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women are the true genetic defectives. lets see here: they bleed 12 months out of the year, they vouch for open borders and are usually annoyingly liberal, they lack jewdar, they have emotional tantrums like children, they go back to abusive husbands, they are annoyingly pro-in group even though its for women themselves, not their ethnic background, they have PMS (major malfunction there), lesbianism is a choice, being a gay man isn't, they lack inner dialogue, I could on for hours but this is what I have so far. oh and they're annoyingly obsessed with shiny things like jews.

IntolerantSocialist, incels.me 10 Comments [10/16/2018 1:18:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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There may be hope for the United Cuckdom after all.

We should campaign to have refusing sex to a man a form of misandry. Then foids who turn us down when we approach will be jailed for hate crime.

MayorOfKekville, incels.me 3 Comments [10/16/2018 1:17:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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There are no homosexual animals. It is uniquely a human phenomenon.

Rod Fleming, Rod Fleming's World 11 Comments [10/16/2018 2:59:29 AM]
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Hey bi girls

Is it just me or do you ever wish you weren’t also attracted to men? bc

1. Men bad

2. Girls

3. The lesbian flag is so much prettier than the bi flag??

4. Boys don’t get it


6. GiRlS

like boys are awful yet irresistible

I wish I could unsubsribe from the male attraction and unlock my true sapphic potential

#bi #bi girls #bisexual #bisexual problems #saphic #sapphic #gay #gaydreaming #girls #wlw #wlw problems #men aint shit #girls who like girls #girlslikegirls #girls who love girls #girls that like girls

secretly-bishrekual, Tumblr 5 Comments [10/16/2018 2:59:11 AM]
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[A friend of mine came out as transgendered.] I've been scared to vocalise my confusion about it for fear of being labelled a TERF

Don't. The sooner you realize the truth -- that these are oppressors' tactics to silence you by forcing you from the offensive to the defensive -- the sooner you'll find the motivation to push back and fight for what's right.

Masked_WolfDragoness, /r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [10/15/2018 8:01:53 AM]
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91% of Police say a woman in a mini-skirt is far more likely to be raped!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 5 Comments [10/15/2018 7:51:37 AM]
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Notice how they think we were getting upset about the guy being hot with a hot gf when we were actually getting upset that we wouldn't never have anyone wake us up in the morning with kisses. Just goes to show the blackpill is real and IT only knows how to attack strawmans.

Seriously IT dedicated a sub to hate on the idea of incels that they fucking created lol, r/braincels is simply built on the idea that if your born unattractive your struggle in life is going to be greater than someone born attractive, less than 10% of this sub would advocate rape and murder, NO ONE HERE ACTUALLY BELIEVES WE ARE ENTITLED TO SEX, the members that hate women started doing so after coming here and seeing the facts (even then a lot of us still don’t hate them), not the contrary as they would love to have you believe. My chad/chadlite friends talked openly all throughout school about how women are inferior to men, they don’t deserve equal rights, they don’t deserve respect, feminism is a joke, all woman are stupid, said schooling them is a waste of money and they should stay at home to cook and clean, but they all have relationships or constant hook ups because of their looks. They were all fucking racist too. We simply use this sub to cope and pass the time because society has rejected us, but they can’t even let us have that.

Imagine being told by your parents that you can do anything you set your mind to, then you find out a decent number of people are homeless/in poverty. You tell yourself “it’s their fault” and start attributing negative qualities to them because the idea that you could just as easily be in their shoes scares you. Poor people are now “drug addicts” and “bad with money” or “lazy”. Similarly, we (incels) become anything that it takes for normies to reject the idea that the world isn’t fair or forgiving. Putting us down is their cope.

Fucking hell this says it all about privileged KIDS living in the protective bubble their mommies and daddies built for them. They've never met anyone who has it bad and if they did, they wouldn't associate with them because it might pop that bubble and GASP, prove them wrong.

purpplerainn, blastinum & JustLetTheWorldBurn, r/Braincels 6 Comments [10/15/2018 7:51:20 AM]
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"Women are miserable because their in-group think tells them to strive for the opposite of what their limbic system wants, which is a firm hand and a man who is not afraid to walk away from the table. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something." - Anonymous

Via @Heartiste

Hugin2017, Gab 3 Comments [10/14/2018 2:37:17 PM]
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I need to buy a vowel because O….. MY….. GAWD. You just triggered a hundred memories.

That’s exactly what it’s like. And I have been in that room!
(“Sugar and spice and everything nice” my ass)

While an EPIC find… I am not at all surprised. I’m sure the rest of you are yawning here too. It serves as a good reminder though. I got a front row seat into the TRUE female nature and behavior when I moonlit as a part-time bartender (during my early-mid 20s) in nightclubs and various first-run establishments – including a brief stint as a relief bartender in a male strip club. The stories I have about that would turn your hair white.

