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Quote# 138737

The careers and lives of men like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby were completely destroyed by women. Their mistake was to seduce and have sex with women while being ugly as sin. If they were good-looking, none of these accusations would have ever been made. No woman accuses a good-looking man of rape or sexual harassment. Why did it take so long for them to make these accusations? It's because these women now feel ashamed of themselves for having to sleep with ugly men for career advancement; they didn't have a problem with it then because they were shallow money-hungry whores trying to make it (like all women at some point in their lives).

But in retrospect, the fact that they had to serve as sperm receptacles for low-quality men fills them with horror and rage. The only way they could avenge this injustice was by doing what every woman does when an ugly man either flirts with her or has sex with her: go to the authorities and scream rape or sexual harassment. This is also why date rape exists. A woman thinks the man she slept with last night was a little too ugly for her liking, so to punish him for his ugliness she calls the cops and accuses him of rape. The fact that women can easily make up accusations like this to destroy men's lives is merely an indication of the tremendous sex-based discrimination found in our judicial system, as well as all other facets of our modern society. This is all conveniently reinforced by the reigning police-state ideology of female supremacism.

As an ugly man, you don't have to flirt or have sex with women to risk having your life destroyed by them. The ugly man must remember that women are a hive mind, robotic creatures all possessing the same negative eugenic reproductive programming. If women see your ugly face, they'll automatically want to destroy you. In their primitive hive mind, you need to be culled. They'll deliberately make life hard for you, going out of their way to swear at you and make fun of you. Many of them will threaten you with violence, knowing that you can't do anything about it because women are surrounded by dominant males ready to signal reproductive fitness by smashing your face in. They'll even bar you from decent employment, forcing you to seek mediocre, ill-paying work instead. This is because all HR departments are controlled by women.

If you look at them or talk to them, they can have you beaten up by an army of (more) dominant males. Although losers, these men beta orbit virtually every female. Women can make up any accusation they want against you and have you thrown in jail, even if you do nothing to them. Why? Because female privilege. Women are also terrified of being impregnated by low-quality male sperm for obvious evolutionary reasons. An ugly man in close proximity to nubile females simply increases this terror felt by all women a hundredfold. When in the midst of this terror and rage, the woman's primitive hindbrain tells her that she must fight or flee. Because she inhabits a female supremacist society that caters to her every whim, no matter how ridiculous, her best option is to fight back and completely neutralize the threat before her.

Hatred_Incarnate, incels.me 4 Comments [7/10/2018 10:01:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138735

I noticed that every girl ive worked with has had many sex partners or has a boy friend and still flirts with the other co workers. Its been a few so far. Literally they just flirt with the chad workers and try to get with them but meanwhile have a boy freind. All I'm saying here is that if every girl ive spoken to for a long time in person (co workers) is unloyal then i now expect it from the every girl.

Even the most unnattractive girl in the place gets with some very attractive guys its insane. One of them came to the store once and all the other girls were impressed. So think about it this way. If the most unnattractive girl gets with a attractive guy (who has a "serious relationship" with a hottie) then why would the low tier girls ever settle with low tier guys. Even the least slutty of them all who actually has morals and is a christian has had 3 chad boy friends in like 7 months. Funnily shes the one who critisize the other girls while telling me about how all girls these days are low key hoes (shes an instagram model so i trust her source).

She was telling me this and i was like "yeah all the girls who work here are kinda like that too, even you!" I had the evidence to back it up so she just laughed (because its true). Wow gg guys we lost, she just laughed it off because her hoeness is nothing compared to theirs so she didnt mind, what a culture . Tbh i consider some of theseco workers really cute but most of them are very thin and kinda nerdy, so in the eyes of the other guys who are attractive they probably arent considered anything worth their time. Crazy world we live in. Sometimes ill see girls pay for their boy friends in front of chad, i feel like this is a signal that shell drop him in an instant and doesnt need them.

