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Many would disagree with you. The family who could not transport a little girl on a plane because the equipment she needed was denied was flying on trumps private plane. These kinds of stories are never mentioned by Trump. We find out from others. He has, without fanfare, handed over so many checks for needy.

What he is doing for angel parents is incredible.

He lifted rules of engagement in military so they could have better chance of protecting themselves and living. He has made it so soldiers with PTSD or other ailments can get care at regular doctors offices.

He is accused of separating families at border and media lies to say he did this when he is the one that fixed it. It was started with Obama.

There have never been more people employed IN This country than ever in our history, salararies are going up exponentially. People are proud of themselves again, able to participate in more family BBQs and save a little money, more going on vacation, black employment is way up, so is Hispanic and women. So Re those without high school degrees.

Bush apparently wasn't faithful in early marriage. Neither Bush. Clinton never was and still isn't. He raped someone. Is that what you mean by family values?

What trump did he is not proud of and it was a long time ago. He has apparently made amends with his wife and family. He admitted he was a good father, terrible husband but he is trying to make up for it.

Human beings are not perfect, but he is not as bad as some of the others who were revered.

Trump does not take a dime of his paycheck. He also paid for his own campaign. He rarely says "I" in his speeches. It is almost always WE. Unlike Obama. He honors military folks, he honors ordinary working folks, he asks what they need to help them do better.

He is the people's president and we love him for it.

Some don't Like his tweets but the MSM goes with group think such as was written here, false narratives and without his tweets, we would not know the truth. After all, he is tweeting what most of us have been screaming at the tv for at least eight years.

God Bless America. God Bless President Trump. May God watch over him and give him strength.

President Trump has given us HOPE.

Shar, Realabortiondebate 12 Comments [8/28/2018 12:50:37 PM]
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[Under thread "Slavery yay or nay?"]

National Socialism is the belief that every race should have a homeland and that every people should be in their homeland. You can't have an ethno-state if half your country is slaves of another race. National Socialists do not support slavery. No one who wants to be taken seriously does. What an absurd question to ask on a sub for intellectual discussion.
I'm not a National Socialist, by the way.

But the Nazis enslaved countless numbers of people in the course of the war.
How can you say that Nazism opposes slavery when we have evidence they actively enslaved people?

conscription =/= slavery. Plenty of British colonials were conscripted against their will, no one calls that slavery.

Maybe because they were paid and weren't forced to stay in the British military forever?

Huh, the Germans only resorted to using prisoners and conscripts from occupied countries towards the end of the war, they certainly weren't planning on using them forever lol.

The Nazi government mandated massive indefinite compulsory service as early as the late 1930s and began the process of using prisoners of war and civilian "undesirables" from occupied territories in 1942 at the latest (hardly 'towards the end of the war').
they certainly weren't planning on using them forever lol

I guess you're right in a roundabout way, Nazi administrators planned on working their slaves to death.

from occupied territories in 1942 at the latest (hardly 'towards the end of the war').

You're retarded. The war was over by mid to late 1942 and it was only a matter of time. From that point onward, Germany had crippling manpower shortages that necessitated they use slaves in order to keep war production high enough to succeed. They had no choice.

NationalUnity2001, GreatEmuWarVeteran and AHAPPYMERCHANT, Reddit - r/DebateFascism 8 Comments [8/28/2018 12:50:06 PM]
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In response to you saying human evolution is "beyond proven", here is why it's not. The history of so called Prehuman skulls is riddled with fraud. Sure, you see all these ancient skulls lined up before you, but what they don't tell you is sickening. Because many are modeled from a very small piece, some even a single tooth or jaw. Why is the fossil record full of all kinds of reptiles and animals but the number of human skulls is scant? Did you know from 1912 to 1949 the best example of a prehuman skull was called piltdown man, in 1949 the found it was a complete fraud. There are others. Today they marvel over Lucy, a 3' tall ape, yet like all their supposed examples they put faces to tell the story they want you to believe. Lucy was nothing more than a 3' tall ape. Do your own research, including what they are steering you away from, saving knowledge in Jesus Christ. It's your eternity, and it is truth you will find for those you love.

