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[A picture with the definition for Israelite next to a picture of Black Hebrew Israelites and underneath it the definition for Khazar with a picture of white Jews]

Knowledge is Power, Facebook 4 Comments [4/9/2017 12:19:06 AM]
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A crazy Mormon “mommy blogger” is now urging her followers to take part in the “white baby challenge” in order to combat what she calls “black ghetto culture.”

Alt-right blogger Ayla, a mother of six, claimed on her blog Nordic Sunrise that Mormonism is doomed unless white people rise up and breed more.

Alt-right blogger Ayla refers to herself as a former social justice warrior turned alt-right blogger

She called on her supporters to take part in the “white baby challenge,” which challenges white families to have more children.

“I’ve made six. Match or beat me,” she wrote.

She went on to say that white people “can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

“Just as inner-city Chicago used to be full of hardworking Christian[s], Poles, Germans and Irish but is now overrun with black, ghetto culture,” she wrote in a recent blog. “It seems Mormonism and Utah are the next target for cultural destruction, and what’s worse, the Mormons themselves are welcoming it.”

Even a Mormon wasn’t immune to her criticism. She attacked James the Mormon, a rapper, who she accused of spreading “ghetto culture.”

She attacked him for promoting “violent, inner-city thug culture and its lack of traditional values.”

“It was also erasing our strong Mormon musical culture,” she added.

“Equality of cultures is a false God,” she said. “The culture and values promoted by James the Mormon do not reflect what is best for Mormon youth. He should not be given promotion within our homes or church.”

The Mormon church refused to comment on her beliefs.

Ayla (AKA Wife with a Purpose), Latest.com 3 Comments [4/9/2017 12:16:09 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Fuck hagee and his zionist masters. He is just another useful goyim

InfinityUnlimited, Deviantart 2 Comments [4/8/2017 1:59:23 PM]
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I'm a millennial and I agree with OP. Most of my peers are dumbfucks, seriously brainwashed SJW losers. There is a reason for this: the ugly, fat, pierced, sexually molested, sexually confused, beta cuck males, bulldyke nasty dyke bitches, most blacks, some latinos and few Asians are all losers. They have serious issues. Mentally they are fucked beyond repair. Physically they are usually obese male or females or really skinny fagola beta cucks. They need to be culled. At my school it is getting really freaky here with the SJW shit. I think I'm going to start a new thread about this because everyone needs to know.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [4/8/2017 5:04:05 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

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Jews steal credit for every invention humans make.

In case anyone (including myself) have forgotten, the Jews will steal anything that humans created and claim it as their own. One note of thumb must be made: If someone’s a Jew, their name will be heard of. If somone’s not Jewish, then they’ll never be heard of. That aside, here are the so-called inventors of the very items you all use today.

Thomas Edison, Inventor of the light bulb, the film industry, and many more inventions – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way a Jew like him would ever invented a thousand things today. This is clearly hyperbole from the Jews.)

Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way in hell that a Jew like him would have an idea a how to make a code)

Robert Cailliau and Sir Tim Berners Lee, inventors of the internet – Discredited (Reason: These Jews didn’t know know the tools to make the internet before it’s first days.)

Alexander Graham Bell, inventors of the telephone – Discredited (Reason: The Jews have no common sense to know how telephones work during developing stages.before the prototype was made at the time)

Philo Farnsworth and Charles Francis Jenkins, Inventors of the television – Discredited (Reason: These Jews didn’t even know where the tools to make a television before it’s prototype was made.)

Orville and Willbur Wright, inventors of the airplane – Discredited (Reason: There’s no way the airplane was something the Jews thought up on their own.)

Shadowmasterminds, shadowmasterminds 11 Comments [4/8/2017 5:03:59 AM]
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[From "This never would have happened under a Christian mayor"]

Calgary just wrapped up a shocking 2015 that saw them competing with Toronto for Canada's Murder Capital rather than their usual December pasttime of wondering what's wrong with Edmonton.

In 2015 Cowtown saw a late ruling in the death of Jessica Hagan which officially ended their year with 34 murders: they had only six in 2011 when their northern neighbour hit 47. Toronto (which Edmonton even surpassed numerically in 2011) has Calgary beat with 56 murders in 2015, but they also have a substantially larger population to draw from.

