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"Sex is not important"

Twitter NPCs love to ramble about "gaslighting." No one knows what it actually means, anymore. They just call any lie a "gaslighting attempt."

Ya know what gaslighting actually is? It's when someone tries to make you feel like you can't trust your own perceptions, by making you feel like you are crazy, pathological, abusive, or even the victim of some nefarious outside force that's out to get the gaslighter, just because you notice certain inconvenient things. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I see this shit all the time when it comes to ITcels. When they say "sex isn't even important, and the fact that you care so much about being a virgin shows that there is something broken inside you," they are doing two things.

1: They are ignoring the fact that sex isn't the be-all-end-all (which is why escortmaxxing isn't ascension). Having access to sex means you have access to romantic love. It means you have access to parenthood. It means you have the ability to lead the complete, satisfying life that humans have evolved to desire. Sex is a "symptom" of being accepted and valued by the world around you. Those who are virgins, who aren't that way by choice, are usually that way because they are rejected by people around them, in general. When ITcels ignore this, or when they give the "personaIity" line, they are denying how often ugly people are judged and cast aside due to their looks, and they are trying to make you seem crazy for thinking that they are. They are gaslighting you.

2: They are pathologizing the strength of your desire for sex. It's not hard to imagine why men want sex so badly. The cavemen who didn't care about sex never had kids. Humanity would have died out, just like any other species would have, if people didn't value sex above everything else. It is normal to feel the way you feel. When ITcels try to tell you you're crazy, or worse, pathological ("the source of your feelings must be underlying depression or anxiety") for having a normal desire for sex, they are gaslighting you.

You can even see it in the subtleties of their word choices.

"Sex seems so important to these people because the patriarchy has done them dirty"

"Sex is made out to be so important by toxic masculinity"

No. Fuck you. Shut the fuck up. Sex IS important. IS. Unless you're one of the maybe 10,000 great innovators of any given generation, the only thing about your life that will matter in 500 years is whether or not you had a child (i.e. had access to sex).

"Tinder isn't real life"

Then what the fuck is it? People almost always act more like themselves online. Are horny women immune to this? We're not crazy for noticing the 80/20. We don't "just think it's real because we hate women."

The reason we feel the way we feel, the reason we value sex so much and feel such hopeless distress in response to our lack of access to it, isn't because we're crazy. It isn't because we're pathological. It isn't because of some nefarious social force (that, of course, according to them, they have nothing to do with, in fact it is our responsibility, as men, to deal with it).

It's none of that.

It's because we are normal men. We are normal men who reject your ideological social engineering. And there are more of us every day, as more and more young men are made to feel worthless and hopeless.

Spot on.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with wanting a relationship. There is literally NOTHING wrong with having a sex drive. There is literally NOTHING wrong with being sad about missing out on these things. When normies tell you these things don't matter, ask them if they'd be willing to give up in relationships and sex for the rest of their lives

Normies do not give a single fuck about you. They tell you these things to make you shut the fuck up and stop complaining. They couldn't give a rat's ass about any of your problems, legitimate or not. They're literally just inconvenienced by your complaining and want you to be quiet.

To normies, having to hear someone complain is worse than the reason someone is complaining in the first place, no matter how legitimate it is. You could die in a ditch for all they care, as long as you don't complain about it. Your suffering is completely irrelevant to them.

Remember: normies are solipsistic and don't give a shit about you, and never will

MillimetersOfBone & JanniesGuzzleCum, r/Braincels 4 Comments [4/19/2019 11:53:25 AM]
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Re: 'Looks don't mat..' wait a fucking second.

Was not expecting this fuel..........

We rot and are miserable -- meanwhile these rare terrachads walk around like kings everywhere.

This is life. I can't even get a single woman to smile at me, while this guy is getting chased by hordes daily.

He could date, fuck, chill, or go in LT/ST relationships anytime he wants with an endless pool of women around him. Imagine the feel of being a guy that is this valued & liked by women endlessly, among all the other looks privileges

I laugh at the normgroids who jump through 50 hoops to talk to some foid, with the assumption that you have to play 4d chess to grab a foids attention (e.g the blue/red pill). This is what it takes, being attractive. They make the advances if you're attractive.

PromoterForBlo & MRinvalidusername, r/Braincels 2 Comments [4/19/2019 11:50:10 AM]
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The thing about troons is that all of their existence is shaped around their sexual identity. They don't work or make any contribution to society except being transgender. Whenever we remind them of their reality, all of the things they give for granted about the world (things others keep validating thinking they're helping them) collapse and their lives lose any meaning. It's not "our" fault, we're just the trigger, so to speak.

