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Is there an agenda with the recent rise of incest porn? Why are all of these adult sites suddenly trying to brainwash men into wanting their own family members? Why has there been a boom in this nasty content in the past two years? Even Game of Thrones has it on full display, "look at how sexy this is, yes, look at it, think of how hot this would be in real life".

I've been researching porn sites and learned about how every major porn site is controlled by an influencing company called MindGeek. They've already been trying to encourage pedophilia for the last decade with the "legal teen" shit, but what is their end goal? Why are they trying to destroy healthy human sexuality?

QueenOvBrokenHearts, r/GenderCritical 2 Comments [7/8/2018 8:03:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The beginning of World War I and the Ottoman entry into the war on November 1, 1914 on the side of Germany and Austria - Hungary against the Entente powers was considered as a great opportunity by the Armenian nationalists. Louise Nalbandian relates that "The Armenian revolutionary committees considered that the most opportune time to begin a general uprising to achieve their goals was when the Ottoman Empire was in a state of war", and thus less able to resist an internal attack.


Nor did these Armenian atrocities affect only Turks and other Muslims. The Armenian guerillas had never been happy with the failure of the Greeks and Jews to fully support their revolutionary programs. As a result in Trabzon and vicinity they massacred thousands of Greeks, while in the area of Hakkari it was the Jews who were rounded up and massacred by the Armenian guerillas. Basically the aim of these atrocities was to leave only Armenians in the territories being claimed for the new Armenian state; all others therefore were massacred or forced to flee for their lives so as to secure the desired Armenian majority of the population in preparation for the peace settlement.

Leading the first Armenian units who crossed the Ottoman border in the company of the Russian invaders was the former Ottoman Parliamentary representative for Erzurum, Karekin Pastirmaciyan, who now assumed the revolutionary name Armen Garo. Another former Ottoman parliamentarian, Hamparsum Boyaciyan, led the Armenian guerilla forces who ravaged Turkish villages behind the lines under the nickname "Murad", specifically ordering that "Turkish children also should be killed as they form a danger to the Armenian nation." Another former Member of Parliament, Papazyan, led the Armenian guerilla forces that ravaged the areas of Van, Bitlis and Mush.

In March 1915 the Russian forces began to move toward Van. Immediately, on April 11, 1915 the Armenians of Van began a general revolt, massacring all the Turks in the vicinity so as to make possible its quick and easy conquest by the Russians. Little wonder that Czar Nicholas II sent a telegram of thanks to the Armenian Revolutionary Committee of Van on April 21, 1915, "thanking it for its services to Russia." The Armenian newspaper Gochnak, published in the United States, also proudly reported on May 24, 1915 that "only, 1,500 Turks remain in Van", the rest having been slaughtered.

The Dashnak representative told the Armenian National Congress assembled at Tiflis in February 1915 that "Russia provided 242,000 rubles before the war even began to arm and prepare the Ottoman Armenians to undertake revolts", giving some idea of how the Russian-Armenian alliance had long prepared to undermine the Ottoman war effort. Under these circumstances, with the Russians advancing along a wide front in the East, with the Armenian guerillas spreading death and destruction while at the same time attacking the Ottoman armies from the rear, with the Allie's also invading the Empire along a wide front from Galicia to Iraq, the Ottoman decision to deport Armenians from the war areas was a moderate and entirely legitimate measure of self-defense.

Even after the revolt and massacres at Van, the Ottoman government made one final effort to secure general Armenian support for the war effort, summoning the Patriarch, some Armenian h4emhers of Parliament, and other delegates to a meeting where they were warned that drastic measures would be taken unless Armenians stopped slaughtering Muslims and working to undermine the war effort. When there was no evident lessening of 'the Armenian attacks, the government finally acted. On April 24, 1915 the Armenian revolutionary committees were closed and 235 of their leaders were arrested for activities against the state. It is the date of these arrests that in recent years has been annually commemorated by Armenian nationalist groups throughout the world in commemoration of the "massacre" that they claim took place at this time. No such massacre, however, took place, at this or any other time during the war. In the face of the great danger~ which the Empire faced at that time, great care was taken to make certain that the Armenians were treated carefully and compassionately as they were deported, generally to Syria and Palestine when they came from southern Anatolia, and to Iraq if they, came from the north. The Ottoman Council of Ministers thus ordered:

“When those of the Armenians resident in the aforementioned towns and villages who have to be moved are transferred to their places of settlement and are on the road, their comfort must be assured and their lives and property protected; after their arrivals their food should be paid for out of Refugees Appropriations until they are definitely settled in their new homes. Property and land should be distributed to them in accordance with their previous financial situation as well as their current needs; and for those among them needing further help, the government should 6iiild houses, provide cultivators and artisans with seed, tools, and equipment.”