The equalizer, of course, is the same reason that Manitoba has the highest murder rate in the country: not enough white people. It's the same phenomenon which caused my endless "Safe Haven" talk about Edmonton, and what I wrote years ago about the loss of Toronto the Good. I haven't written much about Winnipeg, but spoiler alert, the problem there is Red Indians.

Which leads us right back to the title of this post. The same ethnic pandering which leads to effeminate anti-Christian non-white mayors in Calgary also leads to a lot of dead bodies out on the street. Of the 34 victims, the Calgary SUN helpfully provides names. Let's examine some of them now.

• Abdullahi Ahmed; Arab
• Murad Omar; Arab
• Cuong Hoang; Oriental
• Dawn Echoes Baptiste; #IdleNoMore
• Mohameddek Ali Mohamud; Arab
• Maryam Rashidi; Arab
• Steven Sharda; East Indian
• Levi Marance, #IdleNoMore
• Mustafe Mohamud Hussein; Arab
• David Quach; Oriental
• Hui Xu; Oriental
• Kallen Carothers; Negress
• Christian Jovanovic; Arab
• Zakariya Mohamed Abdow; Arab
• Christa Cachene; #IdleNoMore
• Selamawit Alem; Somalian
• Julie Tran; Oriental
• Janel Squirrel; #IdleNoMore
• Khaled El-Ajami; Arab
• Hussein Merhi; Arab

That's a whole 20/34 murder victims who aren't white, meaning that 59% of the murder victims came from 32.7% of the population. Breaking that down further, Arabs make up an amazing 26% of the murder victims yet only making up 1.5% of the Calgary population! We're analyzing the victims, of course, not the perpetrators. But in general, they are one and the same. From Selamawit Alem (killed by her own son) to Christa Cachene (a Red Indian killed by her boyfriend, also a Red Indian) to white Jessica Rae Newman killed by her white boyfriend), the overwhelming tendency of Calgary killers was to stay within their own race. This isn't universal, of course: Maryam Rashidi was killed by a white kid out on bail, Frank Burton was killed by a negro as a consequence of his Tourette's, while Jonathan Schmeikal was killed by a savage Red Indian lesbian. Let's just say that when we're moving outside of our races in the killing department, white killers fall behind their demographics even more than white victims do. So your vast majority of killings in Calgary are due to the city's wider and wider range of ethnic groups that expand the culinary scene, add to the number of pavilions at Heritage Fest, vote Nenshi...and commit ruthless acts of deadly violence against the innocent†.


Feynman and Coulter's Love Child, The Third Edge of the Sword 7 Comments [4/7/2017 7:19:56 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

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The Chinese are a plague upon the Earth that consumes everything it touches. They are everywhere, in every country, on every continent, just Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese.?

infinatecanadian, Youtube 5 Comments [4/7/2017 7:17:50 AM]
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We all instinctively feel that there's something wrong with race-mixing. It speaks out from the depths our blood & ancestral memory.

Race Conscious, Twitter 4 Comments [4/7/2017 7:12:31 AM]
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Quote# 125847

.@altsowell Putting artificial value, such as currency, over biological value, such as race, is Jewish, regardless of who came up with it.

Race Conscious, Twitter 1 Comments [4/7/2017 7:12:23 AM]
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I like to take lunch at an outdoor patio. Nearly every time I go there, two old, brown men are playing chess. They seem to be friends (in the loosest interpretation of the word), sharing a comfortable familiarity. One brown man is straight from Aztec America casting, looking like he just strolled off the palm oil plantation. The other brown man is deeply Middle Eastern, similarly representative of his kind.

[Picture of Watto, guess why]

Both look in their 50s or 60s, but they could be 25. You know how people from the Dirt World age badly. Anyhow, these two are a riot to watch together. Both adhere to their race’s stereotypical behavior with lavish enthusiasm. The Merchant from MENA constantly cheats, and when Apocalypto notices his cheating, he explodes in a fury, slapping the table with his open palm and accusing his friend of the vilest breaches of chess etiquette. The accusations fly even when the Merchant hasn’t cheated; Apocalypto has come to expect bad behavior from his dear friend.

