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The truth about the Syria war

Why are we being indoctrinated with this 'accept refugees' brainwashing?

Why is Syria being torn apart while Assad smiles?

Why are ISIS destroying the ancient monuments?

Why are the major players fighting over the Fertile Crescent?

Because it will soon be fertile once more, while the rest of the world suffers.

It is not an invasian by refugees.

It is clearance of the land for the elite.

They know what is coming and they are getting rid of the commoners.

The elite are preparing for the New World Order.

DeplorableConspiracyTheorist, Godlike Productions 1 Comments [6/27/2017 9:34:22 PM]
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Barak Hussein Obama’s Record
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

He bans imports of guns to American but approves export of guns to Al Queda.

He had a war on police throughout his career.
Benghazi: This is the clearest example of Obama and his supporters thinking all of his pre-2012 scandals ceased to exist the moment he won re-election. Benghazi has been investigated extensively, and argued about passionately, since the night of September 11, 2012. Nothing can change the absolute fact that the Obama administration’s story for the first few weeks after the attack was false, and they knew it was false. They spun a phony story to buy themselves a little time during a presidential election campaign, and it worked. Lies and Corruption.
Hillary Clinton’s secret server: Hillary Clinton’s secret email server is an Obama scandal, too. She perpetrated her email offenses while working as his Secretary of State, and contrary to Obama’s false assertions, he knew about it. This secret server was exposed for all to hack and steal the country’s most valuable secret information. They both should have went to prison for this alone.
NSA spying scandal: Opinions about the nature and intensity of this scandal vary wildly across the political spectrum, but there’s no doubt that Edward Snowden’s pilfering of sensitive National Security Agency data was a debacle that damaged national security. We had the ghastly spectacle of Attorney General Holder thanking Snowden for performing a public service by exposing surveillance programs Holder’s own administration didn’t want to talk about.
Polluting the Colorado River: The Environmental Protection Agency managed to turn the Colorado River orange so called “green” President. Of course there was a cover-up. Would you expect anything less from this “transparent” administration? Folks most of our water are undrinkable. Most of our infrastructure needs serious repair as he has done nothing to fix it.
The GSA scandal: The General Services Administration was caught wasting ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on lavish parties and silly projects. Heroic efforts to resist accountability were made, leaving puzzled observers to ask what it took to get fired from government employment under Barack Obama. (Alas, it was hardly the last time that question would be asked.) Oh, and of course there was a cover-up from the Most Scandal-Free Administration Ever.
The VA death-list scandal: The Department of Veterans Affairs has long been troubled, but the big scandals broke on Obama’s watch, most infamously the secret death lists veterans were put on while executives handed in phony status reports and signed themselves up for big bonuses. Obama was more interested in spinning the news and minimizing his political exposure than addressing problems; in few areas outside ObamaCare has his rhetoric been more hollow, his promises more meaningless.
He had a govt too large for 8 years as he expanded its size. Many federal departments should not exist. Federal government should be smaller as per the Constitution i.e. the power should rest with the states not federal govt. Remove departments of education, energy, healthcare, gun control, licensing, etc.
He is a half white Mulatto and was raised by a White family. He had a chance to bring everyone together yet he has divided the country instead. Race relations are at an all-time low point. He said "that could have been my son." He actually sided with these Career Criminals when he said that. And, he had Al Sharpton over the White house several times as his consultant. Al Sharpton is a well-known RACIST. FACT. He did much more than this to worsen race relations in this country. Setting race relations back 50 years.
Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration’s insane program to use American gun dealers and straw purchasers to arm Mexican drug lords, is a scandal with a huge body count, prominently including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata, plus hundreds of Mexican citizens. Related to this Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress, which merits distinction as a separate scandal in its own right. Holder was the first sitting member of a president’s cabinet in the history of the United States to be held in contempt of Congress.
He freed many terrorists from prison. They went straight back out onto the battlefields.
He refused to fight terrorists. He helped create terrorists like ISIS/ISIL.
Lowest economic growth in American history.
Lowest labor participation rate since 1970s – 95 million people out of the labor force.
Eight years of war.
Record high national debt – he increased it from $10T to $20T.
Record number of people on food stamps - 13 million more than when he took over.
Record number of mass shootings.
Record number of terrorist attacks in America.
Worst rioting since 1967.
Record high health insurance costs.
Highest poverty level in American history of 43 million people.
Lowest home ownership in 51 years.
8 years of war. 26,000 bombs were dropped in 2016, his last year in office.
He was clearly the enemy of the people within the USA. He has done more than any one person to help destroy, not make better, this great country.
He has attacked 3 major pillars of our country: law and order, religion, and how an individual success can become successful on his/her own.
Obama signed the corrupt Paris anti-American agreement that made USA pay billions every year unnecessarily to other countries and killing millions of jobs in USA (phony climate change that is really a redistribution of wealth from USA to other countries).
He was put in place by the cabal and he worked for the cabal.
He was such a poor president that the democrats lost the House of Representatives, the senate, many governorships and much more. This caused an implosion of the Democratic Party.
He could have been impeached for over spending alone i.e. almost $10 trillion added to the national debt. A president does not need to do something illegal to be impeached; high crimes and misdemeanors is subjective so Congress could have and should have impeached him. Another reason for impeachment is his going around Congress and making thousands of executive orders – this is anti-constitution. Fast and furious scandal was another impeachable offense. His executive orders attacked and chipped away at the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th amendments. It has been clearly proven above how much of a failure and how corrupt he was as a president. It is very surprising that he was not impeached for treason on many counts. The only reason why he wasn’t impeached because Congress didn’t want to go down in history as impeaching the first half black president.