Tasty Tatty, Kiwi Farms 1 Comments [4/19/2019 11:47:17 AM]
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Re: My Immigrant Wife Just Became a Citizen and will be Voting For Trump in 2020 and 2A for Life in the USA. Fuck everything else.

Congratulations to your wife on doing citizenship RIGHT!

Here's the manual on how to get a girl pregnant:


It sounds simple, but Patriotic Americans usually have trouble with this. Get started immediately and you should be able to fit in 4 or 6 before you're both 42. Protip, use Fertility drugs and become Octomom.


You might be joking — but there is a Demographic Timebomb ticking away unless y’all don’t start making babies in Nigerian numbers.

Maybe our Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota can encourage some classes for how western men can learn to breed like Nigerian Muslims, who keep their women beaten, submissive, uneducated, unincumbered by jobs, under black trash bags, and pregnant, constantly, from age 13 to 42. Maybe federally required Quaran-Sharia study courses along side bible studies at Churches.

There has to be some kind of mysterious Islamic secret to this beautiful enriching fertile culture. We're going to need Sherlock Homes to crack this case and figure out what the hell is going on.

Seriously though. Pede’s need to be fucking like the future of this country depends on it!

I've been seeing this in the eyes of women at the gym, maybe it's just me.

Girls be realizing that the western experiment of freedom and equality of gender of the last 250 years may suffer a regression to the mean, due to yet another rediscovery of why those cavemen wrote the Genesis 1 in the bible. Eve was and still is the destroyer of civilization.

anon59874, r/The_Donald 0 Comments [4/19/2019 11:25:55 AM]
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Women make a fuss over petty things

My aunt just made one just because the bathroom's floor was a little wet and there was a tiny amount of hair on the sink (not even in the hole, being able to clog it; over the table-like part) because I shaved my hair. I took it off with just one movement of my hand.

I had to go out of shower to set the heater because the water was too cold at first and then became too hot, that's why the floor was a bit wet.It's literally fucking nothing but she has to call me there and talk for minutes about how she works so much and is not my housemaid, etc. It's incomprehensible to me, I'd never do it because of so little.

Dealing with women sucks ass. But it still tops wageslaving in Germany, wageslaving to pay some landlord Jew rent money, homelessness or suicide, so what can I do. I sucks to have to be silent in face of unreasonable shit, but that's my life now. Both in college and at home.

Mainländer, incels.co 6 Comments [4/19/2019 11:08:36 AM]
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If the soy boyfriend had done what he should of as an animal; that being forcing himself on her she would of gone to the cops & hit him up with a rape charge. Are foids really worth all this shit, no. We need A.I sex dolls, the emotions they'll display for you cannot be any faker than that of a real woman if you're not Chad.

The Abyss, incels.co 0 Comments [4/19/2019 11:07:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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What I'll say to God if he's real when I die and stand before his judgement

"Dear God, I fully admit I was a recurrent sinner and a son of a bitch; I coveted other men's wives and daughters every single day of my fertile years, I was lazy AF, etc, etc."

"But at least all my sins were personal; I didn't tyrannically force others to sin like me by imposition of the law, like cucks who gave women rights and freedoms did when they forced all men to treat women like they were men, severely disrespecting Your commandments and ruining our nations in the process."

"All I can do at this points is ask for your forgiveness, but if I am to be punished, I just beg you not to be sent to the same place as those people. Thank You."

Mainländer, incels.co 0 Comments [4/19/2019 11:07:12 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Why are women so bad at mass shootings? That iranian broad shot like 3 people before she panicked and shot herself. I frankly will have no respect for women until a femmetarrant emerges.

los pepes, Kiwi Farms 0 Comments [4/19/2019 11:01:12 AM]
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I have more respect for women who destroy the bluepill by being whores than cucks.

Kinda cucked, but ok.

Honestly, I agree with him. We need patriarchy to curve female nature and treat women like Livestock. Women are inferior to Men and should be treated as such.

I don't think there's any going back, unfortunately. If you've had a taste of the good life, and have all the power in biological affairs, it's extremely unlikely you'll go back willingly (plus, men in general are too thirsty to not do what "kaweens" command). Either women take responsibility for their shortcomings, become incentivized to lower their expectations, or we go extinct. Extinction wouldn't concern me too much, considering the shitstorm on the horizon (civil unrest, foreshadowed population recession, and tribal politics coming to a spearhead), so maybe the human race is a problem that'll work itself out.

