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Quote# 126712

Wikitravel is known to viciously hardblock even shared IPs, as if it were even a federal felony to use a shared IP, such as one registered to a public library, school, or Internet cafe, to edit content on Wiki websites. They are easily either hardened gangsters, or bosses of the New World Order! One way or another, the administrators of both Wikitravel and Wikivoyage hate and totally despise the United States Constitution!

Conserve Bentup, Topix 4 Comments [4/27/2017 4:19:14 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 126708

most game and movie reviews these days are fake as fuck, and hiding a general decline in the quality of entertainment products. They are instead paid for by the industry to keep people buying their shit.

Julian Belmonte Kolbe, Facebook 5 Comments [4/26/2017 11:32:25 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126706

Celebrating christmas are you? Do you know why Jesus was sent here? OK, let me summarise…

A bunch of advanced cosmic entities were sent to this planet, which was a natural paradise, to observe and nurture it. unfortunately they were so intelligent they thought they could make things better here by teaching us about their amazing ways including metal tech and make up for women (i kid you not)… unfortunately they found the hairy women here very attractive and fathered children with them, mighty god like children (you know the names e.g hercules, horus and setanta).

This really messed the place up because these powerful beings lost the run of themselves building ridiculous pyramid structures and other mad shit. They collected our wealth, ate all our food and corrupted our DNA (original sin etc, how else can it be passed down).

They ran out of food and ate people and corrupted other species (you can see the crazy things they did on the walls of the temples in egypt).

Anyway, the cosmic entities had other space friends who saw these transgressions and facepalmed. Being so advanced, they had an ability to tune into the conciousness of the universe and asked it what to do. It told them to wipe out everything and start again (the flood). one family were chosen deemed most pure, DNA wise, and their age limit shortened (bit of telomere manipulation to limit life to 120 years max spoken of thousands of years ago but proven in 1961 by leonard hayflick) so they could cause far less damage in a lifetime. The earth repopulated but unfortunately things did not improve greatly even with an instruction book delivered to us (we need instruction book because of our cosmic heritage combined with animal instinct). The instruction book, however, wasn’t enough and so the concious mind of the universe stimulated an ovum to create a body that could sync with it on an indefinite basis (it can sync with any of us but not to this degree). Direct intervention was the only way to get across to us what went down and what is to come. It taught us how to end feuds and love everyone, especially the misfortunate and showed us that the best people to hang with are those at a low ebb who made bad choices but want to be good friends.

Unfortunately people misinterpreted this message and killed the poor guy and then took his message and corrupted it and did the opposite. he warned us of societies that are trying to resurrect demi gods like Hitler and others and his disciples were also shown mad stuff after taking drugs showing them swarms of drones programmed to torture and “sting people.” We were also warned of a one world currency where u could not buy or sell withoyt the mark of the beast 666 (blockchain and EAN bar codes which all have 666 encoded). Next up is the resurrection of an ancient god. That will be fun. anyway, happy birthday Jesus. Thanks for the heads up.

I still dont think they’re ready.

jalien, The Jesus Alien 3 Comments [4/26/2017 11:32:01 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: P.E.T.C.T

Quote# 126699

On his “Pass The Salt Live” webcast yesterday, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire interviewed “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor, whose claim to fame is that God supposedly told him back in 2011 that Donald Trump would become president.

Daubenmire and Taylor spent a good bit of time on the webcast discussing the IRS’s 501(c)(3) designation, which neither of them seemed to understand, considering that Daubenmire wondered why President Trump “hasn’t executive ordered the end of the 501(c)(3) muzzle” on churches, while Taylor said that he has been prohibited by God from even stepping “foot into a 501(c)(3) church.”

Churches and other houses of worship with tax-exempt status are barred from engaging in electoral politics, such as openly endorsing a candidate for political office, but Trump, who has said that he wants to eliminate the prohibition on political activity, cannot simply issue an executive order to scrap the law, as Daubenmire suggested. As for Taylor, if he really has been instructed by God to stay out of all 501(c)(3) churches, then he can never enter any church since, as the right-wing Alliance Defending Freedom explains, “all churches are subject to section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code whether they apply for recognition as a 501(c)(3) organization or not.”

