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I Still Think Trump is Using Time Travel or Looking Glass

Future proves past.

How did he know about the Bangladeshi bomber?

How did he know about the terrorist attack that was planned for St. Petersburg and notify Putin ahead of time?

Same with the attempted assassination attempt on Theresa May?

Why do I think so? Because I knew it would take someone with this ability to defeat the cabal.

Donald Trump has direct a connection, by way of his uncle John D. Trump, to Nicola Tesla. Tesla was working on time travel. (can't post the link but easily found) John Trump, was given Tesla's papers after Tesla's passing.

Finally, the Trump/Tesla/Bush connection

George Scherff, George Bush's father, was Tesla's accountant and George HW would rifle through Tesla's papers, which Tesla found highly annoying, dubbing little George, "Curious George" and later this moniker became the title of the famous children's book. The author of this book died through suspicious causes right before it was published.

However, as I was searching for the source (easily found,) I stumbled across this:

Raytheon Patents Bush & Trump

The documents were released, via FOIA, in April, 2016. (you will have to search under the title above, as none of the links I've tried putting in will post.) P.S. It's a Death Ray.

Finally, I have had the theory that Trump was a time traveller tucked in the corner of my mind ever since he put his hat in the ring for President. I remember the Titor posts. It was an amusing theory, but I didn't really believe it until I started watching Trump with the question of what if? in mind. Everything he did, even when he said "You'd be in jail," to Hillary during the debate, was perfectly timed. Everything he said was proven right, even when the press tried to mock it. He never makes a fatal misstep. It can't be genius alone. Although I do think he's a genius.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out.

Rampant Fox, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [12/20/2017 5:08:25 PM]
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Clearly, the US government are planning to launch a false flag attack on South Korea during the games. South Koreans should make sure they understand this.

Tim Bailey?, Twitter 4 Comments [12/20/2017 3:41:40 PM]
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The German journalist eshews any opinion. He works under the protection of the Merkel-politics, that protects him from derailments and wrong estimates, he respects their advice and criticism. He feels himself as part of a very big coalition of all people and especially of the CDU/SPD.

It's worth it to compare those teachings with the articles of the covenant of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas; the comparisons ain't coincidental.

Editors and journalists with broadcast awareness do feel themselves obligated as well to lead fools to the right path. When they are unable to do so despite their power, they will leave their path and be excluded from communication, their expressions will either be oppressed or defamed. Entire blogs have been created to Judge this questionable case objectively. The rest is brought by the antifa.

Original German:
Dem deutschen Journalisten ist jegliche eigene Meinung fremd, er arbeitet im Schutze der Merkel-Politik, die ihn, wenn nötig, vor Entgleisungen und falschen Einschätzungen bewahrt, er achtet ihren Rat und ihre Kritik, er fühlt sich als Teil der ganz großen Koalition des Volkes und insbesondere der CDU/CSU und der SPD.

Es lohnt sich, diese Lehren mit den Artikeln des Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas abzugleichen; die Ähnlichkeiten sind nicht zufällig.

Publizisten und Journalisten mit Sendungsbewußtsein sehen sich ebenfalls verpflichtet, die Irrenden auf den rechten Pfad zu führen. Wenn sie dazu mangels Macht nicht in der Lage sind, werden die vom Wege abgekommenen aus der Kommunikation ausgeschlossen, ihre Äußerungen werden entweder unterdrückt oder diffamiert. Ganze Blogs sind eigens dazu eingerichtet worden, den fraglichen Fall objektiv zu beurteilen. Den Rest besorgt die Antifa.

DR. GUDRUN EUSSNER, PI News 0 Comments [12/20/2017 11:37:35 AM]
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Hamill started researching the history of the famous Christmas carol after a so-called “Jingle Bells War” – a dispute between two towns, Medford, Mass. and Savannah, Ga. – that claim to be the birthplace of the song written by James Pierpont.

“Its origins emerged from the economic needs of a perpetually unsuccessful man, the racial politics of antebellum Boston, the city’s climate, and the intertheatrical repertoire of commercial blackface performers moving between Boston and New York,” Hamill wrote.

The traces of blackface minstrel origins can be found in the music and lyrics, as well as the “elements of ‘male display,’ boasting, and the unbridled behavior of the male body onstage,” the author wrote.

The song’s lyrics, which Hamill adds “display no real originality,” and reference things like “Miss Fanny Bright” and “dashing through the snow” connect the song to blackface dandy, according to the research paper.

“Words such as ‘thro,’ ‘tho’t,’ and ‘upsot’ suggest a racialized performance that attempted to sound ‘southern’ to a northern audience,” Hamill wrote.

“As I mentioned in my article, the first documented performance of the song is in a blackface minstrel hall in Boston in 1857, the same year it was copyrighted,” Hamill told Fox News. “Much research has been done on the problematic history of this nineteenth-century entertainment.”

Notice how Hamill manages to squeeze in critiques of racism, toxic masculinity, and capitalism in her paper on every child’s favorite Christmas carol. Bravo, cultural Marxist!