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Facebook 0 Comments [6/27/2017 9:33:35 PM]
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“A King’s Story” out of shame was fake news ... to protect the Crown.
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
This is a faked autobiography that leaves out everything connected to character. It does actually reveal that George V says to Edward: "If you do not accept an arranged marriage, I will not give permission to marry."
Penned in 1952 by a ghost writer, this account leaves out all Prince Edward's suspicions as well as the back-and-forth conspiracies being kept between Edward and his Royal Family
1. It leaves out what really happened to Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, at Glamis Castle and what happened to Prince John (two versions of each outcome were circulated).
2. It leaves out half-brother Adolph's relation to the Royals and how Adolph affected King George V's reign.
3. It leaves out the trauma-based mind control Royal sons experience as part of their initiation into Satanism, which Edward did not accept nor adapt to and also, it leaves out Edward's reaction to shame, which in his 30s was to adopt cross-dressing as a statement of his humiliation.
4. It leaves out the meetings of Edward with Elizabeth Bowes Lyon that ended in his spurning her and her seeking revenge for the rest of his life. It leaves out that Consorts like Bowes Lyon were customarily chosen by the Royal Family beforehand and groomed for the job as self-serving Satanists (as QAlexandra, QMary and Prince Philip all were).
5. It leaves out the Rothschild takeover of Western Banking, with the establishment of the US Federal Reserve, after the sinking of the Titanic. This step created Funny Money to be used in Masonic wars.
6. It leaves out the betrayal of Czar Nicholas II, Geo V's favorite cousin, the alleged death of Prince John, and the institutionalization of Bowes-Lyon's two cousins for no violation of civil norm..
7. It leaves out the Saxe-Colburg-Gotha name change in 1917 that totally alienated Adolph from his father George V.
8. It leaves out all mention of the suspicious death of King George V and of his strange funeral service in which the family were absent, but two Armies--both German and British--officiated. In this way, it left out completely Edward's fear that his father's cabal were about to kill him.
9. It leaves out Edward's discovery in 1934 that Wallis had worked for his Father King George V from 1917-1921 as a UK-German double agent and her replacement, Claudia Ruth O’Keeffe, sister of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, a virtual doppelganger for Wallis Warfield Simpson.
10. It leaves out the Royals' use of doppelgangers to replace themselves and the Duke of Windsor after he left and when they're not up to the job.
11. But worst of all, it leaves out his five children: Pierre-Edward, 1918; Elizabeth1, 1934; Margaret, 1939; Andrew, 1943 in Canada, and Elizabeth2 in San Francisco 1944.

Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg, Facebook 0 Comments [6/27/2017 9:33:22 PM]
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After the Marquis de Sade was executed, his disciples decided to employ his propaganda. Anyone who opposed their barbaric cruelty towards their murder and surprise sex victims was accused of being an "irrational bigot" for opposing brutal surprise sex and murder. These followers of de Sade, the Sadeans, became the origin of the terms "sadism" and "sadistic." The original Sadeans eventually moved from France to Germany, becoming a core component of the Nazi Party. The Pink Swastika consisted of manly gays mostly. They would target more effeminate gays for execution, not only as a way of establishing dominance, but also as a way of eliminating those they felt were Stalin sympathizers. This would later get twisted by American academia as all gays having been "victims" in WWII, so as to fool gullible students into not exploring the real history of militant homosexuals' love of tyranny.

Hitler employed the Pink Swastika for many missions, noting they were willing to deal out to those on Hitler's hit list a brutality that could not be asked of just any Nazi soldier. The Pink Swastika therefore became one of Hitler's personal goon squads, sent out for missions not even the SS and Gestapo dared attempt due to the horrifying nature of given commands.

After WWII, the Pink Swastika invaded the US. In order to take advantage of the myths being propagated by Alfred Kinsey and his diabolical minions, they decided to scrap their true name in favor of more benevolent-sounding names. From there, they'd campaign to give themselves an illusion of cultural legitimacy. They capitalized on the black civil rights movement, and tried to paint their ruthless aggressors as "victims" of "oppression." After several decades, US media fell for it, and began expanding the myth. The Pink Swastika became two organizations: GLSEN and NAMBLA, only pretending not to be one and the same. From there, they spawned countless satellites and fronts, such as GLAAD, and became the LGBT Mafia, or "Crooked Rainbow," that they are today.

Dozerfleet (again), Something Awful 9 Comments [6/27/2017 1:52:18 AM]
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It's obvious: Obama wants to rebuild the Ottoman Empire. He wants Kenya to be annexed to said rebuilt empire. Everything he does is about rebuilding the Ottoman Empire - with the most corrupt of the corrupt bands responsible for its original downfall to be put in charge. It's petty revenge by that faction for not being allowed to have total control of the empire a century ago. Blaming those Muslims who were not interested in being controlled by the Brotherhood for the empire falling apart when it was really the Brotherhood's fault all along.

The Brotherhood is trying to once again shift the blame for something they did wrong over a century ago. And this rebuilding effort is little more than them seeking validation of what their ancestors did over a century ago. They cannot tolerate history judging them and deeming them unfit for rule because they backed Kaiser Wilhelm.

Dozerfleet, Something Awful 7 Comments [6/26/2017 9:25:16 PM]
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JUSTIN BIEBER CAUGHT SHAPESHIFTING BY HUNDREDS OF FANS. SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA MARCH 2017 HERE'S THE PROOF!!! MUST WATCH THE VIDEO ... Justin Bieber was allegedly seen shapeshifting into a "giant reptile" in ... in the country in Perth on March 6, and his last in Sydney on March 15.


Species, youtube 4 Comments [6/25/2017 11:16:20 PM]
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Submitted By: P.E.T.C.T

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1972 TO 1986

The greatest mistake of President Marcos ..was..when He agreed to USA to compromise and waive Philippines sovereignty to USA's organized crimes of mobs and their ww2 prostitutes playing CIA...France's 5th Republic to animate sovereignty among themselves, among common politicians and their ww2 prostitutes hallucinations and mystification's to be shouldered by their tax payers. Hence then the trafficked of illegal elicited foreign policies had been the politics of connivance's..filling -up to it's brinks fraudulent treasonous policies to every government parliaments and legislative co-hoots -THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE MARCOSES WAS MAL- TREATED ON 1986..BECAUSE REAGAN WAS NEVER A FRIEND OF THE DEMOCRATS....THIS SITUATION IS BEYOND EVERY ROYAL CONTROL BECAUSE ROYALS ARE ALL DENIED OF ROYALTY...REDUCED TO COMMONERS.....AND THOSE PROSTITUTES WAS WAIVE TO BECOME PRETENDERS...THE 1986 EDSA PEOPLE POWER WAS THE LAST RESORT...TO SAVE EVERYONE FROM THE BLOODY SLAUGHTER OF USA.

