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Parodyx (to Amos Moses):
There is a difference between saying a scientist says something (which I'm not saying) and saying SCIENCE says something, in other words, when science can claim general consensus. When that happens, Amos, you lose. You lose SO hard. You lose harder than you can possibly imagine. Your fail is monumental in scope.

Sure we can all do animals or cardboard boxes or manure piles or... just party!

Whatever turns your crank, son.

Yeah, it's all perfectly normal - and if you don't like it you're just a _____aphobe!

That's right, Jesus wants everyone to be exactly the same or the morally superior will cry.

So you're a pedophile lover then, ok.

Oboehner, Christian News Network 6 Comments [5/5/2017 11:10:24 PM]
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Mark Green, a Republican state senator from Tennessee who is President Donald Trump’s pick to be army secretary, once told a church group that he opposed universal health care because it makes people less likely to embrace Christianity.

As the Washington Examiner reports, Green said in 2015 that it should be the Christian church’s role to help provide sick people with health care so they can more easily convert them to their religion.

“The person who’s in need… they look to the government for the answer, not God, and I think in that way government has done an injustice that’s even bigger than just the creation of an entitlement welfare state,” Green said. “In this setting, I’ll share the story, I think it interrupts the opportunity for people to come to a saving knowledge of who God is.”

Green argued that since Jesus regularly used his powers to cure lepers, the modern-day church should take on a similar role.

“If you look at the Gospels and you go and study the Gospels, every person who came to Christ came to Christ with a physical need,” he said. “It was either hunger or a disease.”

Mark Green, Raw Story 19 Comments [5/5/2017 11:10:13 PM]
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[From "SPLC is Suing Anglin! Donate Now to STOP THESE KIKES"]

tl;dr: Anglin’s being sued by the SPLC for lawful, First Amendment-protected criticism of Jewry. The site needs a huge chunk of cash to keep going. Right now.


It all started when realtor named Tanya Gersh attempted to extort Sherry Spencer out of a building she built in retaliation for the political views of her son, known white nationalist Richard Spencer.

On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside?—?which would drive down the property value?—?until I complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that I make a public denunciation of my son in a statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that I make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. As Gersh announced on Facebook, she was “spear heading” the campaign. ….

Gersh followed up on her conditions in a number of emails, which I’ve just made public. She even shamelessly suggested that she act as my realtor! In other words, she and the local “human rights” organizations appeared to seek financial benefit from threats of protests and reputation damage.

Tanya Gersh was making statements against Sherry Spencer in the media to further this campaign, making her a public political activist legally subject to criticism from the public.

Thus in response this website’s editor Andrew Anglin invited his readers to make legal, non-threatening critiques of Tanya Gersh’s politically motivated extortion scheme:

Just make your opinions known. Tell them you are sickened by their Jew agenda to attack and harm the mother of someone whom they disagree with.

Again – as always – don’t make any threats of violence and certainly don’t do anything violent. Don’t ever do anything illegal, ever. It is well within your rights to tell these people what you think of their actions, trying to extort Richard Spencer’s family.

Tanya Gersh is now suing Andrew Anglin with the Southern Poverty Law Center for hundreds of thousands of dollars for daring to invite the public to comment on her despicable extortion scheme.

If Anglin doesn’t get money for a legal defense, The Daily Stormer will disappear. Unfortunately, lawyers from an arbitrary jurisdiction can’t appear pro hac vice without appearance of a local counsel per the rules of Montana District Court, so we have to come up with a king’s ransom for Anglin to fight a federal civil case.

Stormer needs a six figure sum to survive.


If this is not fought, a major alt-right press outlet will die and history will record Gersh’s wicked lies of just being a helpful realtor trying to faithfully assist Sherry Spencer, instead of the truth of her being a contemptible manipulator trying to steal from the mother of a man she would see silenced.

Constitutional scholars unaware of the lies of Tanya Gersh are already noting the Constitutional problems with the case:


Beyond that, the complaint doesn’t even establish that authentic Stormers are even responsible for any of the threatening language Gersh took issue with. Just last month, ADL’s Director Oren Segal was attempting to pin the blame on a contributor to The Daily Stormer for a series of bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers. The FBI later discovered that these bomb threats were made by an Israeli national. We all know who is really responsible for violent anti-Semitic threats all around the world. It is the same people every time. Gersh’s own people forged any and all threats to her.

weev, Daily Stormer 8 Comments [5/5/2017 12:14:55 PM]
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I Realize atheists has no Belief in God of who they call a skydaddy. Well that is their Choice and no way will I deny them of their Choice. But the Choice of those who do Believe in God should be upheld as the FREEDOM OF BELIEF and should not be mocked because someone can Think Important. The best way I can see to end this idiotic of what those who push on to others with what they Think Important is for the TRUTH to happen. In the Bible in Revelation 12:9 it tells of the devil being thrown out of Heaven down to Earth. Of course you don't have to Believe that but it is a sure way of finding out the TRUTH. Is the devil on Earth or not? If the devil is on Earth then is the Bible TRUE of not? If the Bible is True then there must be God. If the Bible is not True then there would not even be a devil because the Bible is what tells of a devil and without the Bible there would be no Idea a devil exist. The Bible also tells of Evil and of Good so that can be broken down as well. But if a devil does exist then it should be Realized that is the reason for having evil in this world. So the thing is it needs to prove that the devil does exist on Earth since he is not considered a skydaddy by non-believers. Of what is very simple to do. Anton LeVey of who wrote the demonic bible of what can be purchase in a bookstore in the occult section started the church of Satan in the 1960's. All one has to do is go to a church of Satan and ask that you would like a visit or to meet with one who is known in the church of Satan as Master Yon. Once you meet with who is known as Master Yon in the church of Satan you will find out the TRUTH if there really is a devil. Now if that is too hard for a non-believer to do an easier way is go to a bookstore and buy that demonic bible and read it and after reading it take that pledge in it giving yourself to Satan. A non-believer should not worry about that because of what they ThinK They Know. Now if nothing happens in giving one self to Satan then you will Know that there cannot be a Satan. Now of course if something does happen one needs to look at the positive outlook of it as it was their Choice. Myself I don't ever Believe to deny anyone of their Choice and hope they will Enjoy it as the best they can ever have. Now all Non-believers since they Think They Know something should want to find out the TRUTH before demanding with all different kinds of CONTROLLING what is Important for them. So now this bickering about God and No God can easily be solved and all a non-believer has to do is want to meet Satan that is on Earth. Believers in God will not want that since Satan is Evil and the father of Lies, so it really is the Nonbelievers that has to bring it to the factor of KNOWING one way or the other. And of course the Non-believers should do it Proudly as a great accomplishment. Of course if we never hear from you again, well that sure would prove that there is a devil. Oh yes I sure do hope that those Non-believers will be so much Happy being the guest of that ritual that will be perform over them. Gee I hate Cowards who claim they Know something but are Too Afraid to Prove It.

