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Any idiot knows that men are sexually aroused by SIGHT. This is the great danger of women wearing pants. Lest you think this a trifle matter, Jesus condemned the lusts of the heart as being equivalent to ADULTERY in Matthew 5:28, “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Maybe you don't care, but God does. Immodestly dressed women cause men to lust. Sadly, many women enjoy such sensual attraction, making them feel good about themselves; but that is a very shallow and selfish attitude to have, and sinful I might add. John 12:43 tells us to seek the praise of God, not men.

There are godly men who are trying to maintain clean minds, and you're helping to hurt them spiritually. God will hold every woman accountable for EVERY lust she intentionally caused in men by her immodest apparel.

In 1921, Margaret C. Worthington, writing for the Moody Bible Institute Monthly, compared current immodest women's apparel to “grave clothes,” worn by the dead in the tomb. (SOURCE: Moody Bible Institute Monthly; October 1921: #617) That was back in 1921! My how times have changed. Immodest clothing destroys a woman's natural modesty. It also ruins men's morals. The Playboy (Homo) Sexual Revolution has indoctrinated American men to view women as mere sex objects, a form of entertainment. In other words, sex just for the sake of sex, which is the basis of homosexuality, incest and pedophilia.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 11 Comments [12/15/2018 1:24:08 PM]
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Men with anime women as avatars should be put on a list by the government and then the government should come to their houses and order them to 'come with us to answer some questions it will only take twenty minutes' and then instead of taking them somewhere to ask them some questions they put them on a train to a black site facility in Ohio and direct them into small hermetically sealed rooms and mass murder them with poison gas and I don't particularly care if the gas is all that poisonous they could use carbon monoxide or chloramine or even just wood smoke I don't even give a shit as long as the job gets done because men with anime women as avatars aren't really even men anymore and the world would be better off without them in it.

Dynastia, Kiwi Farms 17 Comments [12/7/2018 11:45:14 PM]
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[From "Skull-Crushed Hoe Consented to Negro Gang Sex – Skull Status: Crushed Anyway LOL"]

Last week, I wrote about Hannah Cornelius, a hot blond aristocratic college girl in South Africa who was gang-raped by negros, who then crushed her head with a big rock and then stabbed her in the neck.

Now, shawking new details have emerged:

She consented.

However, this did not stop them from smashing her skull anyway – for the lulz.

Imagine my shawk.

A 21-year-old student murdered in South Africa told her attackers they could have sex with her if they let her go afterwards, one of her attackers claimed.

Gotta admit, she had a good sense of humor for a whore.


She was serious?

She thought there was a chance those niggers wouldn’t kill her after raping her? Or… uhh… consensually group-sexing her as freely loving adults. Or, one adult and four simians.

Consensual bestiality?


There’s video footage from Hannah’s encounter with the nigger gang:

As you can see, that was no time for a woman to be outside. What was she doing?

Whoring around, of course.

Parsons told the court that the gang wanted to steal the car but things escalated when they realised Hannah and Cheslin were still inside.

But the men allegedly used a massive 82lb rock, which was preciously shown in court, to smash in her skull.

One thing lead to the other and next thing they knew they were dropping a big rock into a girl’s skull.

You have to understand these niggers, man. Shit happens.

Are you really gonna blame them? It was late at night man, the girl practically wrapped herself up as a gift. If you leave a hundred dollars unattended on the floor, can you blame people for picking them up?



This useless whore can still be redeemed.

But she needs your help.

Add captions, make some lulz for a bro.


lol jk – she’s beyond redemption.

Octavio Rivera, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [12/7/2018 11:24:29 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 141465

Better 100 Rapists Should Escape Than One Innocent Man Should Suffer

Benjamin Franklin once famously stated “That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.” And he was right in saying this. This principle was deeply interwoven into the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all early American laws. It was based in English common law and before that Roman laws and before that Biblical law.

The MeToo Movement’s Assault on Justice

It is ironic that a movement that purports to fight for justice for women who have been sexually assaulted by men is itself guilty of an even more heinous assault on a bedrock principle of American, Western and Biblical justice.

biblicalgenderroles, Biblical Gender Roles 8 Comments [12/7/2018 10:17:13 AM]
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Football players gang-raped girl, 11, police say
http://www.cnn.com/2006/LAW/07/10/girl.raped.ap/index.htmlyea, it sounds horrible..how could they... And I'm not saying it couldn't have happened, but something doesn't sound right.

"The rape of an 11-year-old girl may have involved as many as 10 men, ..."

"The victim, who suffered no serious physical injuries, was taken to University Medical Center for an examination.

The victim, a runaway from a group home, went to a Fresno apartment complex Saturday night to visit an acquaintance,

Yep, poor little innocent girl. It could happen to YOUR CHILD next!!

Yep. The little ho had it coming. All she had to do was stay home.

Stop that

My point is these news guys make it sound like she was just some sweet, innocent girl fast asleep at home in her bed when these football brutes broke in and kidnapped her.

They do this with these chickies who find pervs on the internet and run off with them, too.

Just because she is a runaway from a group home she is not innocent

I'm sure there are many innocent 11 year old girls who run away from their group home to go prowling for guys and end up getting raped. Happens all the time.

The article said she "visited the home of an acquaintance" where she was set upon by these football players. Was the "acquaintance" one of the rapists? Or maybe she went to the wrong house?