Hamill added that her research has been public for two years and has nothing to do with Christmas. Of course it does. “Jingle Bells” is nothing if not about Christmas, and the target of cultural Marxism in general, and of this paper specifically, is the deconstruction of western traditions and values.

FRANCESCO LATORRE, Forza Nuova USA 2 Comments [12/20/2017 11:37:11 AM]
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(Note: Yet another SJW hate piece on Daniel Bell's article. Posting just the best bits as it's all just some weird rant.)

4 Reasons Why Dr. Bell’s Chinese Card is Officially #Cancelled

Brief summary: Dr. Bell, a white man of Canadian origin who has been living in China for over 20 years, believes that he should be included in the general consensus of who is Chinese because of how well he has assimilated into Chinese culture (whatever he thinks that is), citing China’s multiethnicity, some hypothetical ABC chick for some reason, and his smashing conference attire. The key argument, says Dr. Bell, is that Chinese identity should be based on a test of cultural compatibility—and whoever passes the test should be awarded the Chinese card, based on merit.

I’m going to level with you: I absolutely resent that this piece exists, and it isn’t just because I resent when white Western folks try to lay claim to aspects of Asian identity (more on that later). It’s also because that, in an attempt to sound authoritative on Chinese culture to a white audience, Dr. Bell manages to say some pretty offensive, inaccurate, and minimizing things about China and Chinese people.

Never mind the fact that Dr. Bell’s arguments happen to depend on a distinctly Americentric interpretation of identity, or that comparing the way identity is treated in a settler-colonial state is by no means an appropriate way to measure how identity is thought about elsewhere. I can’t even begin to explain the incompatibility of that analogy (partly because I can’t even begin to explain, I literally can’t). But there’s plenty else to find objectionable in Dr. Bell’s application for his Chinese card. For example…


Believe it or not, the push towards China’s—and Chinese people’s—Westernization is due fundamentally to Western pressure. It manifests in many forms, from the skin whitening products that line Chinese beauty shop shelves to the fact that nearly nobody in China has a traditional Chinese wedding anymore, instead opting for the Western white gown and tuxedo. But is the Chinese émigré any less Chinese because they take on a Western name to avoid the constant awkwardness and embarrassment of Western people failing (and often, not even trying) to pronounce their Chinese name? Chinese Westernization is not a scorning of tradition, it is a survival tactic. And the last thing you should be doing as a white person who, still, directly benefits from the colonization of non-white nations, is to chastise Chinese people for not trying as hard as you.

Whether or not you think this is a tragedy or “Chinese people abandoning their roots” does not change the fact that these changes are, fundamentally, in service of you and people like you. So long as Westernization is portrayed as synonymous to strength and modernity, the Chinese will gravitate towards Western aesthetic and traditions. And it is quite perverted for a person of Western origin to even implicitly chastise non-Western people for adhering to Western standards of business attire, when it was Western people who imposed those standards to begin with. Get it?


Alright guys, pack it up, because historical context is out of style now! Let’s fixate on the fact that the Boxer Rebellion involved mean ol’ Chinese folk trying to kick out the nice whites and conveniently omit every other piece of this narrative for some reason!

I…okay. Y’all, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the British and allied European forces literally exported opium to China en masse with the intent of turning an entire region of Chinese people into fucking heroin addicts so that they could negotiate more favorable foreign policy and trading terms with a state full of heroin addicts that they created. In other words, the British turned all of China into the national equivalent of crack whores for their own benefit. And then, when Chinese officials registered some concern about the alarming rate at which addiction was climbing in their country, the European allied forces invaded China and, among other things, burnt down a shit ton of significant and prized Chinese landmarks, including large portions of the emperor’s summer palace in Peking (present-day Beijing) in what are now known as the Opium Wars. So maybe it’s not hard to imagine that, having to pick up the pieces from that mess, having had their shit all fucked up by a group of folks who wanted to treat them like literal crack whores, Chinese people were a little more than understandably upset at the Western and Christian presence in China.


But to me the greatest issue with Dr. Bell’s piece is that he doesn’t seem to understand what it means to be a perpetual foreigner, because he isn’t one. Yes, I am sure that sounds insensitive, but listen—there is a very easy remedy for Dr. Bell’s supposed “perpetual” foreigner status: Go back to Canada.

Certainly, returning to a country after being gone for two decades will require some readjustment. But at the end of the day, and no matter how long he’s been gone or where he’s been, Dr. Bell’s whiteness ensures that he will always be perceived as Canadian first. Whatever feelings he may personally harbor about being in China for twenty years will not change the fact that Canadians will see him on the street and think “Canadian”, not other.