But not knowing what they are talking about did not stop Daubenmire and Taylor from issuing dire warnings about the dangers of 501(c)(3) status, which Taylor stated is part of “the Baal system.”

“When [churches] enter into that 501(c)(3), they have entered into covenant with the kingdom of darkness,” Taylor said. “They took a bribe is what they did. The Bible says when you take a bribe, it blinds the eyes of the wise and perverts the words of the righteous, so it’s blinded the eyes of those who have come into the covenant and it’s perverting their words. The Lord flat out told me, ‘Mark, many have come before you with this 501(c)(3) message,’ He said, ‘You’re the last.’ He said, ‘I gave you that prophetic word for the 501(c)(3), I don’t even want you stepping foot into a 501(c)(3) church, otherwise you will be blinded and your words will become defiled.’ So I can’t even step foot into a 501(c)(3) church right now because the church and its leadership is under judgment and that 501(c)(3) system, especially, is under judgment.”

While the two were displeased that Trump hasn’t moved quickly enough to change the tax code, Taylor later stated that every Christian should be thankful for his election because had Hillary Clinton won, her administration “was going to use the 501(c)(3) to shut the churches down and turn them into a mosque.”

Mark Taylor and Dave Daubenmire, Right Wing Watch 4 Comments [4/26/2017 11:15:49 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126692

At a first glance, the phrase “Whales Don’t Exist” might evoke one of several reactions from within you. While some of you may experience feelings of curiosity or yearn to understand why someone would say something that contradicts an established fact, I submit myself to the fact that majority of you will experience the same feelings: Doubt and Denial.

So allow me to put some of those doubts to rest with a bit of specificity. I acknowledge that at this moment there are “Whales” on the planet, however, these so-called gentle giants are not one of Mother Nature’s children. I have reason to believe that these beasts are in fact man-made creations, each with their own specific purpose.

If you would be so kind as to indulge my rambling theories and approach my words with an open mind, then I believe that we as a community can solve the mystery that has been centuries in the making.

davidj41, Whales Don’t Exist 11 Comments [4/26/2017 1:01:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 126689

Passive Programming is a method of psychological control in which hidden and subliminal messages are administered on a victim through media, most commonly with television programming.

This is the method of programming used by the Illuminati in helping divide the cultures of the world and dictating the elements of their created subcultures to their selected audiences.

The idea that blacks are born to be "thugs" or to live a "thug life" is ingrained through passive programming in media that was conceived of by the Jesuits. Who imo kids are, is dictated to them directly by passive programming by Aleister Crowley disciples who have dreamed of a future where children felt like the world was full of no hope. Insighting and inspiring depression and suicide, is an effect of passive programming by the Satanic Hierarchy.

The craze and adoration of fads and trends such as Zombies, vampires, hatred of Christianity and Christians, Homosexuality, poor health due to Freemasonic fast food and a variety of countless items that are contrary to the will of God and are pushed by Zionists, Luciferians and anyone else supporting the overall Catholic Church agenda.

MizzouLife, New World Order Wiki 0 Comments [4/26/2017 12:59:32 PM]
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Quote# 126686

UFO's are Intelligent Machines

Food for thought.

If UFO's are not military or something of terrestrial origin, given the obvious limitation of radiation, trip time, and other factors point towards UFO's being AI machines?

What's more likely...some organic alien travels light years to find us on another planet or some AI machine that can go dormant and awaken after light year of travel?

Might also explain why the UFO's are not keen about communicating...they may just be more like data collection agents then actual aliens.

I don't know about you, but when I see reports of unusual high speed changes in direction and UFOs traveling at high rates of speed that would cause any terrestrial aviator to pass out, I wonder who is piloting that kind of craft.

Starship Enterprise science fiction aside where they have solved for gforce....I wonder.


Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [4/26/2017 12:56:52 PM]
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Quote# 126685

We're catching up with the Grey aliens... at least in one field

Children's Hospital makes 'artificial womb' for lambs — raising hope for extreme preemies


Now we only need to improve our propulsion systems, physics understanding so we can go through solid objects like walls, and mentally control others.

By the time the human looking hybrids finish infiltrating key positions, it would be too late though... but still.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [4/26/2017 12:56:48 PM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 126684

What if I told you, Trump and his family where killed by the CIA. and replaced with lookalikes?