And it went on to specify:

“This order is entirely intended against the extension of the Armenian Revolutionary Committees; therefore do not execute it in such a manner that might cause the mutual massacre of Muslims and Armenians.”

“Make arrangements for special officials to accompany the growths of Armenians who are being relocated, and make sure they are provided with, food and other needed things, paying the cost out of the allotments set a side for emigrants.”

“The food needed by the emigrants while traveling until they reach their destinations must be provided ... for poor emigrants by credit for the installation of the emigrants. The camps provided for transported persons should be kept under regular supervision; necessary steps for their well-being should be taken, and order and security assured. Make certain that indigent emigrants are given enough food and that their health is assured by daily visits by a doctor... Sick people, poor people, women and children should be sent by rail, and others on mules, in carts or on foot according to their power of endurance. Each convoy should be accompanied by a detachment of guards, and the food supply for each convoy should be guarded until the destination is reached... In cases where the emigrants are attacked, either in the camps or during the journeys, all efforts should be taken to repel the attacks immediately...”

Out of the some 700,000 Armenians who were transported in this way until early 1917, certainly some lives were lost, as the result both of large scale military and bandit activities then going on in the areas through which they passed, as well as the general insecurity and blood feuds which some tribal forces sought to carry cut as the caravans passed through their territories. In addition, the deportations and settlement of the deported Armenians took place at a time when the Empire was suffering from severe shortages of fuel, food, medicine and other supplies as well as large-scale plague and famine. It should not be forgotten that, at the same time, an entire Ottoman army of 90,000 men was lost in the East as a result of severe short- ages, or that through the remainder of the war as many as three or four million Ottoman subjects of all religions died as a result of the same conditions that afflicted the deportees.

How tragic and unfeeling it is, therefore, for Armenian nationalists to blame the undoubted suffering of the Armenians during the war to something more than the same anarchical conditions, which afflicted all the Sultan's subjects. This is the truth behind the false claims distorting historical facts by ill devised mottoes such as the "first genocide of the twentieth century," which Armenian propagandists and terror groups try to revive to justify the same tactics of terror today which brought such horrors to the Ottoman Empire during the last century.

Unknown author, No-Genocide 0 Comments [7/8/2018 7:45:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138598

Make no mistake the purported fatal shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Capital Gazette Newspaper building didn’t even occur. It’s a fake, and no one can demonstrate otherwise. The behavior and words of its supposedly surviving reporters is hard proof. Consider the words of Gazette reporter Selene San Felice.

According to this individual she is going to “need more than a couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers,” adding also that “We need more than prayers (though) I appreciate the prayers. I was praying the whole time I was under that desk.” Right away, she went for the jugular in regard to the vulnerable, gullible American public. Nevertheless, this is an obvious acting attempt to create emotional reactions. Even so, who talks like that in the aftermath of an actual murderous public shooting?

She also said:

I’ve heard that President Trump sent his prayers. I’m not trying to make this political, right? But we need more than prayers. I appreciate the prayers. I was praying the entire time I was [hiding] under that desk. I want your prayers but I want something else…

Through this she made clear the treacherous nature of this hoax and that it is, in fact, aimed at the people’s inalienable rights.

She then added the following: “Thanks for your prayers, but I couldn’t give a f#$% about them if there’s nothing else.”

These could only be the words of an arch-Zionist mole. Moreover, regardless, who in the world talks like that? Who protests in this manner to such a degree after some four of her supposed colleagues were shot dead? “Thou doth protest too much” has taken on a new meaning. As well, who in the world would demand public action against gun rights within minutes of a deadly shooting and so so from the shooting site, all in a calm voice combined with giggling and protesting?

drkresearch, No Disinfo 0 Comments [7/8/2018 6:29:11 AM]
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These lesbisans are finally finding out that the “LGBT” movement was never actually about helping Lesbians or Gays, it was always a Marxist movement in disguise with the goal of destroying coventional morality and social order.

Now that the movemetn have found the T’s as the latest most effective means of attacking the social order. The lesbians have been tossed aside.

Here is how it’s going to go. First it was destroying the distinction between heterosexual sex and homosexual sex (love is love). Now it’s destroying the distinction between male and female (the trans movement). Next up is destroying the distinction between adult and children (NAMBLA is next). Finally it will be destroying the distinction between human and animals.

