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Quote# 125809

i dont see how the painless raping of an innocent person is worse than the painless KILLING of an INNOCENT animal

Former Jon Jones Fan, Youtube 42 Comments [3/29/2017 1:39:09 PM]
Fundie Index: 11

Quote# 125808

Humans don't need to consume animals to live. So their use in entertainment, clothing, and palette is irrational and monsterous... Most animals in nature are herbivores. so what does that make us?

Roberto Mercado, Youtube 29 Comments [3/29/2017 1:37:35 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 125806

Why does the devil attack us?

He hates us. Why? Because we have what he wants. PEACE. FREEDOM. LOVE. ACCEPTANCE. I should go on but I think you all get it. It isnt YOU or YOUR LIFE he wants. It is all you have with God. Take a look around the people he is attacking the hardest are the ones who love God, and their families. You dont see a lot of people unsaved or unbelieving going through as much as the born again believers are. I mean dont get me wrong, he is attacking the other people just as much but in a different way. He has to keep their fear brewing, their anxiety high and their faith crushed. But us, he fights so hard because he is jealous of what we have. He hates us at peace, he hates us happy, hopeful, faithful. So where does he attack? Look around…Your Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, Nephews, Sons and Daughters, Husbands and wives. I can say he battled me with my siblings before to the point where I dont speak with three of my siblings. I used to fight to try and get them back in my life, but God has said NO. Leave it alone. I closed that door for your protection and I dont fully understand that idea but I have FAITH in what He is up to. There was a broken relationship between my middle younger sister and God healed it. We are closer now than I think we ever have been. I thank God for that daily but I also dont let my guard down because I know the devil doesnt want it to be this way, so when he creeps in and tries to lie to me, I just go pray and walk away. I have been divorced (twice oh I know gasp and swoon judge me …God knows and has forgiven me and THAT is what matters to me so go on with yourself lol) And even though I was not living right by Gods standards I know he protected me from things being worse ( my first husband abused me and God stepped in and saved me my second husband and I dated in Jr high and High school and we fell in love with the people we used to be we didnt take time to get to know the people we were at that time and God again protected both of us and though now I think we would have fought harder to save things, we both are much better friends than we ever were married) Point is the devil attacked both of those marriages because he wanted to keep us down in the pits and when he saw me pick up my bible or pray he got offended and attacked where he knew it would hurt. Now he tried to steal my hope and love with my husband and he uses my kids and my Mom as well and then I hit my knees and fight back where I know I have power in the Lord. ON MY KNEES!

So, we need to prepare to fight when he sneaks into our lives whether it is in our churches, our marriages, our children, whatever it is CHRISTIANS WE NEED TO STAND UP AND BE PREPARED TO FIGHT THE DEVIL WITH THE MIGHTY HAND OF GOD. Are you ready Brothers and Sisters? Get your bibles worn and torn preparing, make your knees hurt being on them so much talking with God and lets take back our churches, our Pastors, their families, our Husbands, Wives, Kids etc IN JESUS NAME!!! AMEN!

Until next time,


baldwink77, Tumblr 13 Comments [3/29/2017 1:36:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Thanos6

Quote# 125803

featherhead Dinosaurs were created in china just like the fake i-phone and the fake ps4?

Feathered Dinosaurs are FAKE (MADE IN CHINA), Youtube 21 Comments [3/29/2017 1:11:44 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 125799

“America’s born again believers should cover President Trump in prayer,” Gallups said. “It’s obvious that the demonic realm is stirred by his presence. It’s also obvious that the antichrist agenda of the globalist community is going berserk over a Trump presidency. These are simply signs to those of us who know God’s word that President Trump is being used by the Lord in these prophetic times. Pray for him. Pray for our nation. And, then, get on with the work of the Kingdom.”

Carl Gallups, WND 17 Comments [3/29/2017 1:11:10 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125797

When God is rejected, truth collapses in its wake. And truth is the bedrock upon which civil society rests. So when God goes, truth goes, then society goes.This is the inevitable reality of the post-modern, anti-God, secularist movement in America. And the collapse of truth has consequences, especially for convictional Christians who hold to biblical truth claims about human sexuality.

Jason and David Benham, Charisma News 15 Comments [3/29/2017 1:10:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

Quote# 125795

A space shuttle is composed of approximately 2,500,000 parts! (see below quote). If one part fails, like the rubber O-ring seal did on the shuttle Challenger in 1986, it's all over!

That's why I make such a fuss over the little changes here-and-there to the Holy Bible. In fact, professor Gail Riplinger identified 64,000 changes made in the New International Version (NIV) as compared to the trustworthy King James Bible. Do you think removing the word “begotten” from John 3:16 isn't as deadly as a faulty O-ring on the space shuttle Challenger?