All we have to do is look at the campaign Trump to yesterday's Trump and you'll see.

See mobody has replied?? here is an image to show you evidence.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 6 Comments [4/26/2017 12:52:56 PM]
Fundie Index: 1

Quote# 126683

The plush dinner event with China’s president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago on the evening of April 6 was carefully planned to coincide with Trump’s missile strikes against Syria.

Xi and Trump were accompanied by their wives; guests, family members and high-level officials from both countries were in attendance at the Palm Beach Mar-a Lago “replicate” of Rome’s Palazzo Chigi 16th Century dining room.

Later that evening on Thursday April 6, it was dessert time: The Donald was at the dinner table eating a delicious chocolate cake together with Xi Jinping, while also ordering Tomahawk missile strikes against Syria, in the presence of China’s president and his entourage:


Atrocities were committed and Trump ordered airstrikes which have resulted in further deaths of innocent civilians including children.

US intelligence is often based on the art of deceit, i.e. the fabrication of evidence.

But in this case there was “no art of deceit”. The White House report which Trump used to justify his airstrikes constitutes fake evidence and “sloppy intelligence”. Did it have the endorsement of the intelligence community?

There is ample evidence of a US coverup contained in this scanty White House “intelligence report” which has been refuted.

see Dr. Theodore Postol’s incisive report:

Assessment of White House Intelligence Report About Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria By Dr. Theodore Postol, April 13, 2017

No credible evidence that the Syrian president is killing his own people has been provided.

The false flag does not hold up to scrutiny, yet this “sloppy intelligence” seems to have convinced the President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America, who’s eating a chocolate cake with the president of China…

And the Chinese president knows that the intelligence is fake.

Washington (which supported the opposition rebels in the use of chemical weapons) rather than Damascus is responsible for extensive crimes against humanity.

Michel Chossudovsky, GlobalResearch.ca 1 Comments [4/26/2017 12:52:37 PM]
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Quote# 126660

Bill Nye is not a science guy.
He's a failed stand-up comedian.

He's as much of a scientist as Al Gore is a meteorologist, or Obama is an American.

What they are is DEMOCRATS.

And what is a Democrat?

A demon-filled crap-eating degenerate.


The Comedian :D, Godlike Productions 7 Comments [4/25/2017 11:51:17 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 126656

It is surely tiresome yet, once again, the powerful ones behind the French government – criminal Zionist agents – have perpetrated another hoax, faking the death of a police officer, while blaming it on Islam. There can be no doubt that it is an arch-fake, just like Charlie Hebdo and countless others. Make no mistake it is false blame plus Islamophobia, clearly proven, here, per the National:

Who finds this plausible? Once again, it is a lone wolf ‘Islamist’, an agent of ISIL, who strikes, wildly attacking police officers with a long gun, variously reported as a rifle and/or AK-47? Where could he have procured such weaponry in autocratic, police state-like France? See the classical arch-Zionist symbolism, invoking, alternatively, “2001” and also the standard Mossad-style naming of a Muslim, the ‘Abu’ as if this signifies a terrorist mind. Moreover, it is not merely but “Abu Yusuf” and if that is not enough, the surname is “Bejiki”, for Belgium, as in “Baghdadi (aka Simon Elliot),” as in Baghdad. This is all the work of the Mossad and its collaborators: mere Islamophobic hoaxing.

Then, of course, there is the leveraging of the Qur’an, although it is simultaneously said that the purported perpetrator was “not going to the mosque” and was “not religious.” Could it possibly get more inane than this? It may be recalled that Qur’ans were used as props or imagined ones during Sept. 11, 2001, when the Mossad and its assets bombed into oblivion the WTC complex.