Truthsearcher, Free Republic 1 Comments [7/7/2018 4:14:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138665

Useful idiots, all of them.

If feeding Gay people, illegal immigrants, Blacks, and women through a wood chipper would advance the cause of Socialism, it’s leaders would be all for it.

I happen to believe that Gay people are born that way, and they’re being used as pawns to encourage the hetero population to engage in sick, decadent behavior. Most Gay people I know are quite normal and non-radical. Same sex marriage wasn’t legalized to benefit Gays. It was legalized to encourage bi-sexuality in future generations of heteros.

Anyone still arguing about why Gay people should, or shouldn’t be allowed to get married, has been completely fooled by the Left. It was never about the Gays, it’s about the rest of us. And now some Gays and Lesbians are finally starting to figure it out.

The Fop, Free Republic 0 Comments [7/7/2018 4:12:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138663

Mr Bourdain's "wife" was into all kinds of weird, pedo, child-abuse stuff. I've heard her social media is filled with pedophilia symbolism and worse. I've also heard that Mr Bourdain committed suicide because his "pedo" actions were going to be made public.

Similar to Mrs Spade, who was involved with the Clinton Foundation's alleged abuse of children, she committed suicide (or was murdered) because she knew that the truth was going to be revealed. Mrs Spade was hanged with a scarf, which apparently has some sort of symbolic meaning in the "pedo" underworld.

The good new is, that these people are being brought to light and the "pedo" sacrifices/abuses are being ended (and hopefully litigated), after decades of involvement by the elites and global govt. There is VAST evidence that Trump is attacking and ending these demonic activities. God have mercy on us!

Pax Vobis, Cathinfo 0 Comments [7/7/2018 4:12:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Tesco oiks have been hand in hand with the establishment for decades. I agree. They had been planning all along in case the lost the referendum. The lost and the economy actually held and business has improved in many areas. And there are countries waiting to deal with the UK. But the UK establishment has been undermining its own economy in order to blame Brexit. I also notice these are ending the gold colour currency coins and leaving us with the coins that like the worthless fake money called euros. What a coincidence and wonder what is behind it? It was widely known that referendum was for the public to have the final say on EU membership. It was explained that we would leave completely if we voted to leave.

We voted to leave. We could have been out by now in all areas with no sell outs. But the lab/lb/icon suddenly asked to put in thousands of clauses to be included. When the EU rules and the EU did not then even ask for any. Now the MPs and lords think they have the right to sabotage and betray the will of the majority and our majority mandate to leave the EU entirely in all areas and permanently. They betrayal makes it clear they have declared themselves enemies of democracy and set themselves against the majority will of the people. Now the 17.4 million majority who won Betwixt must steel themselves again for the fight and vote UKIP at the next election.

Remember after the referendum UKIP had to deal with certain organised infiltrators, which it has done. And has also has to deal with since the Brexit referendum with what amounts to and establishment and media blackout. I will certainly vote for them. It is no good giving the vote to lab/lib/con traitors or even not voting because if we do no vote that is pointless gesture which the lab/lib/con would welcome.. UKIP are the true opposition to the Brexit betrayal and all that encompasses. It's new lead ere one of its founders.

Byrtnoth, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  1 Comments [7/6/2018 9:08:03 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138604

How would you feel if you went to the anti-ICE rally today [July 2nd 2018] thinking it was about “keeping families together” but then you saw videos of the leaders of this movement literally raping infants? Would you still support this?
#Pizzagate #Pedogate #QAnon

I have a strange gift. I expose pedophiles. I could know nothing about you BUT, if you’re raping kids, I know! Not only am I NEVER wrong, I will make your life hell till you make it to Gitmo!

Liz Crokin, Twitter 4 Comments [7/6/2018 7:57:27 AM]
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Submitted By: Citizen Justin

Quote# 138580

NASA’s new assignments: Find aliens, prove evolution

"The National Space and Aeronautics Administration has done some amazing things for the United States over the years: the initial short flights into space, then the longer orbiting missions, the moon visits, the space station and even unmanned trips to every sidewalk in the solar system. But now it has some new goals: Find aliens. And prove evolution." –Source

First and foremost, NASA never landed anyone on the moon. All they did was win a propaganda war with the best lie. The fact we had "Van Allen Belts" back then and to this day still wrapped around our planet that would fry any human with lethal doses of radiation while passing through them using a tin foil type of 1960's space capsule proves they lied. In fact, when promoting a new space program for the planet Mars, NASA scientists recently admitted the Van Allen belts are a problem they need to work out as they cannot be flown through without killing the astronauts, and they have been caught admitting this numerous times on camera, yet no one seems to remember how NASA claimed to fly through them in the 1960's? (Also watch this video starting at 3:00) So.. why is that? Why is it no one remembers how we were 100% unable to get through the Van Allen Belts decades ago? Well besides the power behind the controlled media that knows all too well how to hide the facts and fabricate all sorts of strange things, most sheeple prefer the lie over the truth because it benefits the flesh.

