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Quote# 132705

I was at university at around 11pm last night because I had an assignment due at midnight and of course I left it to the last minute because I've been busy LDARing the past few weeks. Usually I do everything I can to avoid being on campus because suicide fuel but I study finance and needed to use some stupid simulation program that was only on university computers.

There was probably only 10 people in the entire library because everyone else was busy partying on a Friday night, but I was the only one on the ground floor of the library. Where I was sitting was facing the library door that used to be automatic regardless of the hour, but apparently some homeless guy was using the elevator as a fuck box late at night (not a joke) so you now have to swipe your student card on the door to get in after 7pm.

So anyway some 9/10 Stacy walks up to the door and mustn't have known that you now needed to swipe your card now (dumb bitch). She starts waving at me and making motions for me to open it from the inside for her (there's a big button) but I just ignored her. She had a few books in her arms and stood there like an idiot for over 30 minutes trying to get my attention.

We even made eye contact occasionally throughout it but I had headphones in and just pretended I didn't see her. It would've been really uncomfortable for her because of the books she was holding, I'm not sure why she didn't just put them down after a few minutes I think she was pretty stupid. I even smiled a few times making eye contact because I couldn't help it.

Anyway at around 11:50 she just gave up and left. I hope she had an assignment due at mid-night too and couldn't submit it, was probably getting her beef flaps destroyed by Chad which is why she got there so late in the first place. She was actually pretty distracting and I couldn't concentrate so she probably affected my grade, entitled bitch. I jerked off to her went I went home too.

Deformedcel, r/incels 12 Comments [10/9/2017 2:10:17 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132698

Could woman's "liberation" be about expanding the labour pool to enrich global capitalists at the expense of society? ??

(It definitely is)

nontolerantman, Twitter 3 Comments [10/9/2017 2:04:36 AM]
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Quote# 132686

I know I would never trust her, and also she could never be my best mate, I know how that would go, she'd just end up hating me. Your girlfriend is crushing on others, thinking about exes, and will leave you if a better offer comes along, anyone can send her sappy texts and indie crap music but if she can get a better dick to go with it, she will.

Or she'll just grow out of it and need to accessorize herself with a new, different styled norman so that she can get better stories to exploit when hipsters go out of style.

Alia_Harkonnen, r/incels 1 Comments [10/9/2017 2:04:21 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132671

Being possessive means you're not a cuck. If I had a wife, I would keep her chained in the basement. Modern western culture is not an environment that a women should be in.

Incel4Life, r/incels 10 Comments [10/9/2017 1:48:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132630

[From "Saudi Monkeys Cuck Out, Decide to Let Women Drive"]

Muslims can’t do anything right.

Comparing White sharia to sandmonkey sharia is a real joke; these people can’t even keep their women under control. The Saudis, supposedly the most “conservative” and “hardcore” of the sandpeople, have now cucked to the point where they’ll even let women drive.


Let me ask you this: what model of car is compact enough for a woman to drive it back and forth between the kitchen and the bedroom?

The answer: none, which is exactly why there’s no literally no reason to allow them to drive.


In essence, the Saudi monkeys are only doing this in order to please foreigners. They’re destroying their culture for PR reasons.


Well, the promiscuity thing, I’m sure. Basically, anything that empowers women to leave the kitchen is going to lead to more promiscuity. You can bet on it.


They started out so well, and yet now they sell out, just to stop being condemned non-stop by the entire world.



Saudis are dumb as all hell. They have no idea what they’re doing at any one point.

Anything which they might do right, is purely a matter of coincidence or accident. So it’s no surprise that they’re making this cataclysmic mistake of allowing women to drive.

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they stopped throwing homos off rooftops too.

After all, that’s bad for “PR” as well, isn’t it? That’s the slippery slope right there.

One day you’re thinking of allowing women out of the kitchen and then, BANG! Suddenly homos are going around making out in the street.

Adrian Sol, Daily Stormer 4 Comments [10/9/2017 1:38:29 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 132595

Why is it that most lesbians are fat and/or ugly and have a very deep seated insecurity that if they tell themselves they only like women that they don’t have to deal with the rejection that no man wants to fuck them?

Also a main motivation for women to lose weight is simply that they want to get more attractive for men so it is more likely that they’ll produce a baby with a man who sees her as a safe way to build a future.

At her current state men are evolutionary hard wired to avoid whales like her like the plague because her weight could easily suffocate the future heritage. Also diseases from the mother being fat.

