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The ratio of men to women is more important than the genetic quality or genetic fashionableness of the parents of males.

Even in a society that has nothing but what we would describe as 8/10+ looking males, if the female population is similar to the male population, female hypergamy would yield the same or very similar results to what we see today: the top 20% of those men would still get 80% of the sex, and the remaining 80% would still need to compete for money and status to become betabux. War never changes. Women are hypergamous, this is plainly obvious.

Men are objects to women. Women strongly desire and are primarily attracted to men that are perceived to be "better" or more fashionable than other men; Unlike males' objective assessment of feminine beauty where big tits are big tits, the female's assessment of male attractiveness is driven by how a given man can make herself look to other women in her culture. Even in a system where all the men were objectively good looking, if the female population is similar to the male population, the most fashionable looking males in that system will still attract women disproportionately until women have to resign and settle for betabux.

The only ways to curb hypergamy, the real problem, is to alter the ratio of men to women such that there are far fewer men than women, or have a culture centered around a religion that restricts hypergamy.

Womencantlove, r/Braincels 6 Comments [3/18/2018 12:42:24 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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[To protect freedom, we must destroy it]

White women are against freedom of speech.

White Sharia now.

Matt Forney, Gab 6 Comments [3/18/2018 12:49:36 AM]
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Normie women are typically progressive, feminist liberals. They have to deal with this extreme cognitive dissonance. It's incongruous with their progressive ideals to be effectively eugenicist in the dating scene. It's incongruous with their feminist ideals to be lambasting toxic masculinity in the university feminist club during the afternoon, and fucking a high-T, dark-triad Chad that same night. It's incongruous with their perception of themselves as being morally superior that the fact that they reject ugly men has anything to do with their looks, so they rationalize by claiming that the ugly man had a deficient personality in some way or another.

The blackpill, as you say, would utterly destroy their world view. Personality™ is the tool by which women rationalize their incel-hatred and preserve a semblance of psychological consonance vis-a-vis their dating preferences and their political views.

Normie men are typically cucks and closet incels. Of course, they can't swallow the blackpill because they're not much higher in the dominance hierarchy than incels are. Your typical beta-male cuck just gets occasional strawfish sex from his girlfriend. The idea that she doesn't desire him or that she would leave him for an alpha upsets the beta-male greatly. Rather than channelling his anger in something productive, he pretends to be a pseudo-alpha by shitting on incels online. "Look at me, I've had sex, you loser", ignorant to the reality that as he's wasting away on /r/IncelTears, his girlfriend is letting Chad use all three of her holes in a single night. For the cuck, incel hatred and rejection of the blackpill is effectively a defence mechanism motivated by fear.

TheVertex_, r/Braincels 8 Comments [3/18/2018 12:42:18 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Some of you are still bluepilled as fuck about women

There are so many of you who believe that there is nothing wrong with women, that the only thing causing you to be incel is the fact that women are just as visual and looks minded as men are. The reason you believe this is because you still have fantasies about looksmaxing one day and getting with your oneitis and living happily ever after.

The reality is that, yes, women care a lot about looks but they are also:
-Low in empathy
-Attracted to evil behavior
-Somehow conceited yet masochistic simultaneously
-Status obsessed
-Low in self awareness and sentience
-Almost identical copies of each other
-Lacking any concept of loyalty

I don't get why so many incels of all people are unwilling to accept the negative qualities associated with females. Come back to reality.

NegroKing, incels.me 12 Comments [3/16/2018 11:19:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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Hot off the presses, a criminally patriarchal research paper has concluded that men with higher income and status have more reproductive success than women with high income and status have in industrialized nations. First, to set the table, an excerpt from the abstract:

It is concluded that an evolutionary perspective helps explain reproductive patterns in modern humans and may thus make a valuable contribution in the assessment of urgent contemporary problems.

The sexual market is the one market to rule them all, across space and time.
– Le 156% Heartiste

[Tweet by Rolf Degen]

Contrary to women, men still convert higher income and status into greater reproductive success in industrialized nations.

Female hypergamy, female education, female economic self-sufficiency, low female fertility…choose any four.

In terms of social and economic status, men date across and down, women date across and up. Industrialized societies filled with overeducated careerist shrikes make it more difficult for both men and women to find long-term reproductive partners. What the West has done is weaponize female hypergamy, so that the only winner in this zero sum mating game are the HSMV alpha males who can serially date and marry increasingly younger women.