I think the music is one of the main things to blame. All these people dont have morals or religion so they are raised morally by these idol musicians. As you can see the women pop stars are all 100 percent just being slutty. They dress a certain way and the music lyrics are just slutty no doubt. So basically to an average girl they hear this stuff and think "hey i guess this behavior is socially acceptable, i am with it, it lets me feel important". Nobody ever told them that its a bad thing. They just grow up thinking this is the way a women acts. Mind you my co workers are still between 17-19 they are the worst generation.

weak self esteem, incels.me 4 Comments [7/10/2018 10:00:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138734

All men should be able to select a girl that is age 13 to be their wife. This girl will be required to live with you once shes 18. Once she is selected she will be forced to wear a chastity belt. Only you will have the key. Once she moves in you can then take her Virginity. From there on out any time your wife leaves the house alone she will have to wear the chastity belt. If a chad is seen flirting with her by law you should be able to kill said chad.

Incel Prime, incels.me 11 Comments [7/10/2018 10:00:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138730

Women hate creativity.

They want to be parasites. They're despotic and without the spatial awareness of understanding of being constructive. They're slaves to their hormones.
They filter by feeling, not by reason.
Twinkle twisters.

Eugeniker, Sluthate 6 Comments [7/10/2018 12:11:30 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138728

[b][Blackpill] Yessss so progressive Saudi Arabia!!![/b]

What's next sexual freedom for all women in Saudi arabia?

(Police in Saudi Arabia gave out flowers for women driving for the first time)

FUSIO_SOULS , incels.me 1 Comments [7/10/2018 12:11:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138727

Getting a girlfriend will not solve our problems - we need relationship security

I am 25 and have never been on a date or been in any sort of relationship. If I got a girlfriend tomorrow, every night I would go to bed in fear that she will break up up with me. Why? 1) Women have more options than ever today, and if she breaks up with a guy today she can easily get a new boyfriend tomorrow. 2) If it took this long for me to get my first gf, it could very realistically be 10 years or more before I get my second gf and she will probably be significantly older than the first one.

You see, even if you get a gf, you have to deal with knowing the horrifying reality that all your gf has to do is snap her fingers and you are toast.

incel4life, incels.me 6 Comments [7/10/2018 12:11:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 138718

So as you know Mike Vogel I guess confirmed that Scootaloo's "aunts" are pretty much dykes.

Honestly I'm not too worried about conservative backlash from right-wing family groups that will bash on Hasbro for this decision (this is kinda inevitable and do expect something like this to happen very soon).

I'm more worried about how the fandom itself will react. Obviously you have the /pol/acks that will scream "muh degeneracy". But a lot of people here will probably fail to take into account are the autistic SJW larps that will see this as some victory for social justice. (Wow, gay characters in a children's toy franchise. How stunning and brave of you. I mean you could help kids in Africa get access to food. But first world problems are more important.) I mean honestly if Hasbro decides to continue with this then eventually this fandom which is already seen as cancer by many will be seen as a stage 4 tumor just like the Steven Universe fandom or the worst case scenario the Rick and Morty fandom because of all the autists that will sperg out and show off how they are such a high IQ "intellectual" for watching a kid's T.V. show about magic equines.

I mean if you're happy that Hasbro is doing this then good for you and more power to you. But the way I see it if Hasbro and the show's staff aren't careful then there's a really good chance they will find themselves in the same awkward position as the freaking writers that work on Rick and Morty.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 3 Comments [7/10/2018 12:08:40 AM]
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Quote# 138717

Are pegasisters as degenerate as bronies, do they masturbate to ponies too? Or it's normal that grown women like ponies since that's what their childhood maybe was about? Is it normal for a grown up women to be a mlp fangirl? I thought its fine to see women like mlp, but I was told that apparently its also weird, but not as weird as bronies.

There aren't any actual girls in this fandom, anon.
All of them are either dykes, traps, or just tagged along with their boyfriends.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 3 Comments [7/10/2018 12:08:30 AM]
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Quote# 138716

I feel legitimately bad for Scoots. She's being raised by two man-hating dykes and indoctrinated to be an ugly carpet muncher too.

Anonymous, /mlp/ 2 Comments [7/10/2018 12:08:24 AM]
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Quote# 138696

I do know for a 100% fact that I would NEVER marry her again! In hindsight, I don't know anything that I could have done to make things better, except not get married to her in the first place.