David'sSon, Youtube 6 Comments [8/28/2018 12:48:56 PM]
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If all health problems are the result of our electrical nature and how we take care of it, then I would suggest that knowing this and actively doing something to prevent such a poor mental state to develop would be the best course of action...not condemn the scientist for putting a Biblically known concept into a scientific context. That way you may have helped to prevent the consequences of a drained emotional person from slipping into that terrible and very disabling emotional black-hole, which can overpower each and everyone of us if we allow it to. I can ensure you that such a person you describe didn't suddenly become ill...it was brewing up for some time...You are lashing out again, which is something I am well aware of and suggest a change in attitude, particularly towards our saviour, as your best course of action. Then we could discuss how you could upbuild your relatives emotional strength, and, thereby, his physical strength as well. We could start by using techniques the Samaritans use by listening to whatever the person has to tell you with a caring ear. Then incorporate the Catholic approach and allow him to discuss what is bothering him...in this way we are also using Freud's techniques which allows a person to poor out what is bothering them. It is all incorporated in Jesus Christ's teaching where prayer and healthy reasoning take us into a state where we are interacting with the true nature of the world and not man's selfish, greedy and often spiteful rendition of it.

NicholasMarks, Religion and Ethics 4 Comments [8/28/2018 12:48:47 PM]
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Quran has mentioned about Pulsar Star since 1400 years ago !

The first pulsar was observed on November 28, 1967, by Jocelyn Bell Burnell. She observed pulses separated by 1.33 seconds that originated from the same location on the sky, and kept to sidereal time. In looking for explanations for the pulses, the short period of the pulses eliminated most astrophysical sources of radiation, such as stars, and since the pulses followed sidereal time, it could not be man-made radio frequency interference.

“[I swear] by Heaven and the Tariq! And what will convey to you what the Tariq (Night Comer) is? The Star Piercing [the darkness]” (Qur’an, 86:1-3)


The word “Tariq,” name of the Sura 86, comes from the root “tarq,” whose basic meaning is that of striking hard enough to produce a sound, or hitting. Bearing in mind the word’s possible meaning as “beating,” “striking hard,” our attention may be being drawn in this sura to an important scientific fact. Before analysing this information, let us look at the other words employed in the verse to describe these stars. The term “alttariqi” in the above verse means a star that pierces the night, that pierces the darkness, born at night, piercing and moving on, beating, striking, or sharp star. Furthermore, the term “waal” draws attention to the things being sworn on-the heaven and the Tariq.


In the third verse of Surat at-Tariq the term “alnnajmu alththaqibu,” meaning piercing, piercing and moving on, or opening holes, indicates that Tariq is a bright star that pierces a hole in the darkness and moves on. The concept of the term “adraka” in the expression “And what will convey to you what the Tariq is?” refers to comprehension. Pulsars, formed through the compression of stars several times the size of the Sun, are among those celestial bodies that are hard to comprehend. The question in the verse emphasizes how hard it is to comprehend this beating star. (Allah knows best.)

As discussed, the stars described as Tariq in the Qur’an bear a close similarity to the pulsars described in the 20th century, and may reveal to us another scientific miracle of the Qur’an.

lifepurpose2017, mylifepurpose.net 6 Comments [8/28/2018 12:42:21 PM]
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Man oh man do liberals get upset if you bring up the fact that the victims were overwhelmingly adolescent males targeted by homosexual priests. How many news reports have you read that point this out? Few. Being gay does not incline a priest to abuse children; however, most of the priests who abused children were gay and most of their victims were boys

Tom W, The Daily Wire 8 Comments [8/28/2018 12:36:46 PM]
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Here's a short list of famous LGBT Hollywood celebrities: Former California governor Ronald Reagan (Rainbow Ronnie), Robert Reed (Mike, the father on The Brady Bunch), Paul Newman, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Burt Lancaster, Sal Mineo, Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Jaeckel, Steve McQueen, Whoopi Goldberg, Brandon De Wilde, Tony Curtis, Montgomery Clift, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, Scissor Sisters, Melissa Etheridge, Sean Hayes, Cynthia Nixon, Arnold Schwarzenegger (featured in gay porn magazines), Lance Bass, and MANY MORE!!!

You've got a lot of actors in Hollywood who will tell you they are not gay, but they act gay in movies, committing acts of homosexuality. I'd say that's VERY gay! At a minimum they are glorifying and approving of sin that Christ died for, which bring the judgments of God (Romans 1:32), which causes God to punish the wicked with vengeance in the fires of Hell for all eternity. Jude 1:7, “Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.” Do you think sin is a trifle matter to God? Do you think God approves of Hollywood actors acting out despicable sins for the world to view and lust upon?

