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(Both users deactivated their blog. This is copied from a reblog)


@white girls why r u reblogging this??? Just Bc it says white boys doesn’t mean ur exempt…..ur white too…that’s ur brother I’m talking about.

anhoi & whitericeactivist, Tumblr 1 Comments [7/18/2017 10:53:24 PM]
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I had not been in a Staples office supply store in a while. But, I needed a few items my local independent guy does not carry so off I went. Apparently, they were running some sort of back to school promotion involving back packs. If you bought a kids school pack, there was a discount given on supplies. Well, these packs were being worn as advertising by the store employees as they went about their duties.

These are packs intended for normal sized human children and there is only so much adjustment in the straps. I turned a corner and was confronted by a "can I help you" nigger wearing a pack. This nigger was enormously obese and had the back-fat rolls that resemble oversized breasts (which it also had on its chest.)

The pack was straining at the seams due to the straps being pulled out horizontally. Honestly, I could not tell if it was male or female even after hearing its voice. Later, at checkout, another fat nigger was running the register. Again, ambiguous gender. This one also had the strange extra dark pigmentation on its neck and around its ears. Up close, you really can see just how far from human these things really are.

Simia Pavimentum, Niggermania 0 Comments [7/18/2017 9:42:31 AM]
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Walmart apologized after a vendor described a product using a racial slur on the retailer’s website.

The unidentified vendor listed a netting weave cap for sale on Walmart’s website and described the item as “n****r brown,” reported the New York Post.

The racial slur was brought to Walmart’s attention on Twitter, where social media users asked the retailer for an explanation.

The same item, which is used to anchor hair extensions, is available for sale on Amazon, but doesn’t include a racial slur in the description.

Walmart promptly replaced the “add to cart” button with a message stating the item was no longer available.

The retailer explained that manufacturers and suppliers provide product descriptions, and that listing had not yet been verified by Walmart.

“We are very sorry and appalled that this third party seller listed their item with this description on our online marketplace,” spokeswoman Danit Marquardt wrote in a statement. “It is a clear violation of our policy, and has been removed, and we are investigating the seller to determine how this could have happened.”

Unnamed vendor, Raw Story 3 Comments [7/18/2017 9:41:03 AM]
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That's an utterly horrifying report. Not because millions of niggers have died from it and they're spreading it among themselves like crazy but because of the dangers they present to the human world. As the report states, niggers also spread it intentionally out of anger and spite by spitting on uninfected people to infect them. Niggers should be isolated and contained in Apefrica before they unleash a horrific medical plague upon the world against which modern medicine has absolutely no defense.

The only good news in the report is that niggers are dying like flies in South Apefrica and the disease is spreading among the niggers like wildfire due to their natural stupidity and TNB.

This news report should be on every tv station and in every newspaper in the human world so humans can realize the severe danger these niggers present. We already know (for example) that in America the niggers are highly infected with std's with something like 65% of sheboons having them and with the bucks, it's even worse! If this highly deadly and highly contagious form of super TB spread from Apefrica into the nigger population of America, they'd spread it like wildfire here too and you know they'd be intentionally infecting humans.

Unregistered, Niggermania 0 Comments [7/18/2017 9:40:05 AM]
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I was driving and starting to enter one of two left-turn lanes...I was in the right-most of the two lanes...

Then a catering van cuts in front of me, across my left turn lane and gets into the other left turn lane on my left side...basically cut across two lanes...

I look at the signage on the van, which looked faded or sun-bleached, the colors of the pictures looked faded yellow after too much sun exposure...the signage revealed that it was a Nigger-owned catering service specializing in Southern Cuisine "Just like your Mama used to Make" --- they apparently catered to parties and were "Funeral Repast Specialists"....

How did I know it was a nigger-owned business, you say? The van's signage prominently featured the face of the owner, which looked like a mugshot, really, of a nigger buck with corn row hair and a teardrop tattoo under one eye, wearing a chef's smock....

The driver was a sheboon, obviously in a hurry to get somewhere...

Only niggers would order catering like that...They probably have a special promotion that if you don't survive their cooking from their party catering, they'll handle the funeral catering, too....(Given that niggers are killing each other off in large numbers these days, they are probably busy catering to funerals).