The timing cannot be a coincidence. The Rothschild-based Islamophobes just had to take advantage of such a hoax, considering the timing of the French vote just hours ahead:

drkresearch, No Disinfo 3 Comments [4/25/2017 10:54:49 AM]
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Quote# 126655

If you don't know it already, Freemasons control America's government. That's why Washington D.C. is saturated with Masonic occult symbols. The Washington Monument (a giant erect penis) is Freemasonry's primary symbol of power. The Illuminati bombed the World Trade Center (WTC) on 911, replacing it with the 'One World Trade Center,' a giant erect male phallus (which the skyscraper's architect admits).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 6 Comments [4/25/2017 10:53:14 AM]
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Quote# 126651

Why would Satanic and Illuminist cults want to drink human blood? ENTER: The Reptilian Blood Legacy. Whether you call them aliens, Annunaki, Nephilim, Chitauri, Dracos, Nagas or otherwise, many believe that our planet has long been infiltrated and ruled by extraterrestrial / extradimensional reptilian entities who manipulate global politics, business, banking, military and media.

Consciousawarenessforall, Wordpress 2 Comments [4/25/2017 10:48:43 AM]
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Quote# 126648

What makes adrenochrome so valuable? It has psychoactive properties and can be used as a mind control drug. It can also be consumed to give someone an “adrenaline high.” Who would want adrenochrome? Former U.S. Vice President AL GORE was once apprehended at an airport with a suitcase full of packets of his own adrenochrome-laden blood. According to ALEX JONES, ALAN WATT and FRITZ SPRINGMEIER, all high-level bureaucrats and V.I.P.’s carry around at least two pints of their own adrenochrome-laden blood at ALL times.

Consciousawarenessforall, Wordpress 3 Comments [4/25/2017 10:43:46 AM]
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Quote# 126647

The First Amendment was not written for Muslims, by the way. It wasn't written for a barbaric ideology that wanted to come over and kill us. It was written for Calvinists. It was written for Lutherans and Catholics, not for Salafists, not for Wahabists, not for the Saudi royal family. Don't think the founders had that one in mind. And it also was intended for citizens, not for immigrants. If the First Amendment protected everyone's right to have their religion and express it in every country, we'd have our police in the Congo or in Uganda fighting against the Lord's Resistance Army. And you never hear that side of the story on the mainstream media, and why not? Why don't we hear about it? Why do none of our elected officials talk about this or like this? They know it's true. Why don't we hear about in the mainstream media? We don't hear about it on Fox News, by the way, either. And why not?

Who runs the media? Globalists. Time to kill the globalists. I don't want to not watch CNN. I don't want CNN to go out of business. I don't want CNN to be more honest. I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged because this is deliberate. This is not an accident. It's not, “Oh, you know journalists have a liberal bias because they're educated, and educated people tend to be” -- none of that. It is malicious intent. There is a design, there is an agenda here. And the people behind CNN that are pushing outright lies, and you see the people who try and expose the truth are cut off so obviously. They get their mics cut off, and they say, “Oh whoops, we've lost the signal. Technical difficulties.”

Nick Fuentes, Media Matters 6 Comments [4/25/2017 10:43:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126640


President Trump is fully vindicated now that it’s been revealed Susan Rice, of the Obama administration, unmasked aides during surveillance. Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

More A.F. Branco Cartoons at Net Right Daily.

A.F. Branco, Comically Incorrect 3 Comments [4/25/2017 4:39:54 AM]
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Submitted By: Chris

Quote# 126639

When we look back at 1970 and who was responsible for recognizing Earth Day, we see nothing but a lineup of leftists, from academia to activists, from media to politicians.

We know that for decades the environmental movement was used as cover for the advancement of communist ideals. The whole premise being business and people are bad and must be controlled by an all-powerful government. They would advance policies to try to gain that control.

That’s why Earth Day, even though many have denied there is any relation, is the same day as Lenin’s birthday. In fact, the first Earth Day coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth. Earth Day was proposed by liberal Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson who envisioned a teach-in to raise awareness of environmental problems. The media jumped on the bandwagon and activists across the country started making plans for events.

The man credited as the founder of those events was Ira Einhorn. He was an environmental activist, involved in many ecological groups, easily recognized by his tie-dyed attire, and basically the head hippie of Philadelphia. Of course he was into all the things a good leftist should be into in the 60’s and 70’s: peace, free love, flower power. He even gave himself the nickname ‘Unicorn’ translated from his German Jewish last name.

But did you know this peace loving, flower child who preached against violence had another side, and another nickname. The Philadelphia police called him the Unicorn Killer, after Einhorn murdered his girlfriend Holly Maddux, and stuffed her beaten body into a trunk in his closet.