Even to this day, she couldn't care less about my ministry. She never reads my website. When we were married, she never encouraged my labors for the Lord, not in the least. In fact, during the divorce my cutthroat wife tried to use my own ministry against me. Her thug attorney demanded my tax returns for 5 years, thinking that I was making money from my websites. He found out that I've never made a single penny. My lawyer said that her lawyer was impressed that with a website as large as mine, I wasn't making any money. I told my lawyer what I tell everyone... I do what I do for the Lord Jesus Christ! By God's grace, my website ministry has grown much larger over the past 10 years since the divorce. My attorney charged me thousands of dollars extra to comb through my website, to see if there was anything my wife's bastard lawyer could use against me. Great wife, huh?

I used to play my pedal steel guitar for her, trying to impress her, but she never cared at all. My music means nothing to her. If I was in the house, she wanted to go outside. If I was outside, she wanted to go into the house. We were never friends, pals or lovers. We were the odd couple from day one, and she was as a crippling ball and chain in my life. That's just the plain truth, not a self-righteous rant.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 9 Comments [7/9/2018 10:42:02 AM]
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Quote# 138692

Actually, no, I don’t think so. Not so many lesbos row, because it’s an exclusive sport that requires very high physical and psychological “wholesomeness” (genetic fitness in fact). I couldn’t stick with it myself because I don’t have the temperament. However, I will say that during that brief period of my life in which I lived with that extreme discipline I was healthier and got more done every day than I ever had before or since. But honestly it held no appeal aside from the feeling of being in extremely good shape. As someone who had played a lot of skill sports, I felt a certain degree of contempt for the discipline. In retrospect, that explains a lot about my life and personality.

Rowers are among the most stable and “solid” athletes of all, and have an amazing ability to sacrifice for the greater good without complaining (you know what I mean if you’ve ever finished a 2,000 meter race at full throttle — you feel like you’re about to expire toward the end). And what do they get for their effort? A ribbon or medal and the feeling of having been part of a team effort, and little else, and that’s enough for them. None of those hunter/killer rewards you get from striking someone out, putting a ball in the net, slamming a dunk or laying out some chump with a well-placed hit.

Lesbians generally don’t have that psychology. The women I’ve known who were elite rowers were like goddesses in their feminine physicality, and on top of it they were well-behaved and had a naturally holistic, communal and sacrificial attitude. Definitely not lesbian-like.

The only problem with female rowers is that they often end up somewhat beefier than most women, but that’s a relatively minor flaw all things considered. Doesn’t bother me so long as it’s in the right places.

Lesbians tend to excel in sports where the competition is personal and individual. Unlike normal women, lesbians thrill to the kill. And unlike men, they are deceptive by nature. Not a good combination.

Bill P, Unz 2 Comments [7/9/2018 8:19:40 AM]
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Quote# 138691

There’s no real comparison here. Chinese imperial tests were usually heavily biased culturally to an extent the old SAT never was. There was also affirmative action dating from at least the Yuan dynasty, and not long after that neoconfucianism held a stranglehold on Chinese higher education. In fact, for much of the history of the imperial exams the reality was more like what we have today in the US, where people passed based on their ideological orthodoxy.

I’d bet that Chinese rebels had a far more legitimate grievance than your typical contemporary American gynobot academic placeholder. And anyway, who would care if these upper middle class womyn raised a ruckus? It wouldn’t be the Taiping Rebellion or anything close to it.

Bill P, Unz 0 Comments [7/9/2018 8:19:22 AM]
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Quote# 138690

[Quote is two back-to-back comments]

Yes it does. One of the most important factors in resisting a concussion is muscular strength. Same with preventing injury in all sorts of other situations. Of course, there’s a tradeoff with higher mass, because heavier people fall harder and so on, but all else being equal strength absolutely does contribute to durability.

As an example, a young woman in Seattle was recently struck in the head and knocked out cold — by an egg!

I’ve been hit in the face with a line drive, kicked in the head, punched on the skull or in the face a number of times and the only thing that knocked me out was smashing my head into and breaking a car’s windshield in an accident that probably would have killed me if I’d been a woman. For the record, I was pretty strong when these things happened, but not out of the ordinary for a young, physically active guy trained in sports.

