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Re: Cops Say 13-Year-Old Boy Traumatized From Endless Sex With Hot Teacher

This kid wasn't traumatized, this is the dream of every 13 year old with a hot teacher. That doesn't make it ok, it still messed up. But this kid is anything but traumatized, he's going to talk about this for most of his life.

I have to agree. There is a double standard I acknowledge that but this kid is going to be bragging about this for the rest of his life. I'm not saying it's ok. The teacher is a weirdo and the parents are nuts.

I live in the town this happened, I never stop hearing coverage on it. According to every single one of the people who knew of there relationship, they say the boy sparked the start of this relationship.

The only thing that probably will traumatize him, is the abortion the teacher had with his child.

(T llama)
yer probably sick of this thread, but....

I think this falls under the fundamental difference between men and women. Or in this case boys and girls.

Was this 'wrong?' Yes.

Is this going to mess the boy up for life? Prolly not, especially as he encounters real women and not sexual predators. Your point that it can mess with this boys view of sex and women is correct, but speaking as a man, who was once a boy, I don't believe this isnt anything that wont get worked out in this boy's life as he grows up and meets strong female role models. Of course having a child at 13-14 yrs old is another discussion...

I won't say this was OK simply because the boy (IMO) is not messed up for life. I agree with you, there are laws to protect children and those laws are good ones; for boys and girls.

Not being a woman, i do believe in a world that glorifies and pushes women as objects (trump's experiences with women is a perfect example) i see how women (girls) are more vulnerable to this type of predatory behavior.

Again, this is just one of those things in life that can't be applied equally across the sexes. It was wrong. A child as a result is FUBAR but given it was a woman taking advantage of a boy, I'm less inclined to be bothered by it.

Take advantage of a 13yr old girl and i'll string you up myself. This might be considered sexist, but i still believe in women and children first....which is prolly sexist to some.

I think the difference of opinion, throughout this thread, is that some see this as a black and white issue and some of 'us' see this as a shade of gray.

If we are on a sinking ship; ill evacuate after women and children; not sure what would constitute a 'child' in that situation, but personally, 17 and younger. An 18 yr old guy may have to fight me for that last seat on the life boat;)

In 'this' situation, with some admittance of double standard (i wanted to say hippocrasy but cant seem to spell it;)) men see this different, even 13 yr old boys dealing with puberty; its different. Something a woman cannot understand as a man and vs versa.

'We' see this as an offense, but not as disgusting as if the sexes were reversed and 'I' believe that offense against a female of that age to be way worse.

Double standard. I admit it. But I am a guy. Was once a boy. Were you? Its one of those situations ya may have to yield to experience; as I would if the situation was reversed.

soon it will be the norm and any misgivings you and I have about it is moot. The leftists liberals are killing this country. Temoving any morals we have. Look at how they have changes the bathroom( restroom) by alowig boys in the girls restroom, lockers rooms and showers. WHF is going on with this country? It is time to say NO MORE . If you have the equipment of a male, your a male . It doesn't matter if you are wearing a skirt and lipstick. Use the mens room. ( unless of course your afraid your ass will be laughed at. If your a man and my daughter and or grand daughter is in womans restroom and you go in . You will be a woman when you come out..Enough is enough. Lets face it. If we don't stand up for our selves we are alone.

(stu magoo)
legally raped? as opposed to illegally raped? explain the difference please. never mind. every red blooded heterosexual 13 y/o boy would be bragging about this forever. that doesn't make it right for the teacher, but the kid being traumatized? please!

The month I turned 14, one of the 30'something married female chaperone's of our church youth group made me a man in the back of her van in the parking lot of a roller skating rink.

I never told an adult because I was afraid my parents would beat MY a... if they found out.

She and her husband owned a christian book store; let's just say folks were impressed with how much I liked to go to the christian book store; they were convinced I was going to be a a preacher. Such is not the behavior of a traumatized young boy.