Of course anyone involved in the founding of Earth Day denies he had anything to do with it. It might put a damper on their celebrations that their day about the environment was founded by a killer. They also deny any link to it being on the same day as Lenin’s birth. But you and I both know, it’s never been about green. It’s always been about red.

Jim Verdi, Michael Savage.Com 3 Comments [4/25/2017 4:39:49 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: zipperback

Quote# 126638

All a college degree does is let the white man know that you've been indoctrinated and that you will be a good little slave

Asar'el Ben Israel, Facebook 3 Comments [4/25/2017 4:39:42 AM]
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Quote# 126633

[Note: This is being shared by another tweeter, the creators of these two images may not be the same person.]

Anonymous, Twitter 7 Comments [4/25/2017 4:38:47 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 126632

You probably didn't learn this in school:

Crystaljohnson, Twitter 8 Comments [4/25/2017 4:38:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 126630

What evil schemes do the communists have up their sleeves next?

The elite spent decades growing the federal government into a monster, engulfing the market with regulations, squeezing the Constitution, destroying the nuclear family, using Hollywood & pop culture to brainwash us against western values, and dumbing down the schools so they can lead up to a full-out global communist revolution.

So we came to a few boiling points under Obama the Marxist. A major recession leading to Occupy Wall Street & a bunch of Marxist & socialist revolutions. But they failed because the people started to recognize that the government was the head of the snake, Wall Street & corporations were just leeches taking the state's bait.

So the elite kept attacking Christianity by making satanism the dominant theme in pop culture, then emboldening radical atheists. They did so to erase the source of western values from our minds, but it only lasted a few years.

So they had a gay revolution, trying to pervert our minds against the foundations of western values. But it just kinda faded in & nobody cares anymore.

So they stirred up a race war, trying to use it for identity politics & mix their Marxism in subtly. But black people didn't buy it for long, it became pretty clear that it was all artificial.

So they moved on to a feminist revolution, using the culture to make girls & women into promiscuous sluts, attacking men, trying to undermine the institution of marriage & family, etc. But no one wants to hear it anymore so that was a fail.

What next?

Anonymous, Yahoo! Answers 3 Comments [4/25/2017 4:38:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: zipperback

Quote# 126608

5 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


No doubt, some creatures we have living in this Earth are very weird looking, but there are still mysterious ones that are left to be identified and the search continues...Like always mentioned, the internet is full of hoax videos ofcourse but within this countdown we only bring you the realest ones out there. And you definitely dont want to miss any of the numbers shown here because after watching this list, you might be left thinking that we may be living in a world where we are definitely not alone. So prepare because here are 5..... Ready? Well...Lets Begin!

1. The Roadside Creature

The footage your about to see shows someone driving thourgh a remote area as he encounters the most unexplainable sighting he has ever seen. The person recording slows his vehicle to avoid hitting what he is seeing. As the video goes on, the strange like creature seems less human than it was at the beginning of the video. No one can identify what is seen, but you be the judge. So here it is...

2. The Sewer Monster

What you are about to see is the Infamous Sewer Monster creaturer captured by a close circuit camera by the North West water company "United Utilities" In England. The creature shown in the video is described by a worker as being 'far too big for a rat, standing upright on strong back legs'. The employee says that he has never seen such thing like it. Here is the footage...

3. The Wessex Way Monster

In the footage about to be shown, a traffic surveillance camera recorded a very odd looking creature crossing the road at around 2 Am in Wessex Way , Great Britain. This footage about to be displayed has led to much debate about what it could possibly be, but there are still no exact answers to this humanoid like creature. So here it is...

4. Flying Creature

The video your about to see shows two people posing for the camera when all of the sudden a very strange humanoid creature flies over the people recording. In the footage, you can hear people screaming in the background in complete shock and in confusement. People think it might be an alien even though the creature is no way near to be identified. Here it is...

