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I still don't understand why you racists hate jews so much when jews are the ones that try to propagate white anglo-saxon culture while putting down all other non-white races.

The jew always adbicates towards the one who has the power, in this case the white man who is ruler of North America, the jew tries to assimilate and mutate with white man as "one entity" and in their struggle to do this they screw and sellout other minority races such as themselves, namely us Hispanics and blacks. The jew hates latin culture and will cooperate with anglo-saxons in ridiculing my latin race and culture, the jew only turns against white anglos when whites see THEM as parasites and as another minority race. This is when the jew becomes anti-white, otherwise he will always be pro-white and pro-western.


That link provides bright insights into the jew conspiracies against my latin people, they are worse than white racists themselves. A Hispanic Republic will emerge in the SouthWestern U.S.A. and nobody can stop it, jews and whites are trying to stop this, whites because they are doomed as a race and jews because they don't want their host/cow (the USA) to perish, no parasite wants their host dead. A Hispanic Republic composed of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas cannot survive while the treacherous jew tries to undermine us.

Alien_Latino (<>..<>) , Stormfront 1 Comments [2/20/2019 4:59:46 AM]
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warosu.org, warosu.org 6 Comments [2/19/2019 2:41:22 PM]
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[RE: North Dakota's disenfranchising of Native Americans]
PS: just because a policy happens to affect a particular race disproportionately doesn't make it racist. If it affects all races, it isn't racist.

JumpyPorcupine, Reddit 6 Comments [2/19/2019 3:13:55 AM]
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(JTA) — French philosopher and writer Alain Finkielkraut was came under a verbal anti-Semitic attack by Yellow Vest protesters in central Paris.

The incident on Saturday was captured on camera, with protesters yelling “Dirty Jew,” “you’re a hater, you’re going to die, you’re going to hell,” “Dirty Zionist,” “France is ours,” and “return to Tel Aviv.” Police intervened to protect Finkielkraut.

French President Emmanuel Marcon condemned the attack in a series of tweets. “The anti-Semitic insults he has been subjected to are the absolute negation of what we are and what makes us a great nation. We will not tolerate it,” Macron tweeted.

“The son of Polish immigrants who became a French academician, Alain Finkielkraut is not only a prominent man of letters but the symbol of what the Republic allows everyone,” he also tweeted.

The Paris prosecutor’s office on Sunday said an investigation has been launched into the “public insult based on origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

Finkielkraut, 69, has expressed support in the past for the social movement. His philosophical writing mostly discusses identity-based violence, including antisemitism.

The Yellow Vests began in the fall as a series of protests against a hike on fuel prices but has been mired since in countless instances of violence against police and a substantial amount of anti-Semitic hate speech.

The incident comes a week after a series of anti-Semitic incidents throughout Paris.

Unnamed Yellow Vests, Jewish Telegraphic Agency 5 Comments [2/19/2019 3:11:33 AM]
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(Parody of "We Three Kings")

We wuz kangs while y'all wuz in caves
We ruled Earth and whites wuz our slaves
Traffic lights and spaceship flights
And dinners in microwaves

When Yakub, with oversized head
Made the whites, selectively bred
They burned our cities, acted shitty
We became slaves instead

O, kill the crackas, kill the whites
Loot myself some shit tonight
Food stamp needing, never reading
We will win this ancient fight

We wuz magic, knew how to fly
We wuz immortal, we'd never die
Now we're aping, killing, raping
Cooking a side of fries

O, kill the crackas, kill the whites
Loot myself some shit tonight
Food stamp needing, never reading
We will win this ancient fight

Did I mention we wuz the Jews?
And we wuz Egyptians, too
Pharaoh's plagues were crack and AIDS
For stepping on someone's shoe

O, kill the crackas, kill the whites
Loot myself some shit tonight
Food stamp needing, never reading
We will win this ancient fight

Tyrant Fashister, YouTube 6 Comments [2/18/2019 11:20:15 AM]
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TULSI Gabbard? I learned of her existence because some White racialists are touting her for President. A 37-year-old Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, she recently threw her hat into the ring for 2020.
Why is she being ballyhooed? Because she made some arguably “noninterventionist” comments about U.S. meddling in the Middle East.
I do not favor Gabbard or any other non-White or Democrat for public office, so I’m unmoved by any of that. She is anti-White and philo-Semitic like the rest of the evil crew in Washington. I do not believe she will become president, but that’s up to Jews and the Left. Nobody else has any say about it.

Andrew Hamilton, National Vanguard 6 Comments [2/18/2019 2:42:17 AM]
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[Talking about FSTDT]

[Tom Shelly] I could submit a copyright claim against them and have them take it all down but I think they're helping us promote our site and the truth about niggers.

[dave423] Default
They finally posted one of mine, about my recent library coontact. They huffed and puffed but didn't really understand the story. One claimed that the nigger must have been in the library to read, which of course is bullshit. Another claimed that no one pays niggers to move to Chicago, which wasn't my claim; rather, the state targeted my suburb for more "affordable housing" and Section Ape, which means "niggers." Another thought requiring a driver's licence for a library card was an unreasonable demand for niggers (though other documentation, gas bill, etc., would have worked).