Women are much, much weaker than men. If you hit a normal man and a normal woman with equal force, it’s going to hurt the woman a lot more — this is something everyone should know by at least the age of twelve. I refused to play sports with girls past a certain age, because there was just no contest at all, and if I played as I would with a man they’d end up in the hospital.

Another thing that is too often left out of this debate is that men are not just stronger than women, but better in virtually every single measure of physical ability. So if there’s a woman who’s a freak of nature and able to outlift 90% of men, chances are that when compared to other men at her strength level she’ll be lacking in other measures of fitness such as speed, endurance, heat tolerance, agility, etc. When you consider the statistical likelihood of a woman being as good as an elite man at every single one of these measures the idea of a woman being a Navy Seal becomes laughable. I doubt there is one single woman on earth who could perform at the level of the average US elite special forces soldier in all his tasks. And no, trannies don’t count.


What a load of bullshit. My uncle’s a former top gun Navy F-14 pilot, and he was highly skeptical of women flying fighter planes from the beginning, so he opposed the clearance of the first female F-14 pilot to fly. His and other pilots’ objections were ignored, and she promptly crashed her plane into the side of an aircraft carrier, killing herself and the rio and destroying millions of dollars of equipment if I recall correctly.

Men don’t have “twisted emotions bouncing around inside [their] heads” — it’s just that they don’t want to have to go to war alongside people who do.

Bill P, Unz 8 Comments [7/9/2018 8:16:15 AM]
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Quote# 138657

Which group do you view in a more light hearted and respectful manner- pedophilic men or western femoids? By “pedophilic men” I mean sick minded guys who are sexually attracted to pre pubescent humans.

In my opinion there’s nothing lower than a liberalized femoid. Even a serial killer is more worthy of respect and kindness.

For any mods/admins, this isn’t a thread to discuss “illegal activity” or promote pedophilia. It’s simply a question to assess how much femoids have horrendously affected us in a way, solely by being ugly sub8 males.

LebaneseCel, incels.me 4 Comments [7/8/2018 8:12:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138630

Man in child marriage row says wives happy to share husband with kid

Che Abdul Karim also threatens legal action against his critics.

Che Abdul Karim (right), seen here during his ‘nikah’ (marriage) ceremony with an 11-year-old girl. (Facebook pic)

GUA MUSANG: The man at the centre of the public outrage over his marriage to a child is standing firm on his decision, and has threatened to take legal action against those who condemned him.

Rubber tapper Che Abdul Karim Che Abdul Hamid, 41, who married 11-year-old Masaryu Mat Rashid last month, has again defended his action by saying he received blessings from the girl’s parents.

He said he would go ahead to formalise the marriage by applying for a marriage certificate after five years, when his “wife” turns 16, the marital age allowed by Malaysian shariah laws.

“I am sad of the assumptions and wild accusations thrown at me in social media for taking a third wife,” he told Bernama.

“I will consider taking legal action to stop the defamation against me through wild and inaccurate claims,” he said when met at his home in Gua Musang.

He said his two other wives were also accepting of the young girl to be their “madu” (one who shares a husband).

A photograph of the marriage ceremony, posted online, sparked outrage among Malaysians on social media, renewing a debate on underage marriage.

But Masaryu’s father, who is just eight years older than his daughter’s “husband” said he knew Che Karim well, as the man often sold scrap rubber to him.

“He has promised me that he would register the marriage with the Islamic Affairs Department in Kelantan when Masaryu turns 16,” said Mat Rashid Rimadsa, a Thai citizen who lives in Gua Musang.

Meanwhile, the Kelantan Islamic Affairs Department said it had not received any complaints about the marriage but promised to conduct an investigation to see if it violated state Islamic laws.