It is every boys dream to be involved in a sex situation like that . No boy that age is a puritan. It is a natural feeling and urge and few young men ever get the chance to satisfy that natural urge. . Not even consider the legality of it. I damn sure would not have turned her down were it me when I was 13 if the opportunity presented it's self to me.. Neither would 99% of the men posting here. How many 13 year olds consider the law when ogling the scantly clothed women in magazines and on the street or in Walmart? Lets face it walking down the street in beach wear turns a lot of heads..Fires up the imagination. in young men.

various commenters, Daily Wire 23 Comments [9/5/2018 2:58:02 PM]
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Transgender Politics is the Easy Way Out

Anyone should be able to do whatever they want, regardless of the stereotypical confines of their biological sex, as long as it does not harm others.

This is a maxim that both liberal feminists and radical feminists would agree with. The solution should be to eliminate the stereotypical confines. However, this is not possible in 2018, so rather than try to move toward that end, liberal feminists have invented the concept of gender in an attempt to mitigate the effects of the stereotypes for certain fringe individuals (while paradoxically strengthening the stereotypes for society as a whole). The concept of transgender is a much easier pill for middle America to swallow than the possibility of gender confines being pointless nonsense.

Consider a hypothetical: a biological male working at a law firm decides to wear a skirt to work. Law is a rather conservative industry, so the dress code does not allow men to wear skirts. The attorney’s boss gets annoyed and asks him why he is wearing a skirt. The most earnest answer would be “because I want to, and the dress code is stupid,” but that is just going to anger the boss further, and interfering in such tedious office politics is not traditionally the end goal of many political movements. So the attorney instead says “because I am a woman, and women are allowed to wear skirts.” The boss doesn’t actually understand this either, but it doesn’t annoy him as much as the first answer would, and the political movement tells him “transwomen are women,” so he can carry on with his day silently wondering if he’s the only one not smart enough to see the emperor’s new clothes.

Therefore, the transgender movement is a way for the most feminine biological males to wear whatever they want wherever they want in 2018. Is this a laudable achievement? Sure. But should it come at the price of everyone else? Should “masculine-presenting” women be considered to be men, unless they tell us otherwise? Should children who don’t like the right color of clothes be injected with hormones? Probably not.

And then the liberal feminists get themselves tangled up in their own fake logic (or perhaps more cynically need to keep the coverup going so that no one catches on), so people who eschewed the stereotypical demands of yore—anyone from Dante Tex Gill to Joan of Arc—are labeled transgender instead of the true renegades who said “I want to, and the dress code is stupid.”

TheyCallMeRamon, r/GenderCritical 5 Comments [9/4/2018 3:27:50 AM]
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[They are reacting to a thread of people bitching about men having to register with the selective service]

Where the fuck are all the feminists?

Uhhh, not fighting to have more people forced to sign up to fight men’s wars. That’s where.

They dont want to be free from oppression, they want women to join them in it. Funny how that is. Typical male mindset though, either make everyone fix all your problems for you or make them suffer through them with you

lmao at pointing out them only bitching and moaning that feminists wont come save the day, even though its a MANS problem created by MEN.

Typical liberal feminism too: no fundamental change, just a certain amount of mostly legal 'equity' within the current system.

A lot of us feminists aren’t in the US, for starters. Go sort your own self-inflicted problems, war-mongering American men.

because everything is always women's fault.

lemme get this straight, though- war, that thing that men have been doing for a thousand years to rape, murder, and pillage with impunity, that thing that the united states' male-run government is currently propogating to enrich weapons and oil companies also run by men? we're supposed to pity them and fight their fights even though they hate us? nah, sort that one out amongst yourselves, you fucking monsters.

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [9/4/2018 3:25:39 AM]
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Re: On how the only aspects of "womanhood" that are valued are the ones males can buy into

Yesssss thissssss

Wanna know when I felt most “like a woman”? I can tell you I sure wasn’t wearing makeup or heels or having a pillow fight. I wasn’t delicate in the slightest.