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Precious 32 Comments [3/29/2017 1:09:59 PM]
Fundie Index: 6

Quote# 125794

Do you know where most atheists are from? They come out of heathen State universities. Most young people profess to be homosexuals in a heathen university, which is where they are indoctrinated with that garbage.

David J. Stewart, Jesus is Savior 24 Comments [3/29/2017 1:09:39 PM]
Fundie Index: 10

Quote# 125793

About scientific evidence for feathered dinosaurs:

[[It is not an "opinion" that Utahraptor ostrommaysorum and Tyrannosaurus rex possessed feathers. From phylogenetic bracketing we know that based on their ancestry, they possessed feathers. Many many studies have shown this. SOURCES: Prum, R.; Brush, A.H. (2002). "The evolutionary origin and diversification of feathers". The Quarterly Review of Biology 77 (3): 261–295.]]

[[hhaaha listen to yourself "ancestry" There is no such evidence of any species evolving from one to the other. Evolution is as much bull shit as is your feathered brain...happy now nerd? You have no idea to whom you are dealing with I do not care what you think or say. Sit down and keep your opinions to yourself if you don't want people like me to come after you...keep saying it and will continue to say it SHOW SOME PROOF OTHERWISE SHUT UP AND ADMIT ITS JUST YOUR OPINION...So stop hiding behind evolution which also has not and will not be proven.?]]

Joker Syniclus , Youtube 13 Comments [3/29/2017 1:05:06 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 125789

Is 'same' a curse word?

I am a mother of two kids and my eldest daughter (now 17) is making me alarmed by the amount of times she is using the word same. For example, recently I was making some homemade jam in the kitchen and she came into the kitchen. On her way back from the fridge after pronouncing that we had no food, she knocked over one of our chairs. She looked at the chair in silence for a few seconds and then said "same" and went back upstairs.

What does same mean? Is it a new curse word that I don't know about from that Tumbler website? Should I be punishing her for saying it in front of her sister?

Thank you all so much! God bless

Cheryl, Yahoo! Answers 26 Comments [3/29/2017 12:55:14 PM]
Fundie Index: 3

Quote# 125749

[hi, taxpayer here
happy to pay for
1. meals for old folks
2. abortions
3. housing
you can take it out of the Giant Death Machines fund]

@andreagrimes @Swainstache_CR isn't contributing tax dollars to pay for abortions the same as paying for the giant death machine?

johnjmaheriii, Twitter 30 Comments [3/28/2017 3:52:56 PM]
Fundie Index: 5
Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew

Quote# 125742

(on "sacred numbers")

[Six was scared of seven, because seven eight nine.]

6 is scared of 7, because it doesn't want to perish but keep it's identity, as 7 eight the 9 heads of the idol, final step to become one with God and lose one's self in the music of God's words.

God says don't be scared 6 for the sacred of valley of unity is the place of true life and blessings!

That was a sacred joke!

MysticKnight, AtheistForums.org 27 Comments [3/28/2017 3:52:49 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Stimbo

Quote# 125774

Were there any human prints where they got off the dino's to drink water.

John, Yahoo News Article 18 Comments [3/28/2017 2:45:10 AM]
Fundie Index: 6
Submitted By: Karana

Quote# 125773

They were still confused and light headed after walking thousands of miles after Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat since the flood would have killed all plant life and they had noting to eat. And then they had to swim another 1,000 miles to reach Australia.

Mangez Merde, Yahoo News Article 21 Comments [3/28/2017 2:44:32 AM]
Fundie Index: -6
Submitted By: Karana

Quote# 125771

Oh that just makes my heart sad. I've heard of christians going to see that one multiple times and saw nothing wrong with it. I dare say they are not truly christians.

We took Kennedy to see Merida, before I knew about Disney. Oh boy, we got in there and there was spells and magic and a witch stirring a caldron and I tell you what, Holy Spirit was spanking me!!! We got outta there and I apologized and asked forgiveness and oh it was horrible. Will not be doing anything like that again. I point stuff out to my husband and keep him tracking with me so he is catching this stuff too. We all have to stay vigilant.

