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There is evidence to support the existence of god though, look at the KJV Bible?

Adam Chirolsovic, youtube 15 Comments [5/29/2017 11:50:04 AM]
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George T:
The Establishment Clause and other prohibitions were expanded in scope and application by The 14th Amendment. Please read more about the various amendments when you have a moment.

Not quite but, you go ahead and keep with that line of bs. And the 14th by many scholars is considered to be unlawful since some states had their arm twisted. But, that goes back to the Civil War and the unlawful way they were kept in the Union. Each State was to be on their own except for very few things that the Federal Government was allowed to do. And the establishment clause is UnConstitutional upon the face of it.

Ambulance Chaser:
The Establishment Clause, which is written in the Constitution, is unconstitutional? Isn't that like saying that brown haired men don't have hair?

The establishment clause violates the principles of the Constitution or hadn't you noticed.

Ambulance Chaser:
Okay you just said a piece of the Constitution is unconstitutional. Do you realize how impossible that is?

Do you realize how stupid your statement is ???? The Court is wrong on a regular basis. Including the current one with supposed justices that think that the Constitution must bend to popular opinon.

Ambulance Chaser:
I didn't say anything about any court in the comment you're replying to.

Croquet Player:
Look at the pssy fggt

jong & Croquet Player, MRCTV 10 Comments [5/29/2017 11:43:48 AM]
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And SCOTUS has been proven wrong by themselves changing what is allowed and what is not. And no the Government does not have to remain silent upon the matter for that would violating their rights. And yes a police department can have it on their door. But, trying to teach people like you history is rather useless. You have to remove your head from your nether regions first.

Ambulance Chaser:
SCOTUS has never been "proven wrong," just reversed on a few occasions by later Supreme Court decisions. At which point, the earlier decision is no longer law.

Until that happens, it remains the law.

Incorrect. NONE of it is Law. It is only opinons.

Ambulance Chaser:
Yes, opinions that MUST be followed, regarding what the law says. So, law.

Not quite. Their opinons are only as valid as can be enforced like anything else. And no its not law. And they are only one third of the three branches of govenment. In fact if both Congress and the President told them to get screwed they could do it. That is how it is set up. No one branch can dictate to the others

Ambulance Chaser:
"Congress and the President can dictate to the Supreme Court."

"No branch can dictate to the others."

Aside from the fact that you contradicted yourself within the space of three sentences, Congress and the President haven't told them to "get screwed" so your point is moot.

Incorrect. The point is that one branch can not over rule the other two. I guess you missed that part of civics class.

Ambulance Chaser:
I did, because it's not true.

Actually it is. That is how our government is set up. But, I guess you missed that class

Ambulance Chaser:
Okay, so why were the courts able to stop Trump's Muslim ban? Twice? Why did they partially overrule RFRA? Why did they overrule Bush's military commissions program?

Oh come now you profess to practice law and want to pretend that you dont have any idea about the Ninth and the amount of times it has been over ruled? In fact they have been over ruled so many times that the entire Ninth needs to be "reshuffuled"

Ambulance Chaser:
Yes the Ninth Circuit has been overturned sometimes. So what?

Can we get back on topic now? You said courts can't overrule the other branches. I just showed you a bunch of times when they did. How is that possible?

Actually in the end IF Trump had wanted to and Congress concurred he could have over rulled the courts. That is a matter of history or dont you understand how our government was set up??

Ambulance Chaser:
So why hasn't he?

Why are you asking me a question you should be posing to him?? And you are once again deflecting. Which is no real surprise.

Ambulance Chaser:
Here, I'll just answer it: because he can't. Presidents are not above the law.

And I never said they were. You did. What I did say is that you are very limited in your education not to understand that our government is based on three legs. And one leg of it can not stand against the other two. But. go ahead and blather on your lies and idiocy are some what amusing in that it most certain shows your lack of learning

Ambulance Chaser:
Are you trying to say that if the president and Congress decide to pass a law after the Supreme Court that doing so is unconstitutional, they can do it anyway? Because no, they can't.

If both Congress and the President agree upon a law and enforce their will the courts would have little choice. Once again showing how really little you know. You should get out of a court and into reality. A court order like a law is only as good as enforcement. That is why with the over whelming amount of liberal courts their orders will soon be useless. They simply make little or no sense in any way shape or form.

Ambulance Chaser:
And how exactly would that happen? If there were some type of military coup that shattered the social order and brought about the end of the United States as we know it? Then yes, I suppose Supreme Court rulings would probably be fairly useless under the new martial dictatorship.

Is that what you're talking about? Because fine, I'll concede that the Supreme Court would become irrelevant in your twisted, post apocalyptic revenge fantasy.

jong, MRCTV 14 Comments [5/29/2017 11:42:30 AM]
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Principalities and Powers are REAL.

There's an invisible realm that exists alongside our own, filled with beings that are as real, tangible and intelligent as we are. These beings have a controlling influence over our politics, economics, media, laws, justice, religion, entertainment - just about every facet of our lives here on Earth. Sadly, they even have a powerful influence over many churches too.

The History Channel in their own misinformed way tried to expose these beings and their dimension through their TV series Ancient Aliens. History Channel calls them ancient aliens. The Bible calls them Principalities and Powers - which denote their roles as rulers and chief influencers over mankind.

One thing is certain: these beings are powerful and very real. Paul in the book of Ephesians described them as 'spiritual wickedness in high places.' *Ephesians 6:12

Jesus said they have organized themselves into an evil kingdom.*Mark 12:22-28 A kingdom is described as a place or territory where someone of great power and authority has control over.

These are the highly organized wicked spiritual forces that we as believers find ourselves grappling with. Our struggle is not against humans: it's against these unseen forces that control the way humans think, live and act, and who believe they are our rightful gods and rulers.

Our dilemma is that these are hidden invisible powers and beings. Which makes detecting them kind of difficult. And that's the way they'd like to keep it. They don't like being exposed. They want to remain invisible while influencing our lives from the shadows.

One of these hidden influencers in particular identifies itself as a universal 'goddess' who's been worshiped throughout history, and exercising powerful influence over human life and productivity.

It goes by highly exalted titles such as the Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Universe and Queen of the Sea. Which shows that it believes its power is universal. And it's managed to insert its belief systems into the hearts and minds of billions of people around the world.

The Bible refers to this 'goddess' as Mystery Babylon - who influences mankind by offering sexual liberation and independence from authority. But it's through these very things that she ultimately enslaves humanity into deeper bondage to these hidden rulers. Her ultimate goal is to take us away from Jesus Christ and to take God's place as our center of worship .

This demonic spirit has set up different ideologies to help it along on its mission to turn peoples hearts against Jesus Christ and the Church:

nature worship
alternative lifestyles
free love
sexual expression
women's liberation
Kundalini; and through many popular Hollywood icons and entertainers.

It even leads many Christians astray under the guise of false prophetic/ prophetess movements and more subtle forms of goddess worship that are popular among many Pentecostals and Charismatics.

But she along with the other principalities and powers have a huge problem on their hands: THE CHURCH!

The Church of Jesus Christ is the only authorized Force on the planet empowered by God to put these hidden rulers in check, preventing them from leading the world into total darkness.

They can't fully reign as long as we remain!

The ebook you are about to order is packed with POWER. It's an expose; but more importantly it's a wake up call for Christians to get knowledgeable about our enemy so we can fight back and win against the forces of darkness waging war against us. The Church has been given real power by Jesus Christ. But we're barely using it to make a dent in the wall of darkness that's forming all around us.

It's time to wake up, kick down walls and pull down some strongholds! Our duty is to liberate people from spiritual darkness and tyranny; and place those hidden wicked forces under submission to the will of Jesus Christ!

My newest ebook is here. It's titled 'Diva Goddess Queen 2: Casting Down Demonic Powers That War Against Your Soul.' This one picks up where the last Diva book left off: going into greater detail and more information about the nature of this demonic spirit that we as Christians battle with daily.

I'm offering it at a *special introductory price this weekend only. Download it right now - don't wait - and start reading this powerful informative ebook today.