It was when I was pushing another human I had made out of my body. Oh yeah that.

and if you're not pushing a human out, or in the process of growing a human, you get a monthly reminder by your body (for at least 4 f!cking decades of your life!) that it had to tear down the nest it built just in case you set one to growing. I swear to god!! If men could experience a period ONCE they would leave us TF alone! That would be an end to the oppression because their pity would know no bounds, they'd experience massive shame at the treatment men have inflicted upon female humanity these long millennia. because then they'd realize nature already oppresses us just fine, thank you very much

My dad used to be really sweet about it and let me sleep a lot and he fed me eggs and ibuprofen and was just very kind when I was being shot down by my period. He also used to talk to women in the form of long, friendly, non-sexual conversations....But then, he never tried to become a woman. Maybe that's a connection.

I don't know about your theory but I think it's one of two options.

The first is that some of them are just gay men who in their formative years internalised gender roles. So since they like clothes, have a crush on a dude and their penis isnt a major erogenous zones they think they are girls. It's also sub conscious sexual strategy. There's a greater selection of partners for them if they can fake being a woman. In fact you now see them pushing the idea that genuine heterosexual males would knowingly copulate with a tim.

The second is that some of them are straight men who just have a weird fetishism of womanhood. They don't just want to have sex with women, they want to be them. This isn't dissimilar from the cannibals who get sexual gratification from eating their sexual partners. Bruce Jenner is the perfect example of this. He slowly turned himself into a male version of his wife and the closer he got to his goal the greater his resentment of her grew. Once he had completed his transition, he didn't just discard her, he tried to destroy her in the media. I'm convinced that in a different world, he would have murdered her. That would have been his version of a perfect conclusion.

I saw Graham Linehan retweeted a man suggesting something similar. It’s hard to empathise with this, as a woman, but it seemed to make sense to him and the other guy. And I suppose when you think about it, a lot of men do get INCREDIBLY uncomfortable when discussing ways in which men oppress women. Even decent guys don’t want to think about it. So I can kind of imagine how that discomfort might feed in to autogynephilia. Maybe when you feel like your desire is oppressive you want to be the object of desire instead of the subject.

It’s very hard to reconcile this with how misogynistic many TIMs are, though. But I suppose maybe they feel like they’re allowed to hate and bully women because they’re “women” too, and they’re more special and oppressed than any other kind of woman blah blah etc. And maybe it’s the most misogynistic and shitty of men who are most uncomfortable with themselves deep down so they transition to escape their own shittiness. Spoiler: they don’t escape it, they just found a different method than other misogynists to project their shittiness on to (actual) women.

actually this is the exact reason given when my ex came out as trans. he wanted to escape the role of oppressor. what a load of shit.

it's also an easy power grab. for example that asshat Hailey Heartless was a no one politically before and now everyone knows his name.

We have seen TIMs along with their Handmaidens, trying to dislocate all things female, from the definition of of woman, womanhood and female. I'm truly fascinated, in a psychologically clinical way, the TIMs asserting that they have Bloodless Periods. This a whole other level of Delusion.

Why on Earth did these Feminized White Men, think they could dictate WOMEN diminished our Womanhood, for their OBSESSIVE NARCISSISTIC NEED FOR THE VALIDATION OF THEIR GENDER IDENTITIES!!!!!

The minute these Prostate Havers and their Handmaidens said point blank that, "FEMALE BIOLOGY AND THE EXPERIENCES OF LIVING IN THE BODY, HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH WOMANHOOD" this Misogynistic, Homophobic and Racist Movement should have been REELED/REALED in to what it was supposed to be:

Lobbying and advocating for laws that reassert Civil Rights protections against various forms of discrimination.

They have framed as "A FIGHT FOR THEIR EXISTENCE" this is categorically A LIE.

And to make the claim there are plenty of Lesbians that will date and fuck them; Bisexual leaning women more like. If this were true the Cotton Ceiling War Against Lesbian Sexuality would have ended 5 years ago. Instead it's still continues, and we are at 7.5 year mark.