So if we look at Amberlynn and her track record of denying things that are clearly obvious (Hint: Health) we can do something AL is clearly imcapable of: “jumping” to conclusions.

DarkSydePundit, Kiwi Farms 5 Comments [10/9/2017 1:27:39 AM]
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Quote# 132593

"You'd expect an explanation for shit like this, but apparently they don't know such people do exist."

If she's 3/10, she can get laid whenever she fucking wants. She started off by saying none of her 3 crushes liked her back. Oh, boo hoo. Try having literally 0 women on the fucking planet who would fuck you without being paid for it.

She could start up a tinder profile and bang a Chad if she wanted. She could date a slender 7 male and boss him around if she wanted. Since the majority of women in the United States are obese, there aren't nearly enough attractive women to pair up with all the attractive men. This leaves good-looking men settling for fat chicks, average men and below incel.

"The term incel was coined by a woman you whiny dumb fucking man babies!"

Well, that would explain why the term is incorrect. It should be, "inchaste." Celibacy only refers to not being married, as the late, great George Carlin noted in one of his books, discussing some common English blunders.

SolipsismIsBad, FSTDT 5 Comments [10/9/2017 1:23:38 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 132589

I'm not an incel, but I support this group and its message completely.(at least the fun, no bullshit, "misogynistic" parts.I just want to lend my support.

Most of you are completely right. The dipshits handing you guys cliché advice must be absolutely autistic if they think all of you are here because of your attitudes. You have to completely lack attention to detail to not believe in lookism. Good looking people get treated better, and people on the lower spectrum get bullied or if they're lucky just ignored. Anyone dumb enough to white knight in this place either has the depth of a piece of gravel or is trolling ironically. God bless all of you and your anti-PC ways. I hope some of you find better lives, but I support and sympathize with your choice to verbally abuse this world that has abused you so much. Tell these whores and cucks how it is. Glorify rape and abuse and piss these SJWs off. You're all doing an amazing service to your countries and planet. I won't hold any doors for any hot girls or help them pick up their dropped pencils this week, ALL FOR YOU GUYS. You da real mvps.

mygenerationiscucked, /r/incels 2 Comments [10/9/2017 1:21:36 AM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132552

Once you fully understand and believe the fact that all women are degenerate sluts who don't care about you or any man for that matter, and that your only hope is betacux, anxiety goes away.

I'm not saying this will cure anxiety 100%. But I used to be an EXTREMELY anxious person, and I've swallowed so many blackpills that I simply don't give a shit and say whatever I want. Blackpills have actually improved my social skills.

ItheIthe, r/incels 2 Comments [10/9/2017 1:17:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132534

Why is Hugh a pevert for having sex with numerous fertile age women at the age of ninety? Here is a toast to 20 milligrams of tada and 12.5 milligrams of caber.

It is stupid and counterproductive to blame men for sexual revolution, and particularly stupid and particularly counterproductive to blame alpha males for the sexual revolution.

Blaming Hugh Hefner for the sexual revolution is stupid. Blame Queen Caroline. Hugh Hefner was just watching the decline from poolside.

The problem is not that Hugh Hefner had sex with lots of women, the problem is that women want to have sex with alpha males. The problem is that women want to party till their youth and beauty runs out. Rather than contrasting the sexuality promoted by Hugh Hefner with one hundred roses monogamy that only existed up to the early nineteenth century, we need to contrast it with today’s sexuality.

Starting with Queen Caroline, and following up with Florence Nightingale, the problem always has been women out of control.

She wants 2.3 more years of sex with other men before she settles for you. They don’t want to waste a day more of their youth and fertility on their husbands than absolutely necessary

Monogamy and chastity are an agreement between males for equitable sharing of pussy, which deal was imposed on women with a stick, and the stick needs to re-applied from time to time.

“Hypergamy” means that women prefer to fuck Hugh Hefner. Since we have suppressed all the Hugh Hefners, , since today’s elite is unmanly and emasculated, it now means they prefer to fuck Jeremy Meeks.

We were better off when they were fucking Lord Byron and Hugh Hefner, than with them fucking Jeremy Meeks.

Suppress the Hugh Hefners of the world, and you will find your ten year old daughter is fucking a forty year old motorbike gang leader and ice dealer.

The problem is not Playboy magazine. The problem is that Queen Caroline did not receive a whipping.

In Victorian times they said that the problem was aristocratic wealthy male military officers. Make the army plebeian, it will solve the problem.