This is not an option, by and large, that is available for members of the Chinese diaspora. Let’s talk, for instance, about the hypothetical Chinese-American girl Dr. Bell concocts for the purposes of his piece—a third-generation immigrant who doesn’t speak any Chinese and doesn’t identify as such. Never mind that her cultural disconnect from China will never truly make her American, that she’ll always be the subject of orientalism no matter how perfect her English is. Can she go back? After all, she is Asian; racially, she is Chinese, even if she hypothetically rejects the label (which goes into a whole different can of white supremacist worms that we can discuss later). But could she go back to China and seamlessly blend back in with the population again? Could she, this hypothetical ABC, return to place where she would not be seen as “other?” The answer, here, is no. The tricky part about a country whose view of the “other” is so all-encompassing is that even the Chinese diaspora qualifies. This ABC girl probably isn’t up to date on the fashions, either, so her makeup and clothes would give her away. And even if she was, she would out herself simply by opening her mouth. And, since many ABC’s cultural upbringing is often highly region-specific, she would probably stick out if she was dropped in the wrong part of China, as well.

(PS: Why doesn’t this ABC girl speak Chinese? I know she’s purely hypothetical and exists only to serve your own purposes, but it’s probably because someone in her family decided not to teach their children Chinese because they knew that speaking English with an accent would hinder their attempts to integrate into American society.)

Even my father, the man who was born and raised in China, could not go back either. In the forty years since he left, China has left him behind. His aesthetic is undeniably the American dad aesthetic and, as he often says to me, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”—so he probably wouldn’t be able to give up his socks-with-Tevas and “Manhattan Beach 10k Finisher” #looks even if he wanted to, even though they betray him immediately as foreign. My dad isn’t up to date on the latest in Chinese academia or savvy of the latest trends in Chinese technology. Even his Beijing accent sounds out of place from years of desaturation in California. It would take years for him to even begin to re-assimilate and again, if he went anywhere but Beijing, he wouldn’t even have a chance.

I suppose there are two lines of disconnect between Dr. Bell and I—you lack the racial aspect of Chinese identity, while I lack the cultural. But the two are not interchangeable. When Chinese people emigrate from the motherland, they also burn a bridge. They can never really come back in the same way. Dr. Bell, on the other hand, will always have his unequivocal Canadian identity to come home to.

This is what it means to be a “perpetual foreigner”—not just that you are othered in your adopted country, but that you’re othered in the one you came from as well. You don’t want to be here. It’s a painful and confusing place to be. For many Chinese diaspora, Chinese identity is a tenuous thread that we cling to which reminds us that we are more complex than the boxes that whiteness insists we occupy. It is how we connect to our ancestors and family. It is how we survive erasure in a white-dominated society. And it’s not the same thing as a white expatriate wishing to enjoy the full scope of his white privilege in a borrowed country.

Lynn W, medium.com 4 Comments [12/20/2017 4:33:43 AM]
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Just as we’re learning that cell phones cause brain tumors, why are we installing the same technology on everyone’s homes, often with no right to opt out? Thousands of people have complained of tinnitus, headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, heart arrhythmia, and other symptoms after a 'smart' meter was installed. Wireless technology is a public health hazard. Smart meters can violate already high FCC limits on human exposure to microwave radiation, and are being installed even as people are developing "electro-sensitivity". There are also reports of 'smart' meter interference with pacemakers and other implants.

Josh Hart, Stop Smart Meters 4 Comments [12/19/2017 3:51:56 PM]
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The Scamtrak Scam: ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ Amtrak Train Derails In Washington State At Least 6 Dead

Wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are in the world,

Just some of the latest news you have to know:

NEWEST UPDATE – ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ Amtrak Train Derails in Washington State

There are apparent rumors running around the internet that the Amtrak train derailment in Washington state was some kind of a “false flag/ Training exercise. Being dubbed the Scamtrak Scam, an Amtrak train on its inaugural run derailed going from Portland to Seattle , causing multiple deaths and injuries. Could it be possible that Scamtrack is trying to fatten their bank accounts prior to the establishment of positive train control or could it be something way more nefarious.

JayWill7497, Before It's News 7 Comments [12/19/2017 2:14:34 PM]
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Q: Can I shield my living space from the RF radiation from my “smart” meter?

It is possible to shield against smart meter radiation, but in order to assess the results, you need an RF meter (see above).

The idea of shielding is to place a RF barrier between you and the source of the RF. Several materials block RF radiation. Here is a basic explanation of how shielding can be set up: http://www.lessemf.com/faq-shie.html#smart. (Stop Smart Meters! does not necessarily endorse all products on this website, but this is useful information.)

Aluminum foil, especially the heavy-duty type, in two layers, overlapping, can block a good deal of RF (shiny side toward the source of the RF). Aluminum mesh screening from a hardware store can effectively shield RF as well. Here is a video demonstrating this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJzBeUeXb0Q

However, we would like to make clear that shielding can produce unwanted or unexpected problems. Shielding without being able to measure the resulting effectiveness is not recommended. Shielding in the presence of multiple sources of RF is not recommended—a shield against one RF source can act to reflect and intensify the RF from another source. Some people harmed by “smart” meter installations have not found relief with shielding. So we recommend trying it with important several caveats:

–If your “smart” meter has made you sick, first disconnect all other wireless devices, wifi, cordless phones, microwaves, fluorescent light bulbs, etc. then (if there is absolutely no way to have the smart meter removed) shield with care, and pay close attention to how the change makes you feel.

