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Quote# 125598

God bless this City Hall for not caving in to the idiocy and bullying attempts of the FFRF. There's a new sheriff in town and that stuff is gonna come to a screeching halt once they realize their throwing money into the wind.

This was evidenced by the ACLU losing their attempt to get Ms. Davis to pay their legal fees. Oops! Didn't work out for them and they lost $230,000. Trump is hopefully gonna appoint over 100 judges that will put a stop to all the Unconstitutional rulings whereby godless judges have legislated from the bench by reading into the Constitution what is not there.

The fact is that even if there was a city in this country that wanted to be 100% Christian there is NOTHING in the Constitution that would prevent them from doing so. Meaning they could actually have a Christian Government with Christian officials governing.

That's never gonna happen and I certainly wouldn't advocate for it. Not sure I'd even wanna live there. Just saying the Constitution doesn't prohibit it.

Royce E. Van Blaricome, Christian News Network  15 Comments [3/21/2017 3:19:00 PM]
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Quote# 125596

‘Scanty dressing, concerts lead to immoral behaviour’

A PAS lawmaker blamed scanty dressing, provocative music and dancing, and music concerts where male and female patrons mingled freely as the chief causes of the rampant immoral behaviour in the country.

“There is also very little emphasis on religious studies in our education curriculum. This has led to immoral behaviour like adultery and pre-marital sex,” Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi (PAS-Temerloh) said when debating the motion on the Royal Address.

Nasruddin, who is the PAS Information head, is known for his controversial views and opposition to concerts by international artistes and also couples observing Valentine’s Day.

During his days as PAS Youth chief, Nasruddin had campaigned against several foreign performers and in 2007 threatened protests which forced Beyonce to scrap a planned concert in Malaysia.

He said yesterday that these music concerts promoted loose behaviour which contributed to the high number of out-of-wedlock pregnancies and babies being abandoned by young girls.

“Based on the National Registration Department’s data, there were 159,725 babies born out of wedlock,” he added.

He said introducing sex education in school and promoting the use of condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies would not resolve the problem.

“I was previously drawn to an advertisement at a Mara outlet in Kuala Lumpur,” he pointed out.

“It showed a man leading a woman into a room but the woman stopped and said ‘No condom, no way’. This will not help prevent adultery or pre-marital sex,” he said, drawing laughter from those present.

Datuk Seri Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz (BN-Tanah Merah) said he would support PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s Private Member’s Bill to amend Syariah law.

He hit out at those who likened Hadi’s Bill as an attempt to introduce hudud.

“If the RUU355 is tabled, I will not hesitate to vote in support of the Bill. Don’t politicise it by linking it to hudud. It is not hudud,” he said when debating the motion of thanks on the Royal Address.

Ikmal Hisham chided the lawmakers who opposed the Bill.

“Let the Muslims resolve it. If you want to oppose, oppose with facts. Don’t do it for political popularity,” he added.

Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal (Warisan-Semporna) said he would not support Hadi’s Bill.

Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi, The Star Online 9 Comments [3/21/2017 3:18:33 PM]
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Submitted By: Bedhead

Quote# 125595

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver are among the anti-equality Religious Right leaders coming to the defense of the Trump administration, which has been under fire for naming officials from two anti-LGBTQ groups to an official US delegation at the United Nations.

As we reported last week, the Trump administration appointed representatives from C-Fam, formerly the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, and the Heritage Foundation to the official US delegation to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. Advocates for the human rights of LGBTQ people have criticized the appointments, noting among other things that C-Fam’s record of anti-gay extremism had led to its classification as an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Heritage Foundation plays a major role in promoting Religious Right resistance to legal recognition for LGBTQ people, including laws that protect them from discrimination on the job.

Staver’s statement, published on Friday, laughably claims that C-Fam and the Heritage Foundation are “thoughtful” groups that “do not demean people with whom they disagree.” In reality, C-Fam’s Austin Ruse continuously smears and demeans the people he disagrees with, portraying advocates for LGBTQ equality as “homofascists,” threats to children and families, enemies of freedom, and even Satan’s minions. Jim DeMint, the head of the Heritage Foundation, once said wants gay people barred from teaching in public schools.