beonimagin, Christian News Network 15 Comments [5/5/2017 12:12:23 PM]
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We have become a spiritually sick society, praising and uplifting the most despicable, vile and ungodly reprobates as mentors for our youth. Here's what one foolish mama says about toxic tramp, Taylor Swift. This woman is either blinded by Satan, or a phony trying to bolster up Swift as being something she is not. TAYLOR SWIFT IS NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL FOR GIRLS!!! Not unless you intend for your daughter to live for the Devil. You're not a good success in life unless God's says you're a good success. I Don't Want To Be A Success (an awesome MP3 sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles). From reading the article from which the quote below is taken, it is quite obvious that this is deliberate propaganda. This alleged mother is trying to do damage control, cleaning up Miss Swift's morally reprehensible public image. This foolish mother is calling evil good...

“I don't need to tell you that most of the young ladies in Hollywood do not dress, how do I say, appropriate for their age. Taylor breaks that mold too. Sure, she'll show a little skin here and there, but I've never looked at her outfit and said to myself, 'No daughter of mine will be caught dead wearing something like that.' Her style tastefully fits her age and always has — and it's one that I feel sets a good example for girls.”

SOURCE: Taylor Swift, You're My Daughter's First Celeb Crush — 10 Reasons I'm OK With That!

What, are you insane lady? Look at the vile photo above (I don't need to tell you what it looks like she's doing)... are you OK with that type of debasing perverted behavior in her music videos for your kids!!! If so, you are as bad as she is, an ungodly reprobate! Truly, Americans have lost their minds! Proverbs 26:8, “As he that bindeth a stone in a sling, so is he that giveth honour to a fool.” I checked today and Taylor Swift has 59,000,000 followers on Twitter. That is sad, really sad! What does that say about our nation today? It evidences how far away from God we are as a people. It shows the depths of darkness into which we have sunk as a culture. Hugh Hefner's Playboy filth started in 1954 in the United States. This debasing of girls and women into mere sex objects, is the foundation of the HOMO (sexual) revolution in America. Playboy And The (Homo) Sexual Revolution (Playboy is the manifesto of the counterculture). Instead of honoring the Biblical institution of a monogamous and heterosexual marriage, sex today has been reduced to a mere form of entertainment in America. This is woeful wickedness!!!

Taylor Swift is nothing more than a glamour whore! If you have to look to the cesspool of iniquity in Hollywood in comparison, to make Taylor Swift look good, that doesn't say much. Would you rather eat food from the garbage pail, or a dog's butt. That's about as sensible as the preceding mother comparing Taylor Swift to the dungheap of Hollywood as a good role model. Swift is a bimbo! She is arrogant and has no fear of God.

David J. Stewart, Love the Truth 13 Comments [5/5/2017 12:12:08 PM]
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[By "Her" in the first paragraph, Nugent is referring to Wendy Davis]

"Her entire campaign was attacking and lying about me, calling me a draft dodger. I'm not. Calling me a racist. I'm not. Calling me a pedophile, Ed. I'm not."

The "pedophile" charge was most likely referring to a 1998 VH1 documentary where Nugent said that he had a history with young girls.

“I was addicted to girls. It was hopeless. It was beautiful,” Nugent said at the time. “I got the stamp of approval of their parents… I guess they figured better Ted Nugent than some drug-infested punk in high school.”

In the song "Jailbait," Nugent sang about his affection for young girls: "Well, I don't care if you're just 13 / You look too good to be true."

Nugent told Berliner that "the left" often twisted things, including the "hands up, don't shoot" protests against police violence, which he likened to "bend over, don't spank."

Ted Nugent, Crooks & Liars 13 Comments [5/5/2017 12:12:03 PM]
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Quote# 126913

Still has to pass the Senate, but already the Democrats are terrified.

The essential and important feature of Trumpcare is that it “denies insurance to millions of Americans”. In other words, when you seek medical care, when those who pay for and operate our system of medical care seek medical care, they will not find one hundred drug addicts looking for free drugs and one hundred bums looking for free food, a free bed, and human contact in front of them. Those people, drug addicts, criminals, and suchlike, are still going to get subsidy, but they will go literally or metaphorically through a different door to the people who are paying.

Now even if Trumpcare passes the Senate, we still have to pass it to find out what is in it. The details are going to be filled in by regulators – regulators who are theoretically under Trump’s supervision, but are in fact far more answerable to the permanent government. So we still could be screwed nine ways from Sunday.

But like Trump himself, Trumpcare offers remote possibility of success, as compared to the absolute certainty of failure.

A possible outcome of this vote, a successful outcome of this vote, is that the marginal voter, the swinging voter, gets reasonable healthcare, or at least healthcare that is less outrageously terrible, and the Democrat voter core (vagrants, drug addicts, whores, single mums, and criminals) loses out – which of course is going to mean a major swing to Trump and Republicans, and a major swing away from Democrats. Hence the widespread abject pants-wetting terror among democrat politicians.

Trumpcare protects people with pre-existing conditions, without however giving them the same insurance you get. Which may in practice mean that people who don’t pay go in through the same door you do, or may not mean that. If it means that people who don’t pay go in through the same door, then that means that people who pay get treated like criminals, vagrants and drug addicts, in short like Democratic party core voters, that being the vast majority of non paying people showing up at hospital. People say that the very old are costing us a bundle, that the very sick are costing us a bundle. No, it is Democratic Party core constituencies that are costing us a bundle.