AnointedServant395, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/19/2019 11:00:43 AM]
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Re: “I miss my college days” -every foid ever, wonder why?

Roasties will do anything to relive their carousel days, including naming their children after the Chads they dated or outright cucking their betabuxes.

My disgust with female nature keeps growing day after day.

Imagine letting your wife name your son. Women's rights was a mistake

I just wrote a few minutes ago what if the ex-bf fucked her, and that the son is really the ex-bf's son? Jesus Christ, the mantra "Alpha fucks, Beta cucks" is becoming all too real now.

I love how women are so quick to backstab and betray each other. The woman’s friend obviously knew that she shouldn’t mention the ex boyfriend, but she probably hates the woman anyway and since they’re no longer in each other’s immediate social circle, there is 0 loyalty.

they miss college b/c that was when they could fuck all the guys they wanted to w/o anyone knowing about it

They peaked their sexual appeal. Everything they wanted was one flirt away.

Now every day their value drops.

That along with our socialist societies bankrupting themselves and being unable to provide similar social services decades in the future spells out a dark end to the lives of foids.

Surprise surprise....the government iant really your daddy and doesn't give a fuck if you die.

Some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/19/2019 10:59:52 AM]
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One despairful truth: Any girl could have saved you. Not one did.

You are one person. Saving one person with love is easier than drinking a glass of water. You've met countless human beings, of which countless are women who consciously decided that your suffering deserves no empathy and collectively decided that you don't deserve being saved. A high percentage of those then proceeded to reward causes of your suffering, with bullies being spoiled with sixty tons of love every endless year of your life. They went on to marry chronical abusers, get hit and spanked, and yet convince the media that the violent men are ones like you, because the ones abusing them "can be changed", while you can't.

I have been trying for so long to not be a misogynist. Yeah, no individual woman ever targeted me, but contemporary feminine culture have. How am I supposed to inhibit hate? How am I supposed to love and respect the system that stares at the abyss of my heart and ignores it because my kind is supposed to play a villain?

They killed me. Devils in dresses have mutilated my soul and I am, for all intents and purposes, dead. I have no objectives, I have no dreams, I have no aspirations, I have no ideas, I have no person I want to see smiling, I have no life. All I have is a moving body doing the will of my family.

It's a closed and dark empty room with nothing but a cabinet. On top of the cabinet, hate is in display. There's no door in this room, no window through which to leave, just hate on display on top of a cabinet. Should I stay forever in the corner of the room, proud that at least I'm not embracing that red-hot hate? Even though this representation of hate is filling the room with heat and a red smoke, luring me to have one single emotion?

It is over, and I don't mean it like the meme. This is actually the end.

Thank you, "queens".

Riddle_Snowcraft, r/Braincels 1 Comments [4/19/2019 10:57:54 AM]
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Re: The 23 Year Old Questioning MTF Doomer

"Feels they are a young, punk, hacker lesbian in an alternate reality"

I can't really articulate why, but it kind of bothers me how they envision their "woman selves" as a completely different person than they currently are, like if only they were female they'd become some Wachowski-esque cool girl.

That’s what I was thinking, always the cool, pretty, steam punk, anime-esque cat girl, never the female version of themselves.

They would probably retort, “well cis women want to be the pretty cool woman too”. Yes, but the difference is that I accept that I am not and never will be the “cool girl”. I am who I am and I don’t waste time trying to visualize this fantasy version of myself to get off too.

As someone who has AGP and knows it, fuck the people who made this. They make it seem like transition is the only possible path for coping with a sexual fetish, undermine and belittle people who have it but do not want to change their bodies, lives, families or live their lives as women. I don't want to live as a woman, if you do, whatever, you do you, but for fucks sake, can you stop pushing you ideology so aggressively on people who actually do their research and acknowledge who and what they are with honesty?

standingpretty & mushroomyakuza, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/19/2019 10:56:56 AM]
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Re: How to Eat Out a Non-Op Trans Woman

they get off on the cognitive dissonance they force upon people and themselves, the illusion of "being in control" of how others view basic reality, and the narcissistic reassurance that they are special and different - they don't "just" have "dicks", they have "girl dicks". if you go along with any of these lies, and give in to their terminology, they only get reinforcement and you're the enabler. the whole trans thing is a form of disassociation, its an escape from manhood into a fictional feminine "womb" fantasy world of comfort and cummies. cleverly coercing people to use these contradictory words like "girl dick", calling their dick a clit and other doublespeak further distorts reality, and pushes them further into fantasy land. is one of the main motivating factors the desire to restructure reality because they live in a daydream, a reverie, and so the more they're enabled, the more it appears to be real and fuels their escape? they're lying to themselves and want everyone else to as well. the woke enablers/munchausen types are just as bad, perhaps actually more dangerous in their naivety and "compassion".