Perkins says C-Fam and Heritage are “respected voices in the conservative movement who reflect the Trump administration’s values.” While that statement may be more accurate than Staver’s, it may also be even more disturbing for what it says about the hard-right values that are now being reflected in the Trump administration’s decisions.

Perkins goes on to dismiss the idea that the United Nations should be protecting the rights of vulnerable LGBTQ people:

"An even deeper problem is that these activists use the term “human rights” but have no clue what it means. The fact that the Left claims that “sexual orientation” and other terms are “human rights” isn’t rooted in anything higher than their own assertion. What gives them the right to define what it means? And why should their policy preference take preference? It doesn’t. Just because they cloak it as a “human right” won’t make it so. The only solution is to search for a standard common to all human beings as derived from a higher authority. Christians and conservatives are uniquely able to offer this. Thank goodness the Trump administration recognizes that and made sure they were represented at the U.N. in the first place."

C-Fam is so committed to resisting any recognition of the human rights of LGBTQ people in international agreements that it has teamed up with some of the world’s most repressive regimes in order to safeguard “traditional” notions of gender, family and marriage. C-Fam’s elevation by the Trump administration is the clearest signal yet that Trump will abandon the Obama administration’s crucial support for the human rights of LGBTQ people around the world.

Staver said C-Fam and Heritage “will come to the table genuinely seeking the best for women across the world.” That’s doubtful, given their support for the Trump administration’s drastic expansion of the “global gag rule,” which could have a devastating effect on public health measures and leave the world’s poorest women even more vulnerable.

Tony Perkins and Mat Staver, Right Wing Watch 10 Comments [3/21/2017 3:18:22 PM]
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Quote# 125594

We must secure the existence of our faith, and a future for Catholic children.

Catholic Nationalist, Facebook 12 Comments [3/21/2017 3:18:06 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 125591

Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” is getting his own film—Bill Nye: Science Guy. This documentary, funded on Kickstarter, is supposed to be “A film for science. A film for the cosmos. The full access, exclusive film about Bill Nye.” The page for the premiere of the event describes it as,

Bill Nye is retiring his kid show act in a bid to become more like his late professor, astronomer Carl Sagan. Sagan dreamed of launching a spacecraft that could revolutionize interplanetary exploration. Bill sets out to accomplish Sagan's mission, but he is pulled away when he is challenged by evolution and climate change contrarians to defend the scientific consensus. Can Bill show the world why science matters in a culture increasingly indifferent to evidence?

Based on that description, it doesn’t sound like a film for science—it’s a film to promote evolution and man-made climate change as fact. A number of well-known atheists are listed as featuring in this movie—and so am I! In addition to his movie, Nye will also have his own TV show again, Bill Nye Saves the World, on Netflix this spring. Although we don’t know for sure, it’s very likely this show will also dedicate time to defending evolutionary ideas and drastic man-made climate change.

Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis 34 Comments [3/21/2017 2:28:38 AM]
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Quote# 125590

I think Putin is brilliant. I wish there were more leaders like him. We need Western Putins believe me. He does not pander to minorities. He sets a certain traditional, moral precedent for society to follow that promotes social cohesion. He makes foreign policy decisions in the best interests of Russia first and foremost, not what is best for Israel and international Jewry. He has strengthened Russia and gotten her to a point where he can and does defend Christians worldwide, including in Syria. I don't see any other Western nation seriously defending the Christians of Syria. Putin is the only significant world leader standing up to the "gay rights" lobby and saying a big, fat NO to them. He is by no means perfect, but he is doing a good job at restoring Russia to her former glory. He is a good, no nonsense statesman who puts the interests of his nation and people before the interests of the globalists. He is also immensely popular in Russia and I am getting that from credible sources. There are plenty of strong, anti-Putin media outlets in Russia. Russia has a much freer press than anywhere in the West. Russia is the leader of the free world. Russia's recovery under the leadership of Putin is certainly good news for a Serb like me who cares about the future of my own people as Russia has always been the main historic defender and protector of us south Slavs. For me personally, it is refreshing to see a God fearing, right wing, conservative leader on the world stage who cares about traditional values, nationalism and strengthening the traditional family unit, the backbone of a healthy society.?