But first… NO. I wore a shirt and tie at all times. So don’t get any ideas.

I knew what was up before most guys did. I remember thinking their boyfriends and husbands would PUKE if they knew. Women would come in in groups and they would be the type who would be THE LAST YOU WOULD EVER EXPECT to demonstrate the kind of behavior I saw. Chicks with Mary Tyler Moore haircuts that looked like bank tellers…. like the kind of “average” women you would expect to see in a female talk-show audience. Just plain Janes and average chicks who (within an hour or less) were shrieking and behaving like the most vile and ill-mannered and sluttiest of sluts. Like they had COMPLETELY been deceiving themselves (and everyone else) all their lives, and THIS evening, they were gonna let their hair down because their boyfriends and husbands weren’t looking.

And take my word for it. They were NOT just being someone else when they went out on this night, they were “being someone else” in their everyday lives. This was a consistent observation of hundreds of screaming women every weekend. Some of the groups would get called up on stage by the MC and be asked what they were celebrating tonight. Guess how many times the Queen Bee would say “MY DIVORCE!!!”…. and all of them would join in and shout “WOOO!!! WOOO!!!”.

You’ve heard of “woo girls”, yes?
I mean, I can understand “celebrating” a birthday, or an upcoming wedding.
But gathering all your “friends’ together to go out and “celebrate a divorce”?

There is something not right in the f~~~ing head with that.

There was a female strip club downstairs and it was always quiet. Guys would come in , clutch a beer or three, clap at the end of a set, slip the girl a couple of bucks, maybe get a table dance – strictly hands off or they would get booted. The men downstairs were TRULY “gentlemen” and ANY mis-behaving would have them escorted out. NO bulls~~~.

But the male strip joint was an eye opener free-for-all FREAK SHOW like you would not believe. I wore EAR PLUGS. I could go on about this for a week, but remember what brought them in was usually a birthday, or one of them was getting married the next day (or the following weekend). These “women” (I use the term loosely) would pay a stripper for a table dance in a private booth – with their fiancees credit card!! – and these poor suckers would also innocently pay for her entire evening, her “bachelorette” evening – including all drinks – and MORE.

On a nightly basis, a male stripper would give a table dance for $20 per song in a private booth. Typically 3 for $60. (About 15 minutes). The girl would get turned on, and ask to BLOW HIM. He said sure but it costs more. No problem . Her future husband is paying! So these girls would suck stranger stripper dick, AND SWALLOW.

She didn’t want a mess you know. She got all tarted up for this, so no facial with her friends around. So they just swallow! (you think she swallowed her fiancee’s load lately?)

Then the stripper says “that’s $160”.
The women would say “WTF?? I just sucked you off and swallowed!”
(they actually thought they wouldn’t have to pay him now. Typical.)

And he would say “Yeah. Thanks! But, what if the next chick wants the same thing? You owe me $160.”

Then these girls would add it to “the tab” and pay with their fiancees credit card….
and marry him the following week.

But that’s not all. Sometimes sucking him off was not enough. They would bend over and ask to be penetrated right in the ass. And they loved every second of it. Didn’t always happen in the booth, either. Sometimes it happened in the bathroom – with her bent over the f~~~ing TOILET.

Needless to say, I didn’t last long there. I couldn’t take it. I was a good private school boy with a classical education who made $300 a night in this s~~~hole. That was enough to finance my life quite nicely on top of my day jobs and that’s why I did it. $300 a night when you are 22 is not bad cash! But one day, I had seen enough and couldn’t unsee it. I didn’t feel right watching these unknown guys PAYING for the most animalistic, sick behavior I could imagine in my wildest nightmares. Or maybe the screaming noise just got to me one night.

So I took my cash register, handed it to the manager and walked out one night in the middle of the shift.
I walked ALL THE WAY HOME – about 4 hours – and thanked my personal God the whole way, it would never be me.

I wish to thank VileNord for posting this series of insights – directly from the source – as evidence that every word I just told you is true.

Keymaster, mgtow.com 5 Comments [10/14/2018 2:24:31 PM]
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Would men eagerly date and have sex with young teens, children and even toddlers if it were legal? I think yes, definitely.

The fact that most every man adores loli hentai and bemoans the fact that 'irl lolis' are off limits. The fact that men constantly bring up ages of consent in different countries when e.g. a young girl is raped in Japan ("well actually the age of consent in Japan is 13 so its legal I guess").

The fact that sex tourism targets countries with an epidemic of underage prostitution. The fact that schoolgirl uniforms and ddlg are the most desirable kinks. The fact that "innocence is sexy". The fact that men openly state and imply that it isn't morality stopping them from fucking kids en masse but the law.