Maybe I should pour out a fo'ty or something in celebration.

[Pooter] Some one was bitching in the comments of one of my posts that "he used the N word, with a hard r, nine times in four paragraphs." Lmao- I consider it a badge of honor.


The one post I was hoping to see on there was one of yours- the timeline of niggers fuxating the area near your store, and ultimately causing it's demise. I see no way one could argue in favor of the niggers on that one- pure tnb and sums up niggers in one post. Which is probably why they didn't post it over there- it was the unadulterated truth, completely the fault of niggers- and that doesn't fit their agenda.

Various people, Niggermania 17 Comments [2/16/2019 10:06:28 AM]
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A tree planted in a Paris suburb in memory of a young Jewish man who was tortured to death in 2006 has been chopped down, authorities said Monday, confirming the latest in a series of anti-Semitic acts in France.

Ilan Halimi was kidnapped by a gang that demanded huge sums of money from his family, believing them to be rich because he was Jewish.

After being tortured for three weeks, the 23-year-old cellphone salesman was found dumped next to a railway in the southern suburb of Sainte-Genevieve-des-Bois. He died while being brought to hospital.

On Monday, municipal workers sent to prepare a memorial site for a annual remembrance ceremony this week discovered that a tree planted in his honour had been chopped down and a second one partly sawn through, local officials told AFP.

The police are investigating the incident, which the French government's special representative on racism, anti-Semitism and discrimination, Frederic Potier, described as "ignominious".

It is the latest in a series of anti-Semitic acts and attacks that have raised fears of a new wave of anti-Jewish violence in a country that is home to Europe's biggest Jewish population.

In two separate incidents in the past two days, swastikas were drawn on Paris postboxes containing portraits of late Holocaust survivor Simone Veil and the word Juden (German for Jews) was sprayed on the window of a bagel bakery in the capital.

The incident involving the postboxes was reported by artist Christian Guemy, who painted the portraits of Veil on the boxes in the city's 13th district to mark her burial last year at the Pantheon, final resting place of France's most illustrious figures.

A former justice minister, Veil was a hugely respected figure whose death in 2017 caused a national outpouring of emotion.

"Shame on the despicable person that disfigured my tribute to Simeon Veil, Holocaust survivor," Guemy tweeted Monday along with pictures of the boxes.

Unnamed anti-Semites in France, France24 8 Comments [2/16/2019 8:02:26 AM]
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Seeing Asian women dating Asian men is laughable. They aren't receiving any sexual or romantic pleasure, Asian men are robotic creatures. Asian women are truthfully interesting.


While BTS are talented, it says alot about western genocide how we are celebrating subhumans from communist countries walking over what we Americans built. North Korea is using Kpop as a distraction


The USA was once a powerful white dominated nation. Now we are watching chinks with down syndrome eyes speak. Trying to distract us from Kim Jong-un's attack on America, maybe? Wake up aryans.


I feel for all those white people who have to tolerate subhumans who sell dogs into brutal meat farms, abuse gay people, come from shit communist countries that want to take over. Kim Jong-un is proud of BTS cause they are all working together.


Seeing those feminine looking asians there makes me sick. The USA is opening our doors to subhumans who are communist spies. Please do something, Trump. We are being blinded as a nation.

Anti-Chinese Safety, Twitter 6 Comments [2/15/2019 12:50:38 PM]
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The Israelites were all 'black people', the cousins of the Nubians, the Cushites and the Puntaines and the proof of this is 'King David', the israelite King. his best friends were Cushites and Nubians, and they were considered the same family. King Solomon too, his best friends were nubians and no mixed marriages or cavorting in those days. It is commonly accepted that Solomon was 'clicking heels' with the Queen of Sheeba and that was a wife of his. Sheeba means 'black or dark skinned', she was from kenya. King Solomons son by the queen of Sheeba created the 'first dynasty of ethiopia' after all of the wars against the caananites.
Both King Solomon and king David would bith state openly that they were all black people and 'black kings and queens'. There are many poems of King Solomon and Hatshepshut(the queen of sheeba) which clearly state by the king of Israel that 'he is black skinned and the sun has burnt him just as it has burnt all of Israel, for he was hated by the enemy, who hate their skin' the same poem also goes onto say that he was the slave in Egypt and how the Lord made them all free. The children of 'ethiopia' are deemed to be the children of King Solomon(the Israelite king) and the Queen of Sheeba.
So you see what has happened? The Jew are really caananites but cant divulge this information as it would be far too damaging to their credibility so hijacked 'nubian jews', changed their colour of the skin by changing history, and hiding the truth in a web of their lies. The same crew built this entire system to be institutionally racist, as they have always hated blacks(this is why Judaism denied JC), but the truths I have mentioned are buried deep and it takes a lot of effort to uncover. I have posted some links below.
But much evidence is infront of your eyes, the pentagram for example was the Cain family emblem (pentagon), then the KKK, Aryan nation, neo nazi's, skin heads, illuminati, circle of the cross, skull and bones, Hitler, Mormons, Lutherains, catholics, all 'cults' just as they were in ancient times. All Sidonian(caananite) cults, all hate black people. All Monothiesism religion worship deity's as gods. In the ancient past the caananites were veryb deep into serpent worship or baal worship , and Baal worship has 'lucifer' as its god. Idon, tripoli, Ba
The caananites were all called the 'red people' in the ancient times and Black people just arent red. The colour red was known as 'the birthright of the sidonians', and their main birth cities were Babel, Sidon, tripoli, Babylon Egypt and finally Rome. All these cities were painted are known as 'red' simply as the colour red represents(to this day) 'hate and sin' and the king of 'hate and sin is Lucifer who was the Caananites white god