Another compromise deal Marcos had stage; The European and USA fiscal banking was blocked to trust fund..and USA & Europe was forced to compromised to the Rothschild deal ...to allegedly aggregate the monetary system of USA...Allegedly making USA Federal Reserved a private company.

Marcos instead protected the interest of Communists. Declared Martial Law over the land to silence every Filipino who sees justice thwarted. 5TH REPUBLIC OF FRANCE COMPROMISED SOVEREIGNTY DID NOT GIVE ANY GOOD TO EVERYBODY...IT JUST MAKE ALL PEOPLE VERY POOR. OVER TAXED.


THE TRUTH OF THE BOURBON THRONE: The Last Emperor of China Dr Cerelo Abenes Abenes /Emperor Henry de Manchu real father was Dr Ambrosio Concordio Peres Pulmano/King Frederick Clemens II of Rome -Oldenburg ...Married to King Edward VII daughter Princess Toria. They Succeeded the Bourbon Throne on 1947 ...and the royal sovereignty of Philippines...BECAUSE BY TREATY OF INCORPORATION OF DUCHESS SINCE 1521...WHO EVER IS THE MONARCHS OF FRANCE SCANDINAVIA SPAIN HUNGARY AND RUSSIA IS ALSO THE MONARCHS OF PHILIPPINES. This could maybe the last Bourbon monarchs to believed in a republic politcal rule... and that royalty is just another pre-Madonna obligations of a kingdoms in ambiguity ....things that I had detested it since I was a little girl of awaken consciousness....of which royalty to me as I defined it is still a political obligation to served and will justice,equality and liberty to be done.

The 1972 Martial Law can never be possible without the will of Monarchs and Royalty. The Martial Law was actually France protectionism that resulted into politcal blunder and great horror ....and for the terrorist , Mobs, Genocide criminals haven that everyone among them never forget it's comfort of kill.

USA BLASPHEMES AGAINST EUROPE HERITAGE. Europe's social injustice that had been a cancer caused to all political corruptions..celebrating it's insulted heritage is a big hypocrisy. We just can not accept LePen alibi that France Diplomatic authority had been lost to USA..is just one way of saying that France had connive to USA abusive exploitation against France sovereignty. And such 5th republic of France nowhere of dignity can be founded is celebrating such heresies.



QUEEN ALEXANDRINA "AQUIRA" Czar Alexander IIl and Maria Feodorovna Eldest Daughter and KING CHRISTIAN X are my great grand parents father side

My grandfather is King Frederick IX of Romanov-York The Earl of Armenia Denmark and Russia married to QUEEN ENA ROSA King Alfonso XIII Eldest daughter to a German Princess of second Reich- Queen Victoria of England granddaughter

My Dad is PRINCE EUGENE June 2 1936 Deceased Youngest son of King Fredrick IX of Romanov & York Maried to Emperor Wihelm 1 great granddaughter PRINCESS ALILI January 1, 1937 ..grand daughter of Elizabeth Withelsbach & Franz Joseph of Habsburg through Crown Prince Rodulf & Princess Estefania of Belgium.


In reference to 1982 D-Day Celebration of President Mitterrand and UN Tribunal for DDAY Armistice..Alias Elizabeth II Mountbatten was founded not related to Queen Mother and that Alas Elizabeth II Mountbatten can not contribute a plausible maternal DNA...And She is neither related to The Duke of Windsor and no trace of paternal DNA from King George V to George VI

June of 1982 UN Tribunal Venued by Chateau Versailles. I over heard his husband was ALIAS PHILLIP was interviewed by the DNA scientist..asking him where He met his wife...Alias Phillip answered that He met Lizzie in Malaysia running errand to every service men bed for sex service paid by The Earl of Mountbatten his commander in chief..She traveled to England by illegal entry backdoor to England and become The Comtese of Strathmore chamber maid..Later She become George VI concubine.

George VI on his later life had been living as abnormal personality of UK..of which IQ been diminishing.Alias Elizabeth II Mountbatten fallacy had put entire UK government succumb to her frauds and deceit..

We real royals are no warmonger..If royals had to go to war it must be fulfill by a formal treaty where war is being theater in legal compliance to manifest, to fight for a sovereign state valor...royals never practice terrorism against its own state..and most all royals are no politcal jackals.



iqueendk GNU leahlancaster@yahoo.com
In compliance to USA-EU Copyright Laws call 00 63 629250986

#hyperlapse #GeneralAssembly

Maria Fairolaine Pulmano Cuyos aka "HM Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter", Facebook 3 Comments [6/25/2017 11:15:17 PM]
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The Death of Princess Marina Niña 1969
Princess Ferolaine P. Cuyos Witness
The Testimony I was only six years of age but, I as six years old kid, My memory is perfect and I remember all details on the night of the Murder of Princess Marina the young Marina of Hellenes.
Before going to bed, Hope and I goes to bath and change clothes for bed, We just arrived London from Greece aboard Sommerset, from attending a wedding of Ms Jackie Onassis. It was already night at 8pm the whole family of Armada was out with the Duke of Windsor, Queen Mother, Puyi, Estefania, Duke of Marlborough and Rosa of Castile. Princess Marina fetch us, Me and Hope From Our designated bedroom, We join Princess Marina in Her Bedroom
Their was a woman talking to the princess and preparing our bed, later the princess cry of something about her Boyfriend She was once Love. I remember Princess Marina was a little bit chobby baby face and so beautiful.
I wake up in the middle of the night realizing I was alone in the room, I was so affraid begun subbing go out from the room of Princess Marina, I was apprehended by Three Men wearing black suit and white shirt without a tie, pull My right hand, A man with pimples straight manly hair ask the woman in pastel coloured roses dress what to do with Me, The woman reply said, take Me outside and castigate, when we reached at the back of the castle I saw Princess Marina inside the cage been tied up in the wrest, in the other cage was hope. I saw this man rape the princess at stub the princess at stomach, the princess shout for pain, i cover my face, the last time i saw was this man holding the knife full of blood as He was tasting with gladness the blood of the princess.