GROIDSSUCK, Niggermania 1 Comments [7/18/2017 9:38:33 AM]
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About 5 years ago my wife and I put in a flagpole and built a brick planter around it. We put flowers in every spring. Well my neighbor was asking me if I would help him build one. I said ok. He agreed to buy dinner. I suggested buying some meat and our wives could smoke it in my smoker tommorrow. So we started on the first phase. Digging a hole, making a base, centering the bottom part of the pole and cementing it in. Our nigbor came out. At first it was watching us from his porch. Then it comes out and talks to my neighbor. "Wha cha yall doin?" My neighbor tells him.

He asks if we could put one in his yard. He passed it off on me. Saying I had the plans and stuff. I gave my neighbor a look but said nothing and kept working. Nigger asked me if I would do it. I said nothing. He asked me what my problem was because I did not answer. I walked over to my house and waited until he left. Nigger called me an asshole to my neighbor. Said how he was going to pay us. Yeah right. Fuck that nigger. No way I am doing any work for an ape. I know damn well we would not see a dime from him. Anyway we got the first phase finished. Going to let the cement dry and build the brick planter around it tomorrow. Hopefully no more coontacts.

jimbeam, Niggermania 6 Comments [7/18/2017 9:32:56 AM]
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I had a friend whose father was looking into "investing" into some Section Ape Housing. I talked him out of it. The niggers will destroy anything and everything they can and demand more of the landlord's time than people who pay with real money. I told him that the type of people who get Section Ape housing are the most irresponsible people in the country. Were I to have some disaster and need Section Ape Housing, I would be very grateful to the owner of the house, assure him that I will take very good care of it and thank him for allowing me to live there under government subsidies until I can get my life back together. And in a year I'd be well enough on my feet to get out of the hole I was in and move out.

Most humans think like that--Use a safety net temporarily and only in an absolute emergency. (I've never had a need for anything like that.) But niggers aren't people and don't think like that. In a nigger's twisted mind, he thinks that the landlord is making money off of him! The nigger thinks that he's the source of income for the landlord and becomes resentful, thinking somehow that living for free is somehow screwing him over. Rather than be grateful for the situation, the niggers will destroy the house.

Jigs&Libs, Niggermania 3 Comments [7/18/2017 9:32:46 AM]
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Most people are sheep. They conform to what their entertainment industry, their news media, their education system, and their government tells them. You see this all across the world. And the world is united in combating White racism and bigotry, especially the White and Jewish elites of Western society and non-Whites generally for obvious reasons. The entire world is literally conspiring to mindfuck the White race and keep us cucked.
On the one hand I guess that you can't really blame them because we Whites being the superior race gives us the power to essentially do whatever we want. The entire non-White world could team up to defeat us and we'd still crush them with relative ease. And the threat of unified and self-interested racist White people is always looming in the minds of people that want to keep us tied down like Gulliver. Modern military technology + a return to the era of White Supremacy is literally an existential threat to all non-Whites. A redpilled version of NATO + Russia could easily conquer the entire world.
But on the other hand this effort to mindfuck us has clearly gone too far. It's made White people suicidal on a racial scale. Just because White people have the power to eradicate all non-Whites doesn't mean that we'll actually go through with it if we abandon pathologically self-loathing liberal ideology.
Hopefully our survival instincts will eventually kick in some day and we'll finally stop being susceptible to the tactic of White Guilt. But we can't become complacent or blackpilled because then our racial demise will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We always have to keep striving to redpill as many of our fellow White brothers and sisters as possible because the consequences of defeat are unthinkable. If we can't turn this trend around, then our race will pretty much become like White people in South Africa - a despised and powerless minority.
Pro-White movements might have been annihilated by the (((1960s liberal cultural revolution))), but we're slowly regaining ground again. Even though most White people are still degenerate, self-loathing cucks, White people are more redpilled today than they were 10 years ago. Who knows how redpilled the White race will be 10, 20, and 30 years from now.
Another massive advantage that we have on our side is reality. As you stated, race and violent crime statistics completely debunk anti-racist ideology, so do race and IQ statistics and studies that have looked the effects of ethnic diversity. We also have the demographic statistics to cite to White people to prove to them that our race will go extinct in the next couple of centuries if they don't abandon anti-racist liberal ideology and adopt a healthy level of ethnocentrism. Most White people might not be interested in that data now, but they will be in the future as they realize that we're going to lose our countries.
There's also always the chance that Muslim terrorists will finally use a WMD on a major Western city. That may be enough to finally wake up the critical mass of White people that is needed in order to overthrow our current liberal power structures. Even another terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 may be enough to finally make the collective White psyche snap and stop being so damn suicidally tolerant of the Other. That's why I'm actually opposed to right-wing calls for tough-on-crime policing and strong counterterrorism policies.
I probably shouldn't be saying this, but non-White crime and terrorism (especially against White people) is actually exactly what we need in order to force White people to wake up from the liberal brain trance. If we have to stand aside and allow a few thousand White people to get massacred by savage people of color, then that's a small price to pay in order to galvanize an ideological revolution across the White Western world. Right now White people are slowly being boiled alive. They need a sharp spike in temperature in order to realize that they're slowly being cooked.