We need to build on the momentum, we currently have. We need to explain to the Civilian class of women--> not part of the Feminist or LGBTQ Communities, how White TIMs are engaged in the process of erasing their sex-based protections, in the name of attaining their Civil Rights

I have no way of knowing whether most pass or not. I’ve never seen a study. All I have is anecdotal evidence.

I've seen a lot of trans-identified males in real life as well as in photo & it's very rare for them to pass. The few who do pass visually are clockable as male as soon as you hear their voice, see their body shape, or see how large their bone structure is when they are next to a female person. This is not meant as an "insult" btw, bc there's nothing wrong with being a feminine male (as long as they arent sexist, etc...)

Transmisogyny is intrinsically illogical bc either the trans-ID'd male passes as female (and experiences some forms of misogyny) or he is clocked as male & faces homophobia/ transphobia/ whatever you wanna call hatred/ disgust against gnc males. It's the reason why drunk guys will sometimes hit on a trans-ID'd male, then the moment they find out he's actually male will scream things like "Fggot! Trnny!!" and sometimes resort to physical violence. That is NOT an example of misogyny bc it wouldn't happen to a female.

How would you know you saw a trans person if they did pass though?

I've never seen a trans-ID'd male who passes in real life, only in photos. There's just no getting around the differences in bone structure, voice, and movements between males and females when you observe people in real life. As someone who is involved in the natural sciences & figure drawing, it is easy to determine someone's natal sex & tell if they are trans or not.

edit: I mean, even when you look at the transpassing sub, few pass even in photo. It does a disservice to trans people to lie to them by telling them they pass when they don't. I see women and other trans people do this all the time & it makes me cringe, because it's so obviously.. not true. In fact, it comes across as cruel to lie to someone like that. It should be ok for people to look/ dress however they want without striving for the unattainable goal of passing completely as the opposite sex.

If a trans woman passes as female, what forms of misogyny would they not face? Honest question. Is it just from medical professionals who would know about someone’s private health details? If they pass, then why would it come up in conversation?

Side question, why does it matter if someone is facing violence due to misogyny or transphobia? Why put up one more barrier between people who have similar experiences under the same system?

It is impossible to say definitively whether or not most trans women can pass based on one person’s interaction with the public. You can definitely say that you’ve seen some trans people not passing. Why would anyone reveal their medical history to a stranger?

Jesus christ, seriously? They wouldn't face:

-limited birth control access, abortion access, reproductive rights battles

-the pain of pregnancy/ discrimination against pregnant women

-dying in childbirth

-the fear of becoming pregnant

-menstrual pain/ stigma/ menstrual huts

-female genital mutilation

-femicide/ sex selective abortion

-medical stigma against female health concerns like PCOS, uterine cysts, endometriosis, severe PMS, menopause, etc... (the list goes on & on)

-sex trafficking & rape (most men want to rape females, not trans-ID'd males)

-being sold as a child bride

-limited access to education bc of being female

-breast ironing

-bride burning

-foot binding (though this only happened to females in the past, as far as i know)

I'm leaving off so much more I can't think of right now. Trans men, nonbinary females, women.. we all face these issues based on what part of the world we live in. It matters whether someone faces misogyny vs. homophobia/ transphobia because those are different forms of oppression! By your same logic, we could include men who face racism under the branch of feminism because (as you said) "Why put up one more barrier between people who have similar experiences?"

FEMinism is the only political movement that is exclusively for FEMales. It's horrible that other people face different forms of oppression, but they can form their own movements to address their needs. Black women & black men both face racism but ONLY black women are welcome in feminism. Poor men & poor women are both economically oppressed, but ONLY the poor woman is welcome in feminism. A woman & a passing trans-ID'd male may both be catcalled, but ONLY the woman is welcome in feminism.

Trans-ID'd males are welcome to (and in fact, already have) formed their own political movements against the unique problems they face. It is narcissistic and unreasonable to demand that women dismantle the ONLY political movement that we have to ourselves. Can female people seriously have nothing to ourselves?Do we have to give in to every group who wants "in"? We can be allies with each other to overcome some similar problems we may face (if any), but we are not the same, and that distinction in lived reality matters.