At the back of Buckingham Palace
Second Alias Macgreggor Criminal/Anihilators Sabotage Company
The Hired Asassin and Commoner Prostitute Mistress Enes Conje in curtain sirpentina selfmade gown.
I was about 2.5 metters away when the media people pass by. Mopezat The Old was holding like a scalpel knife and he was hiding it inside his pocket in his jacket. He just washed his dirty hands full of blood in the nearby sink.
AT The CRIME SCENE1969: this is the Man I saw Who Murder Princess Marina and this Is the woman I saw in printed pink roses dress, I was 2.5metters away when this picture was taken by media passers, Notice the dirty hands , He was hidding a knife. Notice the men at the back in akward untoward position. Notice the looks seem caught up in the middle of guilt.
United States of America Third Alias Consul McGreggor & wife Second Alias Erene/Eulalia
An official guest at Queen Elizabeth II 1969 Birthday
After Princess Marina was rape and stub, This Man grab me away from the crime scene to Palace basement,Who strangulated a rope around my neck at the basement of Buckingham.

They take Me grab me, This Man and other two Men in same black suit Underground and Hung Me through a tied rope in My Neck, but My head so small slip out from the rope hunging, they repeat hunging me, My neck was in blood and My knees for i fall from hunging to floor. The other man said the They cannot kill me cause I am from the bloodlines of royal saxe. So this man open the ground floor and throw me to a water infested with snakes.
A chubby kid piping from next door, run for help and dial a phone, I remember I was trying to swim but all My body was in pain of lots of cuts and blood spread in the water, I remember a yellow snake twirl at my body not tight but loose since i was so small and brace my neck to keep My head and nose up, I feel the snakes at My feet line for me so i could stand up and grasp for air, and some snake line at My palm to keep Me afloat.
I remember all the family at the top floor and My Father/The Duke of Windsor holding My head and the Duke of Marlborough at My arm pit and pull Me up, I could hear their voices and crying but I cannot speak i was so tired, In the Hospital I remember Queen Mother Crying all night and Estefania, I wake up with lots of ashes at My bed and The Duke of Windsor beside me with lots of ashes in his head and Remenber Tatay/The Duke of Windsor telling Me always, It was just a bad dream Love go back to sleep.....
Denmark is My beloved nation, My nation where My absolute blood lies in my own soul, as a person being abhured, all My human right has been denied.
Does this Nation beloved always kill its legitimate Princess? intead of fighting and defending righteousness.

Maria Fairolaine Pulmano Cuyos aka "HM Margrethe II Valdemarsdatter", Scribd 2 Comments [6/25/2017 11:15:12 PM]
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Every time "the oldest" holocaust survivor dies, they always miraculously find a "new" oldest survivor.

Anonymous, Tumblr 9 Comments [6/25/2017 1:00:08 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 128476

Please forgive me for changing the subject, but this has been on my mind, since it was announced recently.

Am I the only one not buying this Otto Warmbier story? First of all, this kid is/was a Jew. That should automatically raise a red flag.

It seems obvious, and certain to me that the propaganda machine is running full steam ahead, on the path to a new war against North Korea. No lie is too bad, and no lie is too small, when America intends to destroy you.

Would anyone here put it past the Americans, to have a television set in Seoul say, that is made to look like a North Korean court room? Would anyone (especially the average moron in America), know the difference if the so-called North Korean guards, were really just South Koreans in North Korean uniforms?

Hey Warmbier, I hear Haifa is nice this time of year.

Okay, tinfoil hat off…

Mike, Real Jew News 5 Comments [6/25/2017 6:16:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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The Barbarians that sacked Rome were NOT Germanic!

Barbarian -
The term has also been used to refer to people from Barbary, a region encompassing most of North Africa. The name of the region, Barbary, comes from the Arabic word Barbar, possibly from the Latin word barbaricum, meaning "land of the barbarians."

- Wikipedia
[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]

It wasn't the Germanic tribes that sacked Rome, it was the Arabs! Of course (((TPTB))) don't want you to know that because they are now using them to sack Europe, so they instead tell you you're being "enriched"!

Same reason they tell you the Crusades was about "securing Jerusalem" when in reality it was to drive the Muslims out of Europe after a 400-year brutal occupation where they butchered the men, castrated the little boys & used them & the girls as sex slaves!

CohenTheBarbarian, Godlike Productions 10 Comments [6/25/2017 6:14:39 AM]
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Did you ever notice the YUGE, the overwhelming amount of DISTRACTIONS that Hollywood creates around Donald Trump????

Of course I assume you didn't buy the "they are against him and he's against them" horseshit not even for one second.

Having said that, every single week, when it's not every single day, there's always somebody from the sheepletainment industry creating a massive distraction around Trump, always when one of the endless holes of his counterfeit presidency is exposed.

Cue Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Kathy Griffin, Rosie O'Donnell, Snoop Dogg, Johnny Depp and the list goes on and on and on....

Everybody out to distract the sheep and divert everybody's attention from Trump's closet skeletons.

Add to that the massive reverse psyop of MSM, gubmint-run forums and actors with radio shows playing conspiracy theorists, to trick you into thinking that he's against them and they are against him.

Gone in T minus....

I almost forgot that actor Luis Guzman or one of his cousins who played "El Chapo".

Be HONEST, assuming you are not a paid Trump-bot, and tell me it doesn't feel as if all these celebrities come out from time to time to create the illusion that he's a martyr, a victim and the billionaire anti-hero fighting the system, while his minions secretly give continuity to the same satanic agenda pushed by Obama, Bush, and everybody else before.