Here are some links of proof;
The Sidonians History;
The Ethiopian History;
The Hittite Kingdoms;

Daz the Druid, Truth About Cain 2 Comments [2/15/2019 12:49:00 PM]
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Quote# 142442

Get a fuck out of hear and don't deform a history of Celt's. Origin of celts is from Albania . Celts are white people of white melamine and have nothing to do with native Americans. They have nothing to do with red heads or even Blondie's. Completely nothing. Saxons are red heads of Russian albinos origin they comed to Europe 900 years agow when celts hat at least alredy 3000 years on British isles. Saxons trye to hide the Truth because have nothing to do with european race . Saxons created a fake cultures some as Balkans and Hispanics. Hispanics do not exist they are just creation of primitive albinos

Besmir Aliaj, ARwoman 4 Comments [2/15/2019 12:48:25 PM]
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Quote# 142436

'200 years together' by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

An absolute must read if you are fed up of hearing about the holoho holocaust 24 times a day and wish to learn about the (((communist))) bolsheviks, where 80-90% of the government/gulag/police force positions were held by jews,something which is never spoken about. The same bolshevik jews who were ultimately responsible for the inhumane and barbaric deaths of somewhere between 60-120 million (majority Christian) people between 1917-1957.

(((coincidently))) not many english translations available.

Rabbi Snatchshekelstein, Youtube 1 Comments [2/15/2019 12:44:12 PM]
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[Some identification questions from the Search bar on that website.]

The question has been added to make sure you're not a nigger. The reason for most people's lack of success is - H: They are lazy and did not make the right choices in life. OR G: Da white muthafuckas be keepin' dem down. Enter H or G as your answer

Why is Africa such a shit hole? 7: Because whitey came along and stole all it's brightest minds and made them slaves and brought them to America. 8: It's not a shit hole. It's full of beautiful people and thriving cities. 9. Because it's inhabited by niggers. Enter 7, 8, or 9 as your answer

If 12 niggers are sent off to pick cotton in the morning and only 9 come back at night, how many niggers are on the loose?

LaQueefa was taking a shit and heard a loud thump in the toilet. She looked down and saw a new nigglet. What would she most likely not say? J: What a wonderful gift. I'm going to raise this child to be successful and go on to college. K: Dayum, I gots me a new nigger dat come up from de shit bowl. L: Hell yeah, dat's another $1,000 welfare check each month! Enter J, K, or L as your answer.

Search questions, Niggermania 10 Comments [2/14/2019 12:59:15 AM]
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Quote# 142419

Last year at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, District Judge John Zani found Ms Chabloz guilty and sentenced her to a 20-week prison sentence suspended for two years, 180 hours of unpaid community service, an indefinite order against contacting two leaders of Campaign Against Antisemitism, as well an an order banning her from social media for 12 months. She was also ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge, and costs of £600. The suspension of her sentence was on the basis that District Judge Zani said that he did not wish to satisfy her desire to become a “martyr”.

Ms Chabloz had published on YouTube a series of songs mocking Holocaust survivors and inciting hatred against Jews, including:

“Did the Holocaust ever happen? Was it just a bunch of lies? Seems that some intend to pull the wool over our eyes. Eternal wandering liars haven’t got a clue, and when it comes to usury, victim’s always me and you.”
“Now Auschwitz, holy temple, is a theme park just for fools, the gassing zone a proven hoax, indoctrination rules.”
“Tell us another, come on, my brother, reap it, the cover, for tribal gain. Safe in our tower, now is the hour, money and power, we have no shame.”
“History repeats itself, no limit to our wealth, thanks to your debts we’re bleeding you dry. We control your media, control all your books and TV, with the daily lies we’re feeding, suffering victimisation. Sheeple have no realisation, you shall pay, all the way, until the break of day.”
The songs were partly set to traditional Jewish folk music such as Hevenu Shalom Aleichem and Hava Nagila. She mocked prominent Jewish figures persecuted by the Nazis, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel and Anne and Otto Frank.