CertifiedRabbi, Reddit 2 Comments [7/18/2017 9:29:07 AM]
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(NOTE: I have no idea which one of those two is a bigger retard, so I'll just go with the classic nazi)

Finally found time to dismantle some of the arguments. I have waited for writing the response until I got access to my PC, because I'm not going to write a wall of text on a smartphone or tablet. This is going to be fun.

(Communism got to Poland, because of Nazi Germany's great failure in the Operation Barbarossa.

Had Nazi Germany not had invaded Poland, and waited for a Soviet Westward offensive, then the Soviets would have been the bad guys, and a coalition including Poles could have flushed them out.)

NS Germany failed not only at Operation Barbarossa but at some other offensives because of treason from within. The so-called 'German resistance to Nazism' is the best example for treason. Out of the 70 German officers that were part of the anti-National Socialist coalition, who were even willing to conspire with our own enemies, the Allies, 55 were German aristocrats. Many of them ironically sympathised with Marxism, even though Marxism explicitly tries to wipe out the aristocracy of any country it infests, so they even were against the banishment of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands -- Communist Party of Germany) when Hitler came to power. A ban that wasn't the work of Hitler, by the way, but of Paul von Hindenburg, the Reichspräsident -- the German president who appointed Hitler as chancellor on January 30, 1933.

Now, there were multiple problems during Operation Barbarossa, mainly caused by, as already implied, treason from the aristocracy. The Germans had a very capable intelligence apparatus, and they did plenty of reconnaissance flights on Soviet territory.

Intelligence officers created very detailed maps of the Soviet Union that would have helped massively in the war effort. The problem though was that they did not release those maps. They also refused to notify the Führer and his general staff about the useful information they collected. The maps that were released, though, were misleading. For example, much of the information presented on them relied on maps from the year 1865. Dirt roads and the like which became impassable after rain and snow, were presented as modern, asphalted streets.

The intelligence service was also aware that the Soviets had very capable tanks, such as the KV-I, KV-II and T-34. The latter had bevelled armor which rendered German anti-tank guns next to useless. They did not inform anyone about it, so the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS made acquaintance with tanks they did not anticipate, which made things very chaotic as they were superior to the German tanks.

When Operation Barbarossa started Hitler and the general staff were only aware of 50 rifle divisions and 8 tank divisions. The intelligence serve knew the actual numbers beforehand: 269 divisions (of which 46 were tank divisions) & 18 brigades.

When Kalinin was conquered by the Germans, it would have taken only one more day to arrive in Moscow. Instead, the officers requested an attack on an unimportant city called Torzhok which was a hundred miles North of Kalinin.

Furthermore Hitler never wanted to conquer Stalingrad per se, what he wanted was to conquer the Caucasus as 80% of the oil refineries & the oil of the Soviet Union was there. Thanks to the treason of German officers the German army became splitted, so one part attempted to conquer the oil fields while the other part attempted to conquer Stalingrad, which was completely senseless and murderous. There was no point in doing so. Needless to say that both operations ended up failing.