Isn’t feminism for anyone who believes in the social, economic, and political equality of women? Everyone is welcome. That is a great point about not including everyone who is oppressed ever, but the type of oppression we are talking about is targeted at people who present as female. What I find disturbing by your response is that you aren’t inclusive. Why do you need to say that someone is not welcome if they are experiencing something as common as cat calling or workplace harassment? Would it be so bad if a trans woman was in your circle? Would you not feel safe? I don’t understand what benefit there is to being so specific in membership? It seems to me that it would be best to differentiate by who is suffering a type of discrimination. For example, a trans woman might be subject to being talked down to in public (there is a great TEDtalk by a trans woman who knows what it is like to walk around in society as an adult male and an adult female. She passes btw). A trans male might have not had access to birth control prior to transitioning. I would think both types of people would be welcome.

Feminism is Liberation of females from male oppression. We are already equal, stating that is redundant and offensive.

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 6 Comments [9/4/2018 3:14:13 AM]
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Re: Couple of TiMs hogging the front row at "women-only" festival. Check the 3rd photo.

What's kinda odd is that they apparently allow "trans-men" to attend... so if they recognize the difference between "cis-men" and "trans-men", shouldn't they also naturally recognize the difference between "trans-women" and "cis-women"? I guess not...

Ok so trans men can attend, and so can women, trans women, non binaries, and agenders. So really only “cis” men are banned. If this kind of exclusion becomes more popular I can totally see “cis” men suing for gender discrimination. They are being barred from events just because of their “gender identity” and not for any good, material reason that is justifiable. In effect, these organisers have said “if you identify a certain way, and have this kind of gender identity, you can’t be trusted to behave yourself” which is discrimination. The non binary “males assigned at birth” , the men who are “females assigned at birth” , and the women who are “males assigned at birth” are all trusted to behave themselves but the men who are “males assigned at birth” aren’t allowed in?

A “cis man” could easily argue that he has the exact same gender identity as a “trans man”, and the exact same same as a “trans woman” and thus his exclusion is unfair and arbitrary. And so “cis men” can’t be banned from anything purely on the basis ‘of what gender they identify as.

Note I’ve used a lot of the kind of language they use so I’ve put it in scare quotes.

Transmen are where the wheels fall off the thing for a lot of people.

"Should transwomen automatically be put in the women's jail?" is a question many people reflexively answer yes to.

"Should transmen automatically be put in the men's jail?" gets some different responses.

Gee, it's almost like oppression is sex-based and you can't identify out of it.

The trans lobby argues that it is more appropriate to separate areas by gender identity as opposed to sex. I’m just pointing out that this may not even be legally feasible. What this means is that gender separated spaces may entirely cease to exist.

Typical colonizing TIMs.

Yeah no. TiMs can go fuck off.

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 3 Comments [9/4/2018 2:31:52 AM]
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How many is okay?

In light of the revelations still being unearthed about the depravity that occurred within the Challenor house and the recent study that shows the increase in sexual assaults occurring in mixed sex changing rooms, I have realised the narrative has shifted.

Instead of women having to justify why they don’t want men in their safe spaces, the activists have to prove why they should. Women have never been anti-trans but pro-safeguarding. The Challoner case has proved that there will aways be depraved men ready to pounce, given half a chance, and we were clearly stating that.

So if you are still going to lie and say ‘trans women are women’ without acknowledging that trans no longer means transsexual, but includes a myriad of sexual fetishes, then we have the right to assume your motives are nefarious. And from now on we will. Every. Single. Time.

So before you jump on Twitter demanding that women allow male bodies into their safe spaces you must:

Prove that NOT ONE single extra rape or sexual assault will occur. Ever.

Explain to rape victims why they are being transphobic for being terrified of male bodies in their spaces.