Not needing to pay for healthcare and having plenty of time on your hands makes a vastly greater difference to how much healthcare you consume than being old and sick does. In short, being a Democratic core constituency is the major variable determining how much healthcare a person is going to consume.

Any system that guarantees that some morbidly obese alcoholic on the street is going to get the same standard of healthcare as an affluent middle class person is going to guarantee that that affluent middle class person is going to get very little healthcare. If Trumpcare is going to provide a reasonable standard of healthcare for the median voter, it has to deny a reasonable standard of healthcare for the modal Democratic party voter. Whether it will do so is far from clear, but it is absolutely certain that Obamacare will not provide a reasonable standard of healthcare for the median voter.

Jim, Jim's Blog 24 Comments [5/5/2017 10:22:32 AM]
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[From "A Current Year™ Listicle: The “They Had It Coming” Catalogue"]

Steve Otter is now dead. In a delicious bit of irony, the White communist and anti-apartheid activist was murdered by vibrant home invaders on December 16th (Reconciliation Day in South Africa). Naturally, the powers that be in the failed state of South Africa are both deeply concerned, but also in a state of profound grief. South Africa’s minister of culture, Nathi Mthethwa, delivered a sorrowful statement on the late anti-White agitator’s fate, “We are devastated and outraged to learn about the fatal attack which claimed the life of author and former journalist Steven Otter.”


But, in my honest opinion, Steve Otter sounds like he had it coming – if you catch my meaning. That’s not a clarion call for any would-be warriors to begin physical removal, but rather a sense of smug satisfaction in shitlibs (or I call them socialist-slash-communists because that’s what they are) and anti-White agitators receiving their just deserts.

It’s our Current Year™ now. The Old Right is in shambles and the Left has lost over a 1,000 legislative seats under President High Yeller. Purple haired and gender fluid SJWs are bravely and literally shaking from fear. Hate trumps love in the Current Year™ and any minute Vice President Pence will institute widespread and enforced electro-shock conversion therapy – starting with San Francisco. That being said, it’s worthwhile to dive into the (non-retconned) history books and celebrate a commie’s comeuppance on occasion.

Below is a Current Year™ listicle on now lionized, but thoroughly perverted Marxists and, occasionally and coincidentally Jewish, subversives that said sayonara.

5. This Machine Kills Fascists…Not Really.
Víctor Jara
– was supposed to be Chile’s next Woody (or Arlo) Guthrie (it doesn’t matter though, they were both equally shitbags anyway). He was a Chilean teacher, theatre director, lovesick poet, singer-songwriter and political hack. As we all know, Chile experienced something akin to a miracle in the early 1970s with the rise of Augusto Pinochet – a man with a penchant for sunglasses and physically removing communists via helicopter rides, along with his elite death squad called the “Caravan of Death.” Shortly after the anti-communist coup on September 11th, 1973, Jara was arrested, tortured under interrogation and eventually got a bullet in the head. Afterwards, his body was thrown in the street of a shanty town in Santiago. Good riddance.

Why Removal? Despite being labeled a peaceful singer/song writer, Jara was a dedicated communist and antagonist to the traditional and conservative Chilean people. He considered himself essentially a man of the people and the bard to the Popular Unity Government under Salvador Allende – who planned on making Chile a Soviet satellite state, after he converted the country to a leftwing socialist nightmare (inflation was at 150% prior to the coup with plans for land redistribution and social justice reforms). Early in his recording career he showed a knack (don’t they all) for provoking normal and religious Chileans, releasing a traditional comic song called La beata that depicted a religious woman tempting a priest at confession. The song was rightfully banned on radio stations and removed from record shops. Prior to being physically removed by Pinochet’s men, it was well known that Jara had made visits to both Cuba and the Soviet Union (including a concert in Moscow) in the early 1960s and he had officially joined the Communist Party. In addition, there were rumors that Jara was involved in unsavory sexual activities (think pedophilia).

The Happening: On the morning of September 12th, Jara was taken as a prisoner by the military and interned in the Chile Stadium. His body was later discarded outside the stadium along with other subversives who had been killed by the Chilean Army. Prior to being shot in the head, Victor Jara had his hands broken – either as a punishment for playing his guitar or something more sinister.

4. The Power of Poetry vs. El Caudillo
Miguel Hernández
- was an early 20th century Spanish poet and playwright associated with the Generation of '27 movement and the Generation of '36 movement. His fate was sealed as a member of the Communist Party of Spain since Hernández “fought” for the Spanish Republicans, the merciless bastards that wanted to destroy Catholic Spain during the Spanish Civil War. During the war he wrote poetry and propaganda. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful in escaping Spain after the Republicans finally surrendered (they hardly ever won a battle, unless it was murdering priests and nuns). After the war, he was arrested multiple times for his anti-fascist sympathies (think pinko commie signaling).

Why Removal? Eventually, Hernández joined the First Calvary Company of the Peasants' Battalion as a cultural-affairs officer, reading his propaganda poetry daily on the radio. He traveled extensively throughout the country, organizing communist cultural events and doing poetry readings for soldiers on the front lines. Like Jara, Hernández also traveled to the USSR, where he acted as a representative for the Spanish Republic (and likely got his marching orders from the Soviets). He also attended the II International Congress of Antifascist Writers which took place in Madrid and Valencia.

The Happening: After the Republicans and their communist allies were defeated, he was condemned to death in 1939 - he was described as, "an extremely dangerous and despicable element to all good Spaniards." The Nationalists gave him a pretty reasonable out - he was presented with an opportunity to renounce communism and apologize for betraying Spain. He refused, but his death sentence, however, was commuted to a prison term of 30 years, leading to incarceration in several prisons where he eventually croaked from tuberculosis in 1942.

3. "Muh Resistance"
Jean Moulin
– the French Resistance, for the most part, was extremely overrated by both the Western Allies (the Soviets had a different sort of involvement) and Charles de Gaulle – de Gaulle probably deserves his own Alt-Right dressing down, the man was a disgrace to both the French military and the Pied-Noirs. Thanks to de Gaulle’s involvement, Jean Moulin was propped up and became the face of the Resistance and idolized after the war. He is remembered today as the main emblem of the Resistance, owing mainly to his role in unifying elements of the French Resistance (think communists, trade unionists and, finally, patriotic Frenchmen) and his highly publicized death at the hands of the “Butcher of Lyon” Klaus Barbie.