Victory will be yours today! But first you must know who you are fighting so you'll know how to fight and win. And win you shall - download your copy at the link below now! https://www.edendecoded.com/books/dgq-2017

Mack Major, Facebook 14 Comments [5/29/2017 11:32:08 AM]
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Being true, earnest and logically coherent with our atheism

I am going to charge atheists - virtually all of us here - with a serious accusation. There's a bug infecting their system known as the agnostic view. It is the belief that namely we can never be entirely, 100% sure that there's no sentient force in charge of our destinies (theism) or overseeing the cosmos in apathy (deism). That is 100% wrong. The evidence for theism or deism is likewise akin to zero and therefore we can rest 100% assured that no God whatsoever exists. It is moreover 100% within our human capabilities of reason to come 100% clear on this fact. Whoever maintains a view to the contrary is in essence affirming his faith to have faith in unseen possibilities. The view that God and religion are 100% human creations can never ever be refuted on a scientific basis. Your miserable attempts to cut God a 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% slack are 100% astray of the path where logic itself, i.e. the dynamic of human reasoning wedges us. The reason you are confusing your 100% illogical arguments for 100% logical is for the same reason that when we are sleeping and dreaming we cannot pick apart our dream from reality. Well, wake up. There's 100% no God! Fear not to say so dumbass! --Gewgtweg (talk) 21:09, 27 May 2017 (UTC)

Gewgtweg, RationalWiki 18 Comments [5/29/2017 11:28:24 AM]
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I told u about this show on E,. These people are lgbtq and now they want to identify as aliens. And we wonder why trump won, time to go back to a mandatory Christian society, this lifestyle and the whole Islam thing is a threat to Christianity in the west,

Men wanting to be woman; women wanting to men.....men marrying men and banning the term ' first lady'.... teens planning suicide bombs....this wa snot happening in the west during the 90s.

This is the kind of society you get when you take Jesus, king of Israel out of society,

Many people think like me, they just won't publicly admit. Expect trump to win in 4 years.

Sharon, PinkNews 16 Comments [5/29/2017 1:29:44 AM]
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Last week Greg Gianforte allegedly ‘body slammed’ an overly obtrusive reporter from ‘The Guardian.’ Some say the reporter’s aggressive behavior was designed to provoke such an altercation in order to ruin Gianforte’s chances of getting elected to Montana’s lone congressional seat. Most likely, it had the opposite effect. The Democrats and their corporate media seem a little desperate these days. Not only are their fake media getting body slammed and revealed for what they are (liars), but the DNC itself has been exposed for rigging primaries, lying about election hacking by Russia, and even having dissenters murdered.

Trump’s European tour also showed that he was an alpha male. His handshake crushed Macron’s beta male hand. He pushed his way to the front of the crowd. He’s not about to let himself or America take a back seat. He didn’t bow to foreign leaders and apologize profusely like Obama did. He didn’t cave into the globalist and phony ‘climate change’ narrative. Merkel was furious as if she had also been body slammed. That’s good—when they’re hurting, it’s always a good sign. We don’t need their ‘global governance.' Carbon taxes will make people such as Al Gore richer and more powerful as we fund our own slavery and impoverishment. No thank you.

Keep on body slammin’ them, President Trump.

Ben Garrison, Ben Garrison Cartoons 32 Comments [5/29/2017 1:29:12 AM]
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Quote# 127621

[This is an archived post from 2014 so it's somewhat dated, but it nonetheless provides an insight into Price's mind; his desire for traditional restrictions and boundaries for their own sake, against what he sees as the dehumanization of individualism. Read this post alongside this to get a fuller picture: http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=111274]

The head of our propaganda outreach to Russians, a radical feminist lesbian supporter of Pussy Riot named Masha Gessen, wrote an op ed a couple weeks ago that essentially makes Putins case for him. Gessen, of course, sees herself as an ally of progress, but she and her cohort are responsible for alienating an enormous number of native born Americans including, incidentally, those who would traditionally be most inclined to sacrifice themselves for the flag and nation.


Gessen focuses on homosexuality to the exclusion of other fraught cultural issues, clearly because she is biased in this regard. However, it is not only coerced acceptance of a redical redefinition of family, which Gessen explicitly supports, but the annihilation of distinct cultures and peoples through a radical form of multiculturalism and promotion of diversity at all costs. Naturally, the peoples who succumb first are the smaller nationalities, but ultimately everyone loses as a fundamental part of their humanity their culture is amputated or otherwise mutilated to fit some poorly defined common form that every man, woman and child can be stuffed into. Adding to that, Americas aggression against non-belligerents, foreign adventurism and coercion of weaker nations and peoples to impose its will has added an element of terror to our crusades. In truth, the American right and left differ only in their means, but the end goal is the same: the obliteration of any and all that stands in the way of unrestricted expression of the id. It is, as Putin correctly notes, a descent into chaotic darkness and a return to a primitive state.

The contemporary American elites vision for the future is a horrific nightmare in which anything goes, and therefore nothing is distinct or cherished but pure power to do as one pleases. There are to be no limits but the physical: no moral restraint, no customs, no traditions to stand in the way of unfettered action on primal desires and appetites. Putin, it seems, is genuinely opposed to this mission on a personal level, and has articulated his opposition in a manner that has galvanized the Russian people into a politically united force.


Again, institutionalized homosexuality is only one issue, but it may have been the one that finally crossed a red line. Considering that even in my very liberal state of Washington legalization of gay marriage passed by only about one percentage point in late 2012, and then only after enormous campaign donations from the globalist billionaires in the state, it is probably too costly even for the US to successfully convince the rest of the world that it is a good idea. But for whatever reason, progressives have made it their defining cause and staked their movements claim to the future on it. This act of hubris may prove to be progressivisms Achilles heel, but in the long run what matters and hurts the most for those of us more traditional Americans is our dramatic loss of faith in our own nation.

To see the US reduced to little more than a platform for the greedy and licentious when it used to be a beacon of liberty and common decency in a savage world is profoundly unsettling. It is also why I am all but certain that our decline is a fait accompli rather than an imminent threat.

At this point, we can only hope that nihilistic radicals like Masha Gessen refrain from plunging us into a catastrophic war on their behalf, sacrificing our sons for ideals that we despise from the bottom of our hearts.

W. F. Price, The Spearhead 10 Comments [5/29/2017 1:28:46 AM]
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A former New York substitute teacher faces hate crime charges after he allegedly yanked the hijab off the head of an 8-year-old Muslim girl in his second-grade class, law enforcement officials said.

Oghenetega Edah, 31, surrendered to authorities this week following the May 2 incident at an elementary school in The Bronx, New York, that garnered international headlines. Police said Edah allegedly ordered the 8-year-old at P.S. 76 to remove her religious headscarf as punishment for sitting in his chair, the New York Daily News reported.

“If you don’t behave, I’m going to take your scarf off,” Edah told the child, according to court papers filed in Bronx Criminal Court on Thursday.

The young girl, who Vocativ is not naming, then told her teacher she was not allowed to remove her hijab because her Muslim faith prevented her from doing so, and that other people weren’t allowed to see her hair. But Edah paid no regard to his pupil’s pleas, prosecutors said.

“I want to see your hair,” he allegedly said before ripping the headscarf off the student.

The city’s Department of Education fired Edah the next day after learning of the girl’s accusations. Prosecutors are now seeking to charged Edah with endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment, which is considered a hate crime.

Oghenetega Edah, Vocativ 30 Comments [5/29/2017 1:28:27 AM]
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(This is a comment on a video titled "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - Jesus Christ vs The Atheists. I did not bother to read it all, why not you read it?)