Milanka, Youtube 23 Comments [3/21/2017 2:28:28 AM]
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Quote# 125588

Every country is implicitly an ethno-state. Yes, both China and Japan have foreigners of all races. But they are minuscule portion of their population. They are in no way threatening the cultural or racial integrity of historic China or Japan. Same with other non-European countries. India is deporting their invaders from the North, etc...

Caps 4 fun, Reddit 13 Comments [3/21/2017 2:28:09 AM]
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Quote# 125587

(This is discussing the possibility of transwomen being able to give birth)

What if we worked on curing or alleviating the symptoms of female specific reproductive problems like PCOS birth control side effects or endo befor we even attempt to cater to males wanting artificial wombs wouldn’t that be amazing

(there’s not just one gallon of science liquid in the whole science community we have to carefully section off to certain things because we’re going to run out. people working on helping trans women carry children probably wouldn’t be working on alleviating female specific reproductive problems anyway, if they were doing something else? theyre both gaining information on female reproduction but in very different ways, so while helping trans women carry children could help us understand female biology more and help alleviate symptoms that way by gaining knowledge for those working on it, the scientists working for reproductive transplants would unlikely be working on cures for female reproductive problem’s otherwise. they’d probably be working on different types of potential transplants.)

It’s prioritizing male usage of a female organ when the people who live with these organs naturally go untreated every day.

Radicalcowgirl, Tumblr 20 Comments [3/21/2017 2:28:06 AM]
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Quote# 125586

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson dedicated his radio program on Friday to railing against the existence of “After School Satan” clubs, which are designed to serve as an ironic counter to the evangelical Good News clubs that operate in public schools.

Jackson, of course, was deeply opposed to allowing After School Satan clubs to meet in schools because he thinks that public schools should be teaching the Bible, prayer and Christianity as part of the standard curriculum.

“You know what we need?” he asked. “We need to bring prayer back into schools and we need to bring the Bible back into schools and we need to start telling children, like we used to in school, who made you—God. And have them singing, ‘Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.'”

Jackson insisted that requiring such instruction in public schools would not violate the First Amendment because he claimed that restrictions on the establishment of religion only applies to Congress. The problem, he said, is that local school districts easily cave whenever “some idiot ACLU nutcase comes along” and threatens to sue because “they hate God.”

“They hate God, they hate any mention of God, they hate any notion of God. They hate Christianity,” Jackson said. “What they want to do is completely sanitize the country of the presence, the acknowledgement, the respect for almighty God and the church and the synagogue or anything that represents the God of the Bible.”

E. W. Jackson, Right Wing Watch 16 Comments [3/21/2017 2:27:43 AM]
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Submitted By: No One In Particular

Quote# 125585

[OP of "Hi! I'm you're new moderator. A brief introduction."]

I've always had a deep-seated hatred towards left-wing ideologies, even when young and politically uncultured -- I've always been a rightist at heart, perhaps it is in my blood. After all, my father left communist-occupied Poland when he was in his 20s, views Reagan as a good man, and voted for Trump, unlike the corporate-communist Armenian that ideologically controls this website and tells us immigrants all hate white people and we must bend to their new world order.

While many here are Anarcho-Capitalists -- an ideology I disagree with, but one that I like, and I am indeed a fan of the Austrian school despite viewing them as a bit lacking in social and cultural issues. I can be best described as far-right and a bit "alt-right"ish.

Rest assured, though I am a race-realist, there will be no gas chambers for the likes of Rothbard or Mises. Only cigars and their perfume to mask the scent of spent helicopter fuel.

ChargeUpTheRotors, Reddit - r/Physical_Removal 11 Comments [3/21/2017 2:25:01 AM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 125580

Fellas, there's nothing "normal" about frequenting strip clubs. Sadly, this equally applies to you ladies as well.