Please discuss.

fangedpussy, r/GenderCritical 16 Comments [10/13/2018 8:45:38 PM]
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What's the purpose and true motive of most males talking to foids in hopes of achieving? A chance at that wet warm hole. Besides looking attractive most foids have literally NOTHING to offer to men. They don't have to try in life. They are like a product which men tries to get.

shadowsoulz125, incels.me 10 Comments [10/13/2018 8:45:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Amazon ditches its HR-replacement AI for violating several of its assumptions[.]


The problem of the machine not spitting out results preferred by those using it is hardly new. And while the article claims that "gender bias was not the only issue" and that "problems with the data that underpinned the models’ judgments meant that unqualified candidates were often recommended for all manner of jobs" is almost certainly true, the problem is that Amazon did not give its AI a fair shake.

Amazon simply assumed that the undesired preference for male employees and "unqualified candidates" was a bug rather than the feature that it may have been. If the AI actually worked, then it would have undermined not only the concept of sexual equality, but credentialism as well. But instead of actually allowing the experiment to proceed and seeing if those unqualified male candidates recommended by the AI were successful employees, they chose to kill it on the basis of its violation of their preconceived ideas.

It's too bad that they didn't allow the experiment to play out, because the complete destruction of corporate credentialism is desperately needed in today's increasingly competitive global marketplace. Then again, given how Amazon already dominates the online retail space, it's probably just as well for their competitors that they turned away from the possible advantage the AI-HR system might have given them.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 7 Comments [10/13/2018 8:38:01 PM]
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Witchcraft was popular during the Reagan presidency as well. I was privy to it at the time because I was a young boy and the women engaged in it, including a former nun who taught me in fourth grade, deemed me and my friends inconsequential. The “witches” used to have seances at my friend’s divorced single mother’s house.

I think it’s just a normal part of female spirituality. It’s institutionalized in Korea, and probably Mexico, too.

If men have their own, countervailing organizations, things are balanced out. The problem here is that we don’t, and a lot of contemporary Anglo men stubbornly ignore the fact that this is a problem.

As much as I respect and admire certain women, such as Ann Coulter and Mollie Hemingway, we men have to have our own woman-free institutions not only for rational discourse, but peace of mind as well.

Bill P, Unz 3 Comments [10/13/2018 8:34:34 PM]
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Quote# 140890

LOL this is Clarence Thomas after a fellow falsely accused man survives a high tech lynching.

Is it possible to trigger shitlibs so hard they self-shoah? I hope this post does it!

PS stray thought of the day: intra-ethnic White animus is paradoxically made worse by nonWhite presence, because the cratering trust engendered by racial diversity has the knock off effect of lowering trust between Whites.

PPS Our Chemical Romance:

Antidepressant and antianxiety medications are found everywhere, in sewage, drinking water, soil … Wildlife are bathed in drugs for their entire lifecycle.

Don’t forget the Pill. Thanks, Western sluts!

It’s a fine line between unintended consequence of decades of dismissive ignorance and deliberate poisoning. When will Western Man wake up to his ZOGification?

PPPS Guess who’s back, exposing her hatred on a platter for all to see:

Hillary Clinton: “Civility can start again once Dems are in power.”

Yes, that’s quite the revealing soundbite from thecunt. There will be no civility as long as Americans aren’t under the jackboot of the Anti-White Dem hate machine.

I guess it’ll be scorched earth war then. Remind me again, which side needs safe spaces?

Grandpa Lampshade elucidates,

This could be the mantra of the Marxist left period.

They are like the rapist who tells you that the reason you have a broken jaw is because you kept insisting on fighting back. “See? You’re the one who made me hurt you.”

Never forget, with the left civility and getting along always = you must submit.

No more submission. We stand now in defiance. #TheDefiance.

And the Leftoid Equalism Fuggernaut hates us for our insolence.


PPPPPS More than 75% of Americans Think Women Are Making False PoundMeToo Claims.

Everyone eventually comes round to the Chateau and imbibes deeply of the wisdom herein.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 7 Comments [10/13/2018 8:23:34 PM]
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Eve didn’t have VARO, a feminist court system, blood-sucking lawyers, feminist friends, meddling parents, heathen judges, Godless laws, shelters to run to, visitation houses, etc.

If Eve didn’t obey her husband, she was tough out of luck. Today, a woman living in America can CRUCIFY her husband if he tries to control her, which is his Biblical right. Feminism forbids a husband from controlling his wife in any manner; but God says the husband should have total control.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [10/13/2018 8:20:22 PM]
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Feminism is a two-headed monster! The feminist movement is the brainchild of Communism, as is the homosexual movement and the civil rights movement. These "rights" groups have done exceedingly much to undermine America's moral integrity. After Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, his wife Coretta spent the remaining years of her life promoting homosexual rights. So much for their alleged Christian roots. Martin Luther King Jr. denied the deity of Jesus Christ, lived as a whoremonger, and was involved in at least 64 Communist fronts. Please read my recent article on The Dangers of Feminism, which addresses the Feminist/Communist connection. You may also want to read Feminist Theology, which is a clear indicator of just how insane feminism has become. Feminists hate the man's authority so much that they have even redefined God to include a feminine side (which is damnable heresy).