–Get help doing it, because if you are sensitive, you do not want to be standing directly in front of the meter for any period of time.

–Consider hiring an EMF consultant to aid you in your plans.

–Buy an RF meter to measure the radiation in your environment, so you can shield in the right places and measure the results.

–Try several things before you give up.

–Make sure other sources of RF in your environment are removed or relocated, such as cordless phones or WiFi.

We don’t recommend wrapping the meter in foil, as this may cause the meter to increase power to the transmitter, as it attempts to connect repeatedly. We say this after receiving several anecdotal reports to this effect, and so although we can’t explain how or why this happens, we can say that some people have felt worse around a wrapped meter.

Josh Hart, Stop Smart Meters 1 Comments [12/19/2017 2:11:04 PM]
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We’ve all heard that sad story about “The Trail of Tears” ™ – the one about how mean old "racist" ™ President Andrew Jackson (terms: 1829-1837) rounded up the Indians of the Southeast (mainly Cherokees from Georgia-Tennessee-Carolinas) and force-marched them off to Oklahoma. The various treks, ranging between 700-1000 miles, are said to have caused the deaths of 4,000 Indians who were buried in unmarked graves along “The Trail Where They Cried.”

There is just one little problem with this unchallenged narrative --- it is not totally false, but it has been grossly edited and wildly embellished, mainly for the purpose of besmirching the great name of the heroic American figure who paid off the National Debt down to zero and “killed the bank” (America’s Central Bank). Let us examine some of the problems with this attack against "the White Man" in general -- and Jackson in particular -- and set the record straight about “The Trail of Tears” once and for all.


The commonly accepted and endlessly repeated figure of "4000 dead" represents a quintessential (a $10 word for 'perfect example of) case of a hearsay bit of data embedding itself in the public mind to such a depth that none dare question it. (sort of the like the "6,000,000" dead Jews of Holohoax fame, or the phony "350,000" from the mythical "Rape of Nanking"). Such a death toll would mean that 33% of the trekkers died (Higginbotham's numbers), or 25% (if you believe official numbers of 16,000 relocated). Either case is impossible! How could that many people have died on treks undertaken on established trails, in the generally warm / mild-weathered south, with horse-drawn wagons packed with provisions, on journeys that should have lasted only 2-3 months? Where are the "4,000" bodies? What documentation is there to support such a high death total?


“The act caused a spate of articles about how the Cherokees lost 4,000 or more dead on a terrible trek, described as a "forced" march, presumably indicating they were prodded by bullet and bayonet as they moved during the hard winter of 1837-38.

Voluminous records, including those of the Cherokee nation itself, show no loss approaching 4,000….

T. Hartley Crawford, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, reported on Aug. 6, 1840, in a private communication to the secretary of war that the death toll among the 13 groups was 447

Other deaths, raising the total to more than 800, took place in parties outside the main groups and were carefully reported to the U.S. government.”

Cherokee removal was investigated by Congress to an extent that can be believed only by reading the Congressional Record. Some reports run to hundreds of pages. The written military record exists in detail in U.S. archives. Nothing like an extravagant death toll among the Cherokees exists. Butler’s (hearsay) is the sole source for such a conclusion. No historian mentions that.

(Cherokee leader) John Ross never made unusual claims for deaths, although he returned to Washington repeatedly after 1838 seeking more money.

Not only do the lower aforementioned death totals (447, or 800 if other groups and separate events are counted) seem much more realistic, but when you consider the fact that during those times, about 25 people out of 1,000 would die naturally each year anyway, (here) the "Trail of Tears" ™ doesn't seem to have been so treacherous after all!

So you see, dear reader, this bullsh nonsense about "The Trail of Tears" ™ is nothing more than a romanticized lie, concocted by "the usual suspects" for the devious purpose of attacking the "evil" White Man and tearing down the reputation of Andrew the Great at the same time. For Jackson, like Hitler, shut down the operations of the International Jewish-Marxist banking Mafia which controls our money and our minds to this very day. That’s the truth, and no amount of Fake History can alter it.

Trail of Tears? Ha! Trail of Smears is more like it.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 5 Comments [12/19/2017 7:35:18 AM]
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Quote# 135268

This is what happens to my kids' evil textbooks #FlatEarthTruth #FLATEARTH

Rightist Anarchist, Twitter 8 Comments [12/19/2017 7:26:58 AM]
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Quote# 135208

I live in the outskirts of the city and am frustrated with the bombarding of chemtrails! I heard on youtube that spraying vineger into the air disolves chemtrails. At first, I thought it to be a crazy idea and wouldn't work, but then I thought what do I have to lose? I bought 4 gallons of vineger and soaked some rags and put some plastic bins full of vineger outside (until they froze), and to my amazement the chemtrails began disappearing! So I got my little vaporizor out and filled it with vineger and put it outside and left it running through the night, and today clear beautiful blue sunny skies! I haven't seen skies like this in I can't remember when??