But but but, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [6/25/2017 6:14:31 AM]
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Quote# 128466

The main event is the full-throated blood-in-the-streets Communist/Anarchist revolt that the political left has always dreamed of. They came close to achieving it in the 1960s. And they got a little taste this decade with the carefully orchestrated Black Live Matter rioting, and more recently with the Steve Scalise shooting. However, now that the “mainstream” media and Hollywood appear fully on board, and Bernie Sanders has given the order to his army to ‘resist’ by any means necessary, and (after Ossoff) the ‘centrist’ Democrats realize that they can’t seem to win through the legitimate political process any more, the perfect storm of political rage and opportunity appear to be shaping up for the summer of 2017 … Mark my words, the ‘Purple Revolution’ will run red.

Scott Lively, Scott Lively Ministries 0 Comments [6/25/2017 6:13:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 128458



Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revoution" is a recent example.

Are you having a problem with pesky nations that refuse to comply with the Globalist or Zionist program? Worried about the cost and unintended consequences of another Neo-Con war? Well, before you do anything rash, try overthrowing the target government with a "Soft Power" revolution instead. See recipe below.


•A ton of American cash from the CIA and/or George Soros
•Small army of undercover CIA agents
•Controlled "Human Rights /Pro Democracy" groups
•Idealistic "Western wannabee" college brats
•Easily manipulated do-gooder "libtards"
•Professional signs & banners written in English
•Bribable / blackmailable journalists
•Bribable / blackmailable politicians
•Bribable / blackmailable academics
•Corrupt Union bosses
•Violent "Agent Provocatuers"



Dispatch your CIA, MI6, & Mossad agents to the target nation. Use various covers such as "exchange student", "tourist", "aid worker", "businessman", "journalist", "diplomat". Be creative!


Use the humanitarian guise of "pro democracy" or "human rights" to start up your NGO's (Non Governmental Organizations) inside of the target nation. Provide cover for yourself by doing actual good works, while building up your NGO with local malcontents, libtards, and gullible idealists.


Recruit your network of domestic traitors. Target intellectuals, academics, politicians, journalists, and, if possible, military men. Use bribery to target those who can be bought. Use blackmail to target those who have some stain in their private life.


If the target nation has large Labor Unions, corrupt labor bosses will be very happy to cooperate with you. Yankee dollars are king!


(Now you are ready to get cooking!)


Pick a catchy theme or color for your "revolution". Examples include "Prague Spring" (Czechoslovakia, 1968), "Velvet Revolution" (Eastern Europe 1989), Saffron Revolution" (Myanmar), "Cedar Revolution" (Lebanon), "Rose Revolution" (Georgia), "Orange Revolution" (Ukraine), "Green Revolution" (Iran), "Arab Spring" (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria etc) and Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution". It's all about marketing, baby!


Kick off your "revolution" with a "spontaneous protest." Use your CIA agents and their controlled NGO idiots to make allegations of "human rights abuses, or "government corruption," or "election fraud." It doesn't matter if the allegations are true or not. Just be passionate!

In certain cases, "WikiLeaks" may be able to assist your fake revolution by "leaking" embarrassing secrets about key officials within the target government. When your paid journalists run with the "leaks," many pissed-off citizens will then join forces with your NGO rent-a-mob.

Julian Assange / CIA (Wikileaks)


Roll out your "spontaneous" banners and protest signs, written in English. You are, after all, trying to manipulate American policy makers and the gullible American public.


Add in your wholly-owned labor bosses, academics, and spoiled "Western wannabee" college brats. Turn up the heat on the target government. This will swell the ranks of the protesters to include malcontents, people with legitimate grievances, "bandwagon" types, and folks who are just plain bored and want something to do.


The major American and European media outlets will now assist you by portraying the uprising as a "popular" and "spontaneous" reaction to corruption / tyranny / voter fraud etc. Tell your agents not to laugh as the cameras are filming them.


Now that "the world is watching", stage an incident. If you can manipulate some fanatic into setting himself on fire, do so! Otherwise, fake an atrocity, Use fake blood, fake tear gas, and photo shopped images. Make sure the "victim" is a woman! The international media and your paid local propagandists will run with the atrocity story. The destabilized target government will soon lose support among many of its own people!


Add in your violent agent provocateurs. Use them to FORCE the police into violent acts. This will embarrass, intimidate, and destabilize the government to the point where it becomes de-legitimized in the eyes of "the world community."


Add in your traitor politicians and wait for the US, UN, & EU to "pressure" the "oppressive" target government into submission. The threat of economic sanctions, "no-fly zones," bombing, or even an armed "rebel" uprising, should convince the government to either bend to your wishes, or to step down and call for new elections.

If "Color Revolution / Spring" should fail, then prepare for military action -- to "make the world safe for democracy!"

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 0 Comments [6/25/2017 6:11:31 AM]
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Nothing gets a Jesuit more excited than an explosion. That is why they teach that the universe was created by the 'big bang." For over a century, the Militia of Jesus has been intimately involved in the splitting of the atom and atomic research. Not for peaceful purposes . . . but to produce the biggest explosion.

Jesuit Guy Fawkes is the "'patron saint" of all the makers of weapons of mass destruction.

On November 5, 1605, Fawkes planned to decapitate the entire British government by planting 36 barrels of gunpowder in the Parliament cellar.

Following the coup d'etat in Dallas, Texas, Johnson was planning to decapitate the entire U.S. Government and reestablish the Confederacy with its capital at Richmond, Virginia!!

The Gunpowder Plot was to be the prelude to a British Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

Prior to the atomic age, would-be dictators always mobilized the army to eliminate all the members of the former regime. Johnson was still determined to eliminate his opponents, but the job was made much easier by the nuclear weapons at his disposal.

Naturally, Lyin' Lyndon would blame it all on the Russians.


Lyndon Johnson warned his supporters to evacuate or head for the fallout shelters!!

Lyndon "Guy Fawkes" Johnson planned on "decapitating" the entire U.S. government with a "big bang" version of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. Instead of gunpowder, he planned on using a small thermonuclear missile fired from Cuba. Naturally, he would blame it all on the Russians.

Getting rid of President Kennedy was only the first stage in his military coup d'etat. Getting rid of his supporters was the next step. J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquisition), kept a list of all those in Washington who supported or opposed the death of the Republic.