Theists and atheists alike are so retarded!
Honestly, all people belonging to both groups are so arrogant, they actually believe they hold the truth of the universe and reality in their hands, they honestly believe they grasped the most important knowledge of all.
Why are there theist and atheist people?
Are they so unbelievably arrogant, that they somehow know anything, anything at all?
First of all, the universe itself may be just a hologram, you have no proof that reality exists, furthermore you have no proof that reality is "real".Think about it.Just think about it for a minute, any creature capable of thinking, of reasoning, of understanding its surroundings, automatically assumes that reality is real, that we can understand all of our environment based just on our senses and concepts, but we don't even have all the tools or the right tools for this.There are animals who can see better than humans, seeing more colors and so on and so forth.
Basically it all comes down to this, what if reality is not real?What if reality is ever changing?Who says that reality is real?What does it mean for reality to be real and why is it important?Who has definite proof that even though reality is real, that is also constant?For all you know, reality constantly changes its own physical laws.
Gravity still can't be explained, actually there are some good arguments that gravity may be not real and it doesn't work the way we assume.If something like gravity may not be real, than what does it say about our lives, about our reality?
Do you have proof that you're real?No you have none.You may think that you have, but is nothing more than an imprinted bias to instantly accept that somehow you are real.Prove to me that you're real.You can talk to me, but for all I know I may be hallucinating, you can touch me, but that can be easily a hallucination too, an optical illusion, people often imagine all sorts of things.You may punch me in the face, but I may be just as easily punch myself in the face while I assume there's someone in front of me doing it(you), while that someone(you) may be just a side-effect of multiple personality disorder(now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).
See?You can't prove to me that you're real, just like I can't prove it to you that I am real.What reason and proof do you all have to believe that you're real?None, you just instantly buy it, you never even question it?What if I am not real?What reason and proof you have to believe reality exists, that your personal version of reality is real?None, you just immediately accept the reality you see, feel and experience through your senses as being genuine, but you have no proof of that and that's why you never ask yourself?Does the universe exists?Let's assume it does.If it does exist, does the universe still exist as of this moment?What if the universe disappeared and got replaced with a Fake Universe?What about that?And what would that imply?That we are also just as fake as our Fake Universe?How do you know space exist?Have you been outside the planet Earth?If not what is your proof, cause people indoctrinated the idea in your head your whole life, from your family to your school teacher to literally everyone in your life.For all you know, the entire universe may be just a hologramic projection made by some people on earth to make fun of every gullible soul here?Maybe the universe is just planet Earth, you have no definite proof otherwise.And even if you went to space, how do you know it's real?What basis did you have to claim that is genuine?What?Your senses?You mean those senses that are so easily fooled by any optical illusion?Those senses shared by all humans who have and had hallucinations and claimed they meet Satan and other fictional creatures.Are you real?What if you're fake?Maybe you don't exist, or maybe you were replaced with someone who looks exactly like you, thinks exactly like you and acts exactly like you, someone who has the exact same number of atoms and molecules building their body?Do you have any proof that didn't happen?What if it did?Would you be a fake?Would you still be real?What if you were a fake from the moment you were born and only now you've been replaced by the real you?Would you be real then, or a fake?And what does it mean to be real or fake?Can someone be real and fake at the same time?What if you're someone's dream?What if someone else's existence is your dream?Are there real or fake or both or none of those options?
Can you prove that you have a brain inside your head?You can't prove it to yourself, because you have to take your brain out of your head and show it to yourself, can you do that?For all you know you may have shit in your brain and just believe that you have a brain?I can see your brain if I cut you up, if I drill into your head, but you can never do it.So?No human ever can prove to themselves that they possess a brain, they just falsely believe it based on a stupid and fallacious assumption, if everyone has a brain, I must have one too, right?And it's not only stupid and fallacious, but also biased, how can I not be real?I must be, right?
Theists(people who believe in gods and worship them) are just like atheists(people who don't believe in any god), both stupid, retarded, foolishly arrogant and full of hubris, so much pride, every single one of their thoughts and concepts are so fallacious in nature and so easily countered.
Believing in a god or gods is stupid, not believe in any gods is just as stupid.Atheists these days are nothing more than condescending assholes who pretend they hold the ultimate understanding of our world and universe, they are so arrogant in their beliefs they are christian.That's right, atheists are just like christians, nothing more than a bunch of retarded people always claiming to know the truth, always arguing and debating who's right.Richard Dawkings is one of the stupidest people I have ever met, this guy spews so much bullshit, I am surprised he doesn't go on televisions and attempt to convert gullible people to his beliefs.Oh, he actually does like in this video right here.Just like the other guy.His arguments are so childish and unfounded, he doesn't even realize how lackluster they are.You have no proof that a god exists, nor do you have a proof that no god exists?You're just a shitty human just like any other human being that ever lived, is living and is going to live on this planet, you don't know shit, you just like to believe that you know, a common arrogance of all human beings.
Let's assume a god exists, does that automatically mean that he created the universe?No.See how easily I just proved all the debating on this subject and all those who debate it are stupid and retarded.I just erased all meaning in debating anything related to this subject.What if God exists and he just chills around doing nothing but godlike things(we may not know what godlike things are, we are humans after all) and the universe just is, or not?
Nobody knows anything, all the "knowledge" we "discovered", all the information we acquired over the years, all the things we learned are all meaningless, worthless and with no basis in any reality whatsoever.You can't even prove there assumed existance successfully.You can't prove anything, not even your existance or your thoughts for that matter.Are your thoughts real?How do you know they are, are you holding them inside the palm of your hand?Are your thoughts yours to begin with?Maybe they're someone else's?Nobody knows anything, we just assume we know, we just assume we can learn new stuff about our surroundings because we're all arrogant enough to instantly assume reality is a thing and not a concept, or a mere collective hallucination of mankind.
The only 3 ideas that make some sort of sense, the only 3 ideas that are closest to what may actually be, but not what we believe it is, are these:
- agnosticism, acknowledging that you're a worthless human being who has no certain way of ever knowing the answer to this dilemma or any dilemma for that matter
- solipsism, the idea that all reality even the concept of you is just a thought in your mind, or a mind and basically that mind is the only thing being something and all else is nothing
- nihilism, the idea that nothing has a meaning or a purpose and it's all just an accident, or a meaningless course of events

There it is, the only 3 ideas that all people who want to dub themselves as rational must adopt, these concepts aren't exactly real, genuine or true either, we have no way of knowing this or ever knowing this.
But, at the very least these concepts are the closest thing to what may actually be and not what we believe or what we want to believe or what we tell ourselves to believe.
Any other one that is not one of these is stupid, unfounded, can't ever be proven and only believed by stupid people.
Being a theist means being a retard,
Being an atheist means being a retard,
Both are self-righteous believing-in-their-own-bullshit fools
Oh my, my atheists, how foolish you accuse christians of being, but you're exactly if not far more foolish than them.
And I pick on the atheists because this is the new trend of the world, nobody takes christians serious besides themselves.
All atheists are retards.
Why are you all deluding yourselves into believing any bullshit or not believing bullshit?
Is this what you all are, atheists?Nothing more, than a bunch of people who don't believe in the bullshit of another bunch of people?
How can I take any of you seriously?Heck, how can you take yourselves, seriously?
Don't you all realize just how much of a retard every single one of you really is?
Do you really believe that if you're an atheist or a christian that you are smart, intelligent or clever in some way?Don't make me laugh, you're all nothing but posers.
Frauds, that's what all of you are.Nothing but a bunch of nameless sheep who follow the most stupidest and retarded ideas made by humanity ever.You're no smart people, you're no intelligent or wise people, you're nothing more mentally challenged people who waste their lives with what to believe or not believe in.
You are all bottom feeders, nothing more, nothing less.
Idiots, morons, people with shit-for-brains, retards, uneducated by yourselves to actually think for once in your life.
Annoying troglodytes, actually believing themselves to be someone, to have a an understanding of their surroundings, enough to make their own opinions, which are both illogical and irrational.
You are just like in Plato's allegory of the cave, you see the shadows on the wall and come up with the stupidest and most random things to claim and believe and then you go into this crusade for your entire life to prove to others, but mostly to yourselves that you are right, that you do understand "reality", whatever the fuck that is and all just because of your instincts to look for attention and approval, to look for acknowledgement from other retards just like you, to look for their acceptance of you, of the retard known as yourself.
Get your mind out of the gutter, you are not special, you are no unique snowflakes, you are just meat, made out of meat and thinking like meat.
As if being an atheist is closer to the "truth" than any religion.
I am just a worthless human being not actually knowing anything or believing my own version of reality is genuine in any way, shape or form.
But I am not arrogant enough and I am reasonable enough to understand that I know nothing and that I don't have a certain way of ever knowing anything, for all I know anything is fake or constantly changing, thus what's real now, will not be real the next moment.
I am just a human being born among these arrogant fools who believe themselves to be gods, since they, apparently, know everything and anything, but they don't actually know shit, no one does.

Grow up.?

Dexter Dawson, Youtube 21 Comments [5/29/2017 1:28:05 AM]
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Quote# 127616

John Ramirez, Escape from Hell Ex-Satanist

I grew up in a neighborhood that, first of all, the first killing that I experienced was feet away from me when I went to go in and get a gallon of milk. Was only 10 feet away from me, they shot a guy, like, 7 times. They shot him 7 times, it was a young boy. I've seen killings after killings after killings. In order to survive in the streets of the South Bronx you had to be a killer, you have to be a murderer, you have to smart, you have to be slick. On my father's side, it was all witches and warlocks. We lived on witchcraft, we had a contract right with the devil himself. I remember when I was younger, 8 or 9 years old, I seen him going through the room to worship the devil. I could see the presence of the devil come into that room. And my father was worshipping, speak in demonic tongues and worship and put flowers and put candles and put water out. 7:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. I was already going to demonic church, I was going to witchcraft church. I was being trained to be a warlock, I was being trained with witches in the religion for 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. It was training me to know how to speak to principalities, spirits in the ground, the devil himself. You couldn't speak to the devil right away, you had to earn your right to speak to the devil.

In the first mass killing that they did in my neighborhood was at this house right here. The husband stabbed a lady 52 times and cut her ears off - here. And then me, my brothers would hang out with their daughter and we came to the house to walk them back home, to go hang out with the daughters right here and the daughters found their mother cut up to pieces here, in this house.