In the modren West, overeducated, careerist women are DARWINIAN LOSERS. They now join the lonesome ranks of fat women, ugly women, and old spinsters. Lean in? Try barren quim.

Low status beta and omega males are bigger losers in this new world order than they were before under the rock solid pre-femcunt patriarchal system, because the women who would be theirs under the old rules have decided to skip past them for a shot at 1. the high status alpha or 2. a tub of ben and jerrys.

The biggest DARWINIAN WINNERS are the charming jerkboy cads and the sociopath hedge funders.


Potential fertility — that’s a nerdy way to say “sexiness”. Men with high social and economic status in industrialized and primitive nations alike — HSMV alphas — monopolize the hottest babes, and probably more than their fair share of the plain janes too. The Pill and condom don’t thwart the sex act; those things just thwart the consequence of the sex act, and incentivize women to liberate their sexuality (which in practice means liberating themselves from beta males). Imagine how many little snot-nosed Heartistes (heartots?) would be running around creating kindergarten mayhem if the Industrial Contraception Complex didn’t exist.

How unequally is sex distributed in industrialized jizztopias? Very:

[image taken from a tweet by Rolf Degen]

There are interesting eugenic/dysgenic possibilities to ponder from this knowledge. There is dysgenic selection pressure on high status women — at least as measured by income, social status, and their proxy, IQ — but eugenic selection pressure on their male counterparts, the HSMV alphas who are having more kids.

This isn’t a complete picture, though, because female mate worth is so much more tied into their physical beauty. Those HSMV alpha males are choosing less educated, less wealthy, lower SES “status” women who are younger, hotter, tighter, so by Darwinian calculation the end result is very eugenic: capable sons and pretty daughters. This is evidence that the West is beginning to pursue the patented CH BOSSS strategy of sexual market health and societal reinvigoration.

I’ve been warning about this stuff for a while, and I’m glad to see ¡SCIENCE! finally catching up with Heartistian observations. There was only ever going to be one effective response by men to the emergence of weaponized female hypergamy (and it wasn’t cuddly beta supplication).

Game will save the West….in one respect, by heightening its late stage contradictions and encouraging a change in course.


On the silliness of the “wage gap”:

[Tweets in quotes blocks, each line by a different account]

"On the next edition of "Who Gives A Shit"..."

A lot of people apparently, because that could be a component of the so called "wage gap", ie men have very important reasons to make more money/status.]

…and the silliness of the feminist narrative about the “patriarchy”:

Science is descriptive, not prescriptive. It also goes against the feminist narrative that the patriarchy stops women from succeeding. No, men simply have more incentive to work high effort/high status jobs. Therefore the priorities of women and men are different.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 7 Comments [3/15/2018 1:07:43 PM]
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First time posting here. Tomorrow is Women's March on my country, and the main issue is the approval of abortion laws and reproductive rights for women, which is amazing! But, guess who's included and strongly emphasized in it? Trans women. I'll go anyway because I want visibility of abortion and violence against women (actual women) but I get so disgusted from thinking that these dress wearing men are standing besides me and taking away something that only affects me (and all women alike) and bring focus on them.

Which they already have, since SRS and gender changing laws already exist and are completely free for them here. The worst thing is the backlash I received when I expressed my thoughts on it being only a women's issue, and not trans people. They do not experience womanhood, they only get the nice and cute part of "feminity", not periods, not the desperation of getting pregnant and having to either die trying to get an illegal abortion, or having a child they don't want, not oppression for having a vagina. I'm pretty sad.

tiempomuerto, r/GenderCritical 8 Comments [3/14/2018 2:00:38 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137246

People on here often use Telling Everyone Real Facts...

You'll also notice terf is factually incorrect, and "transsexist" because terfs do include transmen in their feminism, seeing as transmen are female and deserve the protections that women have due to biology, and are welcome in most female only spaces. Everything always has to be about the born males.

Personally I've openly described myself as a terf, I've even half attempted to reclaim "transphobic". Transphobic has officially lost all meaning because absolutely fucking everything is transphobic, even being vegan. I have said actually my fears of what is happening to women's rights in the name of transgenderhood is terrifying. We are all being terrorised by thought police into silence and our fears should be taken seriously not dismissed as an irrational phobia.