There are many more examples of treason in regard to the Russia campaign, and of course the Normandy, and so on and so forth.

(All those so called peace offerings were German sided, why should Poland give territory to the Germans?)

Poland had no right to take lands that were majority German. This is simple logic. Hitler's peace offerings were not that German sided, in fact, much of it was at the expense of the German population. All he wanted was that Danzig returns to the Reich as well as a Autobahn and a railway line that would connect the city with German territory. The Autobahn and the railway line were supposed to be built by Poles with Polish materials so as to decrease the high unemployment rate of your country.

Germany already made a lot of concessions in regard to Eastern territories that were part of the German Empire but got lost with the establishment of the Second Polish Republic. Hitler went much further with those concessions than any of the Weimar politicians between 1919 and 1932; in fact, most of them wanted to bring an end to Polish sovereignty, which Hitler didn't want at all.

(So, Nazi Germany was a war mongering, hyper-paranoid state?

Oversimplification at its finest. Maybe you should re-read the part of the post you quoted; or better yet, re-read the entirety of the post because you keep making the same arguments, despite being presented with different views. It's like talking to a wall.

(What happened in Dresden is akin to what happened in Warsaw.)

No, not really. Dresden was a hospital city, and had about 50,000 prisoners of war. Half a million Germans, almost all of them being civilians, were senselessly killed in a night or two. The Warsaw uprising was, as the name already suggests, an uprising against the Germans... while the Germans and their allies fought a deadly war against bolshevism and, how I like to call it, 'democratic imperialism.'

(But, I suppose "Western Europeans" are just great spirited, peaceful people. sure.)

Very constructive of you.

But yes, you Poles are so poor. You are almighty and are eternal victims of 'Nazi' oppression. That you kicked out 11-12 million Germans from territories they have inhabitated for over 700 years was such a peaceful act by your people.

See? I can play the victim card too. But that's a different subject altogether. Stop playing the victim card, in other words; your people are just as guilty for outbreak of the worst war of all times as are the Allies.

(How were Nazi Germans not chauvinists?
They thought of a Dolichocephalic super Human Germanic Aryan, of non-Aryan Brachycephalic sub-Human Slavs.

Of course the exact opposite is true, Slavs have more Aryan DNA.

Furthermore Dolichocephalic is a primate trait.)

I bet you also believe that Generalplan Ost actually existed, and all the other made up bullsh*t for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

(Nazi Germans were expelling Poles out of Poland during WW2, so they did the exact same thing.)

I want to see evidence for the alleged expulsion of Poles on Polish territories in WWII. I have never heard of such an event, not even from the official historiography, and that's saying something.

Justice4Europe, Stormfront.org 3 Comments [7/18/2017 9:26:31 AM]
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Recently, the apartment next to mine came available, and that means I've been within earshot as the landlord has shown it to prospective tenants. I've made a bit of an event out of timing stuff like doing laundry (in a common laundry room for tenants on my floor) so I can see and hear who's looking at the place and who my next neighbors might be, all while hoping and praying that no niggers move in.

Luckily, my landlord has me and the other existing tenants covered.

Yesterday, one of those scrawny niggers you just know is cracked out to hell and back came in with two filthy little sprogs, and the landlord (Lebanese, FWIW) gave it a walkthrough that was punctuated by the sheboon yelling something in niggerese at the niglets (whatever it was, they were quiet in the way that terrified children are when they know they'll be beaten nearly to death if they step out of line.)

At the end of the tour, the landlord started talking details, mentioning rent and security deposit and asking basic questions about outstanding collections, evictions, bankruptcies...

Sheboon cut him off and said "you takes Section 8?"

The landlord, equal parts annoyed and unsurprised, deadpanned in canned-speech fashion, "No ma'am, we don't take any federal or county housing assistance. Market-qualified tenants only, proof of three times income (and these apartments are very affordable; anyone with any sort of gainful employment clears the bar easily) required."

Sheboon: "Why you don't takes Section 8?"