I was in a schoolyard playing with some friends in a schoolyard. A pastor came and they had this band came in, they were singing songs and people started to gather in the schoolyard. It was an amazing atmosphere, you know. Amazing joy in the schoolyard. I came from a broken home. This pastor's up on stage and he's talking about some Bible story and some Bible book and he's talking about how God loves everybody, ya know, this other stuff. And for the first time I'm getting kind of captivated. "Wow, maybe God does love me. Maybe God does want me. Maybe God wants my family. Maybe God wants to touch me and my family. Maybe He wants to change my family around." I said, "Wow, I can get some of that, I can get some of that. 'Cause He's coming my way." and for the first time ever I felt an incredible love that was indescribable. There's pastors coming off the stage, praying for people, touching people. So I said, "Now, it's my turn. Now he's gonna touch me." Ya know? Now Jesus is gonna accept me, Jesus is gonna show me what love is about. And this pastor passed me by. Never touched me, never laid his hands on me. He went down the line, and when he came up to me, he passed me by, he touched the other person. And I said, "Jesus don't love me, either. My dad don't love me, Jesus don't love me." I come from a broken home. Jesus - he likes the fact that my mother gets beat up. He likes the fact that I go to bed hungry. He like the fact that, you know, there's no heat in my apartment. he likes the fact that when we go to school, we're rejects, we're misfits in school.

So, this Jesus guy - he's just like my father. He's no different. He's just like my dad.

So, I went home, broken. I went home sad. I remember a week later, a couple of weeks later - two weeks later, I went to the schoolyard, hanging out, playing with a friend of mine's. I heard something fell and hit the ground. It was a voodoo necklace. So, I took the voodoo necklace - it had many colors - I took it, I put it on and the necklace was my first contract with the devil.

We went to a Tarot card reading, and when I went to a Tarot card reading, I was a little boy, I was 10 years old - we went in. The lady doing the Tarot card reading, called the witch lady, doing the Tarot card reading she was fascinated - had her eyes fixed on me. And she said, "This boy's got, this boy - we want him. We want him, we want him. The ___ which is Santeria want him. Spiritualism___ is Spanish, Santeria they call it worship of the saints, but it's not worship of the saints, it's worship of demons. We want him. And if you don't give him to us, he's going to lose his eyesight in 30 days." So, my mother was so desperate as a mother, my mother sold her furniture. My mother sold her bedroom set to get $250 to do my first ceremony, because this lady put so much fear in us, so much fear in my mother that my mother had to sleep on the floor, because there was no bedroom for her to sleep on, because she didn't want me to lose my eyesight.

So, they initiated me to the dark side. I was 8 to 10 years old. Their first love, the first contact I had, as a 10 year old boy, the devil showed up and took the offering of giving my life to him. And they put five beads around my neck. The five worst demons of principalities that are under Satan. They put them right around my neck, which is Santeria. They put them right around my neck and they said, "These are your spiritual guides. These are going to be your guardian angels, and they are going to take care of your life from now on."

(driving downtown) This is the building, this corner building here? Used to be almost abandoned, this building here - it's in the book. It used to be so broken down, my brother used to get the water from the pump - the pump (fire hydrant) right there. The apartment was all empty, all the apartments were abandoned, Only me and my family lived here. My whole childhood was stolen, my whole childhood was worshipping the devil, going to demon church. I would go to demon church from 7:00 in the evening to 5:00 in the morning, being trained by witches and warlocks, powers, principals, rites - who owned this region, who's in this region, who's running this principality, what principality name is this? I had...how to channel powers. By the age of 13 years old I was astro-projecting, my body - I would leave my body home and go to regions, in through the spirit and curse regions, curse a neighborhood, put the spirit of prostitution, the spirit of drugs onto the neighborhood. Homosexuality spirits here, demonic spirits here, a spirit of murder, spirit of suicide. I knew how to channel all these spirits into a neighborhood. At the age of 15, 16 years old, I was going into hospitals and putting death and ICU, death in one room so this person could die, because I wanted to be promoted with the devil. To move up the ranks, to be the biggest devil worshipper in New York City. The devil became my daddy. He replaced my dad, because I prayed - I said, "You kill my dad..." At the age of 33 years old my dad got shot in a nightclub, in the face, a woman that wasn't even his, when he had a good woman home - the devil took him out. The devil said, "I replaced the old to keep the new." And the devil became my daddy.

There was a club here, and my father died there. 33 years old. And we lived over there. And then, when I was 11 years old little boy, there was a store right here on the corner and a guy got shot in the street right there, right there - on the little corner here? Guy got killed there when I went to get the gallon of milk.

And I moved up the ranks, through devil worshipping, I moved up the ranks - I moved up through principalities and demons to the point that I was able to just sit with the devil like I'm sitting with you today. And the devil would manifest himself in human form, his presence would come into the room. And I would speak to the devil all night long. He would give me assignments. I would go to five clubs, five lounges a night, to look for people to recruit for the dark side. I would tell people their fortune. I would tell people their lifes, tell people the things that they did, things that was going to happen to them. Then they had no clue who I was, they didn't know who I was, I just had the demonic powers. I had a taste for blood. I would kill animals and drink their blood every week. If I didn't have money, didn't had time to buy an animal, I would cut myself and drink my own blood. The ring of the people that I was with, there was this demonic world: doctors, lawyers, principals, judges, police officers - they were all into witchcraft. Even singers today that are very well known. I would move principalities on that region to control demons on the ground operate to cut down the church, to cut down the growth of the church. To cut down the opportunity for people to get saved. I would be drunk, I'd come out of a club, half demon possessed, drunk. I was standing in the middle of the street and say to God, "Come down. You want some of this? You want me to slap you in your face? You want me to spit in your face? You come and mess with me."

I got married on Halloween. I had a demonic wedding on Halloween. I got married on Halloween. All the demons and principalities from different regions of around the work came to my wedding. No human beings came to my wedding, they were afraid to come to my wedding. So, I had a crazy...I sent out invitations, no one showed up. There were no wedding gifts. But demons came to my wedding, they baptized(?) my wedding. So my wife was a witch, I was a witch and then my daughter was born and I was training her to be a witch, too.

I remember the first time that I was going to sacrifice my first human being. The devil was sitting in the passenger side of my car when I parked. He said, "You love me?" I said, "Of course I love you, Dad." He said, "The guy on the rooftop, he's trying to...he's going to try to take you and hurt you and take your money. You'll kill him if you love me." So when I went up there to the rooftop, I lived on the 12th floor, I remember that. When I went up to the rooftop, I remember the part that he was hiding behind. He was hiding behind the stairway. This guy was 6'5", 250 pounds. I was half demon possessed. I felt that the demon went into me, it wasn't me anymore. So I was going to drag him into my apartment and stab him in the neck, 'cause I had a _____pot - it weighed about a hundred pounds plus, plus I had 9 machetes in it, it had knives in it that I ____ the roosters with. But when I went to grab this guy, I wanted to bring him to my apartment, he got off my hands, and just disappeared. He went down the stories - I mean this guy was like an Olympic athlete, he just - woosh - gone, he just disappeared. And I couldn't grab him and kill him. I was very disappointed that I couldn't kill my first human being.

(walking down a street, pointing to the side of a building) People wrote graffiti over it - this is a demon right here. Look at the demon that runs the gates of Hell. This is the one I was telling you about that is in my book on Santeria, right here. This little demon. This is the demon that runs Haiti. The principality over Haiti. The one that's over there is the principality over Islam. Look at this. To trap the people. The Truth. The Truth will set you free. They put that up there so that people can think they're part of this. (the cross.)

What is this place?

This a place where everyone in the park comes here to __? in witchcraft to hurt people, kill people. This is the place. We can go inside. Come on.

If I tell you I was going to kill you in 30 days, you prepare for your funeral, you was going to die in 30 days. I don't care who you were, I don't care who you knew, I don't care what religion you call yourself - you say you were Catholic, you were Christian, you say you were a believer - I was going to kill you. UNLESS you had a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

The lady that lived downstairs, she came up, she told me her husband was cheating. I want you to kill the woman he's cheating with, put a witchcraft spell on her and kill her. How much you charge me?