Explain to every female why it’s ok that they will never be able to win at sports, because men have decided to cheat.

Explain why men should be on women’s shortlists?

Go on. Prove that there is absolutely no increase in risk. Because all I hear is how dangerous it is for trans in men’s spaces, but zero empathy for the sex that has had to factor in male violence, every second of every day since they were born.

Women have a right to set their own boundaries.

Women have a right to define woman.

Women spend their lives being told how to prevent their own rapes, but are deemed bigots when they try.

Well, we’re telling you now that we don’t believe men can actually become women. Telling us we must is gaslighting and abusive. I don’t subscribe to your bollocks gender religion. Gender (stereotypes) is a cancer and feminism is the chemo.

Watching the gender wars playing out, I have seen too many dangerous creepy perverts, living out their sexual fantasies. Sinister, women hating, fuckers preying on kids and abusing women. We knew men hated us and watching the dude bros defend the Buffalo Bills over women has confirmed this.

You call us TERFS and transphobes? We now know this means you are definitely either a misogynist, a rapist or a paedophile. Probably all three.

Anyone demanding women allow men into their changing rooms, toilets, refuges or prisons is a rapist. If it’s a woman saying it then she wants women to be raped and children to be abused. This is now fact.

You’ve labelled us to further your sick agenda. I’m throwing it back in your twisted little faces.

Any lawyers out there – you might want to offer your services to any victims of the illegal practice of mixed sex facilities and kids who have been experimented on by the trans-munchhausens.

Any politicians out there – we are watching. One more child or woman gets hurt because of your inability to defend females we will come for you so hard you won’t know what’s hit you.

Women are angry. We are defending our sisters and our cubs. Mess with us at your peril, perverts.

Angrybirdroar, Angrybirdroar.wordpress 5 Comments [9/4/2018 2:25:00 AM]
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If men want equality
men will have to learn to lower their fists not raise them and not use them to prop themselves up in some masculine perceived higher position.

I don't believe men's history is about brave self sacrificing heroic martyrs.
That idea is pure male hype and male propaganda and self glorification

The truth is men's history is more about a bunch of vain violent thieving self concerned bullying thugs and rapists, who cornered women and girls and trampled all over them for sport and to make themselves feel good.
The hollowest victory is the most favoured of all victories for the shallowest of men!

AsMenDclaredWomenTheirInferior , Mumsnet 0 Comments [9/3/2018 2:54:43 PM]
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Quote# 140241

No, it is not the deepest taboo. That position is reserved for women controlling men.

You need to realize that this is the power dynamics to which even the Jewish male is a victim, even as he is manipulated into the role of world predator. The Jewish male is ubiquitously emotionally traumatized, stunted -a puppet of a hidden feminine elite which has controlled the world's civilizations since the ostensible fall of Matriarchy 6,000 years ago and the subsequent nominal inauguration of Patriarchy. The real truth, however, is that we never had real Patriarchy, only an unceasing series of pussy-whipped, codependent male marionettes. Alexander stands out as a rare exception, and look how far he got and what it took to demolish his legacy!.

You surely know the quote, which comes in various forms and is generally attributed to the Jesuits about "give me a child until he is seven…" However, nobody stops to reflect that EVERY child is controlled by women during the incredible impressionable period from birth onwards. These women surely do not know what deep emotional imperatives they are transmitting to "their" children, and the fathers generally butt out "realizing" that this is outside their field of competence. Well, is it? Or is this simply the biggest lie ever told?

And you deride homosexuality? Wise up, and assist instead in reclaiming true homosexuality which is far different from anything that is willing to let itself be associated with ridiculous terms such as 'gay' or 'queer' (or 'bög or 'pugga'). Investigate the warrior cultures of our pre-history, the Indo-European Männerbunde, their initiation rites, male bonding between men and boys in such contexts and Odin as the divine archetype of these warriors.

Halvor Raknes, VK 3 Comments [9/3/2018 1:55:18 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 140238

Women who pursue careers over marriage and motherhood are blaspheming the Word of God.