tbqh these men aren't any more childish or selfish than the average patriarchal guy. They think women were put on Earth to help them bring their (dyonisian, in this case) aspirations to fruition the point of complete self-effacement (up and including unwanted sex), and of course, how dare we question their god-given right to orgasm the exact way they want to. male-on-female violence and coercion is rampant in the queer community.

Plus the autogynephile activist's projections (I'm a woman because all women are narcissistic wh*res deep down) ring familiar as well.

one could argue trans activism reproduces and illustrates the pitfalls of patriarchy - Women could support men's dreams to their detriment but what if these men don't have a clue what they're doing?

This isn't about Men. This has everything to do with with Lesbians. Welcome to OUR world. These are specifically instructions for women. The instructions would be much different for men.

These are particular instructions for women. That whole explaining of how the structural development of a clitoris and a penis have a "shared history" in embryotic the stage. It's "just" that the YSR kicked. But just the same.

What kind of delusional and gaslighting campaign, has to be conducted, in order to for Trans women to internalized this biologically incoherence; so they can spread this message as Gospel.

"It’s rare for a public conversation about what trans women do in bed to have a vocabulary and grammar that we decide upon.”

Hahaha are you kidding me? Rare? This entire conversation and the language, both public and private, is dominated by TIMs. What I’ve seen on various social media is TIMs manipulating their sexual partners to do everything and anything they want, stealing our language about our own bodies and claiming it as their own or else telling women who disagree with them to “suck their ladydick”.

It’s so clear that they are aiming this at women too. It’s another version of ‘how to gaslight and manipulate lesbians into having sex with you’ except this time they haven’t refrained from using accurate (“terfy?”) vocabulary like ‘penis’ and ‘scrotum’. Their audacity has no bounds!

Some TERFs, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/19/2019 10:55:43 AM]
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Re: TIM finally feels like a "real woman" after shaving his legs and getting his ass eaten out by some dude.

It would be so easy to just... stop the dumb and offensive pretense and enjoy his life as a gay man. That's a thing he could do.

Don't know this guy's orientation, but blockage of the homosexual outlet is one of the steps in developing AGP. A lot of internalized homophobia in it.

"Why is it "gay" sounds if he considers himself a woman...?

I mean it's gross regardless but I'm just confused, is it an admission that he's not actually trans?"

They use "happy gay sounds" to mean trans as well. As a lesbian, I don't like that conflation. :-/

Yeah, happy, sad, angry, etc... "gay sounds" thing is a highly annoying trans trope.

It makes me fucking irate as a bisexual.

They appropriated "queer" to be a catch-all term any slightly GNC straight person can claim, and now they're also earnestly trying to make "gay" an amorphous umbrella term that means nothing.

The endgoal is preventing homosexuals from finding one another or having exclusive spaces. It's a regressive movement.

Trans people who feel they're "queer" enough, describe any relationship they're in as "gay" - no matter what sex or gender identity their partner is. It literally just means "weird" and "quirky" to them.

It's so homophobic.

I honestly prefer the stupid shitty thing kids do when they call each other "gay" as an insult. At least then they're likely not being fetishistic and gross, they're just being shitty children.

Omg this is a thought i've had almost word for word before - i'm thankful i was raised in a time where "gay" was just used as a silly synonym for "stupid" instead of this weird undefinable homophobic fetish shit they use it for now.

bigpapi579, puppermints & geezgolly, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/19/2019 10:53:05 AM]
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Re: Raunchy middle-aged TIM on his future vaginoplasty: "cold consomme and dilation here we come".

“Female emotions”

They really don’t see us as fully human do they?

they often see women as either porn whores to fuck or kind caring empathic compassionate mommies who will support them no. matter. what. in their fragmented disordered minds, they think they’ll be able to bring these two things together once they “become women”. at the end of the day it stems from their mother complex, which causes them to fear growing up into men and their inability to see beyond their projections onto women. because this turns them into self obsessed narcissists, the trans ideology makes them believe (and provides a narrative) that they can become the unrealistic feminine figure they’ve searched for their whole life as a guy. he attributes everything bad about his life with masculinity, and believes anything positive is attributed to femininity. this is why they almost always talk about women in a way which sounds like they’ve never actually talked or listened to another person before. this is what happens when people can’t look beyond themselves.

imscrewed2222, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/19/2019 10:50:46 AM]
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Quote# 143306

Omg don’t you girls just thing being sexualized is soooo empowering? Teehee

I doubt these guys even pass. These are just their fantasies.