5. The Albino Bigfoot

What you are about to see is a a video recorded in Pennsylvania where residents have been hearing strange sounds at night. One of the homeowners goes out to investigate the weird noises, flashlight in one hand, video camera in the other. And guess what the homeowner caught on tape? Well, thats for you to see.... Here it is

Top 5s Finest, Youtube 5 Comments [4/23/2017 12:26:27 PM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 126607

5 Cyclops Caught on Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


#1 - A Cyclopean Super-Soldier

Remember the WikiLeaks Dinosaur said to have photographed in Soviet Russia? These incredible images, reported on by the YouTube channel Absolutely Incredible, are said to be evidence of a giant humanoid super-soldier bred by Cold War Moscow scientists to potentially wreck havoc on enemies from the West.The Absolutely Incredible team calculates only a ten to fifteen percent chance that the evidence is genuine, but even so the possibility is intriguing - and creepy. And even if the photographs are a hoax, you have to admit this fella would be a great final-level Nintendo bad guy. Move over Mother Brain!

(Submitter's note: It's Hybrid Dalek Sec.)

Top 5s Finest, Youtube 5 Comments [4/23/2017 12:26:24 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 126606

5 Slender Man Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


The first known mention of Slender Man comes from a Something Awful image in 2009. Some people believe that the Slender Man is significantly older, going back hundreds or even thousands of years. Regardless of his origin, the Slender Man has grown into a true supernatural phenomenon that transcends culture and language barriers. Is the Slender Man real? If the mere idea of the Slender Man drove two girls to attempt to kill their classmate in 2014, he’s real enough. Let’s begin!

5.) Slenderman in House

One thing that can be said about the slenderman is that he can appear anywhere, as if from thin air, at any time, though he does have a fondness for people recording themselves or others using outdated media. In this video, a man and woman enjoy a casual conversation as the girlfriend records them using a camera VHS recorder that she’s found. The man asks her to put it back, and as the conversation continues the video begins to become distorted. The woman turns around to return the camera, and finds the Slender Man towering over her in their hallway. She tries to run as the video becomes increasingly distorted. They try to climb out the window, and the video ends.

4.) Slenderman In Real Life

In this video a few pranksters get more than they bargain for when they are presumably killed by the Slender Man. A couple of kids looking to goof on people by ding dong ditching them, a mild prank that involves trespassing, ringing the doorbells of strangers, and running away. When one of their friends goes missing, we learn that they rang the wrong door bell. They try to find him, but it’s not until they reach the end of the street do they find him - under the power of the Slender Man. As is typical, the Slender Man and his victim disappear in an instant. They run, and just when they think that they are safe, one of them is grabbed and dragged away screaming by the Slender Man.

3.) Slender Man Kidnaps Little Girl

A keystone of Slender Man’s mythos is that he has a taste of abducting children to serve some unknown, horrifying end. This may be why, often times, he is sighted by young children recording videos in their parents’ backyards. In this video, a child is kidnapped right from under her father’s care. While recording their time together, the little girl hears a noise and her father sees a stranger pointing through their window. He leaves the girl alone to go confront the stranger outside, but when he returns to the house she’s gone. The father runs down the street to find his daughter, but when he finds her she’s walking hand in hand with Slender Man into a bank of fog. The little girl’s whereabouts are unknown, and she is presumably dead.

2.) Slenderman in Russia
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LqZt... (use the nighttime video)

While the Slender Man is typically sighted in his human form, Slender Man also has a more disturbing, monstrous form that is less frequently seen. As if a spider or octopus, the Slender Man sometimes outstretches his limbs to unbelievable lengths, or sometimes even sprouts entirely new ones that he may use to carry himself or cross terrain. In this video we see the Slender Man in this form as he crawls along the side of a large building. This exceptional size might indicate how it is that the Slender Man is able to quickly scale large distances in the blink of an eye.

1.) Slenderman Outside House
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn59F... (don’t use the text cards)

Sometimes the Slender Man is respectful. While he’ll often arrive unannounced to ruin your life, kill your loved ones, and steal your children, he’ll occasionally knock first and wait patiently for you to present yourself to him. This is the quickest and easiest way for both of you. In this video, the victim looks outside his window to see the Slender Man quietly inspecting the architecture of his porch. Of course, as the Slender Man is an extradimensional monster, it knows when it is being watched and turns to the viewer. This has invited the Slender Man into your mind and life. Thank you for inviting the Slender Man into your mind and life.

Top 5s Finest, Youtube 6 Comments [4/23/2017 12:26:20 PM]
Fundie Index: 2
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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