I see and hear the planes attempting to fill the skies with their disgusting chemtrails and their attempts at blocking the sun is making it somewhat hazy. Their attempts are proving to be futile!!! The skies remain cloud free and sky blue!!

If we can get enough people to participate, I believe we can have our skies and sun back!! I got to thinking though, I'm sure they will eventually end up banning vineger, but then it will surely prove to We The People what they're up to in the skies above!

We need to spread the news, because I'm running out of vineger, and if I purchase too much I'm afraid suspicion will set in! Time to fight the NWO Elites back!

ProjectFightChemtrails, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [12/19/2017 7:17:36 AM]
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The greatest tales of aliens come from the Nordic folks, back when they were called "the people who live down by the sea". The tales are from thousands of years ago, just after they set sail from the east coast of America, where they are from, and discovered "the big island" which is now known as "Europe, Africa, and Asia".

The tales are so wild that I did not believe them when they were told to me back when I was a young child, but I remembered them, and when I grew up and learned more about science and technology, I found that the stories are "self evident" which is what my grandfather told me they are-- he was right about everything! The wildest tale involves 5 different alien races who all visited this solar system.

Can't tell you the stories though, it is forbidden for me to do so. The Nordic do and don't have an ancient history. The Nordic folk live among those who do know their ancient history, but the vast majority of the Nordic have no clue. The typical European does not know what the big event was that happened 3,600 years ago which proves how short the common history of typical Europeans is.

The typical European does not know that Venus is a captured object or when it began to orbit our Sun. And even though the typical European was sent to schools for many years of their life, you won't find many that know Venus spins in the opposite direction that all the other planets spin. There was a 50/50 chance that when it was captured it would spin the same way, but it just happened that it does spin the other way, which is some proof right there that it was not originally a part of this solar system.

Here is a huge question which modern science can't answer: Why is Venus so hot? (It is not the "greenhouse effect" which is a truly foolish "theory")

14_words_of_truth, Stormfront 5 Comments [12/18/2017 9:16:57 AM]
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These are American craft, invented by the Germans. They're kept hidden because their propulsion uses what is practically speaking, 'free energy', the release of which would destroy the oil industry and gold as a commodity.

Goebbels84, Stormfront 3 Comments [12/18/2017 9:10:40 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135244

Excuse you, I don't feel anymore empowered from Trump! not a day goes by Trump supporters aren't called racists or some buzzword, but you know what? It's okay. BOTH SIDES DO THIS! thats what you don't understand. You feel like the miinority, but so does everyone. You think we're Nazis and we aren't. Just like people think Obama is a psy-op terrorist. BOTH SIDES ARE BULLSHIT.

beatles123, Wrestling Forum 8 Comments [12/17/2017 3:33:57 AM]
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Quote# 135241

FYI in the comments at my blog I made a number of predictions for 2018, one of which was an announcement by the government that we've had contact with alien UFOs. Readers scoffed. I see today the Carlos Slim Times has a big story on the Pentagon's UFO program.

Heartiste, Gab 3 Comments [12/17/2017 3:33:09 AM]
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Quote# 135225

GeoNumerology - a combination of Geometry and Numerology

BOTH Pythagoran Numerology and Phi Geometry are Infinitely Fractal and thus connect the microcosm and macrocosm.

Vowels: A (1, apex), E (5 PHI), I (9 Source) O (15 Connector), U (21 Vortex/GravityAcceleration) all have a connection to Portal/Stargate/ZeroPoint energy

Breath (Life) 9 + Head (Third Eye) 9 + and Hand (PHIsical) 9 = Creation in Matter

John Fanuzzi, Internal Stargate 9 Comments [12/16/2017 2:46:58 AM]
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Submitted By: dxdydz

Quote# 135224

Solving Quintic Equations with radicals from a geometrical point of view.

I think quintic functions could by understood as a rotational fractal formed by four entangled (related, intersected, interacting) functions. In this sense the quintic function or equation appears as a complex function formed by intersection of different parts of the functions related by the same kind of symmetry although different signs.


I bolded in red what would be one of the quintic equations that there are in this picture.

In a first attempt, it could be expressed in this way:

In (Z, -+Z1) Z is the Zero point at the center of the circumference, and -+Z1 is the first interval Li measured from the Zero point Z in the -+Z coordinate (the bottom right Z coordinate) in the picture below.

By crossing or intersecting the lines of the different functions in their intersection points we would be performing a subtraction (I think the result should represent a trivial zero in the Riemann Z function).

The Li (in red colour) segment is measured from the center of the circumference (the Zero point) until the center of symmetry of the square 0,50 (Inside of the central square 2).
Lr (in blue colour) is measured from Z until the center of symmetry of the square 0,25 (inside of the central square 1)
Li’ (in gold colour) is measured from Z until the center of symmetry of the square 0,75.