Appealing her conviction, Ms Chabloz showed no contrition. Under cross-examination, she said that there are liars in all ethnicities but: “Jews are more likely to tell lies. In the Talmud, it’s even encouraged. In the verses. Lying is following religious duty.”

When asked if she thinks Jews are responsible for their own persecution, she explained that a “certain amount of evidence occurred throughout history” to support that view. Judge Hehir noted that her claim was identical to that of notorious antisemite Gilad Atzmon, who caved in after just two hours in court in a defamation case brought over his claims that Campaign Against Antisemitism fabricates cases of antisemitism.

She also claimed that Jews have disproportionate power and influence, saying that “Jews are over-represented in banking, finance, the media. There’s information that’s out there. 8% in the Houses of Parliament.” She added that: “They control Twitter” too.

Asked about her views on the Holocaust, Ms Chabloz described herself as a “revisionist”, stating that the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust was 600,000: “Revisionists think 10% of those [Jews] reported in the mainstream media” were murdered by the Nazis.

She disputed that there were death camps, saying that “Jews were deported, sent to camps but they were prisoner camps.” On the subject of gas chambers, she said that: “There’s no evidence of gas chambers. Gas chambers were used for disinfection purposes, as life-saving devices.” She also claimed that Holocaust survivors lie, telling the court: “There’s great incentive for survivors to elaborate their story.”

In a comment that drew gasps in court, Ms Chabloz said that Jewish concentration camp inmates forced to play in an orchestra at Auschwitz were luckier than her. She said: “Musicians in the orchestra were luckier than me” because she said it was “heartbreaking” that venues no longer booked her to perform on account of her views and songs. When challenged by Judge Hehir, she said that she might not have chosen her words as well as she could have.

She claimed that her songs were an act of love towards Jews, saying: “My songs are a product of love. To free Jews from the shackles of atrocity propaganda.” She added that: “I wish they will liberate us from this false narrative.”

At one point she even claimed that she had invented the melody of Hava Nagila on her own and had no idea that it was also a piece of Jewish folk music. Asked how she came up with the tune all on her own, she claimed: “The tune was a gift from G-d.”

Alison Chabloz, Antisemitism.uk 3 Comments [2/13/2019 2:02:05 PM]
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Quote# 142405

All the Asian immigrants are what is causing the college stress to go sky high for everyone. They run their poor kids into the ground for perfection. Their practices are not healthy and it is now ruining this country as well.

Anonymous, DCUrbanMom 4 Comments [2/12/2019 1:58:39 PM]
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Theft and fraud are Jewish specialties too: Jews are the human equivalent of the parasitic cuckoo, which is able to mimic the eggs of its hosts almost perfectly. But what looks like the egg of a beautiful meadow pipit or reed warbler hatches into a greedy, screeching cuckoo. This brings me to the phenomenon of the “Jewish conservative.” There are a lot of them on both sides of the Atlantic: Mark Steyn in North America and Melanie Phillips in Britain, for example. But let’s look at a less famous one: Theodore Dalrymple, a dedicated chronicler of the life and crimes of the British “underclass.” I’ve read a lot of his articles, but even before I saw the blight and became an anti-Semite, I was growing more and more suspicious of him.

Why did he have a blind spot about race? Why did his writing make it so easy for middle-class Whites to dismiss working-class Whites as worthless? Why did he support non-white immigration, despite calling himself a conservative? When I became an anti-Semite, an answer was ready to hand: perhaps it’s because he’s a Jew. When I learned that his mother had been a refugee from Nazi Germany and his father a communist, I was almost certain of it. Turns out I was right: he is indeed a Jew and his real name is Anthony Daniels. Although lots of people write under pen-names, what’s characteristic of Jews is that they choose goyisch names to address the goyim. It’s a form of parasitic camouflage – what could be more White British than “Dalrymple”? – but there’s more to Anthony Daniels’ full pen-name than might immediately meet the eye.

“Theodore” literally means “God’s gift.” And Anthony Daniels certainly knew this when he adopted the pen-name, so I suspect that ole Jewish egomania was at work again. That ole Jewish smoke-and-mirrors certainly seems to be at work in Daniels’ writing. The vital importance of race is something Jews do their best to conceal, because they don’t want to stand out as different in the societies they parasitize.

Luke O'Farrell, Heretical 2 Comments [2/12/2019 5:31:47 AM]
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Quote# 142389

{Translated by Vman, because no English-language reports of this could be found. You can see the original text (in Croatian) at the link provided in the URL below the text.
The incident happened in the Croatian city of Vukovar on the 16th of January, 2019. Vukovar has a population that is roughly 60% Croat and 35% Serb.}

Multiple masked minors swooped in on him at the bus station

AUTHOR: Jutarnji.hr
PUBLISHING DATE: 17 Jan 2019, at 18:22

Wednesday evening around 7 PM in Vukovar, a student of the 3rd grade of 'Nikola Tesla' Technical School attending classes in the Serbian language was attacked at the bus station, writes the news portal Novosti.