For example, when our nation lied about landing on the moon that catapulted us into an unprecedented superpower status in both the political as well as financial realm. But not everyone was fooled. Sadly, the majority was and as we all know it's the numbers that count when it comes to pushing propaganda. But why is it that even when we have proof the moon landing was faked by using real science like we now see about the Van Allen Radiation Belts or simple common sense like who was left behind "on the moon" panning the camera up as the astronauts supposedly lifted off to head back to earth, or the basic reality of no blast crater under the lunar lander after they landed? It's simple, why acknowledge the lie after seeing how well America was "blessed" by the lie?

Since we know NASA is Not Always Scientifically Accurate and more politically motivated like any other government office, having them "find aliens" as well as "prove evolution" will indeed become a scientific "fact" soon because the powers that be are about promoting the lies of hell over and above the truth of Heaven. And yes, you guessed it, Rome is behind all this, and I can prove it.

#1, Rome started the UFO agenda literally centuries ago and I share the facts on this as well as some paintings from inside the Vatican of UFO's being present at both Christ's baptism as well as a tender moment with His mother. There's even a painting suggesting aliens were responsible for the virgin birth of Christ. They actually show a laser beam coming from a UFO into the womb of Mary no less!

And #2, the last three Popes have declared in writing that they believe evolution is true. See my Popes of Rome page if you want for more information on that as well as many other documented atrocities of the Popes. And so why would the Popes seek to belittle Christ as Creator and push this alien agenda?

Well, besides the fact the Popes in Rome and all their Vatican prelates have been caught red handed formally worshipping Satan inside the Vatican and then exposed to that end by one of their very own Bishop's at the 2000 Fatima Congress, they have also discovered a way to use evolution back in 2006 to make it that much easier to establish the mark of the beast. Now yes that sounds very strange and way off the prophesied direction of how the mark will be enforced. But keep in mind, they know about the remnant people of God and our prophesied mission to declare the Loud Cry and so they have to do all they can to confuse the masses away from the truth we proclaim. They know if enough people trust the truth as we preach it, their plans to glorify their dying god will fail and so they must muddy the waters to make out job that much more difficult. But take heart obedient ones, prophecy will still be fulfilled. We will do the work and many will "come out of her" just as Jesus said they would.

Misdirection has always been a favored tactic of Rome. In fact this has always been how they were able to come to power as the prophesied king of the north thousands of years ago and then merge with the church to become the Vatican they are today. This is also why a few false prophets today declare Islam to be both the Antichrist and the king of the north lately. They hope to generate a prophetic fog for the prophesied man of sin in Rome to keep the people at bay so as to move ahead on what's really prophesied to happen and it will work because most people don't read Bibles. So this means NASA will push ahead on this alien / evolution research and if the Lord tarries and Rome finds with their demographic research the majority of the sheeple trust their lies about evolution and aliens; they will then publicly announce from NASA that it is scientific fact just as the USA moved ahead when their research showed most Americans will believe their TV sets that showed they landed on the moon!

Remnant of God, Remnant of God 10 Comments [7/5/2018 2:18:11 AM]
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Quote# 138563

We used to have to work and mine gold which costs a lot of money until people excepted it as a medium of exchange. It called Proof of work (POW). Bitcoin is decentralized and bringing back the PoW standard.

Centralized banking has such a monopoly, they gave up the POW standard (Gold back dollars).

No more. This generation has the highest IQ in history due to having a supercomputer in their hands and any question answered in a minute. No more fake recessions, or wars for the sake of elections.

Humans are evolving exponentially and the 1% centralized banking trick is dead. Don’t invest in those stocks. Short them and you can make a killing. We made a few test shorts of bank linked stocks and bought bitcoin with the proceeds. We are going to short them massively. JP Morgan insiders said through darknet chat rooms that they are all invested in bitcoin and have to use Tor to communicate cause Jamie diamond threatened them if they supported crypto. They are pissed cause his daughter and family own crypto but he won’t let them.