Sometimes the fights escalate into shouting matches that can drag on for ten or more minutes; hands gesticulating wildly, faces contorted with rage and indignation, usually ending when the Merchant realizes he can’t soft-pedal his way out of getting caught for cheating (and his cheats are sometimes ridiculously blatant, like the time he tried a two-for-one swipe of Apocalypto’s chess pieces while pointing with his other hand at an imaginary woman he insisted was the most beautiful he had seen).

Despite the endless anger, these two always greet and leave each other with warm hugs. There’s an understanding between them that they don’t even recognize; it goes race-deep, to the bone. Plush SWPL shitlib Whites can’t imagine being close friends with an obnoxious bastard who cheats all the time or who sputters with juvenile rage at the slightest provocation, but amongst brownfolk the rules of friendship are different. They don’t have the same moral standards for friendships. Brownfolk have a tolerance for irritating shenanigans that would drive the typical White man to seek shelter in a gated galaxy far far away. This brownfolk tolerance for ethical lapses and emotional incontinence in friends is likely an inherited accommodation to growing up in a shitty environment where much worse things happen all the time.

It’s just another real world exhibition in the ways in which Equalism is a false religion for outbred, empathobesic Whites who can’t bear to accept the fact that the races of the world are fundamentally different and impervious to intervention.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 8 Comments [4/7/2017 7:10:22 AM]
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Quote# 125772

Racist terrorist James Jackson — who has confessed to murdering an elderly black New Yorker as a sort of test run for a more dramatic act of mass murder — in many ways seems like 4chan’s /pol/ made flesh, a deeply alienated young white man driven by racist rage and, apparently, deep fears of sexual inadequacy.

So you might have expected that his dramatic hate crime might have won him nothing but warm huzzahs from the folks in /pol/. And, in one recent /pol/ thread, he did inspire some cheers.

“[A]ny dead n*gger is a good n*gger,” wrote one anon.”The only thing James did wrong was turning himself in,” another anon opined. And still another gave the killer props for his ” fashy hair do … 10/10.”

But others were less impressed.

“He didn’t think about the long term,” one critic complained.

"What has he even achieved? Not even a good kill count. Just One, Old, man. Now Brevik. Brevik was an hero my lad. Imagine working all that shit out then planning it. He was not wrong either. They were indoctrinating kids."

Another scoffed, “how much intellect does it take to stab a homeless black guy?”

Some wondered why Jackson had targeted black men anyway — when the real enemy, in their minds, is the (((Jew))).

“With so many scum bags in the world, why throw your life away to kill one homeless nigger,” one asked. “Guy could have at least taken out a (((wall street banker)))”

“Jews want whites to fight blacks,” wrote another.

"Not Jews
The threat is from above (((wall street))) not below as Jews want whites to believe."

Naturally, this being /pol/, there were more than a few who dismissed the whole thing as part of a devious conspiracy to make white racists look bad.

“False flag,” one charged.

"Dude from n*gger central Baltimore goes to New York to kill blacks, takes the life of a single homeless and then gives himself up to police. Couldn’t be more obvious."

Another saw the CIA’s fingerprints on the murder.

">decide to kill blacks to prevent racemixing

>target one 60 year old black guy

I’m sorry but that shit REEKS of a CIA plant/psyop."

A few stray souls even suggested that, as one put it, “White Supremacy is foolish nonsense” and that murder is, you know, bad.

But some thought these sorts of condemnations were self-defeating.

"The right always condemns the lunatic fringe on their side like how Richard Spencer got kicked out of CPAC, but the right is always labeled as nothing but violent lunatics.

Meanwhile, the left embraces their violent lunatics and puts them on a pedestal but the same media kike puppets never call out their own side, let alone refer to the left as a bunch of violent lunatics."

The only solution?

"I think the right wing needs to start embracing their violent lunatics like the left does with theirs. They have nothing to lose because they’re already labeled by the media as a bunch of violent extremists anyway, and eventually, leftist teeth are going to have to start littering the streets."

Various /pol/sters, We Hunted The Mammoth 3 Comments [4/7/2017 7:08:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 125721

“[Proposition 187] wasn’t scapegoating. What it was doing was laying out the facts of what it was costing state taxpayers for federal failure,” Wilson said in his office high above Century City, where he still maintains an active law practice.