Patodp, Mumsnet 5 Comments [3/14/2018 2:00:34 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137196

Maybe all men should all start wearing dresses to work, maybe do skin darkening as well. Self-identify as a minority woman. Don’t be flamboyant; just business casual, low heels. Do become more womanly emotional in your work life, and join the girl’s gossip groups.

Make it clear that ANY questions, comments, looks or negative job change regarding zer status will result in at least a formal HR complaint. Become an untouchable. Use the women’s room for that morning dump.

That would throw the workplace into silent paralysis. No one could say anything. Women would be caught in their own game. The cross dressing men would gain great privilege, as women enjoy, against pretty much any complaint against them.

Turnabout tests fairness.

polymuser, Free Republic 13 Comments [3/11/2018 12:05:36 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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REMINDER: if all men (e.g. politicians, soldiers) were as blackpilled as incels, women's rights would be taken away overnight

We would return to traditionalism within a generation. Tinder would be outlawed. Children would grow up in two-parent families because women would know that if they left their husband, Mr Govt wouldn't be there to step-in. Women wouldn't need to worry about muh wage gap cuz they'd be at home raising their children instead of paying a DIFFERENT woman to do it (daycare BTFO). Less men would go ER. STD rates would fall. The white birthrate would increase (I'm not white btw, cucktears so I can't really be a white nationalist).

What would women be able to do about it if we decided enough's enough? Fight us with their sheer, masculine strength? Take up arms? No. They'd do what they did in Iran in the 1970s when the govt decided to take away women's rights: they'd accept it. Apparently, Iran was pretty westernized in terms of women's dress-codes. Fast forward to a patriarchal govt (AN ACTUAL ONE), and women's rights were blown the fuck out like an incel's dignity on Tinder. What did the women do? Join a women's army? Overpower men with their brute strength? NO. They said: "Oh well. Dammit." And accepted it.

Women only get away with what men allow them and help them to. Women need feminist, cuckold men to be "free". And before CuckTears labels me a 17yo basment dweller, I am actually in a STEM job and have a degree, Women may not like what I am saying but they can't deny it: women couldn't do FUCK-ALL if men decided enough's enough. Which woman reading this is ready to try to beat up a lot of guys to fight for their continued freedom? Which woman COULD?

inb4 Ronda Rhousey is strong and represents all women's potential (she would get her ass kicked eventually by a man anyway) inb4 "this is why he's incel because of his views on feminism. women can totally read his aura. It can't be that women aren't attracted to ugly faces" inb4 offtopic offtangent femtalk, ignoring the cold fact: women could not do FUCK-ALL if all men were incel and decided enough is enough. I think I may have put enough pre-emptive rebuttals in this post to make it unscreenshottable by CuckTears. If you don't see it on CuckTears then this is the case.

FACEandLMS, incels.me 15 Comments [3/10/2018 1:12:31 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137091

Why I hate Black Women

They are the most arrogant, loud mouthed, undisplined and narcissistic femoids ever to exist.

Black femoids love saying how they are strong, independent and need of no man. Yet, go on moaning on how no one wants them and how they hate being single. The fact of the matter is that black femoids are the least desirable out of every race of femoid out there, yet for some reason they think that they are hot shit. Bitches, you ain't shit. So, stop acting all high and mighty.

They love to brag how they are "Black Queens" every 5 minutes or so, which I've never seen from any other race of femoid. Like, how fucking arrogant can you be to think yourself as queens and think that any man should treat you like one? You cunts aren't queens and you will never will be.

Black femoids also have the tendency of saying how they want a good man but for some reason they always hook up with some thug. Then they get pregnant with Tyrone's, Jamal's, Deshawn's, DeAndre's kids and bash men for not stepping up. Bitch, bash yourself for being low IQ slut. No wonder the single mother ratio is so high with you organisms.

They act like complete degenerates wherever they go -- it's fucking unbearable. Its unbelievable that a race of femoids such as black bitches can be so undisciplined. Which is why they should be put on leashes and cages.

Lookismisreal, r/MaleForeverAlone 6 Comments [3/10/2018 1:08:02 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 137174

Last week Tucker Carlson had Mark Steyn on for a segment about the trans boy* who won the Texas state championship for girls high school wrestling. In the discussion Steyn stated that this has ruined the girl’s state wrestling championship.