The landlord was as blunt as you can be without outright calling this sheboon a nigger to her face: "Because when my company took over this building, most of the problems came from subsidized tenants, so we worked with the Downtown Partnership..."

(any nigger knows what that means in Kent. A group of downtown merchants basically organized about five years ago to clean up the city and position it as a commuter destination for working people getting priced out of Seattle. The city kicked in by building a new police station and the county's built a couple of jails. Scared most of the nogs up East Hill, and a slew of new human-owned and human-frequented businesses have cropped up in mixed-use historic buildings like the one I live in. Shops on the first floor, apartments upstairs. Rumors flying around about future plans for condo conversions. It's a rare success story of humans taking back a fuxated hole from the nigs and making it stick.)

Anyway, as soon as the nigger heard "Downtown Partnership", it knew where this conversation was going, ooked "rayciss muthafukka", then gathered its sprogs and left.

And just to put the straw in the Slurpee on 7/11, the landlord had one more showing...white couple. I think they were Mormons; the guy had that look about him, and the girl, conservatively dressed, was quiet as a churchmouse. They were polite to the landlord and sweet to each other. Wouldn't mind having them as neighbors, honestly.

It's nice to live in a place where the property owners give no fucks about "diversity". Sounds like this was a fuxated building that the owners played the long game on when they bought it. I should suggest to the landlord that he run for City Council. He'd have my vote.

LawrenceOfAperabia, Niggermania 4 Comments [7/18/2017 9:25:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129224

14. Happy Hanukaust

Your uncle is a bar of soap
Your cousin is a lampshade
Your best friend is a candle
And you're a fucking Jew

Your neighbors are a landfill, too bad you got away
But all the Jews that didn't have rotted in the lime pits

50 years later,
You've still got an agenda,
For world domination,
But you'd better think again
To when we had the upper hand,
Der Fuhrer had control,
You kikes were in the cattle cars,
Then shoved into an oven...

Think of all the friends and family you've lost...
Happy Hanukaust!

You claim six million, I wish it were true
But you're a pack of lying fucking Jews
A holocaust memorial built on the land
Where most of your relatives are buried in sand

In bulldozed graves to cover the pollution
Too bad you weren't a part of the final solution
Wearing long sleeves to cover your tattoo
Will never hide the fact that you're a dirty Jew

Think of all the friends and family you've lost...
Happy Hanukaust!

Light the menorah and think of the time
When you sold out your neighbors for a handful of dimes
All those filthy Jews... They must have been pissed
They couldn't buy their way onto Schindler's list

Think of all the friends and family you've lost...
Happy Hanukaust!

Vaginal Jesus, DarkLyrics 8 Comments [7/18/2017 9:23:07 AM]
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Quote# 129410

Niggers are simple minded creatures and need constant stimulation and excitement so they're constantly creating new niggerbabble to ook and eek at each other. Additionally, it makes them feel special and "smart" when other races can't understand what they're ooking about. So, that's another reason for the niggerbabble constantly changing- as soon as humans get wise to what they mean, they can't stand it and have to change the "code."

This point was driven home to me in a way when I overheard a nigger who was in the military talking to a group of other niggers about how he'd gone on leave back to the USA and had come back to Japan- he was all upset and said, "Dayum! I couldn't unnerstan' anything da brothers back in da world wuz sayin'." And he'd only been gone from the USA for TWO YEARS!

They quickly agreed that they needed to learn all the latest niggerbabble to be "connected." Otherwise, when they met their homies who'd just arrived off da boat so to speak, they wouldn't be able to "communicate." Even so, I don't know what they were so concerned about- it's not like their nigger card would get revoked- they'd always be niggers.

Unregistered, Niggermania 5 Comments [7/17/2017 11:12:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129409

Niggers are inherently lazy and vacuous, very little verbiage is required to convey the few primitive concepts they are capable of understanding. Body language is as big a part of their communication as vocal, which is why they must also shuck when they jive.

Proper speaking humans find it difficult to discern niggerbabble for lack of familiarity. I'm sure if one of us decided to study nigger 'language' we would likely have as much success as we do when we study the communications of other species, like dolphins or chimpanzees. To me it's all the same whatever sounds and motions niggers make, they are dangerous and to be avoided whenever possible.