There's a big difference between a person who sins, repents, and is determined not to sin again; verse another person who parades sin, glorifies sin, and acts out sin on camera for the world to see. Is it a sin to pretend to commit a sin? When you are talking about two men making out on camera, yes, absolutely! It is sinful for a man and woman to pretend to have sex on camera. They are naked and touching each other. It is sinful. Cameramen are watching these people lie in bed, fondling each other and kissing each other, recording it all to make a movie. The word “movie” seems to diminish the evil and filthiness, the exceeding sinfulness of it all. Nudity and adultery are sinful.

The Biblical movie “Joseph” (which many Christians have purchased and watched), shows Potiphar's wife's teats on her breasts through a negligee. That's immoral wickedness!!! This is supposed to be a so-called “Christian” film. In real life some woman took her clothes off and allowed her naked body to be filmed, wearing only a thin negligee. The cameramen and producer, and other actors including the man who plays Joseph, all saw her nakedness to make this so-called Christian film. It is evil in the sight of God. The Biblical movie “Matthew” shows a young boy as Herod's henchman kill the children, about 5 years old, standing totally naked from the back. It is wickedness!!! Public nudity is a sin! The Biblical movie “Samson,” shows much more of Delilah than any man should ever see of a woman who is not his wife. It is sensual and of the Devil, labeled as a “Christian” film, promoting pornography. You cannot buy religious films these days because they are all made by pornographers and wicked men and women.

The Passion of Christ is morally decent to watch, but the man who plays Jesus Christ is a bisexual drag-queen in real life. The film promotes the biggest demonic cult in the world, Roman Catholicism, giving emphasis to Mary where the Bible never does. The movie is not made by Christians. Jesus is even presented with a black eye in the film, linking him with the Antichrist.

God will not be mocked; homosexuality brings the judgment of God (Romans 1:24-32; Hebrews 9:27; 10:31). I think Lex Luthor from SUPERMAN had the right idea of nuking the San Andreas fault line and plunging California into the ocean. Goodbye Hollywood and Los Angeles, the porn center of the world!!!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 13 Comments [8/28/2018 12:36:38 PM]
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Die-hard ultra fans of Italian top flight side Lazio want women banned from their “sacred place” of the front rows in the stadium, according to reports in Italy on Sunday.

A flyer being attributed to Lazio ultras was circulated before the team’s opening Serie A game — a 2-1 loss to Napoli — at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on Saturday.

“The Curva Nord for us represents a sacred place. An environment with an unwritten code to be respected,” read the flyer signed “Direttivo Diabolik Pluto”, which was circulated on the north stand which Lazio fans occupy in Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

“The first rows, as always, we experience them as if they were a trenched line. We do not admit women, wives or girlfriends, so, if this is the case, we invite you to position yourself from row 10 onwards.

“Those who choose the stadium as an alternative to the carefree and romantic day at Villa Borghese (one of the main parks in Rome), go to other areas.”

Lazio’s ultras fans have often courted controversy and the club were fined 50,000 euros last year after supporters displayed stickers showing Holocaust victim Anne Frank in a Roma shirt along with anti-Semitic messages.

Lazio fans, Punchng 6 Comments [8/28/2018 12:33:28 PM]
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(=Perthshire Pride: Church of Scotland minister apologises to LGBT community for ‘cruelty and injustice’=)

This man does not speak for all of us Christians and the majority of us follow the Bible. We will never apologize for following the Word of God no matter how it makes you people feel. So you need to just get over it already.

Natalie, Pink News 6 Comments [8/28/2018 12:32:05 PM]
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The Voice of Reason:
Mostly, same-sex marriages are a danger only to those who would potentially participate in them, as it normalizes same-sex sexual activity and thereby makes it less likely that those with same-sex sexual attractions will practice abstinence.
As far as danger posed by same-sex marriages to heterosexual people, I really don't see any. Sure there's the contribution to the gradual desensitization of the culture to sexual sin, but I think same-sex marriage has a pretty marginal share of the blame for that. The normalization of pornography, men fathering children and leaving the mothers to fend for themselves, and the casual sex culture in general are far, far more to blame for the moral decay in this area than the minor impact that could be contributed to same-sex marriage.

Why do people such as yourself keep expecting homosexuals to be heterosexuals? They can’t.

The Voice of Reason:
I don't, nor did I claim to. Sexual attraction is not a decision, it's something one is born with. How a person acts, or refrains from acting, on that attraction is very much a choice.