Che Abdul Karim Che Abdul Hamid, Free Malaysia Today 2 Comments [7/8/2018 8:10:57 AM]
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Submitted By: Bedhead

Quote# 138488

For those who don't remember: The universe is made up of life feeding on life in order to survive. The universe also made a mechanism to determine when a female is able to breed, which is puberty, or the first period for those of you with lesser brains. As far back as humanity had existed we have bred at the age of puberty, which is natural. The social construct which all of you sheep are conditioned to believe as the magical "age of consent" Is a farcical notion that has been put in place to curb the amount of breeding humans do to prevent over population of the planet. It has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with resources. Open your eyes and stop being led by the nose. If one human of mature age (aka puberty) consents to a sexual interaction with another human being of mature age (puberty again) then who are you and to judge them? Inb4 some nutless wonder says "but teens can be manipulated!" An adult man or woman both can be manipulated into sex, it happens every day, especially at bars. so shut the fuck up and accept nature you lemming half wit humans.

Yes and back then men would just "mate" with any female they laid eyes on as well. They also use to crush eachothers skulls with clubs over mates, territory, food, and other shit.

And what exactly does this matter to my argument? People, especially men, still fight over mates. The only difference is that we have a society that it currently on a peak. Take away the electric, coal, gas powered economy and watch as your so called "civilized society" falls right back to instinct. Survival of the fittest. Your life and view point are born of conviniance but take a look at the animal kingdom, that is truly what life is about. Tell me that if your wife, husband, son or daughter was needing food, that you wouldn't kill another human to insure their survival. You are blind because you want to be. This universe is made of suffering, pain and surviving at any cost. Even the planets siphon life from their sun's, the plants the sun, the animals the plants, the animals the animals. Life HAS to consume life in order to live in this universe. So my point still stands, this world and this universe doesn't operate on your morality, it just that humans morality keeps society stable, that is until it over reaches due to emotional issues, such as "I don't want my daughter having sex!" But it's ok if your son has sex before the magical age of consent.

Metzindown, MMO Champion 2 Comments [7/8/2018 8:07:56 AM]
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Quote# 138454

A Montana woman broke into a man’s house with a machete, ordered him to take off his clothes and forced him to have sex with her, police said.

Samantha Ray Mears, 19, was charged Friday with two felonies — aggravated burglary and assault with a weapon — as well as several misdemeanors for the incident at her ex-boyfriend’s Great Falls home, according to the Great Falls Tribune.

Mears reportedly broke into her ex of seven years’ house Friday while he was away. When he returned, she confronted him with the large knife, demanded that he take off all his clothes and ordered him to lie on his bed.

Fearing bodily harm, the victim complied and she proceeded to remove her pants and climb on top of him.

Mears then began to engage him in sexual intercourse — all while still holding the machete.

When he tried to get her to stop, Mears refused and bit him on the arm, according to KFBB.

After she finished, she sat naked on the bed, brandishing the weapon. At that point, the victim was able to take several photos of her, which he turned over to the police as evidence.

When an argument ensued soon after, an enraged Mears ripped a piece of trim from the victim’s wall and deliberately urinated in his bed, according to KFBB.

The ex-boyfriend was able to alert the authorities after claiming he needed to call a friend, then escaping from the room to dial 911.

According to the Tribune, Mears was also arrested in April after a previous argument at the victim’s home where she grabbed his hair, hit him in the face and attempted to strangle him.

The state has also filed a restraining order against the defendant, according to KFBB.

Samantha Ray Mears, New York Post 8 Comments [7/8/2018 8:07:29 AM]
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Quote# 138452

A study has proved that all female sex drives are either bi or gay; straight women are a myth.

This is kinda good news in a way. It means when I get female friends, we'll both like hentai of anime women because all women like other women.

It's no wonder female sexuality is so repressed. Women are all lusting after other women and society doesn't want to face that hard truth. Sadly, your desires don't define reality.

Yay for Yuri!

RetroSpriteResources, DeviantArt 5 Comments [7/8/2018 8:07:19 AM]
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Quote# 138449

Am I just an anomaly or are most men incel?

If most men are incel then we shouldn't stand for this. We must stand up and take back our rightful place in society and not allow a rostie to chose who she is attracted to.

Livid, incels.me 5 Comments [7/8/2018 8:07:07 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138359

If you pass out - say, you are sunbathing on the beach and fall asleep - and I see you are unconscious, and rape you - you accept that it was irresponsible of you to fall asleep?

Blacking out drunk isn't the same as sleeping on the beach, unless you are a REAL deep sleeper. In which case I don't think you should be sleeping on the beach. :/

Do your coworkers have the right to run a train on your unconscious body?