Yeah I looked at both their post histories and of course they’re full of selfies and you’re right, neither of them do.

The OPs post history is a /r/itsafetish goldmine though

Who is going to tell them the truth? That people are staring because you are 6 feet tall with man legs, broad shoulders, face stubble, but with drag heels and neon clothing? Oh, and I’m pretty sure those guys who lust after TIMs think the penis is a major plus.

Highlights from the comments:

But interpersonal AGP isn't a thing, lol:

I have a Validity Bucketlist and the item at the tip top of it is “Get Catcalled” so I feel you, girl.

Ive also started a instagram where I just post nudes and it’s been real empowering.

So patronizing:

i dont care about any of that but when a nice old black lady calls me sweetheart or sugar i melt.

Validation in being lusted over:

Most people do. I would argue it's not even misogynistic (the finding validation in being lusted over). I honestly think we need to quash this notion that it's pathetic or problematic, as long as we realize that unwanted sexual attention can be a problem too. Be more sex positive.

Totally not a fetish you guyz:

I spent the morning showing my tits to horny dudes on the internet. It was hot and made me feel desirable. Got catcalled cycling to work the other week, felt nice all morning.

Holy shit, I might make a post of this sociopath's deleted comments. One of the commenters even told him that he might be trans:

the desire to be sexualized is one of the main reasons I want to transition. Which is one of the big reasons that I logically believe that transition isn't the right thing for me.

I don't want to kill my libido though. I don't want to get rid of my desires, I want to make them real. The only thing stopping me is exactly this fear that it will "get old" eventually. But I doubt that will stop me forever

yes, I would say that my desire to transition is completely sexual. I want to be female so that I can live out certain specific sexual encounters. As a man I have no desire to do anything sexual. But in the rest of life besides sex, I don't have a huge problem with being male. So if I start HRT, I will almost certainly not socially transition because being treated as female socially doesn't matter to me, only sexually.

I only interact with people because it's necessary to get the things I want.

i-am-less-angry-now, heather80 & bigpapi579, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/18/2019 2:57:21 PM]
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Quote# 143305

Re: Oh no, totally not a fetish /s

I believe you will find my profile quite common:

Yeah, we are well aware of the AGP profile. It fits you like a glove:

Longstanding sexual thoughts about being a woman: check

Erotic crossdressing: check

Having to imagine yourself a woman in order to get off: check

Envy attraction towards women: check

Cross-gender desires dissipate when dating women: check

Fascination with menstrual products: check

Lack of confidence in expressing his sexual attraction toward women: check

His development of AGP follows the exact script that Buckner described in The Transvestic Career Path:

5. Development of a sexual association between crossdressing and sexual pleasure.

Buckner's first step: A pattern of fetishistic masturbation with articles of women's clothing is established.

6. Re-enforcement of this association due to inability to attract women as partners over many years

Buckner's second step: The pattern is reinforced due to perceived heterosexual difficulties.

8. Continued simulation of "being a woman" to vent sexual frustration and gain access to some semblance of woman's bodies that is otherwise inacessible

Buckner's fourth step: Elaboration of masturbation fantasies into the development of a feminine self.

10. Continued fantasies now projected onto the practical reality of transitioning, as opposed to the magical-empathetic reality

Buckner's fifth/final step: Autoerotic gratification pattern becomes fixed in his identity. Begins to relate towards himself as if he were his own girlfriend/wife.

I believe that I would not have ended up here had I been able to compete and to be attractive to female partners.

At least he is somewhat self-aware.

bigpapi579, r/Itsafetish 1 Comments [4/18/2019 2:56:07 PM]
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Quote# 143304

Re: TIM concerned about the fact that he can't stop playing with and masturbating to his own feminizing body. Fellow TIMs come to the rescue and assure him it's totally normal.

I hate how there's always the response "cis women/girls do it too!!"

They have no idea what life is like for women and girls. They have no right to speak for us. They have no right to tell lies about us.

I don't know a single woman who feels this way.

Right? Except these narcissists believe they are the authority, and apparently they get head pats for this while we get banished.