Why Removal? For starters, Moulin was no soldier during the Fall of France in 1940. He was a prefect (think government administer with broad powers). He was arrested shortly after the German invasion because he refused to admit that French Senegalese colonial troops had massacred French civilians. To be fair, there is much of the Second World War that could be described as “murky” at best, but the Senegalese (African units both from the French colonies in North Africa and also many from sub-Saharan Africa) were known after The Great War (think "The Black Shame") and after World War II (their mass rape of Italian women) for grotesque horrors committed on the civilian population. After the massacre, the German Wehrmacht had many of the Senegalese executed and requested that Moulin sign-off on the action to prevent them from being accused of “muh war crimes.” Moulin refused. He even refused after personnel from the German army personally walked him to the site of the massacre and showed him the bodies of civilian men, women and children who had been butchered, raped and mangled.

Now, most of the history of the Second World War is shrouded in propaganda and most everything the Germans claimed (with respect to conduct) has been described as “lies” by the press (especially today). In Moulin’s case, the Germans claimed that while he was imprisoned in a POW camp with those Senegalese troops (likely quartered with Moulin as payback for not acknowledging the massacre), Moulin developed “a taste for blacks.” Per the Germans, Moulin was a homosexual and during a lover’s quarrel with one of his African comrades, the dindu slit his throat with a piece of broken glass. Moulin claimed that he attempted suicide, but that doesn’t really stack up – considering that rumors about Moulin’s homosexuality still exist today and his close “friendship” with (((Max Jacob))) being a blatant red-flag – Jacob was a well-known communist and homosexual poet and painter. Immediately after the war, Moulin was painted as the epitome of the Frenchman womanizer, but in the Current Year™ - it’s pretty well known in France that he was a homosexual.

Moulin was eventually released from custody (because that’s what the evil Nazis did) and joined the French Resistance.

The Happening: In reality, Moulin’s involvement in the Resistance was exaggerated at best – and, he overshadows brave men who did fight and die in the Resistance. Like the others on our list, Moulin was clearly a communist infiltrator (and by some accounts utilized by the Soviets to get close to de Gaulle). Moulin had been described as a “fellow traveler” due to his friendship with open communists and he had supported the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War (a recurring theme). Moulin was eventually betrayed by a fellow member of the Resistance - some historians, including Klaus Barbie, blamed communist (((Raymond Aubrac))). Rumors on Moulin’s death, along with Barbie’s interrogation “tactics,” are so outrageous that they demand a certain level of skepticism – like skinning Moulin alive or using bestiality as a torture technique. For a man labeled the “Butcher of Lyon,” it’s somewhat suspect that he was (again) rumored to have been recruited by the West German government to eventually assist the CIA with tracking down Che Guevara.

2. An (((Uprising))) Crushed
(((Rosa Luxemburg)))
- was a Marxist theorist, philosopher, economist, anti-war activist and revolutionary Jewish communist. A convenient piece of history that occurred in Germany after the First World War and is generally excluded in modern history books (at least in the US) – was that Germany was in the middle of a post-war revolution (called the November Revolution 1918 - 1919). The outcome being either the failed Weimer Republic or a Soviet Germany. The uprising was primarily a power struggle between the moderate Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Communist Party of Germany, led by Karl Liebknecht and (((Rosa Luxemburg))), who had previously founded and led the revolutionary leftwing Spartacist League, along with (((Leo Jogiches))), (((Paul Levi))), Ernest Meyer, Franz Mehring and (((Clara Zetkin - honorary))).

Why Removal? The Spartacist Uprising (also known as the January Uprising) was a general strike, including armed battles in the streets, in Germany in January 1919. On Sunday, January 5th, thousands of armed communists gathered in the streets of Berlin. By the afternoon, Berlin’s train stations and the newspaper district were occupied by the communists. They also took over a police headquarters and demanded the overthrow of the German government – their vision – the destruction of an already weak and exhausted Germany and its transformation into a Bolshevik state (led by communist Jews).

The Happening: The German government eventually unleashed the Freikorps – a band of World War 1 veterans with a fondness for physically removing subversives and communists. In addition to crushing the January Uprising, they would also fight the communists in the Baltics and defeat the Bavarian Soviet Republic. It could be fair to call them one of the world’s first “death squads.” With respect to the militant Jewish uprising led by (((Luxemburg))) and her toady, Liebknecht – the men of the Freikorps quickly liberated the blocked streets and buildings and many of the insurgents were killed or surrendered. Unsurprisingly, (((Luxemburg))) and Liebknecht were found hiding in a Berlin apartment a few days later. They were arrested and handed over to the Freikorps unit - Garde-Kavallerie-Schützen-Division, led by Captain Waldemar Pabst. In the end, it probably didn’t matter how much the communists squirmed and tried to talk their way out of their fate – they were both shot in the head. Particularly fitting was (((Luxemburg’s))) demise, her body was unceremoniously dumped in the Landwehr Canal – it was discovered months later.

Her last known writing before she met the business end of a German 98 Mauser was “Order Prevails in Berlin.” It was written while she was hiding after the uprising was crushed. Here is the last line: ““Order prevails in Berlin!” You foolish lackeys! Your “order” is built on sand. Tomorrow the revolution will “rise up again, clashing its weapons,” and to your horror it will proclaim with trumpets blazing: I was, I am, I shall be!”

Sounds crazy. Sounds like she had it coming.

1. A First-Class Coincidence
(((Ruth First)))
- was a South African anti-apartheid activist and commie scholar born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her parents were Latvian Jews that immigrated to South Africa in 1906. Predictably, as soon as they arrived in their new home they began the process of destroying it – they became one of the founders of the Communist Party of South Africa. Eventually, (((First))) would become a communist as well, with her mission being the overthrow of the White minority government and securing the country’s utter devastation. Just another coincidence in history – Jews immigrating to a new county and then advocating for said country’s demise through either radical leftist agitation or racial disunity (or both). She would later encourage mining strikes and communist subversion and found herself banned and exiled from the country. She was also married to another prominent anti-apartheid activist, proud communist and politician – (((Yossel Mashel Slovo))) – changed his name to “Joe” for easier infiltration (also a Jewish immigrant from the Baltics).