Johnson warned all his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that momentous day.

November 22 was to be Guy Fawkes Day in the U.S.

Johnson warned his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that day.

One of the most notable was Dean Rusk, the President's own Secretary of State, and Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, who always stuck like glue to the President on all his previous trips.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead. Their plane turned around and headed back home, reaching Washington on the evening of November 22. To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.

Confederate Johnson would have shed few tears at the destruction of the city as he planned on making Richmond, Virginia, the rebel capital once again.

Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was also in Washington City at that time.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead.

Their plane turned around and headed back home, reaching Washington on the evening of Nov. 22.

To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.

The Cabinet members who providentially avoided Washington City were: Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon, Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman, Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Walter Heller, Treasury Undersecretary Henry Fowler, and other officials and spouses.

President Kennedy's children were also in Washington City at that time but Jackie never cared much for President Kennedy . . . or his children.

With Washington City destroyed, it would have been the perfect opportunity for Confederate Johnson to revive the Confederacy once again, with its capital at Richmond.


The Vietnam War was used to distract the people from the Thermonuclear Plot!!

Most people associate Lyndon Johnson with the disastrous Vietnam War. That war killed millions of Vietnamese Buddhists and almost bankrupted the United States. President Eisenhower extricated the U.S. from an Asian War and warned that another such war would be ruinous to the country. Lyin' Lyndon hated everything that President Eisenhower stood for.

The U.S. Guy Fawkes loved to blow things up and he certainly got his chance in Vietnam.

That war cost the lives of over 3,000,000 Vietnamese Buddhists and over 58,000 U.S. soldiers.

The war was just an excuse to distract the people from the events of November 22, 1963. It also made the military-industrial complex in Texas very, very rich.

Strategically, there was no rhyme or reason to the Vietnam War. The British didn't even send a medical unit to the conflict. His Texas friends supplying the military hardware became very, very rich, but Johnson said that the government did not have enough money to develop the Boeing 747 passenger aircraft.

The U.S. Guy Fawkes also assassinated the President's brother!!

From the very beginning, a bitter hatred and rivalry developed between the U.S. Guy Fawkes and Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy was attorney general at the time of the assassination, with the power to arrest all the assassins.

Due to massive anti-Vietnam War protests, Johnson announced that he would not run for reelection in 1968. Immediately afterward, Robert Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Presidency. As President, Robert Kennedy could have brought Johnson and the other assassins to justice.

Even in death, the feud between Johnson and Robert Kennedy continued.

Robert Kennedy was supposed to have a state funeral, with burial beside his brother in Arlington National Cemetery.

Lydnon Johnson made sure that Kennedy was buried at night in a more remote part of the cemetery.

Johnson was totally opposed to the idea that his arch-rival would be buried next to his own brother:

Johnson was equally concerned—or offended—by Bobby Kennedy's burial site. On the morning of June 6, within hours of Bobby Kennedy's death, within hours of declaring Kennedy "a noble and compassionate leader, a good and faithful servant of the people," the president phoned Clark Clifford and demanded to know whether Bobby had the right to be buried at Arlington. "I was stunned" Clifford recalled, "I was dumbfounded." The president's call marked "one of the saddest experiences in my long friendship" with Lyndon Johnson. (Shesol, Mutual Contempt, p. 457).

After a mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, Robert Kennedy's remains were put on a train bound for Washington City. The train was scheduled to arrive at 4:40 p.m., but "sticking brakes" on the casket-bearing car caused it to be delayed by 4 hours. It did not arrive in the city until 9:10 p.m.

As President, Robert Kennedy could have brought Johnson and the other assassins to justice. It never happened because Robert Kennedy was silenced until Judgment Day.

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 6 Comments [6/25/2017 6:09:37 AM]
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(There is this pervasive myth that people with a darker complexion cannot get a sunburn and thus needn’t use sunscreen. As a consequence a lot of dark(er) people end up with a melanoma and they find out too late. Please, for the love of all that is good, wear sunscreen.)

And theres also a myth that humans need sun screen lol. Acidic body + acidic sun =acid burns on skin.

(You’re the person who clicks those “Surgeons Hate Her! Local Mom Discovers One Weird Trick To DIY Open-Heart Surgery!” ads, aren’t you?)



marley-worldd, Tumblr 7 Comments [6/25/2017 6:08:55 AM]
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[From "Nuclear Bombs Never Existed. They would have been used by now."]

From about 3 June 2016, 'alfredomafioso' commented to my video (people being asked if they'd heard the idea that nukes were a fraud or fake), specifically on whether X Rays can make metals radioactive, and thus the Pantex X ray equipment in Texas could fake a radioactive nuclear weapon.

Below are his comments (as alfredomafiosi) and e-mails (as aladin). Spelling, punctuation untouched. He claims

[1] Only elements such as uranium can be made radioactive by X rays, I'm guessing by augmenting neutrons in the nuclei.
[2] Hiroshima was faked. (He doesn't comment on supposed nuclear weapons used in e.g. Afghanistan, as reported for example by the 'British' Broadcasting Corp.)
[3] He seems to confuse H-bombs with neutron bombs or something similar. He emailed: 'because the H bomb is at the origin of the Neutron bomb (so they say). Since the fusion reaction produces mostly neutrons and very little that is radioactive, the concept of a "clean" bomb has resulted: one having a small atomic trigger, a less fissionable tamper, and therefore less radioactive fallout. Carrying this progression further results in the neutron bomb....'
[4] Most relevant here, he gives several wars lost by the USA, Soviet Union, Britain, and Israel, and claims atomic bombs would certainly have been used.
Note that he doesn't accept the division between a country, and the Jews controlling it. For example, Jews made money out of all the US wars he mentions, and caused chaos, which they wanted. Even if the USA lost, Jews won.

[He tells me his name is Aladin Belarbi. 'Disciple' of Eustace Mullins, and Roger Garaudy.]