Transgenderism is a bastardization of how they percieve women to be. They could never be women because they don't have the hormones and experiences and thought processes from years of growing up on those hormones.

Or chromosomes!

Yea, why do they always say this? Do they misinterpret something a woman says? Did a handmaiden confirm this? I don’t understand it

I have NEVER done this. Ever. In fact, growing breasts made me very uncomfortable, as countless real women can also attest due to unwanted attention etc.

We do not get aroused by our own bodies. It doesn't happen, even if we're attracted to women. Feeling sexy is not the same as being turned on by the mere fact you are female (that literally makes no sense), or even being turned on by your body. Every time an AGP says "don't worry, 'cis' girls feel the exact same way!", I just think of this https://imgur.com/gallery/3Xkbq

Some TERFs, r/Itsafetish 2 Comments [4/18/2019 2:55:31 PM]
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Quote# 143303

You would think that all the trans hand-wringing over whether it's a fetish would clue them in that it's actually a fetish

Trans people love saying that if you think you might be trans, you probably are trans. A great over-inclusive definition designed to throw all GNC, NB, or questioning people under the trans umbrella without too much critical thinking involved.

By that same token, trans people often wonder if what they're doing is all just a fetish. If you browse trans subreddits and facebook groups, you'll see that most or perhaps even all trans people eventually explore the question of whether it's all a fetish. Cue the walls of text, trying to justify why cis women also get uncontrollably horny when someone refers to them as a woman. (Spoiler alert: we do not.) Or why the desire to be a woman often fades after orgasm. That sort of thing. They spend a lot of time trying to reason away these obviously fetishistic features of their trans identity.

A large portion of trans mental energy goes to justifying why it's not a fetish. You'd think that by the same logic "if you think you might be trans, you probably are trans" this would indicate that if you think this is a fetish it's probably a fetish.

I can't think of anything in my life where I had to wonder if it was a fetish or not. That fact alone should indicate that yeah, it is a fetish.

sosososhocking, r/Itsafetish 0 Comments [4/18/2019 2:53:25 PM]
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Quote# 143298

Re: It's true, IT is LITERALLY filled with trannies

hating on incels seems to attract the biggest losers in the world, it's a big cope for them to try and make themselves feel like no they're longer at the complete bottom of the social hierarchy. normal people meanwhile couldn't care less.

My mom used to bully trannies when she was in HS. The insult they used back then was flamer. But yeah trannies don’t deserve rights because they are mentally ill and a danger to society

Based and redpilled mom

trannies deserve the same rights that should be conceded to all, the natural rights. But as with any strong enough group, they ask for privileges while misnaming them with the word "rights"

Fuck trannies and their predatory bullshit. I fucking hate how much they prey on weak-minded low-value men

even if every tranny but one were to do predatory bullshit, they should still be treated based on their natural rights.

Sure, treated like human beings. But I'm not fucking changing my worldview of two genders just so they can play in bajillion genders world.

why do trannies get discriminated against? because they look like freaks. just like incels.

blackpill proved.

only thing different is bluepilled society is actively trying to improve trannies's rights, it's doing the opposite for incels.

I've actually posed as a woman and tranny before to see what it's like. It's literally constant validation 24/7, men will unironically offer to buy you things, and people fall in love with you and want to be your emotional tampon. JFL at "discrimination."

Some guys like shemales.

Zero women like incels.

Checkmate faggots

Reminds me of some soyboy who posted on IT that women have it worse than incels because they reach orgams only 65% times they have sex. Nigga my life's count is still 0%

trannies are deluded enough to think that by saying they are female, it will cause lesbians to throw themselves at them. if they wanted to attract men/attention they could just say they are gay without using hormone mutilations and castrations upon themselves. I was on tinder and accidentally my status was bisexual for 2 hours and got 100 male likes and no girl will look at me so it shows how easy it is.

Some incels, r/Braincels 0 Comments [4/18/2019 2:46:28 PM]
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Quote# 143295

How foids deserve it

I see some cases where foids are live with their bfs,not married just dating but still live with him and probably fucks everyday.

Here is the thing,if she get murdered by her chad boyfriend,it is her fault for having sex with a man. Because they are not even married. if you go to a man's home who is not your husband you take risk and you knew what was coming.