This had me wondering just how long girls high school wrestling has been around. Carlson and Steyn are also talking about a broader issue, but with regard to girls wrestling in specific it struck me that there is a very narrow “progressive” window for what the two conservatives are mourning. A society has to reject traditional sex roles enough to encourage girls to wrestle, but it has to be traditional enough to not yet embrace transsexualism. Girls wrestling is a sort of Goldilocks phenomenon. It can only occur for a short window when everything is just right.

With this in mind, I set out to learn how long there has been a girls wrestling championship for trans wrestlers to ruin. How long is the girls wrestling Goldilocks window? It turns out that only six states in the US currently have state championships for girls wrestling, and that Texas has the second oldest:


Twenty years ago when Hawaii created the first girls wrestling state championship the conservative argument would have been that girls shouldn’t be wrestling. Today the conservative argument is that trans wrestlers shouldn’t ruin girls wrestling. This puts the observed outer limit of this Goldilocks zone at twenty years, but most states today still don’t have a girls wrestling state championship, and half of the states that do have one have had one for less than ten years.

*A girl taking hormones to transition to a boy.

Dalrock, Dalrock 3 Comments [3/10/2018 11:08:18 AM]
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Quote# 137060

Those men have no need for shelters and social service programs, because rich and white.

What they do have need for is access to women's spaces and bodies for their own aggrandizement... which is why going into ladies bathrooms and gaslighting lesbians into having sex with trans is the primary focus of the trans activists of today.

venomous_g, r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [3/10/2018 10:22:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 137163

...our people will be virtually nonexistent within a century if the West does not find away to A) end immigration into the West, B) end the growing trend of White women mating with and bearing offspring for nonwhites, and C) drastically raise the White birth rate.

Now, to do this effectively we have to strip females of suffrage and most if not all political, legal, and economic power because A) women are prone to vote for liberal politicians and policies, such as open immigration, B) women in general have no genetically predisposed loyalty to the tribe but will instead seek the perceived strongest men of any racial or ethnic group, and C) women in general have exercised their political, economic, social, and legal rights and powers primarily to curtail the number of children that they would otherwise have in a traditional society.

Now, of course, some unforeseen developments in the scientific world could prove to be game changers. Mass sterilization programs by global elites equipped with plans to raise genetically altered super humans in test tubes would render any sort of worries over our hopeless demographic situation obsolete. But I am not counting on that. The world population stands at 7.5 billion. Of that, only 8 percent are White peoples of European descent. The world population is estimated to grow to at least 9.7 billion by 1950. These projected growths will be occurring amongst nonwhite populations. Meanwhile, the White populations are projected to drastically shrink in real numbers. We are indeed disappearing.

White babies, White babies, and—again—White babies! Members of our race are not having enough children. And one, or two, or three, or four simply aren’t going to cut it. Our men need harems, and the members of those harems need to be baby factories. This is not about muh dicking nor beta revenge uprisings. These are cold, calculated plans to save our dying race. You may not like them. I guarantee your woman does not like them. My intent in meme production is not to socially signal to shield maidens. I don’t care if your modern woman LARPing as a trad wife is offended. White Sharia is a blueprint for salvation. We don’t have to adopt it, but if we don’t, we will most likely perish. Our people will either go extinct within a century or two or we will find ourselves an obsolete, insignificant, and oppressed fossil—like the puny and irrelevant pockets of Assyrians who still live scattered throughout Iraq, Iran, and Syria, precariously hanging onto their existence like an endangered mountain gorilla amidst the remote, clandestine jungles of the Congo.

Sacco Vandal, Vandal Void 9 Comments [3/10/2018 2:39:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Citizen Justin

Quote# 137162

If foreign nations refuse to surrender their women willingly to us, we Westerners will be forced to acquire said females through more ancient means; namely, that of conquest. This method would have the ancillary benefit of speeding up the return to equilibrium of the sex ratios of our societies by culling a small percentage of military-aged men.

Furthermore, amongst the potential war brides, this method would also increase the desirability of our men, because women are evolutionary predisposed to mate with victorious conquerors of their own people.

The United States, for example, could easily utilize the superior military might that it is currently squandering upon policing the world to instead wage a war of conquest upon Mexico and the rest of Central America. Why build a wall across the vast and open American Southwest when you could instead build one across Panama?

In all honesty, manifest destiny was never really intended to stop until the entire continent of North America was placed under U.S. dominion anyways. Also, an invasion and occupation of Mexico and Central America would have the added benefit of giving the United States a chance to finally win the War on Drugs by creating a matrix wherein liquidation of the Mexican drug cartels would become a necessity. Let’s face it: conquest is a win-win.