Are you telling a homosexual he or she should live a life free of sexual gratification, then?

The Voice of Reason:

Why? Why should they be denied the rich experience of falling in love the rest of us enjoy?

The Voice of Reason:
They are being denied nothing, I oppose all attempts by governments to enforce any sexual norms. But when it comes to morality, the only morally permissible form of sexual activity is within the bonds of a heterosexual marriage. All others, be they homosexuals or unmarried heterosexuals, are called to abstinence.

The Voice of Reason, Disqus - Philosophy 8 Comments [8/28/2018 12:30:58 PM]
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There's virtually NOTHING on the internet about the relation between immodesty and sexual crimes, almost as if it's a taboo subject for the mainstream newsmedia. Sadly, even the churches and Christians are silent. Even if you have a small unknown website, your articles will show up at the top of the search engine if you address the topic that no one else does. You won't find hardly anything connecting sexual sins with television, sexual music and immodest dress on women. Yet these three are the main cause of all the sexual crimes today.

American girls have been taught by television, fashion magazines and by example to wear miniskirts, tights and low-cut blouses. Women are not stupid, they know what lust does to men. Sexual lust corrupts a society. Those women are evil, deliberately arousing men for the fun of doing it, and God will punish them for every man they arouse by dressing and/or behaving like prostitutes. Many people laugh at my moral preaching; but you'll be weeping in bitter tears of regret on Judgment Day, I assure you.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that when girls and women walk around naked and wearing the attire of a harlot, sexual sins and crimes increase? It's not rocket science. Why doesn't anyone talk about these evils in the world today? It's because most people are guilty, or have loved one's who are guilty of dressing lewd in public. Victoria's Secret is no longer a secret, because society has become so promiscuous and filthy that lingerie is no longer a private matter.

Women in public and on TV are clothed in lingerie like they're ready for sex on their wedding night. TV's Late Night talk shows and smutty prime-time sitcoms and programs have corrupted American culture. The U.S. is like a stinking sewer of moral rot, saturated with crawling maggots, dung and the stench of death. We're beyond code blue. America is as a stiff corpse with rigor mortis. Our nation is dead spiritually for God; yet saturated with spirits of demons.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 16 Comments [8/28/2018 12:20:51 PM]
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If evolution was true I would expect to see abundant non-lethal mutations among all the species of life on Earth today. Shouldn't there be a person somewhere who has tooth enamel on his scalp instead of hair?

LES, Vox Popoli 10 Comments [8/28/2018 12:20:05 PM]
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God is not impressed with the position of pastor. God is not impressed with the size of Harvest Baptist Academy. God is not impressed by their big building, fancy auditorium, first-class music program, nor anything else they have erected or purchased. God is not impressed with how many of their graduates have become Bally Dancers, like Christian Hur. Harvest is a joke! Dresses are novelties at Harvest, tight sexy Spandex is the norm which the female staff wear in the neighborhood where I live! I mean sexy! I recently read in BJU's 2016 student handbook, where female students are now permitted to wear halter tops. Christian college? What a joke! Bob Jones today is WORLDLY!!! Harvest's women dress WORLDLY!!! This is supposed to be a fundamental Baptist church, right?

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 14 Comments [8/28/2018 12:19:43 PM]
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Snowpiercer is a sci-fi allegory directed by Joon-ho Bong in English with a mostly American cast.

Chris Evans of Captain America plays a rebel who looks just like Christian Bale, who fights his way to meeting the Dictator of the World, who is played by a very American actor. (I saw it without knowing who he would be, so I won’t mention his name here.)

A couple of South Korean performers steal the show, however, as a father-daughter pair of genius drug addicts.

Bong’s 2006 movie The Host holds the South Korean record for most tickets sold and this one set a national record for biggest opening weekend.

Set in 2031, 17 years after an attempt to arrest global warming has caused the Ultimate Ice Age, the only survivors are the passengers on board a train powered by a perpetual motion engine that allows it to roar around the snowy world nonstop.

Why does the train zoom endlessly around the frozen world instead of going some place well-insulated and staying there?

Perhaps for reasons of cinematic influence: Snowpiercer is reminiscent of another foreign-directed American movie star film about a train in a cold climate, 1985's R unaway Train, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts earning Oscar nominations playing tough guys. And it recalls Wong Kar-Wai’s gorgeous sci-fi erotic daydream about a round-the-world train, 2046.