I said, "Look. Come back, I'm going to speak to the devil, my Daddy, for a time. Come back and I'll let you know in a couple days." The lady came back, the devil told me what to buy, he said to buy a coffin box, buy 21 black candles. Buy an image of the lady, put in the box, you know, to do the witchcraft to kill this lady. So we were going to do her for 21 days, she was going to die. after 21 days we were going to do her funeral. So the lady came to my house, we were going to charge her $10,000 dollars, I told her, to kill the lady. I said "Sure. I tell you what - I know you, you been good to me, everybody house parties...give me $7,000. I give you 30% off. I said, "I'll kill her. Give me - I'll take 30% off the 10, give me $7,000." So, when the lady was going to leave my house, she said, "By the way, the lady's a Christian. The lady's a Christian." I said, "I'll kill her for free." I said, "I don't need the money. I'll kill her for free. I'm going to teach these Christians a lesson they're gonna learn. I'll kill her for free." I told her, I don't want your money -I'll kill her for free.

So I did the voodoo thing, I did the witchcraft thing and 21 days went by and the lady didn't die. A month went by, the lady didn't die. And I was like, wow - what's going on? I mean, my reputation's on the line. So I called the devil, I called the demons that were assigned - I increased the witchcraft. I increased the witchcraft, I doubled the witchcraft on her, so she could die, like, overnight. Nothing was going on, nothing was going on. I was home at night and the devil shows up, the presence of the devil comes into my house. He tell me, "We have to abort the plan on the lady you want to kill." And I said, "Why would we want to abort the plan? My reputation is on the line. I'm a witch, I'm a warlock. If I don't kill the lady, people won't think that I have any powers." The devil say, "You don't understand. The God that she serves said don't - leave her alone. Don't touch her." And I said, "Who's this God?" He said, "The God that she serves."

I was so angry, I said no, give it one more week, but let's kill her. He said, "No. The God that she serves said leave her alone." From the witchcraft that I did on the lady, she should have been dead in less than 21 days.

(In a store)This is Jezebel. This is Jezebel in their religion. This is how it works. See these statues here, they don't mean nothing, but it's the demon behind it. So in order for me to identify with this, this has to be created, because i can't identify to a spirit. I can't identify to the spirit, we have nothing in common. I'm humanity, a spirit is immortality. A spirit is a spirit demon. I can't relate to it, so in order for me to relate to it, you have to put this guy in the middle, so I can relate to it, because he's human form. He looks like a human being. There's a story behind this guy, so you and I can related to him. so the demon operates through him. Understand? Same thing with these guys. And then they give themselves names and days and birthdays. The American Indians can get caught up with demonic forces, they can get caught up into the occult. These are the entrapment of the Native American Indians. But those are statues that the people use in demonic ways, in demonic religion. There's nothing in here that is holy, there's nothing...the only thing holy here is us standing here.

What happens in this place?

This here in the back, they do witchcraft in the back, they do voodoo, they do with spells in the back, they do cleansings in the back. All these demons they want you to buy a new statue so you can take a demon home. See, selected prayers. They make you believe that you're praying to God. Look. I used to use this book, selected prayers. They make you think that you're praying to God, but these prayers are not Godly prayers. Nothing in the Bible here, say nothing about the Bible, the crucifixion.

We had a book in New York City, in American. I was the third person to get this book that had symbols in the book of different demons, different principalities, of different ways of killing people with the witchcraft. I mean this book was so...no one had a copy of this book. You couldn't have a copy of this book unless the devil signed off on you. And I was the third person to receive that book. And I would take symbols in that book and do witchcraft to people, put people...make people lose their mind. I put witchcraft on people, make people get diseases out of nowhere. I put witchcraft on people, make people get leprosy. I put witchcraft on people, make people get cancer. I mean, I gave witchcraft to people, I gave people miscarriages, I gave people abortions, I put people in hospitals for surgeries, that didn't even have to go for surgeries. I did witchcraft so people would lose their minds. I spirits of bi-polar, of schizophrenia, spirits of disease on people. I put suicide spirits on people. I'd be up all night long, praying and talking to the devil - when Christians can't even go to church for one hour. When Christians can't even pray for one hour.

The spirit realm is more real than the natural realm. And we fail to see that. In whatever's not covered with Jesus Christ is an easy target to bring down. Like, and atheist - I could kill him easily. They are easy to kill. The Jehovah Witness was easy to destroy. The Mormon was easy to destroy. The people that walk around and say, "We don't believe in the devil." they were easy to destroy, because they didn't know how to seek any spiritual help.

I remember a time when Nicky Cruz came to...a Nicky Cruz group came into my neighborhood and they were called TRUCE. They would come and do drive-bys in my neighborhood. They would do, like, worship and then they would preach a word and then go to another corner and do the same thing. And I came after these groups to try to put, to try to bring them down, this group. And they were young kids, they were like 18, 17, 16, 20 - I mean. So I said how do they dare to place this junk, this filthy music in my neighborhood - see, they would call worship. This filthy music in my neighborhood, I would go after them. I would destroy these kids. So when I went up to where they were at, there was a wall of fire around them. I couldn't penetrate against them. And there was something that pushed me back, every time I try to throw demonic forces against them, something there would just push me back and I was never able to touch these kids. And I said, there was something here. It's not right. Something is not falling into place. So I walked away, I left them alone. I didn't want to deal with them, I said, okay - they won this first round.

(back in a store) So, it's obvious there are spirits here watching us.

Oh yeah, of course they're watching us.

Yeah, and so we're all protected, we're all...

Yeah, we're protected. We're under the Blood, brother. There ain't nothing like the Blood of Jesus. Amen? There's nothing that can touch us. We got a hedge of protection around us and we can walk into this place, we can chase demons out of here, we can curse the place to the ground, in Jesus' name and there's nothing that the devil can do.

I mean, I had so much money. Beautiful cars, beautiful woman, I had it all. I lived in a world that people...my neighborhood, my neighbors were terrified of who I was. They said, you mess with that guy, your family will die. You mess with that guy, he gonna get a gun, he'll kill you in your sleep. My daddy was awesome, my daddy was...he knew had had...he give me powers beyond what I could imagine. He gave me powers that people have fear of me, police have fear of me, the securities in my neighborhood fear me. People that knew that I was a devil - they would call me the devil's son. I brought Christians to their knees, not to pray, because they had no power. It wasn't because their God wasn't all powerful, don't get me wrong. Because their God was all powerful - the vessel was weak. The vessel had no prayer life, the prayer had no fasting life. And they had no relationship with God. There was a form of godliness in the person, but no power. The person was weak, the person had nothing going. He had a Bible, he had the right suit on, she had the right dress on - but there was no connection with Jesus Christ. Because they was out of His will, they was out of His promises and they was out of His divine purpose, and I had you. I owned you. I had you as a slave, I broke you, I put witchcraft on you. I kept doing that to Christian after Christian after Christian after families after churches. I'd chase everything down that represented the Cross of Jesus Christ.

(driving)Very demonic place.

So that place has an effect on the whole neighborhood, is what you're saying?

Oh yeah, of course. Oh yeah. This whole region unlocked that. That's the devil's throne, we just went into the devil's throne. (referring to the store they had been in)

That throne been there since the 80's. And then they go spend $100, $200 buying these things, and then they broke, they on welfare, public assistance. But they got money to buy all this junk, because they think their life is going to get better, they think that their life is going to improve, they gonna make progress in life, they think that they're going break generational curses. They think they're going break vex, spells, voodoo - they think they're gonna break all that, and basically, God says "I come. I'll do that for you for free."

He says give your life to Me, and I'll set you free. But they don't want that, that's too difficult for them. That's too complicated for them. But they can walk into a place like this and drop $200 and think that their life is gonna be free. And they're gonna live a life of abundance.

I had contact with the principality that runs Haiti. His name is Condero(?). I had contact with demons in Miami. I had contact with demons in Africa. I had contact with demons in New York City, principalities that run crossroads of the world. He owns 42nd street. Okay? There's a different principality that runs crossroads of the world here on 42nd street than the one that tries to run this neighborhood.

I didn't have a conscience. I remember I did witchcraft to my brother, I put him in jail for 5 years. Witchcraft - to my own brother, my own flesh and blood. I did witchcraft and put him in jail for 5 years. My other brother, there was a warlock. He came into my house one time with an attitude and the demon jumped on him. He ran out the house, he couldn't hold the pain in his stomach. My mother can bear witness to that. I did so much ceremonies in my body. I did so much ceremonies in my body, the last ceremony I did - I not only sold myself to the devil, I did a ceremony were I had to swallow animal blood and gunpowder. It was called (?) This is a ceremony of Haitian and French. If you do this ceremony with a demon - so when I go to people's houses and eat, they can't put witchcraft on the food. I did all the ceremonies you can do.