Why Removal? Do we still need to ask at this point? In March 1960, thousands of South African dindus essentially tried to destroy a police station in Sharpeville, South African. The White police officers, using Sten sub-machine guns and bolt-action rifles, along with armored personnel carriers, were eventually able to quell the crowd through deadly force. Today – the incident is called the Sharpeville Massacre. In South Africa the “official” story is that a peaceful and vibrant crowd of oppressed South Africans were brutally attacked by the evil and racist police state. In reality, less than 200 White police officer were being swarmed by 20,000 rioting blacks hurling stones at them – everyone in the Current Year™ knows the real score. It was fight or be torn limb from limb.

Anyway, (((First))) and her anti-White husband (((Slovo))) were doing what all Jews do – instigating and riling up the dindus against the White government (the government and people that created civilization in Africa). She and her husband had been the vanguard of anti-White rioting during the 1950s. (((Slovo))) had actually joined a communist and explicitly anti-White militia (designed off the Red Army). In addition, scores of White South African police officer had been assassinated, killed in raids or assaulted during the Jewish-led “soft” uprising during the 1950s.

By 1960 (and after the Sharpeville riot), her time in South African came to end. Back when governments actually cared for their people, the South African government came to the wise decision that this Jewish subversive needed to be exiled and removed from the country.

The Happening: Not content to live her life peacefully abroad, (((First))) moved to London and became involved in the British anti-apartheid movement. She would later move back to Africa (Mozambique) and continue advocating for the destruction of Whites in South Africa. Cue a man called Craig Williamson – quoted as once saying, “I respect a person who's willing to die for his country, but I admire a person who is prepared to kill for his country." Williamson, exposed as spy (and all-around “special operator”) in 1980, is accused of physically removing (((First))) in 1982. Evidently, she received explosive first-class prank mail – which ended her anti-White and communist campaigning.

[Each entry is accompagned with a photography of the subject on which is overwritten "Physically Removed"]

Silas Reynolds, The Right Stuff 10 Comments [5/5/2017 10:14:57 AM]
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Quote# 126906

You will be directly challenged by Satan on this issue. Are you willing to put the Lord Jesus Christ before everything and everyone else? If Jesus does not come before your loved ones, then your hopes of escaping Satan are empty. Satan will use your loved ones to keep you in bondage. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

We had the privilege of working with a beautiful negro couple whom we will call “the Blacks.” They were both in their late 20s, were very intelligent, and had reached a fairly high position within The Brotherhood locally. They committed their lives to Jesus and refused to serve Satan any longer. We advised them to move out of state, but they were understandably hesitant to do so as Mr. Black had a very good paying job. They had two children, a girl four years old, and a boy two years old. They experienced a terrible test of their commitment to Jesus.
About 6 months after they came out of Satanism, Mr. & Mrs. Black and their 4-year-old daughter were kidnapped by The Brotherhood. They were taken to a meeting where their little girl was literally skinned alive before their horrified eyes. They were told repeatedly that the torture of their daughter would be stopped only if they both renounced Jesus Christ and proclaimed Satan as Lord and agreed to serve Satan again.
Despite the unspeakable anguish they experienced as they were forced to watch their beloved child being tortured and hear her screams of agony, they held firm. They had put Jesus first in their lives and would not deny His Lordship. Finally their little girl died and they were released by their captors. A week later, their son became violently ill. He was hospitalized and seen by the leading specialists in the area — all to no avail. He died within 48 hours, the doctors never did find out what was wrong with him. He was obviously killed by witchcraft. Again, Mr. & Mrs. Black stood firm and continued to serve Jesus.

Shortly after the double tragedy they moved out of the state. We stayed in touch with them occasionally. Two years later, Mrs. Black gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Mr. Black was studying to become a minister.

You may be saying, “How can this be, why didn’t the Lord protect their children once they became Christians?” This is not a game! When you make that complete commitment to Jesus Christ you give everything to Him. You may be sure Satan is going to petition the Lord for everything you committed to the Lord just as he did in Job’s case. Father may give Satan permission to take what he petitions for.

Rebecca Brown, He Came to Set the Captives Free (book) 14 Comments [5/5/2017 10:14:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 126905

Satan knows that if he can successfully break up the family unit, he will also break up the unity of the church, and, I might add, of our nation. Satanists within Christian churches work hard to separate families. They start all sorts of programs for teenagers, school age, and preschool children. They develop separate programs for women and men, so as to keep the parents separated as much as possible also.

Children need to listen to the sermons and join in the prayer meetings just as much as the parents. All through the Bible the principle of learning by joining in with parents is shown. Children learn respect both for God and the church by learning to sit quietly in church and listening to the pastor. Immediately after programs are provided for young people separating them from the main church services, they lose respect for the pastor and the church. THEY don’t have to sit and listen to the pastor, he is just too boring. This is the attitude they quickly develop.
What better way for children to learn to pray than by joining in with their parents? Husbands and wives are constantly under attack by Satan. In this day of easy divorce, couples need to spend time together to stay unified. Separating them within the church, and for such things as retreats, etc. is a big step towards driving wedges between husbands and wives.

Rebecca Brown, He Came to Set the Captives Free (book) 4 Comments [5/5/2017 10:14:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 3
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 126904

By the time she was 17 she had already had a baby out of wedlock which her parents made her give up for adoption. Later that year she nearly succeeded in committing suicide and spent three months in a psychiatric hospital. The rest of her life had been spent in and out of psychiatric institutions. going to numerous psychiatrists and psychologists, taking innumerable drugs and tranquilizers. Nothing helped. She was unable to make any stable relationships or experience any love. She had a second child out of wedlock and ran away from home at the age of 19, fearing that her parents would make her give the second child up for adoption also. Finally, two years before she came to see me, she started attending a church and eventually accepted Jesus. Life improved then over the next year. She stopped drinking, and was able to hold a steady job. She found true Christian friends who spent much time with her, helping her to change and clean up her life. Her joy was reading the Bible and praying. Then suddenly one day: “I felt as if someone had slammed a door shut and all was darkness. I could no longer read the Bible or pray. I could no longer sense the Lord’s presence. I was in great distress. I kept going to church because I knew that that was the only answer. I no longer had any joy. I have talked to many ministers who all told me that there must be some unconfessed sin in my life or that the Lord is putting me through a test. But I know that I’m being destroyed. I no longer have any desire to go on living. The only way out for me is suicide.”