But most sci-fi movies are about doing things that, while difficult, sound, prima facie, like fun: fly like Superman, travel through time, visit planets around other stars, etc. Then the spoilsports explain why you can’t do that, but you willingly suspend disbelief because it would be cool to have a laser gun or whatever. In contrast, traveling nonstop around a dead world on a train forever is both impossible and seems like a pointless ordeal, so the movie hasn’t been very appealing outside of South Korea.

The movie starts out among the poor in the ultra-crowded last carriages, where everybody dresses like the slightly grotesque nice people in Road Warrior. Evans leads the impoverished rebels into the first class carriages run by the dictator’s emissary Tilda Swinton. These appear to have been borrowed from Brazil: somebody should add up how much influence Evelyn Waugh has had on science fiction.

A remarkable fraction of big budget movies these days are obsessed with themes of either Malthusianism, Darwinism, or eugenics, or all three. In Snowpiercer, the Dictator of the World apologizes at the end that he hasn’t had time for eugenics yet, so I guessed most of the Big Reveal at the end about an hour beforehand.

Then there’s a second surprise ending that I didn’t guess, but only because this one is pretty stupid. In the end, two individuals from races at the different ends of Rushton’s continuum go off to start a new human race presumably cleansed of racial division.

Is it a good movie? Snowpiercer has some cool elements, but the lack of even an attempt to justify rationally why it takes place on a train puts a lot of stress on the style to make up for the lack of sense, and it doesn’t quite have enough visual chops to pull that off. A movie entirely about moving from the caboose to the locomotive will be by nature linear and segmented, kind of like a submarine movie. That’s a challenge that sometimes inspires directors, but not quite enough in Bong’s case.

P.S., I think I figured out why this going around the world on a train movie was a giant hit in South Korea but not, so far, in the rest of the world: South Korea is a three-sided peninsula and the fourth side is mined.

In other words, you can’t go very far on any train that starts in South Korea. You can’t even get to North Korea, and that breaks the hearts of Koreans. The rail system is claustrophobic, so traveling around the world on a train sounds cool.

Steve Sailer, Unz 3 Comments [8/28/2018 12:17:15 PM]
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Quote# 139395


The unbiblical Catholic doctrine of celibacy has caused major problems within the Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic church is a cesspool of homosexual perverts and pedophiles. Pedophilia and homosexuality are inseparable (as many as 50% of all Catholic priests are allegedly homosexual). Whereas the average U.S. citizen would spend life in prison for committing the same sexual crimes as literally thousands of Roman Catholic priests, guilty priests are virtually untouchable. Instead the pervert pedophile priests are relocated, sheltered or retired by the Vatican, but hardly ever prosecuted by local authorities as they should be. Satan controls and protects the prisonhouse of perverted pedophile priests in Catholicism!

Sad to say, the Catholic Church is able to hide the grossest of sins (over 12,000 allegations of criminal sexual conduct since 1950). That is alarming!!! There's no difference between Mormonism's Warren Jeffs and the Catholic Pope, who both cover-up the crimes. Why are Catholics so trusting toward their priests, knowing that there's an epidemic of child molesting within the Catholic Church? They are so blinded by religion that they don't even care about their own children. Religion is a dangerous thing. Don't leave your brain at the baptistry! Unbeknownst to most, the Catholic Church was the biggest supporter of Hitler's war machine and the extermination of millions of Jews during WW2.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 9 Comments [8/28/2018 12:17:03 PM]
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Most people, especially those outside the country but also including people living here, seem to think “Duterte = war on drugs = killing people”. This is not true.

Duterte is not all about the War on Drugs. Yes he is pretty determined and focused on this, and is a top priority for him, but he has also done a lot of other great improvements to the country and has also tackled other problems. (Relations with the Muslim population, traffic, online gambling, etc)

This being said, “war on drugs =/= killing people only”.