Then in Hugh Hefner’s time, they said the problem was wealthy and cultured businessmen, make business politically correct, it will solve the problem. What are they now saying about Jeremy Meeks?

We are targeting affluent high IQ males to make them terrified of women, thus “A rape on Campus” and “sexual harassment”. The man who did twenty years in prison for torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism gets a free pass.

This whole business started out as an attack on King and Aristocracy. Women are wonderful, it is just aristocrats and military officers forcing them to behave badly. Free and empower women, raise their self esteem, make the military plebeian, and they will behave well.

Have they been behaving well?

We observe women doing bad things with powerful men. We conclude that powerful men are using their power to make women behave badly. So we take power away from men and give it to women. “Sexual harassment” law makes eunuchs of wealthy men. The reason that lawyerettes have sex with criminal lowlives is that the judges and senior partners they associate with are terrified of them, and are therefore unattractive.

Are women now behaving better? Is it better that lawyerettes have sex with judges, or sex with criminals?

Well, actually, it is better if they get married, cook meals, and have babies. We now have profoundly dysgenic fertility, as cooking and babies is only for women too stupid to become cat lady PhDs. A woman has all her life to get an education and career, but only a short time to get married and have children.

I don’t behave badly because I am a bad person. I behave badly because in this environment, that is what it takes to get my dick wet. I don’t like defect/defect equilibrium at all.

We cannot get out of defect/defect and into cooperate/cooperate by calling on only one side in the war of the sexes to cooperate. In fact we cannot get out of defect/defect merely by calling on people. To end the war will take some enforcement, which enforcement was abandoned with Queen Caroline.

Jim, Jim's Blog 5 Comments [10/9/2017 1:01:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 132495

At the end of the day feminists have engaged in violence and you are morally entitled to state what you think should happen to them, including against any police officers who have also engaged in the brutality. That’s not called a “malicious communication” it’s called “justice”.

holocaust21, holocaust21 1 Comments [10/9/2017 12:49:45 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: xavier

Quote# 132482

Rolf Harris, Daily Mail 0 Comments [10/9/2017 12:47:07 AM]
Fundie Index: 0
Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 132754

Seems the word 'science' is changing into what the word 'truth' meant in the past.

And I think it isn't correct in this case. For sure not (((political correct))) as Jews need women sacrificed for their (((God)))

Women do fight but they do it in a different way. In the extreme a men kills by physical violence, by gun, axing, beating etc.

A woman in the extreme might kill by poison of any other non-bloody way.

A men is using the mind or physical force to subdue one.

A woman uses her emotions. Her aim is to make someone feel guilty and then stop that behavior.

To send a woman into a combat zone where usually men fight is, as you would send a man into an area where women fight and demand him to act like a woman there.

A woman stops fighting when the emotion is exhausted and then the peace mode prevails, a woman then looks for conciliation or the former status quo.

A man doesn't stop so easy, as it is more principally, the issue has to be resolved in favor of the winner.

A woman isn't so much interested in winning, she wants to be understood and the problem solved in a satisfactory way for her.

To send women into a male battle zone is criminal.

Ocko, Stormfront 4 Comments [10/8/2017 12:23:18 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132752

men’s loyalty to violence is disturbing. when women want a life free of abuse, assault, threat, & coercion, men’s first suggestion is “learn to fight back. learn to defend yourself”. i don’t want my life to be a fight. i don’t want to “prove myself” through inflicting pain & fear. i don’t find violence and physical conflict fulfilling or self-actualising. they’re exhausting & dehumanizing

fyxan, Tumblr 10 Comments [10/8/2017 12:22:08 PM]
Fundie Index: -1
Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 132743

Femoids are extremely selfish bitches who are governed purely by their emotions and feelings due to extra hormones in their systems and their naturally stunted IQs.

They are driven by their primal instincts, plain and simple, and their bestial, cave-man urges tell them to fuck as many Chads and Tyrone's as possible, only to produce an enormous Chad/Tyrone brood -- and then, when the bitch is a 30 year old bleached whale, frumpy, with a disgusting, saggy, battered and mangled cunt, she will find a beta provider to provide for her and Chad's or Tyrone's offspring.

But the femoid cum dumpsters would still cheat on their beta provider if some Chad/Tyrone were to give them attention.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 8 Comments [10/8/2017 12:21:13 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132742

Women experience the world same a way a slug does, driven by instinct and without reason. Sure, it may seem like that at first but in the end it's nothing but a facade. There is nothing beneath it, only void. Seeing how they are lower creatures, it follows they can not suffer to the same a degree higher beings like mankind do. When I'm talking about mankind, I'm talking about it in the literal sense of the word.