Now, I'm not endorsing Islam, but concerning women, the Arab culture comes much closer to being right than the American feminist culture of bossy wives, women preachers and career women. Rebellious Americans consider a woman being required to dresses modestly a form of oppression. Albeit, the American lewd and nude culture has inspired generations of sexual immorality, abortion and homosexuality.

Arab women are required (it's not an option) to obey their husbands and remain silent. I love that. Call me what you want... the Word of God proclaims A MAN as the head of his home, A MAN as the pastor of the church, and A MAN as a preacher of God's Word. America's women are out of control—which is clearly seen in the abortion rate, the divorce rate, pornography, et cetera. The Word of God teaches that women are to remain SILENT in the churches.

David J.Stewart, Jesus Is Savior 7 Comments [9/3/2018 1:47:50 PM]
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Submitted By: FSM

Quote# 140182

He/Him lesbians are more valid than She/Her lesbians. Die mad

#mogai #stargender #mogai positivity #agender #ambigender #genderfluid #nb #transgender #demiboy #mogai discourse #nonbinary #trans #trans female #trans male #terf #truscum discourse #truscum #tucute #he/him #he/him lesbians #lesbian #lesbian discourse

thestarsspelloutyourname, Tumblr 8 Comments [9/2/2018 1:10:29 PM]
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Quote# 140181

[on trans men attracted to men]

Pity you didn’t read the article, or was the testosterone getting in your way?

"Snowflake culture is animated principally by misandry, the hatred of men, and specifically, white men. Women are the top dogs. It is a matriarchy seen through a glass darkly. Within it, some women seek to become alpha males in order to replace the real males the culture has removed."

That describes you perfectly. You are a misandrist female who thinks that she can replace men and play the role of a man. But you are conflicted because your innate sexual desire is for men (yes, sex drive is innate, like so much else.)

At a guess, you like to inflict pain on your (actually male) partner during the act of sex, because feminism has indoctrinated you to believe that all sex is rape and so your role, as a pseudo-man, is to rape men. That makes you a very sick puppy.

A female who is attracted to men is a heterosexual female. You are a transvestite heterosexual female whose transvestism extends to body modification. You are not a ‘gay male’ of any description whatsoever, because you are not male. You have XX chromosomes, end of debate.

So, you’re still not a man, you’re a woman with a major psychological issue, exacerbated by, if not derived from, the sick snowflake culture that you are a part of. You will never be a man. Deal with it.

Rod Fleming, Rod Fleming's World 5 Comments [9/2/2018 1:10:05 PM]
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Quote# 140225

Feminists don't want to boss men around, or be in charge of everything, they simply want to be EQUAL in authority. Such ambitions for equality of authority with men is sinful.

Feminists wants EQUAL authority in the marriage, EQUAL authority in society, EQUAL authority in the church, et cetera ... it has become a curse upon America. The 52% divorce rate is a direct result of feminism. Feminism and women preachers are inseparable. Some people will argue that women can teach or preach to other women, but this idea is not found in the Bible. The Word of God clearly instructs wives to learn at home FROM THEIR HUSBAND. Unmarried women should ask their father, or their pastor. We need a revival of wifely submission and a proper attitude toward authority in our homes and churches.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 10 Comments [9/1/2018 12:24:44 PM]
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Feminism has turned American women into monsters. Literally, it's nothing less than monstrous the way some wives turn against their husbands, savagely going after him in court like a predatory wild animal. America's court system is rigged, controlled by agendas, and as heathen as Satan. American courts do NOT recognize a husband's right as the head of his home and marriage. People are imperfect. No marriage is perfect. Women get pushy and emotional. Men get frustrated and upset. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then please stop reading because your not going to understand anything else. I hope you're not an idiot. If you are, get right with God. If you give God your heart, He'll comb the kinks out of your head.

I sincerely believe that a husband and wife should make a Christian commitment to each other, to never call the police on each other unless you want to see your marriage destroyed.