People and most media often highlight “man killed in war on drugs”. Often the main points are just the negative effects, or the effects explained in a negative tone. What they don’t know is that:

After 6 months of the drug war, only 6000 have been killed
Most of these are the dangerous individuals of the community. They are the ones who will kill you for failing to pay up, failing to sell enough, trying to come clean and stop drugs, reporting them to authorities.. and even for just accidentally entering their illegal drug dens.
Most of these would rather shoot back at police and die fighting that surrender peacefully.
After 6 months of the drug war, more than 1 million have surrendered on their own and are currently getting the much needed rehabilitation they need. No other president has achieved this. (Palace: more than 1-M surrendered amid drug war)
If they can be disciplined and determined to stop, after a few months, they will be off their addiction and have a 2nd chance as a new clean life.
Just because someone was killed in the drug war does not automatically mean it is related in the drug war. A person could have been shot in a failed holdup attempt. A person could have been shot due to road rage. A person could have been shot because of unpaid debts.
Some of the killings are actually from the drug lords who want to silence pushers/buyers who want to surrender (and possible rat them out to police)
If your drug-using family member was accused of using drugs, most often you would plead to sympathy and insist that he/she is “a good responsible person who would never hurt anyone.”, that he/she is “someone who would never use drugs.” Even if it is not true.

The government has already taken hold of drug and non-drug evidence amounting to P8.21 billion, exceeding the value of drugs seized in the past 5 years.

Based from my readings, once a drug addict has been into it for some time now, it will be very, very difficult for him/her to get back to the normal state. It will take a lot of time, effort and money to rehabilitate the patient. And in some cases, relapse is common, because the environment of the patient is one of the 'cues' for relapse - it acts as a stimulus that is very hard to resist.

Duterte wasn’t my choice for president. But I admire what he has done and achieved as our elected president.

He has achieved many things, among those is the drug war, but not just the drug war itself.

LIST: Duterte admin's 2016 accomplishments

Red Subijano, quora 3 Comments [8/28/2018 12:13:03 PM]
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Quote# 139168

Ah, but Christianity IS in the Bible. So if catholicism is the original church, true church, and all that other nonsense that they claim, why aren't they in the Bible?

Guest Verified, Christian News Network 11 Comments [8/28/2018 12:10:53 PM]
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Submitted By: Bob J

Quote# 139149

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega has hit out at what he has claimed is a “murderous, coup-mongering satanic sect” behind a three-month uprising against his rule that has left more than 300 dead.

There is growing international consensus that Ortega’s own forces and pro-government militias are responsible for the overwhelming majority of the violence that has gripped Nicaragua since protests erupted in April.

However, during a pro-government rally in Managua on Thursday, Ortega sought to shift blame for the bloodshed on to the “diabolical force” he claimed was part of a US-backed conspiracy to topple him.

“We have to re-establish order in our country,” the former guerrilla told thousands of flag-waving supporters who had assembled in the lakeside Plaza de la Fe to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the 1979 Sandinista victory over the Somoza dictatorship. “The road isn’t war, but peace and dialogue.”

Daniel Ortega, The Guardian 0 Comments [8/28/2018 12:10:39 PM]
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Quote# 139140

wullaj: From the video description: "Progressive churches demand that we accept refugees with open arms..." No. Jesus commanded that. Sorry if that sucks but maybe you should find another religion?

Bob Shiloh: No he did not.

Bob Shiloh, Patheos 2 Comments [8/28/2018 12:10:27 PM]
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Quote# 139116

So how was it that National Geographic could have presented such a huge scientific forgery to the whole world as "major evidence for evolution"? The answer to this question lay concealed in the magazine's evolutionary fantasies. Since National Geographic was blindly supportive of Darwinism and had no hesitation about using any propaganda tool it saw as being in favour of the theory, it ended up signing up to a second "Piltdown man scandal." Evolutionist scientists also accepted National Geographic's fanaticism. Dr. Storrs L. Olson, head of the famous U.S. Smithsonian Institute's Ornithology Department, announced that he had previously warned that the fossil was a forgery, but that the magazine's executives had ignored him. In a letter he wrote to Peter Raven of National Geographic, Olson wrote:

National Geographic magazine portrayed "dino-birds" in this way in 1999, and presented them to the whole world as evidence of evolution. Two years later, however, the source of inspiration for these drawings, Archaeoraptor, was shown to be a scientific falsehood.

Prior to the publication of the article "Dinosaurs Take Wing" in the July 1998 National Geographic, Lou Mazzatenta, the photographer for Sloan's article, invited me to the National Geographic Society to review his photographs of Chinese fossils and to comment on the slant being given to the story. At that time, I tried to interject the fact that strongly supported alternative viewpoints existed to what National Geographic intended to present, but it eventually became clear to me that National Geographic was not interested in anything other than the prevailing dogma that birds evolved from dinosaurs. 43

#politics #history #culture #science #sciences #nature #creationism #evolution #evolutiontheory #philoshophy #spirituality #chemistry #mathematics #democracy #academy #university #biology #fasicm #worldwar #wwl #hitler #stalin #communism #atheism #darwinism #terrorism #Evolutionists

In a statement in USA Today, Olson said, "The problem is, at some point the fossil was known by Geographic to be a fake, and that information was not revealed."44 In other words, he said that National Geographic maintained the deception, even though it knew that the fossil it was portraying as proof of evolution was a forgery.