Aladin Belarbi and rerevisionist, Nuke Lies 3 Comments [6/25/2017 6:06:52 AM]
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Excellent video! As always. I don't know how people can deny that there is a creature called Sasquatch or Bigfoot or whatever someone wants to call it! People are constantly seeing them all over. Eye witnesses?, evidence like the dead deer, footprints in other locations. That's evidence! What more do people want! And, btw, it's the same thing with UFOs, whatever they may be, there is definitely something going on.

Rachel V K, youtube 2 Comments [6/25/2017 6:04:59 AM]
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who the fuck said I was a flat earther. I don't care if the earth is round, flat, concaved, convex, square, a pyramid or what....what I have found is that I am a non-spacer. we have NEVER, EVER been to space. NEWS FLASH...SCIENCE IS FOR SALE! and everyone including myself bought into it...we live in an enclosed system. VAN ALLEN BELTS...you know there is a vid on youtube where this regular guy builds a vacuum chamber. inside he places a fan and a feather. with no vacuum the fan blows the feather everywhere. once he applied the vacuum...what do you think happened to the feather, any guesses, no not yet...the feather DID NOT MOVE... thus to this layman, that indicates that thrust is a little more difficult to achieve in the vacuum of space, if there is such a thing...so I welcome any flat earth, round earth, my personal fave the "pear shape" so cute. So thanks for your input into the topic.?

ROOKFORK, Youtube 10 Comments [6/23/2017 11:47:29 AM]
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[After incel poetry, now we get conspiracy theorist poetry...]


Omnipotent burocracy
Hienical economics
Open declared imperialism
It´s the disaster kapitalism !

Our demo-workers did excelent work,
So we broadcasted it live to the whole world
Fear the secret network of the Taliban
and other bullshit, that we just made up

Black gold, lots of opium and weed
It´s obivious why we are here
we even teach you, how justice shoud be
freedom for you, money for me

Feel the terror, live in fear
Support, the goverments policy

Wherever a disaster strikes,
By every humanitarian catasthrope site
We are the first, at bay to save the day
And dump our garbage from chops and planes
pretending it´s gentle aid in the crates

No need to thank, by our overproduction-rate
it woud be waste either way
We rebuild your city, homes and roads
Wich you can rent from us – with big discount
And to ensure you to be safe and sound
we established some new outposts around

We are the
most aggressive pacifists, you´ll ever find,
We´ll defend the peace at any price,
even if it woud mean nukeing you´re ass
remember this, when dealing with us:
We´re the only ones, who dared to use the bomb

The commmunists,were doing pretty good
everybody feared them in their hood
Contrary to them – we don´t limit ourselfes
and make everybody fear everybody else

Masked guys with machine guns
taking blame for wathever fits us
The CIA delivers tapes anytime
They have big rutine in the work of that type

The lies are new, but the methods old !
Fear dims the crowd´s vision terrror means control!
The treat is as real, as it has ever been
Your lands are as free as they´ll ever get

The lies are new, but the story old
Greed dims our vision! More, more, more

Doomsayer, Hulkszter 2 Comments [6/23/2017 11:47:13 AM]
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Some more on the Warmbier case . This is being used to demonise the DPRK and even prepare the ground for military action against People's Korea! However it now looks like a cover-up is going on as no autopsy will be performed on the late Mr Warmbier. Now surely the family concerned, the US public and the US government would want a full investigation into his death. As matters stand at present there is no evidence that the DPRK was responsible for Warmbier's death. Could it be possible that in fact Mr Warmbier's death was actually due to a pre-existing medical condition that only his family and the US government only knew about.

As to a certain tour company that is slandering the DPRK over this affair saying that " The way his detention was handled was appalling", UK KFA totally reject these false slanders. In fact Warmbier was given a fair trial in public and had a defence lawyer. Considering that Warmbier was a citizen of a state that is technically at war with the DPRK and responsible for the deaths of at least 1.3 million DPRK citizens during the Korean War, the DPRK handled the case as fairly as they possibly could. Unfortunately some tour companies have a hidden 'reform' and 'opening up ' agenda and are not friendly to the DPRK.

UK Korean Friendship Association, Korean Friendship Association 3 Comments [6/22/2017 3:02:41 PM]
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Second Grader Science Award

Density = Weight / Dumbass

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Gravity isn't real.

Gravity is complete made up bullshit, things fall because of density, everything is either more dense or less dense than air.

I mean floating is explained by density, not gravity. Gravity said fuck it, IDK why things float, take it over density.

How can planets have gravity just because of their mass? It doesn't make any sense, have you ever seen any other big object have gravity, even the slightest bit?

Also how can things grow upward if there is gravity? It doesn't make any sense even from an evolutionary standpoint, at what point did evolution decide to say fuck gravity, I'm gonna conquer it and grow upwards instead?

Also why is gravity different depending on the weight of the object? Do heavy objects have more 'gravity'? No, they have more density. You can create a massive balloon, kilometers wide, and fill it with helium and it will float, even tho the balloon itself can weight tons, it will float just the same as a small balloon. However a needle will never start floating, even tho it weights next to nothing.

Why do ships float on water? A ship weights a lot, however if it is hollow inside it will float because it is not dense anymore, and if you fill it with water it will not sink because of the extra weight, it will sink because of the extra density.

There is only electromagnetism and density, no gravity.

Skizzy911, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [6/22/2017 12:59:42 PM]
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Albert Pike received a demonic vision, described below. On January 22, 1870, Pike and one of his international co-conspirators, Guiseppe Mazzini, published the Plan which would establish the New World Order. This Plan was kept very secret, only within Freemasonry circles since the time of its inception, known only to fellow occult Illuminist conspirators. (This information is taken from a book from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis. His book is "Secrets of the Illuminati" and reveals much formerly hidden detail known only to Illuminists).

The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for three world wars. Stop here for a moment to remember the date of this prediction: January 22, 1870. This date is 44 years before the beginning of World War I. Once you understand the facts we are about to share with you and realize the length of time between this prediction and the beginning of its fulfillment, you can understand how supernatural forces were truly in command. Further, January 22, 1870, is occulticly significant also. The number 22 is one of the three important occultic primary numbers (11, 22, and 33).