Slugs do not experience suffering on the same degree man does, this goes without saying. The same is to be said for the female. It is a lower being and should be treated as such, as a utility. Nothing more than a simple instrument who's worth is defined by it's usefulness which is in this instance sex and giving birth.

RodgersSecondAdvent, r/incels 9 Comments [10/8/2017 12:19:11 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132739

In an example of corruption so extreme that you just couldn’t make it up the Australian Police have been found to have distributed child pornography. The police Taskforce was lead by unconvicted paedophile Jon Rouse (don’t forget his name!). Supposedly under Australian Law the police have legal protections that allow them to commit acts of grave criminality. This shows what a hypocritical feminist police state Australia has become.

To make matters even more insane, the Norwegian Newspaper VG were, while the police were running the site, busily downloading and fapping off to child porn from it. The paper’s paedophile IT expert Einar Otto Stangvik, paedophile journalist Håkon Fostervold Høydal as well as paedophile editor-in-chief Gard Steiro are believed to have been involved in the child porn fapping orgy. It appears that the police will not be arresting them, even though they have clearly broken the law. Presumably this is because the journalists constitute part of the police state apparatus (I can only assume VG are a very pro-police, pro-feminist newspaper, though any Norwegian readers of mine might be able to confirm further). My assumption is further supported by the fact that The Guardian (one of the world’s most dangerous feminist rags and generally highly supportive of the police as long as they are beating up a white male) seems very happy that the VG paedophiles have been let off and highly supportive of the sickening hypocrisy of global police forces.

What we can draw from this operation of sickening hypocrisy is that there is no rule of law. The police are nothing less than a gang of thugs who must be overpowered by the public trying to organise against them (certainly paedophile Jon Rouse should be strung up). Do not obsess over whether something is “legal” or not as it really doesn’t matter.

holocaust21, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 1 Comments [10/8/2017 12:18:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: xavier david

Quote# 132720

i as a devout Christian cannot say that i agree with women being active in political roles, 1 Timothy 2:11-12 says 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. for a woman to be active in politics is in direct contradiction with that law and is sinful, and i cannot support sin

Monique40, Stormfront 9 Comments [10/7/2017 1:24:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132716

Sex is a basic human innate need that all living human beings have. Like, how humans have the need to consume food and water, sex is also equally important to us. However, we have reached a time where our society is failing thousands and thousands of men by making their sexual needs go unmet; and by doing so, the world is facing a huge male virginity epidemic.

This factor itself is ruining the lives of many men to a point where men are now driven to end themselves because they no longer cannot handle the absolute torment their frustrations bring them. This is an immense violation of human rights that needs to be dealt with.

If the people who lack basic necessities such as food, healthcare and so forth are provided for, thanks to the government, why aren't their any support for the needs of thousands of sexually frustrated men? We are all taxpaying citizens. If the government can't provide us with such a basic thing, why do we continue to given them money to things that basically doesn't concern us in anyway?

Single mothers are given welfare by the government using the money that we provide them. These are a bunch of sluts who couldn't close their fucking legs for chad and Tyrone, yet we are expected to pay for these low life scum. So, if society expects me to support others because they are entitled to it, then I too am entitled to have my needs met; my sexual needs. It is my divine and godgiven right.

Lookismisreal, r/incels 11 Comments [10/7/2017 1:23:56 PM]
Fundie Index: 4
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132712

"Of course looks matter! People want to date who they're attracted to!"

This isn't wrong, exactly. People do want to date who they're attracted to.

The issue is that when women only find the top 20% of men attractive and leave the rest of them in the dust.

"Looks matter" wouldn't be so hurtful if different women found different kinds of men attractive so that every dude could find a girlfriend regardless of how he looks. If the statement was "looks matter but it ranges from woman to woman" then it would be okay. But because women only find Chads attractive, then we have a problem.