Runnigger, Niggermania 5 Comments [7/17/2017 11:12:14 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129394

“Flip floppin’ daddy” indeed.

Just another Jew’s puppet. He’ll go down in shame just like Clinton, Bush, Obama and the others. Each puppet will stand greater shame as the truth is exposed.

Trump’s Nikki Haley bears more shame than a back-street whore.

The good news is that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are waking up and giving the Jewish EU the finger.

Hungary’s Viktor Orban is the real deal. Look him up on YouTube. Comment on his courage! We have to show him and others like him (Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, George Galloway, etc.) that they are making a difference in Europe.

I look for these countries to drift over to Putin’s Russia and the EU to collapse, leaving Israel’s great killing machine, the JewSA, standing alone (perhaps with Britain), dirty and shamed as the chief seat of the anti-Christ.

Brother Nate and a few others are waking up the world.

Kalin, Real Jew News 4 Comments [7/17/2017 4:55:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129393

Summer of 1975 I lived in Jersey City, Heights section near St Anne's. No niggers, never saw one unless I went to Journal Square or Central Ave. Anyway ...

I spent two weeks at camp. There were two groups; one white & hispanic, and the niggers. Thankfully segregated tents. Over the two weeks I saw my first examples of basic TNB. Shucking, jiving, ooking, and eeking. Several campers reported minor theft and the nigger population thinned near daily.

They kept singing this song about sardines and pork & beans. But worst of all was the howler monkey shrieks and the daily bullshit we human kids had to deal with. Ever since I have known they weren't "just like us."

My mom got real pissed at me for saying the niggers ruined camp when the parish priest asked how the trip went. Mom was a burgeoning libtard and she just hated being embarassed by my lack of decorum. A condition that persists to this day. Dad slipped me $3, he was a world reknown nigger hater.

To this day I despise niggers.

Sparky, Niggermania 6 Comments [7/17/2017 4:55:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129392

For those of us of a certain age, the mid-seventies were the Golden Age. Television and movies that had niggers seemed weird and out of place. Basketball was an acceptable pursuit, the local NBA team was Wurl Champeens and they started four white players. The disco bullshit common in cities never made it onto the radio stations we could pick up, and the first "fast food" restaurant, a McNigger's, was still fifteen years away.

My summer camp was of the Cubs Scouts variety. There weren't any niggers in my town, so there weren't any niggers in my Cub Scout Den or Pack either. But one year we went to a council-wide Jamboree thing and the poor disadvantaged city niggers were there. Only a dozen or so, but 12 niggers among 200 kids is 12 niggers too many.

One of the kids in my cabin had the official Boy Scouts of America pocket knife and on day 2 it went missing. It was discovered on night 2 with the blade embedded in the biceps of one of the niglets, with one of the other tar tots having just embedded it in the hide of the other nigger.

I want to say this TNB was either 77 or 78, but I may be wrong. First coontact and I just knew that when you see the feeks in real life, you give them and everything about them a wide berth. I remember when I told my Grandpa what happened at camp, he was furious. Not because of what happened, but that my mom let me go to a camp that had city niggers.

Groid Avoider, Niggermania 4 Comments [7/17/2017 4:55:32 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 129385

Historically anything Poles did for Jews, Jews took for GRANTED.

Poles ALLOWED Jews into Poland for ONE THOUSAND YEARS when every other nation was kicking them out and what did that get Poland? Hint: No good deed goes unpunished.

As long as you have Jewish Poland-Haters in media like the Anti-Polish New York Times or the anti-Polish Washington Post writing hit pieces on Poland, I say why do Jews and Poles even bother with each other?

The vicious media Anti-Polish Bigot Richard Cohen went crazy quoting the anti-Polish "Goebels" of Anti-Polish Hate propaganda Mr. Poland-Hater himself, Jan Gross, in Cohen's latest Hate piece on Poland recently.

Why should Poles do anything good for Jews when if they do 9 good things for Jews but ONE BAD thing, the anti-Polish Bigots at the New York Times and the Washington Post will only put a MICROSCOPE on the one bad thing the Poles did to Jews. And of course they will portray the Jews as eternal angels. Their simple media formula is "Poles are always BAD" and "Jews are always GOOD".