If her bf does something to her in his house,it is her fault because she is unmarried and with a man.

like this previous post where a whore living with his bf and complain about how he punched her in the face

Cuyen, incels.co 5 Comments [4/17/2019 8:14:58 AM]
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[Hypocrisy] Sex is never a big deal until you get raped

Have you noticed how women and western society in general tries to diminish sex to some worthless physical act. Having taken 30 different cocks in the past is nothing it's just sex teehee it doesn't even stretch the vagina and we are stupid misogynists for thinking that sex could have an impact beyond that brief physical sensation. But once a precious woman has it not on her terms then suddenly the biblical significance is revived in sex and it's no longer just a 15 minutes apprehension but a defilement of something sacred.

When you get raped by an ugly guy you can't pretend that your innocence just came back, you were always a whore and that sex is meaningless to you.

EyesAreSoCold, incels.co 5 Comments [4/17/2019 8:14:56 AM]
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Is it just me or all women past the age of 20 look like crap?

I'm on Barbados right now looking at them ugly sluts. I have set the age limit to 18-22 hoping that I might at least find anything decent. But apparently, all women 20+ already look like used up sluts. There's no a single foid who looks innocent and pure, they all look like professional whores. Those bitches probably started fucking when they were 11. Jesus Christ, what the hell was nature thinking?

The age of consent is 12 in the Philippines. Thank God, now I won't have to kill myself. My plan is to moneymax and piss off to Asia. I can't stand any of those old whores who live here.

wizardcel, incels.co 4 Comments [4/17/2019 8:14:52 AM]
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The true virgin age meter

*It is assumed that the person in question has no religious reasons to not lose his/her virginity before marriage. (i.e. not Catholic, Mormon, Muslim etc.)

10 and under:
If you're not a virgin at this age, it's because your babysitter molested you.

11-13: Giga-Chads and ghetto Tyrones - middle school badasses - will start to lose it at this age. Chads and some normies will start to have their first kiss.

14-15: Chads and some normies will start to lose it at this age. Almost all non-incels will have had their first kiss by this time.

16-17: This is the age where you should be a little worried if you have no prospects. Most normies who haven't lost it yet will lose it at this age. Being kissless at this age is very worrisome.

18-22: The ship has sailed for having teen love. College is your last chance to make sexual memories that could be considered somewhat normal. Even then, it'll feel like picking rotten fruit off the bottom branch of a tree while everyone else has a collection of shiny ripe apples. If you turn 20 and are still a virgin, it will become a MASSIVE social stigma. If you failed to get your first kiss by this age, it's almost certainly over.

22 and up: It's over. You're in the real world now. If it hasn't happened after several years of schooling, it won't happen now. Even if you became better-looking or less autistic, foids will immediately notice your lack of experience and it won't settle well with them. Enjoy feeling like half a man for your whole life. "B-b-b-but I can still make up for lost memories, right?"

10 and under:
If you're not a virgin at this age, it's because your uncle molested you.

11-13: Most ghetto whores and upper-tier Stacies will get their cherries popped at this age.

14-15: The vast majority of girls will be or become non-virgins at this age. Thanks, (((media)))!

16-18: Huh? I don't know. Maybe you're very obese/ugly or just extremely antisocial but no worries, some desperate normie will bang you soon enough if you aren't too stuck-up to settle for a non-Chad.

19 and up: 404 not found

Sadness, incels.co 10 Comments [4/17/2019 8:12:55 AM]
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[From "Frequently Asked Questions About NAMBLA and Man/Boy Love"]

Q: What do you seek to accomplish?
A: NAMBLA was formed in the belief that if people knew more about the actual nature of typical man/boy love relationships, that there would be less unjust scapegoating and persecution of boys and men who have such relationships.

Q: Why do you oppose age-of-consent laws?
A: Opposing age-of-consent laws is not our only focus; it is one part of our broader criticism of North American social and legal practices. We believe that these laws do great harm to people and relationships that do not deserve to feel the crushing weight of the heavy hand of the law. Just as important, age-of-consent laws do not adequately protect young people. They have often been applied arbitrarily and unjustly, and have long been used to terrorize gay males. Gay youth in particular have been targets of extreme persecution through the selective application of age-of-consent laws.

Q: What is this “ageism” you refer to?
A: Ageism refers to age-based discrimination, and includes the tendency to discount and devalue the feelings and opinions of children and youth. This tendency pervades our society and has implications in every area of a young person’s daily life: at home, at work, while shopping, hanging out with friends or going places, and especially at school. It has the socially corrosive -- and costly -- effect of breeding fear and distrust between the generations and isolating them from each other.