I would go to demon church. Every year, we would have a meeting, a secret meeting. All the high witches and warlocks would have this meeting to find out what principality was gonna usher out and bring in to run the region. We were more organized than the church itself. The kingdom of darkness was more organized than the church of Jesus Christ. We knew how to do ceremonies, we knew how to do things before the year was over to prepare ourselves for the next year. When Christians couldn't go to church and pray for one hour. When Christians couldn't go to church and have a consistent relationship with God. I even took a sabbatical from witchcraft and the devil punished me - took my eyesight for one year. I was completely blind for one year. Was registered with the Commissioner for the Blind. I was completely blind. They were training me to use a Seeing Eye dog, they were training me to use one of these sticks that you use to walk the streets. My mother took care of me for one year. My eyes went black. And a mist of gray went over my eyes. I was completely blind. And when I gave my life back to the devil, after 7 surgeries, the devil gave me back my eyesight. And I could see again. And that was my punishment for taking one year off, I wanted to take off. The devil said, you want one year off? I give it to you. He took my eyesight.

And that's the world I lived in. If you mess with the devil, he'll kill you, he'll kill your family. It was a fear that was great beyond measure, that you could not leave this religion. You could not leave Santeria, you could not leave ______, you could not leave spiritualism. The doctors could not explain how I lost my eyesight. Meanwhile, Christians - and would say, what Christians do bad, Christians sometimes missed the mark, and the only thing that shows up in their house is grace and mercy. When you're short with the devil, you do something the devil don't like - he kill someone. He kill your family member. I remember the devil warned this lady, he said you can't be with that person no more and she didn't care, 'cause she was in love with the person - the devil demon-possessed a homeless guy in the street. He took a hammer and hit her 17 times on her head, killed her.

One day, I was sitting home. It was amazing. I came from a nightclub the night before. I was sitting home watching a show called Jerry Springer, a crazy show - people beating each other up. I got joy outta that, I was getting joy outta that, laughing. For the first time I heard a voice say to me, "Son. I am coming soon. What are you going to do with your life?" An audible voice, shouting from across the room. And I thought it was the TV talking to me..But then I saw it can't be the TV, these people were beating each other up. This voice... I knew the voice of the devil, I would sit with the devil like I'm sitting with you today. He would come into human form, he would come in the room, he would come in sometime, the presence come into the room. The atmosphere changes and I now he was there for me, and he was talking to my conscience. I would talk back and we would talk all night long. I knew that, too. I knew him like you knew the back of your hand. I knew every demon, every principality that ran the region, that ran everything in America. Everything in Canada. Everything that ran - I know every principality that ran every occult, wicca, new age, buddhistism, Islam, Andria, spiritualism - I knew every principality that ran. I had a contract with every principality with them, I had straight A marks with every principality, with every demon in the ground, the devil, Jezebel. I had every - I knew demons that I couldn't even tell you names, because you wouldn't know who they are. I knew them all by name. And this voice was very different than any other voice. When I heard that voice come out of nowhere - it came out of the air. The Voice.

I went into shock. And then I saw a vision from the other side of the apartment like the sky was on fire, and people underneath - I saw people running for cover but there was no cover, where to hide. And I think, why did I see that vision? So I shook it off. But I remember I went to sleep, like a deep sleep, like someone put on anesthesia and I went to sleep. I ended up in a train full of people. I couldn't believe I was in a train full of people. And this train was going faster than you could ever imagine. I'd never been on something this fast on Earth. And it went into hell. And Jesus Christ took me to hell. And when I got to hell, the doors opened. I mean, there was a slam in the doors, there was an unspeakable echo that struck all the doors open and there was heat that came out of nowhere. It felt like you were gonna suffocate, the heat that came out. I ran, I got out the train and the people on the train, they had no faces. But you could see the fear on the people on the train. You could feel the fear, the impact of the fear that they were going to a place that they were never going to return. And the place was packed.

And then, I tried, I said, "I can't die here. I can't die here. This is not for me. I wasn't born to be in this place." I was saying this to myself, I was not born to be here. So I tried to find like a tunnel, a tunnel in hell. I was walking, trying to run through the tunnels in hell, trying to find a door. Maybe a window. Maybe there was a gap somewhere that I can come out and come back to reality. But there was no gap. I remember as I...the more I went into the tunnels, the more the fear gripped me, the more the suffering. I heard suffering, just draped over you. This fear drapes over you like you're wearing a garment. This fear drapes over you, something you can't even control. You have no control over. Something like, it grabs you. It don't let you go. I couldn't see the hand in front of my face. But I hear the wailing - I hear wailing. Like, you ever hear like a kid wail, an animal wail at the same time. It's like, they're kinda wailing, it's indescribable. And there was heat and a smell that was like...like if you was in the sewers or the gutters in New York City. I mean, but crazier than that. As I came to a part of the tunnel, the devil showed up. He said, "I was your Daddy. I gave you everything you needed. I took care of you. I blessed you. I protected you. I killed people for you. I did...I give you powers, I give you a name in the darkness, the kingdom of darkness. I gave you a name. When people came against you I destroyed them, because I knew you were going to be the vessel I was going to use to move my kingdom on the Earth. And now you want to leave me? Now you want to betray me? In demonic tongues, and I'm talking back to him in demonic tongues and telling him no, I'm not leaving, I'm just confused. I don't know what's going on. And he said, "No. I know what you're going to do. You're going to leave me and you're going to expose my religion. You're going to expose who i am and how I operate in the realm, in the spirit realm. Because I taught you things that I never taught no one else. I showed you. I trusted you with the things that I needed you to know so you can further my kingdom. Because I wanted to use you in a greater measure way." And in the confusion, he went to grab me. He went to grab and destroy me and the Cross of Jesus appeared. I didn't understand how a cross, a three foot cross appeared in hell, when I was wearing blue shorts and a T-shirt. And I put it on him. And when I put it on him, the devil melt like he was an infant, like an infant he melt and fell on the floor. Like, no powers. So I took that opportunity and I ran deeper into the gates, I ran deeper into the tunnels of hell, hoping that there was a door. I had...my hope was being...there was not hope in the hope at all. There was no place saying I'm coming out of here! This was it, this was the end. I had a fear that gripped me that was indescribable - I never felt fear like that, ever felt a despair - it was the opposite of what Heaven is, opposite of Joy, opposite of gladness, opposite of Peace. It was opposite of light and darkness. It was a place of torment, a place of...if I'm here, my family won't know I'm here. My daughter won't know I'm here. How would they find me? How would they look for me?

As I went deeper into the tunnel of hell, hoping that there was a door, a window, a crack somewhere that I can get out, the devil showed up again. "So now, we'll destroy you." I told him in the demonic language, I've got these marks, these are my contracts to protect me, to destroy you. He said, "Fool! I gave you those marks. Those are my marks that I OWN you. I OWN YOU. No one owns you, I do. And you're gonna live for me or you die." And he went to grab me a second time around. I said, this is it. He went to grab me a second time around - the Cross of Jesus Christ appeared in hell. There's no greater love than the Cross that would come for a sinner like me, in hell. So when David says, "If I make my bed in hell, He knows I'm there." Grace and Mercy showed up in hell. Grace and Mercy knew my address. Grace and Mercy have a plan for my life. To my unspeakable, demonic, selfish ways. Arrogant, self-centered ways in hell, when I was down for the count. Jesus Christ loved the misfit. And He said, "I have a plan for you. I love you more than you can ever imagine." And He showed up in hell. And when I woke up, my spirit came back into my body. I woke up and I bend my knee to Jesus Christ. I had $100,000 of witchcraft in my house. I threw witchcraft away, I threw religion away. I threw everything that had to do with darkness away. The people from Haiti, the people from Cuba, the people from Miami and New York said, "we have to kill him, because he knows too much. We have to destroy him. We have to kill him, because he knows too much. He's not one of us anymore."

And they came for the kill. They did their best, they came for the kill. I was asleep in the day. It was day and night when the demons showed up and tormented me 30 days. They tormented me for 30 days. They would grab me by my throat, pick me up off my bed. The room grew cold, I would lay in my bed. I'd feel another person laying next to me, ice cold, another person. I would look like this, and feel the presence. The presence was the devil himself, laying in my bed for 30 days. On and off, on and off trying to torture, trying to steal my mind, trying to rip my soul out of my body, trying to rip my spirit out of my body. I would tremble at night, like I never trembled before. 30 days. And I would cry out, I didn't know how to pray? I said, "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" I didn't know how to pray. I say, my sister prays - I heard her in church, she pray this way. I heard that person pray this way - I would bring all these prayers together, to try to pull them together like a puzzle, trying to fight for my life.