I asked her if she had ever felt as if there was something inside of her that was not her, but that controlled her actions and often her thoughts. She brightened.

“Oh yes, I often have. I really think that there is something inside of me that isn’t me. I have asked several ministers if I could have a demon but they told me that ‘Christians can’t have demons.’ I guess I’m just crazy anyway. The psychiatrists told me that I was schizophrenic when I tried to tell them about this ‘thing.’”

Alas, how ignorant so many people are! Sarah did indeed have a demon in her, a very powerful one with many lesser demons under him. The Lord instructed me to search for the key, the doorway that had been opened to the demon. At the Lord’s leading I asked Sarah if she remembered any incident from her early childhood that was very traumatic for her. After thinking a few moments she said: “You know, it’s funny that you ask such a question. I do vaguely remember that my mother mentioned to me once that I was raped when I was a little girl. She would never talk to me about it, said it was best forgotten. I remember a man grabbing me and throwing me to the ground, but all I remember is lying on the ground looking up into a beautiful flowering crab tree. I don’t remember anything else about the incident.”

That was the doorway. The demon which entered into her while she was being raped had remained in her undetected for many, many years and had destroyed her life. He was of a particular class which I will discuss later, that can inhabit body, soul, and spirit, all at the same time. He has thousands of tentacles which he winds and entwines deep down into each area. He it was who slammed shut the door in her spirit so that she could no longer sense God’s presence. The growth and take-over of the Holy Spirit was something that he could not tolerate so he tried to turn Sarah away from her commitment to the Lord.

But the Lord had held onto Sarah and over the next two hours, that demon and many others which were his subordinates, were cast out. At last, after many, many years, Sarah was set free. Again she experienced the sense in her spirit of the Lord’s presence, read His word joyfully and for the first time in her life, began to live a normal, healthy life and experience the love of Jesus Christ our Lord. I was again reminded of Hosea 4:6 which says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge . . . ”

Rebecca Brown, He Came to Set the Captives Free (book) 6 Comments [5/5/2017 10:14:27 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 126902

Breastroke with me won't you in the whitewater rapids of TRUTH LOGIC COMMONSENSE & The AmericanWay! They don't even try to debate me anymore knowing damnwell I will eat their familytree & shit sawdust! ThankU FOX BizNews for havint the intestinal fortitude & honesty to have me on! Drive Safely

Ted Nugent, Facebook 9 Comments [5/5/2017 10:10:01 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

Quote# 126896

Although negative numbers were not accepted by mathematicians until the 1600s, negative infinity is logically implied by the existence of Hell as described frequently in the Gospels. Also, the existence of an infinitely good God implies the existence of an infinitely bad evil that rejects God.

Negative infinity is difficult to define with independent terminology. Taking a cue from negative infinity as a representation of Hell, negative infinity is the lowest value possible.

Andy Schlafly, Conservapedia 27 Comments [5/4/2017 7:13:38 PM]
Fundie Index: 14
Submitted By: Night Jaguar

Quote# 126895

[OP of "??? Leftist Junk ???"]

This one goes out to all my anarchos who identify as capitalists!

To the tune of "Sex Junk" as performed by (((Rachel Bloom))) on Bill Nye Saves the World.



This world of ours, has many an intruder

But must I choose between only Remington or Ruger?

Are my options only Glock or Stoeger Cougar?

My people live in a sewer. Not just literal sewer, a human sewer.

Sometimes I do speeches in the mirror, please don't tell me I'm the only one who does that.

'Cause my leftist junk is so oh oh oh! So much to simply go go go!

Anarcho-commies, start at the top off. Physical removal may have some chopper stuff!

It's revolution ain't nothin' asway, there's nothin' taboo about taking leftists away

Just add helis or Augusto Pinochet (Chilean hero)

'Cause my leftist junk is so oh oh oh! So much to simply go go go!

If they're commies I'll displace'em, Lenin or Mao Tse'Tung

I'm down for anything, no SJWs in my town!

Give someone new an upvote, then shitpost Michael Brown (Enter nerd guy who looks disapproving)

"Oh you're such a fascist. Did you learn 1488 on reddit?"

STFU with all of that while I drop some leftists.

Politics's a spectrum, everyone is on it. Even you might be removed if you lean left on it.

Anarcho-Syndicalist, Natsoc, just remove what doesn't feel right...

You're a homosexual, trans-gendered, filthy Trotskyite!

Who enjoys a ocean flight in the cold moonlight? With the Atlantic swallowin' a sacrifice?

Damn skippy homeslice deport 'em with me all night

(Nerd removes ANTIFA™ headgear to reveal he's wearing a MAGA hat)

Removal how you want it it's your g-damn right!

'Cause my leftist junk is so oh oh oh! So much to simply go go go!

Get out our vicinity! Get out our vicinity! My leftist junk's worse than latkes and gefilte.

With lots of shekels.


LeftistsToTheLions, Reddit - r/Physical_Removal 17 Comments [5/4/2017 7:13:16 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 126894

Okay so the main argument here seems to be that we should pay generously for welfare of single moms with many kids because otherwise those kids will be criminals or... something. Except children raised by single moms are already disproportionately more likely to commit crime than those raised by 2 married parents. So it's almost like a protection racket where your store still gets its windows smashed eventually. After you already paid the shakedown. Fuck that shit.

No, the long-term solution is to discourage these irresponsible breeding patterns where one unmarried person has multiple kids that their incomes and/or marital status couldn't possibly afford. There is no way a person can get into that position without gross irresponsibility. It means that you picked the absolute most degenerate men to date (bums, people who can't commit to a relationship etc.) and repeatedly had unprotected sex over many years which shows extremely poor judgment. There is no other way to get 8 kids, out of marriage, and unable to take care of them.