The entire American court system today is feminist biased. It is wicked in the sight of God that the American court system REFUSES to recognize a husband's Biblical RIGHT to "rule" over his wife (Genesis 3:16). Every husband has a God-given right to RULE over his wife. Yes, that means he has a right to track her time, and her friends, and her whereabouts, and her spending. A feminist loathes the thought of being accountable to a man. Feminist logic dictates that a wife is EQUAL in authority with her husband; but God says NO! A wife is commanded by God to OBEY her husband, just as Sara Obeyed Abraham, calling him lord. 1st Peter 3:6 states, "Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord..." There are victimized husbands all across America, who's rebellious wives divorced them, and now those poor men have to pay alimony. It is a sore evil in America when a wife can rebel against her husband year after year in a marriage, and then punish the husband further by taking him before a heathen judge to FORCE him to support her. Why should a husband have to support a lazy, irresponsible, and rebellious wife? Husbands have few rights in the American court system. If a man's wife decides not to obey him anymore--there is nothing he can do about it! This is horribly wrong. A rebellious wife needs to be punished by the courts, not rewarded.

Divorce is an evil sin, and God hates it (Malachi 2:16). Rebellious wives ought to be locked up in prison, not given alimony. No psychiatrist will ever diagnosis a wife as being "rebellious" against God or her husband. We live in a rebellious world (Ephesians 2:2; 1st John 5:19). Every day, millions of people are misdiagnosed. Drunks are said to be "sick." Rebellious wives are said to be "depressed." Homosexuality is called "genetic." Gambling is considered an "addiction." At what point does personal responsibility and character come into the picture? Much of what the feminist movement defines as "abuse" nowadays is perfectly acceptable behavior for a Biblical husband. For example: feminists teach women that it is abusive for a husband to track his wife's time. Not at all! Every husband has a right to know where his wife is at at any given time. The responsible working father and husband is under severe attack in America. Even "Christian" wives have been brainwashed by lying demonic feminist propaganda. "Christian" women are increasingly divorcing their husbands. Divorce is a horrible sin, and there are NO grounds for a divorce. Proverb 31:12 ought to be every Christian wife's life verse ... "She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life."

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 9 Comments [10/12/2018 6:16:22 PM]
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Woman wears clothing that invites men to look at her in a sexual way.
Woman struts her stuff to show off her body in an area that's not so safe.
Woman gets raped.

Sure, the guy is definitely at fault, but sometimes it takes two to make something happen. Maybe if women would dress a bit more conservatively, maybe if women wouldn't be showing off their body so much, maybe if women would watch what they're doing at parties and such, we'd see a lot less rapes.

Do you walk down the streets of the ghettos at night wearing an armani suit, and carrying a briefcase full of cash? Of course not. That'd be inviting a mugger to rob you blind. Do you park a Lamborghini and leave the doors unlocked and the keys in the ignition in some dark parking lot at night? I would hope not.

So why on Earth would you want to wear skimpy clothing that invites men to lust over your body and then strut your stuff at some party where someone can drug you or grab you and make off with you and take what they want?

Doesn't matter if it is a robbery, rape, murder, there's the person who commits the crime... and then there's the person who the crime is committed against.

If the latter invites the former by being an easy target, or an attractive target, then the latter is partially contributing to the crime. Everybody has a responsibility to act maturely and in such a way that they are protecting themselves from such crime. Sometimes crime happens anyways even if you do take all the precautionary measures, but if you do something absolutely stupid and you become the victim of a crime... then yes, you're partially to blame for it.

"A woman shouldn't have to change her clothing because of lustful men!"

Ok, are you also saying that a rich man shouldn't have to change out of his armani suit before walking down the streets in a ghetto at night? lol.

Everybody is responsible for their own personal safety. This includes women and skimpy clothing. There's no reason to wear skimpy clothing other than to get men to lust after them. Is it really THAT big of a surprise when a woman who was wearing that trashy clothing gets raped? Now, obviously, if a woman was not wearing trashy clothing and still got raped... then no, she's not at fault (unless she did something else stupid, like drinking at a party or something) at all.

You can't just disregard personal safety and expect the rest of the world to conform to you. No, you must conform to it. If personal safety means not going down the ghetto streets at night wearing rich clothing and carrying money, then yes... that means you either have to not carry the money, not wear such rich-looking clothing, or take the long way to avoid the ghetto street. If you're a woman wanting to avoid being raped, then yes... you should not be wearing skimpy clothing and perhaps you should be avoiding parties and drinking. Perhaps if the woman in question weren't wearing trashy clothing, men might have a little more respect for her, eh?