Stripping is nothing more than another form of prostitution. Speaking of which: It's also not "normal" for a man to sleep with prostitutes.

Prostitution began as a way of worshiping fertility gods and goddesses in the ancient kingdom of Babylon. A man or woman would go to the local temple and have sex with a temple female (or male) worker.

The temple prostitutes were filled with demonic spirits: so by having sex with one a person came into direct contact with those demons inhabiting the person.

This was done as a way of invoking the demonic power to make a person more prosperous in their business affairs throughout the year.

Many men today can never occupy their rightful role as kings of their own homes, businesses or personal domain for this very same reason. Their interaction with women who are filled with demonic spirits has sapped them of their own spiritual vitality and godliness. And only a complete turning towards Jesus Christ can save them.

Fellas, if this is you, don't wallow in self-defeat and mediocrity any more! Get power today over yourself and your desires, so you can walk like the king God is calling you to be.

Download "HEDONISM: Destroying demonic sexual strongholds" https://edendecoded.com/books/hedonism

And also download "POWER" https://edendecoded.com/books/power

As a man today who's about his business, YOU NEED THESE EBOOKS! It will empower you to break free from the controlling power of a woman's sensuality, and enable you to walk strong as a God-empowered man of the hour.

For many of you my ebooks are the answer you've been searching for.

Your future success is in your own hands. Your next decision will determine if you are built to rule: or built to be ruled. Use it wisely.

Download them right now by going to: https://edendecoded.com/books

Mack Major, Facebook 19 Comments [3/21/2017 2:24:09 AM]
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Quote# 125579

the only "victims" of communism are fascists so that's 100 million people we didn't need anyway

GRIZZ?? , Twitter 12 Comments [3/21/2017 2:24:05 AM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 125578

These are ten puzzling scientific facts which will lead any open-minded person to the conclusion that the universe is a lot younger than billions of years old. We should not let the religious prejudice of the evolutionists force us to accept their doctrines by a blind leap of faith when the scientific evidence does not correspond to their theories.

unknow, rapidnet 12 Comments [3/21/2017 2:23:54 AM]
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Quote# 125577

[Definition of the term "Leftist"]


Someone on the far left who has been indoctrinated by mainstream media to hate anyone and everyone who disagrees with them, Leftist are also very bad at debates losing every single time to people with other beliefs.

Leftist: Trump is RACIST!
Right-wing: How is he racist?
Leftist: He said he wants to deport immigrants!
Right-wing: He said he wants to deport illegal immigrants, plus he's married to an immigrant.
*Leftist either leaves or switches topics*

Average_Conservative, UrbanDictionary 13 Comments [3/21/2017 2:23:48 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 125560

A Long Island man attacked two transgender women on Friday afternoon, shouting anti-gay slurs as he beat them outside a fast-food restaurant in what police have charged as a hate crime.

Patrick O'Meara, 38, started yelling at the women as they tried to enter McDonald's on 82nd Street, near Roosevelt Avenue, around 4:30 p.m. Friday, according to police.

He called the women "b--ches" and "f-ggots" and attacked them, pushing one woman to the ground and punching and kicking her, police said.

He briefly left the scene and returned with a cane, hitting one of the victims in the left hand, which caused a laceration, authorities said.

One of the victims also had a fractured ankle from the assault, and was taken to Forest Hills Hospital for her injuries, according to the criminal complaint. The other woman was treated at the scene, police said.

O'Meara allegedly told police, "Those b--ches assaulted me, I'm pressing charges, f--k you, you f--cking f-ggot," according to the criminal complaint.

Maria Munoz, who saw the attack, said he was shirtless and yelling at people on the street before he flew into a rage.

"He was harassing everybody that was walking by but when the trans women walked by he clearly was infuriated," Munoz said.