Europe’s war bride fortunes, on the other hand, would naturally be more conveniently sought after in the Eastern Hemisphere. By subjugating and bringing order to North Africa, Europe could simultaneously end the flow of African migrants into Southern Europe, hitting two birds with one stone.

Furthermore, a deal could perhaps be made between the E.U. and Russia to divide the Middle East, which would have the added benefit of ending the flow of “refugees” from that region as well, replacing the waves of young Muslim men seeking to rape European women with waves of young Muslim women seeking to marry Western men.

Sacco Vandal and Vanzetti Vandal, Vandal Void 6 Comments [3/10/2018 2:39:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Citizen Justin

Quote# 137142


Sup boyos, I'm new here but I've been lurking the community since July. Today I wanted to share with you an absolutely brutal blackpill a chadlite friend told me yesterday.

So, about an year ago a few of my friends (two low tier 5-6/10 normies and two chadlites 7.5/10) went to a northern city in my country (EU) to have some fun an try to get some femoids. Basically this chadlite friend who told me the story already had a gf at the time, the other three didn't, and beware since this makes everything worse and obviously exposes femoids hypergamy even more.

So they go out in a club and try to approach some femoids. The other chadlite (the one which didn't have a gf) scored almost instantly, while the two low tier normies both approached the same girl but both failed miserably, first one then the other. My chadlite friend (the one with a gf) wasn't trying to score cause he wasn't interested since having a girlfriend.

Well, guess what the fuck happened. The girl who rejected both of the low tier normies spontaneously approached this friend of mine, sat on his lap, started acting slutty and eventually started making out with him, all by herself, he didn't even had to get his ass up from the chair. And keep in mind the two that got rejected are both looksmaxxed/gymcelled 5-6/10 normies, they both got rejected in turn, so imagine what it is like for us. And keep in mind my friend isn't even chad, he's a 7.5/10 5'8 chadlite, not even gymcelled.

JFL at normies saying that you actively have to try to get a girl, that you gotta do all the work, and that you gotta better yourself and pick up signs a girl might throw at you, lol.

Just a daily reminder that it is beyond over boyos, have a nice day.

Yeah, nothing revealing here to me but JFL @ thinking guys have to approach.

And this place tries to act like normies don’t have it bad.

Incels have it far worse though I won’t deny that.

If NT normies get rejected then imagine how badly I’d get shut down considering I’m not NT

Ok, so they're trying to get some degenerate whores. Not brutal or a blackpill to me, kek

wut? Did you read the rest? The blackpill is that they are normies and failed, while the chadlite did absolutely nothing and got the girl. Hence, imagine what it's like for us if normies get cucked like this. That was the point of the post.

You're 6.5/10 if you looksmaxx naturally (just shaving, doing your hair) so you'd fare better than they'd do. But in a club.... kek, you're shit outta luck.

Yes, I did read the post. But I am anti-degeneracy, so what happens in a club doesn't bother me. Most of us are also aware that if you're good looking, girls approach you, and not the other way around. :p


Never done this before

Don't do it. Having normie friends I've tried sometimes, it' absolutely degenerate and terrible if you're incel. It's literally a blackpill manifestation IRL. Drunk stacies acting as slutty as possible to attract all the chads, it feels unreal seriously. It's like seeing all the theories discussed here taking place in front of your eyes.

various commenters, incels.me 6 Comments [3/9/2018 12:20:25 PM]
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Quote# 137140

[Blackpill] Women HATE the fact that this forum has women's nature SUSSED

Admittedly, there is a lot of edgyposting, hyperbole and venting on this forum, and a lot of CuckTears mistakes that for how everyone here feels 100% of the time and acts when interacting with people. "Even if you don't say misogynistic things IRL, cuz you say them online, you must feel them, thus you must display them unknowingly when outside. I know how you behave better than you do!" etc. There are some basement-dweller theories here, some bad anatomy posts, overgeneralizations and lot of latching onto an idea and running with it and denying events that don't agree with your adopted world view, e.g. "Since women only want chads, any woman dating a subchad is cucking him with alphas on the side derp derp derp".