The bolded function in the picture above follows the Li intervals that carry the Li symmetry. The Li intervals converge at the power of 5 with the intervals Lr^7 = 0 Lr^7 = 0 of the Lr (in blue) and Li’ (in gold) functions.


Our mathematics can not be static if we try to explain Nature with them.

On the other hand, I think it is very interesting to remark the points of convergence of Lr^7, Li^5, Li'^4 = 0 because I think they would represent the critical zeros on the Riemann Z function. In this sense, the square area formed with the side measured from the Z convergent point (Lr^7, Li^5, Li'^4) until another Z convergent point (Lr^7, -Li^5, -Li'^4) should be a non-prime number.

Felices Pascuas.

Felices Pascuas, curvaturasvariantes.com 7 Comments [12/16/2017 2:46:46 AM]
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Submitted By: dxdydz

Quote# 135212

I will add something on to my original of hypothesis. Well advanced maternal age could account for some of the tism we're seeing now but I don't think it can explain all of it .does anyone think that the level of pollution in the water and the air might be contributing to brain damage among children what we now consider autism.

I'm not trying to sound like Alex Jones but I do believe the effects of pollution and toxic metals has an impact on the way a child develops. I remember a study a few months back that linked autism to mercury exposure. The children that had autism were found to have more mercury in there baby teeth. I don't think kids are exposed to this metal in the vaccines rather I think they come in contact with it through the water supply and through the air they breather

edward viii, Kiwi Farms 4 Comments [12/16/2017 2:43:43 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135192

UFO Disclosure and why it hasn't happened yet. Our best pilots and officers during WW2 reported seeing (Foo Fighters) Not Dave's band. I mean UFO's. And they were seen in big numbers. Why?

Well Earth was embroiled in a World War. We also were making HUGE leaps in technology. Rockets, Radar, and Nuclear Weapons. This brought us a lot of attention from "Others". Hence the spike in sightings. A few years later, the best place to view these new Earth technologies was in one relative place, New Mexico. Now being the "This is new to us. We should hit it with a hammer" race that we are, were able to (after many tries) actually hit upon a radar configuration that would mess with the guidance systems of these craft. Hence Roswell. We actually brought down 3 craft that day using that same configuration. And we immediately snatched up everything and began to backwards engineer them.

You may or may not know about the fleets of these craft as they buzzed Washington with Truman in office. But that's a bit later. When the Army Brass found out that we not only had crashed vehicles and at least one living being, they asked the President what they should do. The President was Eisenhower. He wisely decided "Let's stick em where know one can know about them until we ourselves actually know more. Wise. Always.

Now the tragic part. When President Eisenhower asked for detailed reports and updates of the incident, he was stonewalled. This prompted him to send out 2 CIA (maybe still OSS agents who were told by Ike "Fly out there and knock on the door. Then demand to be shown what was going on. Tell them if they give the two of you any problems whatsoever, that the Big Red 1 was ready to roll in and make the entire base one huge flat piece of land, and any employees that survived were to face treason charges.

Well. Ike got the whole picture. Which boiled down to this. The M.I.C. (Military Industrial Complex)went to their real masters, "Big Energy" first. They then asked them what should be done. Even before they asked the President. Big Energy's answer was "Bury it". You see. The energy is so abundant that these craft use, that a simple 12 ounces of it contains enough energy to evaporate all the water on our planet. But by then the genie was out of the bottle. Not only was the NSA created. It was given the power to take any money from any budget and never have to give a reason. This was not what Eisenhower intended. In his farewell speech to our nation, he did not reminisce about WW2 or the more recent Korean Conflict. No. He spent the entirety of his farewell address to this nation warning us of the Military Industrial Complex. Odd for a man of such achievements to be so worried leaving office with all the foxes in the hen house.

What it has degenerated into is Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. Which are illegal. We have completely legal Special Access Programs, but they have oversight. They have "Watchmen". Unacknowledged Special Access Programs have no such by oversight. No accounting to anyone. And as I sit here, I swear to you they have taken over this beautiful country of ours. Because not only can they do whatever they want under the guise of National Security, they can take as much money as they want too do it.

So the reason they haven't come out and said it is not because the people will be "outraged". They have hidden UFO's because the energy that people are making billions from, would be obsolete over night. Now. You want to know why we don't have an "official disclosure"? Well you are wrong. The ENTIRE FRENCH GOVERNMENT HAS MADE, AND IS IN, CONTACT WITH OUTSIDERS TO THIS MINUTE. Do your own research on the most reputable places you get reliable info from. The French Government made contact on their own. And they have kept nothing secret. Look for yourself.

It's not Aliens that they are afraid will panic us into rioting mobs in the street. It's the fact that the energy these intergalactic ships run on is infinite. It would get us off the Petro-Dollar immediately. THAT MY FRIENDS is why this has been kept hidden. Even from many Presidents. But there is hope. Because entities that exist using no oversight, and are not bound to inform our President and Congress, are illegal! Any oaths. Any NDA's, they are all illegal and cannot be enforced. Hence the rash of whistleblowers.