Later, he circled back: “I may have my flaws but racism is not, never has been, never will be, one of them..."

Inevitably, then: If he had it to do it over again, knowing what he does now, would the former governor still support Proposition 187 and assume such an upfront, personally defining role in promoting its passage?

Yes, he replied, without hesitation.

Leadership “means doing the things that you, in your heart, know need to be done,” he said. “It means making people unhappy. It means making them enemies. Not that I enjoy doing that. But I’m not going to shrink from combat if, to avoid it, you’ve got to avoid doing what you know to be needed.”

Otherwise, Wilson said, “Why the hell run for office?”

Pete Wilson, Los Angeles Times 0 Comments [4/7/2017 7:04:55 AM]
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Quote# 126080

As near as I can tell, the US’s Middle East policy is:

neutralize Israel’s regional enemies
provide a rationale for demographically swamping White Christian nations with “refugees” from Middle East clan wars inflamed by American Deep State meddling.

Oil? Nah, the US is practically self-sufficient now. Spreading democracy among dune coon lunatics for long-term stability? HAHA, no. Iraq clearly demonstrated to anyone with half a brain the folly of that mission: unaccomplished.

I was listening to the leftoid legacy news (I needed my daily fix of egregious lying scumbaggery) and the (((usual suspects))) were practically crowing about the Syria “””gas attack””” on “””children””” by “””Assad””” (hi, CIA! perfect timing to distract from the Susan Rice treason) proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US has a moral imperative to take in more rapefugees and settle them all over heartland America. “It’s a sin,” one slithery reptile hissed, “that we have 10 gorillion Syrians displaced by war and the Trump Administration refuses to take in any refugees. It’s morally reprehensssssssible!”

Remember CH maxim #1488: all leftoid policy is motivated by anti-White hatred and is intended ultimately to demographically dispossess White European Christians from their own nations.

The anti-Whites’ objective couldn’t be more explicitly stated than if they stood on a hill holding a KILL WHITEY banner aloft while directing phalanxes of nonWhites to storm small town America. In fact, we’re already at that stage with some of the snakes now steering the Democreep Party and staffing the editorial boards of our esteemed newspapers of record.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 3 Comments [4/6/2017 1:14:18 PM]
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Quote# 126069

What is it with you Asian cucks and propping up other men? It's like after White men have fucked your women, you hunger for someone else to cum on the faces of Asian women.

EurasianSon, Reddit 2 Comments [4/6/2017 12:42:23 AM]
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Quote# 126061

[UK Labour Party suspend Ken Livingstone for one year for bringing the party into disrepute for repeatedly claiming Hitler was a Zionist]

Those pissing cry baby bullshitting Zionists with their lies.
Toys out of prams comes to mind!
I sincerely wish Ken Livingstone a nice long holiday from all the childish twats, he certainly deserves it for simply speaking the truth.
They reckon, according to this article, that he "re-wrote" history - no that would have been them & they don't like the truth waved in their faces.
The Labour Party is an idiotic pile of weak-willed money grabbing Judas' for permitting this to happen.
Bless Ken, he spoke for us all.


Frances Leader, Facebook  3 Comments [4/6/2017 12:41:02 AM]
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Quote# 126060

If you want a simple analogy, imagine Western White Civ as a car; a Jew is at the wheel, and we current living goyim are passengers in the backseat. The driver is headed toward a cliff. Our problem: we don’t have a rational figure at the wheel, but a clever psychopath. As we plummet over the cliff, we realize our chauffeur is going to die right along with us, but all we can hear is his maniacal, hate-filled laughter.

JRM, The Occidental Observer 2 Comments [4/6/2017 12:40:52 AM]
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Quote# 126059

I was born in 1951 and have lived in three European countries, but am still waiting to come across a harmless Jew, as all the major blows in my life – and the lives of my relatvives- were closely connected to the “Jewish genius”. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who was who until quite recently (autumn 2015) since so many of them survived the “Holocaust” and despite our European anti-Semitism have all these years after WWII been thriving in Europe, naturally only revealing their true background in circumstances they expect to be beneficial for the Tribe.