One day, I was in church worshipping. And I asked the Lord, "Lord, why are You letting this happen to me?" And one day I heard the voice of God again. He said, "I want to see how much you love Me. I want to see how much you trust Me." And never again, I was tormented by the devil. And I became an evangelist for Jesus Christ. Fourteen years serving the Lord and I would never trade it for nothing in the world. Over on Hallelujah Boulevard, there's a mansion for John Ramirez. And one days says, Welcome Home, well done faithful servant. And I tell you, there's nothing - I'm not talking about Christianity - I'm talking about a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is my Lord. He is my beginning and end. No weapon formed against me will ever prosper. I die when Jesus say I go Home. Not because of a witch. Not because of a person. Not because hex, voodoo, incantation - none of that can separate me from the love of God.

John Ramirez, Still Small Voice  26 Comments [5/29/2017 1:28:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 127615

It Is Official! Demonic Face Mysteriously Appears Over the United States of America-World War Three Has Begun! The Battle Is About To Get Much Worse Than Ever Thought-See For Yourself! (Must-See Videos)
Friday, February 13, 2015 6:53

(Before It's News)

We are in BIG trouble, and if you think it’s bad now, just wait! All hell is literally breaking loose all over the world, and the United States is taking the lead in demonic antics. Satan’s face appears in the shadows all over the United States of America, boldly and blatantly make himself known. Why? Because he is about to place his feet on the ground right here, right now, in order to torment and destroy!

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

1 Peter 5:8-9 8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.


Face of Satan Has Arrived In USA-the Most Traumatic, Gut Wrenching Report-It’s Just About To Happen! We Are At War!

It Starts! The Four Horsemen of Revelation Are Finally Here & It’s About To Get Ugly!

Urgent Alert: Thousands of USA School Children Are In Serious Danger Right Now!

Urgent Alert: Thousands of USA School Children Are In Serious Danger Right Now! from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo.


Is Iran About To Strike? Long Range Missile Capable of Carrying A Warhead Just Discovered & Ready!

Mark of the Beast, Economy Crash Closer Than Ever & More Urgent Prophecy News Updates!

Revolting! Toy For Small Children Contains Real Image of Bloody Zombie Child Slicing Her Own Wrist!

Bone-Chilling! Dark Secrets In Plain Sight-Satan’s Bloodline Working In the Shadows, and It’s Evil!

Screenshot from below video, Dancing With the Devil, by Lyn Leahz

When you see Satan rear his ugly head, you are going to drop to your knees if you are not ready spiritually!

Are you dancing with the devil? If so, it is a dance that does not have a bright and happy ending. But there is hope! Watch my short video skit, which includes my children, on the battle between good and evil and be blessed! The very brief images of a woman dancing represents the temptations of the enemy in this woman’s mind. Maybe she is being tempted with her past? She is a stressed out single mother who turns to the wrong things (sin) and has reached the end of her rope. By the end…it’s obvious who she turns to…and it isn’t Satan.

Do you ever feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope? I think all of us do at times. Do not be afraid! There is hope! Find your hope today in our beloved Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No matter what you’ve said, or what you have ever done in your life, you can be forgiven and be set free!

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Lyn Leahz, Before It's News 16 Comments [5/29/2017 1:27:02 AM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Denizen

Quote# 127613

Anonymous, Tumblr 13 Comments [5/29/2017 1:26:53 AM]
Fundie Index: 7
Submitted By: Daspletosaurus

Quote# 127612

Consider this.  If a person borrows $1 billion to fund a company and then goes and squanders it in a week of wild living in Las Vegas, his inability to repay the debt does not alleviate him of the responsibility to do so.  Our condition in Adam is like a debt we cannot repay.  We are responsible.  The command to believe the gospel is to be proclaimed to all men. All are responsible to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was crucified for sinners, then rose from the dead and that He grants forgiveness of sin to ALL who believe. But when the synergist says but "men may be saved if they will." we must reply, "Agreed, we all believe that; however, it is the "if they will" that is the difficulty. Are men ever found NATURALLY willing to submit to the humbling terms of the gospel of Christ? Jesus Himself declares that no man will come to Christ unless God grants it (John 6:63-65).

John Hendryx, mongerism 19 Comments [5/29/2017 1:26:39 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 127611

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy gives us the official version of the enlightenment:

“Reason is man’s central capacity.”
“Beliefs are to be accepted only on the basis of reason, not on the authority of priests, sacred texts, or tradition.”
“All men (including, on the view of many, women) are equal in respect of their rationality, and should thus be granted equality before the law and individual liberty.”
“Man is by nature good. (Kant endorsed the Christian view of a “radical evil” in human nature, but held that it is possible to overcome it.)”
“Both an individual and humanity as a whole can progress to perfection.”
“Tolerance is to be extended to other creeds, and ways of life.”
“The Enlightenment devalues local “prejudices’ and customs, which owe their development to historical peculiarities rather than to the exercise of reason. What matters to the Enlightenment is not whether one is French or German, but that one is an individual man, united in brotherhood with all other men by the rationality one shares with them.”

The first two propositions superficially sound like a commitment to the scientific method – but somehow they have left out evidence, experiment, and observation. After dismissing religion, the Enlightenment demands adherence to three blatantly false religious beliefs, which beliefs contradict reason, experiment and observation far more blatantly than young earth creationism does.

All men are not equal, nor women equal to men, nor groups and categories of men equal to each other.
Nor is man by nature good. In the cold and morally neutral terminology of the dark enlightenment, the natural outcome is defect-defect, and avoiding this outcome, getting to cooperate-cooperate, becomes more and more difficult as the number of people that you have to deal with increases. It takes social institutions, and to deal with these ever larger scales, these institutions have to be ever more finely honed and precisely made, and are ever more vulnerable to entropy and error.
The “progress to perfection.” line is that our nature is entirely the result of environment. Just raise the self esteem of women and blacks, and everything will be lovely. This has been tried, and the outcome is far from lovely, but they just keep trying harder. The grotesquely inflated self esteem of blacks leads to blacks committing acts of violence against whites, and the grotesquely inflated self esteem of women leads to disastrous choices. They divorce the father of their children expecting to marry a six foot six athletic billionaire, or they marry late, or they do not marry at all.

The extension of tolerance is notoriously selective, and necessarily selective, for if tolerance is mandatory, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of speech is forbidden, which is not very tolerant at all. Tolerance is not extended to the “intolerant” meaning not extended to those who prefer to cooperate with people who are cooperative, and who prefer to refrain from cooperating with those who defect. Hence the financial crisis. Official minorities and single women, and in particular minority single women, and in particular blacks, and in particular black single women, generally do not repay mortgages. Any criterion that leads to banks extending loans to people that are inclined to repay, leads to banks discriminating against minorities, single women, and especially blacks. Which is forbidden. And so the 2007-2008 financial crisis. So the enlightened tolerate Muslims blowing people up and raping infidel women, but do not tolerate whites hanging out with people who are inclined to pay their debts. That is one creed and one way of life that they are not inclined to extend tolerance to. Forbidding an ever increasing range of speech and association is necessarily intolerant. We should stick to suppressing dangerous lies and heresies that aggressively pursue political power (such as The Enlightenment). Any suppression of freedom of speech, association, and assembly that goes beyond this is excessive and damaging. Official tolerance is inherently and necessarily dangerously intolerant.

Civilization is the advance of technical and scientific knowledge, and most importantly, social organization. Most of all it is the capability to maintain cooperate/cooperate relationships in very large groups. You will notice that the enlightenment is a root and branch attack on civilization, and Rousseau explicitly framed it as an attack on civilization and intent to destroy civilization.

The devaluation of local prejudices and customs is the dismantling of Chesterton’s fence, the abandonment of the slowly and painfully accumulated habits, customs, laws and institutions that make civilization possible, the devaluation and abandonment of the roots of Western Civilization. Our Cathedrals are empty and abandoned.

Jim, Jim's Blog 11 Comments [5/29/2017 1:17:19 AM]
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Quote# 127610

You have to learn to disassociate your thinking of pedophilia with hurting or abusing children. You have been brought up to, not talk to strangers etc when you was a child because your parents who think pedos hurt children passed that idea on to you & now your mind is confused ...

The truth is, some people do hurt children but the majority of pedophiles (paedophile is latin for child lover -- paed=child & phile=love) love children and would not hurt them or harm them in any way."

actual pedophile, The Deep Web 12 Comments [5/29/2017 1:16:58 AM]
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Quote# 127602

As for your "Jews were kicked out of 100+ nations. If it's 1 it's anti-semitism, if it's 100+ then it's the Jews" meme, it's like you have no self-awareness. You talk like a BLM or La Raza nationalist. Whites will soon be a small minority in the vast expanding global sea of people of color that want to murder them. Let's see if you're this apologetic for racism when it's directed at Whites in the coming years. When you're an insignificant minority against a majority that absolutely resents you for alleged past grievances, you are fucked. Notice the whole "white privilege thing" in modern society? Congratulations, people of color look at you and think you're the snake. And this is America at 60% White...let's wait until America is 10 or 20% White. Your descendants will be butchered and murdered for their original sin, much like Jews were.