The M.I.C. Has one card left to play though. How do you turn a Billion dollar business into a trillion dollar business. How do you flip the script and become heroes? If your business is war, then you need a bigger enemy. I have much much more, in very granular detail, about all of this. But for now, I will leave you with what the 2nd in charge of Lockheed (That's "The Man" with a capital T and a capital M) said upon his retirement speech. Among the tidbits he left the packed room of well over a hundred people were...

"We now have the technology to take ET home".

he also said.... "We are 60 to 100 years ahead of anything the general population can even imagine".

And the last tidbit he left was: "Interstellar space travel is no longer a problem for us".

Now Lockheed got the power to reverse engineer the crashed (Shot down) craft. They invented the Fluxliner. Do your own research. There's an entire film from a documentary maker that was made about it. And he was of unquestionable repute. He was also diagnosed with the fastest cancer anyone had ever seen. Now these craft supposedly use Mercury as a main component of travel. We all have some small amount of Mercury in all of us. Now she this film maker was autopsied, it was discovered that the heavy metals were all spiked well above normal. Except Mercury. There wasn't any in his entire corpse. A message?

Now Lockheed has progressed over 50 years with this tech and as you can imagine, have come quite far from the ancient Fluxliners we first designed. Now look up the TR-3B. Also by Lockheed. And here's where I scare you and truly hope to wake even just a few of you up to what's going on. The technology exists to stage a false UFO invasion. This may not only double the M.I.C., but it very may triple it. There is SO MUCH more I can tell you. And if you are sincere, and get in touch with me, I will answer any questions you have such as I can. It's not the Aliens scaring us. It's free energy scaring Big Energy.

Before you even get in touch with me, I ask you to watch The Disclosure Project". Both parts one and two. Look at the impeccable credentials of the people who will gladly, and at the risk of their own lives, testify in front of Congress. Never before had such a class of insiders, and world leaders, and High ranking military and intelligence employees has ever come out in force like this. Of course, 9/11 happened 4 days later.

For the VERY LAST NUGGET (I promise), a former deputy of chief of the CIA was going to give us a suitcase sized box. Free of charge. That when installed, would not only eliminate your energy bill forever, but it would actually feed energy into the grid itself. Unfortunately, he never made the meeting where the handoff was to take place, and after 4 days of searching for him, he was found floating down the Potomac River.

Please wake up. For all of our sakes. Just don't dismiss this as bullshit. Research on your own on your trusted sources of information. It is now more important than ever we come together and demonstrate the goodness in all of us. Because of where we are technology-wise, and because we have killed over 200 million of our own people (and that's just war), our entire planet has been put on quarantine. Now more than ever is the time we say "Hey! We really aren't such a bad bunch. We have been manipulated. And we are sure that with benevolent mentorship, we can contribute to whatever you've got going out there.

I am a man who has very reliable sources. I start all my research from a point of trying to disprove any alien theories. I have finally come to the realization that the alarm has gone off, and we have hit the "Snooze" button several times. We need to get up. For any others interested in this... Well... Let's just say I can fundamentally change your world view. Contact me.

Hogkbar, r/UFOs 4 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135191

The only thing i can think of is a promise of little interference or something comparable that would make whatever their ultimate goal is, easier.

Maybe we trade in raw materials that they would need like gold or gases that would be more of a hassle for them to mine directly in exchange for tech that to them may be antiquated but for us light years ahead.

The scariest but most plausable thought in my mind, just basing it off the fact of the number of reported abductions every year would probably be our medical records. Clearly if the abductions are true, then they are looking for something. without our detailed records that contain our medical family histories, blood types or possibly some genetic quirk they would be interested in, they would have to resort to plucking us at random until they got enough of what they wanted over time. They could shave decades of work off by cooperating with us. Just my 2 cents

COCAINE___waffles, r/UFOs 2 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:25 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135190

The various agencies of the government are very compartmentalized, so that most only have a piece of the story. The ones with the most 'truth' in government are usually the ones with the most harmful intent.

The Bushes, the Clintons, Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Royal families, and various departments within NSA, CIA and other intelligence agencies... these people are fully aware and participants of the Secret Space Program, having been well established in space travel and advanced technologies, and regularly cooperate with negative ET races at the expense of mankind's positive development.

Events like the Roswell are nothing but distraction compared to the interactions that some leaders have had, including deals made by Nazis in 1940's, and also by President Eisenhower and other world leaders. ETs have been interacting with humans long before modern times, creating both positive and negative consequences. Our situation now is the result of many bad choices made by world leaders in modern times. There are also positive groups now here influencing world events and the truth will soon be known.

islandofdelight, r/UFOs 0 Comments [12/15/2017 4:20:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

Quote# 135185

I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote. Anyone else hearing this? Anything to it? That might explain the 30% turnout higher than population percentage. Just reporting the rumor.