Short all banking. You can’t lose. It’s finally a dying industry. No 8-10 year old who isn’t allowed to open a bank account, is going to switch from bitcoin to banking’s inefficiency. A simple app they used their e tire life to a complicate banking system that tells them they can can’t spend money they earned freely on products they want. Makes no sense and these kids will be the smartest generation the world has ever seen. Banks are in fear and should be. The clock is ticking. A lot of people in the banking system are using Tor to communicate to short JP and buy more crypto. The baby boomers are dying off, the millennials are building the future and kids under 10 today are using this technology.

It’s the way of evolution. But banks will fight bank so it’s going to have to be revolution.

KalEll66, /r/Bitcoin 8 Comments [7/4/2018 4:14:28 AM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

Quote# 138560

The privately owned Rothshit federal reserve has caused all the bubbles in our economy. I’m sure a trade war gives them the cover they need to crash us. The federal reserve gives the paper fiat to their friends at tiny to no interest. These happy friends run out and buy the best assets with paper. Now they are the rich 0.01% owning 95% of the world’s resources. The tribe takes care of their own. What do you get? High inflation throughout our lives robbing us of our wealth k a dollar devalued to 4 cents, a climate of low low wages that never keep up, and every debt scam the criminal bankers can dream up. Do you enjoy being raped everyday by a ugly Rothshit banker?

Betty, Infowars 1 Comments [7/4/2018 4:13:43 AM]
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Quote# 138535

Something horrific dawned on me. So, lesbians play roles that say fuck you to men. Nothing drives a man crazier with desire than a very feminine woman. Vulnerable, dainty, soft, pretty...makes them feel even worshipful. Diana the princess had this effect...effects are not power, though men think they are...So they want to control the women who make them feel awed. Femmes do this....And then give it to the most hated woman...she who looks like a man.

Now look. Butches are being eliminated. Pressured to cut off their breasts and sew up their vaginas...take hormones and grow beards...even get fake dicks. Destroy their healthy FEMALE bodies...render them sterile. (That came out "gender them sterile"). So then the men can say to the femme:" you can't have sex with HIM. HE is now a male....And you are a lesbian. Here I am: a REAL butch lesbian." Just consider the madness. Real women are becoming men...on the say so of actual men...And their aunt Lydias. While real men are becoming butches.

They are eliminating the real butches and stepping up to take their place...And any femme who says transwoman are women hasn't got a leg to stand on. They have access now, the men. You have never seen girl on girl porn with a butch, have you? Or even clothing suggestive of sexual aggression, like red or black underwear. It's always white or beige, lacy, and the girls young, delicate, graceful, smiling. They want them...And now they have them...And from the peak trans thread there are already sexual assaults. "You don't mind I'm trans, do you? As the arm goes around and the dick begins to rub....

Screamofrage, r/GenderCritical 7 Comments [7/3/2018 1:56:07 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138533

I think *all* of the Sexual Revolution projects for the past century, since the Mother of the Sexual Revolution, Margaret Sanger, have the same underlying theme. That theme is the destruction of natural sex on every level. And why would anybody want the destruction of natural sex? For the destruction of natural human procreation. They want to interdict humans, as a species, from procreation.

Mrs. Don-o, Free Republic 3 Comments [7/3/2018 1:56:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 138508

America's either controlled by Korean/Latino or made secret music deals with them. There's no way that these absurd Latino hip hop videos and Korean music call K-pop can dominate the western world like this without a helping hand. Where's Bollywood music getting a billion views or winning the billboard award ? There's a billion people in India alone and you're there be these countries barely a hundred million and yet have around 3-4 billion youtube views ??? It's not like they are singing in English... they are singing in Spanish and Korean.

Nearly 100 youtube videos with billion views and not one of them is from India. Why are Latinos music so dominant ? What's so special about Latino music ? most of them are always songs about how women dancing in the slumps and clubs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_o...YouTube_videos Despacito" 4.66 billion views, "Bailando" 2.45 billion views., Shantaje 2.05 billion views

Gangnam style is Korean. It was the first video to reach billion views and over 10 million likes. It also has 3 billion views ????? BTS a Korean boyband win the 2017 America's billboard award, their videos also have 200-300 million views in a month. Lol ask yourself why not Japanese ? There's so many anime or video game songs from PlayStation 3 and 4, so why ain't one of them as popular ?

ButlerKing, The Apricity 2 Comments [7/1/2018 12:01:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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