In Poland all Poles do is walk around on pins and needles when around Jews since they know at ANY minute, if a Jewish guy is having a bad day, and gets into an argument with a Polish guy, the Jewish guy will RUN to call a New York Times reporter or Poland-Hater at the Washington Post like Anti-Polish Bigot Richard Cohen and scream to him about ALL THE ANTI-SEMITISM he is seeing in Poland, like the "historical anti-semitism" the New York Times and Washington Post talk about. And how those "Polish death camps" Richard Cohen talks about had to be real blah blah blah blah

And with all the anti-Polish propaganda pumped into the minds of Jews by the New York Times, Washington Post and other anti-Polish media, WHY would Jews be crazy enough to want to LIVE in Poland today or be by Poles when according to the media anti-Polish Bigots the Poles are "gonna getcha" at any moment.

MediaWatch, Polish Forums 4 Comments [7/16/2017 11:36:30 PM]
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Quote# 129359

History is always written by the winners. When you look back and examine it, factually, you'll see that most of it is fabricated, and a good amount of it is outright bullshit -- all to push narratives and agendas.
An example....the term "Native Americans," when "Native" Americans are not native to America, and crossed the Bering Strait to get here.

[Native Americans ARE native to America. Their ancestors crossed the Bering Strait, but all Native Americans are descended from a group of people UNIQUE to America. The Folsom Culture People. These people are genetically differentiated from all other Peoples and their genetic variations cannot be found elsewhere.
Same as how Europeans descend from Africans but are uniquely different.
Still, your comment is at best non sequitur to the OP, at worst a troll.]

Do you have any solid proof of the out of Africa THEORY? Here's a hint...a theory is not a fact. This THEORY has never been proven.
Or any other credible sources (not "Marxist Weekly") you would like to provide, for that matter. "Native" Americans are Asiatic people. I know some people don't like to hear the truth, but at the end of the day, it is the truth.
Of course, anyone that provides information that doesn't go along with your "little believeys" is a troll. Got it.

[Let's make it simple, find any instances of the uniquely mutated Amerindian haplogroups in Asia.
Good luck with that.]

Let's make it even simpler, provide solid proof for your claim. I love how people think human/American history begins with the "Native" Americans. They found tools used by European people, in America, thousands of years before "Native" Americans even stepped foot in what is now America.

Paladin2903, r/MGTOW 3 Comments [7/16/2017 5:48:47 AM]
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White and Asian people have created a cultural bridge in the past century. This union is the only way to escape the rotten society we call “multiculturalism.” People prefer to be with people like themselves, even if that means finding people who are similar.

If Asian-Aryanism had one wish upon society, we would want to live in a culture where everyone is a Final Fantasy character. We would make anime real.

Asian-Aryanism is about love, not hate. WE naturally love our people and hate those who try and stop us.

The nerdy guy who plays Magic: The Gathering can be himself around the fat Chinese girl he met in high school. The strong White guy and is thot-wannabe Asian girl has a place to stay. And the mid-twenty something who lives with his parents feels liberated when he meets up with his Asian lover on the weekends.

We are against Anglo-Saxon capitalism and the nihilism it has produced. When you are yellow-pilled, a new light will shine upon you. A new standard to be yourself will be accepted.

Don’t worry about trying to “game” girls or constantly hate on yourself to woo others. Like Foucault’s magic race of trannies, we are the new race of people from the times before the Symposium.

We are motivated by aesthetics, the good life, and our Asian-Aryan future.

Pilleater, Asian Aryanism 8 Comments [7/16/2017 3:51:32 AM]
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Anytime I ever meet a woman who admits to having with sex with a black guy, being attracted to one, or anything similar I pretty much infer they are absolute trash. Especially if I am out on a date with them.

I was on a date with a girl and it was going really good and then I nudged it towards race etc. she admitted there were differences between races and it's best to be with someone who is the same race as us. And the I was like oh that's great you're not a mud shark. She didn't know what that means so I told her. She then admits to having a one night stand with a black guy. I end it pretty quickly from there. I let her know that what she did was disgusting and unacceptable. The best part of it all was she was into me. And I rejected her simply because she had sex with a black guy.