If you want to have 8 kids (there are people who do legitimately) then you should be married and you should be earning at least a 6 figure a year. Some couples do that, I have nothing against them. In fact, if they're Trump level rich they can have 80 kids for all I care.

If you can't be responsible then maybe you're not fit legally to be a parent and another couple should be allowed to adopt them instead of the taxpayer having to pay for your repeated mistakes.

The taxpayer is not your substitute husband. Or wife for that matter, single dads. (Not as common but the laws should be neutral on sex.) Stop fucking shit up.

#2049133, FSTDT 13 Comments [5/4/2017 7:12:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126892

I think a lot of this depends on demographic transitions in the future, and potential cultural/ideological shifts. Right now, the U.S. is highly fractionalized at a local level (black vs white vs latino neigborhoods) which does not lend itself well to establishing homogeneous states. The most "white" areas are also the most liberal (VT, NH), and the populace generally rejects the idea of white identity entirely. Ironically, these whites who buy the most into leftist dogma are the ones who live their lives free from the "diversity" they all claim to love. Redpilling this population will be critical.

I think as people become more racially aware, and the US government becomes increasingly divided and incapable, we will see higher voluntary discrimination (whites moving to more white areas) and more polarized populations. Perhaps an exodus of whites from the south to the north could be intentional, with the idea of creating an ethnostate in mind, similar to what libertarians tried to do in NH. Public acknowledgement of such efforts will likely be the beginning of the end to the US political structure, as whites struggle to reconcile military force used to prevent the ethnostate outcome with their committment to the "United States," and must choose a side

Maelchon, Reddit 12 Comments [5/4/2017 7:10:22 PM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 126889

When 50 LGBT were slaughtered in Florida, LGBT activists either remained silent, or rushed to defend islam as a religion of peace. But when a Christian who has no problem serving those into homosexuality will not promote a same-gender wedding no matter who asked, and these same LGBT activists will rabidly attack them with death threats, lawsuits, violence and more, it's clear they will not defend "everyone's right to live as they wish" but instead force everyone to get in line with their anti-Christian, pro-islam agenda.

Colin Rafferty:
WTF are you talking about? There was an enormous outcry when that happened in Orlando.
Are you upset that they didn't blame all Muslims, and instead just blamed the ones who actually did it? That they didn't want to tar everyone with the same bigoted brush, like they always get tarred with?

And which private citizen are you talking about being forced to do something against their will? Or are you talking about a store that illegally refused service?

"Are you upset that they didn't blame all Muslims, and instead just blamed the ones who actually did it?"
See what I mean? LGBT activists hate Christians and call them bigots, and homophobes but then when someone from islam slaughters 50 LGBT, you rush to defend islam by saying "only one of them did it", then go back to going after Christians with cries of "bigots" and "homophobes". You just proved my point. Since you edited your post, I'll edit mine: hundreds of MILLIONS of those who follow islam slaughter to consent to the slaughter of LGBT, throwing them off of buildings, not just a few "individuals". Your claim that only a few are like that is a lie.

And people have no problem serving those into homosexuality - another lie to say "they refuse to serve them" - the issue is they refuse to support sinful ACTS no matter WHO asks.

But notice your hate towards Christians, enraged they won't support what they deem sinful ACTS, while ignoring hundreds of MILLIONS of islamists who slaughter or consent to the slaughter of lgbt. It's becoming clear you people are really pro-islam activists pretending to be lgbt activists. Feel free to cite your posts denouncing islam when hundreds of MILLIONS of them consent to lgbt being_killed by being thrown off of buildings. You won't cite any, which shows you act just like a pro-islam activists pretending to be for lgbt.

Colin Rafferty:
You are putting words into my mouth. I have never said anything against Christians as a group.

I treat people as individuals. If one Muslim shoots up a nightclub, I don't blame all Muslims. If one Christian refuses to serve a couple, I don't blame all Christians.

So please tell me how LGBT organizations attack all Christians as a group. Not attack individual Christians who illegally refuse to serve them, but Christians as a group.

Reason2012, Christian News Network 20 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 126888

Jesus is not an undead monster

t’s a cliché of irreverent internet humor: atheists celebrating the Easter season by wishing their Christian countrymen a “Happy Jewish Zombie Day.” The joke is easy to dismiss—but perhaps there’s something to be gained from taking it seriously, more seriously than the jokers intend. How correct is it to compare the resurrected Jesus to depictions of the undead in popular culture?

Zombies, as popularized by George Romero in Night of the Living Dead and currently depicted on The Walking Dead, are mindless, rotting, infected corpses that hunger for human flesh. The classic zombie’s movement is invariably described as “shambling.” Jesus, by contrast, is trampling down death by death, as the Orthodox Paschal troparion puts it.

The accounts in the Gospels of Jesus’s post-Resurrection appearances suggest that his body is not decaying and necrotic but glorious, albeit with a sometimes veiled glory. First Mary Magdalene, then the disciples on the road to Emmaus, do not immediately recognize Jesus. Only when he wills it are their eyes opened to recognize their risen Lord. Then they worship him. Many disciples, seeing the risen Jesus, embrace his feet and do him homage. His feet are not the decomposing and discolored feet of a Romero ghoul—and yet they are wounded. The resurrected Jesus bears scars from his crucifixion and shows them to his doubting apostles, even inviting Thomas to probe his side. This may have been a frightening moment for Thomas, but the fright is more akin to abashed awe than appalled horror. His response, after all, is “My Lord and My God” (still the humble disciple’s prayer upon seeing the Body of our Lord in the Sacrament of the altar).

what of mummies? The climate of the Middle East, after all, is more conducive to mummies than to zombies. And Lazarus, resurrected by Jesus, lurched out of the grave in his burial cloths. Alas for the mummy fans, Jesus laid aside his burial cloths in the tomb, as both Luke and John attest. And his body was not anointed after death, as was customary (and requisite for Egyptian mummies), because he rose again, leaving the women who came to anoint his body the joyful mystery of the empty tomb. Stories of mummies often involve ancient curses elicited by trespassers from thousand-year-old gravesites. The grave could not contain Jesus for half a week. And as far as ancient curses go, Jesus’s death and Resurrection defeated the most ancient curse of all, that of sin. For everything a mummy might represent, Jesus represents that thing’s defeat.
There is one undead being often depicted as, if not quite glorious, at least glamorous: the vampire. Vampires tend to be physically attractive (if pale) and supernaturally powerful. Yet they are driven by a homicidal thirst for blood—rather the reverse of Jesus’s offering up his own blood for his Church, which we believe to be a sacrifice he makes daily at Mass. Vampires, whose legend originated in early eighteenth-century Europe, may well be a perversion of this very sacrament, their unslakable thirst a demonic parody of Jesus’s ever-flowing blood given freely for all. One popular tradition holds that vampires cannot enter a house unless invited by the inhabitant. Jesus in his post-Resurrection appearances freely comes and goes, sometimes dropping in on his frightened disciples unannounced in the upper room.