Someone gave Kennedy a monster high dress for her birthday one time. I didn't say anything and she said, mom, this has to go back to the store. I said, you got that right! lol

When we still had birthday parties for her I would say - No Disney toys etc. Because people just don't know.?

three heart church, youtube 34 Comments [3/28/2017 2:44:18 AM]
Fundie Index: 9

Quote# 125770

[ in response to an admitted pedophile on reddit ]

And those who say you judge you, don't like you, or think you should be ashamed of yourself are the exact same fuckwads who oppose gay marriage rights or hate a girl for thinking she might like another girl. There's nothing wrong with your, mine, or anybody's sexuality. It doesn't matter if you like men, children, objects, women or all of the above. Sexuality, to the best of our scientific knowledge, is something we are born with and based on our genetic makeup. It is not a product of our surroundings and certainly not a choice. You try and tell a gay man to like women, see how well that goes in terms of making him be 'attracted' to something different.
I'm actually really surprised that there are skeptical voices in here. Seriously? On Reddit?

asocialnetwork, reddit 10 Comments [3/28/2017 2:44:08 AM]
Fundie Index: 4

Quote# 125769

[ in response to someone asking a self-proclaimed non-offending pedophile how he knows he wont abuse a child ]

I don't know, how do you know you won't go around raping and molesting everything you're attracted to?
The reason nonviolent "soft" pedo's like him can be so certain, is the same way you can be certain, or not, that you would not rape or molest a grown women in a vulnerable state. There was a post somewhere that I lost that was getting upvoted heaps that said "how can you be certain if you weren't put in just the right circumstances where odds were good nobody would know about it, that you wouldn't slip and ruin a persons life". Well imagine that scenario with an adult women. Maybe she drank too much at a party, passed out, and nobody else is around. Although a small margin of ethically devoid human beings would take advantage of a women in that scenario, the majority would not. The point is you can have ethics, and still be attracted to young girls. It's the same for pedo's. Although you're attracted to young girls, you can still have a moral and ethical objection to molesting and raping children or ANYONE else.
As to the point about "well what happens when you have kids?" it's the SAME THING. I'll assume you're attracted to adult women. Does that mean you should avoid adult women because you might molest or rape them? When you go to work, or school, or church, or reddit meet-ups, whatever, just because you're attracted to someone or some thing does not mean you're just going to start raping it no matter HOW attractive it is.
In all of the drama of this thread I haven't seen 1 link or suggestion of someplace someone can go talk to somebody if they want to change or feel guilty about their proclivities.
I am glad, SO glad this post came up because it's the only rational discussion of the issue I've seen ever. But also because I feel hugely relieved to know I'm not alone.

throwawaynumber8mill , reddit 14 Comments [3/28/2017 2:43:50 AM]
Fundie Index: -26

Quote# 125768

I don't fucking get this analogy. I'm serious. I honestly don't give a fuck if two adult men want to kiss each other in public and fuck and whatnot, their happiness is not my concern and certainly not my problem; they're responsible adults and should know what they're doing.

I feel the same way about a consenting child and an adult. Now of course someone is going to correct me and say a child cannot consent, but I believe that they can and I am not flexible on this point. I really do believe that if both parties are okay with the act, there is no crime and nothing morally wrong.

krackbaby, reddit 17 Comments [3/28/2017 2:43:42 AM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 125767

Pedophilia is no more a sickness than homosexuality is. It is only sick if you abuse/exploit children.

anon, reddit 15 Comments [3/28/2017 2:43:31 AM]
Fundie Index: 2

Quote# 125761

Every man has a Delilah.

Every man has a weakness in his flesh that if he could indulge in, he would. This is why crucifying ones flesh and walking in holiness is so vitally important. Especially in this hour we now live in.

Satan always studies his competition. And every man who chooses to live righteously in Christ Jesus is an instant enemy of the devil. So be alert!

"In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." 2 Timothy 3:12

Satan already knows who your Delilah is. And the moment you start letting down your guard and entertaining sin is the moment you start losing the battle for your future and destiny in Christ. You are literally in a battle for your soul! And you shouldn't take that fight lightly.

Right now somewhere there is someone who Satan is preparing as an assignment against you. They won't come in like an enemy. That would be too obvious.

They'll be someone capable of working their way into your inner circle, winning your trust and favor. Someone you'll be willing to confide your deepest innermost secrets to.

If you are tuned into the Holy Spirit the way you should be, you'll be able to spot them quickly. Because Delilah always appeals to your flesh. She appeals to your ego.

She's the one you feel safe enough with to lay your head in her lap. And just like Samson if you're not careful she'll also stroke you to sleep: right before she separates you from the source of your power and renders you spiritually disabled and immobilized.

Delilah is Satan's ultimate double agent. She might even appear to be a Christian. But her real job and satanic calling is to deliver you over to Satan for the capture.