According to unofficial sources, he was attacked by five or six minors wearing ski masks, including one without a mask. The assaulted youth identified that one; allegedly, the suspect is a student attending the same school, but in the Croatian-language program.

The non-masked minor is allegedly a member of the Bad Blue Boys football fan group. According to Novosti, he is notorious for causing trouble in the school.

"Currently I can only tell you that on Wednesday, at around 7 PM, the police were notified of five or six youths being present at the Vukovar bus station, and that they were involved in a physical altercation. The police went afield and there we came upon some of the participants of the event. However, we are still working on the case, that is, we are trying to ascertain all the circumstances. I believe that will be finished by the end of this day, so the public will be notified about everything in a communication which we should release on Friday," said Domagoj Džigmunovic, spokesman of the Vukovar-Syrmia Police Department.

The assaulted student of the Technical School sustained light injuries, and the attack occurred just two days after Vukovar mayor Ivan Penava called out the students of the Technical School who attend the Serbian language program. The reason was that they did not stand while the national anthem of the Republic of Croatia was being played at the Vukovar Cup football finals match between the NK Vuteks Sloga Vukovar and the HNK Vukovar '91 clubs. Penava further substantiated the allegation by way of a video recording where the faces of these youths are visible. According to Novosti, the video is still available at Vukovar.hr, the city's webpage.

{Vman's notes}: Public education in Vukovar is unique in that it is fully segregated according to ethnicity. Croat and Serb students attend separate classes (often in the same school building), even though the Croatian and the Serbian language are so similar as to be mutually intelligible - indeed, prior to 1991 the children were educated together.
The segregation occurred as a result of the 1990s war and the resulting fallout in inter-ethnic relations. Vukovar was the city most devastated during the war in Croatia. Serb forces besieged and shelled it for three months in 1991, and its capture was accompanied by war crimes against the captured Croatian defenders and civilians.

In the meantime, Vukovar and its wartime destruction has become a major symbol, even a sort of national myth in Croatia. Its wartime history and the interpretations of it are also a source of periodic tensions between Croatia and Serbia.

This symbol is often used and abused in Croatian politics, especially by right-wing Croat figures such as the current mayor of Vukovar, Ivan Penava. {/notes}

Croatian attackers, Jutarnji list 7 Comments [2/11/2019 2:59:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Vman

Quote# 142254

Way I see it, the Japanese treat their entertainment as their culture, and they are fiercely protective of their culture! Anytime someone outdoes them with a foreign spinoff (like say Donkey Kong Country or the Sega Genesis in general) they see it as an attack! An attempt of appropriation. So for years, they had a habit of sabotaging their American counterparts to make sure that their homegrown Japanese version is superior no matter what. Might explain the cease and desist orders on fangames, too. Not really protecting their Copyrights per say, but protecting their superiority in content production. Cant allow those baka gaijin to think they have better ideas than us!

Heru Sankofa, Conflicting Views 3 Comments [2/11/2019 2:58:56 PM]
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Quote# 142242

Wow, Camus was right. We're the first victims of immigration! His race!!

Photoshopped image of Auschwitz-Birkenau, made to resemble a movie poster for the sequel of "La vérité si je mens! 2"

Original French:
"Putain de sa mère, c'est Camus qu'a raison. On est les premières victimes de l'immigration ! Sa race !!"

Hervé Ryssen, Twitter 6 Comments [2/11/2019 1:56:04 PM]
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Submitted By: hydrolythe

Quote# 142386

Zagreb Condemns Attack on Belgrade Sportsmen in Croatia

Anja Vladisavljevic | Zagreb | BIRN | February 11, 2019

Zagreb officials condemned an attack on three Red Star Belgrade water polo players in the coastal city of Split - one of whom jumped into the sea to escape his assailants.

The Croatian government and President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic on Sunday condemned the attack on three players from Red Star Belgrade’s Water Polo Club in the southern coastal city of Split the previous day.

“We condemn the incident in the strongest terms. It is unacceptable from every aspect,” Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic told a press conference on Sunday, stressing that the police had promptly responded to the attack.

“Hooliganism is a plague that is contrary to the ideals of sport, and all violence is unacceptable,” Grabar Kitarovic wrote on Twitter.

Police arrested three of the attackers on Sunday morning and were looking for two others. Police said on Monday that their investigation showed that two 25-year-old men and a 23-year-old man tried to physically hurt or seriously injure the health of three foreign nationals, motivated by hatred, using force and bladed weapons. One of those arrested was released on Monday.

Serbia sent a diplomatic protest note to Croatia on Sunday, expressing “deep concern and disappointment” over the incident.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Sunday that this was just one in a series of anti-Serb incidents in Croatia.

“Why this is happening so much there… I am not certain or at least, I certainly hope that this would not happen in Belgrade,” Vucic said.

The three Red Star water polo players were attacked on the waterfront promenade in Split on Saturday afternoon.