Xaelai, MMO Champion 5 Comments [10/12/2018 9:17:15 AM]
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Unhinged C-SPAN Caller Says Rape Prevention 'Indoctrination' Destroyed The US Army

A C-SPAN caller on Sunday complained that the U.S. military was guilty of "indoctrination" because service members receive mandatory training on sexual assault prevention.

On Sunday's edition of Washington Journal, host Steve Scully invited calls from people who wanted to comment on the impact of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

In a call from in Georgia, "Kenneth" described himself as "an old retired Army sergeant major."

"And I want to tell you something," Kenneth began. "If you talk [about] the sexual stuff that's going on there [in D.C.] and that court was bad, you ought to see the U.S. Army now."

"Those women in Congress and in the Senate have absolutely destroyed the U.S. Army!" he continued. "Right now, you've got people going to classes like old Chinese Red Book classes. It's a mandatory -- it's mandatory! Everybody at Ft. Gordon for years now go to their 2-hour weekly indoctrination training to stop rape on post."

Kenneth griped that the "classes are mandatory" even though there are "not many" sexual assaults reported on base.

"And if you don't go, your career is over with," he bizarrely added. "And we have a problem now with overweight people afraid to say anything because they are afraid to be charged with being sexual harassers."

"So they don't say anything, they distance themselves from soldiers so that they don't have to come in contact with them," Kenneth concluded.

"Kenneth" From Georgia, Crooks and Liars 9 Comments [10/11/2018 1:47:06 PM]
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Quote# 140871

Emily Wells

I like your article and I was thinking “Wow. Finally a cis guy who gets it.” And then you went on your own little transphobic rage.

Blanchard simply goes from strength to strength, despite the efforts of delusional blokes in skirts like you, ‘Emily’.

I don’t give a fuck if you ‘respect’ my views or not: you are a man with a serious mental disorder who thinks he is a woman. I’ve as much interest in the local fruitcake who thinks he’s Napoleon ‘respecting’ me. Frankly, it might be more entertaining than the relentless grind of autogynephilic men like you, wallowing in self delusion, self-loathing and self-absorption.

Autogynephilic men like you need help, but not for one minute do I think that ‘transition’ will do so. You are a transvestite, please deal with it. Get your woman suit on and crack one off to the mirror.

Since gender is the outward expression of sexuality, these individuals naturally feel most comfortable as women, and those who do not transition, that is, gender-conforming homosexuals, suffer varying degrees of Gender Dysphoria. This is because Homosexual Gender Dysphoria is caused by a mismatch between sexuality and gender. (Non-homosexual Gender dysphoria in males, what you have, ‘Emily’, is the product of a narcissistic paraphilia called, wait for it, Autogynephilia.) You bear NO RELATIONSHIP to HSTS, so stop pretending you do.

It’s always so nice to hear from a bitter, self-loathing, transvestite autogynephile like you ‘Emily’; it reminds me of whom and what I am campaigning for — True Transsexuals, not brickies in tights. Have fun being a transvestite, but do not pretend to be transsexual or a woman. You cannot be these things. You’re a straight bloke in a frock with a severe mental disorder.

Rod Fleming, Rod Fleming's World 5 Comments [10/11/2018 4:08:13 AM]
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Submitted By: WarGoatHK417

Quote# 140870

Brock Turner is a rapist but not the kind that frightens me.

A guy I train with told me a funny story about mixing martial arts with alcohol. Like me, he’s not really interested in martial arts as a sport, but more in terms of real world applicability. He’s a fighter more than an athlete. He was training with a group who felt the most likely environment in which they would encounter real violence would be a bar, and alcohol would likely be involved, so they convinced their sensei to run a simulation that involved everyone doing tequila shooters, to test their reflexes and muscle memories under the influence. Could they drink tequila and still be able to handle real world violence? They turned the lights down and the music way up, which is not that unusual for a dojo. Lots of stress drills are done in low light, noisy conditions.

And then guzzled tequila.

Everything started out fine. Everyone was jokey and boisterous and having fun with the drills and even singing along to the hokey death metal band. And then tequila 2.0 arrived. When the full effects kicked in, people started getting hurt. The fight took on a whole new dimension. Wrist locks got brutal. People didn’t notice their partners tapping out. Choke holds were a little too enthusiastic. No one waited for a secure hold before reaping. It was mayhem!