The Pike Plan to overthrow the Judeo-Christian Old World Order, and establish the Satanic New World Order foresaw the need for war. However, this war was not the type of warfare the world had seen historically. This war was to be on a much larger scale than history had ever recorded. This war was to be global, or world-wide.

The details of this Pike Plan {January 22, 1870} for three (3) World Wars to establish the New World Order is as follows: (As you are reading this demonic prophecy, remember the occult concept of Thesis battling Antithesis to produce the new system, Synthesis. World Wars I & II were fought to establish Antithesis, to set up the Cold War, that "controlled conflict or threat of conflict" that would produce the new system, Synthesis).

I. The First World War was designed to enable the Czarist Government in Russia to be finally and completely overthrown. The new Russian government was foreseen to be atheistic and militaristic. Further, Pike specified that this new Russian Government was to be Communistic. Karl Marx had published his Communist Manifesto in 1848, exactly 22 years before this occultic prophecy through Albert Pike. Isn't it interesting that the occultic number 22 keeps popping up? The multiplier numbers, 44 and 66 also keep appearing, as you will see in a few moments.

History records that this First World War did, indeed, occur just as listed, above. The Western powers in Europe, in conjunction with the United States, financed Lenin's expedition into Russia, they financed his government consistently, and we have financed Russian Communism at least once per decade since then.

II. The Second World War was foreseen to originate between Great Britain and Germany. However, one of the planned results of this war was to strengthen the new Communist Russian government, so that it could weaken and destroy other governments and religions.

History again records that the Second World War did, indeed, accomplish this objective. The war started when Germany invaded Poland, causing Great Britain to declare war on Germany. Very soon, the troika (3's) of powers were set up to wage this war. The Black Magic occultists allied themselves when Germany linked with Italy and Japan; the White Magic occultists allied themselves together as Great Britain linked with the United States and Russia. Do not be deceived. This war was fought between two (2) New World Order forces, the "evil" alliance of the Axis Powers or the "good" alliance of the Allied Powers; the war was between the Black Magic forces against the White Magic forces. But, we shall return to this subject in more depth at a later time.

Certainly, the Pike vision of the Second World War building Russian Communism into a super power was fulfilled to a startling degree. Historians have always been mystified as to how Churchill and Roosevelt could have given away all of Eastern Europe to the Soviets, when the preponderance of power was clearly against the Soviets. Clearly, when Roosevelt and Churchill ceded all of Eastern Europe to Russia, the Communist Government of Russia, now known as the U.S.S.R. {Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) completed its transition to a super power, exactly as Pike's vision had foretold. And, let us not forget that the Second World War had given Russia capabilities it had not possessed before the War. Not only did we build up the Russian military to a frightful degree, but we had also built entire factories East of Moscow that gave Russia an instant manufacturing base. Even though Russia had paid dearly in human lives during the War, they came out of the conflict a superpower. Thanks to Roosevelt, Russia now had a kingdom to go along with its new military and industrial base.

Now, you know that Freemason President Roosevelt gave this territory to Russia simply and only because he was being true to Pike's vision of 1870!! You will never read this true history in any of your books!!

III. The Third World War was foreseen to be between Judaism and Islam. This prophecy is incredible in many ways, beginning with the understanding that this prophecy of a third world war occurred in 1870, a time when Israel did not exist as a nation, and when no one except Fundamentalist, Bible-believing Christians believed it would ever exist again.

Watch the events in Israel very carefully, because the final chapter is being written there. The demonic 'guiding spirits' of Freemasonry, of the leaders of the New World Order Plan, are planning a final, definitive Third World War, which will begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors and spread to the entire world. Literally, out of the smoke and destruction of this Third World War, Antichrist will come striding!

Now, here is the most interesting aspect of this demonic plan; it fits with Scripture!!

Cutting Edge Ministries , Cutting Edge Ministries  7 Comments [6/21/2017 2:59:58 PM]
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Could Satan supernaturally also reveal secrets to men who had given themselves over to the worship of him, so inherent in secret societies? The Bible reveals that Satan can do what he wants in this world, where he is repeatedly called the "Lord of this World", unless the Holy Spirit specifically prohibits him.

Members of the occult are taught that certain subjects were revealed to men in secret societies. Some of these subjects, in addition to Geometry mentioned above, were:

* Astronomy
* Physics
* Medicine
* Higher Mathematics
* Music
* Art
* Literature
* The planting of subliminal messages

This concept is a shocking one, indeed. If it is true, we can understand how the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians could have built such incredibly difficult buildings and monuments, many of which have stood the erosion of time and the natural elements. Now, we can understand better how the ancients could have developed such high level cultures. We can also understand how the few individuals who possessed such special knowledge could quickly rise to high levels of prominence and power, to the point where they could become the privileged leaders of any culture. We could easily see how these few individuals could accumulate vast wealth for themselves and their posterity. Satan could then use this power, skill, and wealth to further advance his kingdom.

If this information is true, it would explain how the tremendous explosion in knowledge and invention, which the world has seen since approximately 1917, has occurred. Within a person's lifetime, the world has reached the point where the economy can be global and can be so structured that no one can buy or sell unless they take some kind of a mark. The world has reached a point that rulers could keep track of their subjects every minute of every day. The world has reached a point that the cultural and linguistic differences which have historically kept the peoples of the world divided have now been overridden so that we can see the One-World Nation and Government forming. For the same reasons, the world is now heading rapidly for that prophesied One-World Religion. None of this apparent fulfillment of God's End Time prophecy could have been possible in the horse and buggy days of the past. This approaching scenario is possible only because of the tremendously sudden explosion of knowledge in the Twentieth Century.

Cutting Edge Ministries , Cutting Edge Ministries  8 Comments [6/21/2017 2:59:46 PM]
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The only reason why sodomites want to adopt children is to recruit them into their homosexual cult; they also want children to molest them, both spiritually and physically, forcing them into their depravities. The sodomites want to sexually assault children. Normal people produce; sodomites recruit.

Theodore Shoebat, Shoebat.com: Awareness and Action 4 Comments [6/21/2017 4:18:15 AM]
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