Patrick O'Meara, DNA Info 14 Comments [3/21/2017 2:23:16 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125554

[Comment under "Ranked Societies"]

how they work

Your rank with in society would decide what rights you have, and how much you are allowed to earn and own. Moving between the ranks depends on your occupation, worth to society and the feats you have accomplished, for example a person from one of the lower ranks who invents a great invention would be upgraded to one of the higher ranks of society.

how muchs ranks there would be

It depends on the person, I personally think 6-10 ranks is enough, but some people argue for more or less ranks.

Any example of their implementation would also be appreciated.

I don't think a pure ranked system like some fascists advocate has been implemented yet, but close examples could be ancient Greece and Rome, and other ancient societies.

tizbit, Reddit - r/DebateFascism 23 Comments [3/20/2017 2:22:28 PM]
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Submitted By: JeanP

Quote# 125573

I hate Autism.

It's a bunch of bullshit made up by loud mouth mothers and pussy fathers because they can't admit to themselves that they made their weird-ass kid weird. The only hard medical proof is that mothers fatness can cause it.

All the fathers of Autism kids are candy asses. The mother's call themselves "Warrior Mom's" it's fucked up. An Autism side effect can be hitting other kids. That hitting doesn't fall under Hawaii's anti-bullying laws, but a little kid of true warrior bloodlines that finally gets fed up with the Autism kid and hits him back does.

Plus, all the Autism kids have faggot names like Dilbert and Timmy.


Kona, Roosh V 37 Comments [3/20/2017 1:43:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

Quote# 125570

A team of Democratic voters can be built without deliberately taunting and alienating other voters. If the Democratic Party engages in bullying behavior, then the party just becomes what it says it abhors. It is always tricky to avoid becoming like the opposition, but it is better to strive for that and stay true to your values rather giving into the opposition’s. I am not talking about going high when they go low, either. I am talking about punching up rather than downward. One of the things that always attracted me to the Democratic Party was that it was supposed to be the party of the little guy whereas the Republicans were constantly abusing the little guy. If Democrats end up being the party that abuses the little guy because Trump, then we’ve lost our way, imo.

The bullied cannot become the bully. We are the victims, not them. We are fighting back.

DROzone, Daily Kos 27 Comments [3/20/2017 1:42:47 AM]
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Quote# 125568

Things are tough out there for the honest, good-natured, conservative-leaning men of America. Just because they voted for Donald Trump, continue to support his bigoted and deadly policies, and feel comfortable waving away the darker implications of things like his Muslim ban or border wall doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. It just means that their political opinions happen to line up with neo-Nazis and so-called Christians who would rather kill the poor than actually spend a dime to help another living soul. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you have the nerve to suggest that there is, then you’re the one who is the real intolerant piece of shit.

Just ask Tim Allen, the famous sitcom star who thinks that being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in Germany in the 1930s. He said that as a joke on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but a Washington Post story explains that it’s not much of a joke to Allen or to a “clandestine support group” of other Hollywood conservatives who are frightened of being “excommunicated from the church of tolerance.” The piece also quotes older interviews with Allen where he said people should “forget the stupid shit [Trump] says about immigrants,” because it’s “just ignorant” and should apparently be ignored if Trump can “do the stuff that really needs fixing.”

He has also knocked Trump as an amateur with “very bad comic timing” in the past, but that’s the same sort of half-hearted, disingenuous bullshit that a lot of Hollywood conservatives like Allen (and Arnold Schwarzenegger) love to say when it comes to Trump. It lets them pretend like they’re enlightened while still avoiding the actual concrete issues that people have with Trump and his racist cronies, but when they catch a whiff that someone might think less of them for supporting Trump, they get to act all high and mighty for exposing someone else’s “intolerance.”

Allen’s line about 1930s Germany may have been tongue-in-cheek, but comments like that normalize the behavior of Trump’s more extreme supporters because it makes it seem like criticizing their beliefs is somehow worse than the dangerous and hateful things they believe. Attitudes like that helped get Trump elected in the first place, and now it’s more important than ever to call people on their shit when they deserve it. Maybe Tim Allen and his conservative snowflake buddies don’t like feeling judged for being a conservative in Hollywood, but that’s just too bad.