Alicia, The Occidental Observer 2 Comments [4/6/2017 12:40:37 AM]
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Quote# 126043

The pre-1965 demographics are the absolute minimum required. If you, or your parents, or your grandparents, arrived in the USA after 1965, you have to go back. No one gives a damn if you were born American in Mumbai. Or Topeka.

You're not American. The United States of America is not your country and you damn well know it. Now, go home before the golden goose finally expires and you end up as just another skull stacked in a pyramid along the border.

No hard feelings, you understand. It's nothing personal. But just like too much water kills an individual, too much immigration kills a society. And the longer a society refrains from addressing the problem, the more extreme the solution will inevitably be.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 9 Comments [4/5/2017 1:04:53 PM]
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Quote# 126028

Dr. David Manning, a black professor and minister, says that blacks are the most racist people on the planet, and will never let go of slavery.

White liberals /Democrats propagated the victim mentality in American blacks through the Civil Rights Act in the 60’s, with LBJ seeking to make blacks dependent, permanent voters for the Democratic Party by the creation of a welfare state which would diminish any need for incentive. The only condition of receiving these government handouts was that there could be no adult male in the household. The more children produced, the more welfare was justified.

Consequently the black family was destroyed and replaced with a failed matriarchy society in which respect for traditional values was discarded, the value of education eliminated, employment of black men plummeted , and illegitimate births went from 25% in 1955 to 70+% today.

Aimless male youths devolved to impregnating teen single mothers in government subsidized ghettos while engaging in crime on the streets. A “prison pipeline” was created which ensured a revolving door of incarceration, release, crime, and re-incarceration, while single mothers had a revolving bedroom door, deteriorated to loud, confrontational and violent problems in public, and lost any semblance of caring for their children, who became tools for acquiring welfare and left to wander the streets with no discipline or respect for anyone.

Yet blacks cannot and will not change, just as Dr. Manning says. They are addicted to victim status and government dependence, and cannot see the source of their problem is the Democratic Party, which perpetrates their refusal to move past slavery, as well as never accepting responsibility for their own actions.

There are numerous black hate groups, such as BLM, The New Black Panther Party, numerous on-campus black groups whose only agenda is anger and bitterness against white society, and liberal, leftist organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, the Rainbow Coalition, The Nation of Islam, The Congressional Black Caucus, and many others, which seek to demonize any group that supports white causes. In fact most liberal colleges won’t allow a white organization of students to exist, while encouraging militant MSA (Muslim Students Association) which is linked to CAIR and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, as well as multiple black student groups.

This is nothing more or less than bigotry and racism, plain and simple. So save your complaining about white groups?—?we have every right to exist as long as there are anti-white groups blaming whites for every thing that doesn’t please you.

Charles Ayres, Medium 1 Comments [4/5/2017 12:11:44 AM]
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Quote# 126018

The Alt-Right male believes he has a duty to perfect his physique and appearance in accordance with the inherent potential afforded him by European genetics. As such, he is more likely to lift heavy weights, run fast, eat well, wear properly fitting clothes, and fashily cut his hair in a nod to Germany’s golden age. There are no pajama boys in the Alt-Right, and the masculinity they exude is positively intoxicating.


The perpetuation of the white race is of paramount importance to Alt-Right men, which means they all want to see MOAR WHITE BABIES. Yet unlike the r-selection men who treat their women like bitches in a puppy mill, they invest in each of those children to steel them for the struggles to come.


Veterans of the Great Meme War will tell you that uncucking our people, online and IRL, is a long, hard slog. Most men are not cut out for daily ideological warfare, trolling shitlib journalists, enduring constant online censorship, and dropping red-pills for friends and family. But thankfully our Alt-Right men are a committed bunch.


[T]hey are training in small arms and personal protection (if they’re not already military veterans) because they know that our Cold Civil War is warming up, and they intend to be the victors. This is hot.


[Most of them] arrived to [sic] the Alt-Right through intense research and a personal quest for truth, meaning, and real identity. They know their favorite philosophers, can identify Hitler’s missteps in World War II, and often shock newcomers to the movement by how literate and well-educated — in the real sense of the term — they are.


They’ve quit the sorcery of the Jew Tube, ditched the noggery of professional sports, decried the foul beast that is pornography, and would ideally homeschool their many children so they don’t fall prey to the false teachings of diversity.