Bill Mitchell, Twitter 5 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 135184

{Note: Clipped from a VERY LONG post from this guy)
WINNIPEG'S HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER IS COMMITTING MASS MURDER - Contact Police from every town to lend a helping hand to Winnipeg.

Across Canada and the U.S., specially selected 'officers', are complicit with the Hospitals, in 'secretly' running a mass murder program titled, "Comfort Care" - Deprived all medicine, while suffocated to die. Mass murdering the poor, while forbidding all police agencies from investigating the PROVEN allegations. Documented fully. What is wrong with our minds, as so far incapable of concluding a fact?, if our lives are at stake, held in jeopardy by the lying in stolen faith newspapers? Newspapers, who also insist, we take our vaccinations without reading the ingredient list.

A program of mass murder, hidden by the nice words of, "Comfort Care", right across all fifty states? These are the same type of people, who have been caught, injecting newborns with horrific neural toxins..

My mother was murdered right in front of me, as thousands of others are in hell hole Winnipeg.. The Satanically ruled as tyrannical police department with the Mayor and newspaper, refuse to allow any investigations - if the murders are against the poor, and happen at the Health Sciences Center, 4th floor. This war crime in Winnipeg has been running for at least seven years.. and they so far escape, because you can't find the humanity within, to legitimately care for our innocent lives forsaken.. more and more of our poor will be first degree murdered this way until we fairly do something about it. Get the archive of evidence, off a link at my home page.. Please.. how can I beg you to find a
concern for civilization? This un-elected program of mass murder is widespread across America too don't you know? They deprive the patient the medicines they need, while instead poisoning the victim to stop them from breathing.. Please, be human.. please. Warn others.. save innocent lives..

"Making allegations of murder you can't prove"
Nonsense.. The recording of the Chief Medical Examiner is all you need listen to. It's like 4 megabytes.. and may give you two minutes of trouble to locate.. Or god, just simply read the post.. There is no fraudulent allegations your supposing in bling faith.. while I have the recordings of the doctor stating no poisons would be given, while as recorded, he ordered the nurse secretly to do so..
Only possible in a conspiracy, as she could not have performed the murderous act with me in the room..

John Kinal, Google Groups-alt.gossip.royalty 2 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:28 PM]
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Quote# 135183

It's called war crimes, and it's very anti-American..
Why does Satanic America, war the Democracy of Syria with anti-woman Saudi Arabia as terrorists? It is because in 2001, Assad, Democratically elected, decided to remove all middle men from banking. And what happened? Everyone's money when twice as far without inflation. Then Assad used the new wealth to build countless schools, and many hospitals, now bombed by the pro Hitlery and Obama forces of EVIL.. Why not on TV? They will to con US for death as victims to war crimes with pretty smiles. No TV celebrity demands to have arrested, those who have RIGGED the election, SEE NEVADA, and too, stolen trillions through embezzlement and extortion - In one transfer, 16 trillion hidden from the Federal Reserve, as then exposed in an public audit... Are we, or are we not capable of thinking freely here? Why would anyone will to be cheated a fair say for death ask yourself? We all want to count, and be counted fairly is the freedom to be all we can be, acting civilized.? ?

Lib whore to all Hitlery, with Rightard Congress, OPENLY war the Democracy of Syria, with TV lies as the for real terrorists.. that appose fair say, such as paper ballot elections... that appose all fair human interaction.. apposing God's will to be just, as law abiding.. Satanic liars found out simply by speaking a fair game, where all are legitimately concerned, about where the hell Congress things they can further steal from America's will to be liberated of this ungodly tyranny. Besides, all FBi agents are too cowardly to demand justice for 9/11 today even..

Bush "we don't need any evidence, we know he's guilty" Speaking of why America will not be allowed to follow probable cause, to determine suspects guilty for mass murdering Americans in NYC. Instead pin the entire show on bin Laden as false accuser.. Did bin Laden have any accomplices? No one to this day at the FBI, is allowed to investigate still, for fear of being 'arrested' by the ungodly Satanic enemy, hiding behind our pirated flags. This demonic TV con I will tell, was not started with Bush, but with President Clinton.. it is titled, W199i - i do believe.. Done to hide Alex Jones' bud, Anthony Shaffer's direct complicity in the Cole Bombing.. Blowing up AMERICAN sailors..Changed in a good way, for the better.
Support John Kinal for Attorney General

John Kinal, Facebook 3 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:20 PM]
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Quote# 135182

Competing with military dictatorships, on equal footing, will have the enemy Rightard with the fascist Atheists 'win' as nakedly proud, bigoted false accusers willing injustice to continue unopposed. How can America compete with slave labor, without enslaving themselves?, as officially, good for no one I ask?
All invites welcomed. We have our world to save.

Do right, vote John Kinal for President.

John Kinal, Facebook 1 Comments [12/14/2017 3:14:16 PM]
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