Tim Allen, The A.V. Club 21 Comments [3/20/2017 1:17:04 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125567

Here are my proposals for how a sane nation should treat homosexuality:

1. Reintroduce laws banning sodomy. Send police to raid and shut down all gay/LGBT bars on the grounds of public health. Known homosexuals are banned from working as teachers or other jobs that allow them access to children.



2. Public displays of homosexuality are made illegal, with punishments to fit the severity of the crime. For example, two dudes making out on a street corner will be fined, while if they're caught cruising in public bathrooms, they get jail time.



3. Anyone who transmits HIV to another person gets life in prison, without parole, no exceptions. This is to quarantine them from the general population and ensure that the disease dies out within a generation.



Are my proposals on countering open homosexuality unreasonable? Because they're how the U.S. and all other white nations operated prior to the 1960's.

Weird how this is the one aspect of pre-leftist revolution life that right-wingers DON'T want to bring back.


Matt Forney, Gab 22 Comments [3/20/2017 1:16:55 AM]
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Quote# 125566

Regarding proposed changes to a controversial Idaho law that allows parents to deny their children life-saving medical care for religious reasons

Just before Johnson introduced his bill, Dan Sevy, a member of the Followers of Christ Church that has been at the center of the debate over whether to change the law, introduced a bill of his own.

The bill would add to the state’s law on authorizing emergency medical treatment a line saying courts will consider whether a child is being treated by any other type of alternative medicine, like faith healing, before ordering emergency medical treatment. That law already instructs the court to consider whether a family believes in faith healing in making such a determination, and Sevy’s bill would leave that intact.

Bills are generally introduced by lawmakers, but non-lawmakers like Sevy are on occasion allowed to introduce bills in the Statehouse.

Dan Sevy, magicvalley.com 15 Comments [3/20/2017 1:16:13 AM]
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Quote# 125564

Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle wants President Trump to execute Snoop Dogg and Lil Bow Wow for shooting a toy gun at a clown that looks like Trump.

Greg Gutfeld had asked her on what she thought the Secret Service’s response should be to the “Lavender” music video.

“Kill them,” Guilfoyle said. “Kill them. I think it would be fantastic if Snoop and wannabe Snoop got a visit from, like, the federal marshals, and let’s see how tough and gangster they are then.”

President Trump also suggested that the rappers should be punished.

Trump and Guilfoyle’s did not seem compelled to express outrage, however, when effigies of Obama were burned and hanged after his election, in an obvious nod to Jim Crow lynchings.

Co-host Juan Williams, who is the only African American on the show, looked visibly shocked by Gutfield’s statements. Gutfield, however, laughed heartily at the casual suggestion of a president murdering two human beings for making a provocative video, chortling and saying “Yes!”

It goes without saying, of course, that the actions depicted in the music video are protected by the First Amendment, and are not illeg al in any way.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Resistance Report 21 Comments [3/19/2017 4:53:17 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125561

Anonymous, Whisper 18 Comments [3/19/2017 4:52:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125556

Being good with kids seems to be a trait commonly associated with pedophiles. It is likely that we pay more attention to kids (and treat them with more respect).

It is okay to be sexually attracted to children, there is no harm in that. It is wrong to hurt a child, but an attraction does not lead to harm. Plenty of adults are attracted to other adults and manage not to hurt them.

I am a very positive influence on the lives of multiple children. Other people tell me so, their parents tell me so, the kids love to spend time with me. My closest relationship is with a girl who I am attracted to. She loves me and would live with me if given the chance, she comes from a negative home and I give her way more opportunities to do things (and attention and positive encouragement) than she gets at home.

I don't look at her and think I want to have sex with her. That is a vast oversimplification; like saying a man sees a women and just thinks I want to have sex with her. I want to provide her a source of comfort, a safe place to come to and a safe person to talk to. I want her to be happy, I want to help her grow into a capable and confident women, I want her to be successful in her life and yes, I would also like to have sex with her. I won't do the latter, but all of the former things are things I can and do do for her.