Vraiblonde, Southern Maryland forums 5 Comments [12/5/2018 1:50:40 PM]
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Quote# 141457

Show me a boy at 16 who hasn't tried to feel up a girl and I will show you a man who has a problem with his sexual identity.
Now a sleeping girl is a little creepy, but boys engaging in a little breast feeling or fingering is pretty normal.
The jails would be full of them if prosecuted.

There is a difference between consensual petting and molestation or sexual assault[

No sh1t Sherlock. Did you figure that out all by yourself?

I believe I said creepy. I am sorry, I should have said criminal, I should have said he should be punished for it the rest if his life perhaps even spending that life in prison, for feeling up a sleeping girl, that may have satisfied you a-holes who want to crucify this man because he has made a few bucks, got on TV, and is now an upstanding citizen.

Now if he had robbed a store , had a record, and gotten shot by a police officer we would be putting a plaque in the street for him.
But all he did was turn his life around and become decent. So let's hound him, break him, crucify him.

If he had smoked Marijuana and tried Cocaine while in college we could elect him President.
But he felt up a sleeping girl.
He could stick a Cigar in a young intern and beat off in the sink and you would vote for him a-hole so don't get on your high horse with me.
He could be a woman responsible for the deaths of 4 heroes and a is a lying sack of crap and you will vote for her.

Certainly he was wrong. we all know that, but let's make a federal case of it because this guy is on the right, and not the left.

Hjinx, Southern Maryland forums 5 Comments [12/5/2018 1:48:18 PM]
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Quote# 141454

Do women actually engage in the fandom or use this board. It seems like a least 95% of people who call themselves apart of this fandom and just about any other fandom are male, and most who identify as female in the fandom end up being mtf of role-players

Why are there so few women in this and other fandoms. What are you thoughts.

Do dykes and landwhales count?

Anonymous, /mlp/ 6 Comments [12/3/2018 6:30:23 PM]
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Quote# 141452

Fags like to pretend that anything relating to rainbows "represents" them.

I really don't get why fags would claim any connection with Rainbow Dash. Yeah, she can be a cunt at times, but she has some fairly healthy relationships with others, unlike fags or dykes.

>inb4 the QIDF shows up and starts proclaiming that they're just like everyone else and not a bunch of mentally ill deranged degenerates

Anonymous, /mlp/ 6 Comments [12/3/2018 6:27:08 PM]
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Quote# 141451

[Context is an article on a rise of divorces between pro-Trump and anti-Trump married couples]

The God-Emperor is liberating men from their ill-considered marriages to angry, batshit-crazy women[.]


This is what software engineers describe as "a feature, not a bug." It's also Exhibit 47,339 in Why Female Suffrage was a Cataclysmic Mistake.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 11 Comments [12/3/2018 6:25:23 PM]
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Quote# 141450

There are other factors, of course, particularly the dysgenic effects of female education. One has to wonder what the point of educating women is supposed to be when the next generation of women are going to be considerably less intelligent because so few of the highly intelligent, highly educated manage to replace themselves.

But the sheer magnitude of the movement of peoples is the more significant factor. This is why the infrastructure in the USA is never going to return to the state it was in previous decades. The society simply isn't intelligent enough on average to maintain it any longer.

Remember, that's not just seven points, that's seven points PER GENERATION. Idiocracy is not just a movie about the dystopian future, it's a satire on the dystopian present. Welcome to Costco....

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 7 Comments [12/3/2018 6:25:02 PM]
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Quote# 141440

PS Men generally don’t rebel against abject thottery if there is an element of sexual egalitarianism from societal oversight. In other words, if the majority of men sexually (read: reproductively) benefit from loosened female sexual mores, then men won’t look a gift ho in the mouth. But that’s never what happens; loose women who have sexualized themselves are no more giving up the real goods to the mass of mediocre beta males than are more modest women. Thottery undermines civilization through multiple pathways, and one of those is the in-your-face sexual disenfranchisement of beta males that the camwhore lifestyle brings to the fore. Once the initial wave of beta male thirst has receded, a bone-deep feeling of disgust rises in its wake. It’s the disgust of knowing that sexually unconstrained women egged on by globalist elites are acid to the social fabric, and that these women toy with the desires of men they will never give the time to in real life.

Possibly there is some resentment, too, that hot women can easily rake in six figures doing nothing but exhibiting their half-naked bodies on social media, while men don’t have that option and must instead work a hundred times harder to make a fraction of what slattern thots have been pulling in tax-free. This is a fundamental reality of biological and psychological sex differences; women may enjoy looking at a fit male physique, but they aren’t aroused to fapping themselves sweaty staring at naked men every day. Therefore there isn’t a viable market for the male version of thots. This massive economic, social, and sexual discrepancy illuminated in bright screen light and transmitted to billions across the internet ultimately corrupts relations between the sexes with all the downstream attendant effects of that corruption, including cock carouseling, late age marriage, low fertility, single mommery, male suicide, and cat collecting.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 4 Comments [12/3/2018 4:24:53 PM]
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Quote# 141424

If you read Ancient Rome and other civilizations literature, women tend to indirectly lead to the demise of civilizations. Not because they are bad leaders (actually they are great leaders, often too great), but due to their inherent nature to avoid conflict and appease everyone.

Robin2Fast2Furious, Reddit 15 Comments [12/1/2018 8:15:31 PM]
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