"They went out from us, but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us." 1 John 2:19

Many a man has fallen victim to this satanic Trojan horse. I almost fell victim myself a time or two. Now I'm more guarded than ever.

"Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." 1 Peter 5:8

Find yourself a spouse. Be holy, live holy and make it a priority to live right in the eyes of God. Stay on your p's and q's. That's the only way to avoid falling into Delilah's trap.

And if you're looking for more specific help, download a copy of my ebook: Power - edendecoded.com/books/power

Mack Major, Facebook 22 Comments [3/27/2017 12:41:03 PM]
Fundie Index: 8

Quote# 125760

[On the arrest of Ayaz Nizami, vice president of the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance of Pakistan, for blasphemy.]

We are just asking to stop hate on Social Media and its only ways is to enforce rule of law. #HangAyazNizami (if involved)

Ayesha, Twitter 14 Comments [3/27/2017 12:40:54 PM]
Fundie Index: 9
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives

Quote# 125758

A leader of a hardline Islamist group which campaigns for sharia law says Muslims who leave the religion should be put to death.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Uthman Badar was frank when asked about the group's policy at a forum in Bankstown, in Sydney's south-west, on Saturday night.

'The ruling for apostates as such in Islam is clear, that apostates attract capital punishment and we don't shy away from that,' Badar said in the presence of children. An apostate is someone who decides to leave Islam.

His extraordinary admission was exclusively captured on camera by Daily Mail Australia and the matter has now been referred to the Australian Federal Police by Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia removed references to that apostasy policy from its website as Alison Bevege, a freelance journalist, sued the group for making her to sit in a women's-only section at a separate talk in October 2014.

On Saturday night, Ms Bevege held up a printed copy of Hizb ut-Tahrir's draft constitution of the khilafah state published on the UK site, which was on the group's Australian website until 2015.

This outlines their vision for a global Islamic caliphate, which has Muslims and non-Muslims living under sharia law.

She asked about their policy of killing people born as Muslims who leave the faith.

Article 7c of the document said: 'Those who are guilty of apostasy (murtadd) from Islam are to be executed according to the rule of apostasy, provided they have by themselves renounced Islam.'

Badar initially responded by saying the policy wasn't on its website before explaining how the group's apostasy policy was compatible with Islam.

'The whole thing covers different aspects of Islamic sharia law,' he said.

'The role of apostasy in Islam is very clear. Again, this is one of the things the West doesn’t like and seeks to change the role of apostasy.'

A spokeswoman for Justice Minister Michael Keenan condemned language that incites or advocates violence.

'Language that incites or advocates violence is not freedom of speech,' the spokeswoman said.

'This matter has been referred to the AFP.'

Badar's remarks came after he delivered the keynote lecture for the forum, which was called 'Sharia and the modern age'.

He said Islam was incompatible with a secular separation of religion and state, democracy, individual rights and even the process of science, which he called 'scientism'.

He compared calls to fit Islam within a secular society to domesticating a wild animal, putting Hizb ut-Tahrir at odds with secular Muslims who reject sharia law.

'The West seeks to domesticate Islam, to control, to bring within, the way you domesticate animals,' he said.

Badar described calls to reform Islam from secular Muslims as 'pernicious', 'insidious' and 'dangerous' and called for radical change.

'Always when you hear these sorts of calls, alarm bells should ring,' he said.

'The Islam people are calling for fits very well within modernity. They’re giving in to the pressure to conform.'

Uthman Badar, The Daily Mail 14 Comments [3/27/2017 12:40:40 PM]
Fundie Index: 9

Quote# 125757

At this point, part of me is HOPING that the Russians intervened in the election to expose Hillary Clinton's corruption and the Democrats' perfidy.


It will totally demolish the credibility of globalism and the American Empire if Vladimir Putin turns out to be Good Guy Greg.

Matt Forney, Gab 31 Comments [3/27/2017 12:40:33 PM]
Fundie Index: 7

Quote# 125748

[On the arrest of Ayaz Nizami, vice president of the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance of Pakistan, for blasphemy.]

A terrorist can kill many but a blasphemous hurt feelings of millions. #HangAyazNizami

Gauhar Ali, Twitter 33 Comments [3/26/2017 4:03:02 PM]
Fundie Index: 17

Quote# 125747

[On the arrest of Ayaz Nizami, vice president of the Atheist & Agnostic Alliance of Pakistan, for blasphemy.]

In Islam punishment of a blasphemous is death, the same every country have a punishment for traitor. Any offense?
Prosecute #HangAyazNizami

Gauhar Ali, Twitter 17 Comments [3/26/2017 4:02:46 PM]
Fundie Index: 16
Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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