We must make it clear that this attitude of National Geographic was not the first forgery that had been carried out in the name of the theory of evolution. Many such incidents have taken place since it was first proposed. The German biologist Ernst Haeckel drew false pictures of embryos in order to support Darwin. British evolutionists mounted an orangutan jaw on a human skull and exhibited it for some 40 years in the British Museum as "Piltdown man, the greatest evidence for evolution." American evolutionists put forward "Nebraska man" from a single pig's tooth. All over the world, false pictures called "reconstructions," which have never actually lived, have been portrayed as "primitive creatures" or "ape-men." In short, evolutionists once again employed the method they first tried in the Piltdown man forgery. They themselves created the intermediate form they were unable to find. This event went down in history as showing how deceptive the international propaganda on behalf of the theory of evolution is, and that evolutionists will resort to all kinds of falsehood for its sake.


43. Storrs L. Olson "OPEN LETTER TO: Dr. Peter Raven, Secretary, Committee for Research and Exploration, National Geographic Society Washington, DC 20036,” Smithsonian Institution, November 1, 1999

44. Tim Friend, "Dinosaur-bird link smashed in fossil flap,” USA Today, 25 January 2000, (emphasis added)

A9_Evolution Deceit, Instagram 4 Comments [8/28/2018 12:10:12 PM]
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Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 138873

Wiccans are openly acceptant of sexual sins which are Biblically prohibited. Witchcraft is infamous for sexual rituals and ceremonial nudity. Anton LaVey, founder of the CHURCH OF SATAN, wrote a book called, The Satanic Witch, in which teaches women how to take advantage of men. The book is pure evil and promotes the sins of feminism and sexual immorality. From researching their own writings and websites, witches are well-known for lesbianism, orgies and sexual licentiousness. No wonder they have such an attraction for the Pagan god, Pan (the world's foremost sexual pervert).

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 10 Comments [8/28/2018 12:09:18 PM]
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Quote# 140119

Kind of, but not really. That's the lie that the left is telling itself now. It's not that people actually believe in the things Trump ran on, it's that Hillary was just a bad gamble and all they need is the exact same rhetoric in a cooler package. That's what they believe: Hillary wasn't cool or charismatic enough. Nevermind that Trump spergs on Twitter and says dumb shit and his supporters don't care.

Because Trump supporters don't need him to be cool, and carry hot sauce in his pocket, and have Ellen on his side. To this day, the left still grapples with this. Every time they call him fat, or has weird hair, or he's orange, they think anybody gives a shit because that's what they care about. Trust me, I live in Canada and last time we elected a leftist haircut with a landslide.

Yes Hillary fucked everything up by being lazy, but the reason the left will continue to lose is they refuse to admit that a sizable percentage of America does not like the anti-white rhetoric, all the tranny normalization, the acceptance of illegal immigrants, among other things. They actually, genuinely liked the things Trump had to say and what he represented. Until the left is willing top acknowledge this, they will drift further and further into some baffling gated-community daydream.

Why did Trump sweep through the Republicans? The same reason Maxime Bernier is sweeping up support from the Conservative Party: conservatives have become Slow Liberals, just agreeing to the movement 5 years later. They have no spine. People old enough to notice this are looking for anything that resembles pushback.
This is what may very well get Trump a second term. Who was the wunderkind they just tested out and ran across all the headlines and talk shows? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A borderline exceptional Puerto-Rican socialist who retweets rappers. There's no evidence I can see that they will not continue down this road.

Rekkington, Kiwi Farms 14 Comments [8/27/2018 7:02:55 AM]
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Quote# 140118

Homosexuals are objectively utter degenerates, what kind of self-respecting individuals would spend hours dancing half-naked in the streets with feathers shoved up their asses for all to see ? Seriously the fact that they somehow got an entire month dedicated to showcasing their repulsiveness is simply revolting. They're angry because their degenerate lifestyle results in them getting AIDS and they take out their frustration on defenseless kids.