Saying Pedophile = wanting to have sex with a child, is like saying being attracted to an adult = want to have sex with that adult. While it is technically true; it is far too simplistic of a view to have real meaning. Just like other adults we want a relationship, we want the comfort of knowing someone we love loves us back, we want to help that person be happy and safe. Sure sex is a part of it, but it is nothing close to the whole.

That's sadly why you're considered to be sick in the head. Because you don't understand that it is NOT okay to be sexually attracted to kids. There is something wrong with each and every pedophile out there. Your refusal to admit your sickness is what makes you dangerous to be around a child. To have sexual desires towards a child is exactly like saying "I want to have sex with a child". You simply aren't saying it out loud. You're keeping it in your own head(And that's the scary part).

This is my last reply to this discussion. I am just appalled by everything you sick and demented people are saying. You're a sick fuck and like I said to the other person. I pray for any child that comes in contact with you.

So if a person thinks "I want to kill that person" are they a sick fuck even if they never act on it?

If a person thinks "I'd like to rape that person", but never acts on it, are they a sick fuck?

If a person thinks "I'd like to hurt that person", but never acts on it are they a sick fuck?

Or does thought-crime only apply to those have a sexual attraction to kids? I can't choose not to be attracted to kids anymore than a homosexual can choose not to be attracted to their own sex (note: I wouldn't chose not to be even if I could, but that's another story). I can chose how I act though and everyone who knows me finds my actions to be acceptable.

Having a single thought when you're angry about killing the person you're mad at? No, this is normal.

Constant thoughts about killing someone every day of your life? Yes. That is a sign of a mental illness much like being a pedophile.

Having a single thought that you may want to hurt a person? Perfectly normal.

Having thoughts every day that you want to hurt people? That's a sign of another mental illness.

Struggling every day of your life because you're sexually attracted to kids? Yes. I am sorry. That's a sure sign of someone with mental issues.

These are all signs of mental illnesses. Which is what you have -- an illness. Which is why you shouldn't be around kids nor should any pedophile. There's a reason adults with severe mental illnesses have their kids taken away. Endangerment. What makes you and the others sick fucks is not that you have a mental illness. It's that you're trying to defend it and say there's nothing wrong with it. That it's "okay". When it's not it's very far from being okay. This is what makes you dangerous to be around a child.

I don't have a mental illness, I have a sexual orientation. I am not ashamed of it, but I know that people would judge me for it no matter what my actions are. So I don't tell them. I'm not hiding it everyday, I'm going about my life without really worrying about it; but knowing I will never tell anyone.

By your logic being gay and hiding it is/was a mental illness.

Almost everyone I know (including many kids/parents) trusts me absolutely around kids. And I have never hurt a kid. I'd rather have them be the judges and have them judge my actions. They don't need to know my thoughts to judge my actions.

I don't constantly think about my sexual attraction to kids. It's more like having a friend who you are interested in romantically, but who see's you platonically. Sure sometimes it is awkward, but you still get along well and are good friends. You aren't likely to suddenly rape that friend. There's no all consuming sexual urge, it's no different than a sexual attraction anyone else feels.

It's only likely to get awkward in the case of pedophiles if the child returns the sexual interest. Than you have two consenting people who must withhold their feelings due to social stigma.

A child by law can't give consent. So you don't have two consenting people. You have 1 consenting adult and 1 poor child being mislead by said adult.

Consent laws are dumb. Children can consent, if two children have sex according to consent laws they raped each other (which is why a large number of sex offenders are minors). There should be extra protections for child sex. But they can consent.
When you were a child it's VERY likely a pedophile talked to you, maybe even held you, or even hugged you. Did you get hurt by it? most liely no. Although if you have been sexually abused I'm VERY sorry :-( it's terrible I know.

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Quote# 125555

Some children initiate adult contact and are active participants.

Sorry, just trying to get your facts correct. You and u/herrhiskelig imply that a child would never choose to initiate or willingly participate in a sexual relationship with an adult. Studies show that you are both wrong.

You imply (wrongly) that only a person who is not entirely sound of mind would believe a child want to have sex with them.