White Nationalism is a concept so dangerous to the status quo that it can get a man fired, alienated from his family, and rejected by his friends. Yet the Alt-Right man perseveres … He fights for recognition of his identity, to secure the existence of his people and a future for white children. Rebels have always held irresistible allure, and Alt-Right men are no exception.

In truth, any woman would be extremely lucky to find herself cared for and appreciated by an Alt-Right man.

Sure, he may spend inordinate time shitposting til the wee hours of the night, but it’s all for a good cause — saving the white race. Alt-Right men have a purpose and drive greater than themselves, and that’s both undeniably white, and irrefutably alpha.

Wolfie James, We Hunted The Mammoth 14 Comments [4/5/2017 12:09:02 AM]
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Submitted By: Hu's On First

Quote# 126015

The Heritage America Resistance should know its enemy is the army of souldead shitlibs with ugliness in their hearts, minds, and nearly as often, their faces and physiques. Carthagian explains,

" Scott Adams said the Bernie Sanders ad set to a Simon and Garfunkel tune was the best persuasion of the primaries. It was all American identity. Lots of whites. It felt like the 80s. In their hearts, most normal people want to MAGA. What’s so great about this new Welcome Back America idea is that even the shitlibs are susceptible to having their hearts and souls stirred by imagery of healthy white intact loving families. Then they catch themselves and remember that they are supposed to hate that beauty, not be moved by it. But that 2 second process highlights that ugliness in their hearts, to them, and, even more importantly, to normies. A similar thing happened with the TV show The Man in the High Castle. The ads showed intact German families in America and it looked so appealing that the advertisers were accused of celebrating the Nazis!"

That’s insightful. Shitlibs can recognize beauty on a primal level, but instead of appreciating and enjoying that beauty for what it is, and being moved to aspire to similar beauty or contemplate the truth inherent in it, the psychologically disfigured and physically ugly shitlib’s immediate reaction is to deny their deepest longing and lash out at the display of beauty, and everything it represents. The shitlib witnesses beauty, feels a quick twinge of authenticity brighten his blackened soul, and panics at the meaty intrusion of Truth. In a swoon of existential crisis, he will frantically tamp down his incipient warm glow, and as a balm for his pricked ego will demean the Beauty as “sap” or “racism” or “Nazism”.

This is why shitlibs tirelessly spend so much mental energy elevating Lies and Ugliness to moral directives. They wear their degeneracy like armor and shield, protecting from harmony outside them and from dissonance within them. The moment they stop crusading for L&U, their vampiric flanks sizzle under the light of truth.

CH, Chateau Heartiste 2 Comments [4/5/2017 12:07:23 AM]
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Quote# 126014

The pheromone / T theory makes sense, and I have a hypothesis: it’s because in the same way Northern Europeans, living in a fairly protein-poor area, evolved to be able to sustain ourselves on milk products via lactase persistence, East Asians became dependent on soy to provide extra protein. And soy lowers testosterone. As they became soy-dependent, the men became more passive, conformist, and “feminine”. East Asian women likewise were selected to those most receptive to low-T men — hard selection for provider betas, IOW, as the women who just couldn’t feel it for their soy-dependent menfolk failed to pass on their genes. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re naturally attracted to men with such low T levels. Women are women, after all.

So it appears to have been more or less an accident of history: Europeans with milk dependence, and East Asians with soy dependence. And milk doesn’t lower T, while soy does.

The only downside with this theory is that Eastern Europeans and Central Asians, who never had a soy dependence, also appear to have lower blood T levels — Russian and other Slavic women, for example, show a similar huge imbalance vis-a-vis Western European men — perhaps something else in the steppes of Eurasia also drained T in the same way soy does. The unbelievably harsh winters, perhaps, and large distances required to hunt to obtain enough food, which again selected for provider betas over strutting alphas.

vfm, Chateau Heartiste 4 Comments [4/5/2017 12:06:22 AM]
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Quote# 125989

Because they're pathetic?

They're genetically predisposed to assimilation and integration and the thought of social rejection on the basis of being Asian is too much?

This is like asking why rabbits eat cabbage, it's because they come out of the womb liking to eat cabbage and die eating cabbage, with minor variations in between those two events.