Q: What do you propose in place of age-of-consent laws?
A: Age-of-consent laws are those which say that if you are under a certain age, then what you say doesn’t matter. We believe young people would be much better protected by laws -- and social attitudes -- that take their opinions, feelings and decisions into consideration. We have never proposed specific laws, but in general we advocate changes in society and the law to include greater respect and consideration for children and youth -- not merely in the abstract, but in each individual case. We reject the cookie-cutter approach often used by authorities, moralists, and legislators who presume to know what someone wants without asking them, and who claim to know what is best for every person without having met them. Individualism -- the belief that each person is important and deserving of respect -- is one of the core founding values of North American society. We advocate for a society that lives up to this ideal, as it applies to people of all ages.

Q: How can society best protect vulnerable people?
A: The claim is made that age-of-consent laws protect the vulnerable. In practice, they give undue power to those who already have power -- police and prosecutors -- while removing power from some of society’s most vulnerable populations -- notably, gay youth. We believe that vulnerable people are better served by giving them more choices, not fewer. Children and youth can be made less vulnerable by giving them more options. Those who need to escape abusive family members or other abusive situations need more options than we as a society currently provide them with. Those who live in poverty, those who face racial, religious, and sexual prejudice -- all need more options, not fewer.

Q: You make this seem like such a noble cause, but isn’t it really just a selfish one?
A: There is a much bigger dimension to the issues we raise, with implications for everyone. The interest that all people share in widespread access to truthful information is more than just philosophical. Too often, politicians take advantage of gaps in public knowledge, and play on public fears to divert attention from their own actions. When they are allowed to do this, the result is bad government for everyone (something we’ve all seen plenty of in the last few decades). Our efforts to educate the public on the issues of man/boy love, ageism and anti-sexualism are intended to help bring about better informed public policy and an electorate less vulnerable to politicians who would use their fears against them.

Q: Do you believe it’s possible for a boy and a man to have a close, even sexual relationship, without any harm?
A: Yes it’s possible, and it happens every day. Many studies have confirmed that the large majority of sexual contacts between boys and older partners are both consensual and harmless. See below for a listing of some of these published, peer-reviewed studies.

Q: But aren’t these relationships always initiated by the adult?
A: No. We know from experience that some boys do initiate sexual contacts with adults. This is confirmed by several published studies, which have found that a substantial percentage of boys' sexual contacts with older partners were initiated by the boy (see references below for details).

Q: Do you believe there are actually boys who find men attractive that way?
A: It is well established that some boys do find men very attractive. Certainly, plenty of gay men have reported being infatuated during early- and middle-childhood (5 to 10 years of age) with masculine icons such as the “Marlboro Man” and even Peter Graves, the silver-haired leading man of Mission Impossible. Gay novels, biographies and autobiographies provide abundant examples. And not all boys who find men attractive identify as gay. It is very easy to underestimate the sheer scale of the multidimensional rainbow of human diversity -- and the strength of teenaged male sexuality.

Q: Ok, but if a boy does come on to you, wouldn’t it be better simply to refuse the advance?
A: If your concern is for the safety of the man (any man), in today’s climate, then the answer is probably, yes -- walk away, and stay away, and just don’t have anything to do with kids in general. But boys take rejection very hard, and they take isolation even harder. It has a deeply negative effect on their outlook, which can have lifelong implications -- and broad implications for society. Unfortunately, this kind of self-segregation of men from boys has become a major social problem in its own right -- a problem which will never be solved while man/boy love is stigmatized as harshly as it is now.

Q: So, does this mean you believe the relationship can benefit the boy?
A: We know it can; some of us have seen examples in person. And several peer-reviewed studies have shown that boys who have consenting relationships with men usually feel positively about their relationship and feel that the relationship has had a positive effect on them.

Q: Ok, so if sex is so great, why do educators and doctors tell us it's harmful to kids?
A: Well, people in very similar positions used to say with authority that masturbation would cause insanity and physical infirmity. They told us that gay men had mis-shapen penises and weak fathers, and that women who didn’t bear children would go crazy. They recommended clitoridectomy for girls who masturbated and circumcision for boys to prevent them from doing so. Few know that this is the sole reason why infant circumcision became a routine practice in Western Europe and the U.S. in the late 19th-century (of course, it didn’t work, and the practice was discontinued in Europe).1

Q: But isn’t the harmfulness of sex supported by scientific research?
A: Actually, no it isn’t. Peer-reviewed studies have shown clearly that there is nothing intrinsically harmful about sexual experiences between boys and men. For a full explanation, see: Outcomes: Can Science Shed Some Light?

North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), NAMBLA 2 Comments [4/17/2019 8:05:19 AM]
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