Honestly just gas them all. There's probably a negligible percentage of homosexuals who are neither degenerates nor pedos but you're bound to take like 95% of the child molesters with them. It's a risk worth taking.

WhatNemesisMeans, Kiwi Farms 13 Comments [8/27/2018 7:00:19 AM]
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Quote# 140113

The people flooding into Europe are escaping their own repressive, backward cultures, none of which produced the philosophical discourse, political theory, architecture, science, medicine, technology, in short, the civilization that was produced by the confluence of histories that produced Europe. Those invading Europe are coming to appropriate and they are killing a golden goose that they have no capacity to replace. When they're done, as is always true in such cases, they will transform the destination into what they are escaping, so the "demise" of Europe will be thin solace.

Olaf, why do these poor former colonies lack a strong central government? Why were foreigners able to go in and make a profit, when the natives were not able to? Why are they willing to leave family and friends behind (at least temporarily) to embark into a foreign culture? Because things are better in the West. You seem to think that is basically because anything good in the former colonies was systematically sucked out and transferred to the West. I would argue things are better in the West because western civilization encouraged education and cooperation and, in the case of the USA, individual responsibility and action. I would also point out that any attempt in 2017 to correct mistakes from 1917 or 1817 are futile. It is also futile to throw money at corrupt regimes. But that is another argument.

Janis Ann, Amazon 8 Comments [8/27/2018 3:33:48 AM]
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Quote# 140112

(since a certain commenter is pretty much asking for it...)

Major Homosexual Publication Declares That 2018 Is An ‘Excellent Year’ With A “Glorious Sexual Future” Because More Homosexuals Are Licking And Eating The Feces Of Other Homosexuals Than Ever Before

Pink News from the UK reports that 2018 is an ‘excellent year’ with a “glorious sexual future” because more homosexuals than ever before are partaking in a practice called “rimming,” – as in the rim of a toilet bowl- which is where a homosexual thrusts his tongue into the rectum of another homosexual to stimulate him:

A hashtag cataloguing attractive gay men who engage in rimming has gone viral.

And why did such a wonderful event occur?

Because we’re stepping into a glorious sexual future, that’s why.

#FineMenThatEatAss has taken over Twitter this week, with gay men coming out to share their preference and selfies with the world.

And just in case there was any doubt about the nature of the hashtag in terms of its sexuality, people were ready to set the record straight – so to speak.

One person wrote: “The str8s thought that #FineMenThatEatAss was for them?!!”

Another said: “If you’re straight and you participate in #FineMenThatEatAss that is cultural appropriation”.


And yet another wrote: “girls realising the tag is for gays ????????.”

But let’s get to the real event: the loud and proud declarations that with these men, anilingus is always on the table.

One wrote: “You are all welcome”.


“Let me Jump in ????” was one enthusiast’s comment.

And he wasn’t content with just one post.

One person wrote: “One time for the one time ??.”

Another said: “what can I say ya boy be hungry ????.”

Which makes sense. We can relate.

“I’m late but ima join anyway ????” said another contributor

One person said: “You know I had to do it”.

And another opted for a pun to make his point

He wrote: “finally a thirst trap hashtag i can get… BEHIND.”

Of course, as many of us will know, oral-to-anal sex is loved by many.

So many, in fact, that Google searches around the topic are through the roof – including those looking for the official definition of rimming or the top tips for giving a great ass job.

Search terms like “rimming vid” are also massively popular as people enjoy watching the act sometimes as much as performing it.

Lots of people still have questions about eating their partner’s bum, such as “how to clean my ass before sex” and “do women enjoy rimming?”

So, if you’re in an environment where you can look at an article which explains the finer intricacies of rimming, we have just the thing for you.

For years, Shoebat.com told you about how homosexuals love to masturbate with feces.

For years, Shoebat.com told you about how homosexual porn frequently involves eating feces and drinking urine.

For years, Shoebat.com told you about how the homosexuals admit themselves that they love to eat feces even though it spreads diseases, and then the homosexuals blame “the government” for why they became sick. (source)

For years, other Christians have warned about the evil, disgusting, and deviant practices of the LGBT:

All the signs were there. They are disgusting and disturbing to look at, but failure to recognize or heed the signs does not stop the consequences they will bring from happening if they are not dealt with.

And here it is, 2018, and feces eating has now become “viral” among homosexuals.

Just as we warned.

You’re welcome.


Andrew Bieszad, Shoebat.com 21 Comments [8/27/2018 3:09:47 AM]
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