Rameses2, Reddit 7 Comments [5/28/2017 12:38:07 PM]
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Quote# 127597

A white supremacist named Jeremy Christian has been identified as the man who allegedly stabbed three men on a Portland MAX train on Friday, killing two of them.

Witnesses said the killer was shouting racist slurs and harassing several Muslim women on the train and stabbed the men when they tried to intervene. Christian, charged with murder and attempted murder, is now being held without bail.

Even before the killings, Christian was well-known to local activists as a hothead given to threats of violence; he has a criminal record that includes robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges.

He showed up at a recent Portland-area “Free Speech” rally organized by right-wingers draped in an American flag, shouting slurs and carrying a baseball bat, which was thankfully confiscated by police. Not even the rally organizers wanted anything to do with him, and they blocked him from joining their rally.

But none of this has stopped neo-Nazi megablog the Daily Stormer from giving Christian two cheers — and a hearty “lol” — in the wake of the killings. As Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin sees it, Christian was nobly “[c]onfronting the people who are killing [us]” by allegedly harassing the Muslim women on the train.

As for the men who were killed after trying to intervene, Anglin says snidely that

maybe they should have just minded their own business, huh?

The type of person who would white knight for haji women is probably the worst type of person of all.

We are being slaughtered by these people, and it is incredible that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

No time in history have we ever seen any situation like what we have right now: a situation where we are told we have to be kind to and protect an invading army that is slaughtering us on the streets.

I’m not quite sure how women sitting on a train minding their own business are somehow “slaughtering us on the streets,” but Nazi logic doesn’t much resemble the logic the rest of us were taught in school.

I just hope that when he was doing the stabbing he said “THIS IS FOR ARIANA!!!!!!111”

No, I don’t really hope that. But I would lol.

I’m sure he would.

Naturally, many of the Daily Stormer’s commenters are similarly flippant about the murders.

“2 collaborators down and 1 injured, whats not to like,” writes someone called Dax.

“[A]bout the idiot men that “defended” the women, you expected sex retribution?” snorts PugKommander, “but you get a grave retribution. For every white-knight there will be a white trooper.”

Mosin-Nagant compares Christian to racist mass murderer Dylann Roof.

Hmmm…. I like this guy more than Saint Bowlcut. He went all medievel on them and slashed throats. DyRo needs to 1-up this guy and shank more n*ggers in prison lol

The alt-right is breeding monsters.

Jeremy Christian (and Misogynosphere supporters), We Hunted The Mammoth (A Feminist Blog) 16 Comments [5/28/2017 9:15:04 AM]
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Submitted By: SpukiKitty

Quote# 127596

(Reuters) – A man fatally stabbed two people aboard a Portland, Oregon, commuter train when they tried to stop him from harassing two women who appeared to be Muslim, police said.

The attack on Friday afternoon unfolded hours before the start of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month, when most of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims observe a daily religious fast.

The incident began when the man started shouting ethnic and religious slurs at two women who appeared to be Muslim on a MAX train at the Hollywood Transit Station, the Portland Police Department said in a statement. Three men who intervened were stabbed, two fatally.

The attacker, 35-year-old Jeremy Joseph Christian of Portland, was arrested shortly after he left the train, police said.

Christian was booked into jail on two counts of aggravated murder and additional charges of attempted murder, intimidation in the second degree and being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon, police said. He was ordered held without bail.

In a statement responding to Friday’s attack, the Council on American-Islamic Relations blamed an increase in anti-Muslim incidents in the United States in part on President Donald Trump’s focus on militant Islamist groups and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“President Trump must speak out personally against the rising tide of Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry and racism in our nation that he has provoked through his numerous statements, policies and appointments that have negatively impacted minority communities,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad.

The administration says that while it strongly opposes Islamist militants, it has no quarrel with Islam.

Following the attack, police said one of the men died at the scene while another died at a hospital. The third man was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Witnesses told police two young women on the train during the attacker’s rant and the violence that followed were possibly Muslim. One wore a hijab.

The women left the train before officers arrived, police said, adding that detectives wanted to speak with them.

Portland police did not immediately identify the victims.

Jeremy Joseph Christian (A murderer), PoliticusUSA (Progressive news source) 3 Comments [5/28/2017 9:08:54 AM]
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Quote# 127595

since october of 2010, a new show about ponies has been invading our television screens, and has a massive following among sexually confused devil worshippers who call themselves "bronies". Please watch this video for more information.

Adam Chirolsovic, youtube 28 Comments [5/28/2017 9:08:37 AM]
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Submitted By: P.E.T.F

Quote# 127590

Well; The POINT was as LONG as the Alt-Med people still FULLY SUPPORT CONVENTIONAL MODERN MEDICINE AS WELL, then they are okay. Once they reject Conventional Medicine, Science, embrace garbage like Anti-Vax, get all "tin-foil-chapeau" over the medical industry to the point of absurdity, etc. THEN THEY SHOULD BE CALLED OUT AND NIPPED IN THE BUD!

It's not always Either/Or. That's a false dichotomy. You can still embrace Complementary Medicine (Con-Med with Alt-Med) and still speak out against the Alt-Med-Only bunch.

Healing is just as much about one's Mind/Soul as it is Body and they are all linked. Holistic Alt-Med would make the Con-Med work better. You'll heal faster and perhaps require less drugs.

It's a little something called BALANCE.

SpukiKitty, FSTDT comments 34 Comments [5/28/2017 6:31:41 AM]
Fundie Index: -8
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127588

(American politics) Is the able-bodied adult the New Nigger?

I was reading how the Republican wants to end the Medicaid expansion for that most vile of demographics, the "able-bodied adult".



It seems that just as the black man (i.e., the original "nigger") was made the blame for society's woes of yesteryear, now everything wrong with society can be laid at the foot of the "able-bodied" leach sucking up Medicaid and other welfare benefits.

Of course, what makes this poignant for us here is that those of us pursuing the total "Happier Abroad" lifestyle are basically one of these "able-bodied" Medicaid benficiaries, even if we don't know it - e.g., if Winston were to get very sick, he would go back to the USA to suck up treatment from Medicaid, even though he is not doing so right now in the Philippines or Taiwan or Red China or wherever he is now.

MatureDJ, Happier Abroad 6 Comments [5/28/2017 6:10:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127585

How to cull humans

R-selected animals such as rats and modern people will just keep breeding as long as you give them food. For the last century or two, libtards have been feeding degenerates, causing their numbers to explode with predictably disastrous consequences. Clearly this needs to stop before they consume all the world's resources, but they also need to be culled back.

I must give credit where credit is due. The above is modified from Cornfed's post:


The way Cornfed views blacks is how I view members of modern culture. I am just taking Cornfed's view and expanding it appropriately.

Of course there was a time when European-based culture was civilized and intelligent. But that was long ago. That culture has died and been replaced by degeneracy. This degeneracy causes rapid genetic decay as Cornfed himself explained:


While today's descendants of Europeans are clearly genetically inferior to their ancestors, the incredibly rapid decay of intelligence and morality cannot fully be explained by genetics. There must also be a social aspect to this. Possibilities include being raised without a father, smartphone addiction, and the general decline of education. Whatever the explanation, these people currently behave like beasts, no better than a primitive tribe from black Africa.

I don't want to pick on whites. All members of modern culture are degenerate and act like r-selected animals. They must be culled. I see these possibilities:

1. Nuclear war.
2. Economic breakdown and mass starvation.
3. Some environmental disaster.
4. Political breakdowns leading to civil wars and starvation.

I don't have much preference between the choices. I look forward to anything that would cull the human scum that is currently infesting my world.

fschmidt, Happier Abroad 15 Comments [5/28/2017 4:28:19 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127584

The idea that religion depends on belief comes from Christianity. Many religions don't focus on belief.

Wars are actually a positive force. Wars are what allows good cultures to replace bad cultures. Without war, humanity would have never progressed.

fschmidt, Reddit 14 Comments [5/28/2017 4:28:15 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 127583

I hope you all starve

I have given up hiring in the West. Westerners are just vile moronic scum. They won't work with me because I am not politically correct enough for them. I hate modern culture and its narrow mindedness. I post job ads and they just attack me. So now I am going to hire Chinese. I hope all the Western scum starve to death.

fschmidt, /r/Unemployed 16 Comments [5/28/2017 4:27:56 AM]
Fundie Index: 10
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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