It’s funny to hear him tell the story, because from the outside it seems like a terrifying drunken brawl, and it was, but the fighters enjoyed every minute of it. It was fun. Sensei had to cut the class short because people were getting hurt. Being drunk, they didn’t really realize it, and were thoroughly enjoying themselves. The next day, people had bruises and sprains and fat lips and black eyes and swollen joints and stuff that should never happen except by pure accident when sparring. Someone even dropped a 12-6 elbow between his opponent’s shoulder blades, which is pretty much a nuclear elbow strike you don’t pull out lightly. It’s actually sort-of illegal in most martial arts, but perfectly acceptable in self-defense. The fighters agreed to never drunk spar again, although I suspect that was a very effective lesson in teaching them just how much alcohol impaired their ability to use proportional violence.

The real point is that while the sparring was happening, the fighters were having a blast. They were doing what they do: fighting. I’m sure getting out of bed the next day brought a few regrets home, but in the moment, it was fun. The whole story made me think of the Brock Turner case – the Stanford athlete convicted of sexually assaulting a drunk woman outside a fraternity.

Let’s get a few things out of the way right off the bat: do I think Brock Turner is a rapist?


Yes, I do. Turner claims he went outside with the woman and they were making out and I believe him. They were both drunk, but she was sloppy drunk and she passed out cold. Turner dragged her behind a dumpster, removed her panties, somehow managed to get rocks and dirt in her vagina, shoved his fingers in her, left her with scrapes and bruises and only stopped assaulting her when a couple guys noticed what he was up to, and then chased Turner down when he ran. Bystanders held Turner until police arrived.

Please note that this is exact opposite of feminist rape culture, in which rape is treated like a joke and condoned by the wider society. No one (except Turner’s father) thinks Turner’s action were amusing or acceptable. The Stanford police were involved right off the bat, the woman was found and taken to hospital, charges were laid and Turner was prosecuted successfully and sentenced to jail, even though the victim can’t remember a single thing about the incident. That doesn’t sound like condoning, celebrating or accepting rape to me. Or to Ashe Schow, who has written a nice explanation of rape culture as it relates to Brock Turner.

But of course, feminists are mad. They’re always mad. They’re mad at Brock because being sentenced to life isn’t harsh enough. Yes, you read that correctly. Turner got a life sentence. No, not in jail. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail, and will likely spend 3 months there, but he will spend the rest of his life on the Sex Offender Registry. That is punishment untempered by mercy, yet not punishment enough to satisfy feminists, ecstatic that they finally found an actual rape victim to get behind.

According to Emily Horowitz, who wrote Protecting Our Kids: How Sex Offender Laws Are Failing Us, sex offender registries don’t keep anyone safer. Speaking to Slate’s Christina Cauterucchi, Horowitz says. ‘Are sex offenders destined to reoffend? Not according to any research—sex offenders have lower recidivism rates than almost any other type of offender. Punishing [Turner] forever and destroying his life doesn’t make anyone safer.’

I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that feminists don’t care. Read the comments. They want Turner to suffer for the rest of his life. They want him to pay for his idiocy for the rest of his life. They want revenge, not justice. It’s so rare for an actual, unambiguous rape victim to emerge, feminists are practically in shock. Whipping women up in frenzied fear, feminists have convinced almost 100K people to sign a petition to remove the judge who decided to temper Turner’s life sentence with reduced jail time. Justice must not have mercy? I’d be really careful with that demand, feminists. It could bite you in the ass, pretty easily.

The reality here is that Brock Turner is like the fighters who beat the shit out of each other while loaded. Turner has no reputation for being criminally sexually aggressive, but he is a predator. Like all athletes, he channels his natural desire to compete and triumph into a sport, and he was very good at winning. Competitors and predators come down to the same thing. No one wants to tie. It’s a zero sum game. I win. You lose. Civilization is the story of channeling this aspect of human nature into creation, rather than destruction. Brock Turner got drunk and behaved in a criminally foolish manner. An equivalent would be a drunk sparring partner who knocked his partner out and then kept hitting him. It crosses every line and deserves sanction and punishment.

Rapists like Turner don’t frighten me. Avoiding him is as simple as not getting black out drunk and refusing to go make out with him outside, in the dark. The trouble with feminist definitions of rape is that they confuse drunk couples who go outside and have mutually consensual sex, having fun in the moment, with actual rape. That is exactly what happened at Occidental College. Both individuals were drunk, both agreed to have sex, but she regretted it the next morning. If they had both been drunk, and agreed to spar, could she charge him with assault and battery the next day? Occidental says yes.

I say no.

People do stupid shit when they’re drunk. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, which is a key reason people like to drink it. But it doesn’t fundamentally change who you are as a person. The fighters my friend and I talked about did stupid stuff when fighting drunk they would never do sober, but none of them crossed the line into brutally beating an unconscious partner. It was just a kind of crazy, wild playfight that left a few people bruised and bleeding, but no criminal lines were crossed.

Most drunk sex, no matter how much one party or the other might regret it in the morning, is not rape.

What Turner did is rape.

