycuck replies.

Honestly, your sister might be in an abusive relationship.

This makes me wonder how exactly he treats her. Bullies feed on insecurity and I’m sure you weren’t his only target then or now.

Seriously, that comment REALLY worries me now, he very well might be continuing the behavior

She's either a horrible person...or she's a victim of abuse and manipulation herself. This guy could have some weird obsession with this family. Torment the brother and now maybe it's the sister's turn to be tormented? OP did say his sister has a lot of insecurities. This guy could be utilizing those to abuse and control her. Just a theory.

I just don't get it. Why the fuck do people worry for her? She's dating him KNOWING what her bf did to her brother.

The sick part is that chad's bullying of her brother probably turned her on.

chad loses in the end in this case for deciding to inseminate the sibling of the inferior set of genes he was bullying.

chad always loses in the end. he children will be inkwels. the 80/20 rule will always hold.

Bullying happens because females reward the behaviour, Chad and normies are following their incentives. Females could instantly erase all bullying in the world if they simply started giving attention to whoever gets best grades in class. The most hardcore bullies would be studying their ass off instead and the entire society would benefit.

But that is not a responsibility females want to take. They are more interested about their short term gratification and hedonism of riding the cock carousel and then letting some beta pay for her sorry ass.

Link for the lazy: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/bb5r03/aita_for_cutting_my_sister_out_of_my_life_for/

What I hate about this story is how it seems like bullies always tend to live on and enjoy more successful lives than anyone who get's bullied (in almost every regard).

This is just how little sense of attachment and care women have. He is her fucking brother. You can't be any closer than that (unless you live in Alabama).

I have a sister and if I learned some bitch constantly mocked her let alone fucking break her arm, I would hate that shitstain.

But she just doesn't care, to her getting turned on by the probably Chad alpha bully is worth more than her own brother. Literally sociopathic behaviour.

Some incels, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/10/2019 2:13:44 AM]
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Quote# 143191

Re: Study: Women tolerate violent behavior from attractive men, but not from unattractive men

Somebody add this to r/blackpillscience.

Anyway, yeah, this is exactly what I been saying for years. Many women TOLERATE jerk behavior if he's good looking. They're dating him in spite of it, not "because" of it. I've never seen an ugly guy start getting girls by being an ass to them, but I HAVE seen them try it and fail miserably.

Being a jerk is just a good way to weed out the settlers. If she's merely settling for you, she won't tolerate any BS. Yeah, there's the possibility that she actually just wants a guy who treats her well, but it's best not to take any risks. Getting trapped in a marriage with a settler will mess up your life!! If you're looking for something serious, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to make sure she's actually physically attracted to you. This isn't a question you can just ask her (the settler will lie), so you have to resort to other means and have enough social intuition to read between the lines.

ReformedConvict, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/9/2019 1:30:36 PM]
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