Look up the risk-taking gene, it's almost 99% absent in Han Chinese people with a rate of what, like 50% in whites?

EurasianTiger , Reddit 4 Comments [4/4/2017 7:35:08 AM]
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Quote# 125988

You could maybe have a liberal postracial society long-term if you gassed everyone with an IQ lower than 120. Unfortunately, because most people are functionally retarded, identity politics is inevitable. To ignore this reality is to invite genocide. Should whites let themselves be ethnically cleansed because their great grandads were mean to coloureds? You know the Moors stole white slaves in massive numbers (as opposed to buying them from their own kinsmen, like the Europeans and Jews typically did), and worked them to death on slave-galleys or cut their cocks off and fucked them up the arse. How progressive and tolerant. You're right, the WN e-celeb crowd are largely a bunch of fuckups and hypocrites. Half of them are glorified welfare queens, and the quickest way to get banned from a spergchat is to shame someone for their nonwhite spouse. They're disgusting and deserve to be mocked. But the e-celebs aren't everybody. You're right about another thing. By your own admission, you and your fellow mixed race are a viper at the tit of the West. It's no fair blaming you, since you're just reacting to our own rejection and otherising of you. Still, you're an enemy.?

Vic X, YouTube 2 Comments [4/4/2017 7:34:24 AM]
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Quote# 125986

Germany, as it formed, was composed of a variety of ethnic groups with different identities centered around region, religion, etc. Jews were part of the ethnic stock that formed Germany.

Jews were an advanced or “privileged” minority in Germany, with high educational attainments, and were accordingly over-represented in elite positions. Thus, they had political influence beyond their numbers, and Bismarck had close relationships with von Bleichroder (who is problem the paradigm for anti-Semitic stereotypes).

Its not that Jews weren’t Germans, but the fact that the Nazi movement exclude Jews, and held that they were not real Germans, that led to rhetoric intended to provoke other German ethnicities against the Jews. I was parroting typical sentiments.

Today, you often hear that something “doesn’t look like America” in reference to an over-representation by certain ethnic groups, which is supposedly bad.

Jews were an advanced ethnic minority in Germany, and while they had education and wealth, once the Nazi’s came in, they had no more political influence. In fact, their education and wealth was “proof” that they had stolen it off the backs of “honest Germans” due to centuries of oppression. There privilege became the “justification” for their physical removal.

To talk about the Ottomans, you had a rise of nationalism which set off the Armenian genocide. The character of the world dramatically changed since the beginning of the Ottomans and the end, and the Armenians, will remaining wealthy and educated, became subject to political repression when they lost influence on the regime. Again, the claim was made that they didn’t really belong.

It is clear that majority European societies can have non-European minorities granted equal rights and even ethnic quotas to protect them. However, it is unclear that there is any example of a stable society with a significant non-European minority, which didn’t end in apartheid or in the European minority being expelled or killed.

The only countries I am aware of with a sizable European minority are Brazil (which just went 49%) and South Africa. Both are far from politically stable, and both have historically had some form of apartheid and/or military dictatorship.

You can look at Haitian independence, Congo independence, Algerian independence, Zimbabwe. Further, in Africa, in Uganda they threw out the Asians. Nigeria had a civil war over genocide against the Ibo. In Asia, you can look at human rights abuses in Sri Lanka against the Tamils.

I can name a dozen advanced ethnic minorities subjected to ethnic cleansing. You don’t seem to be able to name one.

Further, I have a historical model that explains why Tutsi were killed by Hutu, why Jews were killed by Nazis, why Armenians were killed by Turks, but why under Jim Crow or Apartheid South Africa, for example, there was never genocide, just segregation and voting restrictions. [Although clear and brutal repression against political challenges to the regime.]

You, on the other hand, can’t name one backwards ethnic group that suffered genocide at the hands of an advanced group. Nor can you offer any historical reason why a white minority in American won’t ultimately suffer genocide or physical removal.

Amazingly, white politicians, in exchange for 30 shekels of silver, are putting whites on the historical track for self-inflicted diaspora and genocide.

KD, The American Conservative 5 Comments [4/4/2017 7:32:51 AM]
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