Quote from: http://www.mhamic.org/sources/constantine.htm

research and clinical reports leave little doubt that some children do initiate the contacts and many participate willingly. Nine studies in the review confirmed this, although initiative on the part of the child was rare in father-daughter incest.

Children can enjoy sex and masturbation, many do. Children can initiate sex and some do. Children can be willing and even enthusiastic participants.

you should understand that NO, a child does not want to have sex with you

Yes, sometimes a child does want to have sex with an adult

No, a child cannot make choices in sexual matters b/c he/she is not developmentally capable of understanding the consequences and complexities of adult sexuality nor the risks involved. He/she doesn't yet know who to trust and why, how to protect himself, how to advocate or be an equal partner, etc. In many cases, the child isn't even physically developed enough for that level of interaction.

No, a child cannot make choices in sexual matters b/c he/she is not developmentally capable of understanding the consequences and complexities of adult sexuality nor the risks involved. He/she doesn't yet know who to trust and why, how to protect himself, how to advocate or be an equal partner, etc. In many cases, the child isn't even physically developed enough for that level of interaction.

Many children know how to be quite firm with their opinions, many are more firm with their opinions than adults. Though not all do, the study I linked originally found that passively unwilling children were the most often harmed by an adult/child sexual experience, actively unwilling children generally sought help quickly and actively or passively willing children generally enjoyed the experience and thus were less often harmed (some even benefited from the experience).

The "consent" part it mostly just opinion. This Alderson would disagree.

Alderson performed seven studies (some in collaboration with other scientists) throughout the 1990s on children’s capacity to give informed consent to medical procedures, and concluded that children as young as 5 or 6 are capable of informed consent if adequately informed. Waites (2005) argued very convincingly that her work and its conclusions translate readily into the sexual sphere, though he argues (badly) that children are not adequately informed about sex in our society and therefore cannot give informed consent to sexual activity. (The answer to that is obvious.) As far as I know, Alderson’s work constitutes the only sustained and detailed scientific analysis of children’s capacity to give informed consent, and before the 1990s no such analysis existed. Ages of consent were certainly not set on the basis of such capacity, and Waites shows how consent was not a genuine factor in so-called ‘age of consent’ legislation until the second half of the 20th century.

So 5 or 6 year olds are capable of making decisions on medical procedures (including "informed consent") if adequately informed, but not of consenting to sex. The only reason for this is that our society tries very hard to make sure that children are not "adequately informed" when it comes to sex. Which ironically, can lead to higher rates of unsafe sex when young t(w)eens begin to engage in sexuality, but have not been educated on safe sex - though I'm assuming we both agree that "abstinence only" sex education is a terrible idea.

You make a few more assumptions/implications about the sexuality. One is that any adult/child interactions are "adult sexuality", but in reality only a small minority of "sexual abuse" involves actual penetration and intercourse; likely because when the child is a willing participant and respected by their partner, than the child will say no when they don't enjoy something (and many children are not physically ready for intercourse) and have that choice be respected.

"oh this 10 year old wants to have an adult sexual relationship"

Again, you seem focused on the "adult", but you don't know that they original subject (the pedophile from the podcast) was in or wanted an adult sexual relationship. As I said above, most child/adult sexual interactions do not involve intercourse. It is more likely that the adult was participating at the child's level in order to make it fun for the child, or because the child did not want to participate in intercourse.

There are quite a few online communities (including r/pedofriends) of pedophiles who don't harm anyone. I am a pedophile myself and would never harm a child. Over 50% of child molesters are not pedophile (they have some other mental condition that leads them to molest a child).

Many pedophiles avoid children to avoid sexual feelings. I am not part of that group, I actively associated with children and have one girl I am very close with. I love her and would rather hurt myself than hurt her.

That said, there is a question of what exactly constitutes "harm". What if the child is a willing participant (maybe even the one pursuing more), society would say that kissing a child; even one who wanted to be kissed by you, is harmful. I don't agree with that, but I do follow the social rules in order to avoid legal issues (and to be able to keep seeing her)

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