Two of the players managed to run away while the other escaped by jumping into the sea.

“I’m from Kotor, I’m a Montenegrin, I’m not a Serb!” screamed the player from the sea, Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper reported.

A group of locals then helped the player out of the water.

Police said that they offered medical assistance to the young man who jumped into the sea, but he turned it down.

“He doesn’t have visible injuries for now. We took him to the hotel and conducted an interview there… An investigation is underway,” police spokesperson Zeljka Radosevic told Hina news agency.

According to unconfirmed reports, the attackers were apparently provoked by the fact that the three players wore the Red Star Belgrade team’s jerseys.

The Belgrade players were in Split for a match with local team Mornar. The match was cancelled after the incident.

Asked whether the attack would be treated as an act of hooliganism or a hate crime, Interior Minister Bozinovic said the police will decide on this together with the State Attorney’s Office.

Croatian attackers, BalkanInsight 4 Comments [2/11/2019 1:49:26 PM]
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Submitted By: Vman



Quote# 142373

[Letter hand-delivered to the constituency office of Jewish MP Luciana Berger (Labour-Liverpool Wavertree). Berger has been critical of her party leadership for failing to address the rising level of antisemitism within the party. The wreath laying refers to Jeremy Corbyn’s presence at a wreath-laying ceremony in 2014 for the perpetrators of Munich Olympics massacre of 1972.]












Corbyn supporters , Twitter  14 Comments [2/11/2019 1:37:31 AM]
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Quote# 142352

A French court on Thursday sentenced far-right Holocaust denier Alain Soral to one year in prison for insulting a magistrate and making anti-Semitic comments on his website.

On the site, which is called “Equality and Reconciliation,” Soral wrote that Jews “are manipulative, domineering and hateful.”

Soral, 60, has been convicted multiple times of incitement to hatred over a constant stream of anti-Semitic comments over the years. His last conviction was in December in a defamation case. The Paris Court of Appeal fined him 4,000 euros ($4,500) for producing and selling on his website a poster targeting Jews.

“We will continue to prosecute Mr. Soral as long as he makes anti-Jewish remarks,” said attorney Ilana Soskin, representing the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which brought the latest complaint against Soral.

Soral was also sentenced for insulting a female magistrate, saying he had “never heard so many lies and dishonesty out of the mouth of a woman, and I have known prostitutes.”

The sentence marks the first serious punishment for the far-right provocateur, according to Richard Malka, an attorney representing the magistrate.

The French Union of Jewish Students tweeted praise for the court’s decision Thursday against “this little propagandist of hatred.”

In 2016, a French court slapped Soral with a $13,000 fine and a suspended prison sentence of six months for saying the Nazis should have finished killing the Jews of Europe.

The sentence was over Soral’s Facebook post a year earlier about Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, two anti-racism activists who helped track down dozens of Nazi war criminals.

“This is what happens when you don’t finish the job,” Soral wrote about an article on a state honor conferred on the Klarsfelds by Germany.

A judge found Soral, who has long been a well-known writer on the French far-right and an ally of the anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, guilty of “justifying war crimes and crimes against humanity.” It marked only one of Soral’s multiple convictions for minimizing or mocking the Holocaust.

The judge also ordered Soral to pay 5,000 euros, or about $5,600, to each of the Klarsfelds and 2,000 euros, or $2,250, to the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, which then too filed the complaint against Soral.

Alain Soral, The Times of Israel 4 Comments [2/10/2019 3:55:11 AM]
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Quote# 142339

Dissent over Citizenship Bill causes havoc

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) 2016, which was passed in the lower house of the Indian Parliament on January 8, has run into troubled waters. The communal nature of the bill leaves out Muslim communities from its humanitarian pursuit of providing sanctuary and also restricts itself to three countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The bill seeks to grant citizenship to Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Parsi and Jain migrants from those three countries even if they do not possess the necessary documents but have stayed in India for six years. This has led to strong reactions from groups in India’s Northeast.

The bill, particularly in the northeastern states, has received tremendous opposition, but not entirely for the right reasons. Strong sentiments against “foreigners” or “Bangladeshis” have been expressed, as protests against the bill have been widely covered and reported in both national and regional media.

In one demonstration held in Aizawl, capital of Mizoram state, on January 23, the Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP), the largest student body of the Mizos, in a four-point resolution stated that “to safeguard [our] land against foreigners, we the Mizos will fight till our last breath.” They further stated that “the government is favoring the foreigners over its own people living in the Northeast.”

Dissent for wrong reasons

Unfortunately, the dissent regarding the bill is not against the religious aspects and its communal nature, nor is it for including specific nations. In fact, the dissent expressed in the Northeast region is mostly driven by regional and identity politics, and more so in Mizoram.

Northeast India shares a border with Bangladesh, a fact that is mobilized by a certain class or people in power to scare the general public and turn that fear into a mass protest.

In the state of Mizoram, people took to the streets led by powerful non-government organizations in turn led by the MZP and Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA), among others, against the CAB.