David J. Stewart, Love the Truth 15 Comments [9/1/2018 1:49:01 AM]
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The pill has repeatedly been called the greatest invention of the 20th Century and is said to be responsible for a third of the increase in women’s wages since the 1960s.

Coincidentally, it’s also been responsible for a third of the decrease in women’s lifetime fertility and lovability.

But contraceptive pills may have a darker side. As Pletzer wrote in 2014, when athletes take steroids we call it ‘doping’ – it’s considered abuse and strongly condemned by society. But we’re happy for millions of women to take these hormones every day, sometimes right through from puberty to menopause.

When you fuck with the laws of Nature, don’t be surprised when Nature fucks you back. The God of Biomechanics will not be denied for long.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 8 Comments [9/1/2018 1:48:30 AM]
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Re: How long do you think would Chads and Stacys last in our world?

Less than a day.

"Wait, why do people all of a sudden think that I act cringey?"

"Wait, why did it became so hard socialize all of a sudden?"

"Wait, why does it seem way harder now to get a good career going?"

"Wait, why do most people think they are better than me ?"

"Wait, why doesn't my personality attract the other gender anymore?"

"Wait, why does my mental health started to suffer?

"Wait, where did my huge circle of friends go?"

"Wait, why does life seem more like a burden now?"

Less than a day. Lets see what the average stacy does all day

1) post on social media? not possible anymore

2) get validation from orbiters? yeah you wish

3) fuck with chad? nope

4) meet up with becky friends? cant do that either

5) cheat through life without doing any work? cant do that as incel

I worked in the self-help industry for some time (I still kinda do), and I remember those normie gurus talking about resiliency and similar concepts made me mad as hell.

Of course you put a lot of energy and effort when you see results coming. Of course you find energy and effort when you go home to a nice wife, you go out with friends or you had positive socialization experiences in your youth.

Also it was fun how they all talked about empathy and listening, yet they weren't able to relate to people with serious difficulties, like uglies or people with no social abilities.

That's everybody. Their "empathy and listening" is at most some completely meaningless encouraging words so they can feel better about themselves and show that they are virtuous. For all of their preaching about "personality", normal people have the most revolting personalities of all. But I guess that's what they mean, just appear to be a good person, just put on an act.

Examples from one AskReddit thread. Face = Life.


Holy crap that's brutal. Face and height/frame = life.

I have this one fleece jacket I wear that makes my traps/shoulder area look a lot bigger and whenever I wear it I get treated 500x better than when I wear a plain shirt. I thought maybe it was just in my head until I decided to just wake up not even shower or brush my hair and wear it. Still got treated better than my most upbeat and energetic day without the 'shoulder fleece'. TLDR: A few inches on your shoulders and traps can determine if you are going to be treated like scum or like a blessing to humanity. Fuck people.

Gwenyth Paltrow blackpilled herself by accident during the filming of Shallow Hal

She had to occasionally walk around in public with the fat suit and she lamented how people seemed to avoid her rather than fawn over her because she’s Stacy.

She noticed how men would either laugh or look disgusted at her rather than staring like an idiot

And perhaps the darkest blackpill of them all (but somewhat positive compared to the others), she noticed how crew members who knew she was just Gwenyth Paltrow in a fat suit seemed less nervous to be around her than when she was her normal pretty self. The effect was that strong

The only reason we can trudge on is because we were born in it, molded by it.

A normalfag falling into incel status would either fall into heavy substance abuse or rope after a year or so.

some incels, r/Braincels 6 Comments [9/1/2018 1:47:56 AM]
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Transmen…are both real and men, however “unconventional” their path to manhood may be.

Transmen are not men, they are lesbians on steroids.

There is in fact only one category of true transsexual: highly feminine male homosexuals who present as women because their sexual desires make them feel like women. The others are all mental disorders.

As you say, a man with a micropenis is still a man. That is because he has XY chromosomes.

Rod Fleming, Rod Fleming's World 3 Comments [9/1/2018 1:39:48 AM]
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