What if Jesus were a ghost? The disciples themselves feared this. But Jesus reassured them: “Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts? Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself. Touch me and see, because a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you can see I have.” Jesus even eats a piece of baked fish in front of them—a playfully quotidian act that reassures them he is not a mere spirit but a body that can breathe and eat and be touched by the doubtful, like Thomas.

Alexi Sargeant, first things 18 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:34 AM]
Fundie Index: 1
Submitted By: Mister Spak

Quote# 126887

I can only speak from a gay man's experience. But in the case of HIV, I don't think there's any blame or victims when the sex is consensual; for example, I would suspect that the vast majority of gay men in London know that "10% of gay men in London have HIV". This doesn't stop a considerable percentage of the remainder having unprotected, casual sex. But guess what, a number of them I have heard speak or post on message boards think the responsibility for transmission is entirely with the 10% who are infected. What one would find is that transmissions are usually by people who don't know they are infected, and don't want to know, for the reasons I have outlined above.

It is as pointless to blame the person who transmits HIV as it is to blame the cake-shop counter staff for diabetes.

Jaibo, The Guardian 11 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:30 AM]
Fundie Index: 16

Quote# 126886

I suspect that most of the very belligerent posters calling for the prosecution of HIV+ people who don't disclose are frightened men who have a lot of sex with strangers without wearing condoms but who don't wish to take responsibility for their own actions and health, therefore are keen to violently blame anyone who might have the virus which they could catch through their own behaviour.

Given that many people who have casual sex don't even ask the name of the other person, it is a bit rich to expect that other person to inform them of their state of health!

Jaibo, The Guardian 9 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:26 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 126885

One of our nation’s two political parties is now completely dedicated to a fundamental evil. Abortion is even worse than segregation. (Democrats defended that for 100 years). It’s on the level of slavery.

Jason Jones and John Zmirak, The Stream 14 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126884

This week hundreds of pastors from across the country will meet in Scottsdale, AZ to organize a plan to criminalize abortion in their states and begin ministries to end abortion at their local clinics.

#EndAbortionNow, Christian News Wire 16 Comments [5/4/2017 9:41:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 126878

I long to be vindicated in eternity by the Lord Himself regarding the King James Bible debate, and see those wicked BJU pastors reprimanded and see them lose eternal rewards. I pray for it!!! It would be a grand insult for God to let the BJU crowd go undisciplined, when faithful believers like me where shunned, ostracized, hated, laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, suffered loneliness, despised and grudged against by the BJU crowd, all because I told the truth and was willing to lose fellowship and church family over it. And I did lose my church family in 2014, when they told me to cease and desist to proclaim the purity of the King James Bible. James 5:9, “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.” They still hold a grudge against me, rejecting me, wanting nothing at all to do with me, and I have done nothing but tell the truth and love them in the Lord. I still suffer today because of their unkindness, apostasy and wickedness, but the Lord is my avenger. Matthew 25:45, “Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.”

The apostate Bob Jones crowd preach from the pulpit about morality, while their dress codes permit their women to wear pants and other immodest clothing. It really discourages me!

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 23 Comments [5/4/2017 9:40:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 126874

The sexy 13 year old child Samantha Geimer had already slept with two men before Roman Polanksi- so the story goes.

So this is really about a dope of a mother leaving her tempting child at Jack Nicholson's house. It is for parents to be aware that some children are highly sexual and Samantha Geimer was one of them.

Angelica Huston, Jack Nicholson's girl friend was in the house at the time- and so the child - Samantha Geimer could have screamed, or ran out of the house to get help from a neighboring home IF SHE WERE THAT FRIGHTENED. I think that this is something she is making up, something her mother told her to say - since she doesn't want to prosecute Polanski now.

If Samantha were that frightened I would think she would still want to prosecute him for what he did to her.

Samantha's mother was asking for trouble in leaving her underage daughter at a stranger's house.

Then Samantha's mother passed on the trouble to Roman Polanski who certainly does not deserve any more victimization or witch hunts in his life - because of the mother's stupidity in leaving the sexy underage child there.

Samantha's mother also passed on this trouble to her daughter Samantha Geimer as the whole world is talking about her daughter's sexual exploitation even today.

I think Samantha was also attracted to Roman Polanski and perhaps also she felt she had to please and let it happen so she could be in a movie.

As Whoopie Goldberg said there was some chemistry between Samantha the sexual child and Polanski. It wasn't exactly rape rape - it was just rape.

The first devil in this scenario was Samantha's mother, for not supervising her child and tempting Polanski with her child, who could not resist that temptation. Then after the mother was a devil again and set into motion punishment for not being able to resist her unattended daughter.

S Flower, LA Times 16 Comments [5/3/2017 9:33:51 PM]
Fundie Index: 26

Quote# 126870

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel aired a heartfelt and moving anecdote about a complication in the health of his newborn son, ultimately praising Obamacare for making healthcare affordable for people of all economic backgrounds with conditions similar to that of his baby. Joe Walsh, a former Tea Party Congressman from Illinois, retorted with a very characteristic reply:

"Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn't obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else's health care."

[Walsh is the deadbeat dad who refuses to pay his child support]

Joe Walsh, Occupy Democrats (report) 28 Comments [5/3/2017 9:23:22 PM]
Fundie Index: 17
Submitted By: SpukiKitty
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