The demonstrations, especially those with placards saying “Hello China, Bye Bye India,” caught the attention of national media.

The protesters even threatened the possibility of picking up arms against the Indian state. The news and incidents did not end with the slogans and protests, but extended to the level of forcibly preventing one Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from attending the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi on January 26.

Mizoram has no cases of people from Bangladesh seeking asylum or “illegal immigrants” taking shelter in the state. In fact, Mizoram is one of the three states in Northeast India that have Inner Line Permit (ILP) regulations in place. There are no possibilities of entering the state or finding employment without an ILP, or becoming ethnic Mizo at the stroke of entering Mizoram.

The Mizo history

The voice against the CAB is in fact an opportunity to mobilize, galvanize and campaign to express hate toward non-Mizos whether it be Chakma, Reang or even Indian citizens who share historical roots in Chin areas of Myanmar, although the latter are seen as part of their society now.

Indians with Chin ancestry have been beaten up in the streets of Aizawl repeatedly over the years, although now are accepted in the larger Mizo society.

The Asian Center for Human Rights (ACHR) notes that in 1992 about 380 Chakma houses were burned down by mobs organized by the MZP and Young Mizo Association (YMA) at Marpara, Hnahva and Aivapui villages in Mizoram.

Subsequently, thousands of Chakma voters were deleted from electoral rolls published in 1995 and 1996. The number stood at 2,886 Chakmas in Aizawl district alone. In 1997, facing the brunt of communal attacks orchestrated by the MZP and YMA, more than 30,000 Reangs or Brus fled from Mizoram to Tripura and Assam.

On January 23 with a demonstration against the bill in process, the Mizo groups also demanded dissolution of the Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC).

Media reports said MZP general secretary Lalnunmawia Pautu’s statement directly expressed anger against the Chakmas. He stated: “So many Chakmas are living illegally in
Mizoram. Everyone will get citizenship if the [Citizenship Amendment] Bill is passed.”

On the other hand, the Chakma organizations for long have challenged the Mizos against such allegations and accusations. They have presented data and literature to prove that the Chakmas’ illegal immigration from Bangladesh is a myth.

Dilip Kanti Chakma, a human-rights lawyer based in Delhi, said: “The allegations of Chakmas’ abnormal population growth are nothing but creation of myths against the Chakmas. Before India’s independence, the western part of Mizoram belonged to the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh, which was dominated by the Chakmas. [In the] aftermath of the partitions, just overnight Chakmas had to identify themselves with two nation-states, that is, India and the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).”

He further explained: “The majority of the Chakmas had to remain with Pakistan despite their advocacy to be with the Indian state. The Chakma community being both in Bangladesh and India does not mean that they are illegally coming into the state of Mizoram. Such is nothing but xenophobic attitude by profiling and branding the Chakmas as foreigners or Bangladeshis.”

He even stated that while today it is the Chakmas raising their voices against the non-Mizos, tomorrow it could be Reang/Bru or even the helpless “Chins” who had to flee Myanmar because of their political situation and seek protection in the state of Mizoram.

Abuse of history

The demonstrations against the CAB also expose the abuse of history. As it is reported, the statement of the MZP general secretary further states that the bill is “extremely dangerous for the people of Mizoram and the Northeast” and warns against the repetition of violent secessionist movements like in the 1960s.

The fact is that the Mizo movement in the 1960s was for justice and equality when the Indian state neglected the suffering of the people due to poverty, famine, disease and deaths. It was not a secessionist movement.

The CAB has lit up xenophobic politics in Mizoram yet again and the minorities in the state are bearing its brunt.

Despite enjoying double protection in the form of the ILP and extremely strong civil-society and student-union bodies, the display of power is nothing but a spectacle to instill fear among the minorities in the state.

various protestors, Asia Times 0 Comments [2/9/2019 8:48:55 AM]
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Greets to Poland! We also support your struggle against the Zionist-Wahhabi scum who control your country. The global Jewish banking cartels want to destroy every trace of ethnic heritage and culture on the planet.

There are no bombs falling on Poland, but the Jewish bankers are working hard to destroy Poland in a different way. Israel, NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the Jew.S.A. are working together to turn the whole world into a type of mono-cultural hell, all controlled by Jewish finance. That way, they can sell us the same products and create disgusting homosexual, perverted societies where people forget their native roots.

Keep fighting, brother!

From an Assyrian friend

NebuchadnezzarII, Youtube 1 Comments [2/9/2019 8:47:45 AM]
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Quote# 142337

Asian woman wants white guys then cries RACISM (!!!) when the white guy prefers to date within his race. In contrast, Asian men just want their own race - whereas these Asian women feel entitled to OTHER races. They are the true entitled ones

So I mean, going through the article, some things that struck me...

Lately, my single, female friends have been telling me about the extraordinary messages they receive on sites like Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge.