Feminist definitions of regret=rape are now starting to trap women, too. When Rose grabbed herself a drunk guy and fucked him, she thought it was just a good time, had by all. And it was. In the moment. But when morning came and the guy saw he had just boned a fat chick, he turned campus rape laws on her and had Rose expelled.

This is nuts.

And awesome, at the same time. Turnabout is fair play, ladies. If you are going to expand the definition of rape to include sex one person regrets, you’re going to have to accept the uncomfortable truth that men make poor decisions when plastered, too, and stick their dicks in women they wouldn’t glance at twice when sober. If we’re going to call drunk sparring ‘assault’ and criminally prosecute it, any woman who downs a shooter and steps in the ring can be charged.

Is this really the world we want? Young men and women expelled from college, their futures blighted, because they got drunk and did something dumb? No one should be expelled from college for hooking up while drunk. Drunk sex is not rape. Rape is rape. It’s not that hard to tell the difference. Turner is a case study in campus rape. And even he doesn’t deserve a life sentence. He is extremely unlikely to reoffend.

Justice without mercy is cruelty. Is anyone surprised feminists are howling for exactly that when it comes to Turner, and by extension, all men accused of rape? The real danger here is that cruelty can be contagious. I sincerely hope the courts do not bow to the pressure of feminists and remove this judge. That will spread the contagion of feminism and we are already at critical mass.

Never forget that feminism is cancer.

What we really need are a few more fat bitches to get charged with rape. A few brave men are needed, to take one for the team. We need to show everyone the insanity of feminist ideals of ‘justice’.

Any volunteers?

Lots of love,


Janet bloomfield, judgybitch 3 Comments [10/11/2018 4:06:16 AM]
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Quote# 140868

A shit-faced drunk girl, a football star and a vigilante feminist. The makings of a fairy tale?

So back in August, in Steubenville, Ohio, a whole bunch of teenagers got together and did what teenagers will typically do when provided with tons of alcohol and little adult supervision: they got blackout drunk and acted like idiots.

People who will eventually need Ohio inpatient detoxification in the future.

One special girl, an honor roll student and athlete at a smaller, religious school joined the students from the local high school along with several close friends and had a wee bit too much to drink (that can happen). In fact, she got so drunk, she was slurring her words and stumbling about and eventually passed out cold and her friends packed her up safely in the back of someone’s car and drove her home and told her parents she must have the flu or something and she had a wicked headache the next morning and decided she was never drinking tequila again.

Oh, wait. Oops. No. That’s not what happened.

One special girl, an honor roll student and athlete at a smaller, religious school joined the students from the local high school and had a wee bit too much to drink (that can happen). In fact, she got so drunk, she was slurring her words and stumbling about and eventually passed out cold and APPARENTLY HAS NO FRIENDS OF ANY KIND.

This girl (you can find out her name if you like, but I’ll just call her Princess) somehow managed to find herself in the company of not just one, but TWO local football stars, who then proceeded to act like huge jerks, by taping themselves assaulting Princess, who was too drunk to protest and then posting the images on Twitter and sharing them using their phones.

Did I use the word “assault”? Yes, I did. What those boys did was clearly assault, but to describe it as “brutal rape” is a fucking insult to women who have been brutally raped. The boys deserve a slap and a good talking to about being decent human beings, but there is more to this story than is being reported. A whole bunch of things are being left out.

As Jezebel has noted, we wouldn’t even know about the story if it weren’t for a righteous blogger who decided that the “brutal rape” of the innocent Princess should result in some serious jail time for the boys involved. Vigilante feminism in action, where there is only one narrative, and only one possible outcome. The lady is 100% innocent and good, the young men are 100% evil and bad and the complete destruction of the boys lives is the only acceptable outcome, up to and including jail.

What is being left out? Oh, only the whole entire back story of history and psychology and deeply engrained motivations and desires. So Princess shows up at the party without a group of friends to protect her and drinks herself into catatonia.

Why doesn’t she have any friends? An honor roll student and an athlete and she has no friends? Bullshit. How about this? She went to a smaller religious school with a group of girls who know just what is going to happen at a testosterone fuelled drinking party loaded with football players and stayed home that night! Is that what happened? I don’t know, but if it did, it’s certainly a material fact. How can Princess claim she didn’t know what could possibly happen when her friends refused to accompany her? WHY would Princess go to a party without friends and then proceed to get blindly drunk?

Did she want to nail a football star?

football star

Bingo! And being a teenage girl, raised in a slut-walking feminist culture, she probably thought that giving herself some liquid courage and then blowing one of the players might land her a boyfriend. Wrong, Princess. It landed you a night with boys who had nothing but contempt for you. Jezebel and our vigilante feminist blogger would like people to think that the contempt the boys had for Princess is indicative of the hatred they have for all women, everywhere, all the time. Is it possible that the boys thought that Princess, specifically was a slut?