I work with several guys that would do that when I'm conscious. >.> To be fair it would be, I hope, an accident.

Or does it only apply to alcohol?

We have a WINNER!!!

You knowingly put a substance into your body that has a side effect of making you unresponsive for long periods of time while in a place surrounded by people you don't know who are also imbibing the same substance.

If so, have you ever been very drunk? Where you would have been unable to resist, slurred your speech in your refusal so that it was unclear, or have you ever passed out while drunk?

Nope. You know why? BECAUSE I DON'T FUCKING WANT TO BE RAPED!!!! (even though I'm a guy it can still happen)

I get drowsy after half an ale, so I know it wouldn't take much for me to be out for a while.

Or it seems you're saying drinking alcohol is tantamount to 'consenting' to rape.

What we, or at least I, are saying is that when you put yourself in a situation where you are vulnerable you share part of the responsibility of what happened. It's not your fault that you get raped. No one should be raped, but if it does happen and you helped facilitate it then you should grow up an learn that your habits need to change. Drink with friends, drink at home. Don't got to frat parities or bars and get shit faced by yourself.

Templar 331, MMO Champion 2 Comments [7/8/2018 8:02:24 AM]
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Quote# 136336

Unknown, ImgHumour 1 Comments [7/8/2018 7:44:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu’s On First

Quote# 136334

For most of human history, females would be impregnated as soon as they were able to be. On the male side, the winning reproductive lottery ticket goes to the man who is able to attract and keep a girl who is just starting puberty (and preferably other such girls too). Everybody alive today is the genetic result of our ‘paedophile’ sex predator ancestors.

Isn’t it ironic, that this whole paedohysteria over ‘sex predators’ is about stopping men doing what is most natural to them, and most essential to the survival of the human species – mate bonding with young teens?

theantifeminist, Resisting the Rape of the Male - Real Men's Rights 0 Comments [7/8/2018 7:44:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: X

Quote# 136307

As you can see, he actually claims that a woman reaches her peak sexual market value at the age of 23 (presumably, Tomassi thinks peak female fertility occurs at that age). This always struck me as complete and utter nonsense. A peak fertility of 21 or 23 (if that age is correct, and might not always historically have been so and is likely influenced by age of motherhood itself) means nothing other than it is the age at which women are most likely to give birth at after sex. It might say something important about likely female sexual strategy or preferences, it tells us little or nothing about what age a man would be expected to prefer in a sexual partner. In a society or culture in which some form of mate bonding is the norm, a man who is attracted to 15 year old girls will have a massive advantage over somebody attracted primarily to 23 year old women. Not only is the former choosing a female with far more reproductive years ahead of her, the 15 year old girl is of course far more likely to be a virgin. I’m not a regular reader of Rollo Tomassi, but I can assume he is aware of the importance of the ‘mummy’s baby, daddy’s maybe’ maxim in male evolutionary sexual strategies. Therefore, evolution has produced men to prefer young pubescent girls.

As the quote says, the most optimal mate seeking strategy for men would be to find a female who has only just begun ovulating, or is soon to start ovulating. In other words not yet pregnant, but about to be so (with your sperm if you can capture her heart (or father’s blessing) first). For most of human history, females would be impregnated as soon as they were able to be. On the male side, the winning reproductive lottery ticket goes to the man who is able to attract and keep a girl who is just starting puberty (and preferably other such girls too). Everybody alive today is the genetic result of our ‘paedophile’ sex predator ancestors.

theantifeminist,  Resisting the Rape of the Male - Real Men's Rights 8 Comments [7/8/2018 7:44:20 AM]
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Submitted By: bubba

Quote# 136293

Women IRL have the same personality.

LINKTheReaper, Youtube 0 Comments [7/8/2018 7:41:58 AM]
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Submitted By: FSM

Quote# 136268

Femoids just hate men but don't wanna completely shatter the delusion they bring fourth so they go for chad

If femoids weren't genetically sexist and condescending to males (they completely focus beta males, target normies a little and are nice towards chads) then they wouldn't only go for chads and shit test so much

towncel, incels.me 1 Comments [7/8/2018 7:41:38 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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