Like yes, omg, it's totally "extraordinary" that a white guy says he only wants to date white \s. In fact, I say good for him

And also, notice how her female friends are clearly all Asian (and possibly other minorities), yet she is clearly set on a white guy. Again, this disproves all the "well, I live in a white area, so it's natural my partner would be white" - with this logic, her female friends would also be white, but with 90% of these women, I notice they have an extremely disproportionate number of Asian female friends - sometimes even exclusively Asian female friends - yet they never have Asian men as friends, let alone a partner.

this actual line on the profile of a sun-kissed Liam Hemsworth lookalike

So, praising whites and insinuating that whites are the ultimate form of attractiveness hence actively bashing her own race, all the while claiming whites are racist who claim the exact same thing. Afterall, this is comparable to a favourite sibling syndrome - if you constantly praise one sibling as being amazing-looking, intelligent and whatnot 1000s upon 1000s of times, then the other sibling is naturally going to take offence, even if they are never actually offended directly. Same with these Asian women - even if they don't explicitly bash Asian men, they still are actually bashing Asian men by praising white men and hence re-enforcing the idea that you have been told since childhood that - as an Asian man - you will never be as good as whites.

You’d never find a job ad that discriminates against applicants based on race. That’s against the law. Why is it okay, then, to announce a ban against engaging with a race of people on your dating profile?

But when Asian women say "no Asian men", these very same Asian women will claim it's just "muh preference" or they'll try to justify it with some other bs - "he looks like my brother", "Asian men are misogynistic" and even the "I don't want an Asian mother in law"

Some openly announce "NO ASIANS/ NO BLACKS". I wonder how harmful this might be to an Asian, like me, or black person, to see this regularly – how this might diminish our self-hood and dignity.

Riiiiiiight...but since like 10 years old, Asian men have grown up seeing 100,000s of Asian women in wmaf proudly, smugly and arrogantly declare Asian men to be inferior and she clearly doesn't view that of concern. Afterall, like my point her, Asian men have had 100,000 strikes against them, she's had 1 and now she's the one complaining? And besides, being told you aren't good enough by your own kind is always going to insult you more than being told you aren't good enough by some complete randomer.

An Asian female friend announced recently that the vitriol she experienced on Tinder became too heavy a psychological burden. She deleted her account two days ago.

If this was genuine racism (i.e. "suck my dick you dumb g00k bitch"), then fine, but if it's just because she only match with 500 white guys and a small handful said they prefer white women, then I find it impossible to see what the problem is

and those whom English is a second language can’t offer anything of value?

And I mean, this is just outright false. Asian female immigrants/foreigners are targetted very strongly by wm looking for easy sex/wanting to live out racist fantasies (fucking an Asian woman from each ethnicity as a form of conquest and calling/viewing them as each appropriate racial slur etc). And sure, I would hope to any self-respecting woman it wouldn't be wanted attention, but the way she claims they are ignored is simply false. Afterall, I remember going to a nightclub in London when I was 18 - ALL of the female Asian international students/tourists were able to go home and fuck a white guy despite their poor English, but how many Asian guys who had poor English were able to woo the white women in the club? Yeah, I think we all know the answer. For a woman, having traits that make you less powerful (less money, not able to speak the language, naivity of the culture) etc aren't a negative thing and will be viewed in a positive light by many predatory men. I know plenty of female Asian international students who fucked 50 white guys during their time in the UK - how many of the male Asian international students fucked 50 white women though, do you think?

There's an ugly sense of entitlement

Again, a white guy wanting a white woman is not being entitled. An Asian woman feeling entitled to a white man - i.e. someone of a different race - is the real entitled one

Dating apps must reflect the same standards of non-discrimination as those expected in the broader community. I urge them to act quickly to remove users who do not comply with these guidelines and to effectively resolve complaints where racism is brought to their attention.

And lmao, this would mean that most Asian women in white areas would be banned then for their extreme "no Asians" policy. And likewise, all these specialist wmaf bride sites would be banned (I agree they should be), most of the Asian women on all these degenerate hookup sites etc too would be banned

And then, surprise surprise, she even admits:

When I ask several friends about their swiping habits on apps like Tinder and OkCupid, and they don’t deny that most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo.


And you know, it's also funny when she says something like this:

I’d want to grant a stranger the dignity to be treated as an individual.

Because, you know, she honestly doesn't believe that whites on those apps don't just view her through every racial stereotype imaginable - i.e.:

- "ching chong ling long"/"me luv u long time"/"sucky sucky 5 dorrah"/"lbfm"/"slit-eyed bitch"/"chink whore"/"g00k cumbucket" etc etc etc etc etc

- someone who has no self-respect (the typical "Asian bitches are slaves to whites"/"white-worshipping whore" etc)

- someone who hates her own kind

etc etc etc etc etc

See, the reality is, that unlike what she is stating, it isn't the white guys who want white women that are the ones who are racist - it's the ones who want Asian women that are

ThereNeedsToBeChange, r/EasternSunRising 0 Comments [2/8/2019 5:51:51 PM]
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