And so they treated her like one (surprise!). And for that they deserve some small punishment. Fingering a passed out, friendless, boyfriend-hunting slut and posting the pictures on Twitter was a revolting thing to do. Shame on those boys.

Everyone in this case behaved shamefully, but I take issue with the fact that only the boys are held legally or morally responsible for their actions. Deciding that ONLY the boys are responsible has some very damaging consequences. First of all, it’s completely infantilizing. Only men have responsibilities? Only men are held accountable? Only men can be charged criminally with sex crimes? At the very least, Princess should be up on charges of underage drinking, public intoxication and indecency. But no, she’s apparently just a victim and can’t be blamed for any aspect of what happened to her.

Second, it tells young women that it’s OK to go hunting high status males, to travel alone, to drink to the point of unconsciousness and to wake up the next morning with no memory and then place the BLAME on someone else. Hey look, shark infested waters! Let’s get super drunk, cover ourselves in fish blood and go swimming! What can go wrong?

How foolish. The fact that the boys in question were so utterly unfeeling and contemptuous towards Princess says something about them, to be certain. But it also says something about HER. And the fact is that no one’s life is going to be ruined by this, if we just leave things well enough alone. The boys have learned that there are limits to how callously they can act (no matter how slutty the girl) and hopefully, Princess has learned that heading out to drink with the big boys without some good friends to protect her from her own worst, most base impulses is also a bad idea.

But cue the vigilante feminist blogger. She won’t let this drop. She wants those boys ruined. Destroyed. Rotting in jail. Completely annihilated. One of the boys is countersuing for defamation, and good for him. But honestly, it doesn’t look good.

And that, my friends, is a problem. When young men, barely beyond childhood themselves are held responsible for their actions, but young women are not, we have tilted the field too far. I can’t imagine what kind of LAW could be passed to hold women accountable that wouldn’t be horrifically draconian and open to wide abuse. It has to be part of the culture. Women need to know that men are not women, and that they will respond in certain situations LIKE MEN.

How do young women protect themselves from men being men? They have friends. They travel in groups. They accept that their own decisions aren’t always going to be wise or accomplish what they hope to accomplish. THAT is girl power. Stick together ladies. If you end up shit-faced drunk at a football party chasing after boys way out of your league, you need some good solid girlfriends to take you home and tell your mom you suddenly came down with the flu.

If someone wants to post a picture of you barfing on Facebook, well, let them. Make sure your two besties are in the shot, holding back your hair and getting you to drink some water. No one ever charged their best friends for being friends.

And always remember, if you want to nab the star quarterback, you need to be a cheerleader. That’s how it works.

Lots of love,


Janet bloomfield, judgybitch 5 Comments [10/11/2018 4:03:06 AM]
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Quote# 140858

Metal Gear is just filled with tons of pointless bullshit drama and bits of female-supremacy faggotry. Another reasons why all women should just no exist and why Asians shouldn't be allowed to make games. Stop wasting your money and giving attention to this piece of shit franchise.

Rainbow_Frag, Kiwi Farms 8 Comments [10/11/2018 3:52:19 AM]
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Quote# 140857

Only the ones with Drake in them are Uncharted games. Not that give-me-attention female bullshit. They REALLY went super ultra mega exceptional individual when they made that utter shit game. Women shouldn't be in any games or movies. They are just annoying pieces of useless shit.

Rainbow_Frag, Kiwi Farms 5 Comments [10/11/2018 3:52:07 AM]
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Quote# 140815

There’s not been a wave in decades. It’s more of a mass seizure...

It’s all so uncoordinated, poorly planned, horribly executed and they’ve got she-eep running around spouting shit that’s so far off of reality, it’s really quite breathtaking the lack of true knowledge, understanding or tolerance of any kind that they bang around like a headless bull (pardon me, cow, wouldn’t want to trigger one of the mentally-ill that plague our society) in a museum full of priceless pieces in a 10x10 storage locker.

I can’t take them seriously, not for a few decades.

Made up shit, flat out lies, already have the upper hand not equality on many subjects...yet they continue to bitch about the sky falling and to my amazement less and less aware of reality and less and less educated.

Indoctrination is what they’ve got....

They’re so rabid, they’re starting to choke themselves in many ways.

Keep it up “ladies”. (I use that term very loosely and in a sarcastic manner.)

I for one am sick of the shit that “political correctness” has brought.

Comedian said it best:

(May not be exact but...)

“Only in America, land of the free can you not be proud to be Military, White, straight and Male...they’ll lynch ya...”

BlackBoxInquiry, r/MensRights 3 Comments [10/11/2018 3:48:08 AM]
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Quote# 140846

Clarence Thomas faced similar accusations with Anita Hill, who was a liar. People, of course, still believe her anyway.

Secret Asshole, Kiwi Farms 5 Comments [10/9/2018 11:56:08 AM]
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