All that aside, when you break the looks redpill and our knowledge of women down to their base elements, it's generally true what we say:

- Women deny and downplay how much looks play a part in their mate-selection because they respond to our arguments emotionally or with their personal anecdotes rather than looking at the general trend/biology.
- Women generally fuck around with goodlooking guys in their youth and then maybe settle for a safe beta guy when it becomes clear that Chad doesn't commit.
- Women can date up and date a lot of guys due to the male sexdrive, hypergamy, supply-and-demand.
- Being an ugly man and trying to date women is life on max_difficulty mode.
- Women find it harder to pairbond if they have been promiscuous in their past.
- The dating market is skewed in women's favour (Tinder, male thirst, sexual harrassment laws, feminism), etc.

And more.

All of that is based on facts, biology, observable reality, and the consensus of so many men. We know this. We are not bluepilled. We are not controlled opposition. And cucktears and women hate this. They would not have a problem with us if we were discussing which coffeeshops to take women to on dates, which compliments to pay women, which classes to join to get access to women. No. What they hate is us having women SUSSED, FIGURED OUT, UNDERSTOOD. It's like we've exposed their true nature. We have unzipped the "tall man" suit to discover it's actually two ugly midgets one standing on the other.

Women hate men discussing how to get better access to sex (that's PUA's goal although it fails pretty much) and what women's true nature is like (MGTOW, looks redpill). Now I didn't watch that Mel Gibson movie What Women Want, but my impression is that women generally liked it, thus, I guess that it was some bluepill about women just wanting a loving, caring guy. If the movie had shown how women will do anything for Chad, then women would feel exposed and would have hated it. if it showed "cheatcodes" to get women into bed (so they can lie there having orgasms), they would have found it misogynistic.

And because women can't for them life of them logic, they can't counterargue our fundamental points. They instead pick out the edgy posts and strawman the whole community to death with their emotional posting and basic sarcasm.

TLDR: Women wouldn't hate this place so much if our theories were wrong, bluepilled and painted them in a better light. They need to get fucked right in the pussy.

FACEandLMS, incels.me 11 Comments [3/9/2018 12:19:53 PM]
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Quote# 137139

Fuck white women

We live in a time where every race of men desire white femoids more than their own race of femoids, in which has created not only a huge imbalance, but has also increased white femoids egos tenfold: white bitches are now officially every mans whore.

We all know the answer as to why men exclusively seek white femoids: because they are more attractive than femoids of color. (Anyone who denies this fact is an idiot.) The average white cunt has a much larger appeal than the average black, brown or asian femoid. Just accept it.

But, despite how good looking they maybe, none of them are relationship material. They are extremely entitled, shallow and have huge egos. Not only they know that even the most ugliest one of them could have a huge horde of oribiters pursuing them, they know that men will do anything just to get a piece their yeast filled roast beefs.

White femoids have a thing about aspiring to be sluts in an early age thinking how being promiscuous is empowering for them. This is one of the main reasons why they can't be loyal or trustworthy partners in a relationship. I mean, just think about it: after rampant years of promiciousty one does not simply go into monogamous relationship. These vapid cunts are also known alot to cucking and cheating on their partners with people who are more good looking or rich.

Degeneracy is also very rampant with them. They have no problem fucking animals and doing god knows what with them. Oh, and not to mention the gold digging. If you have money, no matter how ugly you're, they'll want you. But they'll fuck chad from the side while showing a charade of affection at you. So, prepared to get cucked while at it.

The only thing these sluts are good for is pumping and dumping. Anything other than that is a clear waste of time.

Lookismisreal, r/MaleForeverAlone 4 Comments [3/9/2018 12:17:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Antiincel

Quote# 137137

[H]ere are some of the benefits that brave, stronk and empowered wimmins have brought to our societies:

college false rape allegations
mass migration from shithole countries
divorce rape
school shooters
fines for not wearing bicycle helmets
wages cut in half
fat acceptance
speech codes

So thanks, ladies?


No, but seriously, I can’t even talk to Western women anymore. So I’m not going to be wishing them a Happy Women’s Day. Because they’ve squandered any goodwill I could have felt towards them.

Here’s to replacing this squandered holiday with White Sharia day in the West very, very soon.


If we’re going to have International Woman’s Day though, there should also be an “International Burn a Witch Day” and “International Shame a THOT Day.”

It’s only fair that we reward AND punish.