Zyzz, AltRight 6 Comments [7/16/2017 3:51:23 AM]
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Went out with the wife last night to a concert, on the way there we waited at a busy intersection for the walk sign, then crossed when we got the light. Almost at the end of the crosswalk a car (with the red light) approaches and comes to a sudden stop waaaay in the crosswalk trying to make a right on red. Yep, a sheboon. I motion with my arm toward the car and tell my wife, "I hate it when cars do this." Didn't look at the boon at all or acknowledge it in any way. All of a sudden the car starts honking wildly. I sense a chimpout approaching so I continue on my way and keep ignoring it.

A few seconds later the boon makes the turn and pulls up alongside me and the wife, not stopping but going slow with the passenger window open. It starts yelling, "[incomprehensibe nigger babble] faggot!" Yes, I'm a faggot, holding hands with my wife. Secondly, nigger, you almost hit us and I didn't say anything only because I was with my wife and didn't want her to get worried. Third, nigger, I wasn't even talking to you. And lastly, your newish Honda has a ton of dents already, gee why would that be...because you can't drive? Typical nigger, no respect for rules or laws, no regard for others' safety, lighting quick to take offense even when in the wrong, and unable to take care of its nice things.

I had a great evening, knowing I pissed off a nigger!

AllCoonsLookAlikeToMe, Niggermania 1 Comments [7/16/2017 2:25:15 AM]
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It's not too intimidating, it's simply too difficult because they're not intelligent enough, on average, to grasp the required concepts. After 50 years of constant dumbing-down to no avail, at what point are the universities going to finally recognize the obvious fact that orcs cannot, in general, be educated? They just can't. The evidence is overwhelming. It is not even remotely deniable any longer, not even by the most generously inclined.

Sure, there are exceptional individuals from low-IQ minority groups. That doesn't mean that MIT and Caltech should change their academic programs to accommodate the average individual simply because there are the occasional +4SD and +5SD individuals capable of handling them.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 7 Comments [7/15/2017 9:15:02 AM]
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You are VERY LUCKY to have a landlord that hates niggers. Once one nigger moves than it's only a matter of couple years before your building would be majority niggers.

I own a few investment properties and refuse to rent to niggers and there's no way I'll ever accept Section 8.

Whenever I have a rental I have to list I typically list it on craigslist and another local real estate rental website. I'll say right in the ads no section 8 and must be able to pass a credit and previous landlord back ground check figuring that will weed out niggers but a lot of niggers don't pay attention to that or think you'll make an exception for them. So I also put if interested please respond with your name and phone number and best time to reach you. I've weeded out a lot of niggers that way by asking for a name because if a nigger name is listed I delete the email.

On occasions I'll have a nigger applicant with a human name and usually I can tell it's a niggers voice and then I'll just say I have someone interested but calling around in case the deal falls through. The times they have had a human name and didn't sound like niggers on the phone I try to get rid of them fast. I'll make some problem to discourage them like tell them I want to be honest and the AC doesn't cool well while the AC works fine. It's kind of funny because the niggers will think I'm nuts for being honest about a problem not knowing I don't want them living in my property.

handiacefailure, Niggermania 9 Comments [7/15/2017 3:59:29 AM]
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This "art" was not borne from among our people, it's an alien influence, no wonder our people don't participate anymore


This sickness has nothing to do with the European soul or people, but was imposed on us, made hip and palatable

nontolerantman, Twitter 3 Comments [7/15/2017 12:48:03 AM]
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(The racists at Niggermania are now trying their hands at writing haikus.)

Nigger be cruisin
in a hooptie rust bucket
looks at muh Niggers

Nigger looting store
hands up don't move you Nigger
bang Nigger be dead

(TNB & prisons)
Rape Murder Rob Shit
Niggers can't do as they're told
Prisons Overflow

(Gun control)
Gun held sideways dumb
pulls trigger twenty five times
Misses the target

De-Messiah, Niggermania 7 Comments [7/14/2017 12:33:17 PM]
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