ASS_F, /r/incels 7 Comments [10/7/2017 12:02:17 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132710

A femoid got kicked out of class because of me

Our professor gave us homework and told us to bring it on Friday. So, i did but my Chad friend didn't so i gave him my paper to quickly write it down before the professor comes in. When he finished, he gave me back my homework and this sloot (who has always been ignoring me whenever i talked to her and only talks to my Chad friend) literally took my paper off the table without my permission (no respect whatsoever, she legit thinks that she's entitled to my work). When she was about to begin to write down the answers i took my paper back and she kept begging me to let me copy down the homework but i just ignored her. Shortly after, the professor came in and she wasn't able to copy down the homework from this cuck who gave her his paper cause she wasted half of her time begging me. Anyways, he took our papers and she came up with an excuse about how she wasn't home the day before and he didn't believe her cause she has never done HW and always comes up with the same excuses (mostly because cucks at class always give her their homework, probably expecting something in return). She got kicked out of the class and it looked humiliating af.

OctopusGun2, /r/incels 5 Comments [10/7/2017 12:02:05 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 132706

A femoid can't post online without:
letting people know she has a cunt to ensure people pay attention to stupid shit she is about to say
posting a picture of herself
taking about her current or past relationships
mentioning she's depressed
mentioning she's been sexually abused
explaining how she is an exception to something
letting Chad's know she is not jealous of other women in fact is totally into them

A Norman can't post online without:
mentioning he is in a relationship or was or is at least having sex or had it at some point
mentioning he is actively self improving, for example on a journey to weightloss, or on a journey to weightgain and is hitting the gym and trying to learn new skills
mentioning he has "buddies"
mentioning he is not NEET, if in school making his field of study into a huge deal
mentioning he has hobbies and is passionate
obligatory joke, usually a reference to something popular to show his good taste
letting females know he is totally not jealous of other men in fact is totally into them
giving advice whenever applicable

A Chad can't post online without:
a naked female slave serving as a laptop table that also sucks his dick while he types

Alia_Harkonnen, r/incels 10 Comments [10/7/2017 11:48:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 132697

An argument can be made that female empowerment inevitably leads to cultural debasement. Case in point: Shonda Rhimes TV. This crap would not saturate the airwaves if economically self-sufficient women weren't prime advertising targets.

Heartiste, Gab 3 Comments [10/7/2017 9:13:16 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 132695

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson went on a “little tirade” about “female insanity” and what he thinks is “undermining the masculine power of the culture” in a “fatal” way.

Peterson is a controversial U of T psychologist who has been making headlines for the last year over his refusal to recognize students’ use of gender-neutral pronouns.

Since then, Peterson has become a cult figure in corners of Canada’s conservative movement and the online alt-right, making an appearance at last year’s Manning Centre conference in Ottawa where he celebrated disgraced Breitbart columnist Milo Yiannopoulous, as well as crowdsourcing funds with the help of Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant, testifying at a Senate committee on human rights legislation and even inspiring policies adopted by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

But in a new video published this week on the U of T professor’s YouTube channel, Peterson detailed his thoughts on why he believes men are unable to “control crazy women”:

“Here’s the problem: I know how to stand up to a man who’s unfairly trespassing against me, and the reason I know that is because the parameters for my resistance are quite well-defined … We talk, we argue we push, and then it becomes physical. Right? If we move beyond the boundaries of civil discourse, we know what the next step is, ok? That’s forbidden in discourse with women. And so I don’t think that men can control crazy women.”

In the video, Peterson also explains that he has “absolutely no respect” for any “man who wouldn’t fight with you under any circumstances.”

“You know if you’re talking to a man who wouldn’t fight with you under any circumstances whatsoever, then you’re talking to someone to whom you have absolutely no respect.”

Peterson complains “I’m defenceless against that kind of female insanity because the techniques that I would use against a man … are forbidden to me.”

Peterson, who is a clinical psychologist, goes on to suggest “it’s sane women who have to stand up against their crazy sisters”:

“I’m defenseless against that kind of female insanity because the techniques that I would use against a man who was employing those tactics are forbidden to me … it seems to me that it isn’t men that have to stand up and say ‘enough of this’ even though that is what they should do. It seems to me that it’s sane women who have to stand up against their crazy sisters and say ‘look enough of that, enough man-hating, enough pathology, enough bringing disgrace on us as a gender’.”

Professor Jordan Peterson, Press Progress 10 Comments [10/7/2017 9:13:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 132689

So, as I mentioned quite some time ago, this site name sucks a bit so I might consider changing it. Partly from the discussions in the aforementioned thread I’ve come up with a few options that I like:

Best Site Name
other (please specify in comments section)
holocaust21 is fine. Don't change it!

holocaust21, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 3 Comments [10/7/2017 9:12:04 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: xavier david
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