Roy Batty, We Hunted the Mammoth 5 Comments [3/9/2018 12:14:30 PM]
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Submitted By: TB Tabby

Quote# 137128


Lol. Proving indeed, that at a larger social level at least, women do need to have decisions made for them. Just trying to get one's head around these mental pretzels is exhausting.

I was most gratified to see that as recently as 1972 a single woman couldn't get a credit card.


to have those days back again. #MakeTheWestPatriarchalAgain


Indeed. The basic assumption was that a decent young woman belonged either with her parents or a husband.

Now she's "free" with her credit card, with a master just big, bad, and distant enough (the state), that she can pretend she hasn't got one.

Atavator & Heartiste, Gab 5 Comments [3/8/2018 3:09:17 PM]
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Quote# 137126

[RageFuel] Nice Guy Husband vs Asshole Chad Doctor on Jezebel

I can't believe normies still cope when the evidence for the black pill is INSURMOUNTABLE. It's literally the same way in which the people refused evolution for so long, they couldn't imagine anything other than what they were taught as being true.


Even when you win you still lose to chad

Stop this cope. It is not about nice vs asshole it is about high value (doctor plus looks) vs low value(regular hubby)

"You just need to treat women with respect!!!"

Femoids are heartless and incapable of love, even if their husband treats them like a queen they'll still leave him for Chad.


this blackpill is just... the cursor for typing in this reply box has been blinking for 2 minutes. i dont know what to say. i feel like a broken record repeating what i would normally say.

i seriously want a board where incels and inceltears refute blackpills. just to see how hard they backpedal and how hard i can lmao.

acting like his looks are a bonus and not the main reason she wants his cawk

I always knew feminists were just as susceptible to this, feminists are all into bdsm

Reminder that if anyone here escapes this is what they'll end up with. It's over.

Lol, really shows her true colours.
>Haven't had sex in 2 years
Imagine being her husband lmao, getting cucked and not even knowing.

Feminist is just a joke, they are just women who use it as an excuse to get more benefits

To the betas who oppose us and lurk here, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE! Enjoy!

the thing is, it's about your personality and how your present yourself, confidence etc, not about looks.

various commenters, incels.me 7 Comments [3/8/2018 2:04:00 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 137125

[RageFuel] Quote I Just Read on a Feminist Blog (It's Time for Change)

"In high school, it was frowned upon to excitedly say how many people you slept with in fear other girls were going to judge you or the guys were going to think you were a slut.

Now, in college, you're the weirdo if you've never drunkenly fallen into the lap of some stranger and ended up in their bed at the end of the night!"



It sounds like the quote is in favor of the first scenario.

(Evil Genius)
Our future wives? hahaha

yeah maybe for some of the well known cucks in this place.

I won't marry anyone who has had sex with more than 3 people, even then I should be going for a virgin only.

Virgin or nothing. The fact that marrying used up and defiled trash is normalized shows how perverse our society is.

When it comes to fucking skanks, I'd rather hang one than bang one.

various commenters, incels.me 13 Comments [3/8/2018 2:03:22 PM]
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Quote# 137114

I'm getting tired of the PoundMeToo howl movement, even if it does disproportionately ensnare gentile-hating jews.

100% TRUEFACT: ladies, if you're hovering in the company of powerful rich men, don't act surprised fifteen years later that they made sloppy entitled moves on you. They learned it works from experience dealing with starfuckers.

Heartiste, Gab 4 Comments [3/8/2018 12:31:24 AM]
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Quote# 137112

“Unwanted sexual advance” is an oxymoron. How’s a man supposed to know he’s sexually unwanted if he doesn’t advance? The advancing is necessary to find out if it’s unwanted. PoundMeToo

CH, Chateau Heartiste 6 Comments [3/8/2018 12:31:09 AM]
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Quote# 137101

Reminder that Gloria Steinem, one of America's leading feminists, is a CIA asset.

Feminism was a deep state project to destroy the family and make Americans dependent on the corporate-government complex.

Matt Forney, Gab 5 Comments [3/7/2018 1:37:17 PM]
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Quote# 137097

Here is another theory. If you become a hERo you get reincarnated as a chad for proving that you are the true alpha male. If you continue to bow down to society and live your shitty life until the end you will be reincarnated as an even more hideous incel. Finally if you suicide you will be reincarnated as a normie. Also males cannot be reincaranted as females since they do not have souls, they are demons of satan's creation.

universallyabhorred, incels.me 5 Comments [3/7/2018 12:09:28 PM]
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